230  Education and training

Organisations across various fields.  Some can provide useful training, for example on waste management, leading to accredited qualifications.  Others provide practical skills, eg composting and permaculture, sustainable construction, energy saving, renewables and ways to adopt sustainable practice or lifestyle changes.

Alphabetical list of organisations

Best Foot Forward Limited (BFF)  
Tel 01865 250818  Fax 01865 794586
Website www.bestfootforward.com
Email mail@bestfootforward.com
The Future Centre, 115 Magdalen Road, Oxford OX4 1RQ
Contact  Craig Simmons or Nicky Chambers, Founder Directors

Consultancy specialising in sustainability metrics, resource flow and ecological footprint analyses.  Helps regions, organisations and communities reduce their environment impact  through delivering a wide range of analytical tools and consulting services.  Has developed EcoIndex and Stepwise which calculate environment impact and sustainability of a product, organisation, process, lifestyle or region.  Detailed website with many interesting sub-sections, organised under main headings: Products and services, Sustainable accounting, Publications, About us (includes case studies), and Partners.  You can also sign up to email discussion groups on carbon reporting and ecological footprinting (services - cities and regions sub-section).  Has Queen's Award for Enterprise in Sustainable Development.  BFF's ecological footprint of the Isle of Wight was Overall Winner at Biffawards 2001, and Environmental Report 2002 won an ACCA UK Award for Best SME in Environmental Reporting.  See also Stepping Forward www.steppingforward.org.uk sustainability assessment for the entire South West of England (see below or sections 210 Assistance, Advice and Consultants, 220 or 230; and 400, 430, or 450 Energy Use and Climate Change).  Other publications include: Scotland's Footprint, Material Health (mass balance and ecological footprint of NHS) and City Limits (resource flow and ecological footprint of Greater London, Biffaward 2003 finalist in R&D category). 

Develops products and services for three main audiences:  businesses and organisations - assess performance, raise awareness of issues amongst staff and/or customers; cities and regions - measure and monitor performance of regions and communities; education/campaigns - public communication and awareness raising.  Undertakes projects in many other areas, happy to discuss requirements.  For more technical information see their Services and Accounting web sections.  Tools used - resource flow and mass balance accounting; greenhouse gas (carbon) reporting; ecological analyses. Applications include - corporate environment strategy and reporting; regional sustainability assessments and scenario development; lifestyle analysis eg transport, food, housing and purchasing choices; waste and energy management and policy development; strategic environmental assessments (SEA); product impact assessment; education and awareness raising. 
Website designed by Lumpy Lemon, see section 210 Assistance, Advice and Consultants.   (Updated Nov 2005)

CCORRN (Cambridgeshire Community Reuse and Recycling Network)
Tel 01954 260909  Fax 01954 260866 
Website www.ccorrn.org.uk  Email misskaybarnes@ntlworld.com 
PO Box 890, Willingham, CAMBRIDGE, Cambs CB4 5ZF
Contact  Kay Barnes, Community Recycling Network Organiser

Develops community reuse and recycling schemes across Cambridgeshire and Peterborough.  Non-profit partnership between community, public and private sectors.  Aims to: share knowledge, skills and best practice;  help projects access funds for long-term security;  build and strengthen partnerships;  provide easy access to information with various media;  work on joint projects;  raise awareness of reuse and recycling opportunities;  and avoid service provision overlaps.  Offers community sector:  staff time;  funding/fund-raising help;  group meetings;  training opportunities;  trips, events;  useful information, contacts;  network of local groups;  ideas exchange opportunities.  Over 60 members, but keen for more - membership free, available online.  Members include:  Cambridge Foodbank (see 440 organic and low input food and drink);  Schumacher Society;  Compass (Peterborough) Ltd (see 87 Computers, 140 Scrapstores (Restore), and 44 Electrical and electronic scrap);  Cambridge Chamber of Commerce;  and Environment Agency.  Recent CCORRN funding recipients:  OWL (Opportunities Without Limits) wood recycling;  Ferry Project for community composting, can recycling and bicycle repair;  Cambridge SOFA (see 82 Furniture and household goods);  Papworth Trust and Papworth Library recycling facilities;  and reusable nappies projects.  Initially co-ordinated by Anglia Polytechnic University's WasteWISE Champion, Lewis Herbert, CCORRN is a partnership between the University and Cambridgeshire County Council.  Started early 2003 supported by DEFRA Recycling Challenge Fund, and Enventure environmental body administering Landfill Tax Credits for waste operator Donarbon.  (Updated Nov 2004)

Centre for Alternative Technology (CAT)

