24  Architectural salvage

The 'antiques' side of demolition salvage, concerned mainly with interior fittings such as baths, toilets, sinks, radiators and fireplaces; joinery, fine mouldings and reclaimed flooring; stained glass; ironwork; garden statuary, tiles, fencing and walls; roofing and bricks.

It is an evolving trade with considerable diversity.  Sale outlets vary from chaotic yards stuffed with 'as received' materials to sophisticated, integrated operations offering graded selections of restored items.  The past few years have seen an increase in interest in combination with a range of media coverage for individual and national renovation projects.  Some companies specialise in particular materials, e.g. ecclesiastical items.  Many operate to particular codes of practice and it is worth enquiring about this.  

Companies listed below with the letter (T) by their names receive the Salvo Theft Alert which notifies them of stolen items and any removed from listed buildings without consent.  This supports efforts to ensure good practice in stock purchasing in the reclamations trade.

Demolition and salvage
An interesting development, which has potential to considerably improve waste minimisation, is that some architectural salvage companies have become demolition experts or have linked up with demolition companies.  This helps stop the still regular situation of demolition companies destroying many valuable items and materials, and sending them on to landfill sites that scar the country landscape.  Timber is often thrown away, much of it stronger (and more attractive), because of its maturity, than virgin timbers offered by retailers and merchants.  Bricks might be crushed and recycled as gravel or hardcore in road and driveway surfaces, but this is still a lesser benefit environmentally and in terms of cost than reusing bricks in restored or new buildings.  Instead companies combining demolition with salvage can offer deals which lessen demolition costs, by rescuing for reuse and resale many materials that have architectural salvage value - the reclaim values can be set against demolition costs.  This benefits the salvage firm, and the owners or managers of the demolition site.  It also considerably reduces waste; and produces an increase in the resources available for renovation and rebuild, including many rare, beautiful and valuable materials, from bricks and timber to exterior and interior fittings. 

Landfill charges and taxes amounting to an average of 80 per 20-tonne load nevertheless see in excess of a billion tonnes of brick tipped into landfill sites every year.  The amount of useable timber incinerated is similar.  The developer / site owner bears the price, in lost salvage revenues and costs passed on by demolition contractors.  

One qualification:  THE WASTEBOOK is eager to discourage demolitions when renovating or repairing the property would save more resources and energy.

We would also recommend people to be wary of companies offering complete re-roofing deals when it is not needed.  Damaged older clay tiles are of much higher value than new cement ones.  Companies may offer to replace sometimes whole roofs with new tiles, because stripping off all the older roof tiles means they can be resold at high profit by the roofing company.  

THE WASTEBOOK encourages site visitors to buy from companies using and outlets selling reclaimed woods - also see section 350  Furniture and wood from reclaimed materials.  Doing this rescues wood that has been harvested sometimes long ago (providing new uses for beautiful mature timber) and takes no wood from existing woodlands.  It also rescues useful and often splendid timbers from being destroyed, or rendered useless in landfill sites that scar our countryside.  It may therefore be argued that this has environmental advantages over buying wood and wood products even from sustainably managed local (UK) woodlands.  This follows the government's hierarchy of action on waste, which is, in order of priority:  Reduce, Reuse or Repair, before Recycling.  Reclaimed timbers can be found in uses varying from household accessories and furniture, to residential and building restoration projects, and including business premises.

Also see
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Furniture and wood products from reclaimed materials (350)
Green building and decorating (430)

Alphabetical list of organisations

Alan Aston Roofing Supplies

Tel 01865 883030  Fax 01865 882898 
Bell Lane, CASSINGTON, Oxon OX29 4DS 

Dealer in building materials and architectural salvage.  Sources and supplies timbers from mainly local demolitions and refurbishments; and wooden railway sleepers from various European sources.  New and secondhand clay tiles and slates; pitch in both new and secondhand, and flat roofing.  Fireplaces, flagstones, floorboards, doors, interior and exterior fittings, sanitary ware, garden ornaments and railings. 
(Updated May 2005)

Anglia Building Suppliers Ltd

Tel 01245 467505  Fax 467506
Email angliabs@btinternet.com 
Website www.angliabuildingsuppliersltd.co.uk  
Waltham Road, Boreham, CHELMSFORD, Essex CM3 3AY

Dealer in reclaimed building and architectural materials, internal and external features.  Established for over 40 years.  Comprehensive range of quality reclaimed materials, and new items.  Doors, windows, ornate fireplaces, railway sleepers, bricks, roofing tiles and slates, timber, paving materials and slabs, fire-grates, lamp-posts, cast iron products, reconstituted stone, planters, garden ornaments, troughs, benches and other furniture, bronze and lead products.  Welcomes visitors to browse.  Can deliver bulky or weighty items.  Helps people to 'easily consider using recycled materials and help protect the environment'.  (Updated May 2005)

Anthemion Ltd
Tel / Fax 0208 943 4000  Mob 07904 522546
Website www.crowthersyonlodge.com  Email info@ornamentalantiques.com 
PO Box 6, Teddington, Middx TW11 0AS

Anthemion was founded to continue the business of Britain's oldest established dealer in architectural antiques, Crowther of Syon Lodge (Pimlico) following its closure in October 2002.  Antique garden ornaments, seats, urns, fountains, statuary, chimneys, panelled rooms.  Highly skilled craftsmen dismantling or restoring stone, marble, wrought iron, lead, bronze and terracottas, and can advise on maintenance and conservation.  Professional team includes mason, blacksmith, cabinet makers and carvers.  Authentic copies made.  Salvages and reclaims items such as bricks, flagstones, cobbles, ceramic and marble flooring.  (Updated Nov 2005)

Architectural Antiques

Tel  01234 343421 workshop  /  01234 213131 shop
70 Pembroke Street, BEDFORD MK40 3RQ

Architectural salvage dealer.  Specialist in original fireplaces and period fittings.

Architectural Salvage Centre

Tel  0207 923 9458 / 0207 923 0783
30-32 Stamford Road, Dalston, LONDON N1 4JL

Major dealer in Victorian and older period items, particularly panelled doors, fireplaces, sanitaryware and spiral staircases.

