56  Plastic containers, packaging and film

Local authorities across the UK spend over £45M per year collecting and disposing of plastic bottles that could be recovered for recycling and sold to the recycling industry for an estimated £27M.  Over 90% of the 470,000 tonnes of plastic bottles used in the UK each year end up in landfill.

"We are often told by councils that plastic bottles are too expensive to collect for recycling.  Think about it - these councils are already paying a similar collection charge to pick up the bottles and send them to landfill as part of a traditional waste management service.  Most people donít realise that plastic bottles occupy around 10% of the capacity of household refuse collection vehicles.  The real problem here isn't that we can't afford to collect them - the problem is that they are being delivered to the wrong place!", says Andrew Simmons of Recoup.

Recycling just one plastic bottle saves enough energy 
to power a 60W light bulb for six hours

Source  www.recyclenowpartners.org.uk 

Like industrial scrap, plastic containers and packaging may be recycled by granulation and making into pellets for remoulding, but contamination and other factors impose economic and technical restraints, not least the great variety of plastics used and the problems of storing, handling and transporting very low density, flammable materials.  It takes about 20,000 two-litre drinks bottles or 120,000 plastic carrier bags to make up 1 tonne but despite these difficulties, baled quantities of crushed clean containers, separated by plastic types, can be saleable.  They are used for new food packaging (using a ‘sandwich’ of reclaimed material bonded to a barrier film of virgin material), non food packaging products which will tolerate trace contaminants, and products such as carpet fibres and thermal clothing.

Polyethylene (PE) film is the most widely recycled plastics material in the UK.  Over 50,000 tonnes per annum are recovered.  Recyclable material arises as scrap film or bags in film manufacturing operations, pallet wrap, used bags and sacks and agricultural silage wrap. Most recycling companies require the material to be essentially clean but some companies have washing facilities and can handle soiled material.  Pallet shrink-wrap may have paper labels attached and most recycling companies want these only once the paper has been removed.  Companies processing mixed plastics can accept mixed and contaminated material (some paper and tapes).  Most companies want bulk materials (tonnes), but may accept smaller quantities if delivered.

150 million plastic carrier bags are used in the UK each week ó 
they can take up to 500 years to decay in landfill

Source  www.recyclenowpartners.org.uk 

Soiled packaging films and carrier bags, mainly manufactured from polyethylene, have a high calorific value (similar to petroleum) and burn reasonably cleanly.  There is, however, a potential hazard from plastics containing chlorinated compounds, such as PVC (polyvinyl chloride); partly because of additives which can leach out, and because, if burnt, particularly at low temperatures, they can produce toxic chlorine compounds.  Despite improved quality control, incinerators still fail temperature and emission standards on a regular basis, and there is no safe limit for dioxin emissions, so burning PVC at all is unwise.  Never burn on small scale appliances or on bonfires!  Contact your local Environment Agency Office for further guidance if necessary.  To distinguish different types of plastic, see section 420, Environmental labelling.

Biodegradable bags

At least one major supermarket labels its carrier bags as '100% degradable'.  This is yet another cynical, misleading marketing ploy.  These bags are made from normal, oil-based plastic with a chemical added to break the polythene down into smaller oil-based particles.  The phrase 'degradable' is meaningless and has no status in law.  These bags cannot be composted; all you end up with is compost full of tiny flakes of plastic.  Particles of plastic are now found all over the planet.  Please do not use these bags for lining kitchen waste containers.  100% bio-degradable bags, made from gm-free maize starch, are sold by Leppers Home and Garden, and available at-cost to Community Compost Network members through WyeCycle (see section 11, Green Waste).  These bags break down in the compost heap into CO2 and water, and comply with European standard EN13432 for biodegradable materials.

The EU and the UK government have both set targets for recycling metals and plastics used in packaging - see introduction to section 50 (Packaging).


A guide to cut packaging waste
WEN's Packaging Action Kit is a step-by-step guide for individuals and
groups on how to tackle waste from a shopping trip.  From the simplest action, such as leaving bags and excess packaging at the checkout (and telling the assistant why), to how to challenge supermarkets to reduce waste and meet their legal obligations, it includes tips on how supermarkets work, community campaigning, and ideas for low-waste shopping.

Maeve Murphy, WEN's Waste Prevention Officer, said: "In the UK we dump a shocking 414 million tonnes of waste in landfill every year - much of this is unnecessary packaging or perfectly good items that someone could use."  

The guide can be downloaded free from www.wen.org.uk/waste/resources.htm or send £1 for a hard copy to WEN, PO Box 30626, London E1 1TZ.

Also available is a guide to running a Give or Take Day: "ideal activities for community groups to get their teeth into and make a difference in their area - WEN's resources provide templates."



