44  Electronic and electrical scrap 

(general information and list of organisations below)


Stop exporting waste or face prosecution, EA warns  

Activities to identify illegal electronic waste exporters are being stepped up, the Environment Agency (EA) has said. The announcement came after a report revealed that about 23,000 tonnes of waste was being shipped to non-OECD countries in the Far East, the Indian sub-continent, West Africa and China, without the correct authorisation from the EA. It is vital that waste exporters know what the rules are and comply with them, the agency said, or they will face prosecution. www.edie.net/news/news_story.asp?id=9327&channel=0 

WEEE: Delayed reaction  www.dti.gov.uk/innovation/sustainability/weee/page30269.html 
The European Directive on Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) came into effect on 13 August 2005.  It regulates the handling of electronic waste in the EU by making electronics producers responsible for the recycling and disposal of goods returned to them at the end of their life.  However, it has yet to be implemented in all EU countries. The UK delayed both the producer responsibility and take-back provisions until June 2006.  From then, all business users, manufacturers and suppliers were expected to have a statutory obligation to recycle electrical and electronic equipment.  This was the second time the deadline had been put back.  A public consultation was then launched on 25 July 2006.  To view the consultation documents see www.dti.gov.uk/consultations/page32448.html .  The closing date for responses is 17 October 2006.  
The WasteBook editors wish to acknowledge that top of the Government's Waste Hierarchy for activity is RE-USE of materials, which is seen as the ideal first option before consideration of recycling. 

The WEEE man

A sculpture is touring the country, representing the amount of waste electrical and electronic equipment one person disposes of in a lifetime.  Built by the Royal Society of Arts (RSA), it weighs 3 tonnes and is 7 metres tall.  At London's South Bank until May, he has now travelled to the Eden Project in Cornwall, and will visit the Royal Botanical Gardens, South Wales.  Components include: PC screens, printers, industrial lights, satellite dishes, video recorders, computer mice, toasters, vacuum cleaners, heaters, washing machines, microwaves, food  mixers, fans, stereos, lawnmowers, electronic toys, 5 fridges, 12 kettles and 35 mobile phones.  The UK population currently contributes significantly to Europe’s WEEE problem and is likely to own more than 70 million set top boxes, 63 million TVs and 14 million VCR and DVDs by 2015.  The energy consumed and carbon dioxide emitted by these appliances could be triple current levels.  The figure will raise public awareness of WEEE and aims to change behaviour, prompting consumers, retailers, designers and manufacturers to focus on reducing waste, recycling, reuse, repair, refurbishment, and sustainable manufacturing.  The project aims, like THE WASTEBOOK, to highlight options for people who wish to dispose of electrical waste responsibly.  The RSA has a Manifesto Challenge of moving towards a zero waste society.  More information from Jo Barber, RSA press office, 020 7451 6842, or email jo.barber@rsa.org.uk 

Electronic scrap explosion damaging health in China and India

Expansion of the global market for electrical and electronic products is accelerating, while lifespan of the products is dropping, resulting in an explosion of electronic scrap.  UNEP states (2005): "Every year, 20 to 50 million tonnes of electrical and electronic equipment waste (e-waste) are generated worldwide, which could bring serious risks to human health and the environment. 4 million PCs are discarded per year in China alone."  

E-waste recycling in much of Asia is largely unregulated: impacts on the environment, and the health of recycling workers and communities, are poorly studied.  A new Greenpeace report (Aug 2005) Toxic Tech: Recycling of electronic wastes in China and India: workplace and environmental contamination investigates workshops, wastewater, soil and sediment from local rivers, and shows conclusively that all stages in processing electronic waste enable toxic chemicals, including heavy metals, to be released into the workplace and the environment.  Despite an EU ban on exports of hazardous waste, including electronic waste, to developing countries, this material is increasingly being sent to Asia from Europe illegally.  Samples from both indoor dusts and river sediment were abundant in toxic heavy metals, precious metals, and organic contaminants such as flame retardants and PCBs.  For all dusts collected from workshops in China, lead concentrations were hundreds of times higher than typical levels for indoor dusts in other parts of the world.  Lead is highly toxic, builds up in the body and can have irreversible effects on the nervous system.

The study shows that contamination is a direct result of the use of hazardous materials in electronic goods manufacture.  It strongly suggests a need to redesign and reformulate all new electronic goods to facilitate proper dismantling and component separation; and to avoid use of hazardous chemical components at source.  The WEEE Directive, and Restrictions on Hazardous Substances (RoHS), apply only in the EU and cover only a fraction of the hazardous substances used.  The study illustrates the urgent need for manufacturers to develop and design clean products with longer lifespans, that are safe and easy to repair, upgrade and recycle, and will not expose workers or the environment to hazardous chemicals.  Full report at www.greenpeace.org/raw/content/international/press/reports/recyclingelectronicwasteindiachinafull.pdf 


Electronic and electrical scrap  general information

Several million items are scrapped in Britain every year, a waste stream which includes white goods and an ever-expanding range of domestic and industrial products, including TV, video and audio equipment, computers, office machinery and telecommunications hardware.  

Amongst these are some environmentally harmful substances which have now been withdrawn from new use, such as CFCs (chlorofluorocarbons), used in refrigeration and other processes; and PCBs (polychlorinated biphenyls), used in electrical transformers. The RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) Directive bans lead, cadmium, mercury, chromium VI, PBBs, and PBDEs by July 2006.  Some argue this is too little, too late.

Recycling is improving steadily. This is partly through efforts within the industry to promote design for disassembly, collection arrangements, and markets for reclaimed materials and reusable items, working with the scrap and precious metal industries. It is a field for profitable expansion, which would be helped by purchasers trying to obtain 'trade-in' arrangements wherever possible.

The WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) Directive is shortly to become law, and EU member states must prepare to implement it.  It will require countries to collect and recycle a certain amount of waste electrical and electronic products such as computers, mobile telephones and televisions - about time, as the increasing number 'thrown away'  is constantly growing and is becoming a serious hazard.   It will encourage shops to become far more involved in recycling, as they may have to take back an old item when a new one is purchased.  Export to developing countries can also be a problem if not closely monitored, as laws on recycling or disposal may be weak or non-existent. 

Beware - manage your electronics supply chain 
Supply Chain Management (SCM) has become more critical for businesses.  Global sourcing has increased and supply chain control has become more challenging.  Getting it wrong can result in: 
- poor quality parts
- products removed from markets because components do not satisfy legislation
bad publicity and loss of market share because a supplier has very poor working conditions for its employees or is polluting the local environment.  
There are many examples of even the largest companies being caught out and even being put out of business by failure to control its supply chain.  Tracking your supply chain is increasingly important, and assists environmental accountability.  

Within the electrical and electronics sector there has been massive shift of manufacturing to developing countries over the last decade, of parts, subassemblies and products resulting in complex multilevel supply chains that somehow have to be managed.  Design and product/software development is also starting to move to the developing world, resulting in a new type of business called a 'Hollow Company'.  These companies subcontract almost everything out and just add their brand name.  In parallel with this the EU and other countries are introducing or have introduced legislation on how products are designed, what materials they contain and how they are handled at end-of-life.  Both legal and financial responsibilities have been placed on the producer.  In the UK the WEEE directive will add to this legislation.  

(Information edited from The Centre for Sustainable Design).

Mobile phones 
For information on recycling mobile phones, health impacts and precautions, and recharging, see section 87.

TVs and Cathode Ray Tubes (CRTs)
For the government's approach to recycling CRTs from TVs in future, see

There is also an EU proposal on EuP (Energy-using Products) seeking to apply design for environment and energy efficiency across the life-cycle of electric and electronic products.