Architectural Salvage Index

Tel 01483 203221 Fax 01483 202911
Email ei@handr.co.uk  Website www.handr.co.uk 
Hutton and Rostron, Netley House, Gomshall, GUILDFORD, Surrey GU5 9QA

Maintains register of reusable building materials available throughout UK.  A nominal fee is charged.  (Updated July 2001)

Architectural Salvage Store
Tel 01923 284196
Unit 6, Darvell Yard, Common Road, Chorleywood, RICKMANSWORTH, Herts WD3 5LN

Architectural salvage dealer.

BRE (Building Research Establishment)
Tel 01923 664454  Fax 01923 664103 / 664010 / 664786
enquiries@bre.co.uk  Website www.bre.co.uk  
Centre for Sustainable Construction
, BRE, Garston, WATFORD, Herts WD2 7JR

UK’s leading construction and fire research centre.  BRE initiated a materials information exchange for the construction industry: if you have a waste material looking for a market contact Rod Collins on collinsr@bre.co.uk or visit the SalvoMIE Materials Information Exchange website (also in section 22 Building materials reclamation).  The  scheme allows the construction industry to buy and sell used, secondhand and unused materials over the internet.  BRE in conjunction with SALVO is carrying out a reclamation industry survey to establish the extent of the industry and future trends in supply and demand.  BRE also launched a construction waste materials exchange scheme on the internet.  Publishes report: Deconstruction and re-use of construction materials.  The Centre for Sustainable Construction at BRE provides advice on all aspects of green building.  Topics covered include environmental impact, energy efficiency, indoor and outdoor pollution and contaminated land.   Also see BRE's Centre for Waste and Recycling in section 22 Building materials reclamation.  BRECSU (Building Research Energy Conservation Support Unit - see below) is part of BRE and is responsible for disseminating best practice advice on energy use in buildings.  BRECSU produces publications, many free of charge, and runs workshops and other events.  

Bar Bits

Tel 01295 670283
Uplands, Upton, NR BANBURY, Oxfordshire OX15 6HJ

Pub bric-a-brac.

Barn Fireplaces
Tel 01442 872360 Mobile 0956 291693
Sunnyside, 3 Bankmill, BERKHAMSTED, Herts HP4 2ER

Original Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian fireplaces in stone, wood, marble and iron.

Best Demolition
Tel 01435 862381  Fax 01435 867203
Website www.bestdemolition.co.uk   Email kevin@bestdemolition.co.uk 
Harcourt Lodge Buildings, Burwash Road, HEATHFIELD, East Sussex
Contact  Kevin Fry or Bunny Best

Specialised dismantling and demolition.  Reclaimed building materials bought and sold, salvaged from demolished buildings. Two reclamation yards (one at Eastbourne) stock: bricks (imperial sizes and palleted); roof tiles (hand or machine made clays, concretes and fittings); oak beams; roofing slates; ornate roof finials; York stone paving; pavers; ornate chimney pots; paving slabs; rockery stone; sized softwood timber.  Also garden ornaments.  Has supplied National Trust and English Heritage for period restoration; also local authorities.  Implementing Construction (Design & Management) Regulations 1994 is a major part of the work. Works closely with clients, providing personal service.  (Updated Nov 2005)

BioRegional Reclaimed

Tel 020 8404 0647  Fax 020 8404 4893
Email info@bioregional-reclaimed.com  Website www.bioregional-reclaimed.com 
17 Dunster Way, Helios Road, Hackbridge, Surrey SM4 7PE or
17 Dunster Way, BedZED, Wallington, Surrey SM6 7DA

'Reclaimed building materials made easy'.  Specialist in source and supply, to order, for construction.  Large quantities and wide range.  Advises on potential for using reclaimed, covering appropriate materials, availability, cost, quality, design and lead times, and "big hit" environmental savings options, saving clients landfill disposal costs.  Takes, and finds use for architectural salvage, scrap, demolition, and surplus:  steel, timber, paving, stone, interior fittings, doors, and many materials that would otherwise be chipped, recycled or landfilled.  Quantified assessment of environmental impact reduction from reclaimed materials use.  Case studies, reports, articles (links from website); enquiries welcome.  Web covers ongoing business:  offers, listing current stock and urgent supply items; wants; supply, extraction; environmental impact reduction; materials consultancy; clients; practical links.  ' Use of reclaimed building materials in place of new is a most effective way for the construction industry to reduce environmental impact and become more sustainable' (see their Why Reclaim? web section).  Reclaimed concrete railway sleepers can be used as foundations.  Offers more than scrap value for straight sections of structural steel.  Will extract and transport materials, including for clients moving materials for own use.  Clear website has depth, hyperlinks include informative industry reports (Environmental Impact Reduction Using Reclaimed Building Products, including Ecopoints BRE ( see 430 Green Building) Environment Profiling;  Toolkit for Carbon Neutral Developments).  Has clients who positively choose reclaimed materials for environment reasons.  References from high profile clients available.  Developed at BioRegional Development Group sustainability specialists, BioReclaimed first built a supply chain system for large volumes of reclaimed materials on BedZED (see 430 Green Building and Decorating) project 2000, and is now an established independent trading subsidiary.  (Updated May 2005)

Brighton & Hove Wood Recycling Project
Tel 01273 570500  Fax 01273 570600
4 Inverness Road, BRIGHTON, East Sussex BN2 3JB (postal address only) 
Unit 32-36, Municipal Market, Circus Street, BRIGHTON, East Sussex BN2 9QF (site address only)
Email info@woodrecycling.org.uk  Web www.woodrecycling.org.uk 
Contact  Richie Simpson, Managing Director; Christian Bernard - Director  

Originator of National Community Wood Recycling Project ( see entry below) set up by Richard Mehmed, and
developer of the Recycled Wood Marque.   About 6,000 tonnes of wood a year is landfilled from the Brighton and Hove area alone.  Much is worth saving - the Woodstore is filled with tonnes of  reusable timber, most from the construction / demolition industry.  There is also wooden packaging waste and many non-returnable pallets. (see section 52).  Much household wood ends up at the local tip, or stays in garages and sheds for years.  As most "waste" timber is commercial, a charge can be made to take it away - at less than the cost of a skip, so there is a financial and environmental incentive to recycle.  Sponsored by 3 environmentally aware local building companies, a small truck was bought to collect from their building sites.  Timber was separated and stacked for collection.  The loads are sorted and as much as possible re-used, for instance as floorboards, skirting, shelves and craft materials.  Only 15% of the timber collected is returned to the waste stream.  Also collects from firms with packaging waste and pallets, and members of the public.  

