330  Recycled and natural clothes and textiles

A second life for old clothes  
Charity shops are full of clothes to reuse. But what to do with those not good enough?  An extension of 'make do and mend', long practised by skilled needlewomen with the design flair to create new outfits from a bag of jumble sale leftovers.  For many, selling their handiwork through craft shops is a money-earning hobby; for a very few it may provide a livelihood.

It takes just 25 two-litre pop bottles 
to make one adult size fleece jacket


The remains of many old clothes (rags but not bones!) are made into many types of industrial wiper.  The other textile product of discarded clothing is recycled yarn, known as mungo or shoddy, made by 'pulling' woven cloth or knitted garments.  This is an industry much reduced from its former scale, and ironically now restricted mainly to producing high quality pure wool or wool mixture yarns.

Organic cotton - kinder to workers, kinder to the environment
We also include producers of fabric that avoid environmental impact.  Cotton may be a natural fibre, but 'conventional' cotton farmers use about 1/3 lb of hazardous pesticides to grow the 1 lb of cotton needed for a t-shirt.  Cotton processing is polluting and wasteful. Intensive conventional cotton farming around the world uses, amongst other chemical inputs, 25% of the world's total output of insecticides, many of these organophosphates - dangerous nerve poisons that damage eco systems, pollute water supplies and cause health problems for local communities.  Huge amounts of agri-chemicals, fertilisers and defoliants are also used: over time this causes  severe environmental damage to soil, water supplies, and wildlife.  Up to 50% of US cotton is now grown from genetically modified seeds.  

Non-organically grown cotton uses nearly 25% of the world's insecticides, 
which end up not only in the cotton, but in our air, water and soil.
Source: www.hankettes.com

Some chemicals remain on clothes and fabrics, including fire, moth and crease resistant finishes that are toxic and in some cases carcinogenic. For more information about the cotton industry, see 

Organic cotton is grown without pesticides and chemical fertilizers. Modern organic methods and crop rotation are used to keep pests under control.  It must be controlled and passed by an organic certification body such as SKAL (Netherlands) with organic textile standards guaranteeing ecological quality thoughout all processes.

If every Briton purchased one item made from recycled wool a year 
it would save 371 million gallons of water, 
480 tonnes of chemical dyes 
and 4,571 million days of an average family's electricity needs 

source: UK Government

Organic cotton is often more expensive than conventional cotton, because yield is lower and processes more labour intensive.  If environmental costs of conventional cotton were taken into account, organic cotton, with no costly chemicals, would be cheaper.  Organic cotton production accounts for a tiny proportion of the cotton grown globally every year, but by supporting its growth you can support the wellbeing of organic farms around the world and the communities and environment they sustain.

The Soil Association, which certifies organic products, has produced a comprehensive guide "Where to buy organic clothes and textiles".  Obtainable from www.soilassociation.org/textiles or SAE + 2nd class stamp to: Information team, Soil Association, Bristol House, 40-56 Victoria Street, Bristol BS1 6BY.

see section 63 

Avoid clothes which require chemical dry cleaning.

Keep your washing and the use of dryers and ironing to a minimum.  Choose a low temperature or economy cycle.  Dry clothes outside whenever possible.  Don't be exploited by the media - use charity shops, both to buy interesting clothing, and to pass on your unwanted clothes.

Also see
Unwanted goods (80)
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Charity and community schemes (130)
Scrapstores (140)
Responsible consumerism (410)

Alphabetical list of organisations

Barley Massey 
Tel / Fax 0207 275 8043  Mobile 07958 424 808 
Email barley@fabrications1.co.uk , textiles@fabrications1.co.uk  
Website www.fabrications1.co.uk, www.hiddenart.com/designers/designer.asp (search for Massey, Barley)
Fabrications, 7 Broadway Market, Hackney, LONDON E8 4PH  
Contact  Barley Massey

Designs and produces 'playful, textural' interior design products incorporating recycled materials, such as bicycle inner tubes.  Also runs 'Fabrications' gallery, promoting and selling her own and others' work.  Involved in exhibitions 'Recycle, Renew, Reuse' (2003), and 'Recycled by Design' work by 15 textile artists and designers using recycled materials (see www.fabrications1.co.uk/pages/news.html).  (Choosing 'designer-maker' search in the Hidden Art website and entering 'Massey, Barley' reveals wider examples of her recycled works.)  (Updated Feb 2004)

Bishopston Trading
Tel 0117 3730254
Website www.bishopstontrading.co.uk  Email info@bishopstontrading.co.uk 

