87  Computers, phones and electronic goods  


Electronic scrap explosion damaging health in China and India

Expansion of the global market for electrical and electronic products is accelerating, while lifespan of the products is dropping, resulting in an explosion of electronic scrap.  UNEP states (2005): "Every year, 20 to 50 million tonnes of electrical and electronic equipment waste (e-waste) are generated worldwide, which could bring serious risks to human health and the environment. 4 million PCs are discarded per year in China alone."  

E-waste recycling in much of Asia is largely unregulated: impacts on the environment, and the health of recycling workers and communities, are poorly studied.  A new Greenpeace report (Aug 2005) Toxic Tech: Recycling of electronic wastes in China and India: workplace and environmental contamination investigates workshops, wastewater, soil and sediment from local rivers, and shows conclusively that all stages in processing electronic waste enable toxic chemicals, including heavy metals, to be released into the workplace and the environment.  Despite an EU ban on exports of hazardous waste, including electronic waste, to developing countries, this material is increasingly being sent to Asia from Europe illegally.  Samples from both indoor dusts and river sediment were abundant in toxic heavy metals, precious metals, and organic contaminants such as flame retardants and PCBs.  For all dusts collected from workshops in China, lead concentrations were hundreds of times higher than typical levels for indoor dusts in other parts of the world.  Lead is highly toxic, builds up in the body and can have irreversible effects on the nervous system.

The study shows that contamination is a direct result of the use of hazardous materials in electronic goods manufacture.  It strongly suggests a need to redesign and reformulate all new electronic goods to facilitate proper dismantling and component separation; and to avoid use of hazardous chemical components at source.  The WEEE Directive, and Restrictions on Hazardous Substances (RoHS), apply only in the EU and cover only a fraction of the hazardous substances used.  The study illustrates the urgent need for manufacturers to develop and design clean products with longer lifespans, that are safe and easy to repair, upgrade and recycle, and will not expose workers or the environment to hazardous chemicals.  Full report at www.greenpeace.org/raw/content/international/press/reports/recyclingelectronicwasteindiachinafull.pdf 


Stop exporting waste or face prosecution, EA warns  

Activities to identify illegal electronic waste exporters are being stepped up, the Environment Agency (EA) has said.  The announcement came after a report revealed that about 23,000 tonnes of waste was being shipped to non-OECD countries in the Far East, the Indian sub-continent, West Africa and China, without the correct authorisation from the EA. It is vital that waste exporters know what the rules are and comply with them, the agency said, or they will face prosecution. <http://www.edie.net/news/news_story.asp?id=9327&channel=0> 

New era in managing hazardous waste

On 16 July 2005, new Hazardous Waste Regulations (and Waste Acceptance Criteria, or WAC) came into force in England and Wales with far-reaching effects.  These require most producers of hazardous waste to have registered with the Environment Agency (EA) by 16 July, otherwise they will have committed an offence.  Some premises are exempt (section 23 of the regulations) such as offices, shops, agricultural, dental, veterinary and medical practices as long as they produce less than 200kg of hazardous waste a year. 

Manufacturers must register with the EA regardless of the quantity produced, before they or a contractor can legally move any hazardous waste off site.  Pre-notification of movement is not required.

Producers must be able to describe exactly what their waste contains: this will determine what can be done to minimise it, ease its recovery or ensure its safe disposal. This brings the definition of hazardous waste in line with the EC Hazardous Waste Directive, adding 200 waste types (including fluorescent tubes, computer monitors and pesticides) to the hazardous waste list, which already included such wastes as oil, and lead batteries.  Source: www.edie.net , Resource Recovery Forum and Environment Agency - for full text, email news@lcrn.org.uk  

A hazardous waste website has been set up to offer advice - www.hazardouswaste.org.uk 


There is a charge for every load of hazardous waste you take to landfill - 
but the organisations below may want to use your hazardous waste, or direct you to someone who does.


WEEE: Delayed reaction  www.dti.gov.uk/innovation/sustainability/weee/page30269.html 
The European Directive on Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) came into effect on 13 August 2005.  It regulates the handling of electronic waste in the EU by making electronics producers responsible for the recycling and disposal of goods returned to them at the end of their life.  However, it has yet to be implemented in all EU countries. The UK delayed both the producer responsibility and take-back provisions until June 2006.  From then, all business users, manufacturers and suppliers were expected to have a statutory obligation to recycle electrical and electronic equipment.  This was the second time the deadline had been put back.  A public consultation was then launched on 25 July 2006.  To view the consultation documents see www.dti.gov.uk/consultations/page32448.html .  The closing date for responses is 17 October 2006.  
The WasteBook editors wish to acknowledge that top of the Government's Waste Hierarchy for activity is RE-USE of materials, which is seen as the ideal first option before consideration of recycling. 

The WEEE man sculpture see section 44

General information

Unlike much commercial and industrial equipment, it is unusual for computer hardware and accessories to be used until worn out.  More likely, it will have become less effective for the increased demands made of it, and because of built in obsolescence of software.  Computers are therefore being disposed of in enormous numbers - up to two million working Pentium PCs are dumped in UK landfill sites every year.  Containing hazardous materials, as well as small amounts of precious metals, it is highly undesirable for these to find their way to landfill sites, where they will slowly degrade, pollute water and affect wildlife.  It is also an absurd waste of reusable materials.  IT equipment may also gather dust due to
data protection, waste disposal and health and safety considerations or requirements.  The challenge is to ensure equipment does not enter the waste chain prematurely.  IT offers good opportunities for reuse - this is higher in the government waste hierarchy, as it is uses fewer resources than recycling.  It is hoped that the EU 'WEEE' Waste management directive should encourage more care and less waste.

There are now many opportunities for donation.  While second-hand value is often minimal (although 5% could be substantial - see Maxitech below), hard-pressed educational establishments, charities, voluntary and other organisations are able to make good use of many types of discarded but working equipment.  A considerable number of not-for-profit redistribution agencies have arisen, together with companies able to re-work scrap into usable equipment.  Anything left over may include precious metals and will constitute hazardous waste, so it is in all our interests to reduce these residues to a minimum and ensure careful disposal.  Export to developing countries can also be a problem if not closely monitored, as laws on recycling or disposal may be weak or non-existent. 

For the government's approach to recycling Cathode Ray Tubes (CRTs) from TVs in future, see http://www.dti.gov.uk/sustainability/weee/index.htm#Timetable 

Mobile phones  - things you may not know about health and safety 
It is estimated that there are 45 million mobile phone subscribers in the UK - about 77% of the population own at least one mobile.  Used for emergencies, cellphones can save lives, but too often they become an addiction.  Texting may be less harmful, but the worrying health issue of holding a mobile close to your brain for long periods is ignored by the vast majority, despite many who object to new mast proposals near schools and their homes.  Reports have shown that the most affected are likely to be the young, whose thinner skulls offer less protection.  It is recommended that mobile phones are not used by children under 8 years old.  "Over 90 studies have concluded that mobile phones cause cancers and have cardiac, reproductive and neurological effects." (New Internationalist, July 2002).

A Swedish study (Sep 2003) by Prof. Leif Salford, financed by the Swedish Council for Work Life Research and published by the US government's National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, warns against intense use of cellphones by youngsters.  The study breaks new ground by looking at how low levels of microwaves cause proteins to leak across the blood-brain barrier.  This is linked to brain damage.  The research suggests that a whole generation of teens could go senile in the prime of their lives.  Prof Salford describes "the voluntary exposure of the brain to microwaves" from cellphones as "the largest human biological experiment ever."

At the same time the communications industry is increasing pressure to scale back research on health effects.

Living organisms are sensitive to ultra-low intensity microwave radiation.  Pulsed microwaves from sources (increasingly disguised) throughout the country, can have a serious effect on wildlife.  It is reported that microwaves kill 50 million migrating birds each year in the United States.  

You should never use a mobile in a petrol station - some have concealed phone masts which could cause a power surge, and a spark could ignite fuel and lead to a fire or an explosion.  

The mining of Coltan from countries such as Congo has caused serious social and environmental problems. 

Mobile phones - reuse and recycling
Mobile devices are now owned by over 75% of people in Western society with over 1.5 billion users world wide.  Most businesses now upgrade handsets year on year to keep up with technological advances.  This is leaving a huge trail of unwanted handsets and batteries.  In the UK alone an estimated 15 million handsets are discarded every year, over 100 million hoarded and fewer than 10% recycled.  The detrimental effect on the environment is already becoming serious.  Manufacturers, network service providers and retailers will soon have a legal obligation to recycle products under WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) legislation.  It will require countries to collect and recycle a certain amount of waste electrical and electronic products such as computers, mobile telephones and televisions - about time, as the number 'thrown away' is constantly growing and is becoming a serious hazard.   This will encourage shops to become far more involved in recycling, as they may have to take back an old item when a new one is purchased.

Mobiles contain precious metals such as platinum, palladium, gold, silver and copper - these include hazardous materials.  The main threat to the environment is the batteries, many containing lithium, mercury and cadmium.  Under UK legislation, these can still be buried in landfill sites, which can result in adverse effects to the environment from any leakage that can and will occur.  The majority of discarded mobile phones are deposited in landfill sites.  The hazardous contents will degrade over time, leak from the mobiles, and may cause serious damage to plants and wildlife.  Cadmium is listed as the 7th most dangerous substance on earth. The cadmium from one mobile phone battery is enough to pollute 600,000 litres of water, which would fill 1/3 of an Olympic sized swimming pool.  Through Fonebak (see below), hazardous waste is reduced, and cadmium and other hazardous materials are put back into productive use.  Cadmium is no longer used in mobile phone batteries.  Printed circuit boards inside the phones often contain lead solder, and the casings can give off toxic fumes when burnt in incinerators. 

About 15 million mobile phones (the equivalent of 1500 tonnes of landfill) are replaced in the UK each year.  The average handset is replaced every 18 months, although designed by the manufacturer to last for seven to ten years.  Some are returned for trade-in, but millions end up in drawers and toy boxes, or discarded with household refuse, ending in landfill where they can potentially harm the environment, continuing their cycle of damage.  The industries' development of contract buying, where you agree a contract to pay a monthly charge for one year and receive a 'free' (often near to or top of the range) phone, with incentives to replace it for one of the latest models as part of the offer to renew the contract at the end of the year, only increases the incredible numbers of mobile phones wasting away unused.  Increasing the amounts produced, replaced and abandoned every year contributes to ever greater unnecessary use of finite resources, including precious metals, adding to economic and environmental cost.  

Most of these problems are unnecessary:  most hardware can be re-used, so only a small number of handsets need to be recycled.  If the batteries cannot be re-used, these can be sent to a specialist processing facility in France.  Clearer instructions are needed when purchasing that the old one should be handed in, and as a public information campaign by local authorities and recycling companies, that all mobile phones should be returned for re-use or recycling at the end of their life.

So please don't throw your mobile in the bin!  

Contact firms like Fonebak, Corporate Mobile Recycling (who pass on quality older models), and Oxfam - see entries below.

Mobile phones - recharging advice
The industry could do more to encourage proper use of phones when recharging.  Many phone batteries are damaged or ruined, requiring early replacement or encouraging replacement of the entire phone.  This occurs when batteries are over-charged (and in some cases under-charged), because of peoples' lifestyles, lack of attention to instructions, or instructions not being clear or highlighted sufficiently by manufacturers and service providers.  

Simply charging when the phone is turned off can often extend and protect the life of the battery, preserving resources.  Also waiting until the battery is empty of charge before recharging preserves its life even further.  

All mobile phones come with rechargeable batteries.  Used properly, rechargeable batteries - such as nickel hydride, more robust than the older nickel cadmium type -  drastically lessen the poisonous chemicals leaking into the countryside in landfill sites, due to the use and irresponsible disposal of standard batteries.  


Always ask for an assurance concerning the safety of second-hand equipment bought or donated.

Always power down computers, including screens, overnight.  This will save money, reduce CO2 emissions, and could also protect you in case of a power surge.   Don't leave any machines in standby mode: this wastes over £150 million across the country every year; switch off at the mains when not in use.

