Appendix 2

The role and functions of the 

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The creation of the Environment Agency provided the opportunity for more coherent and integrated environmental protection and enhancement.  Although its main functions are split between pollution control and water management, the two are interrelated and many of the functions of each are relevant to the other.

This is a summary of the main functions and purposes of the Agency - it does not offer a complete list.

The Agency also has responsibilities for contaminated land, the national waste strategy and producer responsibility.

The Environment Agency’s main statutory responsibilities for regulating and managing the environment are to -

The Environment Agency will also carry out work to obtain environmental information and promote an understanding of methods for environmental protection and management. Some of this work reflects statutory responsibilities, including to -

Other aspects of this category of work will be carried out under the Agency’s general power to undertake work related to carrying out its functions.  For example, the Agency will -