Worker's co-operative selling fair-traded clothes (many organic) for women and children.  All handloom cotton woven with 100% organic cotton grown in the North Indian state of Gujarat (details and photos on website).  Accessories include bedlinen, bags, sandals, cushion covers, rucksacks, scarves, children's sunhats, necklaces, postcards.  Mail order catalogue and 5 shops, all open 930-530 Mon-Sat: Bishopston (Bristol, Tel 0117 924 5598), Glastonbury (Somerset, Tel 0145 883 5386), Stroud (Glos, Tel 0145 376 6355), Totnes (Devon, Tel 0180 386 8488), Bradford on Avon (Wilts, Tel 0122 586 7485).  Main aim is creating employment, rather than making profits.  Selling to other shops helps reach this goal: Bishopston produces wholesale catalogues twice a year for forward ordering - both clothing and accessories.  Wholesale customers listed on site.  Some shops offer home delivery. (Updated Aug 2005)

Britta Boyer

Tel 01273 699016 / 232875
31b Cobden Road, BRIGHTON, East Sussex BN2 2TL

Using 'Earth 33' branding, offers stylish modern range of sustainably designed clothes, all recyled denim and yarns, eco-cotton, hemp and fleece from recycled plastic.  Sold in London at - Natural Selection, 57b Pembridge Rd, Notting Hill, W11; and Ground Zero, 44 Parkway, Camden, London NW1.  For details of other outlets phone above number.

By Nature

Tel 0845 456 7689  Fax 0870 120 6991
Website www.bynature.co.uk  Email info@bynature,co.uk 
71 Avoca Road, Tooting, London SW17 8SL

Many recycled, organic and environment-friendly household items and gifts, including clothes for children and adults.  Also tips about a greener (more responsible) lifestyle - energy, transport, chemicals, holidays.  (Updated Nov 2005)

Tel 01225 309218
Website www.clothworks.co.uk  Email  info@clothworks.co.uk 

Designer and supplier of socially responsible clothing for women, children and babies.  At the heart of the business is an awareness of the environmental impact of all raw materials used, from growing the fibre to manufacturing and colouring the cloth.  Aimed at " women who love clothes and love the planet."  Children's clothing divided into age 0-6 months, 6-12months, 1-2years, 3-4years, 5-6years.  Also cot bedding.  Uses organic cotton, organic linen and organic hemp, aiming to combine good design with ethical manufacture.  Excellent info on website about the support and encouragement needed for organic farmers, and threats to environment from non-organic cotton production methods, including GM cotton production.  Orders by phone, cheque or credit card.  P&P £1.25 up to £25, £3.50 £25-60, free above £60.  Mail order catalogue available. (Updated Jan 2005)

Tel 01326 340956
Email info@cut4cloth.co.uk  Website www.cut4cloth.co.uk 
4 Fore Street, Constantine, FALMOUTH, Cornwall TR11 5AB
Contact  Lucy & Kurt

Childrens clothes designed to fit over cloth nappies.  All fairly traded, 100% organic cotton (certified by AGRECO, Germany www.agrecogmbh.de), handpicked in rural India, and using environmentally responsible dyes.  'Tailored to give cloth nappy babies more room to wriggle', as many clothes are designed to cover the smaller un-environmental disposable nappies.  Dyes are free from banned amines, AZO, AOX, formaldehyde, heavy metals and other harmful additives.  The manufacturers in India give importance to working conditions, wages and human rights; no employee under 18 years of age, and the company has a long-term agenda of support for a local tribal school.   (Updated Oct 2004)

Tel 01604 621531  Fax 01604 603725
Website www.ecoclothing.co.uk   Email info@ecoclothing.co.uk 
Daily Bread Co-operative Ltd, The Old Laundry, Bedford Road, NORTHAMPTON NN4 7AD

Online shop or telephone ordering of organic fair-traded cotton clothing for men, women and children.  Also hemp bags, ethnic music, body wash, bath gel, badger balms for sore muscles.  Orders sent within 2 working days.  Long established co-operative.  (Updated Dec 2004)

Global Village -
see People Tree 

Tel 0870 777 0282 / 0800 085 6549  Fax 01273 488 221
Website www.gossypium.co.uk 
Abinger Place, LEWES, Sussex BN7 2QA

