31  Paper and card

Almost 5 million tonnes of waste paper are still sent to landfill or incineration each year, often causing the industry to import fibre to meet its needs. This makes neither environmental nor economic sense.

Over 30 per cent of household and commercial waste is paper and cardboard (regarded in the trade as a sub-category of paper).  The average office worker generates about 35 kg of waste paper a year.  When this ends in landfill, it generates methane as it decomposes.  A lot more clean paper and card could be economically recycled.  

Waste paper is fundamental to much recycling activity, and recycling it is generally environmentally beneficial.  Nevertheless it is not without problems.  First, the waste paper trade is confusing - many different grades of paper are collected, each with their own value and use.  Second, the prices paid in recent years have fluctuated wildly.  Third, there can be an environmental cost: this varies with the sophistication of the plant producing the secondary paper, and with the distances it must travel.  However, there is clear environmental benefit from saving resources and energy by processing waste paper rather than using virgin wood pulp.  Recycling just one tonne of paper saves 3,700 pounds of timber and 24,000 gallons of water (source: London Recycling).

Over 6 million trees are felled for tissue products alone in North America each year.  
Over 200 billion tissues are thrown away each year into already overflowing 
landfills and seas throughout North America.
Source www.hankettes.com 

Information on sustainability of tissue production at 

It is important to recycle cardboard because, like paper, it is made from wood pulp from trees.  Preserving forests benefits rivers and lakes, as well as the air we breathe.  By recycling  paper and card, and by buying back recycled paper and card, we can help to slow the world's consumption of forests, and save the homes of many different types of wildlife.  Currently we are clearing 1,100,000 acres of forest every day, causing
loss of habitats and the species that depend on them
acceleration of global warming trees soak up carbon dioxide, the main greenhouse gas
a reduction in soil fertility.

Reducing our use
Computers have not meant a paperless office.  More recycling plants are needed.  Recycling paper is certainly worthwhile - but is not the only end to aim for - waste minimisation is far more important.  Purchasing (or procurement) policies and office management practices matter a great deal, to encourage good practice and raise standards more widely.  Junk mail and faxes can be reduced - see section 34.  For soiled or contaminated grades of waste paper, burning as fuel can contribute to renewable energy, but incineration has other environmental costs such as health risks (see section on Conversion to energy) and there is a national Zero Waste campaign which includes reducing incineration. Other recycling processes are being developed which should mean no paper is incinerated in future.  Composting is also a possibility, especially for chipped cardboard.

Local collection networks are well-established: many are now carried out by voluntary bodies.  British newspapers now contain about 50 per cent recycled content. 

Setting up a paper recycling scheme in the workplace
To organise a recycling scheme, contact a few of the dealers listed in your area, ask them what grades they can take and on what terms, and what contaminants they cannot accept.  Almost any waste paper can be recycled, including used newspapers, cardboard, packaging, stationery, 'direct mail', magazines, catalogues, greeting cards and wrapping paper.  But it is important that these papers are kept separate from other waste - contaminated papers are not acceptable for recycling.  White copier and printer paper has greater value if it can be kept separate for recycling.  Check on collection frequency, and that the local Fire Officer is happy with your proposals to store paper prior to collection (usually there is no problem but people may do silly things like trying to store waste paper on an escape route).  Also, check with the cleaners, who may end up bearing the brunt of your public spirit - or who may treat recyclables as refuse unless instructed otherwise.  It is important to ensure everyone knows about the scheme, and what cannot be included in recycling bins.  It is important to remind people after about two months, and to keep telling them how well they are doing, so a real change in culture occurs, and you do divert large amounts of paper from landfill.

The EU and the UK government both have targets for recycling paper and board in packaging - see introduction to section 50 (Packaging).

Further information: www.defra.gov.uk

Woodfree paper isn’t what it seems. This term, used in the trade, does NOT mean paper made from non-woody fibres such as straw, hemp or cotton. It is high grade paper made from pulp treated to remove lignin, the resinous binding component of plant material, leaving pure cellulose fibre. High quality computer and office papers are ‘woodfree’ grade, in contrast to newsprint and telephone directory papers - or browner, often recycled, computer paper. These are made from ‘mechanical’ pulp - prepared by mechanical beating only, to break down the fibres. All clear? 

When you're changing your job, make sure someone will continue the recycling.  In your new post, get them to start!   If your office is moving, don't forget to tell the organisation that collects your recyclables.

Also see
Recycled paper products 320
Legal aspects of waste (Packaging Waste Regulations) (500)

Alphabetical list of organisations

Anglia Recycling
Tel 01353 624004  Fax 01353 723888
Email enquiries@angliarecycling.co.uk  Website www.angliarecycling.co.uk
Crow Hall Farm, Northfield Road, Soham, ELY, Cambs CB7 5UF

Recycles around 250 tonnes of high grade waste paper weekly.  Services ranging from office waste paper collection to security shredding.  Customers range from the world's oldest printer, Cambridge University Press to small sole traders.  Supplies various containers from sealable sacks to large wheeled bins, lockable for confidential waste.  Collects within 48 hours; except printing trade services which include collection within 24 hours.  All paper is sorted into grades then shredded, baled, pulped and recycled into high quality writing paper or soft tissues, under long term contracts with UK paper mills.  Website answers FAQs including paper types, and how to start a recycling scheme.  Numbered collection notes used during processing.  Security recycling certificates issued.  Recycling business founded 1989.  Family business with over 60 years experience in paper industry.   (Updated Nov 2004)

