22  Building materials reclamation

Many building materials can be reclaimed for re-use without further processing, which can lessen environmental impact and possibly bring a cost saving.  Sometimes materials can be re-used on the same site; failing that, there are likely to be outlets for many building materials.  

Probably the best source of information on reclamation companies is SALVO, whose website carries comprehensive lists.  They carried out a survey of the reclamation industry with the Building Research Establishment to establish its extent and future trends in supply and demand.  SALVO also operates a reclaimed materials and architectural salvage exchange on the internet.  The companies listed below with the letter (T) by their names receive the Salvo Theft Alert which notifies them of stolen items and any removed from listed buildings without consent.  This supports efforts to ensure good practice in stock purchasing in the reclamations trade.

If you are in a position to specify the use of reclaimed and recycled building materials, bear in mind the need for quality and fitness for purpose.


Fly-tipping is illegal, unsociable and unnecessary - don't even think about it.

There is a charge for every load of waste you take to landfill
BUT the organisations below may want to use your waste, 
or they could direct you to someone who does.

If you know someone who may be fly-tipping, PLEASE put them in touch 
with someone listed in
who can help them.


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Materials exchanges (waste exchanges) (120)
Furniture and wood products from reclaimed materials (350)

Alphabetical list of organisations

Advance Roofing Supplies

Tel 01296 660260 (Tring)  /  423316 (Aylesbury)
01296 668799 (Tring)  /  397913 (Aylesbury)
96 Dunsham Lane, Aylesbury, Bucks HP20 2DG
Cheddington Lane, Long Marston, TRING, Herts HP23 4QR

Large stocks of reclaimed materials.  Specialises in roofing, and aggregates including sand balast and cement.  150,000 reclaimed tiles stocked, plus ridge tiles, fittings, and flat roofing.  Supply and fix service.  Free estimates and delivery.  Large storage space.   (Updated May 2005)

Ahern PF Group Ltd

Tel 01708 723611  Fax 01708 733444
Email companyhouse@ahern.co.uk  Website www.ahern.co.uk 
228 Crow Lane, ROMFORD, Essex RM7 0HA

Supplier of recycled topsoil and aggregates.  Also collection and disposal of dry wastes, asbestos, special and clinical wastes throughout Essex and East London, via network of six depots and landfill site at Rainham.  ESA member.   (Updated Aug 2002)

Alan Aston Roofing Supplies Ltd

Tel 01865 883030  Fax 01865 882898 
Bell Lane, CASSINGTON, Oxon OX29 4DS 

Dealer in building materials and architectural salvage.  Sources and supplies timbers from mainly local demolitions and refurbishments; and wooden railway sleepers from various European sources.  New and secondhand clay tiles and slates; pitch in both new and secondhand, and flat roofing.  Fireplaces, flagstones, floorboards, doors, interior and exterior fittings, sanitary ware, garden ornaments and railings. 
(Updated May 2005)

Alan Hadley Ltd
Tel 01635 587300  Freephone 0800 521 099  Fax 01635 876535  
Website www.hadleys.co.uk  Email sales@hadleys.co.uk
Fenton House, Unit 19 Colthrop Business Park, Colthrop Lane, THATCHAM, Berks RG19 4NB
Contact  Chris Sutton (Sales Manager)

Reprocessor of hardcore, crushed concrete and brick, reclaimed graded topsoil, planings, selected granular fill material.  Policy is to recycle materials whenever possible and offer preferential disposal rates over landfill.  Fine and washed sands used for topdressings, equestrian purposes and golf courses.  Skip and lorry hire. 15 min from M4 junction 12.  (Updated Aug 2005)

Alder Roofing Supplies
Tel 01784 420066 or 420333 (sales) / 420224  Fax 01784 255573
106 Spelthorne Lane, ASHFORD TW15 1UH

Reclaimed and new slates and tiles. 
(Updated May 2005)

Anglia Building Suppliers Ltd

Tel 01245 467505  Fax 467506
Email angliabs@btinternet.com 
Website www.angliabuildingsuppliersltd.co.uk  
Waltham Road, Boreham, CHELMSFORD, Essex CM3 3AY

Dealer in reclaimed building materials, internal and external features.  Established for over 40 years.  Comprehensive range of quality reclaimed materials, and new items.  Doors, windows, ornate fireplaces, railway sleepers, bricks, roofing tiles and slates, timber, paving materials and slabs, fire-grates, lamp-posts, cast iron products, reconstituted stone, planters, garden ornaments, troughs, benches and other furniture, bronze and lead products.  Welcomes visitors to browse.  Can deliver bulky or weighty items.  Helps people to 'easily consider using recycled materials and help protect the environment'.  (Updated May 2005)

Architectural Salvage Index

Tel 01483 203221  Fax 01483 202911
Email ei@handr.co.uk  Website www.handr.co.uk 
Hutton and Rostron, Netley House, Gomshall, GUILDFORD, Surrey GU5 9QA

Maintains register of reusable building materials available throughout UK.  A nominal fee is charged.  (Updated July 2001)

Arkoss Demolition Ltd 

Tel 01923 263972  Fax 01293 269005
1 Alexandra Road, KINGS LANGLEY, Herts WD4 8DU
Contact  Andrew Kane, MD (01727 733600 - MD, Arkos, GJ Gaywood and Kane Group www.kane-group.net)

Demolition contractor.  Services include site clearance, dismantling, aggregates, concrete breaking and crushing.  Subsidiary of GJ Gaywood, see section 66  Asbestos.   (Updated May 2005)

Ashwell Recycling Company Ltd
Tel 01375 892576  Fax 01375 892330
Wick Place Farm, Brentwood Road, Bulthan, UPMINSTER, Essex RM14 3TL

Dealer in used railway sleepers and all reclaimed hardwood and softwood timber over 6x6 inches.   (Updated July 2001)

Aston Pine

Tel 01367 243840  Fax 01367 242268
16-18 London Street, FARINGDON, Oxfordshire SN7 7AA

Antique doors and pine stripping business.  Will receive reusable wood as salvage.  Open: Wed to Sat or by appointment.  (Updated July 2001)

B D Demolition

Tel 01296 661231  Fax 01296 661515
Unit F, Airfield Industrial Estate, Cheddington Lane, Long Marston, TRING, Herts  HP23 4QP

Licensed demolition and asbestos removal contractor; dealer in reclaimed and secondhand building materials, eg crushed concrete, aggregate.  (Updated Aug 2002)

(Building Research Establishment)
Tel 01923 664454  Fax 01923 664103 - Centre for Sustainable Construction
Tel 01923 664200  Fax 01923 664786 - Centre for Waste and Recycling
www.bre.co.uk  Email enquiries@bre.co.uk
Garston, WATFORD, Herts WD2 7JR

UK’s leading construction and fire research centre.  The Centre for Sustainable Construction at BRE provides advice on all aspects of green building.  Topics covered include environmental impact, energy efficiency, indoor and outdoor pollution and contaminated land.  BRE's Centre for Waste and Recycling provides advice on all aspects of the management of construction and demolition waste.  The Centre is carrying out research into many waste issues, including the use of recycled aggregate, best practice demolition and reducing construction waste.  BRE initiated a materials information exchange for the construction industry: if you have a waste material looking for a market contact Rod Collins on collinsr@bre.co.uk or visit the SalvoMIE Materials Information Exchange website (listed below).  The  scheme allows the construction industry to buy and sell used, secondhand and unused materials over the internet.  Information and links on Sustainable Construction.  Published report: Deconstruction and re-use of construction materials.  See also other sections under 20 Construction and Demolition Wastes, and 430 Green Building and Decorating.   (Updated Nov 2003)