Tel 01654 705950  Fax 01654 702782  Mail order tel 01654 705959  Mail order fax 01654 705999  Shop 01654 705993
Website www.cat.org.uk  Email  (various - see website)

It is an enjoyable and educational experience to visit this seven-acre permanent exhibition of sustainable technology with residential community set in a  reclaimed slate quarry, now a wildlife haven.   Activities powered mainly by water, wind and sun.  Runs training courses such as renewable energy systems, self-build houses, organic growing and biological waste treatments including composting and reed bed sewerage systems.  Also postgraduate MSc in Architecture.  More educational information on website.  Offers consultancy on practical renewable energy solutions.Welcomes British and foreign stamps (still on the paper) - send to Barbara Wallace at CAT.  These are sorted then sold to dealers or collectors.  Money raised fund CAT’s environmental volunteer service.  New displays on Energy, Recycling, the Home and Work planned for 2005, and construction begins, open to the public, of new educational establishment, " the greenest building project in the UK".  Water-balanced cliff railway opens for the season on 14 March.  Demonstrations on 9 June 2005 of spinning and weaving techniques using recycled rags.  Produces many  informative newssheets, publications, and quarterly magazine Clean Slate, email cleanslate@cat.org.uk Visitor centre open every day. Gift shop near the entrance stocks many interesting goods and books - also mail order catalogue.  Cafe serves delicious organic and fair trade food on premises.  Runs membership organisation, ATA (Alternative Technology Association).  Subsidiary in Machynlleth: Quarry shop wholefoods 01654 702339 and cafe 01654 702624.   (Updated Dec 2004)

Centre for Sustainable Design
Tel 01252 892772  Fax 01252 892747 
Website www.cfsd.org.uk
Email cfsd@surrart.ac.uk or mcharter@surrart.ac.uk or rwhite@surrart.ac.uk 
Surrey Institute of Art & Design, University College, Faculty of Design, Falkner Road, FARNHAM, Surrey GU9 7DS
Contact Professor Martin Charter, Co-ordinator or Russell White, Administrator

Eco-design is a very important aspect of sustainable waste management.  Advises on reducing waste 'cradle to grave', ease of recycling, design for dismantling and easy repair or reconditioning, and ecological aspects of multi-material products.  Facilitates discussion and research on eco-design and environmental, economic, ethical and social considerations in product and service development and design.  This is achieved through training, education, research, networking, consultancy, publications and internet.  Also acts as an information exchange and a focus for innovative thinking on sustainable products and services.  Website is a good introduction to good practice and current research, and includes details of courses, seminars, conferences and workshops.  CfSD  has developed a network for the electronics sector - the Network for Electronic Product Design (NEPD) and a regional business club focused on "producer responsibility" issues covering the electronics, automotive and packaging sectors - the South-East Environmental Business Association (SEEBA).  Edits the Journal of Sustainable Product Design.  Established 1995.  (Updated Nov 2003)

Cranfield Biotechnology Centre

Tel 01234 750907 / 01234 750111
Cranfield Institute of Technology, CRANFIELD, Beds MK43 0AL

Applied research, training and consultancy in biotechnology.  Business services including contract testing.

Cranfield University

Tel 01234 754056 Direct Line (24 hr ansaphone)  Fax 01234 751671

Cranfield Water - Cranfield University, Clive Temple, Marketing Manager, Cranfield, BEDFORD MK43 0AL

'Cranfield Water' is the University's umbrella organisation, serving as an interface between Cranfield University and the international water and environment sector.  Offers the market place an integrated approach, providing training and research services.  Specialist areas include: water and effluent treatment, water recycling and reuse, soil and water engineering, irrigation management, water environment management, energy management.

E. F. Schumacher Society
Tel / Fax  0117 903 1081
Email admin@schumacher.org.uk  Website www.schumacher.org.uk  (USA: www.smallisbeautiful.org ,  www.schumachersociety.org)
The Schumacher UK Office, CREATE Environment Centre, Smeaton Road, BRISTOL BS1 6XN 

