340  Reclaimed plastic composite products

New WRAP brochure shows how to use plastics in construction

Recycled plastic products are now used widely in many construction projects. This publication gives an idea of the range, type and source of a wide range of readily available construction products, and has a list of suppliers.

ixing different materials used to make reclaimed plastic material unsuitable for reuse.  No longer.

Composite materials made from mixtures containing a proportion of post-consumer waste can now provide useful structural materials for many purposes, with physical properties sometimes superior to timber.  Durability, low maintenance and long life make them economic alternatives.

There is, however, a potential hazard from plastics containing chlorinated compounds, such as PVC (polyvinyl chloride); partly because of additives which can leach out, and because, if burnt, particularly at low temperatures, they can produce toxic chlorine compounds.  Despite improved quality control, incinerators still fail temperature and emission standards on a regular basis, and there is no safe limit for dioxin emissions, so burning PVC at all is unwise.  Never burn on small scale appliances or on bonfires!  Contact your local Environment Agency Office for further guidance if necessary.  

Glossary:  to distinguish different types of plastic, see section 420, Environmental labelling.

The EU and the UK government have both set targets for recycling plastics used in packaging - see introduction to section 50 (Packaging).

Plastic containers, packaging and film (56)
Expanded polystyrene (57)
Scrapstores (140)
Environmental labelling (420)

Alphabetical list of organisations

British Plastics Federation (BPF)
Tel 0207 457 5000 Fax 0207 457 5045  
Website www.bpf.co.uk  Email imcilwee@bpf.co.uk
6 Bath Place, Rivington Street, LONDON EC2A 3JE  
Contact Iain McIlwee, Business Services Manager

Trade association of UK plastics industry (80% of turnover).  Membership includes polymer producers, suppliers and processors, additive and machinery suppliers and manufacturers.  Advice and information on, and promotion of the plastics reclamation industry.  Website carries useful information on processes and applications, and an online directory of manufacturers and recyclers of plastics.   The Plastics and Rubber Advisory Service (09061 908070) is at the same address, offering expert advice on plastics and rubber use, material selection, process selection and design - lines open 10 - 1 and 2 - 4.30 on Tue, Thu and Fri, calls £1.50 a minute.  Q & A answer section on website.  (Updated Oct 2004)

British Polythene Industries plc

Tel 01642 672288  Fax 01642 664295 / 677599  
Email plaswoodsales@bpipoly.com  Website www.bpipoly.com/index3.html  
BPI Recycled Products, Yarm Road, STOCKTON-ON-TEES, County Durham TS18 3RD

Largest recycler (over 30,000 tonnes a year post-use) and manufacturer of polythene, polyethylene (PE: LDPE, LLDPE, and HPDE) film, sacks and bags in Europe, from agricultural, industrial and retail wastes.  Products using 100% recycled polythene include damp proof course and membrane, bin-liners, clinical waste sacks / aprons, plastic pallets.  Street and garden furniture from 'Plaswood' (Tel 01387 247110, Fax 01387 247109), a replacement for wood, cardboard, metal and concrete (strong, no rot or cracking, water / weather resistant, maintenance-free).  Includes seats, benches, picnic tables, planters, bins, bollards, fencing, and marine / waterway products - see www.recycledproducts.bpipoly.com/index2.html .  Facilities to reprocess company's own production waste.  Collection scheme for sorted and baled material only.  Also developing use of private collectors.  Environmental policy statements on website, including waste minimisation.  EA/SEPA accredited.  Also at Dumfries, Heanor (Derbys), Redditch (Worcs), Gwent.   (Updated Apr 2005)

Centriforce Products Ltd

Tel 0151 207 8109  Fax 0151 298 1319
Website www.centriforce.com  Email sales@centriforce.co.uk
14-16 Derby Road, LIVERPOOL L20 8EE