Bedford Timber

Tel 01234 272171  Fax 01234 269235
Cauldwell Walk, BEDFORD, Beds MK42 9DT

Timber merchant (not reclaimed timber).  Receives reclaimed bricks and tiles by appointment.   (Updated July 2001)

Berks & Bucks Roofing Co Ltd

Tel 01753 630659
The Woodyard, Langley Park Road, IVER, Bucks SL3 6DD

Builders merchant.  Specialises in tile and slate and 
reclaimed materials. 
  (Updated May 2005)

Berryman T & Sons Ltd
Tel 0208 984 8558   Fax 01795 533217    (Head Office:  Tel 01977 608020  
Fax 01977 644021) 
info@berryman-uk.co.uk  Website www.berryman-uk.co.uk  
Southern Regional Depot, Dagenham Dock Complex, Chequers Lane, DAGENHAM, Essex RM9 6QD
(Head Office:  Lidgate Crescent, Langthwaite Grange Industrial Estate, South Kirby, West Yorks WF9 3NR)  

Glass reclamation, processing and recycling, including cullet.  Purchases bottlebank contents and large quantities of window glass scrap.  Bulk and individual purchasing, from smallest glazier to largest processors, any location.  Collects from bottlers, packers / fillers, local authority collection schemes, kerbside systems, licensed premises, hotels and other organisations.  Glass “pebbles” can be used, for example, in gardens.  Partners with councils and local authorities to establish and develop all aspects of kerbside collection, from boxes and vehicles to markets for all materials.  Involved in educational development.  Website is very informative, with UK and European industry facts and figures.  Operates 40 specialist vehicles (clean and smart) which also act as moving advertising hoardings with recycling message panels.  Accredited reprocessor under Packaging Waste RegulationsUK's largest specialist glass collection company, founded 1922.  "Recycling 1 glass bottle or jar saves enough energy to power your TV for 1 hours."  

Commercial:  plate glass and glass cullet processing and sales.  Expanded nationwide service for plate glass processors, benefiting glass and glazing companies facing increasing landfill and disposal charges.  (Contact Nick Philbin.)  Collects all plate glass including: float, patterned, tinted, mirrored, laminated, wired, double glazed units, in 9 yard skips or wheeled bins.

Education:  works in collaboration with Rockware Glass (see below, or 230 Education and Training), schools and local authorities to provide education resources and initiatives:
Keystage 1 (& 2)  Glassworks  www.recyclingglass.co.uk (also see section 230 Education and Training) :   CD-rom and web based resource, using fun interactive games which dovetail with National Curriculum using glass recycling as the theme.  Supported by Teacher’s Notes;  free Keystages 1 & 2 CD-Rom developed with British Glass ( 9 Churchill Way, Sheffield S35 2PY);  information pack, clubs, posters, badges and balloons.  Funky Facts, Fun House with Art Room, and Bottle Busters with excellent Glass Challenge Quiz. 
Keystage 2  Glassforever 
www.glassforever.co.uk  (see section 230 Education and Training) :   School groups visit Europe’s most modern glass treatment facility, in Knottingley, West Yorkshire to see where glass from bottle banks actually goes.  Supported by interactive glass cleaning machine, video, computer animations and full teacher support pack.  Visits are provided free by Rockware Glass, who also contribute to school transport costs.  GlassForever education roadshow takes the program to schools and can be used to support other educational or waste management initiatives by local authorities.  Develops education aspects of recycling bottles and jars with schools nationally.  GlassForever has been developed with support from NGfL (National Grid for Learning) www.ngfl.gov.uk and VTC (Virtual Teacher Centre) http://vtc.ngfl.gov.uk/docserver.php .   (Updated Oct 2005)

BioRegional Reclaimed

Tel 020 8404 0647  Fax 020 8404 4893
Email info@bioregional-reclaimed.com  Website www.bioregional-reclaimed.com 
17 Dunster Way, Helios Road, Hackbridge, Surrey SM4 7PE or
17 Dunster Way, BedZED, Wallington, Surrey SM6 7DA

'Reclaimed building materials made easy'.  Specialist in source and supply, to order, for construction.  Large quantities and wide range.  Advises on potential for using reclaimed, covering appropriate materials, availability, cost, quality, design and lead times, and "big hit" environmental savings options, saving clients landfill disposal costs.  Takes, and finds use for architectural salvage, scrap, demolition, and surplus:  steel, timber, paving, stone, interior fittings, doors, and many materials that would otherwise be chipped, recycled or landfilled.  Quantified assessment of environmental impact reduction from reclaimed materials use.  Case studies, reports, articles (links from website); enquiries welcome.  Web covers ongoing business:  offers, listing current stock and urgent supply items; wants; supply, extraction; environmental impact reduction; materials consultancy; clients; practical links.  'Use of reclaimed building materials in place of new is a most effective way for the construction industry to reduce environmental impact and become more sustainable' (see their Why Reclaim? web section).  Reclaimed concrete railway sleepers can be used as foundations.  Offers more than scrap value for straight sections of structural steel.  Will extract and transport materials, including for clients moving materials for own use.  Clear website has depth, hyperlinks include informative industry reports (Environmental Impact Reduction Using Reclaimed Building Products including Ecopoints BRE (see 430 Green Building) Environment Profiling; Toolkit for Carbon Neutral Developments).  Has clients who positively choose reclaimed materials for environment reasons.  References from high profile clients available.  Developed at BioRegional Development Group sustainability specialists, BioReclaimed first built a supply chain system for large volumes of reclaimed materials on BedZED (see 430 Green Building and Decorating) project 2000, and is now an established independent trading subsidiary.  (Updated May 2005)

Bowller Roofing Supplies

Tel 01923 269983  Fax 01923 270923 
Website www.bowller.co.uk  Email bowller@bowller.co.uk 
Sunderlands Yard, Church Lane, KINGS LANGLEY, Herts WD4 8XD
Tel 0208 426 8836 Harrow / 01494 450079 High Wycombe / 01189 455454 Reading

Roofers merchants.  Sale and purchase of reclaimed roofing materials.  Reclaim yard stocks a variety of roofing tiles (concrete, clay... ) from various sources.  Also at Mansard House, Brember Road, Harrow, Middx HA2 8UT;  42-52 Abercrombie Avenue, High Wycombe HP12 3AX;  20 Upton Road, Tilehurst, Reading RG3 4BJ.   (Updated May 2005)

Brackley Industrial Roofing 

Tel 01280 700348
Turweston Road, BRACKLEY, Northants

Dealer in new and secondhand roofing and cladding materials.  Fits tin roofing and cladding, mainly box profile.  As a result of fitting new roofing, can make removed materials available for reuse or recycling.    (Updated June 2005)

Brighton & Hove Wood Recycling Project
Tel 01273 570500  Fax 01273 570600
4 Inverness Road, BRIGHTON, East Sussex BN2 3JB (postal address only) 
Unit 32-36, Municipal Market, Circus Street, BRIGHTON, East Sussex BN2 9QF (site address only)
Email info@woodrecycling.org.uk  Web www.woodrecycling.org.uk 
Contact  Richie Simpson, Managing Director; Christian Bernard - Director  

Originator of National Community Wood Recycling Project ( see entry below) set up by Richard Mehmed, and developer of the Recycled Wood Marque.   About 6,000 tonnes of wood a year is landfilled from the Brighton and Hove area alone.  Much is worth saving - the Woodstore is filled with tonnes of  reusable timber, most from the construction / demolition industry.  There is also wooden packaging waste and many non-returnable pallets. (see section 52).  Much household wood ends up at the local tip, or stays in garages and sheds for years.  As most "waste" timber is commercial, a charge can be made to take it away - at less than the cost of a skip, so there is a financial and environmental incentive to recycle.  Sponsored by 3 environmentally aware local building companies, a small truck was bought to collect from their building sites.  Timber was separated and stacked for collection.  The loads are sorted and as much as possible re-used, for instance as floorboards, skirting, shelves and craft materials.  Only 15% of the timber collected is returned to the waste stream.  Also collects from firms with packaging waste and pallets, and members of the public.  