Educational non-profit organization founded 1978, after the author of Small Is Beautiful: Economics As If People Mattered.  Demonstrates that social and environmental sustainability can both be achieved, applying to economic issues values of human-scale communities and natural environment (‘Human scale – respect for the land – mutual aid – community renewal’).  Builds on tradition of decentralism to initiate practical measures and generate, promote and distribute sustainability processes - for community revitalization, and ecological and economically sustainable society.  Publishes papers and other media.  Holds seminars, conferences and events, and identifies and hosts leading thinkers and practitioners.  Explores globalisation and new economics;  sustainable systems, education and farming including organics;  renewable, intermediate and alternative technologies;  energy and global warming;  local ecosystems and democracy;  ecological footprints;  and complementary health.  Office normally staffed during office hours Tues, Wed and Thur.  Also visits by appointment Monday to Friday.  UK Schumacher Circle of organisations informally cooperate to support each others work.  Schumacher encouraged valuing connections: the circle is "joined up thinking" for sustainable development.  Member organisations include: Green Books, Intermediate Technology Development Group Ltd (ITDG), New Economics, Resurgence, Soil Association, and Centre for Alternative Technology (CAT).  Individual members receive free briefings booklets, newsletters; and discounted tickets, subscriptions and courses from linked organisations.  The USA branch marks its 25th anniversary in 2005 (including Capital Campaign to raise $100,000 to add to Library/office).   (Updated Jan 2005)

Earth Centre, The

Tel 01709 513933 / 01709 770566  Fax 01709 512010  
Website www.earthcentre.org.uk  Email info@earthcentre.org.uk  shop@earthcentre.org.uk 
Denaby Main, Kilners Bridge, Doncaster Road, CONISBROUGH, South Yorks DN12 4EA

Project aiming to become a centre of understanding of sustainable development in everyday life.  Set in 400 acres of parkland, created with a mosaic of wildlife sites, it promotes action for a sustainable future. Opened to public in 1999 following 7 years of research and planning.  Built with recycled materials, it demonstrates an integrated waste strategy, with land remediation, roads and paths of recycled material, reuse of organic matter, reed beds and wind and solar power, its solar canopy forming the largest array of photovoltaic cells in Britain and meeting 30% of the development's energy needs, with 10% of output going to the regional grid.  Visitors asked to sort waste for reuse and recycling; all garden waste composted; gardens and cafe promote organic growing.  Shop sells goods made from recycled paper, old tyres, waste plastic milk cartons, vending cups and plastic bottles, reused leather, recycled glass, recycled wood and old circuit boards; or products using renewable or reduced energy in manufacture, fairly traded, or from sustainable sources.  Welcome hall shaped like a tsunami.  Described as the largest single educational establishment built since the Victorian museums of South Kensington.  Supported by Millenium Fund.  (Updated July 2004)


Tel 01942 824620  Fax 01942 824778
Website www.eco-schools.org.uk
Tidy Britain Group, Elizabeth House, The Pier, Wigan WN3 4EX

Programme aiming to guide teachers and pupils towards a sustainable lifestyle, including waste reduction. Provides democratic, participatory structure encouraging active citizenship.  'A great way to make sustainable development part of the life and ethos of school.  Designed to fit the curriculum, it's an award scheme that gets everyone in the school community involved in improving environments.'  Comprises seven elements that can be adopted: an Eco-Schools committee; environmental review; action plan; monitoring and evaluation; curriculum work; informing and involving, including the wider community;  Eco-code: statement of school's commitment to environmental good habits.  Can lead to Eco-Schools Award.  Managed by Tidy Britain Group, promoted and supported by Going for Green, sponsored by SITA Environmental Trust and Coca-Cola Youth Foundation.  Free Eco-Schools pack from above address (extra copies £10).  (Updated Nov 2004)

EcoTech Centre 
Tel 01760 726736   Fax 01760 726763
Email  jmckenna@ecotech.org.uk   Website  www.ecotech.org.uk  
Turbine Way, SWAFFHAM, Norfolk PE37 7HT
Contact  Jo McKenna, Conference, Marketing & Events Manager

The Centre offers training in sustainable business practices, through two publicly-funded business support projects - helping companies identify and carry out cost-saving opportunities and improvements in environmental performance.  Business Link for Norfolk and Eco-Innovations Ltd are based in the building, along with publicly-funded business support project.  Event booking in the UK's largest timber framed building with choice of conference rooms or in extensive grounds.  240 metre squared exhibition floor and 100 seat lecture theatre/cinema with AV support.  Further information on business at the Centre from Anne Willimott, Conference & Events Manager, Tel 01760 726 733, Fax 01760 726 763, Email
anne@ecotech.org.uk.   The Centre is an educational charity which aims to stimulate and inform people about the need for sustainable development.  Visitor centre in large timber-framed building, organic gardens, biomass power station and one of the largest wind turbines in the world, with guided trips to the top (300 steps).  Turbine tours 10-4 in summer, 1pm winter (booking advised, 01760 726 100).  School visits; exhibition and conference centre. 
(Updated Aug 2005)

The Eden Project
Tel  01726 811911   Fax  01726 811912
Website www.edenproject.com  
Bodelva, ST AUSTELL, Cornwall PL24 2SG