Fairly traded organic cotton men's, women's and children's wear, baby clothes and products, and home textiles.  Claims to be first company to develop fair trade cotton, from over 60 farmers.  Processing (as near as possible to crop), as well as route the clothes take, described, with photos, on website.  Also size chart, guarantee and returns policy, and privacy policy.  Sourced from India - all farms visited.  Cotton seeds also used for oil, food, cake, chocolate, cattle food.  Office open Mon-Fri 9-530.  Shop at 19 High Street, Lewes (01273 472211) open 930-5 Mon-Fri, 930-530 Sat, or send for free catalogue.  (Updated Dec 2004)

Green Choices
Website www.greenchoices.org/clothes.html  Email info@greenchoices.org 
PO Box 31617, London SW2 4FF

Free, independent, not-for-profit web guide to greener living.  Like THE WASTEBOOK, it has no products to sell or promote, only ideas and information to help people make greener choices in their day-to-day lives.  The section of the website given above has general advice on environmental impacts of clothing production, exploitation of workers and animals, reuse and reclaim, and advice on how to make better choices.   (Updated May 2005)

Tel 01803 868001  Fax 01803 868002  
Website www.greenfibres.com  Email mail@greenfibres.com 
Freepost LON7805, Westbourne Unit P, TOTNES, Devon TQ9 5ZZ

Mail order supplier selling textile products made in ecologically and socially responsible ways for adults, children and babies.  High quality, thoughtfully designed clothes, bedding, pillows, mattresses, towels, tablecloths, toys and crafts.  Supports environmentally responsible farming and production methods - materials include organic cotton and linen, demeter wool, untreated silk and hemp.  Also organic and non-allergenic, sustainably produced (info on website) cleaning products, skincare, perfumes and essential oils.  Shop at 99 High Street, Totnes.  Encourages limiting consumption.  (Updated Dec 2004)

Grembo Organics
Tel 01253 701518   Fax 01253 700523
Email info@theorganicgifthampercompany.co.uk  Website www.grembo.co.uk
Banks Farm Cottage, Staynall Lane, HAMBLETON, Lancs FY6 9DT
Contact  Suzanne Thompson

Supplier of range of organic cotton baby sleeping bags made in two layers to highest quality and safety.  They come in three thermal weights for different seasons so baby does not overheat.  No blankets required.  Interesting FAQ section on website.  Made in US.  (Updated Aug 2005)

Tel 01239 614122  Fax 01239 615598 (24 hrs)
Website www.howies.co.uk   Email ethics@howies.co.uk or alex@howies.co.uk 
Parc House, Parc Teifi, Cardigan SA43 1EW

Designer and supplier of a variety of made-to-last clothes, 100% organic cotton or from recycled materials - mainly sportswear, cyclewear, bags and hats for men and women. Jumpers made from recycled shirts!  Post £4, free over £60.  Open Mon-Fri 930 am – 6 pm.  Tries to run business in a low-impact way.  Website "about our products" has useful info on the perils of non-organic cotton and the drawbacks of synthetic fibres.  Website has recommendations on how to deal with junk mail, and has a section on healthy food, explaining why you might like to avoid packaged supermarket salads with pesticides and chlorine!  Some right-on e-cards, and entertaining story of Howies' battle with Levi jeans www.howies.co.uk/versus.php?m=ow  Catalogue available if you must. (Vegetable based inks, on recycled paper.)   (Updated Feb 2005)

Tel 0870 333 1858  Fax 0870 366 5453
Website www.inbi-hemp.co.uk  Email hemp@inb-hemp.co.uk 
Inbi Vitiris, Premier House, 11 Marlborough Place, BRIGHTON, East Sussex BN1 1UB

Supplier of clothes from organic hemp fibres for men and women.  Carefully selects sources of natural materials , grown and gathered in an environment friendly way.  Claims hemp clothes gradually become softer, can last three times longer than cotton, make you feel warmer in winter and cooler in summer, helps keep skin clean, and can protect from ultraviolet rays.   Also sells books, videos and CDs relating to yoga, and runs seminars.  (Updated Dec 2004)

Interface Carpet Tiles
Tel  01274 690690   Fax 01274 694095
Email  andy.wales@eu.interfaceinc.com   Website www.interfaceflooring.com 
Shelf Mills, Shelf, HALIFAX  HX3 7PA
Contact  Andy Wales

Leading carpet tile manufacturer delivering social, economic and environmental benefits by developing a market for 'secondhand' carpet tiles.  Working partnership since 2000 with ReEntry, a not-for-profit organisation which diverts used carpet (over 150,000 sq m per year) from landfill through reuse, and Pennine Magpie, which provides work for adults with learning difficulties.  Interface designers consider products' entire lifecycle, fro manufacture to reclamation and recycling.  The long-term goal is for all the company's products to be sustainable.  Meantime, products are continually improved through smarter design and processes: each product's performance is measured against a high standard, and results available through a sustainability report card.