A classification system was developed with the following grades:  
Grade 1   Timber good enough to sell back to the DIY / builders market.  Altough virtually anything will be useful to someone, grade 1 is wood at least 2 metres long, relatively sound, free from bad splits, nails and other contaminants.  Also sheet materials including ply, chipboard, hardboard and MDF over  1 metre square; doors in good condition; pieces of hardwood and anything "interesting".  Al though the wood might look dirty, it is suitable for many uses. 
Grade 2
Clean and sound, but too short or small to be easily sold for DIY.  Suitable to make wood products, from compost bins, bookshelves, art &craft items to high quality furniture.  Making and selling such items is a good way to raise cash and to get across the potential for using recycled wood.  The Recycled Wood Marque helps too, making it easier to identify recycled wood products. 
Grade 3
Around 80% of all wood waste, this grade is the biggest challenge - rotten fence posts, small offcuts, broken doors and everything that doesn't fit into the other two grades.  Much firewood is sold to local farmers with wood-fired boilers heating greenhouses;  lots is re-manufactured into chipboard.  A reasonably sustainable use for the large volume of this grade is as a fuel; one aim is to encourage installation of wood-fired heating / hot water systems in suitable buildings. With the need to reduce reliance on fossil fuels, wood could be widely used. 
(Updated Nov 2005)

Bromley Community Wood Recycling
Tel 0208 659 9992  Fax 0208 659 5258  Mob 07947 340 180  
Email  bromleywoodrecycling@hotmail.co.uk 
Oakfield Centre, Oakfield Road, Penge, LONDON SE20 8QA
Contact  Terry Cottle, Supervisor

Charity working for Shaw Trust at Oakfield Day Centre, a base for social firms - part of a 5-year rolling contract.  Collects from businesses (eg building sites) and individuals, minimum charge 70 - half the price of a skip.  Uses high cage transit, 6 cu yds - takes up to 12 yds.  Main sources two thirds builders, one third joiners.  Sells reclaimed timber in shop such as skirting, floorboards, joists, dismantled staircases and banisters, beading, sheeted wood, wooden items from house clearances.  Hard and soft wood, firewood and kindling.  Big area, with wood lathe.  Self-employed carpenter makes garden furniture: tables, benches, hand-crafted wood, bird boxes etc, associated with gardening project on same premises.  Hoping to restore household furniture.  Open 9-4 Mon-Fri 9-12 Sat.   (Updated Nov 2005)

Browns Timber Yard
Tel 01379 677368  Fax 677870
Plantation Yard, Aslacton, NORWICH, Norfolk NR15 2EW

New and reclaimed timber merchant.  Specialist in fencing materials.  Interest in and networks with other businesses and sources dealing in reclaimed timber.  Recycles materials for example for packaging, wherever possible.   (Updated June 2005) 

BSRIA (Building Services Research and Information Association) Ltd

Tel 01344 465600  Fax 01344 465626  Email  bsria@bsria.co.uk
Websites  www.bsria.co.uk  and  www.managenergy.net/actors/A1289.htm
Old Bracknell Lane West, BRACKNELL, Berkshire, RG12 7AH 
Contact  Anne King 

Independent research, testing and information organisation for building services industry, aimed at architects, designers, legislators, specifiers, consultants and contractors, equipment manufacturers, building operators, facilities managers and end users.  Supplier and consultant on efficient use of energy within buildings, and sustainable building products and services such as artificial lighting, cogeneration and district heating, energy management, heating and ventilation systems and pumps, recovery and storage, energy audits.   Provides access to best practice information, textbooks, reports, codes of practice, journals, literature searches and online bookshop.  Runs collaborative research programme and market studies based on industry needs.  Immediate access to experts for problem solving, specification and certification.  Website includes 'Energy & Environment' main section, with subsections covering:  Codes and Standards, Design of Test Facilities, Energy in Buildings, Environmental Assessments, Failure Investigations, Product Research and Development, Water in Buildings. 

Detail Drawings service provides library of over 850 drawings and symbols illustrating common building services, design and installation.  Drawings can be searched quickly, and downloaded into any standard CAD software package.  Produced with direct input from building services manufacturers, installers and designers, drawings follow current best practice.  Details from www.barbour-index.co.uk/content/aboutservices/bsria.asp
(Updated Nov 2005)

Butterfield H Ltd

Tel 01582 491100  Fax 01582 490969 
Selbourne Road, LUTON, Beds LU4 8QF

Builders merchant.  Purchaser of reclaimed bricks - minimum quantity 8000.  Paving slabs, natural stone, granite, marble.  (Updated Feb 2005)

Bywaters (Leyton) Ltd

Tel 0208 558 1141  Fax 0208 558 9205 
Website www.bywaters.co.uk  Email info@bywaters.co.uk 
Gateway Road, Leyton, LONDON E10 5BY

General waste disposal services, plus separate collection of recyclable paper, cardboard and surplus building materials.  Collection and disposal of difficult, hazardous and notifiable wastes.  CFC reclamation from refrigeration equipment.  Collection and crushing of spent fluorescent tubes.  Head office has two Materials Recycling Facilities (MRFs):  a main one for separation of all recyclable materials; and one  specifically for paper.  Skips available.  ESA member.   (Updated May 2005)

Cantillon Haulage & Demolition Ltd

Tel  01923 255 256  Fax  020 8200 7954
Email  info@cantillon-demolition.co.uk  Website  www.cantillon-demolition.co.uk 
4 Salmon Street, Kingsbury, LONDON NW9 8PN
Contact  Kate McCormick, Marketing Manager

Demolition contracts and management, for complex, large, or small structures, and recycled aggregate producer, within 200 mile radius of London.  Established 1967.  Materials separated and recycled wherever possible.  Careful salvage of artefacts and parts of structures, as part of contract or stand alone; storage and/or transportation to requirements.  Soft Strip - removing fixtures, fittings, services, temporary structures, assessing structural design and unexpected finds such as asbestos or structural anomalies.  Asbestos removal and surveys.  Steel and pre-cast concrete dismantling eg complex steel framed, cantilevered, or post-tensioned structures; bridges, blocks of flats, offices.  Industrial, conventional and specialist services.  Detailed proposals provided.  Crushing and soil screening to minimise removal and disposal, for cost and environment benefits.  Site investigation works, soil analysis reports, excavation, processing on site, removal and disposal off site for contaminated land.  Handles general granular fill.  Concrete resulting from demolition can be processed at recycling facilities ( some of this material may find its way back into the fabric of the new structure).  Temporary works, site clearance, landscaping.  Consultation and compliance with Environment Agency and relevant regulations; Certificate of Registration under Control of Pollution (Amendment) Act 1989 licensing contaminated waste removal.  (Updated Nov 2005)

Carwarden Brick Co. Ltd

Tel 01889 574066  Fax 01889 575695
Email sales@carwardenreclaim.co.uk  Website www.cawardenreclaim.co.uk 
Carwarden Springs Farm, Blithbury Road, RUGELEY, Staffs WS15 3HL