Pioneering educational charity project conceived by Tim Smit, who previously restored the Lost Gardens of Heligan, and whose vision has turned a disused clay pit into a global garden, opened in 2001.  A series of energy efficient 'biomes' - the world's largest conservatories (main heating source is the sun) made of large hexagonal plastic bubbles and light steel - house thousands of plants from tropical rainforest and temperate climates.  The 'third biome' is 30 acres outdoors of terraces supporting plants that will grow in the Cornish climate.  It is a beautiful place which teaches about the relationship between plants, people and places.  A symbol of how people can work with nature to feed themselves, repair damage, manage land and create a healthy environment.  Much attractive art based on nature.  Aiming to be 'waste neutral' by buying in a greater weight of products from recycled materials than the weight of materials it sends off to be recycled.  Items reused whenever possible. Waste recycling unit on site planned.  Recycling bins throughout site.  Environment friendly in many ways - supplies sourced locally if possible, reducing transport, energy and supporting local economies.  Water mainly recycled groundwater and rainwater.  Electricity from Cornish windfarms, LPG vehicles, green travel plans for staff and visitors.  Through bus/train tickets available.  Excellent for school trips - learn where much of the food you eat and other products, including clothes, in daily use come from.  Open every day except Christmas eve and Christmas day.  Experience it as part of a holiday, not a special trip, and get there early!  (Updated July 2004)

E4S - Environmental Teaching Resources 
Website www.e4s.org.uk

Free online teaching and other resources and ideas.  Designed in partnership by teachers, environmentalists and industrial organisations, for use by anyone interested in sustainability and environment issues.  Industry and other information, printable worksheets, teaching materials, tips, puzzles and experiments.  Site has sections headed Greening Britain's schools, Textiles, Timber, Waste management, and Water.  Users include learners and specialists from education and other fields.  Lesson planning materials on the sustainable use of water, textiles, timber, and issues surrounding waste management and Environmental Studies.  Helps to generate classroom activities.  Links in each section to other useful sites.  Home page links to National Grid for Learning and its Virtual Teacher Centre.  (Updated August 2004)

Environmentalist magazine - see IEMA

Education - Business Partnerships (EBPs)
Tel : 
01296 383588 Aylesbury Vale
01494 729000 Chiltern & South Bucks
01494 475343 High Wycombe
01908 660550 Milton Keynes

Network of agencies promoting business links between schools and businesses.  An aspect is the donation of surplus goods such as unwanted office furniture and outmoded computer equipment, often of minimal value, for local schools.  Advice on requirements and assistance in placing should be available from the following:
Aylesbury Vale EBP, Sweda House, New Street, Aylesbury HP20 2NH;
Bedfordshire EBP, Maryland College, Leighton Road, Woburn, Milton Keynes MK42 7PN;
Chiltern & South Bucks EBP, Education Office, King George V Road, Amersham, Bucks HP6 5BY;
High Wycombe Education Commerce & Industry Partnership, Wycombe Area Office, Easton Street, High Wycombe, Bucks HP11 1NH;
Milton Keynes EBP, Norfolk House, 88 Saxon Gate West, Central Milton Keynes MK9 2DL.

Environmental Teaching Resources - see E4S above

Ethical Careers Guide 
see Justwork

Ethical Careers Service
Tel 01865 245678
Email ethicalcareers@peopleandplanet.org  Website www.ethicalcareers.org 
Ethical Careers Service, People & Planet, 51 Union Street, OXFORD OX4 1JP

Unique service giving advice on finding a socially and environmentally responsible career.  Subscribers (£15) receive email info on paid jobs not advertised anywhere else, 3 copies of Your Future magazine, including help with CVs and interviews, 1000 links to resources, courses, training, internships, agencies, employers, and setting up an ethical company.  (Updated Nov 2003)

Everything Education Limited
Tel 01865 734466  Fax 01865 883371
Email enquiries@everythingeducation.org  Website home www.everythingeducation.org 
Forward House, Oakfield Industrial Estate, EYNSHAM, Oxon OX29 4TT 

Resource for UK professionals, connecting education and businesses.  Features many free services for schools, including vacancy advertising, business surplus and SchoolQuote quotation request service.  Most valuable in terms of minimising waste, preserving resources and saving costs are its two following free services:

Everything Education's Swap Shop 
Allows schools to trade unwanted or surplus items with one another.  One section lists Items Offered and one lists Items Needed.  Includes anything from paper to computers and bicycle racks.  'So if you've got too many footballs but not enough goalposts, this is the place to post an offer or request.' 