A recent analysis of 100 old mice replaced with new showed 84 just needed cleaning. Nearly all mice have a flat plastic annulus surrounding the roller ball. If the mouse is detached from the machine, this is easily unscrewed allowing the ball to be removed. The three rollers on which the mouse ball turns are revealed and on inspection usually have a deposit of small particles of debris stuck around the girth at the point of contact with the ball. This debris can easily be removed with a pointed device such as a paperclip or pencil or cotton bud. In a minute or two the mouse is cleaned and working properly again.

Also see
Office wastes and toner cartridges (35)
Refrigeration equipment (45)
Shop and office furnishings (86)
Computers and electronic goods (87)

Alphabetical list of organisations

AWA Refiners Ltd

Tel 01279 423743  Fax 01279 422243
Website www.awarefiners.co.uk   Email sales@awarefiners.co.uk 
Units 7 & 10, Mead Park, Templefields, River Way, HARLOW, Essex CM20 2SE

Precious metal refiner handling all grades of gold, silver and platinum group metals, palladium, iridium and rhodium; tungsten, cobalt, molybdenum, nickel, titanium, tantalum, indium, mercury, tin/lead alloy scrap.  Sourced from jewellery, computer, electronic, dental, and photographic wastes; reusable electronic components, telecom relays, solutions, inks, pastes, sweeps, fines, powder, solids, contacts, wire, pins, plugs, connectors.  Prompt evaluation and payment for computer boards.  Obsolete mainframe computers purchased outright or dismantling service offered. 'Reusable' department for PCs, monitors, and other electronic equipment.  Range of solder alloys manufactured for the electronics, jewellery and plumbing industries.  National collection with 24hr insured service for valuables.  On site laboratory.  Free collection service in UK.  Formed 1991.  (Updated June 2004)

British Metals Recycling Association (BMRA)
Tel 01480 455249  Fax 01480 453680
Website www.recyclemetals.org  Email info@recyclemetals.org 
16 High Street, Brampton, HUNTINGDON, Cambs, PE28 4TU

Trade body aiming to provide key support services and a forum for generating consensus on strategic issues. Guidance on legislation, health and safety - runs training courses on, for example, the real needs of a recycling operator, and environmental management systems.  Various education resources on recycling.  Result of merger between British Secondary Metals Association and the British Metals Federation.  (Updated Oct 2004)

BT Consumer & Environmental Programmes

Tel 0207 728 8807 Fax 0207 728 8589
Procter House, 103 West Block, 100-110 High Holborn, LONDON WC1V 6LD

Environmental policy group, developing improved practice for handling the company's very substantial volumes of waste, reducing energy use and travel.  In association with ECTEL (European Telecommunications Industry Body), a pilot mobile phone recycling initiative has been launched.

CKS Recycled Technology
Tel 01933 411416  Fax 01933 411417
Email  itremovals@cksgroup.co.uk   Website  www.cksgroup.co.uk
Phoenix Way, Crown Business Park, RUSHDEN, Northants NN10 6BS
Contact  Mike England, Mick Powell

Collector of IT and office equipment for resale after testing, safety checks and minor repairs.  Surplus materials  and components reused or recycled in partnership with companies like AWA Refining.  Collects countrywide; charge depends on product.  (Updated July 2005)

Calyx Group

Tel 01582 582023  Fax 01582 582087   Sales and customer service fax 01582 633956
Email sales@electroversal.com, customerservice@electroversal.com  
Website www.electroversal.com, www.weee-recycle.com
www.weee-sellspares.com, www.calyx-group.com 
Ribocon Way, LUTON, Beds LU4 9UR
Contact  John Morrell and Garry Powell, Directors  

Refurbisher for IT, telecoms, and all electronics including lcds and imaging systems.   Electroversal Ltd offers pre and post sales services for the electronics industry, supported by Weee Recycle Ltd for WEEE-based repair, refurbishment, recycling, disposal and logistical support; and Weee Sellspares Ltd for refurbished, hard-to-get-hold-of or expensive parts.  The 3 companies operate under The Calyx Group.  Began over 22 years ago, repairing PCBs for UK market.  Now trades globally with most electronic manufacturers, and has partnerships including authorised repair centres with many.  Bespoke repair and refurbishment, product returns, inventory and logistical management, and bespoke training and technical courses, to reduce costs and improve turn-around times.  Component level PCB diagnosis, repair and testing; complete unit re-manufacture and refurbishment.  Evaluates and designs repair and refurbishment for any electronic or electro-mechanical equipment in any quantity, including all transport.  Half are exported.  Import, export and customs handling, supported by SAP software.  For information about WEEE legislation contact John Morrell on john.morrell@calyx-group.com or call 01582 633946 or write.  Website www.weee-recycle.com offers free WEEE factsheet and legislation updates.  ISO9002 registered for 10 years; ISO9001:2000 since 2002.  Also in NSW, Australia.  (Updated Mar 2004)

Church F J & Sons Ltd
Tel 01708 522651  Fax 01708 522786
Email traders@fjchurch.co.uk  Website www.fjchurch.co.uk  
Centenary Works, Manor Way, New Road, RAINHAM, Essex RM13 8RH

Buyer of used catalytic converters, gold, silver, platinum, palladium and rhodium in all forms as well as tantalum, titanium, ruthenium, hafnium and other minor metals. Computer boards purchased (any quality or condition). Reusable department for PCs, monitors and other electronic equipment. (Updated Sep 2001)

Closed Loop Logistics 
P&O Closed Loop Logistics

Collins T

Tel 0208 519 8476 Fax 0208 555 4076
20-22 Sugarhouse Lane, Stratford, LONDON E15 2QS

Scrap cable merchant.  All grades including armoured and lead sheathed cable.

Community Fonebak (also see Fonebak)

Helpline Tel 01727 202603  Collection Hotline Tel 01708 684000
Email info@communityfonebak.com  Website www.communityfonebak.com 
Community Fonebak c/o Shields Environmental plc, Kerry Avenue, Purfleet Industrial Park,
SOUTH OCKENDON, Essex RM15 4YE  (Tel 01708 684000)

Free nationwide scheme operated by Shields Environmental to help charities and community groups raise funds by collecting and recycling unwanted mobile phones, to minimise the potential impact of mobiles and accessories on the environment.  For each phone that can be reused (not recycled), you will receive 4 cash or a 5 voucher for Dixons Store Group (Dixons, Currys, The Link or PC World).  Bags, envelopes, containers and posters available.  Phones are separated for reuse or recycling.  About 50% resold and 50% recycled (if beyond repair or too old for resale).  Those for resale are tested, repaired, rebranded and packaged (using recycled material).  Handsets containing a mix of metals and plastics go to Sweden for incineration, where metals are extracted and sold for re-use: the energy heats a local village.  Pollution is claimed to be low.  Batteries (containing nickel cadmium, nickel metal hydride and lithium) go to a specialist recycler where materials are recovered and reused.  Accessories, including plastic packaging and paper manuals, can be recycled through the Fonebak scheme.  Some phones are exported to developing countries for re-use, where they would normally be too expensive.  SIM cards left in phones are destroyed for security reasons.  The scheme is endorsed by all network service providers, major retailers and the government.  (Updated Sep 2003)

Compass Community Shops, Peterborough
Tel  01733 343499
Website www.compasspeterboroughltd.com/CommunityShopsMainpage.asp  
5 Scalford Drive, Welland
114 Chadburn, Paston
437 Lincoln Road
79 Eastfield Road -
also has its own cafe.