A classification system was developed with the following grades:  
Grade 1   Timber good enough to sell back to the DIY / builders market.  Altough virtually anything will be useful to someone, grade 1 is wood at least 2 metres long, relatively sound, free from bad splits, nails and other contaminants.  Also sheet materials including ply, chipboard, hardboard and MDF over  1 metre square; doors in good condition; pieces of hardwood and anything "interesting".  Al though the wood might look dirty, it is suitable for many uses. 
Grade 2
Clean and sound, but too short or small to be easily sold for DIY.  Suitable to make wood products, from compost bins, bookshelves, art &craft items to high quality furniture.  Making and selling such items is a good way to raise cash and to get across the potential for using recycled wood.  The Recycled Wood Marque helps too, making it easier to identify recycled wood products. 
Grade 3
Around 80% of all wood waste, this grade is the biggest challenge - rotten fence posts, small offcuts, broken doors and everything that doesn't fit into the other two grades.  Much firewood is sold to local farmers with wood-fired boilers heating greenhouses;  lots is re-manufactured into chipboard.  A reasonably sustainable use for the large volume of this grade is as a fuel; one aim is to encourage installation of wood-fired heating / hot water systems in suitable buildings. With the need to reduce reliance on fossil fuels, wood could be widely used. 
(Updated Nov 2005) 

Brondesbury Architectural Reclamation

Telephone / Fax 01923 283400
Website www.brondesburyarchitectural.com  Email info@brondesburyarchitectural.com 
Little Green Street Farm, Green Street, CHORLEYWOOD, Herts WD3 6EA

Architectural salvage dealer.  Georgian to Edwardian antiques, doors, baths, fireplaces, radiators, flooring, windows, beams, chimneys, stone, marble, ironmongery, gates and railings, garden features.  Reclaimed tiles, slates, cobble stones, bricks and flagstones.  Professional expertise in restoring and improving reclaimed materials.  Wood stripping; shot blasting; powder coating; stained glass restoration; tile fixing service; fireplace installation.  fully insured antique removals.  (Updated Nov 2005)

Capital Fireplace Supplies (T)
Tel 01438 821138
Unit A3 (B), Nup End Business Park, OLD KNEBWORTH, Herts SG3 6QJ

Replacement spare parts for cast iron fireplaces.  Ash covers, frets, bars, hoods tec.

Carwarden Brick Co. Ltd

Tel 01889 574066  Fax 01889 575695
Email sales@carwardenreclaim.co.uk  Website www.cawardenreclaim.co.uk 
Carwarden Springs Farm, Blithbury Road, RUGELEY, Staffs WS15 3HL

Founded 1985, specialist supplier of reclaimed and period building products to architects, builders, craftsmen, designers and public.  Website displays showroom examples from Georgian/Victorian marble to art deco cast inserts; flagstones (internal and external use), garden features, fireplaces, radiators, doors, flooring, timber and beams, paving stones, roofing tiles and bricks.  Over 1 million reclaimed bricks and 500 doors in stock.  On-site joiners can hand-make to specifications, including doors from 100-year-old reclaimed pine.  Offers brick matching service covering quantity/quality, visits to clients’ properties and reclaim assistance.  Large stocks of "specials" including stretcher plinths, bullnose, cants, squints and corballing.  Can load onto client's vehicles or deliver to site.  Large transport vehicles with cranes; will off-load to suit client. Open Mon-Fri 8-5, Sat 8- 4, Sun 10-4.  Salvo member.   (Updated Feb 2005)

Castle Contracts (Eastern) Ltd

Tel 01268 696225
5 Van Diemens Pass, Leigh Beck, CANVEY ISLAND, Essex SS8 7QD

Marble and terrazzo restoration and maintenance.

Cotswold Reclamation Co Ltd

Tel 01451 820292 Fax 01608 659127
Unit 2, Sandy Lane Court, LITTLE RISSINGTON, Glos

Dealer in reclaimed and antique building materials.

The Country Seat

Tel 01491 641349
Huntercombe Manor Barn, HENLEY ON THAMES RG9 5RY

Antiques including garden and architectural.

Cox's Yard
Tel 01608 652505 Fax 01608 652881
10 Fosseyway Industrial Estate, Stratford Road, MORETON-IN-MARSH, Glos GL56 9NQ

Reclamation of architectural features.

Crowther of Syon Lodge Ltd
Tel 0208 560 7978
Busch Corner, London Road, ISLEWORTH, Middx TW7

Architectural salvage dealer.

Essex Fireplaces
- see Marlows Reclaimed 

Great Northern Architectural Antiques

Tel 01829 770796
New Russia Hall, Chester Road, Tattenhall, CHESTER, Cheshire

Dealer in antique architectural features.

Hard Rock Flooring

Tel 01296 658755
Fleet Marston Farm, Fleet Marston, AYLESBURY, Bucks HP18 9PZ

Terracotta, slate, limestone.  Fixing, cleaning and renovation.

Henry Isaac

Tel 01462 453155
St Ippolytes, HITCHIN, Herts SG4 7NX

Fire backs, baskets, finials, balustrades.  Victorian moulds. Contact: Steven Hill or John Skeggs.  Established 1865.

Heritage Reclamations

Tel 01473 748519
1A High Street, Sproughton, IPSWICH, Suffolk IP8 3AF

Dealer in architectural antiques and period materials.  6000 sq ft showroom.

Herts Property Breakers

Tel 01727 824111
1A Shenley Lane, London Colney, ST ALBANS, Herts AL2 1ND

Reclaimed materials and architectural antiques.  Dismantling contractor.