Everything Education's Surplus for Schools
Allows schools to snap up items kindly offered by local firms.  Categories include Information and computer technology (PCs, networking, monitors, printers, software etc..);  Furniture (including lockers, filing cabinets...);  Electrical (faxes, telephones, photocopiers...);  Office supplies & stationery; Media (books, manuals, videos, CDs, DVDs...);  and Miscellaneous ('everything else!'  For example: racking, offcuts, interviewing skills workshops, abrasive paper and cloth, varnishes and coloured lacquers). 
(Updated August 2004)

Forum for the Future

Tel 0207 251 6070 Fax 0207 251 6268
227a City Road, LONDON EC1V 1JT

Organisation set up in 1996 by Jonathon Porritt, Sara Parkin and Paul Ekins to promote good news about the environment.  Solutions to many environmental problems are already available - tens of thousands of individuals and organisations are already hard at work building the foundations of a sustainable society.  Forum for the Future aims to speed up implementation through awareness of good practice, highlighting activities of 'green award' winners, and education/debate on sustainable development.  It has developed partnerships between business, local government and the voluntary sector; and offers Forum Scholarships and maintains a Sustainable Eonomy Unit and Best Practice Database.  Publishes 'Green Futures' magazine, Unit 55, Fifth Floor, 50-56 Wharf Road, Islington, London N1 7SF, Tel 0207 608 2332, Fax 0207 608 2333.  General enquiries: Thornbury House, 18 High Street, Cheltenham, Glos GL50 1DZ, Tel 01242 262 744, Fax 01242 262 757.

  and  Glassworks www.recyclingglass.co.uk

Excellent educational websites.  Glassforever includes Teacher Zone, downloads (including worksheets and ideas for a recycling project), and a schools and education Case Studies section arranged regionally.  Includes interactive Glassman and Recycling games, and Quiz.  The Education Centre is open for visits from Key Stage 2 groups, at Rockware Glass Ltd, Knottingley, West Yorkshire.  

Keystage 2  Glassforever  www.glassforever.co.uk :  School groups visit Europe’s most modern glass treatment facility, in Knottingley, West Yorkshire to see where glass from bottle banks actually goes.  Supported by interactive glass cleaning machine, video, computer animations and full teacher support pack.  Visits are provided free by Rockware Glass, who also contribute to school transport costs.  GlassForever education roadshow takes the program to schools and can be used to support other educational or waste management initiatives by local authorities.  Develops education aspects of recycling bottles and jars with schools nationally.  GlassForever has been developed with support from NGfL (National Grid for Learning) www.ngfl.gov.uk and VTC (Virtual Teacher Centre) http://vtc.ngfl.gov.uk/docserver.php   (Updated Oct 2005)

Keystage 1 (& 2) Glassworks  www.recyclingglass.co.uk :  CD-rom and web based resource, using fun interactive games which dovetail with National Curriculum using glass recycling as the theme.  Supported by Teacher’s Notes;  free Keystages 1 & 2 CD-Rom developed with British Glass (9 Churchill Way, Sheffield S35 2PY);  information pack, clubs, posters, badges and balloons.  Funky Facts, Fun House with Art Room, and Bottle Busters with excellent Glass Challenge Quiz. 

GlassForever and
Glassworks are developed by Rockware Glass, with Berryman as partners (see 55 Glass for both companies).  These reclamation and processing companies work with local authorities to provide education resources and initiatives.  They develop education aspects of recycling bottles and jars with schools nationally.   www.rockware.co.uk/index-recycling/index-recycling.html also has lots of useful information about the glass industry, processing cycles, and recycling benefits.  (Updated Oct 2005)

IEMA (The Institute of Environmental Management & Assessment)
Tel 01522 540 069   Fax 01522 540 090
Email info@iema.net  Website www.iema.net 
St Nicholas House, 70 Newport, LINCOLN LN1 3DP

Not-for-profit membership organisation, aiming primarily to promote sustainable development.  Provides environmental practitioners and professionals with support and assistance to ensure methods and knowledge are in line with current best practice guidelines in environmental management and assessment.  Provides members with professional recognition for knowledge and practice, with a hierarchy of membership levels ranging from Student and Affiliate (base levels for individuals new to the environment field, who would like information or are studying for environmental qualifications), to Full and Fellow Membership for those demonstrating outstanding achievement promoting sustainable development practice in management and assessment.  Provides up-to-date information for all fields of environmental management and assessment in various ways, mainly through publications such as ‘the environmentalist’ magazine distributed to members, and the Practitioner and the Perspectives publications series'.  Operates registers of qualified and approved Auditors, Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) practitioners and Specialists in Land Condition (SiLC) that have met strict criteria proving professionalism and competence.  The website also has latest information and a complete list of training providers.  Approving training courses delivered by universities, colleges and private companies are a major part of IEMA's activities.  Approving training courses ensures standards of content and gained knowledge are up-to-date with current methods of best practice, and environmental law.  Corporate Membership assists companies in all industries with environment statements, impact assessments, reviews and training.  IEMA arranges major conferences with workshops to see and hear latest developments; regional events, including site visits, workshops, lectures and seminars to provide latest developments in each region.  Queries welcome.  (Updated Oct 2005)