Aylesford Newsprint Ltd

Tel 01622 796000 / 796180  Fax 01622 796001 / 796427 / 792277
Email recycling@aylesford-newsprint.co.uk  info@aylesford-newsprint.co.uk  Website www.aylesford-newsprint.co.uk 
Newsprint House, Bellingham Way, AYLESFORD, Kent ME20 7DL

Europe's largest recycled newsprint mill, recovering over 500,000 tonnes per annum (one in seven) of used newspapers and magazines. These come from about 200 local authorities, waste management companies, paper merchants, printers, publishers and communities in about 100 lorries a day, and produce some 400,000 tonnes of recycled newsprint.  Comprehensive collection scheme covers the south of England and Wales via local contractors.  Supplies about 2000 paper collection banks of varying sizes.  An increasing number of loads are rejected due to contamination with broken glass.  Produces 100% recycled newsprint, sold under the Renaissance brand name and used by leading European newspaper publishers.  Many newspaper publishers are sited within 40 miles of the plant.  Operates Combined Heat & Power energy generating plant on site, covering needs of plant and about 34% supplied to the national grid and sold to local customers.  93% of water used is recycled.  Chemical use and emissions reduced over last few years.  Ethical purchasing policy.  Supports local biodiversity projects.  Jointly owned by SCA Forest Products and Mondi.   Several reports and publications including The Recycling Atlas for England & Wales.  370 employees on one site.  (Updated Aug 2005)

Biffa Waste Services

Freephone 0800 307307  Tel 08000 858286 / 01494 521221  Fax 01494 463368
Website www.biffa.co.uk  Email recycling@biffa.co.uk  
Coronation Road, Cressex Industrial Estate, HIGH WYCOMBE, Bucks HP12 3TZ

Major waste collection and handling company, committed to promotion of waste reduction, reuse and increasing recycling.   Handles about 10% of UK's waste.  Operates over 140 sites, and tries to manage them to conserve and enhance biodiversity.  Environmental audits and recommendations.  Waste streams collected for recycling include: oil, organic and garden waste, batteries, fluorescent lamps, toner cartridges, electrical equipment, paint, special and chemical waste, paper and card.  Diverted over 600,000 tonnes of waste from landfill for recycling in 2000.  National cardboard recycling scheme operated jointly with SCA Recycling from 58 collection centres in England and Wales.  Container sizes and collection schedules to suit all types of customer, including small users prepared to separate cardboard from general waste; provides typical disposal cost savings of about 20%.  Several publications.  Has a respected landfill tax credit scheme, Biffaward.  Hazpack and Backtrack services for packaged waste.  Runs Biffpack, a leading waste packaging compliance scheme.   (Updated Oct 2004)

Bow Waste Paper Mills Ltd

Tel 0207 476 1050  Fax 0207 476 2548
Mohawk Wharf, Bradfield Road, Silvertown, LONDON E16 2AX

Waste paper processor - all grades.   (Updated Jan 2001)

BPB Recycling United Kingdom

Tel 01268 591300 Fax 01268 591303  Email paul.read@bpb.com 
Hovefields Avenue, Burnt Mills Industrial Estate, BASILDON, Essex SS1 1ED

British Plasterboard Industries subsidiary company.  Major paper merchant purchasing particularly low and mixed grades, cardboard, and confidential security shredding.  Accept directories but not Yellow Pages.  Other depots include: 11 Twelvetrees Crescent, Bromley by Bow, London E3 3JZ, Tel 0207 987 3841, Fax 0207 515 6630).  Head office Bolton.   (Updated Jan 2001)

Bridgewater Paper Ltd (
Cheshire Recycling) 

Tel 0151 357 6248  Fax 0151 357 6266
Email rhumphreys@bridgewater-paper.co.uk  Website www.bridgewater-paper.co.uk 
Bridgewater Mill, North Road, Ellesmere Port, SOUTH WIRRAL

Paper mill producing 100% recycled content newsprint, computer and till roll paper, using 340,000 tonnes of waste paper a year. Weekly collection bank networks and fortnightly kerbside schemes operated in association with 140 councils and numerous charities. Acceptable grades include glued spine magazines; white phone books; junk mail; greetings cards; mail order catalogues.  Sponsor of Waste Watch (see sections 130, 600).  Parent company ABITIBI Consolidated, (main operations in N USA and Canada,  head office Montreal), claims to be the world's biggest newsprint manufacturer. Currently undergoing sustainable forestry certification.  See also separate entry for the London SW7 based purchasing arm of the company, Cheshire Recycling.   (Updated Feb 2001)

British Paper Company Ltd
Tel 01442 231234  Fax 01442 252963
Frogmore Mill, HEMEL HEMPSTEAD, Herts HP3 9RY

Paper Mill manufacturing 100% recycled manilla papers and light card.  Purchases small to medium quantities of high grade wastepaper and pulp card, suitably contained for offloading to weighing machine.

Burns and Sons
Tel 0207 739 6270
16-22 Bacon Street, Shoreditch, LONDON E1 6LF
Contact: Carol Burns

Waste paper collection and recycling.  Confidential data destruction.  Purchase of surplus office equipment.   (Updated Jan 2001)

Bywaters (Leyton) Ltd
Tel 0208 558 1141  Fax 0208 558 9205
Auckland Road, Leyton, LONDON E10 5NB
Website www.bywaterswaste.co.uk  Email info@bywaterswaste.co.uk

General recycling and waste management services, with new MRF.  Main materials paper, cardboard, steel and aluminium.  Sales office: Ann Chapman, 101 Marshgate Lane, Stratford, London E15 2NQ, Tel 0208 519 8822, Fax 0208 519 8855.