Also see
Office wastes including toner cartridges (35)
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Materials exchanges (waste exchanges) (120)

Alphabetical list of organisations

ActionAid Recycling

Tel 0845 3100 200 (collections hotline) or 0117 304 2390   Fax 0117 304 2391
Website www.actionaidrecycling.org.uk  Email recycling@aarecycling.org.uk 
Unit 14 Kingsland Trading Estate, St Philips Road, BRISTOL BS2 0JZ

Recycling arm (started 1993) of ActionAid overseas development charity.  Gives at least 80% of profits to work with over 9 million of the poorest people in over 30 countries.  Free national collection, with storage boxes and freepost envelopes, of printer, photocopier and fax drums and cartridges, and unwanted mobile phones.  Also sells recycled or original cartridges - Tel 0117 304 2396 or sales@aarecyclin.org.uk .  Works with Arsenal Football Club, Buckingham Palace, 10 Downing Street, Comic Relief, businesses, universities and schools.  Website downloads include Recycling leaflet, Cartridge Guide, Mobile Phone Guide and poster, and Introductory Letter for partnership work.  Other free materials include ideas sheets, posters and fact sheets, also usable for promotion.  Cartridges received are checked for damage, sorted and sold to one of over 50 remanufacturing companies that clean and strip them.  All reusable parts help make new cartridges; remaining parts may be reused in other recycled content products.  Offers annual certificate showing how much money partners have raised; and waste management documents.  Over 10 years experience, millions collected.  
Mobile phones:
  collects all brands, working or not, with newer phones raising more funds.  Please remove sim cards before sending.  Free envelopes, or courier collection possible for over 20 phones.  Phones are sold for reuse; outlets include http://stores.ebay.co.uk/Actionaid-Recycling-Mobile-Phones.  Remaining phones are sold to a company that replaces faulty parts, or breaks items down into components for reuse and recycling.  "Most charities just lend their name to collection by separate companies" and only receive up to 30% of profits (see CAP Ventures research consultancy's white paper on cartridge collection).  ActionAid receives 80% or more of profits by collecting and organising reuse and recycling itself.  All funds help ensure access to healthcare, food, water, education and shelter.  Believes local communities, governments and international organisations working together bring real change to peoples' lives, overcoming  inequity, injustice and poverty.  Also works with Better food Company (see 440 Organic and low input food and drink).  For further environment information, ActionAid recommends Friends of the Earth www.foe.co.uk .  
(Updated May 2005)

ADM Computing
Chaucer Road, CANTERBURY, Kent CT1 1HH
Tel / Fax 01227 473500  Fax 01227 473009
Email  sales@adm-computing.co.uk , annika@adm-computing.co.uk 
Website  www.adm-computing.co.uk , www.admcomputing.co.uk
Contact  Adrian Bryant, Director

Computer services and products to business throughout Kent area.  Active in the community through a long-running recycling scheme, which has seen hundreds of computers donated to charity; and as sponsor for Try Angle Awards.  Takes working PCs (Pentium 166, 32M ram, and more), monitors and printers.  Kent environment award for work in the community.  Started in small single-roomed office in 1984, now claims to be largest and longest established independent IT service provider in the county.  (Updated May 2004)

Admiral Systems
Tel 01202 715570  Fax 01202 736078
72 Salterns Rd, POOLE, Dorset BH14 8BN

Computer broker:  sale and purchase of redundant computer equipment for reuse, refurbishment, recycling as spares or reclamation of materials.  (Updated Aug 2005)

Aston Communications

Tel 0208 361 8711  Fax 0208 361 3633
Website www.aston-telex.com   Email enquiry@aston-telex.com
2 St Johns Buildings, Friern Barnet Road, LONDON N11 3DP

Installation of new and second user telephone and telex systems.  Supplier of equipment from major manufacturers much cheaper than new.  Repairs and wide variety of spare parts. Purchaser of used equipment.  Established 1985.  (Updated Aug 2005)

AWA Refiners Ltd

Tel 01279 423743  Fax 01279 422243
Website www.awarefiners.co.uk   Email sales@awarefiners.co.uk 
Units 7 & 10, Mead Park, Templefields, River Way, HARLOW, Essex CM20 2SE

Precious metal refiner handling all grades of gold, silver and platinum group metals, palladium, iridium and rhodium; tungsten, cobalt, molybdenum, nickel, titanium, tantalum, indium, mercury, tin/lead alloy scrap.  Sourced from jewellery, computer, electronic, dental, and photographic wastes; reusable electronic components, telecom relays, solutions, inks, pastes, sweeps, fines, powder, solids, contacts, wire, pins, plugs, connectors.  Prompt evaluation and payment for computer boards.  Obsolete mainframe computers purchased outright or dismantling service offered. 'Reusable' department for PCs, monitors, and other electronic equipment.  Range of solder alloys manufactured for the electronics, jewellery and plumbing industries.  National collection with 24hr insured service for valuables.  On site laboratory.  Free collection service in UK.  Formed 1991.  (Updated June 2004)

Bioteknik Industrial Science
Unit 1,City Business Park, Marshwood Close, CANTERBURY, Kent CT1 1DX 
Tel 01227 470007   Fax 01227 470070
Website www.bioteknik.net 
Contact  Heather Kelton, Sales and Marketing Director; James Buckwell, Marketing; Tim Wanstall, Sales 

Collects all redundant computer hardware, in any condition.  Offers payment to the company or their nominated charity, depending on resale value less recycling costs.  Gold, platinum and other precious metals retrieved from boards and processors for market value.  Retrieves copper from wiring, and residual metal from hard drives and other components.  Metals, cables, boards, cpus, toner cartridges etc passed to specialist recycling companies.  Any remaining waste disposed of legally.  EPROMS and other chips can be wiped and remarketed especially in the far east.  Takes responsibility for all goods removed.  Software / data destruction (approved by US Defence), with confirmation certificate.  Claims 95% recycling and, working with the Environment Agency, local councils and others, is confident of achieving the 100% aimed for.  Locally registered second hand computer equipment dealer; registered Waste Carrier.  (Updated May 2004)

Blackmore Computers Ltd 
Tel 01985 851000 (Salisbury, contracts/disposal)   Fax 01985 851222 
Email audit@blackmore.net (general),  sales@blackmore.net,  support@blackmore.net   Website  www.itauditing.co.uk
Chitterne Dairy, Shrewton Rd, Chitterne, WARMINSTER, Wilts BA12 0LJ

Collects equipment anywhere in the UK, provides spreadsheet receipt, data wipe, audit and test report, and resells/remarkets/disposes agreeing price or commission with supplier.  As an alternative, organises staff purchase schemes, donation to schools, charities or overseas projects - no charge for managing any of these positive recycling schemes.  (Updated May 2004)

see Reboot  

'Bring Bring Scheme'
- see Oxfam Mobile Phone Recycling

British Red Cross
Tel 0207 235 5454  Fax 0207 245 6315
information@redcross.org.uk  Website www.redcross.org.uk 
9 Grosvenor Crescent, LONDON SW1X 7EJ

Recycle your old phone and help the Red Cross!  Virgin Mobile has pledged to give £5 to the Red Cross for every mobile phone that is collected.  The best form of recycling is reuse: wherever possible the handsets will be refurbished and put back into circulation.  Mobile phones contain hazardous materials, which can cause serious environmental damage if disposed of incorrectly.  In the UK, 15 million handsets are replaced each year.  If you are a customer of any network, you can pick up a FREEPOST recycling envelope from Virgin Megastores or V.shop.   Used inkjet cartridges from HP & Lexmark printers welcomed for recycling.  For every inkjet cartridge returned, the British Red Cross receives £1, raising over £20,000 so far.  The vast majority are re-used or refilled.  Any that cannot be re-used, due to damage, electrical errors or some other fault, are recycled by being broken down, and the plastic is reused to make benches.  Freepost envelopes provided to return the inkjets - order by emailing freepost@redcross.org.uk or calling 01638 552082.
For recycling of clothes and household items by the Red Cross, see section 81, Textiles. 
(Updated Aug 2005)

Tel 0208 694 0944  Fax 0208 694 2046  
c/o Advanced Systems & Support Ltd, Astra House, Arklow Road, New Cross, LONDON SE14 6EB
Website www.advanced-support.com  Email rcharles@advanced-support.com
Roy Charles  Managing Director,  rcharles@asas.co.uk 

Collects and refurbishes computers (486 upwards), printers, monitors and peripherals from London area, for good causes.  Offers training to unemployed through Foyer for entry into IT industry.  London first endorses the scheme for 'Skill in London' initiative.

CKS Recycled Technology
Tel 01933 411416  Fax 01933 411417
Email  itremovals@cksgroup.co.uk   Website  www.cksgroup.co.uk
Phoenix Way, Crown Business Park, RUSHDEN, Northants NN10 6BS
Contact  Mike England, Mick Powell

Collector of IT and office equipment for resale after testing, safety checks and minor repairs.  Surplus materials  and components reused or recycled in partnership with companies like AWA Refining.  Collects countrywide; charge depends on product.   (Updated Nov 2005)

CAd Services
Tel 0208 355 6307 
Website  www.caddotservices.co.uk/computing-recycling.html  Email  colin@caddotservices.co.uk   
151 Ardgowan Road, Catford, LONDON SE6 1UZ
Contact  Colin Adley

Shop refurbishing and recycling obsolete computers and printers from businesses, colleges and others - free collection.  Data securely erased.  Machines either sold on for reuse or individual components reused, donated or recycled, most to low income families or students - a low cost route into the world of IT.  Also receives requests from non-profits and voluntary bodies.  Computer and audio hardware for sale.  Ethos more environmental than for profit.  Happy to help schools or non-profit organisations with email, network, set up and training.  'Please use contact information to arrange pick up - collections are free for a minimum of 5 units, or when using a drop off point in Catford SE6 for single machines.  This service alone saves valuable space being ruined by landfill - as over a million machines in London are disposed of in the ground in this way each year!'  This quote is an example of the interesting information and figures on their website.  Prompt collection available. Covers all London postcodes and the home counties.   (Updated Nov 2005)

Cambridge Computer Recycling

Tel 0870 041 6483 / 01223 473875
Email  sales@cambridge-computer-recycling.co.uk 
Website  www.cambridge-computer-recycling.co.uk 
542 Newmarket Road, Cambridge, CB5 8LL 

Accepts and pays for working or scrap computers and related equipment (monitors, printers, networking items).  Collects throughout England; local residents may deliver to the workshop.  Recycles to provide bargain second user machines, parts, networking equipment, cabling and all aspects of PC hardware.  Deals direct with customers, selling mostly through Ebay.  Selected details of hardware and special offers onsite.  Trades on internet auctions as jccambridge, see http://members.ebay.co.uk/aboutme/jccambridge/ .  Suggests email contact is most practical.  Within London the congestion charge is passed on to customers, or they may pay the GLC direct.  Licensed Waste Carrier with the Environment Agency.  Duty of care notices issued where required. 
(Updated May 2004)

Centaur Auctions
Tel 0208 803 9796
Lea Valley Trading Estate, Angel Road, Edmonton, LONDON N18

Specialist auctions of office and computer equipment, machinery and trade stock.  Alternate Saturdays, 10.00am.

The Centre 
see Earth Centre, Herts, below

Charterhouse Muller plc
Tel 0118 956 9000  Fax 0118 958 4444
Email sales@cmplc.com  Website www.cmplc.com  
Littlejohns Lane, READING, Berks RG30 1RA

Collects and refurbishes desktop PCs, notebooks and printers and sells them on after testing, safety checks and minor repairs.  Remanufacture where appropriate.  Materials and/or components recycled.  Own transport fleet, nationwide coverage - no minimum load, no charge.  (Updated Oct 2004)

Church F J & Sons Ltd
Tel 01708 522651  Fax 01708 522786
Email traders@fjchurch.co.uk  Website www.fjchurch.co.uk  
Centenary Works, Manor Way, New Road, RAINHAM, Essex RM13 8RH

Buyer of used catalytic converters, gold, silver, platinum, palladium and rhodium in all forms as well as tantalum, titanium, ruthenium, hafnium and other minor metals.  Computer boards purchased (any quality or condition).  Reusable department for PCs, monitors and other electronic equipment.  (Updated Sep 2001)

Commonside Computer Surplus Ltd
Tel 0208 330 7533  Fax 0208 330 4838
Unit 13, 193 Garth Road, MORDEN, Surrey SM14 4LZ
Website www.commonside.co.uk  Email sales@commonside.softnet.co.uk
Contact Cliff Jenkins

Refurbishes functional computers (486 and above), peripherals, printers, monitors.  Resells mainly to traders, but also retail and education. 