Largest UK recycler of plastic scrap and waste into rigid end-use products.  Materials recycled: low, medium and high density polyethylene, polypropylene, high impact polystyrene.  Also takes in, as a waste material for recycling in partnership with others, PET, general purpose polystyrene, and other polymers.   Manufactures tough durable plastic composites in sheet, board or rolls from plastic waste, eg  Stokboard - black polythene, scuff-resistant embossed finish, suitable for animal pens, vehicle body linings etc;  Centriboard - smooth faced polyethylene and polypropylene in choice of colours;  Centalite - lightweight, robust 3-layer polypropylene sheet for reusable containers, often more effective than cardboard for transit;  Centritile - underground cable protection strip.  Also fencing, walkways, gates, path edging, animal housing, signage, traditional-style (but no maintenance) ecogates and trellis, bird hides, sport and leisure products, polypropylene wall-ceiling lining for catering establishments.  Worked with WRAP (section 300) on golf course items.  Outdoor products have lower whole-life cost than timber, while rot and algae-proof, splinter-free, hard to vandalise, UV- resistant, lightweight and easy to install.  (Updated April 2005)

Cromwell Polythene Ltd

Tel 01977 686868  Fax 01977 686869
Website  www.cromwellpolythene.co.uk 
Vickers Building, Hurricane Close, Sherburn in Elmet, LEEDS LS25 6PB
Contacts  Mark Fuller,  Recycling Manager  info@cromwellpolythene.co.uk or  paul@cromwellpolythene.co.uk 

Stockist of 100% polythene refuse sacks and heavy duty sacks made from 100% recycled material.  Agents for Kraft paper sacks useful for composting schemes.  Also wheelie bins, sack holders, bin liners, carriers, bubble wrap, sheeting, strapping, cable ties.  (Updated March 2006)

Tel 0208 567 2847  Fax 0208 579 7374
11a Lower Boston Road, LONDON W7 3SF  
Email mail@cutouts.net Website: www.cutouts.net 

Produces notebooks, organisers and coasters from recycled plastic bottles, juice cartons and plastic bags. They have also created a range of products from printed circuit boards
. Plastic containers such as coffee cups, yoghurt pots, wellington boots and juice cartons  are sorted, washed, chipped, poured into a heated press and squashed to provide the raw materials.  (Updated Nov 2002)

Earth Anchors Ltd

Tel 0208 684 9601  Fax 0208 684 2230
Website www.earth-anchors.com   
15 Campbell Road, CROYDON, Surrey CR0 2SQ

Street and park furniture, seats and benches, sign and barrier posts, fencing, picnic tables, bins etc, using plastic 'board' from durable waste-derived plastic composite materials.  Products can incorporate patented 'Rootfast' anchors, providing a vandal-resistant fixing (guaranteed three years if correctly installed in firm ground).  Some products also made in stainless steel.  (Updated April 2005) 

Environmental Polymer Products (EPP)

Tel 01744 810001 Fax 01744 810626
Bold Industrial Park, Neils Road, Bold, ST HELENS, Merseyside WA9 4TU

'Epoch' - a virtually indestructible, maintenance-free timber substitute for barrier posts, fencing, street furniture etc, from reclaimed plastic waste, as standard sections for general construction, and in a range of finished products.   Technical consultancy service for plastic recovery and recycling. 

Evalast Fencing Systems Ltd

Tel 01772 687779
Email evalastfencing@aol.com 
Website www.evalastfencing.com (under construction)
7 Market Square, Kirkham, PRESTON, Lancs PR4 2SD

Supplier of recycled plastic (high density polyethylene) fencing, garden fencing and gates, outdoor rabbit hutches, posts, panels, trellises.  (Updated Apr 2005)

Evershed Products
Tel / Fax 01388 777666
Website www.evershedproducts.co.uk  Email admin@evershedproducts.co.uk 
Unit 4, South Church Enterprise Park, BISHOP AUCKLAND, County Durham DL14 6XB

Supplier of recycled plastic and polystyrene products, including picnic tables, benches, pergolas, rose arches, bollards, boardwalks, seating, planter boxes, arbours, fencing, litter bins and signs.  Timber effect finish, or full range of colours if required.  Weatherproof, low maintenance, does not rot, corrode, does not need paint or preservative, resistant to most chemicals, graffiti, water, insects, fungi.  (Updated Apr 2005)