Cardboard Connection
Tel / Fax 01638 604348  Mobile 07970 525920  Contact: Spencer Robjant
25 Kentwell Place, BURWELL, Cambs CB5 0RT

Bulk cardboard collection for recycling anywhere in UK.  Payment in most cases.   (Updated Feb 2001)

Centrol Recycling Group
Tel 01925 227000  Fax 01925 227840
Email recycle@centrolgroup.co.uk   Website www.centrolgroup.co.uk 
8A Brindley Road, Sutton, ST HELENS, Merseyside WA9 4HY

Recycler of paper, card and plastics including polystyrene, collecting nationally.  Should be baled with steel, minimum quantity for paper and card 10 tonnes.  Offers recycling consultancy service.  Opened new plants in Hatfield and Bristol during 2000.   (Updated Feb 2001)

Charles Storer Ltd
Tel 01707 656261  Fax 01707 652919   Email chasstorer@freeuk.com 
Coopers Lane, Northaw, POTTERS BAR, Herts EN6 4NE

Waste paper merchant.  Free collection of all grades (except cardboard) in South Herts area subject to minimum economic quantity.  Confidential waste disposal service.   (Updated Feb 2001)

Cleanaway Ltd
Freephone 0800 801764  Tel 01705 215765  Fax 01705 215369
Recycling Division, Walton Road, Farlington, Portsmouth, HANTS PO6 1UJ

Integrated company with over 60 UK sites.  Portsmouth is the head office for recycling and confidential data service.  100% of the end product is recycled.  Other paper and card recycling depots at Blackfriars, Croydon and Bristol.

Crest-A-Bed Ltd

Tel / Fax 01953 455339
Shemerra, Exchange Street, ATTLEBOROUGH, Norfolk NR17 2AB

Manufacturer of animal bedding for two and four-legged animals (poultry, horses, cattle etc) from waste paper and cardboard.  Provides shredded paper for packaging, removals etc.  Plans to expand premises and to start security shredding.   (Updated Feb 2001)

Dunstable Waste Group
  see Firbank Chiltern

Eco-Bed Ltd
Tel 01263 735545  Fax 01263 732303 
Email sales@ecobed.co.uk  Website www.ecobed.co.uk
Oak Tree Farm, Marsham, Norwich NR10 5PJ 

Receives corrugated cardboard to produce biodegradable and dust free bedding 'ideal for equestrian and agricultural industries'.  Claims many advantages of this bedding over wood shavings, straw and paper, for  animals' health, ease of use, cleanliness, minimisation of waste, biodegradability and environment generally.  'Corrugations trap warm air, making a warm bed. After use, can be used as mulch, a deterrent for weeds.  Can be incorporated into the ground like straw, yet breaks down quicker than shavings or straw.'  For more details see section 300 Recycled Content Products or 320 Recycled Paper Products.   (Updated Aug 2005)

ECT Recycling

Tel 0208 832 2494  Fax 0208 832 1983
Email info@ectrecycling.co.uk  Website www.ectrecycling.co.uk   
Greenford Depot, Greenford Road, GREENFORD, Middlesex UB6 9AP

Substantial independent, not for profit charitable community organisation, headed by Ealing Community Transport, set up in 1979, dedicated to serving the community through recycling and transport.  Now largest UK not for profit recycling organisation employing 200 and operating and maintaining 100 vehicles.  Runs local authority contracted kerbside recycling box collections in Barnet, Brent, Ealing, Hackney, Hounslow, Lambeth, Richmond, Tower Hamlets, and Waltham Forest; also Vale of White Horse and West Oxfordshire.  Collects cans, foil, glass, oils, paper, surplus paint and textiles, using purpose-built vehicles. Paint is redistributed to anyone able to use it, via a 'Community Re>paint' scheme established in 1994.  Pioneer of Furniture Recycling Network, collecting unwanted domestic furniture for those who need it; redistributes office furniture throughout London.  Tests and extracts CFCs from scrap refrigeration equipment.  Piloting kitchen waste collection OWL (Organics in West London) to be made into compost then sold for use in parks and gardens, feeding the soil.  Recycling Hotline 020 8937 5037 for residents with queries about their doorstep recycling service.  Parent company of Lambeth Community Recycling.  Also runs transport services aimed mainly at older and disabled people; and ECT Buses provides some bus routes for London.   (Updated Nov 2003)

Edgware Waste Paper

Tel / Fax 0208 906 0984  Mobile 0850 125058
41 Montrose Avenue, EDGWARE, Middx HA8 0DY

Purchaser of computer and printout paper, and printer waste. Confidential document shredding. Cardboard collection.   (Updated Feb 2001)

Envirecycle -
see Revolution

Essex Reclamation Ltd

Tel 01376 503773  Fax 01376 503711
Email info@essexreclamation.com  Website www.essexreclamation.com   
7 Perry Road, WITHAM, Essex CM8 3UD

Family-run waste paper and cardboard merchant and processor.  Confidential document shredding.  Advice on recycling schemes.  Can provide containers for packaging waste.  Operates in Essex and surrounding areas.   (Updated Aug 2005)

Firbank Chiltern 
Tel 01582 475500 / 476600  Fax 01582 664117 / 476990
Email sales@firbanks.ltd.uk  sales@dwg.uk.com  Website www.firbanks.ltd.uk  www.dwg.uk.com 
Blackburn Road, Townsend Industrial Estate, Houghton Regis, DUNSTABLE, Beds LU5 5BQ