Takes donations of clothes, kitchen and household items including bedding, crockery, curtains, children's toys, books, and electrical goods - kettles, toasters, lamps, that could be of use to somebody else.  Offered at low prices to those in need.  If unable to take your donation to one of the stores, they can collect.  House clearances undertaken.  Not for fund raising, but serving the community.  (See also Furniture section 82.)  Belongs to Compass (Peterborough) partnership,  also including CompassIT (Restore IT) (see Computers, section 87); Restore scrapstore (see section 140); SOFA furniture reuse and recycling (see below and Furniture section 82); Credit Union banking; Step One employment, training and benefits advice; and Partnership House 'one stop shop' advice on welfare benefits, debt, employment and guidance training for Welland residents.  (Updated Feb 2004)

Community Recycling and Training - Tottenham - see CREATE below  

Computer Junk Shop

Tel 0151 420 6671 Fax 0151 495 1132
10 Waterloo Road, WIDNES, Cheshire WA8 0PY

Purchaser of redundant computer and electronic equipment for dismantling into component parts or resale.

Computer Salvage Specialists

Tel 01635 552666  Fax 01635 582990
enquiries@computersalvagespecialists.com  Website  www.computersalvagespecialists.com
5 Abex Road, Bone Lane Industrial Estate, NEWBURY, Berks RG14 5EY
Contact  Andrew Braysher / Rachel Martin

Nationwide collection and recycling of all types of electronic waste from computer and electronics industry.  Moved in 2001 to secure purpose-built site for storage, separation and processing of electronic waste.  100% recycling routes for most end-of-life domestic televisions, CRT monitors and the majority of IT equipment.  Website has diagrams showing how each component is recycled, and lists precious metal content.  Solder paste container washing process has reduced amount of tin/lead bearing metals and plastic entering landfill.  Transport fleet has roll on and roll off container service.   Worldwide contacts.  Established 1985.  (Updated June 2004)

Corporate Mobile Recycling Limited
Tel 0207 404 6440  Fax 0207 404 4374
Email info@cmrecycling.co.uk 
Website www.cmrecycling.co.uk  
3 Long Yard, Holborn, LONDON WC1N 3LS 
Contact  Olly Tagg, Marketing Director

Mobile phone and related equipment reuse and recycling for corporations, network operators, manufacturers, retailers, public service bodies and individuals.  Offers raised revenues through sale and reuse, complying with legislation and the WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) Directive.  Estimates potential value of phones and equipment.  Price paid depends on type of phone and whether it works.  'Simple, comprehensive, managed solution for disposal of new, end-of-line, surplus, 14-day, upgraded, or used mobile phones, from free collection and evaluation of handsets to payment and safe disposal of any faulty hardware.  Fully audited paper trail.'  Website's Services Section gives details for companies, schools, charities, councils, hospitals, etc.  Claims to have processed over 30,000 used phones, raising tens of thousands of pounds, for Oxfam (see separate entries, with references to other sections, below, and Charity section 130).  Various environmental schemes encourage companies and individuals to be involved with a ‘Give Back’ scheme, designed to incorporate and surpass the WEEE Directive in line with their Environmental Management System.  Prize scheme: for every 20,000 phones received from the public a 12,000 Daimler Chrysler Smart Car is given away.  (Sending in one phone gives a 1:20,000 chance of winning, 10 phones a 1:2000 chance).  Many recycled phones are reused in developing countries, providing affordable communications where landline infrastructures do not exist.  Phones unable to be reused are broken down by each component and recycled, saving dangerous metals including cadmium, nickel and lithium from landfill, and precious metals including gold and copper for reuse.  Helps schools, councils, hospitals or corporates with fundraising efforts, with donations of all or part of amount raised from reuse/recycling to any charity of choice.  Can provide each employee/pupil with a bag for redundant corporate or personal handsets, collected free.  

Collection from thousands of sites around the world.  Worldwide free courier collection.  Freepost service for employees operating remotely.  Each client has Freepost code for safely tracked collections and remuneration.  L
arger volumes (20+) can be collected on a next day basis ('even if they are a bunch of bricks') from anywhere in UK or mainland Europe.  All carriers verified to environmental certification allowing them to transport electrical goods.  Full environmental audit of all equipment, explained on website under Environment Policy.  Equipment is logged and a unique IMEI number recorded on database for tracking.  States only one other UK mobile recycling company publicly accounts for their policy in an environmental statement.  Claims to be one of only two UK mobile phone companies awarded ISO14001 and EMAS Environmental Accreditation. 
(Updated Feb 2004)

(Community Recycling and Training - Tottenham)  
Tel  0208 885 6209  /  IT hotline 0208 808 4787   Fax 0208 808 5046  
Email  info@createtottenham.info, info.tottenham@createuk.com, margaret.symister@createuk.com  
Website  www.createuk.com  
18 Ashley Road, Tottenham, LONDON N17 9LJ  
Contact  Margaret Symister, Business Development Manager  

Electrical goods re-use, refurbishment and recycling facility.  Provides: re-use and (if reuse is not possible) recycling; low cost goods; and employment training, as a social business.  Built in a converted former factory on a brownfield site.  Appliances include fridges, cookers and washing machines, resold at reasonable prices.  Also computers and accessories, TVs, VCRs and HiFi.  Community groups or small businesses (in the Haringey or Enfield Objective two area) receive IT support at subsidised rates: PC’s from 99, network installation and support, on site repairs and training.  Raw materials including copper, aluminium and steel are recovered from recycled appliances, for smelting and use in new products.  Offers sale by telephone, but as each item differs prefers people choose from their factory outlet.  Any CFC gases are removed from fridges and freezers before recycling.  Since opening has handled over 17,800 appliances; over 2000 have been resold and over 3000 exported or sold wholesale.  71 trainees have been recruited; 47 found other jobs due to skills developed, and 38 gained NVQs.  Works with people at disadvantage in labour markets.  Quarterly newsletter, available online.  Aims to help achieve the 4kg per head of population per year WEEE collection target for recycling.  Contracted to clean and transport refrigeration products for Haringey Council: handled over 2000 fridges, freezers or fridge freezers during part of 2002 alone, over 10% being refurbished, avoiding disposal costs; works with the council to increase refurbishment rates.  Launched by Michael Meacher Nov 1999 as a partnership between CREATE UK, Dixons Stores, Haringey Council, Tottenham Community Pathways, and College of North East London.  Still a partnership of public, private and charitable sectors, now including London Remade, Urban Futures, and Neighbourhood Renewal Fund.  Open 8am-6pm Mon-Thur, 8am-5pm Fri, 10am-2pm Sat; 5 minutes walk from Tottenham Hale Station.  (Updated Mar 2004)

Drakus Marketing Ltd

Freephone 07000 372587  Fax 0208 336 1677
48a Surbiton Road, Kingston Upon Thames, Surrey KT1 2HT

Computer bureau.  Large scale purchaser of salvageable electronics and computer scrap for re-use.  (Updated May 2004)

ECA Plastics (UK) Ltd
Tel / Fax 0208 870 8846  Email ecaplastics@cs.com 
298 Trinity Road, London SW18 3RG
Contact  Edward Clack

Organises three main activities, 90% of which is collection from retailers and warehouses, recovery and recycling of post-consumer polyethylene and polypropylene film packaging.  Will collect baled loads of 5 tonnes plus. Labels are removed and materials sorted to single polymer at Thetford and Cambridge.  Also recycles moulded sandwich trays from supermarkets - mainly HIP (High Impact Polystyrene). Thirdly, operates plant to recycle ABS and styrene plastic moulded containers for electrical and electronic equipment, including phones, vacuum cleaners, computers, printers and monitors.  Dismantles computers, recovering plastics and electronic components.  (Updated Feb 2001)

Electronic Manufacturers Equipment Recycling Group (EMERG)

Tel 01989 768899 Fax 01989 768215
c/o Mann Organisation, Ashburton Industrial Estate, ROSS ON WYE, Herefordshire HR9 7BW

A grouping of 20 multinational manufacturers of electrical and electronic products, promoting the economic potential of 'end of life assets' through an integrated approach of working with the recycling industry, material suppliers and product customers.