Institute of Wastes Management

Tel 01604 620426  Fax 01604 621339
9 Saxon Court, St Peters Gardens, NORTHAMPTON NN1 1SX

Produces factsheets about courses relevant to waste management and pollution control (HNC, graduate, post-graduate and Open University) at various colleges and universities.  Organises conferences, seminars, training courses and exhibitions.

Justwork: Ethical Careers Guide
Tel 020 8 981 7527  Fax 0870 133 5236
Website www.ethicalcareersguide.co.uk  Email editor@ethicalcareersguide.co.uk 
Vine Studios, 25a Vyner Street, LONDON E2 9DG

New handbook on careers with a conscience.  Ranges from charities to international development; campaigning; fair trade; renewable energy; environment; ethical finance; corporate social responsibility; setting up your own ethical business.  Interviews with people in their ideal job; how-to guides; extensive directory.  128 pages; £4.95 from bookshops or online.  (Updated Aug 2005)

Learning through Landscapes

Tel 01962 846258  Fax 01962 869099
Website  www.ltl.org.uk   Email  schoolgrounds-uk@ltl.org.uk 
3rd Floor, South Side Offices, The Law Courts, WINCHESTER, Hants SO23 9DL

National educational charity acting as 'one stop shop' improving the environment in which children are taught, making school grounds and early years settings better places, giving opportunities for healthy exercise, creative play, and making friends; for learning through doing; and to put children in touch with the natural world.  Partnership with London 21 Sustainability Network, who developed London Green Map www.london21.org/map.php , to give information about sustainable initiatives.  Several LTL projects in London schools are on the map, through creative use of school grounds.  This may be because of their commitment to recycling, reuse of rainwater, organic gardening, composting, or renewable energy features.  Encourages parents to get involved.  Capital Grounds is a 2-year project providing schools and communities with opportunities to join in a sustainable waste management education programme focused on school grounds - includes reuse, recycling, alternative technology and green purchasing.  Results can attract Eco-Green Flag Award, eg for using recycled materials in art and landscapes, or Fair Trade cafe - case studies on website. School grounds survey report on website.  (Updated Jan 2005)

LILI (Low Impact Living Initiative)
Tel / Fax 01296 714184  
Email lili@lowimpact.org  Website www.lowimpact.org
Redfield Community, Buckingham Road, WINSLOW, Bucks MK18 3LZ

Non-profit organisation committed to promoting practical ways to live more harmoniously with the environment.  Aims to help people understand the damage of human impact on our planet - through the way we travel, work, consume, enjoy our leisure, provide food, energy and shelter, and dispose of our waste - and how they can change aspects of their lives to reduce their impact, save money, live in a healthier, more satisfying way and improve their quality of life.  Runs residential weekend courses (£150 waged, £100 unwaged) on topics such as recycling clothes and textiles, permaculture, hedge-laying, wind, solar and sustainable energy, self-build hot water, green woodworking, building with timber or strawbale, roofing, beekeeping, making biodiesel, low-impact smallholding, water and sewage, natural paints and lime, and herbal medicine.  Accommodation and food provided.  Course details and dates on website, or sign up for their email newsletter. £10 subscription brings bi-annual newsletter and discounts on courses.  Links with small manufacturers to sell green products.   Also produces 'What can you do?' information sheets, available on website, which may be printed and distributed; and a range of do-it-yourself manuals at £7.50.  Now sells and delivers biodiesel - see section 13.  Has a marquee, demo solar hot water panel, and many display boards: will staff a stand at green fairs, and assist local authorities. Worked with National Energy Foundation (section 450) on government project to install solar hot water systems in 50 homes.  (Updated Sep 2005)

Meta Net
Tel 01753 861049  Fax 01753 842080
Mutual Educational and Training Assistance, 21 Trinity Place, WINDSOR, Berks SL4 3AT
Contact  Sean Hopkins

Makes use of recycled PCs (repaired and tested by companies such as R Frazier) for use by housebound people (including mothers with young children) and carers, supported by the Department of Education & Employment.  Video-based distance learning uses cameras, allowing the user to see and be seen by tutor, doctor, lawyer etc through TV or PC.  Working with Dr Adrian Vranch at Plymouth University, who operates multimedia distance learning services including satellite delivery - Tel 01752 233908.