Founded 1985, specialist supplier of reclaimed and period building products to architects, builders, craftsmen, designers and public.  Website displays showroom examples from Georgian/Victorian marble to art deco cast inserts; flagstones (internal and external use), garden features, fireplaces, radiators, doors, flooring, timber and beams, paving stones, roofing tiles and bricks.  Over 1 million reclaimed bricks and 500 doors in stock.On-site joiners can hand-make to specifications, including doors from 100-year-old reclaimed pine.  Offers brick matching service covering quantity/quality, visits to clients’ properties and reclaim assistance.  Large stocks of "specials" including stretcher plinths, bullnose, cants, squints and corballing.  Can load onto client's vehicles or deliver to site.  Large transport vehicles with cranes; will off-load to suit client.  Open Mon-Fri 8-5, Sat 8- 4, Sun 0-4.  Salvo member.   (Updated Feb 2005)

Castle Reclaim

Tel / Fax 01787 278669
Chilton Street, Clare, SUDBURY, Suffolk CO10 8QS

Dealer in reclaimed building materials, including timber flooring.  Doors made to specification from reclaimed timber.  (Updated Nov 2005)

Chiltern Demolition

Tel 01442 827667  Mobile 0973 377491
30 Mortimer Hill, TRING, Herts HP23 5JU

Demolition, clearance, recycling and salvage specialist.

Chiltern Wastaway

Tel 01582 866640  Fax 01582 476990
Transfer Station, French's Avenue, DUNSTABLE, Beds LU6 1BH

Container hire and bulk collection transfer station, waste categories A+ B.  Separation and sale of hardcore, topsoil and recycled building materials.

Civil Engineering Developments Ltd

Tel 01895 422411
Trout Road, WEST DRAYTON, Middx UB7 7RS

New and reclaimed flagstones.

Cladwins (Recycling)

Tel 01702 466709  Fax 01702 610523
5-7 Stock Road Industrial Park, SOUTHEND ON SEA, Essex SS2 5QF

Sale of reusable and new steel sections, corrugated roofing sheets etc.

Construction Industry Environmental Forum (CIEF) - managed by CIRIA (section 20 Construction and demolition wastes) 
Tel 0 207 549 3300  Fax 0207 253 0523
Web www.cief.org.uk  Email enquiries@cief.org.uk  
CIEF, Classic House, 174-180 Old Street, LONDON  EC1V 9BP
Contact  Sarah Reid, Network Manager

A partnership between the three leading construction industry research organisations - CIRIA (Construction Industry Research and Information Association - see section 20), BRE, and BSRIA (both listed above) together with the DTI.  Provides information exchange on environmental issues affecting the industry.  Established 1991, its mission is to improve the sustainable and environmental performance of construction, by providing a cross-sector independent forum for new ideas and demonstration of best practice.  Members (currently over 230 organisations) include clients, developers, contractors, consultants, architects, specialists, research bodies and academic institutions.  Events, workshops and seminars it has organised include:  Sustainable water management;  Low carbon buildings (eg new build or refurbishment debate; best practice for new build and refurbishment;  the challenge of existing stock...);  Sustainable construction (consultation and vision).  Plans to develop a Green Guide for professional tradespeople and small businesses to reduce the building industry's environmental impact. (Updated Nov 2005)

Construction Resources (Ecological Building Centre, and Merchants)
Tel 0207 450 2211  Fax 0207 450 2212 
Email info@ecoconstruct.com  Website www.constructionresources.com or www.ecoconstruct.com
16 Great Guildford Street, LONDON SE1 0HS

A centre selling and distributing materials for sustainable building.  Warehouse and trade counter open to public for unique range of state of the art domestic and commercial building products, combining maximum use of safe, healthy, renewable, recyclable, natural materials with minimum energy use.  Actively promotes environmentally sound design and practice.  Building materials, services (heating, water and renewable energy), interiors, tools, furniture.  Includes rainwater storage systems, paints and varnishes made from natural pigments without use of solvents, thermal insulation produced from recycled newspaper, acoustic insulation from recycled rubber tyres, passive solar heaters from cardboard, and building with unfired clay.  Low-temperature wall heating, high-efficiency wood-burning stoves and boilers, water saving and rainwater recycling systems, timber construction. Three floors of displays include large-scale sample constructions, showing how and where products and systems are used, and materials and systems themselves such as solar collectors, rainwater filters, rolls or slabs of wool, flax or recycled newsprint insulation material.  As many of the products as possible have been built into the building's working fabric, providing 'live' demonstration in addition to static display.  Information sheets available.  Website has free downloads of technical documentation, installation notes and prices for products and publications.  One example: ES Solar Roof which can cover a whole roof as an efficient solar collector for hot water, space heating, etc.  Runs seminars for public and professionals, training courses for trades on installation and maintenance.  Tours available.  Open Mon-Fri 10-6, Wed until 7pm.   (Updated Nov 2005)

Country Roofing Supplies

Tel 01491 641024
Timbers Farm, Nuffield, HENLEY ON THAMES, Oxfordshire RG9 5SY

Building materials reclamation.

Countryside Demolition & Reclaim

Tel 0831 836104 / 01234 782461 Fax 01234 241697
Park Lane Barns, Park Lane, Sharnbrook BEDFORD, Beds

Slate, bricks, tiles and timber.  Open:  Mon-Fri 8-5,  Sat 8.30-1.

Coverwell Reclaims
Tel 01268 694896
19 Hilversum Way, CANVEY ISLAND, Essex

Reclaims slates and tiles.  Open:  Mon-Fri 8-5.

Cranfield Uni

Tel 01708 867237
728 London Road, West Thurrock, GRAYS, Essex RM20 3LU

Reclaimed flagstones.

Davis & Sampson

Tel 01442 878800
Billet Lane, BERKHAMSTED, Herts HP4 1DP

Demolition and scrap dealer, structural steelwork.

Earth Centre

Tel 01438 716873 / 01438 716478   Fax 01438 717535
Codicote Road, WELWYN, Herts AL6 9TU

Collection service for unwanted building materials.

Earthline Ltd

Tel 01672 841389  Fax 01672 841353
The Old Lime Works, Ogbourne St George, MARLBOROUGH, Wilts SN8 1SU

Manages eight landfill sites in Bucks, Oxon, Hants and Wilts.  Land restoration.  Waste collection, mainly from building sites.  Reuses and recycles material wherever possible, screening for rubbish.  Supplier of aggregates, topsoil and crushed concrete.  Bucks site: Warren Farm, Chalfont Lane, Maple Cross.  Oxon site: Shipton on Cherwell Quarry, Kidlington (Tel 01869 331595).

Easystrip Doors

Tel 01491 577289
132 Reading Road, HENLEY ON THAMES, Oxfordshire OX12 9AB

Architectural salvage.