Holloways of Ludlow
Tel 0207 602 5757  Fax 0207 602 6561 - 121 Shepherd’s Bush Road, Brook Green, LONDON W6 7LP
Tel 01584 876207  Fax 01584 877046 - 140 Corve Street, LUDLOW, Shropshire, SY8 2PG
Email  info@hollowaysofludlow.comsales@hollowaysofludlow.com  
Website  www.hollowaysofludlow.com 
Contact  Mark Holloway - mobile
07786 802 302

Restoring and working with period homes and gardens at all project stages, including architectural antiques -  'love of all things manufactured with care and attention to detail hard to find in our industrialised world'.  Hand-made doors from reclaimed timber to order, solid oak flooring, fully restored original radiators and quality reproductions, bespoke handmade kitchens and accessories, bathrooms, windows and fittings, handmade garden furniture, and wide selection of paints and finishes.  Family business of 20 years, working with architects and interior designers, craftsmen and manufacturers.  Also sells modern design classics (eg Barcelona chair).  National and international mail order (mainland UK standard delivery 4 flat fee; premium delivery 10 flat fee).  Craftspeople, designers, or those managing or planning a project can email Mark at trade@hollowaysofludlow.com .  Enquiries, technical questions 'and cries for help' welcome.  (Updated Aug 2005)  

Hornsey, Adrian

Tel 01296 738373
Three Bridge Mill, Twyford, NR BUCKINGHAM, Buckinghamshire MK18 4DY

Bars, architectural antiques, shop cabinets.

IBS Reclaim
Tel 01844 239400  Fax 01844 239404
Thame Road, OAKLEY, Bucks HP18 9QQ

Reclaimed materials including bricks, tiles, slates, old pine and furniture.  Open:  Mon-Fri 7.30 to 5;  Sat 8 to 1;  Sun 10 to 2.  (Updated July 2001)

Inn Fillers

Tel 01844 279422
7 Fullers Field, GREAT MILTON, Oxfordshire OX44 6PJ

Pub bric-a-brac.

J Mould Reclaim

Tel 01189 588210 / 582477
Email mould.demo@virgin.net  Website www.jmould.co.uk 
Recycling Centre, Cow Lane, Reading RG1 8NA

Dealer in all types of reclaimed building materials, including timber, hardcore, topsoil, reclaimed bricks, tiles, sleepers, doors, fireplaces and other architectural salvage.  Also haulage, demolition, crushed concrete and licensed asbestos removal contractor at Pingewood Road North, Burghfield Bridge, READING, Berks RG30 3XN, Tel 01189 576 243 / 950 7017  Fax 0118 950 5989. Division of Hanson Quarry Products.  (Updated Aug 2002)

The Keltek Trust
Email bells@keltek.org  Website www.keltek.org
The Kloof, Lower Kingsdown Rd, Kingsdown, CORSHAM, Wilts SN13 8BG

Purchases bells for re-use.  Charity which helps to relocate (and so recycle) second-hand and redundant bells, mainly for churches.  Welcomes news about surplus/redundant bells (including where church redundancy is likely) to enable them to be put to further good use.  Relies on this information to make acquisitions using Bell Rescue Fund.  Makes no profits.  Helps churches obtain bells to be hung eg for English-style full-circle bell-ringing.  In a few years of operating, has helped relocate over 300 bells.  Operates worldwide, but most enquiries are UK.  Website has interesting sub-sections (via 'Site Index' at bottom of home page) including -  Sound of Bells; Church Index; Latest "re-location" information; Available Bells, Bell-frames and fittings (regularly updated); Internet Links; Bell Founders & Hangers; Transferred Rings & Chimes of Bells; and examples of (some challenging) renovations.  Registered Data Controller under UK Data Protection Act 1998.   (Updated May 2006)

Tel 0207 749 9949  Fax 0207 749 9941
Email st.michaels@lassco.co.uk  Website www.lassco.co.uk  
St Michael's Church, Mark Street, LONDON EC2A 4ER
Contact  Sarah Willshaw

London Architectural Salvage Supply Company.  Major dealer - all classes of salvage.  Ever changing selection of ornament, reclaimed features and decorative items both antique and replica.  Website hosts 5 architectural salvage companies each with a separate linked website:  1) St Michael's architectural antiques (fireplaces, panelled rooms, stained glass, chandeliers...);  2) New and reclaimed flooring and timber (parquet, strip, boards, panels...);  3) RBK Radiators, Bathrooms and Kitchens (reclaimed radiators, baths, basins, accessories, nautical ware...);  4) Warehouse architectural salvage (including vast interior and exterior door collection from Georgian to Art deco);  and 5) House and Garden (including authentic replicas).  Stocks include chimneypieces in marble, wood and stone; garden furniture, statuary and fountains.  Also deals in joinery, masonry, ecclesiastical vestments, interior and exterior lighting; and their nauticalia ranges from pond yachts to portholes.   (Updated Aug 2005)

Lassco Flooring
Tel 020 7394 2100  Fax 020 7237 2564
Website www.lassco.co.uk  Email flooring@lassco.co.uk 
Brunswick House, 30 Wandsworth Road, Vauxhall, LONDON SW8 2LG

London Architectural Salvage Supply Company's antique flooring warehouse.  Old oak, pine, parquet, strip, block, flags, tiles.  Relocation from Bermondsey to this reclaimed historic local landmark in Oct 2005.  Open Mon-Sat 10-5.  (Updated Nov 2005)

London Mosaic Restoration
Tel 0208 766 8683  Mobile 07957 230873
Website www.londonmosaicrestoration.co.uk  Email enquiries@londonmosaicrestoration.co.uk
1 Martel Road, West Norwood, LONDON SE21 8EA

Salvage and restoration service to revive period or contemporary mosaic and tile floors and features, including glass.  Restores internal and external features such as path edging (ensuring water channelling), coal-hole covers and daisy-grates.  Addresses missing, damaged and loose tiles; subsidence; building alteration inconsistencies; grime and adhesives.  Fireplace tiles and micro-mosaic restoration.  Tile salvaging commissions include Wembley Group; and glass panels extracted, restored, and mounted for Palace of Arts.  (Updated Apr 2005)

Magpie's Emporium

Tel 01376 242805
The Old Passenger Station, Park Road, FARRINGDON, Oxfordshire SN7 7BP

Architectural salvage.

Manorcrest Stone Ltd

Tel 01799 541696 Fax 01799 543429
North Hall Farm, Quendon, SAFFRON WALDEN, Essex CB11 3XP

Marble and granite restoration. On-site and workshop based. Marble carving restorer. Traditional methods preferred - hand labour, copper wire and plaster of Paris.

