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THE WASTEBOOK is available on the internet at 

It is a project administered and supported by WasteWatch and run by the editors David Oakley-Hill and Lawrence Maxwell, both of Luton Friends of the Earth.  It is funded by Landfill Tax, distributed by awarding body EB Beds.

Waste Watch 'renews' magazine review, Summer 2003 (issue 21):
One of, if not the most, comprehensive regional waste guides available on the net.  Although it is meant to cover North London and some of the Home Counties, the breadth of information available, not only on waste management, but on sustainability in general (green funeral anyone?), and the number of national groups listed, has made this site an essential reference for many including the Waste Watch team.

began in 1995 as a printed directory for Bedfordshire (now out of print).  The website was launched in 1997, covering a much wider area, as a joint project commissioned by the Thames Region of the Environment Agency, and written, researched and designed by Luton Friends of the Earth.  It was sponsored nationally by Friends of the Earth, BRE, and the Government Offices for the Eastern Region, Southern Region and London.  

From 2002 Waste Watch teamed up with the Editors to bid successfully for landfill tax funding to continue the project.  

Very great care is taken, but it is not possible for a directory of this nature to be 100 per cent accurate or complete.  If we have inadvertently omitted a company or organisation offering a service you find valuable, or if you find a phone number or contact details to be out of date, we apologise.  The publishers welcome comment, suggestions for improvement, and updated information on services available.

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THE WASTEBOOK is run by the Editors: 

David Oakley-Hill

Lawrence Maxwell

was originally written, researched, edited and designed by Tony Northwood and David Oakley-Hill, who own the copyright of the format, on behalf of Luton Friends of the Earth

The Editors would like to thank all the members of Luton Friends of The Earth for their practical advice, input and support over the years, especially Julie Furnivall, Steve Hawkins, Marie Talbot, and Mike Bond.


Project Manager for the Environment Agency  Ava Greenwell

Database development  Gerry Downing, Dave Maitland, Ray Darker, Dave Ames 

Co-ordination of checking with companies  Nicki Watkins

Checking with companies  Sharon Chaffe and Jill Steer

Secretarial  Louisa Hodgson

Advice on Radiation  Adrian Bush

Organisation of contracts  Jon Newton

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The Editors, Waste Watch and the other supporting agencies accept no liability whatsoever in respect of the contents of this document, which does not represent the policy of Waste Watch or the supporting agencies.  The companies and bodies listed are not endorsed in any way by Waste Watch or the supporting agencies.  Those who deal with such companies or bodies are responsible for their own contractual arrangements with such companies or bodies.  Those who handle waste are exposed to potential criminal and civil liability, and so users of this document must each ensure that all persons with whom they deal concerning waste are compliant with all relevant laws relating to pollution of the environment.  [For example, any person who carries controlled waste in the course of any business of his (or otherwise with a view to a profit) must be authorised to carry controlled waste by the Environment Agency.  It would be a breach of the Duty of Care, a legal duty imposed upon the holders of waste, for a person to transfer such waste to any person who was not authorised to carry such waste.  Such a breach could lead to criminal and civil liability.]  As the legal status and ability (to carry out waste operations) of the companies or bodies listed in this document may change rapidly, Waste Watch cannot guarantee that such companies or bodies at the date of publication are or will at any time in the future (merely as a result of their inclusion in this document) be lawfully able to carry out waste operations for the users of this document.  In every instance where a user of this document proposes to use the services of any such company or body, the user must contact its local office of the Environment Agency [see Appendix 3 for addresses] for confirmation that, for example, a company offering to carry waste from premises is registered in accordance with the Control of Pollution (Amendment) Act 1989 and for advice (as required) upon how the Duty of Care on Waste affects the user in question.