Electroversal Ltd
- see Calyx Group above  

Else Refining & Recycling Ltd

Tel 01462 812000  Fax 01462 817117
Email jasonelse@elserefining.co.uk   
Unit 7-8 Pole Hanger Farm, Shefford Road, Meppershall, SHEFFORD, Beds SG17 5LH  

Computer and electronic equipment, including mobile phones, accepted for refining & recycling.  Equipment dismantled for reusable parts, common and precious metal reclamation.  Material bulked up and sold to reliable partners such as SMS (section 43).   (Updated July 2005)

EMR (European Metal Recycling Ltd)
Tel 01925 715400  Fax 01925 713470 / 80
Email Ken.Norman@emrltd.com  Website www.emrltd.com  
Sirius House, Delta Crescent, Westbrook, WARRINGTON, Cheshire WA5 7NS 
Contact  Ken Norman 

UK's largest electrical goods recycler, handling over 300,000 tonnes of predominantly white goods, computers and cable annually.  Unparalleled logistics and investment, leader in shredding post-consumer durables, high-tech granulation and dense media separation of mixed materials for private and public sectors.  Recycles materials and/or components for white goods, other domestic appliances, brown goods, IT and office equipment. Also handles railway carriages, shipping, engineering contracts, military hardware, cable granulation, factory contracts and environmental consultancy (Mayer Environmental Ltd).  Collection countrywide, no minimum load, charge negotiable.  Depots UK wide; SE includes Brentford, Canning Town, Croydon, East Tilbury, Great Yarmouth, Kettering, Kingsbury, Newmarket, Northampton, Norwich, Park Royal, Plymouth, Rochester, Shoreham, Southampton, Swindon, Thames Wharf, Tilbury Dock, Tottenham, Wandsworth, Willesden, Woburn.
(Updated Oct 2004)

Emmaus Cambridge
Tel 01223 863657 (shop / enquiries)   Tel / Fax 01223 862676 (business office)   Tel 01223 863950 (charity/homelessness office)  
Email xt40@dial.pipex.com  Website www.emmaus.org.uk
Green End, Land Beach, Cambridgeshire CB4 8ED

Social ethics led organisation, giving previously homeless people accommodation and fulfilling work.  Furniture recycling is one of the most successful ways the organisation's UK sites have accomplished this.  Receives during opening hours, and collects and delivers by prior arrangement, unwanted, good quality furniture and household goods including electrical items, for resale to fund the project.  Delivery charges apply, but vary.  Also runs social furniture project selling items at reduced rates for those on benefits (referral/proof required - no delivery charge).  Works with many other organisations, mainly social services and agencies.  Takes almost anything - except soft furnishings without safety labels, computer equipment, baby items, pianos or electric organs, fridges with defective seals, photocopiers, gas bottles, or tins containing paraffin, petrol, paint or other inflammables.  Takes unusual / antique items, which may be restored before sale.  Publicity info and leaflets available.  Open 8.30-1 and 2-5 Mon, 8.30am-5pm Tue-Sat.  (Updated May 2004)

Emmaus St Albans

Tel  01727 817294 (Office)   01727 817297 (Shop)    Fax  01727 817295 (Office)
Email  emmaus.stalbans@btinternet.com   Website  www.emmaus.org.uk
Hill End Lane, ST ALBANS, Herts AL4 0FE
Contact  David Bex, Co-ordinator

Social ethics led organisation, giving previously homeless people accommodation and fulfilling work.  Free collection (or preferably receives by prior arrangement) unwanted, good quality furniture and household goods to redistribute to the public, residents and those on low incomes (referral forms and letters used - can be provided on request).  Flexible pricing according to needs; small delivery charge.  Seeking lounge, dining, kitchen and bedroom furniture, small electrical goods such as irons and kettles, and  large electrical items such as electric cookers, washing machines, dryers, fridges, freezers, and fridge-freezers.  Beds, sofas, and armchairs must have appropriate fire safety labels; no upholstery taken.  Deliveries and collections 9-12 and 2-4 Tue-Sat.  Items on view in shop, but people can also request to see extra items held in warehouse.  Holds regular open days.  Leaflets and handouts available, and also placed eg in local doctors' and council offices.  Involved with St Albans Girls School, including events.  Talks at schools, churches, local groups, voluntary and other organisations.  Open Tue-Sat 9-5.  Networks with CVS Furniture Recycling Scheme, Harmondsbury Hospital, Radlett 01923 857930.  (Updated May 2004)

Enderby Metals

Tel 0116 286 2450 Fax 0116 275 3081
Hepburn Bungalow, Stone Lane, ENDERBY, Leics LE9 5PP

Scrap merchant dealing in metals, electric motors, transformers, cable and commercial computers.

Environmental Storage Solutions
Tel 01933 222826  Fax 01933 273303
Email dclingo@ess22.freeserve.co.uk 
Unit 21, The Leyland Trading Estate, WELLINGBOROUGH, Northants NN8 1RT
Contact  David Clingo

Recycles white goods and equipment, refrigeration equipment, other domestic appliances, brown goods (TV, audio), office and IT equipment, recycling materials and/or components.  Specialist in granulation, cathode ray tube recycling, and precious metal refining.  Dismantling prior to recycling.  Collection countrywide, full loads only, charge dependent on product type.  (Updated Oct 2004)

Tel 01727 202603  01708 684000  Fax 01708 684020
Email enquiries@shields-e.com Website www.fonebak.com
Kerry Avenue, Purfleet Industrial Park,

Free nationwide scheme open to all, operated by Shields Environmental to reuse and recycle mobile phone handsets and accessories, reducing their impact on the environment. They can be returned directly to over 1200 UK shops (O2, Orange, T-Mobile, Vodafone). Or collect a Freepost envelope from any of these and send the unwanted handset(s) and accessories to the Fonebak recycling centre (Virgin Mobile, Virgin Megastores, Currys, Dixons, The Link, PC World.  Envelopes can also be ordered from these, or from Orange).  Phones are separated for reuse or recycling.  About 50% are resold and 50% recycled (if beyond repair or too old for resale).  Those for resale are tested, repaired, rebranded and packaged (using recycled material).  Handsets containing a mix of metals and plastics go to Sweden for incineration, where metals are extracted for re-use: the energy heats a local village, and pollution is claimed to be low.  Batteries (containing nickel cadmium, nickel metal hydride and lithium) go to a specialist recycler where materials are recovered and reused.  Metals (gold, palladium, copper, silver, platinum) are recovered from chargers and accessories for reuse, and plastics are granulated and made into traffic cones, buckets etc.  All phone accessories, including plastic packaging and paper manuals, can also be recycled through the Fonebak scheme.   SIM cards left in phones are destroyed for security reasons.  Some phones are exported to developing countries for re-use, where they would usually be too expensive.  Dixons processed 51 tonnes of phones and accessories last year, and Vodafone raised 50,000 for Fauna and Flora International environmental projects.   Endorsed by all network service providers, major retailers and the government(Updated Sep 2003)

Graver M S & S

Tel 01508 550376
Howe Pits, Brooke, NORWICH, Norfolk NR15

Specialist merchant - computer & electronic scrap. Collection service.

Great Eastern Metal Co

Tel 0207 729 5096
487-488 King John Court, LONDON EC2A 3EX

Non-ferrous, cable and computer scrap merchants.