National Energy Action NEA

Tel 0191 261 6577 Fax 0191 261 6496

Charity best known for tackling heating and insulation problems in low-income households - members have insulated 2 million homes.  Leading provider of training and school curriculum development, producing educational materials about energy efficiency.  Has also developed Energy Efficiency awards for Scouts and Guides, and produced a report outlining how to achieve energy awareness and efficiency in rural areas, based on improvements to 40 village halls in three areas including Oxfordshire.  Corporate supporters include oil, gas, and electricity companies.

New Life Electrics

Tel 0207 247 8556
87 Worship Street, LONDON EC2A 2BE

Charities workshop.  Part of Bedford Institute & Association, Quaker Social Action and East London Homelink. Repairs white goods and other household electrical equipment for the needy.  Items are installed, with a 3 month warranty. CFCs reclaimed for Corporation of London, Southwark and Enfield.  CFCs are sent to ICI, who clean and return them. Also train vending machine engineers and operators, and washing machine engineers.  Main office: Bunhill Fields Meeting House, Quaker Court, Banner Street, London EC1Y 2QQ, Tel 0207 490 2184 / 0207 250 1193.

Ollie Recycles

(International call:)  Tel 0061 3 9817 7722   Fax 0061 3 9817 1466
Email info@olliesworld.com  Website www.sustain-ability-int.com 
Sustain Ability International Pty Ltd, PO Box 75, Camberwell, Victoria 3124, Australia

Website on need to reduce, reuse, recycle, aimed mainly at Key Stage 2.  Information for use in classroom - exercises, facts, figures, tips and ideas.  Aimed at UK - Groundwork uses the program in its community education workshops.  CD Rom available.  Related suite of programmes on sustainability principles.   (Updated Feb 2005)

Permaculture Association
Tel / Fax 0845 458 1805 (local rate) or 0113 2307461 (Leeds)
Email office@permaculture.org.uk  Website www.permaculture.org.uk 
BCM Permaculture Association, LONDON WC1N 3XX  (general post) or 
Permaculture Association, Hollybush Conservation Centre, Broad Lane, Kirkstall, LEEDS, West Yorks LS5 3BP (large parcels only).

Educational charity run by members, helping people use permaculture to improve quality of life and environment.  Supports  projects through information, training, networking, and research including on funding, using ethics and permaculture principles.  Based on ecological principles of natural systems, personal responsibility, limits to population and consumption, and fair shares.  Developed 1970s to challenge destructive agricultural methods, poisoning land, water and wildlife and causing serious soil erosion.  Inspires empowerment, cooperation and self-reliance - 'Earth care; People care; Fair share'.  Website offers info on courses, groups, projects, education; comprehensive news section; and email discussion.  Searchable subsections include Water; Design; Energy, technology and material use; Transport and Mobility; Money, Livelihoods and Alternatives; Homes, buildings and settlements; Natural Environment; Working with Plants and Animals; Looking after yourself and others; Education and learning; Governance and international agreements.  Phone national office Leeds, 10-2 Tue-Thu, answerphone other times.  Address is a forwarding company, avoiding problems with any future address changes.  Please send large parcels to Leeds address.   (Updated Jan 2005)

and Perspectives publications series - see IEMA

Rubbish Dump, The
Tel 0208 880 0292  Fax 0208 880 0282
24 Rossendale Street, Clapton, LONDON E5 8TA

Interactive education centre on recycling and the environment.  Associated with Waste Not Recycling (separate entry) operating collection round for drink cans and textiles.

SATRO Hertfordshire

Tel 01438 767308  Fax 01438 767309
Michael Faraday House, Six Hills Way, STEVENAGE, Herts SG1 2AY

The SATRO (Science and Technology Regional Organisation) is an educational charity with a network of about 50 local schemes.  Aims to 'excite children about science, engineering and technology'.  Herts SATRO operates a recycling service for unwanted scientific equipment, office equipment and furniture, electrical items, books, stationery and handicraft materials suitable for use by schools and charities.  After inspection, items are put on a database and stored at a warehouse in St Albans.  Members select from the database at intervals of about six weeks and are responsible for collection of chosen items.  The scheme also provides work experience for the long-term unemployed.  Operating expenses are funded by a levy on office equipment, furniture and stationery plus an annual membership fee of £15 for LEA primary schools; £45 for LEA secondary schools; £65 for independent and grant maintained schools.