Trading name of Dunstable Waste Group Ltd, formed in 2003 by merger of Firbank Recycling and Chiltern Waste.  Waste disposal and recycling company operating transfer station, container hire and bulk collections.  Collects segregated cardboard and office waste paper, providing reduced disposal costs for most companies.  Also recycles timber, pallets, cans, metals and plastics .  Collects special wastes including chemicals, solvents, oils, medicines, liquids, aerosols.  Supplier of Firbanks woodchips in four natural colours for garden mulch, to suppress weeds and protect from frost - Tel 0800 731 9207, email woodchips@firbanks.ltd.uk - guidance on website.   (Updated Oct 2004)

Forest Recycling Project

Tel 0208 539 3856
Website www.frponline.org.uk  Email info@frponline.org.uk 
2C Bakers Avenue, Walthamstow, LONDON E17 9AW
Contact: Mark Webster or Charlotte Walker

Not-for-profit community business established 1989, work ing in London Borough of Waltham Forest and surrounding areas.  Offices: Collects office paper and confidential waste for recycling; also redundant computers ReUse-IT@FRP , toner cartridges, cans, foil and plastic cups.  Promotes good practice, and offers environmental audits, in offices and service industries.   Sells recycled goods such as papers, office stationery and fair trade tea and coffee.  Forest Collects is a free collection, mainly for elderly and disabled people, of household items.  Free collection (from FRP premises Tue -Fri 10 to 4) and redistribution of unwanted paint, under Community Re>Paint scheme.  Organises 'Give and Take days' offering free exchange of furniture and household goods - see Give and Take, WasteBook section 120:  www.giveortake.org .  (Updated Aug 2005)

G & C Waste Paper Co Ltd

Tel 0208 804 6764  Fax 0208 804 6764 / 01279 843926  Mobile 0860 724126
78A South Street, ENFIELD, Middx EN3 4LW

Commercial collection of all types of paper and cardboard, subject to minimum economic quantity - East London, Herts and Essex. Confidential document shredding.  Skips, cages and wheeled bins supplied.   (Updated Feb 2001)

Greenbales Waste Paper Co

Tel 0208 805 9653
Richard House, Enstone Road, ENFIELD, Middx EN3

Waste paper merchant.

Greener World Ltd
Tel 0208 571 0100 Fax 0208 843 0500
Suite 001, Charles House, Bridge Road, SOUTHALL, Middx UB2 4BD
Email enquiries@greenerworld.com  Website www.greenerworld.com 

Collects many types of recyclable materials, including waste paper, electrical equipment, confidential waste, and fluorescent tubes and bulbs from offices and service sector industries.  Collects glass bottles, cans, plastic cups, office paper, newspaper and magazines, cardboard and used cooking oil from offices, hotels and restaurants.  Over 600 businesses and 800 households served throughout Greater London.  Will provide environmental audit, carry out thorough review of a company's wastes, and help carry out policy, which will cut both waste and costs.  Dedicated to recycling - will provide recycled products to close the recycling loop, and promotional material to inform customers of your recycling policy.  Can collect up to twice daily if required.  Range of bags and containers available.  Established 1991.  (Updated May 2005)

Hasler Ltd

Tel 01763 852207  Fax 01763 853260
The Mill, Ashwell Road, Steeple Morden, ROYSTON, Herts SG8 0NZ

Waste paper processor.

Independent Waste Paper Processors Association
Tel 01327 703223  Fax 01327 300612
Email admin@IWPPA.co.uk  Website www.IWPPA.co.uk 
19 High Street, DAVENTRY, Northants NN11 4BG

Trade Association.  Waste paper processor.   (Updated Feb 2001)

James Allen & Son

Tel 01582 720316  Fax 01582 877161
32 Sunridge Avenue, LUTON, Beds LU2 7JL

Waste paper merchant.  Regular collection of waste office paper.  Collection bags provided, and stands if required. Confidential shredding.  Toner and inkjet cartridges collected for recycling.  Archive clear-outs.   (Updated Oct 2004)

Karraway Waste Paper

Tel 0208 236 0108  Fax 0208 905 2400
Email info@karraway.demon.co.uk  Website www.karraway.co.uk 
1 Folly Close, RADLETT, Herts WD7 8DR
Contact: Mr Raphael Copeland

Purchaser of all types of waste paper - free collection of white office paper (minimum 100 kilos).  Confidential document destruction service by shredding or incineration.  Collection of toner cartridges (minimum 6) for export to US for remanufacture;  and fluorescent tubes for recycling or disposal.  Various bins and containers available, including carton for up to 50 tubes.   (Updated Feb 2001)

Keeble S E G & Sons Ltd

Tel 01708 528000 / 553100  Fax 01708 521991
Ferry Lane, RAINHAM, Essex RM13 9DB

Waste paper merchant.  Collection of commercial papers, newspapers and magazines - Herts and Essex subject to minimum half tonne.  Confidential waste shredding.   (Updated Jan 2001)

Keltonstone Recycling Ltd
Tel 01582 572431  Fax 01582 572441
www.keltonstone.co.uk  Email customercare@keltonstone.co.uk or davidsmith@keltonstone.co.uk 
673-675 Dunstable Road, Luton LU4 0DS 

Collects office paper and newspaper for recycling without charge (reasonable quantity) within south-east England.  Also provides confidential shredding, and computer media destruction - tapes, disks, PCs.  Office paper bins provided.  Sack and seals if required for confidential documents.  Makes dust-free bedding - about 4-5000  20k bales a month - for racehorses; and packaging from shredded paper.  Horse bedding bales from 2.75 + VAT - free delivery for over 50 bales.  Also factory in London.  Friendly service.   (Updated Oct 2004)