Greener World Ltd
Tel 0208 571 0100 Fax 0208 843 0500
Suite 001, Charles House, Bridge Road, SOUTHALL, Middx UB2 4BD
Email enquiries@greenerworld.com  Website www.greenerworld.com 

Collects many types of recyclable materials, including waste paper, electrical equipment, confidential waste, and fluorescent tubes and bulbs from offices and service sector industries.  Collects glass bottles, cans, plastic cups, office paper, newspaper and magazines, cardboard and used cooking oil from offices, hotels and restaurants.  Over 600 businesses and 800 households served throughout Greater London.  Will provide environmental audit, carry out thorough review of a company's wastes, and help carry out policy, which will cut both waste and costs.  Dedicated to recycling - will provide recycled products to close the recycling loop, and promotional material to inform customers of your recycling policy.  Can collect up to twice daily if required.  Range of bags and containers available.  Established 1991.  (Updated May 2005)

Hanningfield Metals

Tel 01277 840172
Stock Road, Templewood Estate, West Hanningfield, CHELMSFORD, Essex CM2 8LA

Aircraft and military vehicle scrap dealer.

Iceland Metal Recycling

Tel 0208 983 1438 Fax 0208 983 3068
Iceland Wharf, Iceland Road, Bow, LONDON E3 2JP

Scrap cable dealer.

ICER (Industry Council for Electronic Equipment Recovery)
Tel 0207 729 4766  Fax 0207 729 9121
Website www.icer.org.uk 
6 Bath Place, Rivington Street, LONDON EC2A 3JE

Association involving suppliers, manufacturers, waste management, recyclers and local authorities aiming to be environmentally responsible.  Information exchange and advice.  Expertise on recycling WEEE (waste electrical and electronic equipment).  Website lists commercial WEEE recyclers or refurbishers of fridges, washing machines etc.  Pilot projects and research on life cycle through design, collection, reprocessing, and markets for reclaimed materials.  Current projects, working with all parties, include: to assess the amount of equipment entering the UK waste stream, how it is made up, how much is being recycled, and barriers to recycling; to identify best ways to separate and collect equipment for recycling and reuse; and to research recycling of cathode ray tubes (CRTs) and markets for CRT glass.  Runs accreditation schemes for recyclers and refurbishers.  (Updated May 2004)

Tel 01705 594999  Fax 01705 594888
Unit M4, Hazelton Interchange, Lakesmere Road, HORNDEAN, Hants PO8 9JU
Email vwilliams@intex-group.com
Contact  Vivien Williams

Collects, re-engineers and recycles electronic equipment such as IT, point of sale, test equipment and telecommunications.  Resale after comprehensive testing,, data eradication, safety and virus checks, otherwise manual disassembly for component and material recovery.  Special wastes segregated and disposed of appropriately; residual waste minimised.  In-house segregation service provided for large facilities if appropriate.  Headquarters and recycling facility accredited to ISO9002, 14001 and EMAS.

Keymood UK
Tel 01989 566288   Fax 01989 566977
Website www.keymood.co.uk  Email recycle@keymood.co.uk 
Wolf Business Park, Alton Road, ROSS-ON-WYE, Herefordshire HR9 5NB

Accepts CDs, DVDs, vinyl, cassettes, VHS videos, computer equipment and mobile phones.  Reclaims electronic and electrical products including all IT equipment, redundant office equipment and domestic goods.  Turns your excess into cash.  Electronic assembly experts.  Takes pride in routinely exceeding guidelines on percentage of materials recycled, minimising landfill costs and providing clients with security.   Full certification and auditable reports on sensitive goods.  (Updated Nov 2005)

KGR Metals Ltd
Tel 0161 794 9646 (7am-7pm)  Mobile (24 hours) 07718 743282  Fax 0871 7335247
Email mail@kgr-metals.co.uk  Web www.kgr-metals.co.uk
Unit 4, Leverbridge Mills, Radcliffe Road, BOLTON, Lancs BL3 1RU
Contact  Kevin English, kevin@kgr-metals.co.uk 

Metals processing and recycling centre, specialising in aluminium (including toll conversion), foil and steel cans.  Also receives batteries, aerosol cans, computer hardware, and electric cable.  Serves businesses and communities locally and nationally, from multinationals and local authorities to small businesses.  Scrap metal collection from can banks at amenity and community waste sites.  Printed circuit boards and low end computer equipment are recycled to recover copper, other precious metals, and the boards themselves.  Materials are weighed and checked before the laboratory analyses each metal for the best form of re-use, and to ensure quality specifications.  Operates a public weighbridge.  Fleet vehicles supply nationwide collection and delivery, including a "just in time" service.  Free estimates.  Website's information section includes advice, facts and graphs on recycling of UK domestic and industrial metals.  (Updated Jan 2004)

Tel 01873 852663 / 859901  Customer Services Helpline 0345 023648  Fax 01873 859128  
Email customerservices@laserxchange.co.uk, oxfam@laserxchange.co.uk  
Website www.laserxchange.co.uk/Chargox.htm, www.laserxchange.co.uk/Chargox.htm 
Surebasic Limited, Units 2-3 Castle Meadows Park, ABERGAVENNY, Monmouthshire NP7 7RZ
Contact  Sally Thomas, Remanufacturer Sales;  Keith Moss, OEM & Distributor Sales  

Computer printer cartridge remanufacturer providing laser toner and inkjet cartridges to OEM's, distributors and dealers in UK and Europe.  Makes over 200 different cartridges, drums and developers  (claims this is the widest range in the UK, covering 95% of the UK printer base).  Donated over 150,000 to charities in 2000 through collection programs.  Recycles for Oxfam (see also various reuse and recycling related entries and links to other sections under Oxfam below).  Customers can choose to donate the value of the used cartridge to one of the charity partners or receive a credit against future orders.  Encourages co-ordinated collections from and between schools, organisations and local businesses.  95% of orders are shipped the same day.  Private label or neutral on the product - will build to clients' requirements.  

Laser Cartridges  -  accepts a minimum of 10 provided they are returned with all used components or parts originally supplied, in original packaging and boxes.  Asks boxes to be taped firmly together with brown packing tape, address and reference number on each package (for 27 cartridges make up 3 packages e.g. 2 of 10 and 1 of 7 etc).  A package must not exceed: length 1.50 metres, length plus girth 3.00 metres, maximum weight 30.00kgs.  Phone quoting reference number, how many packages, total number of cartridges, where they are to be collected from and when.  If sending a mix of inkjets and laser cartridges mention the breakdown to allow calculation of total weight.  Collection (usually the following day) free of charge by a national carrier (mostly Business Post).  

Inkjet Cartridges - remanufactures a range of Canon, Hewlett Packard and IBM compatible cartridges and plans to introduce others.   Encourages people to look at the website's wanted lists.  Supplies a small (about 8 x 8 x 3 ins.) collection box to hold 10-30 cartridges, with a Freepost label.  Supplies boxes for people to leave at suitable collection points.  Replacement boxes can be automatically be sent on receipt of a full one.  Small quantities can be returned just using Freepost label.  Asks people do not send Epson, Olivetti or any inkjets that do not have a print head as they are not recyclable.  Purchases all Hewlett Packard, Canon Bubblejet (BC01//BC02/BC03) and IBM 4076 (and compatible) cartridges. 