Ecoconstruction (Recycled Material for Construction) 
Website www.ecoconstruction.org  Email recycledmaterials@ecde.co.uk  

Green materials searchable database and guidance on sustainable construction.  Details of manufacturing processes, compostion, and suppliers.  Guidance on planning, choosing and specifying materials, to case studies of recycled and reclaimed material use.  Arranged in webpage sections under:  Why Recycle More?, Environmental Impact of Specific Materials, Choosing Materials From The Database, Project Planning, Specifying Reclaimed And Recycled Materials, Building Elements & Materials Listing.  Follows waste hierarchy principles in that:  'Re-use materials are preferred because energy, resource use, and often transport, are less than with recycled materials.'   Rating Your Scheme - a structure to help assess extent of reused and / or recycled materials used in building; and compare schemes. Explanatory notes and examples for each element, and print friendly table.  'Materials used for constructing houses frequently cause some environmental pollution during their production.  Quarries can damage landscape, metals use lots of energy in production, PVC production produces atmospheric pollution, wood can come from unsustainable sources, etc.  Reclaimed materials and products made from recycled material cause less environment damage than new products and reduce refuse and landfill.' (Updated Nov 2005)

Ecology Building Society

Tel 01535 650770  Fax 01535 650780 
Email info@ecology.co.uk  Website www.ecology.co.uk 
7 Belton Road, Silsden, KEIGHLEY, West Yorks BD20 0EE

Moved to new headquarters, purpose built to ecological principles (and a library open to the public, specialising in green issues) on 10 Nov 2003.  Specialist mutual building society formed in 1981, dedicated to improving the environment by promoting sustainable housing and genuinely sustainable communities.  Unique and radical policy of mortgage lending only for: energy efficient housing; ecological renovation; derelict and dilapidated property (preserving existing buildings); small scale, ecological or community-based enterprises; low-impact lifestyles focused on self-sufficiency and the most ecological use of land.  Assets small in comparison with most other building societies, but it is growing rapidly.  Strong commitment to maintaining its independence and mutuality of membership.  Affinity scheme with Phone Co-op (section 34).   (Updated July 2004)

Environmental Reclamation

Tel 01442 843710  Mob 07774 757200
Mile Barn Farm, Hemel Hempstead Road, Dagnall, BERKHAMSTED, Herts HP4 1QR

Dealer - all types of reclaimed building materials.  Specialist timber dealer - oak, pine and outsize beams; strip and block and antique wood flooring.  Also demolition.   (Updated July 2001)

Epping Reclaim Ltd
Tel 01992 523657  Fax 01992 522796
284 High Road, North Weald, EPPING, Essex CM16 6EG

Sale and purchase of all types of reclaimed building materials.

Evans, A G

Tel 01494 758388  Fax 01494 758906
Lodge Way, Chesham Road, Wigginton, TRING, Herts HP23 6JE

Scrap dealer, ferrous and non-ferrous metals, and reusable structural steel.

Frank Valori St Pierre Ltd

Tel 01708 743424  Fax 01708 764459
Manders House, 9 Bridge Close, ROMFORD, Essex RM7 0AU

Demolition contractor.  Sale of crushed concrete, hardcore and secondhand building materials.

G J Gaywood Ltd
Tel 01923 263972
1 Alexandra Road, KINGS LANGLEY, Herts WD4 8DX

Demolition and asbestos removal.  Fully licensed for removal of asbestos products, hazardous waste and contaminated soil disposal, in isolation or as part of demolition package.  Stand-alone demolition, or integrated brownfield projects packages;  site remediation.  Part of Kane Group (also see sections 21 Soil and Aggregate Recycling, 22 Building Materials Reclamation, 92 Contaminated Land Remediation, or 93 Land Remediation.)   (Updated May 2005)

Giles D J & B

Tel 01494 482396  Fax 01494 485718
20/22 Mill Road, STOKENCHURCH, Bucks HP14 3TT

Builders merchant - new and secondhand bricks, tiles and slates.

Grant and Stone Ltd
Tel 01494 465522
Baker Street, HIGH WYCOMBE, Bucks HP11

Plumbers, builders, and decorators merchant, including reclaimed materials.  Also at The Vale, Chalfont St Peter, Gerrards Cross, Tel 01753 886543.


Tel 01623 756276
Lane End, Urban Road, KIRKBY IN ASHFORD, Notts NG17 8AP

Glass reclamation.  Bulk purchaser of bottlebank contents and large quantities of window glass scrap.

Henman F & J W Farms Ltd

Tel 01865 351741
Lower Woods Farm, BECKLEY, Oxford

Building materials reclamation.

Heritage Reclaimed Brick Company

Tel 0208 687 1907
11 Willow Lane, MITCHAM, Surrey CR4 4NA

Sale and purchase of reclaimed building materials especially old stock bricks, yorkstone paving and timber.

Heritage Restoration

Tel 0208 845 2220
Braemar House,Braemar Road, BRENTFORD, Middx TW8 0NS

Sash window restorer.

Heritage Stone

Tel 01375 679580
The Old Stable, Brooklyn Industrial Estate, HORNDON ON THE HILL, Essex SS17 8QA

Reclaimed stone.

Hertford Salvage

Tel 01707 373642
Highfields, Birchall Lane, Cole Green, HERTFORD SG14 2NR

Dealer - reclaimed building materials.

Herts Demolition

Tel 01992 763669
14 Waltham Gardens, ENFIELD, Middx EN3 6PG

Demolition contractor.  Sale of all types of reclaimed materials.

IBS Reclaim
Tel 01844 239400  Fax 01844 239404
Thame Road, OAKLEY, Bucks HP18 9QQ

Reclaimed materials including bricks, tiles, slates, old pine and furniture.  Open:  Mon-Fri 7.30 to 5;  Sat 8 to 1;  Sun 10 to 2.   (Updated July 2001)

Inn Fillers

Tel 01844 279422
7 Fullers Field, GREAT MILTON, Oxfordshire OX44 6PJ

Pub bric-a-brac.

IPJ Conservation

Tel 01734 462697
Hollow Tree Cottage, Binfield Heath, HENLEY ON THAMES, Oxfordshire RG9 4LR

Suppliers of lime mortars and limewash, horse hair, laths, latches and hinges, oak pegs.

J & R Marble Co Ltd

Tel 0208 539 6471
Unit 9, Period Works, Lammas Road, Leyton, LONDON E10 7QT

Specialist suppliers, fixers and restorers of marble, granite, slate.

J J Roofing

Tel 0208 445 0270
Netherlands Road, NEW BARNET, Herts WD2 7JR

Reclaimed slates and tiles.

Jackson C & Sons

Tel 01234 771311
Red Brick Cottages, Keysoe Road, THURLEIGH, Beds MK44 2EA

Demolition salvage.

Jakeman, Mick

Tel 01295 710739
4 The Courtyard, Warkworth, BANBURY, Oxon

Dealer in reclaimed building materials.

J Mould Reclaim

Tel 01189 588210 / 582477
Email mould.demo@virgin.net  Website www.jmould.co.uk 
Recycling Centre, Cow Lane, Reading RG1 8NA

Dealer in all types of reclaimed building materials, including timber, hardcore, topsoil, reclaimed bricks, tiles, sleepers, doors, fireplaces and other architectural salvage.  Also haulage, demolition, crushed concrete and licensed asbestos removal contractor at Pingewood Road North, Burghfield Bridge, READING, Berks RG30 3XN, Tel 01189 576 243 / 950 7017  Fax 0118 950 5989.  Division of Hanson Quarry Products.   (Updated Aug 2002)

John Stanley

Tel 01865 722648
The Gables, Woodstock, YARNTON, Oxfordshire OX5 1PH

Dealer in bricks, timber and stone.

Just Slate Ltd
Tel 01296 655131  Fax 01296 655161
Unit 6, Fleet Marston Farm, AYLESBURY, Bucks HP18 0PZ

Specialist supplier of new and reclaimed roofing slates, ridges and tiles.

JW Merchants

Tel 0118 974 4004
19 Nuttingtons, NEWBURY, Berks

Domestic demolition contractor.  Sale and purchase of reclaimed building materials.