Markham Architectural Salvage

Tel 01525 876428
Upper East End Farm, Goswell End, Harlington, DUNSTABLE, Beds LU5 6NX

Dealer in reclaimed bricks, slates, tiles, oak beams, fireplaces, doors, timber etc.  (Updated Apr 2005)

Marlows Reclaimed
Tel 01702 510000  Fax 01702 511111
Email essexfireplaces@aol.com  Website www.essexfireplaces.com 
586 Rayleigh Road, Eastwood, LEIGH ON SEA, Essex SS9 5HU
Contact  Graham Marlow, MD

Deals in reclaimed materials (see also sections 22 Building Materials Reclamation or 23 Timber Reclamation), and provides them for sister company Marlow The Feature Building Company (430 Green Building and Decorating).  Reclamation yard has 100,000 bricks always in stock, and architectural antiques of all descriptions - indoor, outdoor, garden ornament and statuary - including York flagstones and London cobbles.  Oak flooring and joinery made and supplied from both sustainable (managed) forests, and old reclaimed timbers.  Makes flooring, windows and other wood features in collaboration with a bespoke designer.  Stocks chimney pots of all descriptions, for use as chimneys, ornaments or planters.  Willing to talk through ideas for any projects - for example, rebuilt a 1970s house-front using minimum 100 yr old materials giving a different appearance.  Can build, rebuild or remodel houses, buildings or gardens from reclaimed and architectural materials.  Builds all types of brick fireplaces, from tiny hole-in-the-wall to walk-in Inglenooks - all from reclaimed materials including timber mantles.  Another sister company also operates from the same site:  Essex Fireplaces (see section 15 Wood Burning) sells and installs wood and multi-fuel burning stoves.  Chimney stacks built - newbuild, rebuild, and stainless steel twin lined.  Chimney sweeping service also.  'Given time, anything in the world could be sourced.'  (Updated Aug 2005)

Minchinhampton Architectural Salvage Company
Tel 01285 760886  Fax 01285 760838   Email masco@catbrain.com  Website www.catbrain.com 
Cirencester Road, Aston Down, Chalford, STROUD, Glos GL6 8PE
Contact Jemma Colborne

Dealer in reclaimed materials, including antique and architectural details, timber framed buildings, floor and roof tiles, stone walling, wood and stone flooring, chimneypieces,  structural timbers, brick, garden ornaments and statuary, fountains and pavilions, metalwork and gates.   Design and build services from craftsmen trained in traditional design and restoration.  Nationwide dismantling service.  Proprietor Reclamation Services Ltd, originally based in Catbrain Quarry, Painswick.  (Updated Apr 2003)

Morley Marketing

Tel 01920 468001
Marsh Lane, WARE, Herts SG12 9QB

Reconditioned Agas and Rayburns.

The National Community Wood Recycling Project (NCWRP)
Tel 01273 465666  Fax 01273 465616
Email info@communitywoodrecycling.org.uk  
Website www.communitywoodrecycling.org.uk  
Premier House, Shoreham Airport, West Sussex BN43 5FF
Contact  Melanie Hickford, Communications Manager;  Richard Mehmed, Project Director 

Not-for-profit environmental group set up in February 2003 (at Brighton & Hove Wood Recycling Project - see above) to provide encouragement, help and practical advice to individuals or groups interested in setting up and developing community - focused wood recycling.  Helps and monitors a network of wood recycling projects across UK dealing in waste timber from construction and other users.  Wood is collected mainly from building site demolition, joinery, packaging and domestic waste, sorted into grades, then sold to the public via 'wood shops' or converted into wood products, firewood, woodchips for fuel, mulches or animal bedding.  Aims to see 20 more UK wood recycling projects (typically not-for-profit social enterprises) set up by 2007, saving thousands of tonnes of wood from landfill, creating sustainable jobs, training and volunteering opportunities, and aiding local waste minimisation strategies.  To encourage use of recycled timber, has developed the "Recycled Wood Marque", making it easier to identify recycled wood products.  They hope it will be adopted nationally and internationally.  People choosing products with the marque will encourage use of recycled materials.  More info on website.  (Updated Nov 2005)

Natural Wood Floor Co Ltd
Tel 0208 871 9771  Fax 0208 877 0273  Website www.naturalwoodfloor.co.uk 
20 Smugglers Way, Wandsworth, LONDON SW18 1EQ

Major dealer in high quality reclaimed and sustainable source (FSC) timber, including sale of kitchen work surfaces and exterior decking from sustainable timber.  Can supply information on timber's origin and country (eg oak beams from old railway carriages, floorboards re-sawn from salvaged beams, Burmese or Rhodesian teak).  Some is supplied to overseas markets.  (Updated July 2001)

Neil Phillips Stained Glass
Tel 0207 229 1963 / 0207 229 2113
99 Portobello Road, Notting Hill, LONDON W11 2QB

Sale and purchase of stained glass items.

Nicholas Gifford-Mead Antiques
Tel 020 7730 6233  Fax 020 7730 6239
68 Pimlico Road, LONDON SW1W 8LS

18th and 19th Century chimneypieces and garden sculpture, fireplaces.  Open Mon-Fri.  (Updated Nov 2005)

O'Connor Marble Services

Tel 01277 352074
Mill Croft, 335 Roman Road, Mountnessing, BRENTWOOD, Essex CM15 0UJ

Restorer of ornate and antique marble.

Old Pine Loft

Tel 01462 711237
Handscombe End Road, Shillington, HITCHIN, Herts SG5 3NB

Architectural salvage dealer; doors and fireplaces a speciality.

The Old Timber Company

Tel 01628 478167 Mobile 0973 410114
The End House, High Street, MARLOW, Bucks SL7 1AQ

Church pews, other church bits, beds, doors, furniture, reclaimed flooring.  Settles made from reclaimed wood. Sourcing service.  FoE Good Wood Guide entry.

Original Fireplaces

Tel 01525 841199
2A Woburn Street , Bedford Street, Ampthill, BEDFORD MK45 2NB

Dealer specialising in reclaimed fireplaces.