Kes Reclamation

Tel 01753 655748  Fax 01753 630357
Email kespapuk@aol.com 
Church Farm, Church Road, IVER HEATH, Bucks SL0 0RA

Collects waste paper for conversion to animal bedding.  Specialist in cartons, coated grades or medical paper unsuitable for repulping.   (Updated Feb 2001)

The Laundry
Tel 020 8404 6330
Website www.thelaundry.biz   email recycle@thelaundry.biz 

Recycling collection for small businesses in Central London - area and streets shown on website.  Cheap and easy: no minimum amount;  all types of paper in the same blue sack; no annual charge or collection fee - just cost of sacks (75p each+ VAT - just under 50 per roll of 50) or stickers for each bundle of cardboard (75p + VAT: order 10, 20 or 50.)  Bins for paper 10 + VAT. Prices include delivery.  Website has tips on making office recycling work.  Paper collected gets turned into new office paper called Evolve.  It's bright white and guaranteed for use in office machinery.  Available from many stockists, but as a customer of The Laundry, you can get a huge discount from Osman Stationers, 143 Wardour Street, Tel 0207 437 0862.  Laundry website mildly amusing.  Works with Maxitech (section 87) to recycle redundant computers.  (Updated May 2005)

Lawson A W & Co Ltd
Tel 0208 594 7477  Fax 0208 594 7486
Email awlawson@ajbull.co.uk 
Docklands Wharf, 64-76 River road, BARKING, Essex IG11 0DS

Waste paper merchant.  Daily collections in Greater London.  Free waste audit.  Recycling containers supplied.   (Updated Feb 2001)

Link 2000
Tel 01256 353648
2 Gershwin Road, BASINGSTOKE, Hants RG22 4HH

A non-charity community service set up in 1991, 'The Link' is run by one volunteer co-ordinator and secretary.  Provides 'brokerage' service, distributing working office equipment such as stationery, computers, faxes, and answering machines, free to voluntary organisations.  Small items can be collected locally.   (Updated Feb 2001) 

Local Paper for London
Tel 0208 773 2376  Advice line 0208 404 4884 (office hours)
Website www.bioregional.com
BedZED Centre, 24 Helios Road, Wallington, SURREY SM6 7BZ 
Contact  John Milroy, Sue Riddlestone

Sustainable local office paper cycle for London and the South East, set up and run by Bioregional: collect used paper; send it for recycling; complete the loop by buying it back as locally produced high quality, competitively priced, recycled paper and card.  Improves environmental performance, saves money and supports local enterprise.  Paper collection is free or low cost.  Provides details of local paper collectors and paper stockists and prices, labels, office posters, simple tips, tools and advice on video to help set up an office recycling scheme, encourage everyone in the office to join in, and reduce paper consumption.  Regular email newsletters.  Over 250 organisations (businesses, charities, schools, local authorities) joined since launch in Nov 1999.  Also exploring use of hemp to provide new fibre.  Also see entries in sections 14, 15, 350, 430, 450, 460.   (Updated Nov 2002)

London Recycling Ltd

Tel 0207 511 8000  Fax 0207 511 3785
Unit 4D, North Crescent, Cody Road, Canning Town, LONDON E16 4TG
Website www.london-recycling.com   Email  recycle@london.recycling.co.uk 

Confidential data destruction - paper and non-paper products, cardboard (flattened - cages or wheelie bins provided).  Security sacks, bins, containers provided.  Collection and purchase of drink cans, glass, foil, segregated grades of waste paper, toner cartridges for remanufacture (minimum 10), fluorescent tubes, vending cups, CDs, pallets.  Collection mainly within M25 area.  (Updated Aug 2005)

MM Recycling UK Ltd

Tel 0118 956 1777  Fax 0118 956 1555 
Cardiff Road, READING RG1 8PQ

Security shredding and confidential waste destruction.  Other branches handle general waste paper recycling:  Enstone, Oxon;  Swindon;  Birmingham;  and Head Office/sales at Nottingham.   (Updated Jan 2001)

M&R Recycling
Tel 01792 405598  Fax 01792 401026
Email mandrrecycling@yahoo.co.uk

Specialist in recycling of difficult papers with coatings.  Also accepts polythene waste (rigid or film) - can be contaminated with residue or labels.  Other plastic waste, foam or fibreglass.   (Updated Mar 2001)

MRF St Albans Recycling

Tel 01727 845903 / 848957  Fax 01727 848960
Ronsons Way, Sandridge Gate Business Centre, St Albans Road, Sandridge, ST ALBANS, Herts AL4 9XR
Contact: Vic Barratt or Terry Warren

Waste management contractor operating MRF (Materials Reclamation Facility) for St Albans City & District Council, serving glass, can and paperbank sites and kerbside scheme including plastic bottles.  Provides schools with 1100 litre wheeled bins for paper and cans.  Accepts materials brought from outside borough.  Also runs MRF for London Borough of Croydon, and depot at Farnham.   (Updated Feb 2001)

New Leaf Recycling Ltd
Tel 0208 944 6866  Fax 0208 944 9644
Email mail@newleaf-uk.com  Website www.newleaf-uk.com  
Office 4, 88 Bushey Road, Raynes Park, LONDON SW20 0JH