REUSE:  Most supermarkets sell strong carrier bags which they will replace for no charge when they wear out.  Cloth bags are also a good idea, lasting much longer.  

RECYCLING:  Some supermarkets have a container for reclaiming used carrier bags, at the entrance to or inside the store.  Somerfield, for example, send these for reprocessing into plastic bags, given to households for storing recyclable waste ready for kerbside collection.  


At least one supermarket chain used to credit 1p for every carrier bag taken in and reused on a shopping trip, regardless of its origin; this represented a value then of £1200 per tonne in contrast to about £20 per tonne for baled scrap.  Regretfully this innovative idea has been suspended.  


The best deterrent to unnecessary use of plastic bags is to charge for them, as has been done in Ireland with spectacular success, the proceeds going to an environment fund.  This is sustainable economics and common sense.  This government policy has saved the Republic of Ireland and its people millions of Euros, with corresponding European tax benefits.  Until a similar policy takes place in the UK, at any store where they try to give you a bag without asking you, we would advise 'just say no'.  

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Reclaimed plastic composite products (340)
Environmental labelling (420)
Legal aspects of waste (Packaging Waste Regulations) (500)

Alphabetical list of organisations

Alchemy Metals Group Ltd
Tel 01438 749911  Fax 01438 748883
Email post@alchemy-group.demon.co.uk 
8-10 The Glebe, STEVENAGE, Herts SG2 0DL

Non-ferrous metal, can and plastic bottle recycler.  Works at Whemstead Road, Benington, Stevenage SG2 7BX.  Enquiries to office address at The Glebe.

Alida Recycling

Tel 01773 530530  Fax 01773 530025
Heanor Gate, HEANOR, Derbys DE7 7RG

Recovers clean PE transit packaging film.  Contamination from labels is acceptable.  Quantities of less than one tonne acceptable if delivered.  Manufactures PE film bags, carrier bags and sacks.  Coloured products can contain up to 75% recycled content.

Axion Recycling Ltd
Tel 0208 567 1425  Fax 0709 234 2188
Email info@axionrecycling.co.uk  Website www.axionrecycling.com 
79 Coldershaw Road, Ealing, LONDON W13 9DU

Company seeking supplies of mixed waste plastic.  Formed to develop and put into place technology solutions to recycling and waste management.  Working with Hampshire Natural Resources Trust to test methods of dismantling and recycling plastic components of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE). Extracting brominated fire retardants from waste polymers from WEEE.  Helping BPF (see below) to test a collection, sorting and processing plan to recycle post-consumer PVC from flooring, windows and guttering.  Conducting kerbside plastic collection and recycling trial.  Also in Bramhall, Greater Manchester.  (Updated Oct 2004)

Beacon Press

Tel 01825 768611  Fax 01825 768042
Website www.beaconpress.co.uk 
Brambleside, Bellbrook Park, UCKFIELD, East Sussex TN22 1PL

Environmental policy focuses on saving energy and water, and reducing chemicals, emissions and waste.  Experienced in use of recycled and chlorine free paper, with background knowledge and reputation for promoting environmental debate.  Runs CD recycling scheme - CDs are a valuable source of raw materials, and many collection boxes are now in schools, offices and charities.  These are taken to a specialist company where all discs and packaging are recycled.  They are made into CD cases, artificial wood, alarm boxes, lighting lenses, equipment cases and cardboard.  First UK printing company to commercially adapt 'waterless' technology - avoiding isopropanol alcohol, one of the industry's major pollutants, and reducing water and paper waste.  Chemical-free film processing eliminates harmful fix and developer. Developing vegetable-based inks.  Environmental statement available.  Claims to be carbon neutral - that it plants enough trees to neutralise its total CO2 output.  Accredited to ISO14001 and EMAS.  Signatory to London ReMade, supporting use of recycled materials in manufacturing.  Partner to Green Futures magazine (see 640 Magazines and periodicals).   (Updated May 2004)

Bestway Services

Tel 0208 771 1694  Fax 0208 771 5846
55 Priory Crescent, Norwood, LONDON SE19 3ED

Recovers polyethylene film and will accept some contamination.  Supplies baled polyethylene film for reprocessing.

Breckland Plastics
Tel 01842 810751
BRANDON, Suffolk
Contact  Stephen Chase

Collects full loads of baled clean polythene film from stores nationwide.  (His brother Bernard runs Greencroft Plastics, Castleford, West Yorks, Tel 01977 516688.)