Oxford Architectural Antiques
Telephone 01367 242268  Fax 01367 242268
Website www.oxfordarchitectural.co.uk  Email michael@oxfordarchitectural.co.uk 
16-18 London St, Faringdon, Oxon SN7 7AA

Aims to save and reuse as many items of architectural heritage as possible.  Carries fireplaces, doors, sanitary ware, garden furniture and ornaments, windows, cast iron radiators, pine, reproduction ironware.  Stocks 300-400 doors from all periods.  Flooring: stone and wood - oak, elm, pine.  Co-owns shop with Aston Pine.  (Updated Nov 2005)

Oxford Salvage Ltd

Tel 01865 883030 Fax 01865 882898
Bell Lane, Cassington, WITNEY, Oxon OX8 1DS

Reclamation of architectural features and all building materials.

Pew Corner
Tel 01483 33337
Artington Manor Farm, Old Portsmouth Road, Artington, GUILDFORD, Surrey GU3

Ecclesiastical specialists.

PGB Interiors

Promrose Bank, 20 Hoe Lane, WARE, Herts SG12 9NU

Refurbishes houses, pubs and shops.  Makes furniture using old bits.

Posh Tubs
Tel 01892 537789
109 St John's Road, TUNBRIDGE WELLS, Kent TN4 9TU

Dealer in antique and interesting old bathroom and sanitaryware.

Tel 0208 558 2811
Email info@reclaimed.uk.com  Website www.reclaimed.uk.com 
Railway Arches 299-301, Montague Road, Leytonstone, LONDON E11 3EX
Contact  Paul Durrant

Reclaimed timber specialists / suppliers and architectural salvage company.   Victorian wood, oak, pine and other timbers are reclaimed, reused or recycled into solid floor floorboards and other wood products.  Joinery timber; milled and re-milled timber; architectural, reclaimed and remade internal and external doors and windows, bespoke wooden furniture, wooden designed mirrors, recycled building material and lumber.  Also handles PVC reclaimed windows.  Demolition projects, demolition material, architectural material, salvaged wood, and salvaged architectural products.  Shop premises displays a range of high specification pieces assembled from reclaimed timber, architectural salvage, period pieces, bookcases, all furniture, including chests in many sizes finished in any of the stains from their range.  This is an addition to years of experience making one off pieces, as collaborations between their in house design team and customers' requirements.  Website has sub-sections on environmental policy and sourcing of materials, including how they work with London demolition companies as a way of turning up fabulous timbers and other items for architectural salvage (see introductory editorial above for further information on links with demolition).  Stocks also come from varied sources including houses, pubs, public buildings, churches, and include rare and antique moldings, brackets, columns; wainscoting, baseboard; tubs, sinks, faucets; and unusual items.  'Wood can be sanded, planed or cut to size here, to reveal its beauty, with richness and depth of colour and texture that only comes with age.'  Small business, established 15 years.   (Updated Sep 2005)

Reclaimed Building Supply

Tel 01883 623333  Fax 01883 620333
Website www.reclaimbuildingsupply.com/index.htm  Email 
11 Ashwood, Warlingham, Surrey CR6 9HT

Demolition engineers and suppliers of reclaimed building materials and architectural salvage.  Promotes mutually beneficial links between companies in these industries.  Aims to find a home for and sell on reclaimed materials for reuse, rather than paying to have them disposed of or wasted in landfill sites.  Website has very useful searchable (by UK map or county region) database of small to large companies involved with building supply materials, including reclaim, reuse and recycling.  Aims to develop and use website to provide i) materials for sale; and ii) a comprehensive listing of companies who sell reclaimed building materials, to make it easier for anyone wishing to use reclaimed and recycled materials to locate exactly what they require.  'Many materials can be reclaimed for re-use without further processing, which lessens environmental impact and possibly brings cost savings.  Some materials can be re-used on the same site; failing that, there are other outlets for many building materials.'   (Updated Nov 2005)

Reclamation Services Ltd
Tel 01285 760886  Fax 01285 760838  Email info@catbrain.com Website www.catbrain.com 
Cirencester Road, Aston Down, Chalford, STROUD, Glos GL6 8PE

Proprietor of Minchinhampton Architectural Salvage Company. Dealer in reclaimed materials, including antique and architectural details, timber framed buildings, floor and roof tiles, stone walling, wood and stone flooring, chimneypieces,  structural timbers, brick, garden ornaments and statuary, fountains and pavilions, metalwork and gates.   Design and build services from craftsmen trained in traditional design and restoration.  Nationwide dismantling service.  Originally based in Catbrain Quarry, Painswick. (Updated July 2001)

Red Bank Ltd

Tel 01923 284119
Aberdeen House, Heronsgate Road, CHORLEYWOOD, Herts WD3 5BB


Retrouvious Reclamation and Design
Tel / Fax 020 8960 6060  Mob 07778 210855
Website www.retrouvious.com  Email mail@retrouvious.com 
The Warehouse, 2A Ravensworth Road, Kensal Green, LONDON NW10 5NR

Architectural salvage and design, "bridging the gap between destruction and construction".  Dismantled building components for interior and exterior reuse.  Hardwood worktops, furniture old and modern, quirky pieces.  All domestic and commercial design projects incorporate some quantity of salvaged material.  Collaborates with other architects and designers.  Open Thu and Fri 10-6; other times warehouse open by appointment.  (Updated Nov 2005)

Robert Mills Ltd
Tel 0117 955 6542 Fax 0117 955 8146
Website www.rmills.co.uk Email admin@rmills.co.uk
Narrowways Road, Eastville, BRISTOL BS2 9XB

Dealer in 'spectacular architectural items' - stained glass, church interiors, bars, panelled rooms and Victorian shop fittings.

Updated 2 January 2007

Ronsons Reclamation & Restoration
Tel 01452 731236 Fax 01452 731888
Norton Barn, Wainlodes Lane, NORTON, Glos GL2 9LN

Dealer in reclaimed stone, bricks, flags, tile plates, timbers, flooring, ironwork etc.

Rother Reclamation
Tel 01233 850075
High Halden Yard, ASHFORD, Kent TN26 3

Dealer in quality building and architectural salvage.

S & J Acquisitions and Curios
Tel 01582 415834
28 Hitchin Road, LUTON, Beds LU2 0EJ

Dealer in small architectural and decorative items.