Office paper recycling - white and coloured letterhead and copier papers.  Other papers of any type or quantity (leaflets, magazines, archive waste paper) also collected, from a few bags to large warehouse clear-outs; also confidential waste disposal (sacks with security tags, certificates of secure disposal).    Tough white re-usable sacks 67 cm by 100 cm supplied free.   Recycling bins (green cardboard, 70cm tall x 38cm wide), sack stands (8.95 + VAT), and wheeled containers available (these hold up to 20 full sacks, and can be rented per year).   Free paper collection from south-west London within M25.  Minimum of ten sacks; no time limit on how often collected.   Also recycling service for most types of redundant IT and electronic equipment (such as computers, monitors, printers, telephone equipment, photocopiers) aiming to find an environmentally friendly alternative to dumping the equipment in a landfill site.  If possible, equipment is passed on for reuse by local community groups.  If not, it can be dismantled for spares or recycling.  Purchases most laser printer and inkjet toner cartridges suitable for remanufacture ( minimum ten, free collection).  No photocopier bottles, printer ribbons or previously recycled cartridges.  Sells new or remanufactured (35% cheaper) laser and inkjet cartridges with new drums, from an ISO registered manufacturer.  Min order 50 + VAT, free delivery over 100.   (Updated May 2005)

Nicholls and Pearce Ltd (Lombard Recycling)
Tel 0208 858 7124  Fax 0208 858 5772
Email info@lombardrecycling.co.uk  Website www.lombardrecycling.co.uk 
Lombard Wall, Charlton, LONDON SE7 7SH

Security shredding and recycling.  Waste paper merchant.  Also trading as Lombard Recycling.   (Updated Feb 2001)

Paper Planet 
see Pearce Recycling

Paper Round

Tel 020 7620 3131  Fax 020 7 247 8777
Website www.paper-round.co.uk 
Email info@paper-round.co.uk
Room 428, The London Fruit & Wool Exchange, Brushfield Street, Bishopsgate, LONDON E1 6EL

Largest London office paper recycling company, initiated in 1989 as part of Friends of the Earth.  Over 14 years, customers have saved the equivalent of 250,000 trees.  Recycles all types of office paper (white and colour should be separated - useful info / FAQ on website), and security shredding service (security sacks available).  Small charge for mixed and shredded paper.  Free collection of (minimum 10) laser printer & ink-jet toner cartridges (not photocopier toner bottles).  Minimum 6 sacks or 10 A4 photocopier boxes full of paper.  Glass, drinks cans & plastic bottles collected.  Surplus brochures & office clear-outs.  Free advice on office recycling - guide to bins and storage on website; cardboard or plastic recycling bins can be supplied.  Gives companies annual certificate detailing recycling achievements.  Membership fee subject to paper prices.  Annual donations to Friends of the Earth and other environmental good causes.  Newsletter has information on paper recycling and topical environmental issues.  (Updated May 2005)

Pearce Recycling Co Ltd
Tel 01727 861522  Fax 01727 846428
Email enquiries@pearce-recycling.co.uk  Website www.pearce-recycling.co.uk 
Pearce House, Acrewood Way, St Albans, Herts AL4 0JY

National waste paper merchant - collects and receives all grades of paper and cardboard.  Office materials recycling: Paper Planet is part of Pearce, Tel 0345 732723, www.paperplanet-recycling.co.uk  Email info@paperplanet-recycling.co.uk - advice pack and containers provided.  Paper, toner cartridges, plastic cups and aluminum cans collected.  For every 50 sacks collected, a tree can be planted. Domestic and municipal recycling.  Cages, bins, skips, compactors and balers available.  Collection from 650 charities.  Operates over 1250 paperbanks on behalf of Aylesford Newsprint.  Collection area North London to Corby, Harlow to Oxford.  Security Destruction Centre in Luton, Beds, can destroy a vast range of materials, eg paper, plastic, audio/video tapes and discs, electronic components, computer software and hardware, non-conforming stock, sweets, clothing, cigarettes.  Policy is to minimise waste, energy and resource consumption.  Also site at Newton Longville (Milton Keynes), Tel 01908 501181.   (Updated Oct 2004)


Tel 01793 889618   Contact  Graham Barnard

The Paper Industry Materials Organisation members are drawn from the Paper Federation of Great Britain, The Corrugated Packaging Association, The British Carton Association, The Liquid Food Carton Manufacturers Association, Pro Carton, The Paper Agents Association, The British Recovered Paper Association, and The Independent Waste Paper Processors Association.  These bodies represent the major elements of the paper packaging material lifecycle. PIMO, on behalf of the UK paper packaging industry, has developed a compliance scheme under the Packaging Regulations, awaiting approval, called ‘Paperpak’.

Prince Recycling

Tel 01371 876075  Fax 01371 876618
Gowers Farm, Dunmow Road, High Roding, GREAT DUNMOW, Essex CM6 1NL
Contact  Martin Prince

Total waste management service.  Waste paper and cardboard collection in Herts and Essex.  Cardboard compactors supplied.  Office waste collection and confidential shredding.  Wood collection.   (Updated Feb 2001)

Pulp Faction Recycling
Tel 0208 374 0184
Email pulpsimon@blueyonder.co.uk  Website www.pulpfaction.com
19 Christchurch Road,
Crouch End,  LONDON N8 9QL
Contact  Simon Aldridge 

Collection of white office paper, regularly or when required - annual fee 50.  Six bags supplied - only two thirds full please due to weight.  Toner, ink and bubblejet cartridges collected for recycling at no extra charge.  (Cannot collect remanufactured cartridges or toner bottles.)  Three tier charging scale depending on service, including coloured paper, cardboard, glass, cans or plastics - more info on website.  Security shredding service, minimum charge 40.  Sells Evolve recycled paper, 20 for 5 ream box,  A3 also available.  Recycled cardboard office paper containers 10 each, or various plastic bins.   (Updated Aug 2002)