Community Fonebak (also see Fonebak)
Helpline Tel 01727 202603  Collection Hotline Tel 01708 684000
Email info@communityfonebak.com  Website www.communityfonebak.com 
Community Fonebak c/o Shields Environmental plc, Kerry Avenue, Purfleet Industrial Park,
SOUTH OCKENDON, Essex RM15 4YE  (Tel 01708 684000)

Free nationwide scheme operated by Shields Environmental to help charities and community groups raise funds by collecting and recycling unwanted mobile phones, to minimise the potential impact of mobiles and accessories on the environment.  For each phone that can be reused (not recycled), you will receive £4 cash or a £5 voucher for Dixons Store Group (Dixons, Currys, The Link or PC World).  Bags, envelopes, containers and posters available.  Phones are separated for reuse or recycling.  About 50% resold and 50% recycled (if beyond repair or too old for resale).  Those for resale are tested, repaired, rebranded and packaged (using recycled material).  Handsets containing a mix of metals and plastics go to Sweden for incineration, where metals are extracted and sold for re-use: the energy heats a local village.  Pollution is claimed to be low.  Batteries (containing nickel cadmium, nickel metal hydride and lithium) go to a specialist recycler where materials are recovered and reused.  Accessories, including plastic packaging and paper manuals, can be recycled through the Fonebak scheme.  Some phones are exported to developing countries for re-use, where they would normally be too expensive.  SIM cards left in phones are destroyed for security reasons.  The scheme is endorsed by all network service providers, major retailers and the government. 
(Updated Sep 2003)

Community Technology (Comm-Tech Computer Recycling)
Tel 020 7733 3334  
Website www.communitytechnology.org.uk  
Email (community recycling & sales) itaid@com-tech.org or info@communitytechnology.org 
Unit F9, First Floor, BizSpace, 245a Coldharbour Lane, Brixton, LONDON SW9 8RR

Charity aiming to provide computer equipment in most cost effective and ecologically responsible way by reusing or recycling computers discarded by industry and large organisations.  Strives to extend the lifespan of retired IT equipment by collecting or intercepting it en route to the skip, refurbishing, revitalising, then passing freshly configured, low-cost PCs to low-income or community groups, charitable organisations, small businesses, individuals or collectives.   Organises and advertises IT collections from corporate and business clients, universities and councils, and welcomes donations from individuals. Computers are logged and recorded, then cleaned of any confidential or personal data, installed with an appropriate operating system and a selection of common freeware applications and utilities.  For example, OpenOffice www.openoffice.org  is used as an excellent all-round office package.  Training courses in Open Office and Linux (Open Source), and multimedia.
"Remember; old technology does not stop being useful!  A low spec machine can be an essential tool for anyone. Just because the marketing from Intel, AMD, IBM and Microsoft say you should have the latest and greatest, doesn't mean that you need it.  The incredible pace of PC hardware development, in terms of processor speed and capabilities, has far outstripped advancement in the means by which we harness that power: software applications and even the way in which we work.  Even a Pentium 166 Mhz is more than capable of providing adequate speed, reliability and flexibility for simple word-processing and email tasks. Comm-tech are currently diverting around 90 computers systems and monitors per week from landfill.  We are doing this with *NO* funding. We pay our costs with a combination of money earned from work-based-learning programmes, income from data destruction/recovery work, and system sales." 
(Updated May 2005)

CompassIT  (RestoreIT)
Tel 01733 312929  Fax 01733 237295
Unit 1, Global Business Centre, Newark Road, PETERBOROUGH, Cambs PE1 5YD
Email sales@compassit.co.uk  Website www.compassit.co.uk
Contact  John Byrne, IT manager

Charity receiving donations of computers and accessories from businesses and the community.  These are refurbished and sold at low prices to members of the public, in Peterborough and wider Cambs district, who could not normally afford it.  Equipment is recorded, sorted, cleaned, built, repaired, refurbished or completely upgraded and checked, to customers' specifications by skilled volunteers.  Can provide anyone with fully equipped internet-ready computers from £150Typical system includes Internet Ready, multi-media Intel Pentium2 400 PC, 128MB RAM, 6GB Hard Disk, 56K Modem, CDrom, speakers, Windows 98 second edition with user licence, 15" CRT monitor, keyboard and mouse.  One year return-to-base warranty.  Limited supply of reconditioned laptops from £200.  Hardware can be bought individually, including CD ROMs, RAM, hard drives, speakers or printers.  Repairs, aftersales and advice.  New computers for schools only - operates scheme taking old school computers and supplying new refurbished ones.  One paid staff member plus volunteers - work training available.  Money left over helps charity-based community projects.  Under new WEEE directive, CRT monitors are shipped abroad (usually Germany) for degassing; arrangements with various UK organisations for recycling unusable materials, eg plastics and precious metal refiners.  Nothing goes to landfill.  All donated pc equipment kept in secure area until hard drives are erased using government approved wiping programme (donated by Cambridgeshire constabulary), by technicians screened by police for security clearance - then machines are repaired, tested and setup for customers.  Asks for declaration stating you will not sell on your computer to make a profit.  Open Mon-Fri 930-4.  Also see Restore www.compasspeterboroughltd.com - see Scrapstores, section 140.  CompassIT and Restore belong to Compass (Peterborough) partnership,  also including SOFA furniture reuse and recycling (see Furniture section 82); Community Shops for household necessities and clothing (see sections on Furniture 82, and Electrical and electronic scrap 44); Credit Union banking; Step One employment, training and benefits advice; and Partnership House 'one stop shop' advice on welfare benefits, debt, employment and guidance training for Welland residents.  (Updated Nov 2005)

Computeraid International
Tel 0207 281 0091  Fax 0207 281 0058
433 Holloway Road, LONDON N7 6LJ
Website www.computer-aid.org  Email info@computeraid.org
Contact Angela Anyiam

Charity collecting computers (Pentium 2+) and peripherals such as modems, printers, colour monitors (15 or 17"), power cables, keyboards and mice.  All donated computers have hard disks wiped and reformatted.  Tested and repaired mainly by volunteers, and sent to schools, health and community organisations in developing countries.  Identifies and works with organisations in recipient countries able to derive value from refurbished computers.  Over 45,000 PCs shipped to more than 90 developing countries - 25,000 have gone to educational institutions, the rest to community organisations in fields as diverse as HIV/Aids, environment, human rights, and primary healthcare.  Provides training and work experience in computer repair to socially excluded people in UK workshops.  Ring 9-5 or drop off computers.  Limited collection service (donation requested), 1030-530 Mon-Sat.  From website, can download free guide for businesses to WEEE directive.   (Updated Apr 2005)

Computer Junk Shop
Tel 0151 420 6671  Fax 0151 495 1132
10 Waterloo Road, WIDNES, Cheshire WA8 0PY

Purchaser of redundant computer and electronic equipment for dismantling into component parts or resale.

Computer Remarketing Services Ltd
Tel 01908 656700
  Fax 01908 649295
Email  info@crs-uk.biz  Website  www.crs-uk.biz
32 Clarke Road, MILTON KEYNES, Bucks MK1 1LG
Contact  Terry Maguire

Specialist in refurbished computers and laptops, reconditioned printers, monitors and collection, recycling and disposal of surplus IT equipment.  PCs, monitors, notebooks and printers: disks wiped, equipment cleaned, refurbished/repaired, upgraded, remarketed, or recycled.  Collection nationwide and across Europe - cost according to volume, location.  Awarded ICER mark for refurbishing / recycling computers; ISO9001:2000 accredited.  (Updated Oct 2004)

Computer Salvage Specialists

Tel 01635 552666  Fax 01635 582990
enquiries@computersalvagespecialists.com  Website  www.computersalvagespecialists.com
5 Abex Road, Bone Lane Industrial Estate, NEWBURY, Berks RG14 5EY
Contact  Andrew Braysher / Rachel Martin

Nationwide collection and recycling of all types of electronic waste from computer and electronics industry.  Moved in 2001 to secure purpose-built site for storage, separation and processing of electronic waste.  100% recycling routes for most end-of-life domestic televisions, CRT monitors and the majority of IT equipment.  Website has diagrams showing how each component is recycled, and lists precious metal content.  Solder paste container washing process has reduced amount of tin/lead bearing metals and plastic entering landfill.  Transport fleet has roll on and roll off container service.   Worldwide contacts.  Established 1985.  (Updated June 2004)

Computers for
Tel 01323 840641
Email  info@computersforcharities.org , c.f.c@btinternet.com
Website www.computersforcharities.co.uk
Cemetery Lodge, Ersham Road, HAILSHAM, East Sussex BN27 3LJ
Contact  Simon Rooksby, Chairman  simon@computersforcharities.org

Computer recycling and refurbishment, non-profit and campaign specialist.
  Waste disposal environment policy: 95% of current IT waste recycled.  IT supply, advice and support, ensuring use of donated equipment for community benefit.  Corporates provide 95% of  equipment, including health, government and education.  Must be working and up to 4 years old.  Collection for larger quantities, and approved data removal.  Base line specifications for current donations: Pentium II 400mhz for PCs; G3 for Apple Macs.  Laptops and notebooks wanted. 

retail quality, low price equipment, aftersales and technical support.  Advice and quotes include software, printers and peripherals, standard and extended guarantees - eg Celeron 2.6ghz, 512mbRam, 80gb drive, Windows XP, 3 yrs on site warranty, no  monitor, £380 plus carriage.  Free computer loans and advice to charities, voluntary and smaller organisations (playgroups, training centres, animal sanctuaries, etc).  Loans usually 12 months, minimum spec presently Pentium II, excludes software and carriage - loan@computersforcharities.org.  IT related consultancy and assistance (to NGOs, Aid agencies etc) in partnership with established organisations, including admin, radio/tv, learning centres, renewable energy sources, and IT training from basic skills to MSC eg www.examondemand.co.uk.  IT repair and refurbishment courses.  Recommends admin/software for Gift Aid. 

Mobile phones 'Dead or Alive': takes old mobile phones, chargers, accessories, printer inkjet and laser cartridges (eg for schools in Chernobyl, Romania and Albania).  'All equipment helps.'  Info, posters and collecting boxes available.  'Bikes for the Bush' recycling with Stafford Prison: 100 revitalised bicycles to go to Africa, giving vital community support.  Also "African schools on line" scheme.  Even releases music cds! 
Presentations and talks to schools, churches and community groups - info Simon Rooksby.  Seeks sponsors for development of community computer recycling centres, for local solutions, employment, and to address growing computer waste problem.  Welcomes funding help/advice.  Operates totally on voluntary support, including professionals from large companies and organisations. 

Began 1994 in a bungalow loft, viewing millions of computers sent to landfill, to redress wasteful practices and benefit good causes.  "£500,000 has been saved by London Boroughs, but more can be achieved with better funding and resources to aid environment and further landfill cost savings." 
(Updated May 2004)

Computers for Charity
Tel 01288 355942  Fax 01288 359320
Email  graham.pitt@ukonline.co.uk   Website  web.ukonline.co.uk/graham.pitt/cfc/
26 Hollabury Road, BUDE, Cornwall EX23 8JA

Collects nationally.  Tests before passing on to charities and voluntary groups in Avon, Somerset, Devon and Cornwall.  Anything not reusable is sent for recovery.

Computers for the Disabled
Tel 01268 284834  Fax 01268 479028 / 284384
Email bigpaulh@blueyonder.co.uk  Website www.cftd.co.uk 
41 New Waverley Road, Noak Bridge, LAINDON, Essex SS15 4BJ
Contact  Paul Harris

Charity supplying reused and recycled computers and parts, for disabled individuals, groups, centres, schools, service providers, the elderly, and any agencies, organisations and charities helping those with a disability or learning difficulty.  In 2003, claims to have recycled and supplied over 295 PCs for individuals and organisations, an average of 5 per week.  Collects computers, hardware and parts at low or no cost from UK households and businesses.  Safety checked before passing on at cost price.  Builds and supplies complete internet-ready multimedia PCs (new and second-hand parts) for distribution throughout UK.  Offers basic PCs free.  Gives disabled people a means of keeping in touch.  Asks donees to cover only the cost of parts used to make the PC to their specification and needs.  Aftersales repairs.  Free advice on best buys, where and what to buy and what to avoid.  Seeks laptops (for confined living spaces), software CDs, mobile phones and chargers with/without sim card (not over 3 years old), cordless analogue or digital telephones, DVD players, video recorders, TVs, video cameras, 35mm cameras, videos, DVDs and music CDs.  Team of unpaid committee members and volunteers - no paid staff.  Relies on donations to help with running costs and providing PCs to customers.  Works with social services and other Government departments.  (Updated Feb 2004)

Computer Takeback Campaign
Website  www.computertakeback.com    Email  info@computertakeback.com 

Formed to promote clean design and brand owner responsibility for discarded computers and electronics.  US based organisation promoting sustainable production and consumption of consumer electronics (all products with a circuit board).  Working to improve solid waste and toxic materials policy, promote manufacture of cleaner computers and curb the flow of toxic electronic waste: legislation must phase out specific hazardous materials from manufacture, including lead, mercury, polyvinyl chloride (PVC), and brominated flame retardants.  Aims to get manufacturers to meet specific goals for electronics recovery, reuse, and recycled content at least as stringent as the EU, giving them incentives to develop convenient, effective collection, disassembly, reuse and recycling.  Aims to protect health and wellbeing of electronics users, workers, and communities where electronics are produced and discarded, by requiring manufacturers and brand owners to take responsibility for the life cycle of their products.  Grades companies on environmental quality of equipment and environmental performance, rating them in 4 categories: producer responsibility, hazardous materials, worker health and safety, and accessibility of information, and giving a total score out of 68.  Effective legislation must ban electronic equipment from landfills and incinerators, prohibit export of CRT glass waste, and require recycled content standards for materials used in electronic equipment.  15 electronics recycling firms in North America have joined forces with environmental organizations and agreed to uphold the world’s most rigorous environmental and social criteria for the dismantling and recycling of electronic wastes.  (Updated May 2004)

Corporate Mobile Recycling Limited
Tel 0207 404 6440   Fax 0207 404 4374
Email info@cmrecycling.co.uk  Website www.cmrecycling.co.uk   
3 Long Yard, Holborn, LONDON WC1N 3LS 
Contact Olly Tagg, Marketing Director

Mobile phone and related equipment reuse and recycling for corporations, network operators, manufacturers, retailers, public service bodies and individuals.  Offers raised revenues through sale and reuse, complying with legislation and the WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) Directive.  Estimates potential value of phones and equipment.  Price paid depends on type of phone and whether it works.  'Simple, comprehensive, managed solution for disposal of new, end-of-line, surplus, 14-day, upgraded, or used mobile phones, from free collection and evaluation of handsets to payment and safe disposal of any faulty hardware.  Fully audited paper trail.'  Website's Services Section gives details for companies, schools, charities, councils, hospitals, etc.  States they have processed over 30,000 used phones, raising tens of thousands of pounds, for Oxfam (see separate entries, with references to other sections, below, and Charity section 130).  Various environmental schemes encourage companies and individuals to be involved with a ‘Give Back’ scheme, designed to incorporate and surpass the WEEE Directive in line with their Environmental Management System.  Prize scheme: for every 20,000 phones received from the public a £12,000 Daimler Chrysler Smart Car is given away.  (Sending in one phone gives a 1:20,000 chance of winning, 10 phones a 1:2000 chance).  Many recycled phones are reused in developing countries, providing affordable communications where landline infrastructures do not exist.  Phones unable to be reused are broken down by each component and recycled, saving dangerous metals including cadmium, nickel and lithium from landfill, and precious metals including gold and copper for reuse.  Helps schools, councils, hospitals or corporates with fundraising efforts, and with donations of all or part of monies raised from reuse/recycling to any charity of choice.  Can provide each employee/pupil with a bag for redundant corporate or personal handsets, collected free.  