Filcris Ltd
Tel 01763 853026
Website www.filcris.co.uk  Email info@filcris.co.uk
Red Barns, Ashwell Road, Guilden Morden, ROYSTON, Herts SG8 0JY

Supplier and manufacturer of recycled plastic products for over 12 years.  Street signs, walkways, boardwalks, bridges, signage and information boards, street and park furniture, fencing, path edging, bird hides and other products.  One of the largest manufacturers of UK recycled plastic street signs.  (Updated Apr 2005)

Glasdon UK Ltd

Tel 01253 694811 / 600410 (24 hr orderline) Fax 01253 792558
Website www.glasdon.com  Email sales@glasdon-uk.co.uk 
Local Government Division, Preston New Road, BLACKPOOL, Lancs FY4 4UL

Designer and manufacturer of Enviropol - a timber substitute from reclaimed and recycled mixed plastic industrial and post-consumer waste - includes low and high density polyethylenes and polypropylene.  'Nouveau' seating uses attractive painted steel frame.  Many products, including street and traffic furniture, bollards, tree stakes, benches, seats, tables and fencing.   Unaffected by sunlight, withstands severe weather.  Also makes environmental and safety products, modular building systems.  Office hours 9-5.  (Updated Apr 2005)

Hoad J, Seating Displays

Tel 0208 985 6733
Willow Cottage, Pegmire Lane, Patchetts Green, WATFORD, Herts WD2 8DR

Manufacturer of slatted bench seats from recycled mixed polyethylene composite material.

Intruplas Ltd  

Tel 01924 492300  Fax 01924 492333 
Email info@intruplas.co.uk  Website www.intruplas.co.uk
Contact Shirley Wilkinson

Manufacturer of the Wayfarer range of durable, recycled plastic, weather-resistant outdoor furniture (black or brown) from reclaimed, blended plastics giving texture resembling wood.  Picnic tables, seats, benches, planters, vandal-resistant fencing, railing and waterside products.  Delivered fully assembled.  Makes porous groundblocks, used for cycle and access paths, using shredded rubber from scrap tyres blended with recycled plastics.  These are durable, quick and easy to lay, and virtually maintenance free.  Approved by Sustrans, the cycleway charity.  Working with companies to seek new uses for recycled materials. 
(Updated Apr 2005)

Lankhorst Recycling UK
Tel 0151 650 6999
Website www.lankhorst.co.uk/index.html  Email lankhorst@mersinet.co.uk
Egerton House, 2 Tower Road, BIRKENHEAD, Wirral CH41 1FN

Manufacturer of KLP, a composite building material made from recycled plastic waste, for 30 years.  Durable, weatherproof, vandal resistant, maintenance free and retains appearance.  Manufactured as sheets, poles, and planks for use as street furniture, fencing, barriers, decking, bridges, playground equipment and signage.  Special formula used for marinas, which can be immersed, as does not rot or become dangerously slippery.   For local authorities, bollards in various styles and colours; and ecogrid, a substitute for asphalt and concrete, won’t crack, corrode or splinter - suitable for grass car parking, paving, road preparation / protection, driveways, patios, and other uses.   Products can be reinforced with steel if required.  Also thick walled plastic mouldings, storage, packaging and cable cover (LDPE, colour coded).  Ecoplanks have many uses, but in animal enclosures like stables or horseboxes, the material resists the acidic effect of animal waste.  All products use the prefix 'eco', as they can be recycled after use and no oil–based finishes are required.  ISO9001 standard.  (Updated Apr 2005)

Linpac Environmental

Tel 01225 816 500  Fax 01225 816 501
Email envinfo@linpac-environmental.com  Website www.linpac-environmental.com 
Leafield Way, Leafield Industrial Estate, CORSHAM, Wilts SN13 9UD

Manufactures wheeled bins, composters, major supplier of kerbside collection boxes (each made from 37 used plastic bottles), paper banks, road barriers, street furniture, forecourt products etc. Content is at least 95% recycled, from reclaimed plastic bottles.  Associated companies produce office accessories, vehicle components etc. (Updated Feb 2002)

Made of Waste Ltd

Tel 01743 850267 Fax 01743 851067
The Mansion House, Ford, SHREWSBURY SY15 9LZ

Sales agency for reconstituted plastic waste materials and furnishings manufactured from multicoloured board. Part of Smile Plastics, a consultancy providing solutions for reuse and recovery of plastic wastes.