Revolution Recycling
(also Envirecycle)
Tel 0870 127 02936
Website www.revolutionrecycling.co.uk  Email info@revolutionrecycling.co.uk 
16A Tudor Road, Crystal Palace, LONDON SE19 2UH
Contact Kristian Keates

Recycling collection of mixed paper and all types of office waste from small and medium size offices, on a set day, weekly or fortnightly.  Other materials collected: glass, tin / aluminium cans, laser toner cartridges, cardboard, plastics, furniture, fluorescent tubes.
No minimum amount.  Operating within central London for 4 years.  Low charges, and free paper collection for offices using Evolve 80g recycled office paper supplied at low prices by Revolution - closing the recycling loop (minimum order 1 box 5x500).  Evolve (chlorine free) is the only recycled paper made in England (collected from London and South East, reprocessed in Kent).  Making one tonne of recycled paper saves 15 trees, uses 64% less energy, 50% less water and creates 74% less pollution compared to paper made from virgin materials.  Supplies wide range of recycling containers, colour coded.  Material taken to a depot, shredded, baled and transported to mills for recycling. 
Shredding is part of the process - increased security without expensive 'confidential destruction.'  Registered waste carrier - waste transfer notes provided.  (Updated May 2005)

Robert Hough Ltd

Tel 0207 987 5632  Fax 0207 537 2838
Email enquiries@robert-hough.u-net.com  Website www.robert-hough.u-net.com 
50-52 Thomas Road, LONDON E14 7BJ

Confidential document destruction and recycling.  Collection, purchase where appropriate.  Recycling of all types of office, printers waste and pulp.  Buyers of job lots of paper.   (Updated Feb 2001)

St Regis Paper Company Ltd
Tel 01628 798111  Fax 01628 788310 / 01628 638818
Email info@stregis.co.uk  Website www.stregis.co.uk 
New Taplow Paper Mills, Mill Lane, Taplow, MAIDENHEAD, Berks SL6 0AF

One of UK's largest recycled paper makers, operating seven mills in the UK.  Nearly 1 million tonnes manufactured per year, and over 1.2m tonnes collected and recycled per year through Severnside Waste Paper, a wholly owned subsidiary, see separate entry.  All grades of paper are processed at Taplow (Head Office) and at Kemsley Mill, Kemsley, Sittingbourne, Kent ME10 2TD.  Also at Cullompton, Devon;  Watchet, Somerset;  Newport, Gwent;  Pontypridd, Mid Glamorgan.   (Updated Jan 2001)

Salter Paper Group Ltd
Tel 0208 691 5811  Fax 0208 692 9674
Email spg@btconnect.com  Website www.securityshredding.co.uk 
Thanet House, Copperas Street, LONDON SE8 3DA 

Waste paper merchant and exporter, facility management, reclamation and security shredding.  Owns Security Shredding and Waste Paper Products.

SCA Recycling UK Ltd
Tel 0208 858 5022  Fax 0208 853 5438
London Regional Office, Maybank Wharf, Herringham Road, Charlton, LONDON SE7 8NW

Major waste paper merchant and processor.  Collection of all grades of paper and cardboard subject to minimum economic quantity.  Also confidential waste disposal.  Head Office: 543 New Hythe Lane, Aylesford, Kent ME20 7PE, Tel 01622 883000, Fax 01622 790905.  Eastern Regional Office: 9-11 Mercer Row, Garlic Row Industrial Estate, Cambridge CB5 8HY, Tel 01223 355691, Fax 01223 355019.

Security Shredding Ltd
Tel 0208 691 5811  Fax 0208 692 9674
Email spg@btconnect.com  Website www.securityshredding.co.uk 
Thanet House, Copperas Street, LONDON SE8 3DA

Confidential waste disposal.  Part of Salter Paper Group, which also owns Waste Paper Products - see separate entries for both.

Severnside Waste Paper

Tel 0208 803 4194 / 4196  Fax 0208 807 8841
Email enquire@recyclesevernsd.demon.co.uk  Website www.severnside.com 
29 Stacey Avenue, Montagu Road Ind Est, Edmonton, LONDON N18 3PP

Waste paper merchant subsidiary of major paper mill, St Regis Paper Company (see separate entry).  Collection nationwide of all grades of paper and cardboard, subject to minimum economic quantity. Confidential waste disposal service.  Also collect industrial plastic films in quantity.  Also at Mill Lane, Taplow, Maidenhead, Berks SL6 0AF, Tel 01628 639741, Fax 01628 771432;  Croydon, Surrey;  Ashford, Kent;  and Gosport, Hants.  Head Office: The Pines, Heol-y-Forlan, Whitchurch, Cardiff CF14 1AX, Tel 02920 615871, Fax 02920 611199.   (Updated Jan 2001)

Shanks Group plc
Freephone 0800 0282877   Tel 01908 650650   Fax 01908 650699
Website www.shanks.co.uk  Email info@shanks.co.uk or customerservices@shanks.co.uk
Head Office, Dunedin House, Mount Farm, Auckland Park, MILTON KEYNES MK1 1BU