Kerrys Pine

Tel 01449 781153
Kerrys Farm Lane, Cow Green, Bacton, STOWMARKET, Suffolk IP14 4HL

Specialist merchant in reclaimed timber and building materials, including pine and pitch pine for furniture and flooring.   (Updated July 2001)

Kane Group 
Tel 01727 733600 Fax 01727 733607
Email info@kane-group.net  Website www.kane-group.net 
Construction House, Porters Wood, Valley Road Industrial Estate, ST ALBANS, Herts AL3 6NW

Committed to actively promote use of secondary (recycled) aggregates and products, in accordance with Environmental Policy.  Contracts to incorporate re-use of demolition materials after re-processing on site.  Commercial and environmental advantages:  less material removed from site, less imported, saving lorry movements and time.  Primary aggregates may be sourced locally to match existing materials.  Material specification advice.  Commencement, demolition (since 1985), on-site processing, remediation, bulk excavation and filling; complete aggregate and waste disposal.   Acquired G J Gaywood Ltd 2001 (also listed above): stand-alone demolition, or integrated in brownfield projects packages; site remediation, fully licensed asbestos removal, hazardous waste and contaminated soil disposal.  Full high-specification crushing, demolition and earthworks (and where necessary screening) to produce secondary aggregates complying with current standards for granular sub base, capping layers, sands, gravels (processed and "as-raised") and soils, or specific requirements.  Can supply bulk (generally 20 tonne loads; part loads available), deliver full range of recycled aggregates, and dispose of surplus or builders rubbish.  Supporting documentation available.  Planned control and use of raw materials to requirements.  Independent full onsite UKAS laboratory testing.  Contracting for major clients and authorities; earthworks from minor housing to major civil engineering and build.  Modern technology: GPS and EDM for accurate surveys; details downloaded to CAD workstations; laser controls to meet design levels, control of equipment blade levels and grade.  Tracked and wheeled excavators including "long reach", quick-release couplings for grabs, pulverisers, concrete and steel shears, and silenced boom-mounted breakers; 4-axle tipper lorries.  Dozers, loading shovels, dump trucks, and concrete crushing.  Uses trained operatives for safety.  Major servicing by manufacturers.  Backed by HSE procedures.(Updated May 2005)

Laverack & Townsend

Tel 01908 510430

Aga restorer.

Lee & Son

Tel 01234 771374 / 01234 325283  Fax 01234 325285
79 Newnham Avenue BEDFORD MK41

Dealer - new and reclaimed roofing materials

Lesters Building Supplies

Tel 01494 482654 / 01494 448689
Oxford Road, STOKENCHURCH, Bucks HP14

Builders suppliers - new and secondhand building materials.

Lines GD & Son

Tel 01234 272171  Fax 01234 269235
Cauldwell Walk, BEDFORD MK42 9DY

Dealer in reclaimed slates, tiles, bricks etc.

Maldon Brick and Tile

Tel 01621 859217
Station Road, MALDON, Essex CM9 4LJ

Contractor and dealer in reclaimed building materials.

Manor Reclaim

Tel 01268 795272
23 Armstrong Road, Manor Trading Estate, BENFLEET, Essex SS7 4PW

New and secondhand building materials merchant.

Marioni J

Tel 01462 834735
72-74 Regent Street, Stotfold, HITCHIN, Herts SG5 4DX

Dealer, new and reclaimed roofing materials.  Slating, tiling and leadwork specialist.

Mark Taylor Design 

Tel 01628 486707  Fax 01628 486707
Email info@marktaylordesign.co.uk  
Website www.marktaylordesign.co.uk  
Quarry Bank, Quarry Wood, MARLOW, Bucks SL7 1RF

Design and manufacture of bespoke furniture, kitchens, doors, bookcases, beds, settles and other items from reclaimed wood including flooring.  Sourcing service.  FoE Good Wood Guide entry 2000-1.  (Updated Feb 2005)

Marlows Reclaimed
Tel 01702 510000  Fax 01702 511111
Email essexfireplaces@aol.com  Website www.essexfireplaces.com 
586 Rayleigh Road, Eastwood, LEIGH ON SEA, Essex SS9 5HU
Contact  Graham Marlow, MD

Deals in reclaimed materials (see also sections 24 Architectural Salvage or 23 Timber Reclamation), and provides them for sister company Marlow The Feature Building Company (430 Green Building and Decorating).  Reclamation yard has 100,000 bricks always in stock, and architectural antiques of all descriptions - indoor, outdoor, garden ornament and statuary - including York flagstones and London cobbles.  Oak flooring and joinery made and supplied from both sustainable (managed) forests, and old reclaimed timbers.  Makes flooring, windows and other wood features in collaboration with a bespoke designer.  Stocks chimney pots of all descriptions, for use as chimneys, ornaments or planters.  Willing to talk through ideas for any projects - for example, rebuilt a 1970s house-front using minimum 100 yr old materials giving a different appearance.  Can build, rebuild or remodel houses, buildings or gardens from reclaimed and architectural materials.  Builds all types of brick fireplaces, from tiny hole-in-the-wall to walk-in Inglenooks - all from reclaimed materials including timber mantles.  Another sister company also operates from the same site:  Essex Fireplaces (see section 15 Wood Burning) sells and installs wood and multi-fuel burning stoves.  Chimney stacks built - newbuild, rebuild, and stainless steel twin lined.  Chimney sweeping service also.  'Given time, anything in the world could be sourced.'  (Updated Aug 2005)

Mason Contracts

Tel 01296 630050
17 Brook Street, ASTON CLINTON, Bucks HP22 5ES

Reclamation yard.

McIntyre & Son Ltd
Tel 01582 560068  Fax 01582 562772
Unit 4A, Heron Trading Estate, Whitefield Avenue, LUTON, Beds LU3 3BB

Dealer in reclaimed roofing materials.

Midland Stone Co Ltd

Tel 01234 712712
High Street, LAVENDON, Bucks MK46 4HA 

Reclamation yard.

Mike Rawding Roofing

Tel 01280 815147
Eastleigh, 51 Bourton Road BUCKINGHAM

Dealer in new and reclaimed roofing materials.

Minchinhampton Architectural Salvage Company
Tel 01285 760886  Fax 01285 760838   Email masco@catbrain.com  Website www.catbrain.com 
Cirencester Road, Aston Down, Chalford, STROUD, Glos GL6 8PE
Contact  Jemma Colborne

Dealer in reclaimed materials, including antique and architectural details, timber framed buildings, floor and roof tiles, stone walling, wood and stone flooring, chimneypieces,  structural timbers, brick, garden ornaments and statuary, fountains and pavilions, metalwork and gates.   Design and build services from craftsmen trained in traditional design and restoration.  Nationwide dismantling service.  Proprietor Reclamation Services Ltd, originally based in Catbrain Quarry, Painswick.  (Updated Apr 2003)

Murtagh Demolition

Tel 01582 480830  Fax 01582 482688
Email ronnie@murtagroup.swinternet.co.uk  Website www.murtagh.co.uk 
16 Titan Court, Laporte Way, LUTON, Beds LU4 8EF

Demolition contractor, including asbestos removal and contaminated sites.  Supplier of crushed concrete, reclaimed aggregate.  Wood and green waste recycling.  Potential source of recycled aggregate.  (Updated Aug 2002)

The National Community Wood Recycling Project (NCWRP)
Tel 01273 465666  Fax 01273 465616
Email info@communitywoodrecycling.org.uk  
Website www.communitywoodrecycling.org.uk  
Premier House, Shoreham Airport, West Sussex BN43 5FF
Contact  Melaine Hickford, Communications Manager;  Richard Mehmed, Project Director 

Not-for-profit environmental group set up in February 2003 (at Brighton & Hove Wood Recycling Project - see above) to provide encouragement, help and practical advice to individuals or groups interested in setting up and developing community - focused wood recycling.  Helps and monitors a network of wood recycling projects across UK dealing in waste timber from construction and other users.  Wood is collected mainly from building site demolition, joinery, packaging and domestic waste, sorted into grades, then sold to the public via 'wood shops' or converted into wood products, firewood, woodchips for fuel, mulches or animal bedding.  Aims to see 20 more UK wood recycling projects (typically not-for-profit social enterprises) set up by 2007, saving thousands of tonnes of wood from landfill, creating sustainable jobs, training and volunteering opportunities, and aiding local waste minimisation strategies.  To encourage use of recycled timber, has developed the "Recycled Wood Marque", making it easier to identify recycled wood products.  They hope it will be adopted nationally and internationally.  People choosing products with the marque will encourage use of recycled materials.  More info on website.  (Updated Nov 2005)

Neville Hale Renovations Ltd

Tel 01235 766115
Challow Marsh Farm, East Challow, WANTAGE, Oxfordshire OX12 0ED

Building materials reclamation.