Marmax Products
Tel  01207 283442  Fax 01207 235164
Website www.marmaxproducts.co.uk  Email sales@marmaxproducts.co.uk
Units 9-12, Tanfield Lea South industrial estate, STANLEY, County Durham DH9 9QX

Supplier of recycled plastic seating and benches, picnic tables (wheelchair friendly), planters, fencing and gates, produce boxes, boardwalks, gameboards, nesting boxes, window boxes, bins.  These do not rot, fade or absorb water.  Easy to clean, hard to burn.  Choice of colours, particularly for playgrounds (standard is brown, black, blue and green).  Supplies to schools, local authorities for parks, and others.  Outdoor furniture supplied fully assembled, with security screws.  One bench uses the equivalent of 2000 plastic bottles.  Part of Samuel Grant group.  (Updated Apr 2005)

Mirus Plastics Limited
Tel 01422 345227 
Email sales@lynwoodproducts.co.uk  Website www.mirusplastics.co.uk
Ridings Business Park, Hopwood Lane, HALIFAX, West Yorks HX1 3TT 

Trade plastic waste recycling company.  Deals with both rigid plastics like polypropylene, polyethylene, ABS, and high impact styrene plastic waste, and polythenes, bags and films.  Recycles by injection moulding into large range of useful household, garden and workplace products.  Also tool design and manufacture. Large capacity.  All electricity used on the premises comes from renewable resources.  Established 1983.  Environment Agency accredited.  (Updated Nov 2005)

Monoplas Industries Ltd
Tel 01422 201161 Fax 01422 205676
Allen Works, Badger Lane, Hipperholme, HALIFAX, West Yorks HX3 8PW

Recovers PE, PP, PS, clean EPS. Supply recompounded pellets of all these.  Also manufactures a roofing slate replacement material from a 50/50 mixture of used EPS packaging and slate dust.

Packaging and Industrial Films Association (PIFA)
Tel 0115 942 2445 Fax 0115 942 2650
2 Mayfair Court, North Gate, NOTTINGHAM NG7 7GR

Provides advice and information and data on plastics recycling and recovery. Produces reports, policy statements on waste management and the environment.

Panda Stix
Tel 01623 412340  Fax 01623 412341  Mobile 07957 470619
Email pandastix@imhotepcomposites.co.uk  
Website www.imhotepcomposites.co.uk/pandastix 
Imhotep Ltd, Unit 9 Network Centre, Concorde Way, Millennium Business Park, MANSFIELD, Notts NG19 7JZ

Strong plant supports made from 98% recycled plastic with glass fibres, available in green and other colours, and also in a variety of kits for making cloches, wigwams and tripods eg to support runner beans.  Won't rot, rust, split, or harbour bugs or diseases.  Maintenance free.  Can be welded together using a hot-air gun, or linked with widgets, to make obelisks, trellises, growing frames, pond cover frames, windbreaks, or to weld labels.  'Aerospace technology in your garden!'  And if you want to know what a plastic doodad is, you'll have to look at the site.  (Updated Feb 2004)

Perstorp Plastic Systems

Tel 01530 273939
Huntingdon Way, Measham, SWADLINGCOTE, Derby DE12 7DS

Supplies long-life pallets made from mixed reclaimed plastic.  Operates a national pallet pool.  Collects scrap plastic bins for recycling, grinding and remoulding.