Major waste management group which developed from landfills at London Brick Company workings in Beds and North Bucks, and now operates nationwide.  Main activities: collection, transport, recycling, reprocessing, composting, transfer and disposal by incineration or landfill of domestic, commercial and industrial wastes.  Disposal of difficult and contaminated wastes, incineration of hazardous organic chemicals.  Operates MRF (Materials Recycling Facility) transfer stations.  Major transporter of waste by rail and road. Operates local recycling banks.  Construction waste (aggregate) is screened for reuse.  Fuels blended from waste, and solvents recovered from solvent wastes.  Recycled newspaper shredded for animal beddingSold landfill and landfill gas waste to energy assets in June 2004 to Terra Firma, owners of Waste Recycling Group.  Building two high-tech Mechanical Biological Treatment (MBT) "bio-MRFs" waste plants at Havering to manage some of East London's annual 500,000 tonnes of waste.  Plans 4 EcoDeco "Bio-MRF" plants at Newton Longville, Milton Keynes.  Statements on environmental policy and corporate social responsibility on website.  Sites in northern England, Scotland, Belgium and Netherlands.  Those in south-east include -
Group Office  
Astor House, Station Road, Bourne End, Bucks SL8 5YP 
Tel 01628 524523
Elstow Transfer Station / Recycling / Education Centre 
Wilstead Road, Elstow, Bedford, Beds MK42 9YU  Tel 01234 327029 Fax 01234 354997  sarah.molloy@shanks.co.uk)  
Stewartby Treatment Plant
Green Lane, Stewartby, Beds MK43 9LY  Tel 01234 768520
Aylesbury Transfer Station 
Corrib Industrial Park, Griffin Lane, Aylesbury, Bucks HP19 8BP  Tel 01296 485642
Fawley Office / Incineration  
Charleston Road, Hardley, Southampton, Hants SO45 3ZA  Tel 02380 883500

Boughton Quarry
Brampton Lane, Boughton, Northants NN6 8AA  Tel 01604 821958
Hitchin Transfer Station

Burymead Road, Hitchin, Herts SG5 1RT  Tel 01462 441160
Shanks East London Divisional Office   
Rainham House, 2nd Floor, New Road, Rainham, Essex RM13 8RA  Tel 01708 527120
Website www.shanks.co.uk/eastlondon  (Several sites in Essex)

(Updated Oct 2004)

Simmons, S G (Reclamation) Ltd

Tel 0208 845 6699   Fax 0208 845 6699   Email  stephen.moss@lineone.net
42 Bridgewater Road, RUISLIP, Middlesex, HA4 0EB

Collection and recycling of all thermoplastics, and industrial waste paper.   (Updated Feb 2001)

Smurfit Townsend Hook Ltd
Tel 01634 248100  Fax 01634 245133
Email bbisset@uk.smurfit.com  Website www.smurfit-europe.com 
The Mill, SNODLAND, Kent ME6 5AX

Townsend Hook manufactures 240,000 tonnes of corrugated paper and 50,000 tonnes of coated woodfree paper per year.  Recycled stock is collected and paper is delivered nationwide by Jefferson Smurfit, an international company with its headquarters in Ireland and largest European producer of containerboard and corrugated cases.  It owns Townsend Hook and operates several UK corrugating plants.  Website has extensive environmental information.   (Updated Jan 2001)

Spencer Cook & Co

Tel 01375 859888  Fax 01375 859889
Unit 53, Thames Industrial Park, EAST TILBURY, Essex, RM18 8RH
Contact  Len Cook

Waste paper merchant.   (Updated Feb 2001)

Thompson A J  

Tel / Fax 01638 664517
Studlands Park Industrial Estate, Exning Road, NEWMARKET, Suffolk CB8 7AR

Waste paper merchant. Free collection of all grades (except cardboard) within 50 mile radius of Newmarket, subject to minimum economic quantity - half tonne or 40 boxes.  Confidential waste disposal service.   (Updated Feb 2001)

Townsend Hook 
see Smurfit Townsend Hook Ltd

UK Paper plc

Tel 01795 564444  Fax 01795 564003
Email marketing@ukpaper.com  Website www.ukpaper.com 

Recently commissioned recycled woodfree pulp mill with capacity for 180,000 tonnes input per year (approx 16% of collected volumes in UK).  Waste paper purchasing policy is based on long term contracts, average about seven years.  Using post-consumer waste sourced mainly from Greater London and the Home Counties, manufactures office paper (mainly A4 and A3).  All brands contain percentages of recycled fibre.  Sole producer of 'Evolve' 100% recycled paper.   (Updated Feb 2001)

Waste Paper News

Tel 01264 889533  Fax 01264 889622
Email publications@brunton.co.uk  Website www.brunton.co.uk 
Brunton Business Publications Ltd, Thruxton Down House, Thruxton Down, ANDOVER, Hants SP11 8PR
Contact  Bernard Stonestreet, Editor

Monthly newsletter for the European waste paper industry.   (Updated Feb 2001)

Waste Paper Products
Tel 0208 691 5811  Fax 0208 692 9674
Thanet House, Copperas Street, LONDON SE8 3DA
Email spg@btconnect.com  Website www.securityshredding.co.uk 

Processing of all grades of waste paper, including security shredding.  Division of Salter Paper Group which also owns Security Shredding Ltd, see separate entries for both.  Depot at Rainsborough Avenue, Deptford, London SE8 5RW, Tel 0207 231 8444, Fax 0208 692 9674.

Woodside Recycling

Tel 0118 983 4327  Fax 0118 983 1469
Email wsrecycling@aol.com 
Woodside Farm, Goodboys Lane, Grazeley, READING, Berks RG7 1ND

Waste paper merchant.  Print and confidential waste specialist.   (Updated Feb 2001)