Schumacher Society
- see E. F. Schumacher Society above


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The Standing Conference on Schools Science & Technology co-ordinates SATRO (Science and Technology Regional Organisation - see separate entries), Young Engineers, and Crest Awards, which accredits project work, produces materials to help projects, and encourages students to use external organisations.  'Environment Research Challenge' is a booklet with a section on waste management, published January 1998, jointly produced by Crest Awards, the Environment Agency, the Natural Environment Research Council and Unilever.

SGS Forestry

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Oxford Centre for Innovation, Mill Street, OXFORD OX2 0JX

Accredited certification body for the Forestry Stewardship Council (see separate entry).  Research and monitoring to establish that wood products are from responsibly managed forests which conserve biodiversity and respect the rights of indigenous peoples.  Organises courses on achieving forest certification for those with environmental responsibilities working in a forestry organisation and implementing chains of custody.  Through LogTrack, monitor application of stock control movements to assist Customs operations worldwide in data capture and revenue collection.

Stepping Forward 
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Website www.steppingforward.org.uk  Email
c/o Best Foot Forward, The Future Centre, 115 Magdalen Road, OXFORD OX4 1RQ
General enquiries - Claire Stentiford at Best Foot Forward: 

Project encompassing resource flow analysis, ecological footprint analysis and sustainability assessment of the entire South West England region.  Different research responsibilities were allocated between Best Foot Forward (see above), and Energy for Sustainable Development (ESD) www.esd.co.uk (or also see our section 450 Energy Use and Climate Change for similar organisations).  For further information and technical details on certain components covered in the report, you can contact the relevant researchers from their website's Contact section. 

The website is the primary publication medium for the project's series of reports.  Two of the six reports have been printed, but all six are available online.  Visitors can browse through the reports page-by-page online, or download PDF versions.  The website presents a huge amount of technical information in many pages (130+), with clear layout and simple navigation.  Results are presented in a series of separate reports, each providing detail on a different aspect of the project.  The Summary Report draws together key findings from the whole project.  Seven main themes or components, each discussed in terms of consumption, ecological footprint and associated CO2 emissions, with any other significant issues. Scenarios for some components examine effects of changes such as new technology, potential future consumption and implementation of current government targets of reduction.  They take current national and regional targets and best practice into consideration.  Components are:  Energy, Materials, products and waste, Food, Transport, Water, Land use, Emissions to air.  Presented results give an overview of project findings. Individual reports give in-depth analysis and methodology descriptions.  Website designed by Lumpy Lemon, see section 210 Assistance, Advice and Consultants.  Project funded by Biffaward, South West Regional Development Agency and South West England Environment Trust.   (Updated Nov 2005)

Surplus for Schools
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Swap Shop
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Waste Management Industry Training & Accreditation Board.  Approved body providing structured courses of training and assessment, and awarding certificates of technical competence.  This is a requirement for managers of activities requiring a waste management licence.

Waste Watch 

Tel 020 7 549 0300  Fax 0207 549 0301  
56-64 Leonard Street, LONDON EC2A 4JX
Email info@wastewatch.org.uk  Website www.wastewatch.org.uk

National co-ordinating body providing training and advice for existing and potential community groups interested in waste prevention, reduction, reuse and recycling.  Works with local and national government, promoting environmental benefits of waste minimisation on society and the economy.  Aims for positive change in attitudes and behaviour to producing and managing waste.  Runs seminars and conferences, and produces regular newsletters and information sheets.  Developed KAT (Kerbside Analysis Tool) to help councils assess the cost and practicality of different kerbside collection options, including recycling on estates.  Wasteline is a service answering questions on all aspects of waste.  Waste Watch's London network of Waste Alert Clubs help both to save businesses money and reduce waste.  The website
www.wasteonline.org.uk is a useful source of information on the waste industry.  The website www.recycledproducts.org.uk includes a database of products with recycled content - formerly compiled and maintained by Waste Watch, and originally called Buy Recycled, it is now run by WRAP (below).  Has own Communications Consultancy which reduces actual waste (Tel 020 7549 0328, kathryn@wastewatch.org.uk).  (Updated Sep 2005)

WWF-UK (Worldwide Fund for Nature)

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Website www.wwf-uk.org  Email psmith@wwfnet.org
Panda House, Weyside Park, GODALMING, Surrey GU7 1XR

Major charity promoting wildlife conservation and working on environmental education at all levels.  Produces Better Business Pack jointly with NatWest, emphasising financial savings in environmental improvements.  Runs Agenda 21 training programme for local authority offciers, to encourage a corporate approach.  Task groups working on specific areas, including waste and energy.  Acts in partnership with Global Action Plan and Forestry Stewardship Council and other bodies.  Education and Awareness Department: 01483 426444.