British Plastics Federation (BPF)
Tel 0207 457 5000 Fax 0207 457 5045  
Website www.bpf.co.uk  Email imcilwee@bpf.co.uk
6 Bath Place, Rivington Street, LONDON EC2A 3JE  
Contact  Iain McIlwee, Business Services Manager

Trade association of UK plastics industry (80% of turnover).  Membership includes polymer producers, suppliers and processors, additive and machinery suppliers and manufacturers.  Advice and information on, and promotion of the plastics reclamation industry.  Website carries useful information on processes and applications, and an online directory of manufacturers and recyclers of plastics.   The Plastics and Rubber Advisory Service (09061 908070) is at the same address, offering expert advice on plastics use, material selection, process selection and design - lines open 10-1 and 2-4.30 on Tue, Thu and Fri, calls £1.50 a minute.  Q & A answer section on website.   (Updated Oct 2004)

British Polythene Industries plc

Tel 01642 672288  Fax 01642 664295 / 677599  
Email guycoates@bpipoly.com  Website www.bpipoly.com/index3.html  
BPI recycled products, Yarm Road, STOCKTON-ON-TEES, Co Durham TS18 3RD

Largest recycler (over 30,000 tonnes a year post-use) and manufacturer of polythene, polyethylene (PE: LDPE, LLDPE, and HPDE) film, sacks and bags in Europe, from agricultural, industrial and retail wastes.  Products using 100% recycled polythene include damp proof course and membrane, bin-liners, clinical waste sacks / aprons, plastic pallets, and street and garden furniture from 'Plaswood', a replacement for wood, cardboard, metal and concrete (strong, no rot or cracking, water / weather resistant, maintenance- free, uses include waterways).  Facilities to reprocess their own production waste.  Collection scheme for sorted and baled material only.  Also developing use of private collectors.  EA/SEPA accredited.  (Also at Dumfries, Heanor (Derbys), Redditch (Worcs), Gwent.)   (Updated Mar 2004)

Centrol Recycling Group
Tel 01925 227000  Fax 01925 227840
Email recycle@centrolgroup.co.uk   Website www.centrolgroup.co.uk 
8A Brindley Road, Sutton, ST HELENS, Merseyside WA9 4HY

Recycler of paper, card and plastics including polystyrene, collecting nationally.  Recycles plastic clothing bags with paper labels from M & S into biodegradable plastic piping for agriculture.  Lifespan of piping 15-20 years, after which it decomposes into soil. Offers recycling consultancy service.  Opened new plants in Hatfield and Bristol during 2000.  (Updated Feb 2001)

Cromwell Polythene Ltd

Tel 01977 686868  Fax 01977 686869
Website  www.cromwellpolythene.co.uk 
Vickers Building, Hurricane Close, Sherburn in Elmet, LEEDS LS25 6PB
Contacts  Mark Fuller,  Recycling Manager  info@cromwellpolythene.co.uk or  paul@cromwellpolythene.co.uk 

Stockist of 100% polythene refuse sacks and heavy duty sacks made from 100% recycled material.  Agents for Kraft paper sacks useful for composting schemes.  Also wheelie bins, sack holders, bin liners, carriers, bubble wrap, sheeting, strapping, cable ties.  (Updated March 2006)

Dacorum Borough Council MRF

Tel 01442 242831  Fax 01442 242150
Cupid Green Depot, Redbourn Road, HEMEL HEMPSTEAD, Herts HP2 7BA

Materials Recycling Facility, also serving some neighbouring districts.  Purchases quantities of used plastic containers, separated by plastic type.  Also food and drink cans.

ECAP Ltd (formerly ECA Plastics)
Tel / Fax 0208 870 8846  Mobile 07798 601 622
Email edwardclack@aol.com  
298 Trinity Road, London SW18 3RG
Contact  Edward Clack

Organises an expanding national collection scheme from London, Bristol and Leeds of large volumes of waste plastic packaging from retailers and warehouses, recovering and recycling  post-consumer polyethylene and polypropylene film packaging.  Will collect baled loads of over 5 tonnes. Labels are removed and materials sorted to single polymer at Thetford and Cambridge.  Also recycles moulded sandwich trays from supermarkets - mainly HIP (High Impact Polystyrene).  (Updated July 2004)

Extrusion & Moulding Compounds
Tel 01495 772534
Cwmavon, PONTYPOOL, Gwent NP4 8UW

Recovers PE, PP, PS.  Minimum 10 tonne lots, including soiled materials such as film.

Holland Waste Recycling

Tel 01708 727779  Fax 01708 258489
R/O 188 Crow Lane, ROMFORD RM7 0ES

Document security shredding and recycling.  Collection of printers waste, archives, brochures and waste polythene packaging film including servicing of carrier bag 'banks'.