Many small personal copiers and plain paper fax machines also use laser and inkjet cartridges which the company works with. 
Can supply A4 flyers with Freepost labels, which can be sent out with new cartridges.  Claims that if a client's customer has a problem LaserXchange's back-up service will try to remedy it, even if its the printer, not the cartridge, including solving problems "on-site".  Full insurance warranty against any damage to any printer caused by a faulty cartridge (yet no claims to date, they state).  All cartridges individually serial numbered for traceability and feedback for quality and improvement.  Claims R&D department brings out at least one new product a month.  Points out that all original products are dollar priced and subject to exchange rate fluctuations - not so for a UK based product (no original cartridges are made in the UK).  Bank Giro Transfer/BACS Payments can be made directly into bank accounts of those selling cartridges to LaserXchange, with remittance advice to follow. 
(Updated Feb 2004)

Logical Reclaim (Europe) Ltd

Tel 01686 622400 Fax 01686 622600
Unit 14, Mochdre Enterprise Park, NEW TOWN, Powys SX16 4LE

De-manufacturing and recycling of computer, electronic and telecommunications equipment.

Mann Organisation

Tel 01989 768899 Fax 01989 768215
Ashburton Industrial Estate, ROSS ON WYE, Herefordshire HR9 7BW

Large-scale recycling of end of life electronic equipment. Reclaims metals, plastics, and other recoverable materials for sale and reuse.

01923 266003     Fax 01923 264631
www.m-d-recycle.co.uk  Email Stalbans@m-d-recycle.co.uk 
Merrydown, Commonwood, Herts WD4 9BA

 David Lewsey

Licensed collector and recycler of boxed WEEE (waste electrical and electronic equipment) and hazardous electrical waste.  Dismantles old equipment such as computers, monitors, peripherals, printers (all types), scanners, TVs, video recorders, hi-fi, microwave ovens, telephones, small electrical appliances, garden equipment, electronic toys, office equipment (eg photocopiers, shredders, binders, laminators) back to separate components, sorted according to material  (eg metals, glass, plastics).  No refurbishment or re-use.  Tracking at every stage of process.  Hazardous materials such as lead removed for recycling by specialist contractors (see sections 43, 60).  Skips of circuit boards, wire etc taken to specialist refineries where raw materials are reclaimed for use in new equipment such as power tools, vacuum cleaners, fuseboxes, fax machines, modems.  Fixed cost charges - see website.  Consultancy on new hazardous waste regulations.  Franchises and training.  Head Office: Unit 1-3 Newland Trade Park, Kirkheaton, Huddersfield, West Yorks HD5 0JS, Tel 0800 197 8857, info@m-d-recycle.co.uk   (Updated Dec 2005)

Tel 0870 199 5010
Website www.maxitech.biz  Email  info@maxitech.biz 
Unit A10, The Chocolate Factory, 5 Clarendon Road, Hornsey, LONDON N22 6XJ

Not-for-profit company providing reuse and recycling of electrical and electronic equipment to companies and organisations throughout UK.   Collects, refurbishes, and finds buyers.  Data removed and secure from retrieval.  No harmful components sent to landfill, and no harmful waste sent overseas for dumping.   Chance to maximise return for reusable equipment: typically can recover 5% of initial cost of redundant IT equipment.  Can be tested and given to charity, or can purchase surplus equipment and donate proceeds to charity.  Can assist in inventory: counting, labeling, bar-coding and recording equipment to be disposed of.   Ensures recycling is performed by authorised specialists to comply with WEEE and ROHS directives and assist with Corporate Social Responsibility.  With partner organisations, creates secondary products from otherwise harmful electrical and electronic components and finding new methods to reclaim useful materials from e-waste.  Same day asset disposal services.  Collects loose equipment from anywhere in London, and palletised equipment from anywhere on UK mainland.  Trains and develops youths from socially-disadvantaged backgrounds through work placement schemes.  Environment Agency Licensed waste carrier, supported by London ReMade.  Works with The Laundry (section 31) to recycle paper.  (Updated May 2005)

Mechanelec Ltd

Tel 0151 420 4590  Fax 0151 495 1132
Victoria House, Croft Street, WIDNES, Cheshire WA8 0NQ  

Purchaser of surplus computers, high tech equipment and components for recycling.

Mobile Repair Service
Tel 0207 226 8431 (staffed 10.30-12.30, or answerphone)  Fax 0207 704 0391  
Email services@mobilerepairservice.org.uk  Website www.mobilerepairservice.org.uk  
2 St Paul's Road, LONDON N1 2QN  

Registered charity.  A repair agency working exclusively for pensioners and people with disabilities.  Repairs, tests and guarantees equipment for domestic use including cookers, washing machines, fridges, vacuum cleaners.  All equipment checked for safety and function before being passed on.  Takes good equipment in working order - no small electrical items.  Does not sell items on.  Electrical, plumbing and small carpentry work also undertaken.  Operates a system of prioritising according to need, but without means testing.  No proof of welfare benefits required.  Works in association with Social Services.  Space and other priorities sometimes means equipment cannot always be accepted.  (Updated May 2004)

Tel 0161 343 2316  Fax 0161 343 3272
Unit 11, Whitelands Industrial Estate, Whitelands Road, ASHTON-UNDER-LYNE OL6 6UG

Computer parts recycling.

New Leaf Recycling Ltd
Tel 0208 944 6866  Fax 0208 944 9644
Email mail@newleaf-uk.com  Website www.newleaf-uk.com  
Office 4, 88 Bushey Road, Raynes Park, LONDON SW20 0JH

Recycling service for most types of redundant IT and electronic equipment (such as computers, monitors, printers, telephone equipment, photocopiers) aiming to find an environmentally friendly alternative to dumping the equipment in a landfill site.  If possible, equipment is passed on for reuse by local community groups.  If not, it can be dismantled for spares or recycling.  Purchases most laser printer and inkjet cartridges suitable for remanufacture ( minimum ten, free collection).  No photocopier bottles, printer ribbons or previously recycled cartridges.  Sells new or remanufactured (35% cheaper) laser and inkjet cartridges with new drums, from an ISO registered manufacturer.  Min order 50 + VAT, free delivery over 100.   Core business is office paper recycling - any type, any quantity, from a few bags to large warehouse clear-outs; also confidential waste disposal (sacks with security tags, certificates of secure disposal).    Tough white re-usable sacks 67 cm by 100 cm supplied free.   Recycling bins (green cardboard, 70cm tall x 38cm wide), sack stands (8.95 + VAT), and wheeled containers available (these hold up to 20 full sacks, and can be rented per year).   Free paper collection from south-west London within M25.   (Updated May 2005)

Newman Griffis (PM) Ltd
Tel 01443 821771  Fax 01443 835345
Pengam Road, Aberbargoed, BARGOED, Vale of Glamorgan CF81 9TT

Specialist in recycling metallics from scrap computer and telecommunications equipment.

Noranda Sales Corporation of Canada Ltd

Tel 0207 497 2046  Fax 0207 497 2527
20 Bedfordbury, Covent Garden, LONDON WC2N 4TP

Reclamation of non-ferrous and precious metals from electrical and electronic scrap, especially computers and telephone relays.

Cartridge Recycling
LASERXCHANGE  (see separate entry above) 
Tel 01873 859901  Fax 01873 859128
Email oxfam@laserxchange.co.uk  Website www.laserxchange.co.uk/Chargox.htm
Surebasic Limited, Units 2-3 Castle Meadows Park, ABERGAVENNY, Monmouthshire NP7 7RZ
(Oxfam Head Office:  Tel  General enquiries 0870 333 2700  Reception 01865 311311  Fax 01865 321410 / 313770   Email oxfam@oxfam.org.uk, campaigning@oxfam.org.uk, education@oxfam.org.uk, companies@oxfam.org.uk  Website www.oxfam.org.uk, www.oxfam.org.uk/coolplanet.  Oxfam House, 274 Banbury Road, OXFORD, Oxon OX2 7DZ)

Oxfam raised over 36,000 through cartridge recycling in 2002.  For every suitable laser cartridge received, LaserXchange will donate 2.50 to Oxfam, and 1 for every suitable inkjet cartridge.  Recycling cartridges helps reduce the massive waste caused by production and disposal of non-renewable plastics and metals.  