PlasCan Limited
Tel 01322 223363 / 551542  Fax 01322 223234 
Email  sales@plascancrusher.com  Website  www.plascancrusher.com, www.reuze.co.uk/plascan/links.htm
Units R/S/T/U, Burnham Trading Estate, Lawson Rd, DARTFORD,  Kent DA1 5BH
Contact  Philippa Wates

Can and bottle crusher made from recycled plastic - 'a lightweight, easy to store recycling tool'.  Reduces size of empty drink cans, plastic bottles (of 0.5 to 7 litres volume), juice cartons etc..  Lessens transport and environment costs, as more cans and bottles can be shipped per lorry, and bottle and can banks can be emptied less often due to saved space.  Crushes from top-to-bottom rather than side-to-side, which for plastic bottles further reduces compacted size.  'Safe and easy to use, especially for children', by hand or foot.  The base of most containers carries a code to aid recycling - the crusher keeps the code readable, ready for sorting.  Offers councils discount on orders of 500 or more in a 2004 pilot scheme, and a sample may be ordered at the standard price which is refunded following an order of 50 or more - info: Gilbert Wates, Donna Stephens.  Reuze website also lists where you can buy it in Argentina, Australia, New Zealand and USA.  (Updated Feb 2004)

Plastic Building Materials Ltd

Tel 01792 581171  0845 458 5195  Fax 01792 583042
Website www.pbmrecycled.com
PBM House, Kingsway, Fforestfach Industrial Estate, SWANSEA SA5 4ES
Contact: Michael Janes, Sales manager  07967 747054

Supplier of town and park furniture from recycled (and recyclable) materials.  Posts (pointed ends, diameters up to 10cm standard), planks, fencing and gravel boards (PVCu), signposts and information boards, bollards, tables, seating, benches and planters (can be combined), litter bins, paths, beach huts.  Brown, green, white and grey standard.  Cannot rot, splinter or split; UV-safe.  Standard traditional timber tools can be used.  Fixing plates / ground anchors.  Recycled polypropylene Hexapath for paths, driveways, parking areas, reinforcing banks.  (Updated Apr 2005)

Plastics and Rubber Advisory Service - see BPF

Plastics Reclamation Ltd

Tel 01744 810001  Fax 01744 810626
Email ches@prlonline.co.uk  
Contact  Chesney Orme, Chairman

Manufactures highway, outdoor and street furniture, signage, and landscaping and waterways products, for local authorities, industry and private sector.  Products 90% post-consumer waste.  'Epoch' products are from 100% recycled plastic packaging waste (LDPE, HDPE, PP).  'Knotwood' products made from HDPE and reclaimed wood composite.  Offers commission-moulding services.  Summary: www.inspirerecycle.org/case/plastic/cut1.htm  (Updated Apr 2005)

Playquest Ltd
Tel 01745 561117  Fax 01745 561091
Website www.playquest.co.uk  Email services@playquest.co.uk 
Main Road, Ffynnongroew, FLINTSHIRE CH8 9SW

Supplier of outdoor play equipment in heavy duty recycled (and recyclable) plastic (KLP).  Does not splinter, crack or rot; non-absorbant; insect resistant.  Long lifetime: UV-stable.  Builds recycled plastic garden furniture, including benches, tables, chairs, archways, planters, waste and grit bins.  Can also supply recycled plastic bollards, barriers, and bike-locking stands.  Also many wooden items, and removable formica game-top tables.  Catalogue available. 14 years experience in the 'play market'.   (Updated Apr 2005)

Polymer Reprocessors Ltd  
Tel  0151 606 0456   Fax 0151 606 0427
Website www.polymer-reprocessors.co.uk 
Reeds Lane, Moreton, WIRRAL, Cheshire CH46 1DW 

A unique non-chemical process provides destruction of CDs and CDRoms, providing an environment friendly solution and offering security. All material from CDs, CDRoms and packaging is reused or recycled (paper / polycarbonate / paint / lacquer / aluminium). The cased CD material goes to the decollation centre where constituent parts - CD, plastic case, paper inserts - are separated.  The cases are granulated, producing a crystal polystyrene pellet which can be reused in new CD cases (providing CD manufacturers with an environment-friendly process and dealing with surplus stock), and in artificial wood and insulating foam.  Paint, aluminium and data from the CD surface is removed for use in electric cable insulation. The cleaned CD is then granulated and compounded into polycarbonate with many uses, eg burglar alarm boxes, street lighting lenses.  Prisoners are employed, gaining a skill / NVQ while helping to reduce environmental damage. To eliminate royalty payments, manufacturers must provide auditable Certificates of Destruction. The plant has expansion capacity to handle all anticipated volumes from Western Europe.  (Updated Oct 2003)

Reclaimed Plastic Composites
Tel 01923 664454 Fax 01923 664786
Centre for Waste and Recycling, Garston, WATFORD, Herts WD2 7JR
www.bre.co.uk E-mail enquiries@bre.co.uk

BRE has extensive experience with plastics and polymerics and has an information paper on the use of recycled plastics in construction.