O'Dell F D & Sons Ltd

Tel 01462 812191  Fax 01462 812191
New Street Works, New Street, SHEFFORD, Beds SG17 5BW

Ferrous and non-ferrous scrap merchant and salvage dealer in constructional steel and secondhand machine tools.  Waste disposal and transfer service.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Old English Reclaim Ltd   
Tel 01525 406662  Fax 01525 406663  
2B Conquest Mill, Station Road, AMPTHILL, Beds MK45 2RE

Dealer in traditional building materials for house and garden, including bricks, tiles, slates, timber, wood flooring, doors, fireplaces, cast iron, chimney pots, stone sinks, crazy paving, flagstones and railway sleepers.  Open Mon-Fri 9-5 and Sat 9-3.  (Updated 2 Nov 2000)

Oldfield N
Tel 01908 551426
10 Ravenstone, Nr Olney, Bucks

Reed and straw Thatch.  Free estimates.

Old Time Timber

Tel 01787 277390  Fax 01787 278669  Email sales@oldtimetimber.com  Website www.oldtimetimber.com 
Chilton Street, Clare, SUDBURY, Suffolk CO10 8QS

Manufacturer of doors, door panelling, windows, flooring and timber mouldings from old and new timber.  (Updated July 2001)

Oxford Roofing Supplies

Tel 01869 83777
Enslow, BLETCHINGTON, Oxford

Building materials reclamation.

Phillips E S and Sons

Tel 0207 229 2113
99 Portobello Road, LONDON W11 2QB

Specialist dealer in stained glass and leaded lights, including damaged items.  Large studio.  Also have premises in Birmingham.  Handles repair and restoration.

Pinewood Builders Merchants

Tel 01582 622114
175 Westfield Road, HARPENDEN, Herts AL5 4ND

General builders merchant.  Secondhand materials bought and sold.

Prigmore D S

Tel 01234 376264
Mill Cottage, Colmworth, BEDFORD MK44

Demolition contractor.  Sale of reclaimed bricks, tiles, timber and fireplaces.

Rainham Steel Company Ltd

Tel 014027 56034
Manus Way, New Road, RAINHAM, Essex RM13 8RE

Scrap dealer, steel and steel sections.

Rainham Steel Tubes

Tel 014027 22491
Lamson Road, Ferry Lane, RAINHAM, Essex RM13 9YY

Steel stockholder.

Tel 01327 705310  Fax 01327 06831
Website www.ransfords.com  Email enquiries@ransfords.com 
Drayton Way, Drayton Fields, DAVENTRY, Northants NN11 5XW

Dealer in new and reclaimed and conserved building, roofing (all types) and landscaping materials.  Flooring - flagstones, paving, quarry tiles, slate and reclaimed pine and oak floorboards.  Timber - sleepers, oak beams and doors.  Chimneypots, fireplaces, stoves, staircases (including spiral). Wide collection of bricks, stone and edgings.   (Updated Nov 2005)

Reclaimed Building Supply

Tel 01883 623333  Fax 01883 620333
Website www.reclaimbuildingsupply.com/index.htm  Email rbs@cressida.co.uk 
11 Ashwood, Warlingham, Surrey CR6 9HT

Demolition engineers and suppliers of reclaimed building materials and architectural salvage.  Promotes mutually beneficial links between companies in these industries.  Aims to find a home for and sell on reclaimed materials for reuse, rather than paying to have them disposed of or wasted in landfill sites.  Website has very useful searchable (by UK map or county region) database of small to large companies involved with building supply materials, including reclaim, reuse and recycling.  Aims to develop and use website to provide i) materials for sale; and ii) a comprehensive listing of companies who sell reclaimed building materials, to make it easier for anyone wishing to use reclaimed and recycled materials to locate exactly what they require.  'Many materials can be reclaimed for re-use without further processing, which lessens environmental impact and possibly brings cost savings.  Some materials can be re-used on the same site; failing that, there are other outlets for many building materials.'(Updated Nov 2005)

Reed E B

Tel 01753 654996
Court Lane Estate, Thorny Lane North, IVER, Bucks

Reclaimed slates and tiles.

Reglaze Luton Ltd

Tel 01582 730847  Fax 01582 422899
49-51 Collingdon Street, LUTON, Beds LU1 1RT

Double glazing contractor and glass merchant, including sale of secondhand glass.

Rich Dunhill

Tel 01844 343089
Woodway Cottage, Loosely Row, AYLESBURY, Bucks HP27 0GW

Woodworker for 30 years.  Will use reclaimed wood.  Kitchens, bathrooms, architectural joinery.  Workshop and site-based.

Robinsons Reclaim Yard
Tel 01923 661885
Colne Way, WATFORD, Herts WD2 4WZ

Reclaimed timber, bricks, paving slabs, fireplaces.  Open Mon-Fri 7.30-5.30, and Sat 9-2.

Rockware Glass Reclamation
Tel 01977 674111  Fax 01977 635821  Website www.rockware.co.uk   Email info@rockware.co.uk
Headlands Lane, Knottingley, West Yorks WF11OHP

Glass container manufacturer, member of Ardagh Glass.  Purchases separated bottle cullet for processing.  The website subsection www.rockware.co.uk/index-recycling/index-recycling.html carries lots of useful information about the glass industry, processing cycles, and recycling benefits.  Ardagh Glass also now owns Redfearn Glass Ltd (previously known as Rexam Glass Barnsley, and as the UK glass business of Rexam plc).  Education  www.rockware.co.uk/index-education.html :  Works in collaboration with Berryman (see above), schools and local authorities to provide education resources and initiatives :
Keystage 1 (& 2) Glassworks  www.recyclingglass.co.uk(also see section 230 Education and Training) :  CD-rom and web based resource, using fun interactive games which dovetail with National Curriculum using glass recycling as the theme.  Supported by Teacher’s Notes;  free Keystages 1 &2 CD-Rom developed with British Glass ( 9 Churchill Way, Sheffield S35 2PY);  information pack, clubs, posters, badges and balloons.  Funky Facts, Fun House with Art Room, and Bottle Busters with excellent Glass Challenge Quiz.  Keystage 2  Glassforever  www.glassforever.co.uk(see section 230 Education and Training) : School groups visit Europe’s most modern glass treatment facility, in Knottingley, West Yorkshire to see where glass from bottle banks actually goes.  Supported by interactive glass cleaning machine, video, computer animations and full teacher support pack.  Visits are provided free by Rockware Glass, who also contribute to school transport costs.  GlassForever education roadshow takes the program to schools and can be used to support other educational or waste management initiatives by local authorities.  Develops education aspects of recycling bottles and jars with schools nationally.  GlassForever has been developed with support from NGfL (National Grid for Learning) http://www.ngfl.gov.uk and VTC (Virtual Teacher Centre) http://vtc.ngfl.gov.uk/docserver.php. (Updated Nov 2005)

Roofing Centre

Tel 01462 670066 Fax 01462 683355
Works Road, LETCHWORTH, Herts SG6 1JY

Dealer - new and reclaimed roofing materials.