Collection from one to thousands of sites, around the UK, Europe or world.  Worldwide free courier collection.  Freepost service for employees operating remotely.  Each client has Freepost code for safely tracked collections and remuneration.  Larger volumes (20+) can be collected on a next day basis ('even if they are a bunch of bricks') from anywhere in the UK or Mainland Europe.  All carriers verified to environmental certification allowing them to transport electrical goods.  Full environmental audit of all equipment, explained on the website under Environment Policy.  Equipment is logged and a unique IMEI number recorded on database for tracking.  States only one other UK mobile recycling company publicly accounts for their policy in an environmental statement.  Claims to be one of only two UK mobile phone companies awarded ISO14001 and EMAS Environmental Accreditation. 
(Updated Feb 2004)

Creative Video Associates
Tel 01454 281858 Fax 01454 281868
2 Cooper Road, Thornbury, BRISTOL BS12 2UP

Recycling videotape service for the TV broadcast industry; used equipment supplied to Eastern Europe; redundant stock donated to foreign offices 'TV Aid' campaign.  VHS tapes supplied in bulk to schools at very low cost.

Crimson 8 Computer Repairs
Tel 01234 400444   Fax 01234 400445
Unit 6, Wolseley Business Park, KEMPSTON, Beds MK42 7PW
Website  www.crimson8.com   Email  crimson8cr@aol.com
Contact  Nick Collier

Resale and refurbishment of printers.  These are passed to maintenance and repair companies, brokers, commercial and voluntary organisations.  Desktop peripherals also repaired, tested, refurbished and warrantied.  PCs then redirected, often to educational establishments.  Gold stripped from parts which cannot be reused.

66 Commercial Street, LONDON E1 6LT
Tel 0870 011 3335 or 0207 426 3851 Fax 0870 011 3336
Email corporatepartnerships@crisis.org.uk (for freepost envelopes) or enquiries@crisis.org.uk  Website www.crisis.org.uk/fund/mobile.php 

Each mobile phone donated through the 'old mobile phone amnesty' scheme can generate £5 for Crisis.  It works in three ways:  collect a freepost recycling envelope from Sainsbury's and post it in the nearest Royal Mail post box;  or contact Crisis for a freepost recycling envelope by emailing corporatepartnerships@crisis.org.uk;  or phone 0207 426 3851 direct.  To get your companies, communities or education establishments to help:  you could hold a mobile phone amnesty at work, community center or school / college.  Crisis can supply recycling packs including posters, leaflets and collecting envelopes.  Scheme run by Crisis in conjunction with NSPCC, Sainsbury's and Shields Environmental.  See also additional information, both on Crisis and the now national FareShare food redistribution scheme, in section 12 Food Waste.   (Updated Aug 2005)

Tel 01634 409712  Fax 01634 846204 
Email  cyberark@vinescentre.org.uk   Website  www.vinescentre.org.uk, www.vinescentre.org.uk/cyberark.htm  
92-94 Hopewell Drive, CHATHAM, Kent ME5 7PY 
Contact  Brian Upton, Project Manager  

Collects computers from public authorities (including Medway Council), private businesses and the public.  Resells at affordable prices machines that have been furbished, upgraded and installed with genuine software.  Clients include other charities and people on low income.  Unserviceable equipment taken apart for recycling.  Recycling team includes unemployed young people and volunteers receiving IT technical support skills training.  ‘Get Wired for Free’:  £0.5m SEEDA (South East of England Development Agency) contract to supply 20 refurbished computers per week to a potential 36,000 groups over 3 years, giving 150 young people IT training.  Also sells special offer CDs, software and parts.  Part of Vines Centre Trust (see section 130), a charity involved in many recycling activities including Home from Home (see section 82) free and low cost office furniture; and Re>Paint offering free paint (sections 22, 430).  Promotes social responsibility and sustainable use of the Earth's resources.  Operates and supports 5 UK Online centres across Medway offering low cost internet access and computer use (see also www.ukonline.gov.uk/Home/Homepage/fs/en).   (Updated May 2004)

Dataserv - CES/El Camino
Tel 01784 462104  Fax 01784 449316
Hawthorne Road, STAINES, Middx TW18 3BB
Website www.dataserve-ces.com Email bstelling@compuserve.com

Claims to be Europe's leading PC remarketing service.  Collects computer equipment on request (from businesses only) to refurbish, repair or sell on to other traders.  70% exported.  Works with Free Computers for Education.  Scrap is recycled by Else Refining.

Contact  Ivan Wainewright (see also IT For Charities) or David Eisenhart (see www.e-rothe.co.uk)

Free national 'matchmaking' service for individuals and organisations to donate unwanted computers, printers etc to UK charities, not-for-profit organisations and educational establishments (hardware only - no software unless operating system included as originally sold with pc).  Primarily for those with one or two items to donate and/or who cannot find a recycling organisation to take their unwanted equipment.  Clear, comprehensive advice on accepting or donating a pc (not just via this site).  Links to other organisations and further advice (including DTI guide: Re-Use of Unwanted Computer Equipment).  (Updated Feb 2004)

Tel 01869-810600  Fax 01869-810595 
Email dtc.telecom@ukonline.co.uk  Website www.dtc-telecom.co.uk
Unit 3, Park End Works, Croughton, BRACKLEY, Northants NN15 5LX 
Contact  Tony Jones

Telecoms equipment recovery specialist, including exchanges, cabling, voice and data equipment.  Resells after testing, safety checks and minor repairs; or without testing, repair or refurbishing.  Remanufactures and recycles materials and/or components.  Second user sales department offers components, and PABX systems with software (for sale section on website).  Three month warranty with supplied equipment.  Collection arranged countrywide, no minimum load, charge negotiated.   (Updated Oct 2004)

Earth Centre (The Centre)

Tel 01438 716873 / 01438 716478  Fax 01438 717535
Email planetwise@aol.com  Website www.catsurvivaltrust.org 
Codicote Road, WELWYN, Herts AL6 9TU

Charitable business - profits support various environmental projects.   Accepts or collects unwanted office furniture, computers (Pentium 2 or newer for re-use) and photocopier equipment, carpeting etc.  Please ring in advance for a visit.  (Updated July 2005)

ECA Plastics (UK) Ltd
Tel / Fax 0208 870 8846  Email ecaplastics@cs.com 
298 Trinity Road, LONDON SW18 3RG
Contact  Edward Clack

Organises three main activities, 90% of which is collection from retailers and warehouses, recovery and recycling of post-consumer polyethylene and polypropylene film packaging.  Will collect baled loads of 5 tonnes plus.  Labels are removed and materials sorted to single polymer at Thetford and Cambridge.  Also recycles moulded sandwich trays from supermarkets - mainly HIP (High Impact Polystyrene).  Thirdly, operates plant to recycle ABS and styrene plastic moulded containers for electrical and electronic equipment, including phones, vacuum cleaners, computers, printers and monitors.  Dismantles computers, recovering plastics and electronic components.  (Updated Feb 2001)

Eden Communications

Tel 01732 865313 Fax 01732 863013
25 High Street, EDENBRIDGE, Kent TN8 5AB

New and used telephone system installation.  Purchaser of second hand systems.

Elbourn Computer Services 
Tel 07974 226865
Email  help@elbourn.ukfsn.org ,  berni@elbourncs.fsnet.co.uk   Website  www.elbourncs.fsnet.co.ukwww.elbourn.ukfsn.org/menu.html
10 Bonsey Close, Westfield, WOKING, Surrey GU22 9PS

System upgrade service provides local community benefits through donation of systems and hardware for re-use in charities, schools and voluntary organisations.  NSPCC (National Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Children) receive 10% of clients' first equipment service labour fee as a donation.  Supplies systems, parts and repairs.  (Updated May 2004)

Electronic Manufacturers Equipment Recycling Group (EMERG)
Tel 01989 768899 Fax 01989 768215
c/o Mann Organisation, Ashburton Industrial Estate, ROSS ON WYE, Herefordshire HR9 7BW

A grouping of 20 multinational manufacturers of electrical and electronic products, promoting the economic potential of 'end of life assets' through an integrated approach of working with the recycling industry, material suppliers and product customers.

Electronic Services Limited

Tel 019020 Fax 01920 871801
1 Roydon Road, Stanstead Abbots, HERTS SG12 8HN

Reconditioning of heating controls.

Else Refining & Recycling Ltd

Tel 01462 812000  Fax 01462 817117
Email jasonelse@elserefining.co.uk   
Unit 7-8 Pole Hanger Farm, Shefford Road, Meppershall, SHEFFORD, Beds SG17 5LH  

Computer and electronic equipment, including mobile phones, accepted for refining & recycling.  Equipment dismantled for reusable parts, common and precious metal reclamation.  Material bulked up and sold to reliable partners such as SMS (section 43).  (Updated July 2005)

EMR (European Metal Recycling Ltd)
Tel 01925 715400  Fax 01925 713470 / 80
Email Ken.Norman@emrltd.com  Website www.emrltd.com  
Sirius House, Delta Crescent, Westbrook, WARRINGTON, Cheshire WA5 7NS 
Contact  Ken Norman  

UK's largest electrical goods recycler, handling over 300,000 tonnes of predominantly white goods, computers and cable annually.  Unparalleled logistics and investment, leader in shredding post-consumer durables, high-tech granulation and dense media separation of mixed materials for private and public sectors.  Recycles materials and/or components for white goods, other domestic appliances, brown goods, IT and office equipment. Also handles railway carriages, shipping, engineering contracts, military hardware, cable granulation, factory contracts and environmental consultancy (Mayer Environmental Ltd).  Collection countrywide, no minimum load, charge negotiable.  Depots UK wide; SE includes Brentford, Canning Town, Croydon, East Tilbury, Great Yarmouth, Kettering, Kingsbury, Newmarket, Northampton, Norwich, Park Royal, Plymouth, Rochester, Shoreham, Southampton, Swindon, Thames Wharf, Tilbury Dock, Tottenham, Wandsworth, Willesden, Woburn.  (Updated Oct 2004)

End-O-Line Services Ltd
Tel 01621 843535  Fax 01621 843534 
Email info@eols.co.uk   Website www.end-o-line.co.uk 
1-3 Baltic Wharf, Station Road, MALDON, Essex CM9 4LQ 
Contact  Amy Pass amy.p@eols.co.uk

Recycles office and IT equipment, reselling after testing, safety checks and minor repairs, or without testing, repair or refurbishment.  Recycles materials and/or components.  Claims 90% of collected inventory returns to use in complete or component form.  Staff purchase and charitable donation schemes.  Collection countrywide, no minimum load; charge may be levied, dependent on load.  (Updated Oct 2004)

Enderby Metals

Tel 0116 286 2450 Fax 0116 275 3081
Hepburn Bungalow, Stone Lane, ENDERBY, Leics LE9 5PP

Scrap merchant dealing in metals, electric motors, transformers, cable and commercial computers.