RECOUP (RECycling Of Used Plastics) Ltd

Tel 01733 390021 Fax 01733 390031
9 Metro Centre, Welbeck Way, Woodston, PETERBOROUGH, Cambs PE2 7WH
E-mail enquiry@recoup.org Website www.recoup.org
Contact Andrew Simmons

Industry-funded charity promoting recycling of post-consumer plastic containers, film, packaging and other products into non-food items.  Offers free phone, email and postal enquiry service, and free publications and factsheets; also videos and educational packs.  Website has long list of suppliers of  products made from recycled plastic, and details of any plastic recycling schemes in your area.  Received award by WRAP (see section 300) to provide support and guidance to make kerbside collection of plastics easier. 
(Updated Nov 2002)

Remarkable (Pencils) Ltd
Tel  0 1905 769 999  Fax  0 1905 769 300
Website www.remarkable.co.uk  Email info@remarkable.co.uk 
The Remarkable Factory, Midland Road, WORCESTER, WR5 1DS

Designs and produces good quality, well designed items that are enjoyable to own, from recycled materials, to generate a positive interest in recycling and environmental issues.  Pencils, stationery and desktop items from car tyres, polystyrene and polypropylene packaging, paper, newspapers and cardboard, plastic cups, and FSC wood (Forest Stewardship Council certified - see section 420).  Products can be personalised.  Excellent environmental policy, including encouraging environmental awareness and promotion of waste minimisation activities.  Website shows how to make a recycled pencil.  Good FAQ.  (Updated Aug 2005)

Save A Cup Recycling Company Ltd
Tel 01494 510167  Fax 01494 510168
Email hq@save-a-cup.co.uk, saveacup@btclick.com 
Website www.save-a-cup.co.uk 
Suite 2 Bridge House, Bridge Street, HIGH WYCOMBE, Bucks HP11 2EL

Not-for-profit company providing free regular collection, for recycling, of the millions of thin or hard walled polystyrene vending cups used in the UK.  Minimum quantity specified.  Can provide  purpose-designed collection bins, sacks (both made from recycled cups) and flaking machines.  Waste cups are processed into clean flake or pellets for remanufacture into non-food-contact  products - also available from Save-A-Cup - such as cup holders/trays, desktop accessories, pens (including ones which don't roll away), pencils, rulers, ice scrapers, coasters, key fobs, business cards and card holders, and all collection bins themselves.  Most products available customised, and in multiples of 10.  Website includes advice on placing bins (so people use them), and on collection arrangements.  Posters and waterproof decals for collection bins available free.  The high impact polystyrene recyclate can be used to make a huge variety of plastic components and products, usually at less cost than virgin polymer material.  Organisations can reduce Land-Fill Tax and waste management payments by saving cups for collection, demonstrate compliance with Packaging Waste Regulations; BS and ISO environmental standards; Duty of Care Regulations; and gain access to Packaging Recycling Notes (PRNs) for back-door waste.  Waste Transfer Notes detailing cup usage are issued in line with legislation.  Companies with Environment Agency registration for Packaging Waste Regulations can purchase PRNs from Save A Cup at a discount for tonnage recycled - all income from PRN sales supports free collection, as does maximising amounts collected each time to lessen environmental and journey costs.  Save A Cup was established by vending, foodservice and plastics industries, to increase amounts of cups collected in line with Government Targets for recycling packaging waste.  Has developed a 0.01p environment charge on all new vending cups, with approval from cup manufacturers and Office of Fair Trading, supporting the cost of running and expanding the service.  (Updated Feb 2004)

Sankey Home & Garden Products

Tel 0115 927 7335
Benverley Road, Bulwell, NOTTINGHAM NG6 8PE

Manufactures 'Terra Firma' garden planters and birdbaths, with the appearance of terracotta clay, from mixed plastic waste.