Rooksby P B Ltd

Tel 01442 875991 Fax 01442 875992
Station Road, BERKHAMSTED, Herts HP4 2EZ

Timber and builders merchant - new and reclaimed materials.


Tel 01890 820333  Fax 01890 820499
Website www.salvo.co.uk  Email admin@salvoweb.com
PO BOX 333, CORNHILL ON TWEED TD12 4YJ, Northumberland, England

Publisher of Salvo Directory, UK and worldwide, listing reclamation outlets for building/construction materials, and architectural salvage dealers.  Updates on web.  Publish Salvo Magazine, 25 issues per year, containing current news on restoration of old buildings, conservation issues, auctions, exhibitions, items for sale and wanted.   (Updated Nov 2003)

SalvoMIE (Materials Information Exchange)
Website www.SalvoMIE.co.uk 

SalvoMIE is a materials information exchange for the construction and landscaping businesses sectors in England.  (Members of the public should use www.salvo.co.uk ).  Browse by county for materials.  You can post low value waste materials, offered or wanted, by construction industry and landscape professionals for re-use or recycling.  Started 1999 by BRE (listed above), funded by DETR; and relaunched October 2003 by the Salvo partnership, part funded by Biffa and ICE, in partnership with BREMAP (see above) GIS system for finding waste related UK businesses.  (Updated Nov 2003)

Sash Window Workshop

Tel 01344 882008 / 01344 884880 / 0500 652653  Fax 01344 893034
Unit 2, Mayfield Farm Industrial Estate, Hatchet Lane, Winkfield, WINDSOR, Berks SL4 2EG

Repair and restoration of sash windows. Replacement sashes and boxes manufactured and fitted. Existing windows double glazed or draught sealed.

Scudder T E Ltd
Tel 0208 903 9722
Carey House, Great Central Way, WEMBLEY, Middx HA9 0HR

Dismantling and demolition.

Seconds & Co (Southern) Ltd

Tel 01580 766916 Fax 01580 766115
16a High Street, TENTERDEN, Kent TN30 6AP

Provides second grade polyurethane insulation, which would otherwise have been waste.

Sellick M

Tel 01582 842888 Fax 01582 842999
Red Cow Farm, Watling Street, MARKYATE, Herts LU6 3QT

Dealer in used railway sleepers.  (Updated July 2001)


Tel 01296 661231 Fax 01296 661515
Unit F, Airfield Industrial Estate, Cheddington Lane, Long Marston, TRING, Herts

Demolition and asbestos removal contractor; dealer in reclaimed and secondhand materials.

Shenley Roofing

Tel 01525 374723
Shenley House, Cherry Court Way, LEIGHTON BUZZARD, Beds LU7 8UH

Roofing contractor. Purchaser of reclaimed tiles and slates.

Site 77
Tel 01296 631717
77 Aylesbury Road, ASTON CLINTON, Bucks

Dealer in reclaimed building materials.

Slates Are Us Ltd
Tel 0208 519 6930 Fax 0208 519 8393
460 Sebert Road, Railway Arch, Forest Gate, LONDON E7 0NW

Reclaimed slates, tiles and timber bought and sold.

Smith & Company (Bedford) Ltd

Tel 01234 272572 Fax 01234 271891
Cauldwell Walk, BEDFORD MK42 9DT

Metals and plastics recycling for industry and local traders. Integrated waste management and disposal solutions at customer's premises, from high value metals to hazardous liquid wastes.

Smiths of Bloxham

Tel 01295 720286 Fax 01295 721062
Milton Road, Bloxham, BANBURY, Oxon

Ferrous and non-ferrous scrap merchant.  Purchaser of reusable steels, plant and machinery.

Southern Reclamation Ltd

Tel 01708 760703
St Rothwell, Risebridge Chase, ROMFORD RM1 4PR

Demolition contractor.  Sale of reclaimed materials.

Staines Demolition Ltd

Tel 01753 683324  Fax 01753 680365
Horton Road, Stanwell Moor, STAINES, Middx TW19 6AQ
Contact  Mr Wiggins, Director

Hardcore and concrete recycling.   (Updated May 2005)

T & T Great Holts

Tel 01245 362477
Waltham Road, Boreham, CHELMSFORD, Essex CM3 3AZ

Sale and purchase of all types of secondhand building materials.

Teleshield Ltd

Tel 0207 631 3605
152 New Cavendish Street, LONDON W1M 7FJ

Refurbishment of old locks.  Manufacture of keys.  Open Mon-Fri 9-5.

The Tower Key Company

Tel 0208 520 4464 / 0208 520 8335 / 0208 520 8331
80-84 St Mary Road, Walthamstow, LONDON E17 9RE

Refurbishment of old locks dating to 15th century.

Treesave Reclamation Ltd
Tel 01787 227 272  Fax 01787 229190
Website www.buresreclamation.co.uk
Email treesaverec@aol.com , enquiries@buresreclamation.co.uk
The Barn, Fysh House Farm, Cuckoo Hill, BURES, Suffolk, CO8 5LD

Dealers of reclaimed build materials, specialising in reclaimed wooden floors, architectural salvage and antiques.  Checks age and style of property before advising.  Wide and varied stock:  cast iron (railings, radiators…), over 300 reclaimed doors (de-furnitured in racks for easier browsing), period beams, metal and stone, windows, bricks, slates and chimneys.  Furniture from period dates to 20th century.  Wall panelling, fires and surrounds, skirting, achitrave, mouldings; old pine boards, hardwood strip, parquet flooring.  Stock changes daily.  Will look out for requested items.  Refuses to sell new wooden floors as it contradicts reclamation.  Enquiries also taken online.  Open Mon-Fri 8.30-5, Sat 9-1.  (Updated Feb 2005)

Victorian Wood Works
Tel 0208 534 1000  Fax 0208 534 2000
Email sales@victorianwoodworks.co.uk  Website www.victorianwoodworks.co.uk 
54 River Road, Creekmouth, BARKING, Essex IG11 0DW

Manufacture, supply and installation of reclaimed, antique and new hardwood flooring.  Open Mon-Fri 9-5, Sat 10-12.  (Updated July 2001)


Website www.wastetraders.com  Email info@wastetraders.com

Online 'global' waste exchange, a trading service connecting waste producers with other waste consumers - promoting the use of one business's waste for another's raw material.  Wide variety of waste, from masonry to sand, polystyrene to packaging, timber to steel.  Employs expertise in environmental and waste management to help organisations reduce environmental and cost impacts of their processes and improve profitability.  To advertise waste available or wanted, you register as a member and are given a number to access the 'members only' section of the site.  Wastetraders is wholly owned by E-volvenet Ltd, a company that exists to promote new technologies and sustainable development - website www.e-volve.org.uk(Updated Nov 2003)

West 7 Reclamation
Tel 0208 567 6696
4 Trumpers Way, Hanwell, LONDON W7 2QA

Sale and purchase of all types of second hand building materials, especially old pine timber, doors and floor boards, structural steels, and architectural antiques.  (Updated July 2001)

Whitely C L

Tel 01296 427518
76 Mandeville Road, AYLESBURY, Bucks

Reclaimed beams, cladding, panelling, mouldings, doors, staircases, windows, mouldings.  Supply and installation.  FoE 1996 Good Wood Guide entry.

Wratting Reclaim & Demolition Services
Tel 01440 702882
Elysium, Haverhill Road, Little Wratting, HAVERHILL, Suffolk CB9 7UD

Sale and purchase all types of good quality secondhand building and roofing materials including architectural salvage, soft and hardwoods.