97  Bioremediation

Although regarded as a new concept, the use of living organisms to convert unpleasant, polluting wastes into simpler, more benign substances is based on processes as old as the earliest life forms.  It is essential for the decay of organic matter, and sewage treatment processes are based on this principle.

The development of controlled bioremediation has been protracted.  It involves the cultivation of specific organisms, the engineering of systems for applying them to particular waste problems and the modification of temperature, oxygen and moisture levels, etc.  As a natural process it is particularly useful for organics such as food industry wastes; it has also proved an efficient on-site treatment for soil contaminated by oil or solvent seepage. Contact the Biotechnology Means Business initiative for full details of their work.

Alphabetical list of organisations

Bio Logic Remediation Works Ltd
Tel 0141 314 0021 Fax 0141 314 0026
Festival Business Centre, 150 Brand Street, GLASGOW, Scotland G51 1DH

Soil and groundwater remediation and effluent treatment contractor providing fast solutions for field use under extreme climate conditions. Capability includes laboratory treatment studies and system modelling, which may involve fungal and enzymatic breakdown of contaminants, in situ injection, windrow treatment, construction of reedbeds or other ecosystems. Track record includes successful breakdown of difficult contaminants such as polyaromatic hydrocarbon tars and chlorinated solvents.

Biotechnology Means Business Initiative
Freephone 0800 432100
Dept of Trade & Industry, 1 Victoria Street, LONDON SW1H 0ET

DTI promotion to communicate the potential for biotechnology as a key to competitiveness in business and as a source of new opportunities.

Cleveland Biotech Ltd

Tel 01642 606606 Fax 01642 606040
1 Douglas Close, Preston Farm Business Park, STOCKTON-ON-TEES, Cleveland TS18 3SB

Micro-organism production and formulation of biologically active products for treatment of organic waste and effluents.

Cranfield Biotechnology Centre

Tel 01234 750907 / 01234 750111
Cranfield Institute of Technology, CRANFIELD, Beds MK43 0AL

Applied research; training and consultancy in biotechnology; business services including contract testing.

IBS Viridian

Tel 01227 770123 / 01227 770505
114-116 John Wilson Business Park, Thanet Way, WHITSTABLE, Kent CT5 3QT

Waste treatment systems, specialising in biological treatment of effluents, contaminated land and groundwater, liquid and atmospheric emissions and odour treatment. Capability from consultancy to construction including site surveys; laboratory trials; process specifications and plant installation. Biotreatment of municipal and waste water effluents with custom blends of micro-organisms for optimal treatment. Industries served include construction, chemical, petrochemical, metal processing, textile, agriculture and agrochemical, pharmaceutical, oil and gas, and food.

Land Restoration Systems (UK)

Tel 01494 526240 Fax 01494 522074
201 Amersham Road, HIGH WYCOMBE, Bucks HP13 3NP

Consultancy and contracting services in land restoration.