Save Wood Products Ltd

Tel 01983 299935 Fax 01983 299069
Amazon Works, Three Gates Road, COWES, Isle of Wight PO31 7UT

Manufactures weatherproof maintenance-free hardwood substitutes from EPS waste in various standard sections and choice of finishes, with density and tensile strength comparable to spruce.  Products can be engineered to specific requirements, and waste management solutions provided for other companies.  Enquiries for licensing production processes are welcomed.

Shield Trading Ltd 
Tel 01226 715269  Fax 01226 716592 
Email info@shieldtrading.co.uk, office@shieldtrading.co.uk, sales@shieldtrading.co.uk
Unit 2 Park Springs Business Park, Springvale Road, Grimethorpe, BARNSLEY, South Yorkshire S72 7BG 

Manufactures garden and street related furniture from recycled plastic.  Design and fabrication of bespoke and standardised recycled plastic products for all aspects of business and domestic use.  All from 100% recycled plastic (as such, diverted from landfill), environmentally safe, non-toxic, guaranteed for 25 years - no rotting, no splinters, no termites or ants.  Timbers will not melt or warp and can be used in water.  Claims material is low maintenance, long lasting and strong.  Complete before and after sales service from design to remedial.  Part for part replacement.   Repairs, warranty work, advice, and part to full installation of all products.  Lumbers (timbers) are designed for easy handling allowing one person installation - suitable for building small retaining walls, playground borders, raised flower beds, pond enclosures, sandboxes, and walk and garden edgings.  Shield would like to see more proactive approaches to tapping the tremendous unused potential of plastics recycling.  Key benefits of their plastics are: waterproof; non-rusting; non-absorbent so no growth of moss, slime or algae; colourfast - never needs to be painted (but can be) or sealed; no splitting, splintering or checking; impact and abrasion resistant; workable - screws, nail, cuts and routes like wood, with conventional tools; heavier than wood or metal, so more theft-proof; maintains original appearance; almost 100% maintenance free, requiring only soapy water when dirty.  (Won Highly Commended New Product Award at Glee exhibition, Birmingham, for a fountain made from recycled plastic).  (Updated Feb 2004)

Smile Plastics Ltd
Tel 01743 850267  Fax 01743 851067
Website www.smile-plastics.co.uk  Email cjw@smile-plastics.co.uk or smileplas@aol.com 
Mansion House, Ford, SHREWSBURY, Shrops SY5 9LZ
Contact  Colin Williamson or Sue

Company providing new solutions for re-use and recovery of plastic wastes, specialising in recycling to secondary products.  Sources and develops ideas and markets for recycled materials, concentrating on transforming plastics waste into multicoloured 'jazz' sheets of high-impact polystyrene (free sample available).  Plastic bottles are sorted into 3 colours, flaked, washed, and compressed.  Has launched products, all 100% recycled, made of crushed CDs, plastic water bottles, coffee cups, coathangers, banknotes, and scrap from its own factory.  Images on website.  In 2003 introduced recycled Mobile Phones and Wellies.  In 2004 launched ' soft and squishy' range of tactile sheets into which they embed people's memorabilia.  (Updated Jan 2005)

Tel 01438 716873 / 716478 
Email DrTM@aol.com  
The Centre, Codicote Road, WELWYN, Herts AL6 9TU
Contact  Dr Terry Moore, Director

Supplier of Plaswood recycled plastic 'timber' bridges, building materials, fencing, pallets, benches, tree stakes, decking, staging.  Also wild bird food, feeders, pet, reptile and equestrian supplies.  Homeopathic remedies.  Open Mon-Fri 9-6, Sat 9-5.30, Sun 9.30-1.  Also houses the Cat Survival Trust, caring for rescued wildcats, email cattrust@aol.com(Updated Apr 2005)

Tel 01993 776346 Fax 01993 776233
Zedcor Business Park, Bridge Street, WITNEY, Oxon OX8 6LJ

Recovers clean, uncontaminated PE film in tonnage quantities only.  Manufactures film for packaging and agriculture, damp-proof membranes for the construction industry and detection tapes for underground cables and pipelines.