Environmental Storage Solutions
Tel 01933 222826  Fax 01933 273303
Email dclingo@ess22.freeserve.co.uk 
Unit 21, The Leyland Trading Estate, WELLINGBOROUGH, Northants NN8 1RT
Contact  David Clingo

Recycles white goods and equipment, refrigeration equipment, other domestic appliances, brown goods (TV, audio), office and IT equipment, recycling materials and/or components.  Specialist in granulation, cathode ray tube recycling, and precious metal refining.  Dismantling prior to recycling.  Collection countrywide, full loads only, charge dependent on product type.  (Updated Oct 2004)


Tel 01727 202603  01708 684000  Fax 01708 684020
Email enquiries@shields-e.com Website www.fonebak.com
Kerry Avenue, Purfleet Industrial Park,

Free nationwide scheme open to all, operated by Shields Environmental to reuse and recycle mobile phone handsets and accessories, reducing their impact on the environment. They can be returned directly to over 1200 UK shops (O2, Orange, T-Mobile, Vodafone). Or collect a Freepost envelope from any of these and send the unwanted handset(s) and accessories to the Fonebak recycling centre (Virgin Mobile, Virgin Megastores, Currys, Dixons, The Link, PC World.  Envelopes can also be ordered from these, or from Orange).  Phones are separated for reuse or recycling.  About 50% are resold and 50% recycled (if beyond repair or too old for resale).  Those for resale are tested, repaired, rebranded and packaged (using recycled material).  Handsets containing a mix of metals and plastics go to Sweden for incineration, where metals are extracted for re-use: the energy heats a local village, and pollution is claimed to be low.  Batteries (containing nickel cadmium, nickel metal hydride and lithium) go to a specialist recycler where materials are recovered and reused.  Metals (gold, palladium, copper, silver, platinum) are recovered from chargers and accessories for reuse, and plastics are granulated and made into traffic cones, buckets etc.  All phone accessories, including plastic packaging and paper manuals, can also be recycled through the Fonebak scheme.  SIM cards left in phones are destroyed for security reasons.  Some phones are exported to developing countries for re-use, where they would usually be too expensive.  Dixons processed 51 tonnes of phones and accessories last year, and Vodafone raised £50,000 for Fauna and Flora International environmental projects.   Endorsed by all network service providers, major retailers and the government
(Updated Sep 2003)

Forest Recycling Project

Tel 0208 539 3856
Website www.frponline.org.uk  Email info@frponline.org.uk 
2C Bakers Avenue, Walthamstow, LONDON E17 9AW
Contact: Mark Webster or Charlotte Walker

Not-for-profit community business established 1989, work ing in London Borough of Waltham Forest and surrounding areas.  Offices: Collects office paper and confidential waste for recycling; also redundant computers ReUse-IT@FRP (providing very low-cost computers for those in need), toner cartridges, cans, foil and plastic cups.  Sells wide range of recycled goods such as papers, office stationery, cleaning materials, fair trade tea and coffee and other goods.  Large stock of donated files, folders, envelopes, paper and other office items free to those who need them.  Forest Collects is a free collection, mainly for elderly and disabled people, of household items, including furniture, books, bric a brac, tools, garden equipment, garden waste, paint, cardboard, scrap metal (eg fences, gates, radiators), wood, textiles, shoes, sinks, baths and basins.  Items collected do not have to be in near- new condition. This is to help people on low incomes, without their own transport or easy access to it, recycle and reuse household items.  Collected items are recycled and reused in the community.  Initiates community recycling activities and runs workshops to encourage environmental awareness, to help create a sustainable society.   Promotes good practice, and offers environmental audits, in offices and service industries.  Free collection (from FRP premises Tue -Fri 10 to 4) and redistribution of unwanted paint, under Community Re>Paint scheme.  Organises 'Give and Take days' offering free exchange of furniture and household goods - see Give and Take, WasteBook section 120:  www.giveortake.org .  5 paid employees, about 20 volunteers. (Updated Aug 2005)

Frazier, R Ltd

Tel 01387 723000 Fax 01387 723001
Irongray Business Park, Lochside Industrial Estate, DUMFRIES DG2 0NR
Contact: Kay Livingstone

Processor of obsolete and redundant computer, telecom electronics and associated equipment for repair and reuse - 80% is reused.  Charge to accept monitors that can't be resold.  Repaired equipment sold worldwide.  Collection of substantial quantities.  Less than 1% goes to landfill, with precious metals recovered as last resort if equipment is not repairable.

Free Computers for Education
Tel 01932 874067 Fax 01932 874068
Niven Suite, The Mansion, Ottershaw Park, SURREY KT16 0QG
Email grahame.leon-smith@free-computers.org
Contact  Grahame Leon-Smith

Charity collecting computers (486 and above) in working order.  Tested and passed on to educational establishments and organisations.  Collections organised by local Rotary Clubs nationwide.

Greencare Ltd

Tel 08700 502050 Fax 01453 502060
Email sales@greencare.co.uk  Website www.greencare.co.uk 
Greencare House, SHARPNESS, Glos GL13 9UD

Free collection of all office technical waste, including all types of printer and photocopier cartridge, ribbon and cassette.  Weekly or monthly as required by network of franchisees who provide free collection containers.  Remanufacture of laser, fax and inkjet cartridges.  Where reuse is not possible, plastic (eg ribbons) is supplied to granulators for recycling.  Sale of reconditioned supplies. Freephone number for sales and collections only 0800 502050.  Collects fluorescent tubes, sodium lamps, batteries (NiCad, Ni, MH, lithium and mercuric oxide) for Mercury Recycling, and aluminium and steel drink cans, computers and printer fusers.  (Updated Feb 2001)

Tel 0845 230 2231  Fax 0207 981 0441
Email info@green-works.co.uk  Website www.green-works.co.uk  
(Head office)  2nd Floor, Downstream, 1 London Bridge, London SE1 9BG 
Contact  Chris Triggs (furniture to donate) or Colin Crooks on 0207 9810450 ( info and membership) 

Practical service removing redundant office equipment, while tackling environmental concerns and helping local community groups.   Not-for-profit social enterprise bridging gap between organisations with redundant office and IT equipment and those needing it, like schools, charities, hospitals, community groups and start-up businesses (over 700 to date).  Also sells to individuals, SME's and other groups, mostly from regional outlets ( below).  One-stop service to members, mainly commercial organisations or government bodies, to remove all unwanted office furniture and redistribute or recycle it - helping member' fulfil corporate and social responsibilities (including 'waste regulations, activity in local community, and ethical standards'); and needs of their facility management and office relocation consultants.  Supplies, and can deliver, at discount and low cost.  Range changes constantly: desks, filing cabinets, conference tables and chairs, pedestals, coat-stands, notice boards, shelving, floor panelling, waste paper bins, stationery and IT.  Operates in deprived inner city areas to create jobs and training for disadvantaged and disabled people.  Also exports to developing countries.  Members pay initial annual membership, based on number of employees and amount of furniture likely to be disposed, entitling them to at-cost collections.  Records destinations of all equipment donated.  Donors may use donations for marketing.  Website includes environmental advice at www.green-works.co.uk/corporateinformation/environmentaladvice/module_index.php?id=2.  Quarterly newsletter includes amounts of equipment reused and recycled.  News and events page.  Customers include: Barnardo's,  Cutty Sark, Action on Pre-Eclampsia, Universities, Law Centres, Prison Reform Trust, Prince's Trust, Ozone Friends.  Corporate members include banks and Foreign and Commonwealth Office. 
3 warehouses in London.  Regional outlets: Woolwich, Silvertown ( see listings below); Leicester (contact Sue Pitman, 0116 224 1350, leicester.warehouse@green-works.co.uk), East Durham (contact Peter Keaveney, 0191 518 4394 or mobile 07971 018996), and Paisley, Scotland.  Founded 2000. 
(Updated May 2005)

Herts Recycling

Tel 01707 390944
74 Tewin Road, WELWYN GARDEN CITY, Herts AL7 1BD

Refurbishment or dismantling and reclamation of materials from industrial audio and vision equipment.

ICER (Industry Council for Electronic Equipment Recycling)
Tel 0207 729 4766  Fax 0207 729 9121
Website  www.icer.org.uk
6 Bath Place, Rivington Street, LONDON EC2A 3JE

Non-profit body funded by subscriptions, with over 50 members drawn from all sectors of the electronics industry - materials suppliers, manufacturers, retailers, waste management companies, recyclers, and local authorities. Information exchange, pilot projects and research involving life cycle assessment through product design, collection, reuse, recycling, remanufacture, and markets for reclaimed materials.

ICEX (Independent Computer Exchange)
Tel 01376 503900  Fax 01376 503903
Email simonm@icex.co.uk  Website www.icex.co.uk  
Unit 8, Moss Road, WITHAM, Essex CM8 3WQ

Collects, repairs and sells end of life second-user kit to IT maintenance companies.  Corporate clearances.

InKind Direct
Tel 0207 860 5927 / 0207 860 5930  Fax 0207 860 5920
Email info@inkinddirect.org  Website www.inkinddirect.org
19 Milk Street, London EC2V 8AN
Contact  Tasha Procter, Charities partnership administrator

Charity distributing surplus goods from industry to voluntary organisations throughout UK and abroad.  The mainly new goods are surplus because they are samples, seconds, ends of lines, slow moving items or have faulty packaging.  (However, used computers are refurbished, equipped with operating systems and resold ready to go with 30 day warranty.)  Goods are valuable and useful, but would otherwise go to waste because companies don't have the time or the contacts to make better use of them.   However, they are just the kinds of things needed by people served by charities, not-for-profit organisations or social businesses, including educational items, toys, toiletries, tools, trainers; household appliances and cleaning products; clothes, shoes, sportswear; bedding and linen.  Office supplies and equipment worth over £43 million have been donated by hundreds of companies, and thousands of charities have benefited.  To donate, download faxback form from website.  Voluntary organisations pay an annual registration fee, and receive a monthly catalogue of available goods.  So, instead of occupying storage space or worse, going to landfill, these items go to a huge range of deserving causes.  Range of fees based on charities' incomes - but thanks to funding from charitable trusts and foundations, many groups are subsidised either by geographical location or charity focus.  Open until 6.30 Thursdays.  Operating since 1997.  Retail Donation Initiative (RDI) is another way retailers can donate goods - each branch of a national retailer is matched with a local charity which arranges regular pick-ups of customer returns, ends-of-lines and items with slight defects. Allows stores to build a relationship with a charity from their community - contact robert@inkinddirect.org Tel 0207 860 5971.   (Updated May 2005)


Tel 0207 583 2652 Fax 0207 583 2840
HMS President, Victoria Embankment, LONDON EC4Y 0HJ

Charity operating 'Equipping the Future' project.  Safety-checks and supplies redundant computer equipment from businesses to community groups in the London area, and to young people without normal access to training.  Materials accepted from 9.00 to 6.00. Collection service for substantial quantities.

Tel 01245 608201  Fax 01245 608310
Email interact@btinternet.com
Moulsham Mill, Parkway, CHELMSFORD, Essex CM2 7PX
Contact  Clive Pickett

Charity working with disadvantaged groups.  Exports computers (486 and above) as donations to vocational training projects in developing world.  Computers can be sent or delivered 9am -5pm Mon-Sat.

International Technology Products (UK) Ltd
Tel 0118 943 8001  Fax 0118 943 9001
hardware@itp-group.com  Website  www.itp-hardware.com  
Unit1, Stadium Way, Tilehurst, READING, Berks RG30 6BX

Free collection of redundant computer equipment.  Most can be refurbished and sold on, enabling a donation of equipment or money to be made to a variety of causes.  Leading UK supplier of new and second user computer hardware and printers.   Also claims to be Europe's largest dealer in empty laser toner and inkjet, photocopier and fax cartridges - 200 types, many printer manufacturers.  List of 75 most wanted ones on site.  Deals with those who want to donate cartridges to charity, or to buy and sell them.   Specialises in bulk deals.  Majority of cartridges collected go to companies for remanufacture.  Rejects are stripped down and sent for specific component recycling.  For cartridges visit  info@itp-group.com  Website www.itp-empties.com  (Updated May 2005)

Tel 01705 594999  Fax 01705 594888
Email vwilliams@intex-group.com
Unit M4, Hazelton Interchange, Lakesmere Road, HORNDEAN, Hants PO8 9JU
Contact  Vivien Williams

Collects, re-engineers and recycles electronic equipment such as IT, point of sale, test equipment and telecommunications.  Resale after comprehensive testing,, data eradication, safety and virus checks, otherwise manual disassembly for component and material recovery.  Special wastes segregated and disposed of appropriately; residual waste minimised.  In-house segregation service provided for large facilities if appropriate.  Headquarters and recycling facility accredited to ISO9002, 14001 and EMAS.


Tel 01993 774772  Fax 01993 778367
68 High Street, WITNEY, Oxon OX8 6HJ

Purchaser of used telephone equipment and systems.  Full removal service.

Keymood UK
Tel 01989 566288   Fax 01989 566977
Website www.keymood.co.uk  Email recycle@keymood.co.uk 
Wolf Business Park, Alton Road, ROSS-ON-WYE, Herefordshire HR9 5NB

Accepts CDs, DVDs, vinyl, cassettes, VHS videos, computer equipment and mobile phones.  Reclaims electronic and electrical products including all IT equipment, redundant office equipment and domestic goods.  Turns your excess into cash.  Electronic assembly experts.  Takes pride in routinely exceeding guidelines on percentage of materials recycled, minimising landfill costs and providing clients with security.   Full certification and auditable reports on sensitive goods.  (Updated Nov 2005)

Tel 01873 852663 / 859901  Customer Services Helpline 0345 023648  Fax 01873 859128  
Email customerservices@laserxchange.co.uk, oxfam@laserxchange.co.uk  
Website www.laserxchange.co.uk/Chargox.htm, www.laserxchange.co.uk/Chargox.htm 
Surebasic Limited, Units 2-3 Castle Meadows Park, ABERGAVENNY, Monmouthshire NP7 7RZ
Contact  Sally Thomas, Remanufacture Sales;  Keith Moss, OEM & Distributor Sales  

Computer printer cartridge remanufacturer providing laser toner and inkjet cartridges to OEMs, distributors and dealers in UK and Europe.  Makes over 200 different cartridges, drums and developers  (maybe widest range in the UK, covering 95% of UK printer base).  Donated over £150,000 to charities in 2000 through collection programmes.  Recycles for Oxfam (see various reuse and recycling entries and links to other sections under Oxfam below).  Customers can choose to donate the value of the used cartridge to one of the charity partners or receive a credit against future orders.  Encourages co-ordinated collections from and between schools, organisations and local businesses.  95% of orders shipped the same day.  Private label or neutral on the product - will build to clients' requirements.  