Tel 01890 820333  Fax 01890 820499
Website www.salvo.co.uk  Email admin@salvoweb.com
PO BOX 333, CORNHILL ON TWEED TD12 4YJ, Northumberland, England

Publisher of Salvo Directory, UK and worldwide, listing reclamation outlets for building/construction materials, and architectural salvage dealers.  Updates on web. Publish Salvo Magazine, 25 issues per year, containing current news on restoration of old buildings, conservation issues, auctions, exhibitions, items for sale and wanted.  (Updated Nov 2003)

Solopark plc
Tel 01223 834663  Fax 01223 834780
Website www.solopark.co.uk  E-mail info@solopark.co.uk
Old Railway Station, Station Road, Pampisford, CAMBRIDGE CB2 4HB

Major dealer in all classes of architectural and demolition salvage and reclaimed building materials.  Bricks, clay, roof tiles, paving, period architectural and garden antiques, timber products, doors and beams from reclaimed oak, oak and elm flooring, reclaimed softwood timber, railway sleepers, period pine furniture and reproductions.  Dismantling, reclamation and demolition contractor.  Items sorted, cleaned, graded, and sometimes restored.  Well organised - families welcome.   Open Mon - Thu 8 - 5; Fri, Sat 8 - 4, Sun 10 - 2.  (Updated Nov 2005)

Source 4 You (T)
Tel 01926 498444  Fax 01926 493271
Email sales@source4you.co.uk  paul@source4u.co.uk   Website www.source4you.co.uk
The Holloway, Market Place, WARWICK, Warwickshire CV34 4SJ
Mobiles:  Richard 07745 385217,  Paul 07708 023742,  Colin 07766218934

Suppliers of reclaimed and reproduction building materials, sustainable and period architectural items.  Pioneers ‘cost-effective demolition’, a new approach to minimise waste by merging demolition and architectural salvage: in discussion with site owners and managers, estimates for demolition are combined with cash back from materials reclaimed, reused and resold.  Maximum recovery of salvageable goods from demolition of buildings from any period, giving financial benefits to site owners and developers; and ecological benefits by minimising waste and reusing resources.  Items are sourced and placed for a suitable new life.  This means local materials (bricks, stone, roofing) feed local demand, and rarer materials go where they are needed most.  Emphasises "ALL materials are considered suitable for re-use or re-work, whether whole brick (preferable), crushed brick; oak beams or carcassing timber.   Landfill and incineration are to be avoided."  Will organise reclaim, destination placement and sale for materials including:  brick and tile of every English period, rural and urban; doors & windows including Robert Adam; oak beams, rafters, joists, and panelling, from 16th century to green wood; reproduction joinery, metalwork and statuary; flagstones which may be local, regional, or originally from abroad; rare 17th C. oak panelling to pallet loads of 19th C. hand-made brick.  End-users range from architects to self-builders; projects include extensions and renovations of all building types, from modern semi to Stately Homes.  Resulting supply resources mirror this exactly, and case studies and sales synopses are available.  “The first option is reuse, giving highest values.  Too many demolitions send thousands of 1 bricks to hardcore.  But even if not reusable, due to say cement mortar, bricks can be crushed into tonnes of foundation material for drives etc:  better than paying higher demolition amounts, just to transport materials to tips which only transfer them on to landfill sites which destroy the countryside”.  For example: 8000 bricks at 10p each salvage raises 800 cash return for site owner / manager.  Often bricks can be worth over 1 each (yielding 8000).  Reclaim gives distinct advantages compared to a demolition charge of say 80 landfill tax and other costs to skip a 20 tonne load (4 per ton).  The reclaim could fund the demolition and more.  Timber is another material of large reclaim value, which is often discarded or burned adding to waste costs.  “Good oak and other materials of great reuse value are wasted.”  Many items (windows, furniture, doors and handles…) represent even higher values on restoration projects.  "…where sensitivity prevails:  brick by brick if necessary;  not at all if unnecessary."  Products on website represent key materials.  Much more in stock, and access to unusual items.  Interior flooring, exterior paving (including blue paviours), building and landscape including copings and specials, roofing, doors (including stained glass casements), mouldings, and finishing touches including veranda, bridges, troughs, staddle and mill stones, even a Ukrainian well bucket.  Timbers include rail sleepers.  Samples of most items available, small charge made to cover post and packaging, redeemable if an order is placed.  Salvo Code Dealer.   Clients include National Trust.  (Updated April 2005)

Summer Davis Ltd

Tel 01491 836284 Fax 01491 833433
Calleva House, WALLINGFORD, Oxfordshire OX10 0BP

Antiques including architectural/garden.

Tiptree Trading Company

Tel 01376 573555
Station Road, Kelvedon, COLCHESTER, Essex CO5 9NN

Dealer in antique and reclaimed roofing materials and stock bricks.

Toby’s Reclamation and Architectural Antiques
Tel 01392 833 499
Email tobysreclamation@gmail.com  Website www.tobysreclamation.com
Station Road, Exminster, EXETER, Devon EX6 8DZ
Paul Norrish, Partner

Supplier of architectural salvage, furniture and reclaimed building materials.  Wooden doors and windows, oak and pine flooring, roofing, guttering, bricks.  Brassware, cast iron, ironmongery, lights, fireplaces, stoves and ovens (installation service). Garden features.  Miscellaneous and original items including pergola, red public telephone boxes, and even aircraft flight steps! Online shop.  15 years experience sourcing antiques and reclaimed build materials.  Also at Torre Station, Torre, Torquay, Devon Tel 01803 212222; and Brunel Road Industrial Estate, Newton Abbot, Devon TQ12 4PB Tel 01626 351767.  Will supply any item needed to renovate, restore and furnish your period home.  (Updated Oct 2005)

Tomkinson's Stained Glass Windows 
Tel 01582 527866  Fax 01582 529027  Mobile 07831 861641
Email tomkinson.glass@virgin.net  Website www.vitraux.co.uk 
2 Neville Road, Limbury, LUTON, Beds LU3 2JQ

Dealers in antique stained glass.  By appointment only.  Believes stained glass should be used and enjoyed. Established 1975 in Islington (and then at Portobello Road) London.  Offers complete restoration and location of windows, and valuation advice.  Clear colourful images on website of stock items, which have included William Morris, Pre-Raphaelite and Art Nouveau designs.  Examples include Victorian, Edwardian, French, religious, roundels, and cartoons.   (Updated July 2004)