Many organisations replace a whole carpet when only a small amount is worn out.   ReEntry goes into organisations, and replaces and recycles tiles that are worn out or may be only lightly worn.  (On higher education campuses, this can encourage an ethos of student responsibility within personal areas.)   After sorting, the majority of tiles can usually be given a second life.  The carpet is cleaned and then sold at a reduced amount to organisations that would not be able to afford such a high grade product - or it may be given to charity.

Instead of sending lorries to collect carpet tiles from across the UK, empty returning vehicles are used to collect the old product on pallets.  Globally, Interface has reduced waste by $185m, including fossil fuel reduction of 18%.  Also uses energy from 100% renewable source.  As well as less waste, fixing materials allow easy changing of individual carpet tiles. When a carpet tile needs replacing, this will be taken back and recycled.  Interface works to The Natural Step principles and all European sites are ISO 14001 registered.  Interface's manufacturing in the UK uses only 100% renewable electricity.  In 2002 they won a queens award for enterprise (sustainable development) for their leading effort.  US ceo Ray Anderson spoke in the 2004 documentary film The Corporation.  (Updated Dec 2004)

Kettering Textiles Ltd

Tel 01933 442833  Fax 01933 443006  Email
66-78 Denington Road, Denington Road Industrial Estate, WELLINGBOROUGH, Northants NN8 2QH

UK's largest operator of clothing banks - over 1600 weekly collections.  Buys 14000 tonnes per year of secondhand clothing, waste textiles and shoes nationwide.  80% is exported.  Over 90% of clothing collected is used: unwearable woollens are recycled into 'new' garments; unusable coats, skirts and suits turned into mattress fillings or sound absorbency panels in cars. Cotton materials used as wiper cloths for industry.  Secondhand clothing and wiping cloth merchant.

Natural Child
Tel 01242 620988   Fax 01242 620988
Website  www.naturalchild.co.uk   Email  info@naturalchild.co.uk 

Natural Family Health, Lower Stanley Farm, Gretton, CHELTENHAM, Glos GL54 5HQ

Wide range of natural products by mail order.  Own brand and other toiletries mostly organic and fairly traded - sources given.  Some organic clothing, nappies, liners, blankets and bed protectors, toothpaste, shampoo; some hemp products.  Also well-sourced pregnancy and labour items and advice, baby slings, health products, oils, remedies,   Each product carefully chosen and ingredients checked.  Full ingredient list provided, so you can tell at a glance if suitable.  Only deals with ethical companies.  Recycled packaging wherever possible.  Postage £1.50 up to £15, £3 for £15-40, free over £40.  Privacy - no details passed on (reduces junk mail).  Useful advice as well as products on excellent website.  Old nappies can be sent to charity "Blythswood Care", M. Smith, Timbukthree, New Tolsta, Isle of Lewis, HS2 0NN, which go for use by poor people in Moldova.  Excellent and useful links page.  (Updated Jan 2005)

Natural Collection Catalogue  

Tel  0870 331 3335 (queries)  0870 331 3333 (orders)   Fax 0870 331 3334  
Website www.naturalcollection.com  Email sales@naturalcollection.com  
PO Box 135, SOUTHAMPTON, Hants SO14 0FQ  

Mail order shopping to contribute to a sustainable future, including many products with recycled content.  Over 500 products chosen with the environment in mind, and helpful advice by phone.  Most products included reduce waste, energy and resource use.  Includes organic clothing for adults and children.  Published by Green Dot Guides and supported by Friends of the Earth, The Vegetarian Society, World Development Movement etc.  Delivery free over £100.   (Updated Jan 2005)

No Lo Go

Tel 0207 437 7338
26 Ganton Street, SoHo, LONDON W1V 1LB

Oxfam team of volunteer designers creating outfits from donated garments and fabrics. Available to buy from this address, further branches opening shortly.

OHS Products Ltd

Tel 0121 328 4688 Fax 0121 327 4573
215 Adderley Road, Saltley, BIRMINGHAM B8 1AN

Purchases mixed rags and sorted textile grades.  Local authority textile bank operator and textile wiper manufacturer.  