Laser Cartridges  -  accepts a minimum of 10 provided they are returned with all used components or parts originally supplied, in original packaging and boxes.  Boxes should be taped firmly together with brown packing tape, address and reference number on each package (for 27 cartridges make up 3 packages eg 2 of 10 and 1 of 7).  A package must not exceed: length 1.50 metres, length plus girth 3.00 metres, maximum weight 30.00kgs.  Phone quoting ref number, how many packages, total number of cartridges, where to  collect from and when.  If sending a mix of inkjets and laser cartridges, mention the breakdown to allow calculation of total weight.  Collection (usually following day) free  by a national carrier (mostly Business Post).  

Inkjet Cartridges - remanufactures a range of Canon, Hewlett Packard and IBM compatible cartridges; plans to introduce others.   Encourages people to look at website's wanted lists.  Supplies small (8 x 8 x 3 in.) collection box to hold 10-30 cartridges, with Freepost label.  Supplies boxes for people to leave at suitable collection points.  Replacement boxes sent on receipt of a full one.  Small quantities can be returned using Freepost label. Do not send Epson, Olivetti or any inkjets that do not have a print head as they are not recyclable.  Purchases all Hewlett Packard, Canon Bubblejet (BC01//BC02/BC03) and IBM 4076 (and compatible) cartridges. 

Many small personal copiers and plain paper fax machines also use laser and inkjet cartridges which the company works with. 
Can supply A4 flyers (with Freepost labels) with new cartridges.  If a client's customer has a problem, LaserXchange's back-up service will try to remedy it, even if it's the printer, not the cartridge, including solving problems "on-site".  Full insurance warranty against any damage to any printer caused by a faulty cartridge (yet no claims to date, they state).  All cartridges individually serial numbered for traceability and feedback for quality and improvement.  Claims R&D department brings out at least one new product a month.  Points out that all original products are dollar priced and subject to exchange rate fluctuations - not so for a UK based product (no original cartridges are made in the UK).  Bank Giro Transfer/BACS Payments can be made directly into bank accounts of those selling cartridges to LaserXchange, with remittance advice to follow. 
(Updated Feb 2004)

Link 2000
Tel 01256 353648
2 Gershwin Road, BASINGSTOKE, Hants RG22 4HH

A non-charity community service set up in 1991, 'The Link' is run by one volunteer co-ordinator and secretary.  Provides 'brokerage' service, distributing working office equipment such as stationery, computers, faxes, and answering machines, free to voluntary organisations.  Small items can be collected locally.  (Updated Feb 2001)  

Logical Reclaim (Europe) Ltd
Tel 01686 622400 Fax 01686 622600
Unit 14, Mochdre Enterprise Park, NEW TOWN, Powys SX16 4LE

De-manufacturing and recycling of computer, electronic and telecommunications equipment.

Lombard Environmental Services Ltd

Tel 01344 412465  Fax 01344 412470
Email lombard@mcmail.com  Website www.lombard.uk.com 
Unit 13, Longshot Lane, BRACKNELL, Berks RG12 1RL
Contact  Joe Robinson

Confidential data destruction. All paper recycled.  Also offer service of eradicating computer hard disks before donating to charities.  (Updated Feb 2001)

Mann Organisation

Tel 01989 768899 Fax 01989 768215
Ashburton Industrial Estate, ROSS ON WYE, Herefordshire HR9 7BW

Large-scale recycling of end of life electronic equipment.  Reclaims metals, plastics, and other recoverable materials for sale and reuse.

Tel  01923 266003     Fax 01923 264631
www.m-d-recycle.co.uk  Email Stalbans@m-d-recycle.co.uk 
Merrydown, Commonwood, Herts WD4 9BA

 David Lewsey

Licensed collector and recycler of boxed WEEE (waste electrical and electronic equipment) and hazardous electrical waste.  Dismantles old equipment such as computers, monitors, peripherals, printers (all types), scanners, TVs, video recorders, hi-fi, microwave ovens, telephones, small electrical appliances, garden equipment, electronic toys, office equipment (eg photocopiers, shredders, binders, laminators) back to separate components, sorted according to material  (eg metals, glass, plastics).  No refurbishment or re-use.  Tracking at every stage of process.  Hazardous materials such as lead removed for recycling by specialist contractors (see sections 43, 60).  Skips of circuit boards, wire etc taken to specialist refineries where raw materials are reclaimed for use in new equipment such as power tools, vacuum cleaners, fuseboxes, fax machines, modems.  Fixed cost charges - see website.  Consultancy on new hazardous waste regulations.  Franchises and training.  Head Office: Unit 1-3 Newland Trade Park, Kirkheaton, Huddersfield, West Yorks HD5 0JS, Tel 0800 197 8857, info@m-d-recycle.co.uk   (Updated Dec 2005)

Tel 0870 199 5010
Website www.maxitech.biz  Email  info@maxitech.biz 
Unit A10, The Chocolate Factory, 5 Clarendon Road, Hornsey, LONDON N22 6XJ

Not-for-profit company providing reuse and recycling of electrical and electronic equipment to companies and organisations throughout UK.   Collects, refurbishes, and finds buyers.  Data removed and secure from retrieval.  No harmful components sent to landfill, and no harmful waste sent overseas for dumping.   Chance to maximise return for reusable equipment: typically can recover 5% of initial cost of redundant IT equipment.  Can be tested and given to charity, or can purchase surplus equipment and donate proceeds to charity.  Can assist in inventory: counting, labeling, bar-coding and recording equipment to be disposed of.   Ensures recycling is performed by authorised specialists to comply with WEEE and ROHS directives and assist with Corporate Social Responsibility.  With partner organisations, creates secondary products from otherwise harmful electrical and electronic components and finding new methods to reclaim useful materials from e-waste.  Same day asset disposal services.  Collects loose equipment from anywhere in London, and palletised equipment from anywhere on UK mainland.  Trains and develops youths from socially-disadvantaged backgrounds through work placement schemes.  Environment Agency Licensed waste carrier, supported by London ReMade.  Works with The Laundry (section 31) to recycle paper.  (Updated May 2005)

Mechanelec Ltd

Tel 0151 420 4590 Fax 0151 495 1132
Victoria House, Croft Street, WIDNES, Cheshire WA8 0NQ

Purchaser of surplus computers, high tech equipment and components for recycling.

Meta Net
Tel 01753 861049  Fax 01753 842080
Mutual Educational and Training Assistance, 21 Trinity Place, WINDSOR, Berks SL4 3AT
Contact  Sean Hopkins

Makes use of recycled PCs (repaired and tested by companies such as R Frazier) for use by housebound people (including mothers with young children) and carers, supported by the Department of Education & Employment.  Video-based distance learning uses cameras, allowing the user to see and be seen by tutor, doctor, lawyer etc through TV or PC.  Working with Dr Adrian Vranch at Plymouth University, who operates multimedia distance learning services including satellite delivery - Tel 01752 233908.

M-Wise Computers
Tel 01843 296723   Fax 01843-296754
Email sales@mwisecomputers.co.uk   Website www.mwise.co.uk 
Canterbury Road, Westbrook, MARGATE, Kent CT9 5AS 
Contact  Mark Young, Managing Director;  Jamie Twyman, Sales and Marketing

Second-user and refurbished components and systems.  Computers carry 90 day back to store warranty (parts only).  Also sells new equipment.  (Updated May 2004)

Neill King Partnership

Tel 01789 778462
25 Garrard Close, Salford Priors, EVESHAM, Worcs WR11 5XG

Established 'Second Byte Project', a computer reuse service which provides registered charities with redundant equipment.  Donations welcomed of reasonably modern PCs (ATs) and software; computer peripherals, including modems and scanners.

Newbury: The Community Furniture Project (CFP)

Tel 01635 43933  Fax 01635 43978  
Email jacky@crcentre.freeserve.co.uk  Website www.cfpnewbury.org  
Unit 5, 36 Queens Road, NEWBURY, Berks RG14 7NE
Contact  Kelvin Hughes, Chief Executive

Unwanted furniture collected for reuse.  Accepts phones, and printer and toner cartridges for recycling (but not EPSON products).   Safety tests all electrical appliances sold.   Donations welcome from businesses or individuals.  Items sought include furniture and household goods, electrical appliances (cookers, fridges, washing machines etc), baby goods and toys.  No clothes, gas appliances or sofas without fire safety label; and no glass-topped furniture or items containing panes of glass A4 or larger without toughened glass mark.  Collection by arrangement.  Open Mon-Thu 9.30-12.30, 1-4pm.  Items sold at low cost to people on benefit, including pensioners, those on low-income tax credits, in emergency need, or referred by other organisations like Citizen's Advice Bureau, YMCA, Mencap, Social Services.  Proof of identity needed for each visit.  Collects from warehouse, or receives delivery (£8-15 depending on distance, normally next working day).  Variety of training and education offered for staff and volunteers.  Unusual / antique items restored or passed on via other outlets including auction houses.  Operates Newbury's Community Re>Paint scheme, but paint should be taken to B&Q, London Rd, Newbury, 8am-8pm Mon-Sat, 10-4 Sun - not to CFP.  Works with council to support waste reduction campaign.  Info on all activities, directions map, and list of linked and supporting organisations on CFP's clear website.  See also sections 82 and 130.  (Updated Aug 2004)

New Leaf Recycling Ltd
Tel 0208 944 6866  Fax 0208 944 9644
Email mail@newleaf-uk.com  Website www.newleaf-uk.com  
Office 4, 88 Bushey Road, Raynes Park, LONDON SW20 0JH

Recycling service for most types of redundant IT and electronic equipment (such as computers, monitors, printers, telephone equipment, photocopiers) aiming to find an environmentally friendly alternative to dumping the equipment in a landfill site.  If possible, equipment is passed on for reuse by local community groups.  If not, it can be dismantled for spares or recycling.  Purchases most laser printer and inkjet cartridges suitable for remanufacture ( minimum ten, free collection).  No photocopier bottles, printer ribbons or previously recycled cartridges.  Sells new or remanufactured (35% cheaper) laser and inkjet cartridges with new drums, from an ISO registered manufacturer.  Min order £50 + VAT, free delivery over £100.   Core business is office paper recycling - any type, any quantity, from a few bags to large warehouse clear-outs; also confidential waste disposal (sacks with security tags, certificates of secure disposal).    Tough white re-usable sacks 67 cm by 100 cm supplied free.   Recycling bins (green cardboard, 70cm tall x 38cm wide), sack stands (£8.95 + VAT), and wheeled containers available (these hold up to 20 full sacks, and can be rented per year).   Free paper collection from south-west London within M25.   (Updated May 2005)

North London ITeC
Tel 0208 952 8684 Fax 0208 952 8685
25-27 High Street, EDGWARE, Middx HA8 7EY

Collects computers (486 upwards) and office equipment in the Greater London area. Equipment is tested as part of information technology training then passed on to charities.

October House

Tel 01635 861177
21 St Johns Road, Thatcham, NEWBURY, Berks RG13

Purchaser of used telephone systems and handsets.

Office Green Ltd
Tel 0800 833 480 (Collection/orders) / 0208 539 0990 (Admin/Accounts) Fax 0208 539 3380  Website www.officegreen.co.uk and www.tonerflow.co.uk/default.htm 
Orchard House, Estate Way, Church Road, LONDON E10 7JN

Waste management and collection division of EXY group.  Laser cartridge and inkjet collection (minimum 10), for payment, free computer discs and laser cartridges, or donation to NSPCC or a chosen charity.  Collection box provided on request.  Also payment for unwanted mobile phones.  (Updated Nov 2003)

Oxfam Cartridge Recycling
LASERXCHANGE  (see separate entry above) 
Tel 01873 859901  Fax 01873 859128
Email oxfam@laserxchange.co.uk  Website www.laserxchange.co.uk/Chargox.htm
Surebasic Limited, Units 2-3 Castle Meadows Park, ABERGAVENNY, Monmouthshire NP7 7RZ
(Oxfam Head Office:  Tel  General enquiries 0870 333 2700  Reception 01865 311311  Fax 01865 321410 / 313770   Email oxfam@oxfam.org.uk, campaigning@oxfam.org.uk, education@oxfam.org.uk, companies@oxfam.org.uk  Website www.oxfam.org.uk, www.oxfam.org.uk/coolplanet.  Oxfam House, 274 Banbury Road, OXFORD, Oxon OX2 7DZ)

Oxfam raised over £36,000 through cartridge recycling in 2002.  For every suitable laser cartridge received, LaserXchange will donate £2.50 to Oxfam, and £1 for every suitable inkjet cartridge.  Recycling cartridges helps reduce the massive waste caused by production and disposal of non-renewable plastics and metals.  

To join the scheme check your cartridges are on the LaserXchange list:  
Call LaserXchange on 01873 859901 and tell them you want to recycle for Oxfam.  
Toner cartridges:
  Collect a minimum of six cartridges, packed in original boxes; call to arrange free courier collection.  
Inkjet cartridges:  LaserXchange will send Freepost collection box or bag for posting when full.  Smaller quantities can be sent by attaching LaserXchange's Freepost label.  Epson inkjet cartridges cannot be recycled. 