To join the scheme check your cartridges are on the LaserXchange list:  
Call LaserXchange on 01873 859901 and tell them you want to recycle for Oxfam.  
Toner cartridges:
  Collect a minimum of six toner cartridges, packed in their original boxes; call LaserXchange to arrange free courier collection.  
Inkjet cartridges:  LaserXchange will send you a Freepost inkjet cartridge collection box or bag for posting when full.  Smaller quantities of inkjet cartridges can be sent by attaching LaserXchange's Freepost label.  Epson inkjet cartridges cannot be recycled. 

No cartridges are made in the UK, so each cartridge recycled saves non renewable plastics and metals, whilst creating jobs and saving imports into the UK, as well as supporting Oxfam's work around the world.  10 toner cartridges could pay for a Vietnamese child to go to primary school for a year.  

Oxfam head office main entry, see Charity section 130.  Oxfam's many other reuse and recycling activities for donation and low price resale:  see Oxfam Mobile Phone Recycling below.  (Updated Feb 2004)  

Oxfam Computer Equipment Recycling
Tel  01865 313484  General enquiries 0870 333 2700  Reception 01865 311311  
Fax 01865 321410 / 313770
Email oxfam@oxfam.org.uk, companies@oxfam.org.uk, campaigning@oxfam.org.uk, education@oxfam.org.uk, webteam@oxfam.org.uk  
Website www.oxfam.org.uk, www.oxfam.org.uk/coolplanet
Oxfam House, 274 Banbury Road, OXFORD, Oxon OX2 7DZ
Contact  Michael Taylor, Corporate Account Manager, mitaylor@oxfam.org.uk, Tel 01865 313484

Companies and organisations can help support Oxfam, eliminate electrical waste and cut waste bills by donating unwanted computer equipment.  When replacing computer equipment, organisations may be able to help by donating the equipment replaced, including in full or part: keyboards and monitors; computers with minimum specifications: Pentium 2, 233MHz Processor, 32mb RAM memory, 1GB Hard disk; CD-ROM and modems, preferable but not essential.  These are minimum specifications Oxfam can recycle, as equipment needs to be able to run at least Windows 98.  Oxfam offers comprehensive data removal, and in many instances collects from donor organisations.  With electronic equipment being one of the fastest growing waste streams, and increasing legislation to combat this, passing on unwanted computer equipment provides a practical, cost-cutting, environmentally-friendly solution while benefiting a good cause.  Oxfam periodically offers ranges of refurbished computers for sale.  A variety of specifications are available.  All come internet-ready, with a pre-installed operating system, and 3-month back-to-base warranty.
For further details on how to donate or buy, contact Michael Taylor, as above.

Oxfam head office main entry, see Charity section 130.  Oxfam's many other reuse and recycling activities for donation and low price resale:  see Oxfam Mobile Phone Recycling below.  (Updated Feb 2004)  

Oxfam Mobile Phone Recycling 'Bring Bring Scheme'
Tel   Mobile 'phone courier hotline 0870 752 0999  General enquiries 0870 333 2700  Reception 01865 311311   Fax 01865 321410 / 313770
Email oxfam@oxfam.org.uk, campaigning@oxfam.org.uk, education@oxfam.org.uk, companies@oxfam.org.uk  
Website www.oxfam.org.uk, www.oxfam.org.uk/coolplanet
Oxfam Bring Bring Scheme, Freepost LON16281, London WC1N 3BR
Head office: Oxfam House, 274 Banbury Road, OXFORD, Oxon OX2 7DZ

Oxfam turn unwanted mobiles and accessories into money to support development work worldwide.  Each working handset is worth about 5 to Oxfam, some more (a Nokia 3310 could provide a mosquito net to protect a child from malaria).  Phones can be taken to any Oxfam shop.  Or, if donating fewer than 10 phones, you can send them to Oxfam's Bring Bring Freepost address above; if more than 10, call 0870 752 0999 to arrange a courier.  Asks that SIM cards be removed before sending.  Free downloadable pack with everything needed to organise a phone collection in an office or school - 'posters and top tips make it simple'.  See www.oxfam.org.uk/coolplanet/kidsweb/bringbring/collect.htm . 

Reuse and recycling occurs in partnership with Corporate Mobile Recycling Limited, Tel 0207 404 6440, info@cmrecycling.co.uk, www.cmrecycling.co.uk (see separate CMR entry above), who warn 'estimates state there are 50 million mobiles in circulation with 10-15 million people expected to replace their handsets this year'.  CMR '
have processed over 30,000 used phones raising tens of thousands of pounds for Oxfam'.  

Many phones are reused in developing countries, providing affordable communications where landline infrastructures do not exist.  Phones not able to be reused are broken down by each component and recycled.  They contain dangerous metals including cadmium, nickel and lithium, and precious metals including gold and copper.  Recycling saves dangerous metals from landfill and precious metals for reuse.

'Old mobiles can have a new life, full of meaning and purpose.'  

Oxfam head office main entry, see
Charity section 130.

Oxfam's other activities for donation and low price resale:  
600 public donation 'banks' for textiles and 1000 for books, collected via local warehouses. 
Wastesaver sorting and reuse facility (Huddersfield, sends worldwide) for unsold clothes.
  Bridal clothing and accessories departments in some Oxfam shops.  (See Textiles, section 81). 
Bookshops, and book departments, including rare and collectables, also via online marketplace www.abebooks.co.uk
(see Books and publications, section 33). 
Music shops and departments (see section 33, or Miscellaneous unwanted goods 89). 
Furniture (domestic/office) shops and departments (see Furniture and household goods, section 82). 
OXBOXX scheme for people moving home and removal companies, run by Oxfam with the British Association of Removers (BAR).  

Cartridge Recycling
: Toner cartridges: free collection for a minimum of six, in original boxes, call LaserXchange Tel 01873 859901.  Inkjet cartridges: LaserXchange will send a Freepost collection box or bag for posting, or Freepost labels for smaller amounts.  (See Oxfam and LaserXchange entries above)
Computer equipment: contact Michael Taylor, mitaylor@oxfam.org.uk, Tel 01865 313484 (see entry directly above).  
Stamp and Coin Unit handles sales of donated collectables (see Books section 33, or Miscellaneous unwanted goods, section 89).  
Companies contact companies@oxfam.org.uk for information on projects, fundraising, partnerships  
Collection - offered by some shops, eg furniture - phone your local shop to ask.
Valuables - if you have something valuable to donate, please let Oxfam know. 
 (Updated Feb 2004)

Past-IT Recycling Services
Tel 01953 488526  Mobile 07795 186396
Email info@pastit-recycling.co.uk  Website www.pastit-recycling.co.uk 
The Willows, Mere Road, Stow Bedon, Attleborough, Norfolk NR17 1HP
Contact  Maurice Stainsby

Collects equipment from single PCs to entire offices, any age or specification, for recycling (can collect outside office hours to avoid disruption).  Most IT equipment, including desktop and notebook computers, servers, networking equipment, printers.  All items recorded onto asset tracking database before disassembly.  Steel, aluminium and plastic cabinet parts are removed.  Circuit boards depopulated of integrated circuits ('chips') and other usable components, and stripped of connectors, metal brackets and hazardous materials such as batteries, before further materials recovery.  Edge connectors, visible precious metals and various other components are handled by specialist refiners and recyclers, also Environment Agency licensed and holding ISO14001.  Handles ferrous, non-ferrous and precious metals, plastics including acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS), polycarbonate (PC), high impact polystyrene (HIPS).  Cathode Ray Tubes from monitors are broken down into glass, copper and lead.  Residual waste is granulated to recover copper and other base metals.  Concise, clear, interesting website, including legislation for RoHS (heavy metals and toxic flame retardants), Landfill and WEEE directives.  Secure data deletion and certified destruction with audit can be requested on complete units or specific components.  Materials are shredded, prior to processing for materials recovery.  Information pack available.  Duty of care waste transfer notes provided.  EA registered Controlled Waste Carrier.   (Updated Apr 2005)

Phoenix County Metals Ltd

Tel 01327 60581 Fax 01327 60191
Great Central Way, Woodford Halse, DAVENTRY, Northants NN11 3PZ

Reclamation of precious metals (gold, silver, platinum etc) from industrial and post-consumer electronic scrap. Also hazardous chemical management and waste disposal for manufacturers of the above, electroplaters and laboratories.