Organic Ally
Website www.organic-ally.co.uk  
Email shopkeeper@organic-ally.co.uk

Organic, fair trade cotton string bags, cloth gift bags, and organic cotton handkerchiefs by mail order.  All products ethically sourced.  Aims to reduce use of paper and plastic.  String bags hold up to 33 pounds in weight, can be rolled up small, and washed occasionally at 40 C.  Handkerchiefs are particularly useful for those with sensitive skin - chemicals such as formaldehyde are added to facial tissues to make them soft.  Recommends making your own cloth gift bags from scrap material to cut the amount of wrapping paper and tape ending in the wheelie bin.  Interesting links. (Updated Nov 2005)

Website www.patagonia.com  Email store_dublin@patagonia.com
24/26 Exchequer Street, DUBLIN 2, Ireland
Tel 00353 1 670 5748   Fax 00353 1 670 5702

Outdoor clothing company using post-consumer plastic waste to make fleece material in about 30 products.  Claims to have saved over 86 million bottles from going to waste.  All cotton used is 100% organic.  Has reduced formaldehyde, and eliminated azo dyes, PVC, and chlorine bleach.  Reduces truck emissions by using rail to transport fabrics.  Uses chlorine-free post-consumer recycled paper, tree-free paper, and soy-based inks in printed materials.  Donates at least 1% of profits (so far over 19 million US dollars to over 1000 organisations) to protect wilderness, habitats and biodiversity.  Based in US.  Dublin store offers past season gear at reduced prices; staff are involved in outdoor activities and local environmental initiatives.  It is the only UK 'Patagonia' store, but many UK outlets listed on site, including London, Stevenage and Milton Keynes.  Works to reduce truck pollution in the Alps, restore salmon and other sea-run fish to the Loire and its tributaries, and overturn the US ban on sale of traditional (non-GMO) vegetable seeds.  Grants to about 30 groups.  First California company to commit to 100% wind energy.  For information about environmental programs and groups supported, contact Patagonia Environmental Programs, 59-63 Avenue J. B. Clément, 92100, Boulogne, France, Tel 0033 141 101818, email euro_hotline@patagonia.com  (Updated May 2004)

People Tree Ltd
and Global Village
Tel 0845 450 4595 or 020 7739 0660   Fax 020 7739 4169
Website www.peopletree.co.uk  Email sales@ptree.co.uk
Studio 7, 8-13 New Inn Street, LONDON EC2A 3PY

Fair trade and ecology fashion.  Works with 70 fair trade groups in 20 Asian, African and Latin American countries, helping marginalised producers improve lives, giving design, technical and quality control skills, fair prices, regular orders, and advance payment as needed, to overcome barriers to selling their products.  Women's, men's, children’s and babies' clothing, bags, jewellery, and home and gifts including bedding and decorations.  Clothes made with 100% organic cotton, handwoven fabrics, environmentally friendly materials and dyes, ‘promoting natural farming safe to environment and the wearer, reviving traditional skills and creating employment and much-needed income in rural areas’.  Partners include a project in India employing 150 young women from poor families, many hearing- and speech- impaired, who would otherwise be extremely marginalised.  Benefits include homes and training, to more than 500 families of organic cotton growers and garment workers.  Fleur Britten (Telegraph, Vogue) praised People Tree’s fashion as ‘modern, urban, with super-soft thread’, and because it addresses the problems.  She said: “20,000 people die every year from pesticide poisoning, a further 3 million become chronically ill, and cotton is the biggest culprit.  These are the real fashion victims.”  Also funds village welfare projects such as schools and hospitals, and supports local skills and materials, keeping threatened communities and cultures alive.  Has NGO arm, Global Village, which is a member of  IFAT (see above) since 1994.   (Updated Nov 2004)

Rematerialise Project
Tel 0208 547 2000  Fax 0208 547 7365
Website www.rematerialise.org 
School of 3D Design, Knights Park Campus, Kingston University, KINGSTON UPON THAMES, Surrey KT1 2QJ
Contact  Jakki Dehn, Project Director  j.dehn@kingston.ac.uk
Contact  Nigel Ordish, Project Manager  nigel@sharedpractice.org.uk

This project boasts an impressive database of recycled, natural and environment- friendly materials, including many non-textiles.  These can form raw materials for DIY projects, manufacturing, craft or artisan businesses.  (Updated May 2004)


Tel 01777 705557
16 Alma Road, RETFORD, Notts DN22 6LW

Mail order clothes and knitwear from salvaged or 100% recycled natural textiles - jackets, coats, dungarees, jumpers.  Catalogue also includes large bowls, salvaged from old washing machines and sandblasted for a frosted effect - various patterns available.  Bags made from tyre inner tubes.