No cartridges are made in the UK, so each one recycled saves non-renewable plastics and metals, whilst creating jobs, saving imports, and supporting Oxfam's work around the world.  10 toner cartridges could pay for a Vietnamese child to go to primary school for a year.  

Oxfam head office main entry, see
Charity section 130.
Oxfam's many other reuse and recycling activities for donation and low price resale:  see
Oxfam Mobile Phone Recycling below. 
(Updated Feb 2004)  

Oxfam Computer Equipment Recycling
Tel  01865 313484  General enquiries 0870 333 2700  Reception 01865 311311  
Fax 01865 321410 / 313770
Email oxfam@oxfam.org.uk, companies@oxfam.org.uk, campaigning@oxfam.org.uk, education@oxfam.org.uk, webteam@oxfam.org.uk  
Website www.oxfam.org.uk, www.oxfam.org.uk/coolplanet
Oxfam House, 274 Banbury Road, OXFORD, Oxon OX2 7DZ
Contact  Michael Taylor, Corporate Account Manager, mitaylor@oxfam.org.uk, Tel 01865 313484

Companies and organisations can help support Oxfam, eliminate electrical waste and cut waste bills by donating unwanted computer equipment.  When replacing computer equipment, organisations may be able to help by donating the equipment replaced, including in full or part: keyboards and monitors; computers with minimum specifications: Pentium 2, 233MHz Processor, 32mb RAM memory, 1GB Hard disk; CD-ROM and modems, preferable but not essential.  These are minimum specifications Oxfam can recycle, as equipment needs to be able to run at least Windows 98.  Oxfam offers comprehensive data removal, and in many instances collects from donor organisations.  With electronic equipment being one of the fastest growing waste streams, and increasing legislation to combat this, passing on unwanted computer equipment provides a practical, cost-cutting, environmentally-friendly solution while benefiting a good cause.  Oxfam periodically offers ranges of refurbished computers for sale.  A variety of specifications are available.  All come internet-ready, with a pre-installed operating system, and 3-month back-to-base warranty.
For further details on how to donate or buy, contact Michael Taylor, as above.

Oxfam head office main entry, see
Charity section 130.
Oxfam's many other reuse and recycling activities for donation and low price resale:  see Oxfam
Mobile Phone Recycling below. 
(Updated Feb 2004)  

Oxfam Mobile Phone Recycling 'Bring Bring Scheme'
Tel   Mobile 'phone courier hotline 0870 752 0999  General enquiries 0870 333 2700  Reception 01865 311311   Fax 01865 321410 / 313770
Email oxfam@oxfam.org.uk, campaigning@oxfam.org.uk, education@oxfam.org.uk, companies@oxfam.org.uk  
Website www.oxfam.org.uk, www.oxfam.org.uk/coolplanet
Oxfam Bring Bring Scheme, Freepost LON16281, London WC1N 3BR
Head office: Oxfam House, 274 Banbury Road, OXFORD, Oxon OX2 7DZ

Oxfam turn unwanted mobiles and accessories into money to support development work worldwide.  Each working handset is worth about £5 to Oxfam, some more (a Nokia 3310 could provide a mosquito net to protect a child from malaria).  Phones can be taken to any Oxfam shop.  Or, if donating fewer than 10 phones, you can send them to Oxfam's Bring Bring Freepost address above; if more than 10, call 0870 752 0999 to arrange a courier.  Asks that SIM cards be removed before sending.  Free downloadable pack with everything needed to organise a phone collection in an office or school - 'posters and top tips make it simple'.  See www.oxfam.org.uk/coolplanet/kidsweb/bringbring/collect.htm . 

Reuse and recycling occurs in partnership with Corporate Mobile Recycling Limited, Tel 0207 404 6440, info@cmrecycling.co.uk, www.cmrecycling.co.uk (see separate CMR entry above), who warn 'estimates state there are 50 million mobiles in circulation with 10-15 million people expected to replace their handsets this year'.  CMR '
have processed over 30,000 used phones raising tens of thousands of pounds for Oxfam'.  

Many phones are reused in developing countries, providing affordable communications where landline infrastructures do not exist.  Phones not able to be reused are broken down by each component and recycled.  They contain dangerous metals including cadmium, nickel and lithium, and precious metals including gold and copper.  Recycling saves dangerous metals from landfill and precious metals for re-use.
  'Old mobiles can have a new life, full of meaning and purpose.'  

Oxfam head office main entry, see Charity section 130.

Oxfam's other activities for donation and low price resale:  
600 public donation 'banks' for textiles and 1000 for books, collected via local warehouses. 
Wastesaver sorting and reuse facility (Huddersfield, sends worldwide) for unsold clothes.
  Bridal clothing and accessories departments in some Oxfam shops.  (See Textiles, section 81). 
Bookshops, and book departments, including rare and collectables, also via online marketplace www.abebooks.co.uk
(see Books and publications, section 33). 
Music shops and departments (see section 33, or Miscellaneous unwanted goods 89). 
Furniture (domestic/office) shops and departments (see Furniture and household goods, section 82). 
OXBOXX scheme for people moving home and removal companies, run by Oxfam with the British Association of Removers (BAR).  

Cartridge Recycling
: Toner cartridges: free collection for a minimum of six, in original boxes, call LaserXchange Tel 01873 859901.  Inkjet cartridges: LaserXchange will send a Freepost collection box or bag for posting, or Freepost labels for smaller amounts.  (See Oxfam and LaserXchange entries above)
Computer equipment: contact Michael Taylor, mitaylor@oxfam.org.uk, Tel 01865 313484 (see entry directly above).  
Stamp and Coin Unit handles sales of donated collectables (see Books section 33, or Miscellaneous unwanted goods, section 89).  
Companies contact companies@oxfam.org.uk for information on projects, fundraising, partnerships  
Collection - offered by some shops, eg furniture - phone your local shop to ask.
Valuables - if you have something valuable to donate, please let Oxfam know. 
 (Updated Feb 2004)

Past-IT Recycling Services
Tel 01953 488526  Mobile 07795 186396
Email info@pastit-recycling.co.uk  Website www.pastit-recycling.co.uk 
The Willows, Mere Road, Stow Bedon, Attleborough, Norfolk NR17 1HP
Contact  Maurice Stainsby

Collects equipment from single PCs to entire offices, any age or specification, for recycling (can collect outside office hours to avoid disruption).  Most IT equipment, including desktop and notebook computers, servers, networking equipment, printers.  All items recorded onto asset tracking database before disassembly.  Steel, aluminium and plastic cabinet parts are removed.  Circuit boards depopulated of integrated circuits ('chips') and other usable components, and stripped of connectors, metal brackets and hazardous materials such as batteries, before further materials recovery.  Edge connectors, visible precious metals and various other components are handled by specialist refiners and recyclers, also Environment Agency licensed and holding ISO14001.  Handles ferrous, non-ferrous and precious metals, plastics including acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS), polycarbonate (PC), high impact polystyrene (HIPS).  Cathode Ray Tubes from monitors are broken down into glass, copper and lead.  Residual waste is granulated to recover copper and other base metals.  Concise, clear, interesting website, including legislation for RoHS (heavy metals and toxic flame retardants), Landfill and WEEE directives.  Secure data deletion and certified destruction with audit can be requested on complete units or specific components.  Materials are shredded, prior to processing for materials recovery.  Information pack available.  Duty of care waste transfer notes provided.  EA registered Controlled Waste Carrier.   (Updated Apr 2005)

PC Recycling
Units 13-14 Ditchling Industrial Estate, DITCHLING, West Sussex  BN6 8SL
Tel 01444 871200  Fax 01444 876996
Email info@pc-recycling.co.uk
Website www.pc-recycling.co.uk

Refurbishes, safety checks (PAT test) and warranties equipment and sells it on.  Services for businesses and corporates wishing to relinquish redundant IT equipment.  This may involve 'fee for service' to cover recycling costs.  Claims even 'scrap' equipment can usually be placed with a customer.  Collections arranged.  Disposal includes telephone systems.  Equipment for resale or reuse can go to a chosen party or charity.  Offers resale programs with refurbished, warrantied equipment, technical support line and password-protected employee log-ons, giving customers information on recycling/reuse processes and legislation.  Worn out equipment is broken down by hand, valuable or hazardous components sorted/removed, plastics/polymers and metals recycled, remainder shredded.  Encourages manufactures to standardise and use fewer materials to assist recycling and  dismantling/production costs.  Discourages 'reclaimed energy' (incineration and 'recovered energy').  Works with major recycler on difficult goods. Claims to on average recover 95% of goods.  Waste transfer tickets and audit trails supplied.  Faulty printers and PCs stripped down and resold to maintenance companies.   (Updated May 2004)

Printer Cartridge Recycling (PCR) scheme
Tel / Fax 0191 420 8457  Mob 0794 114 3851
Email admin@cartridge-recycling.org.uk  Website www.cartridge-recycling.org.uk 
North East Charities Fund, 20 Stanhope Road, SOUTH SHIELDS, Tyne & Wear NE33 4BU
Contact  Mark McNichol

Set up in 1998 to reduce waste, the PCR scheme solely supports UK children's charities. Free collections bins can be provided for store, home or office.  Freepost envelopes or freepost address can be provided for redundant mobile phones as well as inkjet or bubblejet cartridges, and freepost boxes for larger quantities (10 or more).  Boxes are usually collected next day by a courier - the charity is not charged for these collections.   All cartridges go direct to Rethink Recycling.  Only brand of cartridge not accepted are Epson inkjet.  Website lists what the charities receive from each cartridge.  Remanufactured, compatible and original cartridges (please specify) available from sales@cartridge-recycling.org.uk also stating printer type.  (Updated Feb 2001) 

Tel 01376 503888 (IT Equipment Sales)  01376 504624 (IT Disposals Service)
Email  websales@rdc.co.uk   Website  www.rdc.co.uk 
29 Eastways, WITHAM, Essex CM8 3YQ
Contact  Jeremy Godlonton, Sales and Marketing Coordinator  Tel 01376 504624 jgodlonton@rdc.co.uk

IT reuse, repair and recycling company.  Redeployment, remarketing, and disposal.  Recycles only equipment of no further use or damaged beyond repair, complying with UK and EU environmental legislation and using licensed computer recycling specialists.  There are two sides to the company: the corporate side collects and processes used IT equipment from companies and organisations, the shop side sells this on behalf of these customers.  Website offers cleaned, audited and re-tested 2nd-user computer systems, units, monitors, notebooks, printers and other peripherals - including palletised trade bulk, and end of line bargain equipment - with 28 days warranty.  Also on-line 'Alchemy' valuation tool for used IT assets, guidance briefings on both legislation and environment, FAQs, and a WebClub.  Receives reports detailing proportions of each material recycled, contributing to annual reports showing 0% to landfill.  Awards for sustainable 100% zero landfill reclamation and recycling processes (including Queens Award for Industry and two Green Apple awards).   (Updated August 2004)

Reading Electronic Recycling Group

Tel 01734 669912
Earley, READING, Berks

Purchase and recycling of computers and electronic equipment.

Tel 0207 254 0775  Fax 0207 275 9914
Email mail@bootstrap-enterprises.org  Website www.bootstrap-enterprises.org 
Bootstrap Enterprises, The Print House, 18 Ashwin Street, Dalston, LONDON E8 3DL

The reBoot community computer recycling project was established to recover redundant IT equipment from individuals, private businesses, public and voluntary sector organisations.  Minimum spec Pentium II 350Mhz processor; printers and faxes in working order.  Equipment is collected (small charge outside local area), cleaned, repaired and upgraded then sold on to local voluntary and community groups for a small fee.  Also offers IT support, networking services (peer to peer), internet installation, computer repairs, consultancy, training courses, and delivery of computers to organisations and individuals.  Parent body Bootstrap is a body promoting social enterprise and inclusion.  (Updated Feb 2004)

Tel 01635 876 900  Fax 01635 876 906
Email info@reclaim-it.com  Website www.reclaim-it.com  
Colthrop Lane, THATCHAM, Berkshire RG19 4NP 

Free collection of empty laser toner and inkjet cartridges, and mobile phones.  Wide range collected - most have a recycling value.  Helps companies, charities such as Age Concern Oxford (who also collect used stamps), schools, hospitals, youth groups and other good causes to generate funds and help protect the environment.  Collection boxes or cartridge carriers provided to store empty cartridges and mobile phones.  These provide a focal point for fundraising projects, are suitable for charity shops, and encourage donations.  Free reply paid envelopes (personalised if required) for 5 inkjet cartridges and / or mobile phones. Free dispenser boxes can be provided to display the envelopes on reception desks and in charity shops.  Dispenser box designed to carry a label of your own design.  Free leaflet for enclosing in newsletters and magazines, with organisation’s details overprinted to maximize impact.  Personalised poster available to advertise the recycling scheme.  (Updated Nov 2005)

RecommIT Ltd
Tel 01722 339660  Fax 01722 339611
Email  info@recommit.co.uk, chg@recommit.co.uk   Website  www.recommit.co.uk
4 The Dolphin Centre, Southampton Road, SALISBURY, Wilts SP1 2NB