Treesave Reclamation Ltd
Tel 01787 227 272  Fax 01787 229190
Website www.buresreclamation.co.uk
Email treesaverec@aol.com , enquiries@buresreclamation.co.uk
The Barn, Fysh House Farm, Cuckoo Hill, BURES, Suffolk, CO8 5LD

Dealers of reclaimed build materials, specialising in reclaimed wooden floors, architectural salvage and antiques. Checks age and style of property before advising.  Wide and varied stock: cast iron (railings, radiators…), over 300 reclaimed doors (de-furnitured in racks for easier browsing), period beams, metal and stone, windows, bricks, slates and chimneys.  Furniture from period dates to 20th century.  Wall panelling, fires and surrounds, skirting, achitrave, mouldings; old pine boards, hardwood strip, parquet flooring.  Stock changes daily.  Will look out for requested items.  Refuses to sell new wooden floors as it contradicts reclamation.  Enquiries also taken online.  Open Mon-Fri 8.30-5, Sat 9-1.  (Updated Feb 2005)

Trumpers Limited

Tel 0121 777 6201 Fax 0121 702 2784
Restoration Plasterwork Specialists, 1 Greswold Road, Sparkhill, BIRMINGHAM B11 4DJ

Skilled plasterers using traditional materials such as plain lime and sand plasters as well as in-situ cornices and mouldings.  Have carried out renovation work for The National Trust, English Heritage, Churches Conservation Trust, etc.

Viking Reclamations
Tel / Fax 01302 835 449  Mobile 0777 8058 313
Website www.reclaimed.co.uk ,  www.lilysalvage.com
Email viking@reclaimed.co.uk
Cow House Lane, Armthorpe Industrial Estate, Armthorpe, DONCASTER, South Yorks DN3 3EE
Contact  Craig Lloyd

Specialist in reclaimed bricks, flooring, building materials and architectural salvage.  Demolition team.  Large warehouse and yard stocks, and access to almost endless supplies from demolition projects.  Oak skirting boards and architraves, flooring in various widths; period beams, kiln dried to 10% moisture content, tongue & grooved and planed ready to lay.  Ledge and braced doors made from oak floor boards.  Reclaimed pine.  Sells Osmo colourless oil which protects floors and wood.  150,000 reclaimed bricks, hand sorted, cleaned and palletised, early Tudor to late Victorian.  Guarantees no more than 10% wastage on bricks, tiles, cobble setts and flooring - or will replace damaged items.  1800's church and other gates, railings, gratings and gothic doors.  Stocks constantly change as do contacts.  Will look out for people's requirements (given for example using online form) and contact them.  Demolition team, fully insured, C.I.T.B. trained and certified - can dismantle any buildings, big or small.  Looks for buildings of reclamation value, offering low demolition costs by crediting back against the value of reclaimed materials (references available).  Stone masons team can re-create columns, windows, gothic arches, mullions, opulent stately home fireplaces, one off designs or tricky carved restoration repairs, to contemporary or traditional designs or clients' custom wishes.  All work uses original reclaimed materials and techniques.  Stocks garden structures (including temples), follies, fountains, pews, cast columns, baths and bench sets, mirrors, sinks, taps, fire places.  Iron ware decoration, including doors and windows.  Victorian cooking ranges, and cast and other lamp posts.  Radiators, wall mounted or free standing, in black, silver and other colours complementing wood flooring.  King George VI/Victoria and other post and telephone boxes.  Ex-pub/hotel wall mounted lanterns.  Tuscan and other pillars and caps, corbels, bollards, saddlestones, and chimneys.  Suit of armour, swingboat, Dutch water barrell and other curios.  Website has ‘Web Exclusive’ bargains;  details including size measurements;  examples and pictures including colour variations (and ex-church windows incorporated into follies by customer).  Open Mon-Fri 9-5;  Sat 9-1.  Can offer appointments outside these hours.  (Extra information available.  Asks email enquirers to leave a contact number and check your email address - many enquiries left unreplied due to wrong information).  Salvo code dealers.  (Updated Feb 2005)

Wells Reclamation Company
Tel 01749 677087  Fax 01749 671089
Email enquiries@wellsreclamation.com  Website www.wellsreclamation.com 
Coxley, WELLS, Somerset BA5 1RQ

Shop for traditional building materials crafted with skill, architectural salvage, garden features, antiques, furniture.  Particularly useful for those restoring an old property.  Advice on period materials.  5 acre site displaying doors, roofs, floors, bricks, slate, flagstones, floorboards, tiles, fireplaces,  antiques, metal castings, iron and brasswork, country furniture, reclaimed oak, elm and pine.  Also church pews, spiral staircases, phone boxes and pillarboxes!  Catalogue and CD rom available. Delivery throughout UK, but charge depends on weight and there must be someone home to help unload.  (Updated Nov 2003)

Westland & Co
Tel 020 7739 8094  Fax 020 7729 3620
Website www.westland.co.uk  Email westland@westland.co.uk 
St Michael's Church, Leonard Street, LONDON EC2A 4ER

Antique chimneypieces, fire grates, architectural elements from normal to grand scale, panelling, paintings, furniture, displayed in vast emporium of former church.  Established 1969.  (Updated Nov 2005)

West 7 Reclamation

Tel 0208 567 6696
4 Trumpers Way, Hanwell, LONDON W7 2QA

Sale and purchase of all types of second hand building materials, especially old pine timber, doors and floor boards, structural steels, and architectural antiques.  (Updated July 2001)

White Contracts
Tel 01277 899495 Fax 01277 899613
Fyfield Hall, Fyfield, ONGAR, Essex CM5 0SA

Stocks available of old red telephone kiosks (mostly K6 Jubilee style), sold refurbished.  Customisation available for uses such as showers, libraries, cocktail cabinets.

Willesden Green Architectural Salvage

Tel 0208 459 2947
189 High Road, Willesden Green, LONDON NW10 2SD

Sale and purchase of architectural salvage.

Willow Antiques

Tel 01491 642062
1 High Street, NETTLEBED, Oxfordshire RG9 5DA

Architectural and small garden ornaments.  Formerly; Woodward & Willow.

The Window and Door Renovation Co

Tel 01992 893725

Draughtproofing and repairs to box sash windows.