Schmidt Natural Clothing
Tel 0845 3450498  Fax 01825 714676
Email glenn@naturalclothing.co.uk  Website www.naturalclothing.co.uk 
Corbiere, Nursery Lane, Nutley, East Sussex TN22 3NS 
Contact  Glenn Kositzki-Metzner

Mail order sale of garments and accessories made in an ecologically and socially responsible way for babies, children and adults (undergarments only for adults). Materials include organic cotton and wool, and natural silk.  Many garments suitable for sensitive skin, including sleep suit for eczema.  Full range of organic baby clothing, organic bedding and lambskins, including natural woolover pantsNappy range includes soft organic wrap-around cotton for absorbency, comfort and health; microfibre wraps and quick release fitted cotton nappies; raw silk liners promoting healing of nappy rash; get outfitted for £3.15 per week, trial packs from £8.20, six month starter pack £99.  Other items include bedding, soft toys, underwear, socks, tights, slippers, nightwear, and seasonal outer wear.  Free catalogue.  Free six month credit plan for any items.    (Updated Jan 2005)

Second Nature
Tel 01768 486285  Fax 01768 486825
Website www.secondnatureuk.com  Email info@secondnatureuk.com 
Soulands Gate, Soulby, Dacre, PENRITH, Cumbria CA11 0JF 

Manufacturer and supplier of Thermafleece sheep's wool loft, wall or floor insulation, for either newbuild or refurbishment.  "Safe to use, safe to live with, kind to the planet, totally efficient and will outlive you."  Cool in summer, warm in winter.  Uses only 14% of the embodied energy used to make glass fibre insulation, paying back its manufacturing energy cost seven times faster.   Fibre adapts to shape of rafters, joists and studs to provide a permanently tight fit.  Not an irritant or a health hazard.  Already has higher fire resistance than cellulose and cellular plastic insulants; it does not burn but rather melts away and extinguishes itself - but treated with a natural fire-proofing agent.  Technical specification on website - technical sales office helpline 0870 2406715.  Blend of wool from 4 breeds of hill farmed sheep. At the end of its useful life, product can be recycled for other environmentally friendly applications.  Case studies on site: used in Creekside Education Centre, Deptford; Ullswater farmhouse, WWF Scotland HQ.  (Updated Nov 2005)

Textiles from Nature
Tel 0207 241 0990  Fax 0207 241 1991
Email jag@textilesfromnature.com   Website www.textilesfromnature.com  
84 Stoke Newington Church Street, LONDON  N16 0AP

'Textures' range of clothes and fabrics for women, men and babies.  Mainly organic cotton, soft, kind to skin and processed with minimum environmental impact.  Includes buckwheat filled pillows and hemp products.  Fabrics dyed with low impact chemical dyes, no heavy metals, and whitened with non-chlorine bleaches.  (Updated May 2004)

Thermafleece - see Second Nature

TRAID (Textile Recycling for Aid and International Development) 
Tel 0208 733 2580 Fax 0208 903 9922
Email info@traid.org.uk Website www.traid.org.uk 
Head Office, 5 Second Way, WEMBLEY, Middx HA9 0YJ

Charity committed to combating effects of world poverty by recycling at home and encouraging waste reduction.  Unwanted clothes donated are hand sorted or redesigned and reconstructed to make new good quality recycled garments, or secondhand clothing, sold through own-brand charity fashion shops, one in Brighton, and 7 in London: Hammersmith, Kilburn, Brixton, Shepherds Bush, Westbourne Grove, Wembley and Holloway.  Operates 700 clothes (textile) recycling banks across UK.  Recycles 94% of donations and collects nearly 2000 tonnes a year.  Find nearest recycling bank on website, or find space for a new one.  Funds raised through collection and sale of second-hand clothing contributes to protection of the environment in the UK, and funds sustainable, participatory development in some of the poorest regions of the world.  Works with local councils, runs workshops at schools and other relevant groups, to reduce waste and waste disposal costs.  Discusses door to door collections, and attends events to educate public about textile recycling.  Links between recycling and fashion retail: reputation for being innovative and edgy, appealing predominantly to the young, fashionable and environmentally conscious.  Established 1999.   (Updated Sep 2004) 

Used to Bee

Tel 01803 606920
66 Burridge Road, TORQUAY, Devon TQ2 6LY

Trade sales of men's ties, manufactured from recycled textiles.