Returns a fair, agreed amount to clients from sales of their re-used equipment.  Assumes liability for all equipment once removed from client's premises, and for re-use including damage and injury from faulty goods.   Accredited (Refurbishment and Recycling) member of Industry Council for Electronic Equipment Recycling (ICER).  Removes sensitive data for Ministry of Defence, Work and Pensions and other government departments.  Audit trail from receipt onwards.  Operates Licensed Waste Management Site.  Licensed Waste Carrier, operating with those abiding by national and European Legislation and other guidelines on re-use and environmental disposal.  Referees include Michael Meacher MP, former Environment Minister.  (Updated May 2004)

Tel 01322 434000 / 525577   Fax 01322 434001
Email  info@recycle-it-online.co.uk 
Website  http://www.recycle-it-online.co.uk ,  http://www.smartgroup.freeserve.co.uk/index.htm   
Unit A, Birch House Business Centre, Birch Walk, off Fraser Road, ERITH, Kent DA8 1QX

Purchase, free collection, and disposal of redundant computer hardware.  Hardware is assembled into working systems for redistribution to schools and non-profit community projects.  Pays for old and broken monitors to undergo a process extracting contaminant metals, such as lead and cadmium, and reusing the glass to manufacture new monitors.  Through partners, metal and plastic case parts are recycled.  Unwanted CDs are sent to UK's only CD reprocessing plant.  Printed circuit boards (PCBs) are processed to reuse metals and components.  Takes any computer hardware (PCs including 386/486, workstations, data-input terminals etc); monitors (glass CRTs); printers, plotters and other peripherals; laser printer toner cartridges, inkjet and bubble-jet cartridges; CDs; cables/cabling; packaging and anti-static bags.  Computer Recycling program - telephone sales office to see if your organisation can benefit.  Can issue tax-deductible receipts.  ‘Data Integrity / Protection Guarantee’.  Some parts are sold to help finance recycling.  Works with Seek-it (see listing below).  (Updated May 2004)  

Recycle IT  Ceased trading Nov 2005
Tel 01582 492436  Fax 01582 597778
c/o SKF (UK) Limited, Sundon Park Road, LUTON, Beds LU3 3BL
Email george@recycle-it.ltd.uk  Website www.recycle-it.ltd.uk 
Contact  George Ruddock, Michelle Rigby

Not-for-profit company, formed 1995, providing computers for communities.  Collected thousands of redundant computer hardware and software free from companies anywhere in mainland UK for reuse by voluntary and community groups, charities, disabled or elderly people, schools, students, schoolchildren whose family resources are stretched, churches and worship centres, and new businesses.  Offered sell-back to company staff.   Old software removed, disks wiped and virus checks made.  Machines cleaned and safety tested; basic software loaded free.  If lower spec than Pentium 1, provided contact for removal and environment friendly disposal.  Also collected laptops, monitors, printers, mice, keyboards and cables.  Took on liability for electrical safety, software licensing and data protection.  Dealt with technical problems and after-sales service; provided network if required  for those buying more than one computer.  Aimed to refurbish or recycle high percentage of computers - claimed only 1.5% goes to landfill.  Training and work experience for unemployed people. Exported computers to Africa, Caribbean and former Soviet states.  (Updated Nov 2005)

Red Cross 
see British Red Cross

RestoreIT -
see CompassIT

Sam Computers 
Tel 01582 570058  Workshop 01582 814178  Email samcomp@btconnect.com 
148 Marsh Road, Luton LU3 2NL

'PC clinic' stripping down old computers, recycling parts and selling recycled systems from £75 (at a loss) to first time users, pensioners etc, with 6 month warranty.  Also repairs, upgrades, new systems.  Partnership and limited company with workshop in Chiltern Road, Dunstable, not open to public. 24hr answerphone.  (Updated May 2003)

Tel 0207 619 7239 / 7234  Fax 0207 619 7380
Website www.scope.org.uk  
Library and Information Unit, 6 Market Road, LONDON N7 9PW
Write to:
PO Box 833, Milton Keynes MK12 5NY
Donations: Scope Supporter Services (Dept 2521), Freepost LON 8654, LONDON N7 9BR

Charity working with people suffering from cerebral palsy and other disabilities.  Phone recycling scheme, in conjunction with ShP Solutions (see below).   Unwanted phones (plus chargers, batteries and hardware) can be left at a Scope shop - if you have a lot, ring call 020 7619 7105 for a collection or post two or more to Scope Phone Recycling, Justin Thompson, ShP Solutions, Freepost Lancaster.  'Toner Donor' free office recycling and collection scheme for all inkjet and laser cartridges (boxes provided) - information pack from 020 7 619 7239.  If you have over 20 items of IT equipment, call 01757 708 180 to arrange for collection and quote 'Scope'.  A charge will be made for collection and Scope will receive a percentage of that collection charge.  For more on recycling toner cartridges or computers and electronic equipment: 020 7 619 7234 (Linda Liviani).   (Updated Jan 2005)

Seek-it Ltd
Tel 0845 890 4321 (local rate)   Fax 023 924 60585 / 923 84488
Email info@seek-it.co.uk   ian@seek-it.co.uk   will@seek-it.co.uk  Website  www.seek-it.co.uk
1600 Blueprint, Dundas Spur, Portfield Road, PORTSMOUTH, Hants PO3 5RW

Removal and disposal of IT and office equipment, any condition or age, for public sector and business.  Low cost repair, testing and refurbishing to maintain.  Aims to achieve maximum re-use.  Over 90% collected are used for resale or reuse by donation in UK.  Free or low cost WEEE collections to public service organisations.  WEEE compliance, secure data wipe, removal of organisational markings / branding, and audit trail.  Collection from site, either for reuse or recycling.  Equipment segregated into base materials (explanation on website), eco-disposal of residual waste - 0% to landfill.  Some services incur surcharge.  Flat rate for flexible collection - extra charges only for monitors and keyboards.  Other items (printers, base units, faxes, photocopiers) removed free.  Originally developed as an 'at cost' recycling route for schools and public organisations.  (Updated Dec 2005)

ShP Solutions
Tel 0 845 607 0171  Fax 0 1524 580908
Website www.shpsolutions.com  Email info@shpsolutions.com 
St Leonards House, St Leonards Gate, Lancaster LA1 1NN

Second hand mobile phone buyer to the business market.  Will provide any business with managed solution for collection, disposal and recycling of  surplus stock.  Bags, bins, posters or flyers available.  Offers financial incentives for redundant stock and can reward a charity of your choice.  Works with various charities including Childline,  Care, Meningitis Trust, Scope (see above), Trees for Cities, Well Child, MS Society, MSRC, Oxford Children's Hospital, World Vision.
  Will buy back any operational handset, after evaluation: collection within 24hrs;  payment (percentage to nominated charity) within 21 days of collection.  This both helps the environment and generates revenue from redundant assets.  Most handsets can be refurbished and reused.  99% of digital mobile phones will have a value - greater if they include chargers.  The newer the model, the higher the price paid.  London Regional Sales Office: 115 Business Design Centre, 52 Upper Street, London N1 0QH, Tel 020 7288 6201, Fax 020 7288 6219.  (Updated Jan 2005)

Sims Bird Ltd

Tel 01789 720431  Fax 01789 720940
Long Marston, STRATFORD ON AVON, Warwicks CV37 8AQ

Metal recycling. Purchaser of bulk quantities of recyclable domestic appliances and electronic goods, and selective commercial equipment.

Technical Asset Management

Tel 01707 390892
14 Mundells Industrial Centre, Little Mundells, WELWYN GARDEN CITY, Herts AL7 1EW

Expertise on Life Cycle management of technical assets.  Refurbishment, recycling and resale of obsolete or "end of life" computer equipment on behalf of both manufacturers, corporates and consumers including management of environmental "Duty of Care".  All items have data securely removed and are tested for electrical safety. Support charities.


Tel 0208 926 6937
Email  info@tky.org.uk   Website  www.tky.org.uk
152 The Avenue, LONDON E4 9RD

Charity helping mainly people in Africa benefit from technology and knowledge.  Has also sent technology to South America.  Takes second-user equipment, installs and maintains it, and provides IT teaching and sustainable education programmes in schools, universities, technical colleges and women's training institutions.  Wants hard drives, memory, mice and keyboards.  Will collect any equipment to salvage parts - including servers, network and communication equipment, generally in working order.  Computers should be able to run Windows 95.  Takes inkjet or laser printers, not over 5 years old, and photocopiers.  Can collect minimum 25 computers.  Cannot collect from households, but can accept equipment delivered within London area or to UK school  projects.  Software on hard-drives is securely removed and a certified indemnity provided.  

Sets up centres for learning IT, English language, and global communications (including City & Guilds).  Also twins UK and African schools, utilising email.  In the past year, sent over 1,000 computers, helped over 20,000 young people, and provided employment opportunities to over 60 young adults to teach IT and give programme support.  Ensures experienced computer teaching and maintenance staff are employed at each project.  Website has interesting FAQ section.  If you can let them know of anyone with spare computers, they can offer photographs for your newsletter or free advertising via newspaper articles.  Grateful for knowledge of storage space or anyone who can assist.  'The bottom line is that in developing countries education saves lives.' 
(Updated May 2004)

Telecom Green (Eagle Associates)
Tel 0870 720 0028   Fax 0870 720 0029
Website  www.telecomgreen.co.uk  www.eagleassociates.co.uk
Email  enquiries@eagleassociates.co.uk

Specialist in removing, recycling and trading used phone systems of any size since 1998 as part of Eagle Associates.  Can source existing components, which are refurbished, tested, and guaranteed.  Can locate and supply telephones and parts.  Expertise in keeping perfectly serviceable used phone systems alive, in contrast to the current "disposable hardware" culture.  Uses experienced engineers skilled on existing office phone systems.  Aims to provide personal, flexible service.  Thorough site survey for larger projects, including 20-point risk assessment.  Equipment received which cannot be re-used is recycled, by delivery to one of many licensed waste management companies which separate it into categories (copper, steel, printed circuit boards) and remove precious metals, eg gold, silver, and palladium (as used in making catalytic converters) from circuit boards.  Typically, from two tonnes of recyclable material, only twenty kilos will be disposed of as inert landfill.  The www.telecomgreen.co.uk/links.htm  links page lists outlets which recycle IT/network equipment, including mobiles.  Telecomgreen does not encourage unannounced deliveries of electronic waste materials.  Licensed Waste Carrier.  (Updated June 2004)

Tools For Schools
Tel 0207 689 1990 Fax 0207 689 1991
Email  schools@tfs.org.uk  Website www.tfs.org.uk
12-14 Berry Street LONDON EC1V 0AQ

Offers refurbished computers to schools, supplying reasonably up-to-date equipment at low cost - a fraction of the price of new machines (eg £100).
Companies have a policy of upgrading equipment regularly, and donate computers no longer required.  These are refurbished and upgraded by skilled technicians at TFS.  All computers resold to schools are Pentiums with multi media facilities and internet capability.  All equipment guaranteed to meet technical standards recommended by National Association of Advisers for Computers in Education (NAACE).   If a parent / grandparent, teacher or governor, who knows your school badly needs computers but can't afford them, contact TFS.
(Updated Aug 2005)

TREG (The Reading Electronics Recycling Group)
Tel 01189 669912
PO Box 2305, Earley, READING, Berks RG6 7FE

Purchases redundant, obsolete and scrap electronic equipment, mainly computers.  Some parts are reused, and precious metals recovered.

Phone 01622 795900  Fax 01622 882195  
Email enquiries@ukrecycleit.co.uk  Website www.remade-kentmedway.co.uk ( www.ukrecycleit.co.uk, under construction Feb 04)
Royal British Legion Industries, Royal British Legion Village, AYLESFORD, Kent ME20 7NL
Contact  Scott Lawson, Firas Witwit, Project Managers

recycler, refurbisher and reseller of IT equipment for Kent's businesses & communities, aiming for 100% recycling of electrical equipment, including monitors, by researching and implementing appropriate processing methods.  Claims this will apply to older types of IT equipment that have no possible reuse - eg metal and other materials reclaimed from printed circuit boards etc is disassembled and sorted for different processes.  Aims to resell where possible, or donate to charities.   All equipment to be reused will come with blank hard drives and no operating systems.  Secure data handling offered.  Formed jointly by ReMade Kent & Medway, Royal British Legion Industries & ADM Computing. 
(Updated Feb 2004)


Tel 01920 871628 Fax 01920 871976
5A The Maltings, Roydon Road, Stanstead Abbots, HERTS SG12 8HG

Repair centre for TV, video, audio and microwave ovens.

Virgin Mobile Scheme
- see also Red Cross above  
Website  www.virgin.com/uk   

Virgin Mobile pledges £5 to Red Cross for every mobile phone collected. 

Waverley Hardware

Tel 01780 482255 Fax 01780 480585
33 Waverley Gardens, STAMFORD, Lincs PE9 1BH

Clear most types of computer equipment; contact for quote.

White C F & A W Ltd

Tel 0208 977 4588 Fax 0208 977 4588
4-6 Latimer Road, TEDDINGTON, Middx TW11 8QA

Computer and electronics scrap dealer.  Recovery of non ferrous and precious metals.