P&O Closed Loop Logistics
Tel 01473 581305  Fax 01473 581333
Email  maria.hill@po-transeuropean.com    
Peninsular House, 11 Lower Brook Street, IPSWICH, Suffolk IP4 1AJ
Contact  Maria Hill

Collects and recycles IT equipment, white goods (eg washing machines, freezers), brown goods (TVs, audio), and all other electrical, electronic equipment.  Specialist in CRT recycling and precious metal refining.  Collection countrywide, no minimum load.  (Updated Oct 2004)

PSW (Metals) Ltd
Tel 01452 760999  Fax 01452 760111
The Industrial Estate, Grange Court, WESTBURY-ON-SEVERN, Glos GL14 1PL

Electronic scrap recycling and precious metal trading. Dealer in complex metal scraps.

Seek-it Ltd
Tel 0845 890 4321 (local rate)   Fax 023 924 60585 / 923 84488
Email info@seek-it.co.uk   ian@seek-it.co.uk   will@seek-it.co.uk  Website  www.seek-it.co.uk
1600 Blueprint, Dundas Spur, Portfield Road, PORTSMOUTH, Hants PO3 5RW

Removal and disposal of IT and office equipment, any condition or age, for public sector and business.  Low cost repair, testing and refurbishing to maintain.  Aims to achieve maximum re-use.  Over 90% collected are used for resale or reuse by donation in UK.  Free or low cost WEEE collections to public service organisations.  WEEE compliance, secure data wipe, removal of organisational markings / branding, and audit trail.  Collection from site, either for reuse or recycling.  Equipment segregated into base materials (explanation on website), eco- disposal of residual waste - 0% to landfill.  Some services incur surcharge.  Flat rate for flexible collection - extra charges only for monitors and keyboards.  Other items (printers, base units, faxes, photocopiers) removed free.  Originally developed as an 'at cost' recycling route for schools and public organisations.  (Updated Dec 2005)

Silverlining Industries Ltd

Tel 0113 286 2323
Richmond Works, Selby Road, Garforth, LEEDS, West Yorks LS25 1NB

Purchaser of all types of electronic scrap containing recoverable precious metals, reusable components etc. Local collection service.

Simpson W J & Son (Metals) Ltd

Tel 01386 833447 Fax 01386 833449
Unit 2A, Honeybourne Airfield, Weston Road, Honeybourne, EVESHAM, Worcs WR11 5QF

Power cable stripping and photoreceptor drum recycling.

Sims Bird Ltd

Tel 01789 720431 Fax 01789 720940
Long Marston, STRATFORD ON AVON, Warwicks CV37 8AQ

Metal recycling. Purchaser of bulk quantities of recyclable domestic appliances and electronic goods, and selective commercial equipment.

SOFA Peterborough
01733 562984
Website www.compasspeterboroughltd.com/SofaMainpage.asp 
19 Shakespeare Avenue, PETERBOROUGH, Cambs PE1 3JT

Free collection of unwanted household items to pass on to those in need at nominal cost.  Items needed include: beds and bedroom furniture, three piece suites, tables, chairs, electric and gas cookers, washing machines, fridges and freezers, wardrobes and drawers.  Cannot clean grimy furnishings or re-upholster.  Functional and safety checks on all electrical appliances and simple furniture repairs.  Only people referred by local welfare agencies are helped - proof (referral forms) can be obtained from various agencies listed on the website.  Most involved are volunteers, helping run collections, the office and workshops.  Open to public, and donations collected, 9.00am-12.30pm.  Deliveries 1.00pm-3.00pm.  Belongs to Compass (Peterborough) partnership,  also including CompassIT (Restore IT) (see Computers, section 87); Community Shops for household necessities and clothing (see above and Electrical and electronic scrap section 44); Credit Union banking; Step One employment, training and benefits advice; and Partnership House 'one stop shop' advice on welfare benefits, debt, employment and guidance training for Welland residents.  (Updated Feb 2004)

Specialist Metal Services Ltd
Tel 01375 855000 Fax 01375 855005
Humeworks, Hume Avenue, TILBURY, Essex RM18 8DX

Precious and rare metal refiner.  Gold, silver, and platinum group; tin/lead alloys and drosses; nickel and alloys; tungsten; molybdenum; cobalt; tantalum.  Purchase PCBs and electronic scrap, dental and photographic wastes.  National collection service.

Tottenham Community Recycling and Training - see CREATE above 

Telecom Green (Eagle Associates)

Tel 0870 720 0028   Fax 0870 720 0029
Website  www.telecomgreen.co.uk  www.eagleassociates.co.uk
Email  enquiries@eagleassociates.co.uk

Specialist in removing, recycling and trading used phone systems of any size since 1998 as part of Eagle Associates.  Can source existing components, which are refurbished, tested, and guaranteed.  Can locate and supply telephones and parts.  Expertise in keeping perfectly serviceable used phone systems alive, in contrast to the current "disposable hardware" culture.  Uses experienced engineers skilled on existing office phone systems.  The telecomgreen.co.uk links page has outlets which recycle IT/network equipment, including mobiles.  Telecomgreen does not encourage unannounced deliveries of electronic waste materials.  Aims to provide personal, flexible service.  Thorough site survey for larger projects, including 20-point risk assessment.  Licensed Waste Carrier.  Equipment to be recycled is delivered to one of many licensed waste management companies who separate it into categories (copper, steel, printed circuit boards) and remove precious metals, eg gold, silver, and palladium (as used in making catalytic converters) from circuit boards.  Typically, from two tonnes of recyclable material, only twenty kilos will be disposed of as inert landfill.  (Updated May 2004)

TREG (The Reading Electronics Recycling Group)
Tel 01189 669912
PO Box 2305, Earley, READING, Berks RG6 7FE

Purchases redundant, obsolete and scrap electronic equipment, mainly computers. Some parts are reused, and precious metals recovered.

Waterloo Metals

Tel 0113 255 5745 Fax 0113 257 4263
Upper Moor, Pudsey, LEEDS, West Yorks LS28 8DE

Specialist merchant in computer scrap and PCBs.

Weee Recycle Ltd and Weee Sellspares Ltd - see Calyx Group above  

West London Metals

Tel 0208 813 1449
Unit 2, Station Approach, GREENFORD, Middx UB6

Purchaser of computer scrap, PCBs, connectors, non-ferrous and precious metals.

White C F & A W Ltd

Tel 0208 977 4588 Fax 0208 977 4588
4-6 Latimer Road, TEDDINGTON, Middx TW11 8QA

Computer and electronics scrap dealer. Recovery of non ferrous and precious metals.