ITW Hi Cone

Tel 01344 860166  Fax 01344 861869
Cookham Road, BRACKNELL, Berks RG12 1RD

Purchases quantities of the plastic ties used for sets of canned drinks.  The company is a major supplier of these items which as litter are a serious hazard for small animals and birds, occasionally causing strangulation.  Will organise collection schemes in association with local authorities.

Klein, E & Co
Tel 0207 987 1171  Fax 0207 538 0477
122-126 Westferry Road, Poplar, LONDON E14 8SG

Wholesaler and exporter of textile and plastic secondary raw materials and wastes.  Purchases all types of post-consumer waste plastics for export trade.

Linpac Recycling

Tel 01977 604080  Fax 01977 603355
Email sales@linpac-recycling.co.uk  Website www.linpac-recycling.co.uk 
Newton Lane, Allerton by Water, CASTLEFORD, West Yorks WF10 2AL

Reclaims PP (including paint cans); HDPE bottles and crates; and rigid and foamed PS (polystyrene) from post-consumer containers for regrinding.  Specialises in post-use rigid materials - largest recycler of rigid plastics - over 10,000 tonnes per year.  Supplies pellets and washed flake.  These are sold on, slightly cheaper than virgin materials.  Associated companies use reclaimed materials to manufacture a wide range of products including bins, crates, street furniture, composters, kerbside boxes, office accessories and vehicle components.  (Updated Oct 2004)

M&R Recycling
Tel 01792 405598  Fax 01792 401026
Email mandrrecycling@yahoo.co.uk

Specialist in recycling of difficult papers with coatings.  Also accepts polythene waste (rigid or film) - can be contaminated with residue or labels.  Other plastic waste, foam or fibreglass.  (Updated Mar 2001)

MRF St Albans Recycling
Tel 01727 845903 / 848957  Fax 01727 848960
Ronsons Way, Sandridge Gate Business Centre, St Albans Road, Sandridge, ST ALBANS, Herts AL4 9XR
Contact  Vic Barratt or Terry Warren

Waste management contractor operating MRF (Materials Reclamation Facility) for St Albans City & District Council, serving glass, can and paperbank sites and kerbside scheme including plastic bottles.  Provides schools with 1100 litre wheeled bins for paper and cans.  Accepts materials brought from outside borough.  Also runs MRF for London Borough of Croydon, and depot at Farnham.   (Updated Feb 2001)

Marchant Manufacturing Co Ltd
Tel 01440 705351  Fax 01440 762593
Email bobgibbons@marchant.co.uk 
Piperell Way, HAVERHILL, Suffolk CB9 8QW
Contact  Bob Gibbons

Collects and receives baled PE (LLDPE, LDPE, MDPE, HDPE) for recycling into new products.   (Updated Oct 2004)

Mentioncourt Ltd

Tel 01509 881223 Leics  /  01602 846647  Fax 01602 846947
Units 6 & 7, Bunny Trading Estate, Gotham Lane, BUNNY, Notts NG11 6QJ

Recovers PE film, PE, PP, rigid and flexible PVC.  Supplies extruded PE and PVC profiles, recompounded pellets and granules.  Also at: Unit 40, Wymeswold Aerodrome, Wymeswold Lane, Burton on the Wolds, Leics.

Milton Keynes MRF

Tel 01908 225000  Fax 01908 225432
Colts Holm Road, Old Wolverton, MILTON KEYNES, Bucks MK12 5QD

Local authority Materials Recycling Facility, now run by Shanks & McEwan.  Purchases baled or shredded quantities of used HDPE and PET containers separated by plastic type.

Mirus Plastics Limited
Tel 01422 345227 
Email sales@lynwoodproducts.co.uk  Website www.mirusplastics.co.uk
Ridings Business Park, Hopwood Lane, HALIFAX, West Yorks HX1 3TT 

Trade plastic waste recycling company.  Deals with both rigid plastics like polypropylene, polyethylene, ABS, and high impact styrene plastic waste, and polythenes, bags and films.  Recycles by injection moulding into large range of useful household, garden and workplace products.  Also tool design and manufacture. Large capacity.  All electricity used on the premises comes from renewable resources.  Established 1983.  Environment Agency accredited.  (Updated Nov 2005)

Packaging and Industrial Films Association (PIFA)
Tel 0115 942 2445  Fax 0115 942 2650
2 Mayfair Court, North Gate, NOTTINGHAM NG7 7GR

Provides advice and information and data on plastics recycling and recovery.  Produces reports, policy statements on waste management and the environment.

Paper Round

Tel 020 7620 3131  Fax 020 7 247 8777
Website www.paper-round.co.uk 
Email info@paper-round.co.uk
Room 428, The London Fruit & Wool Exchange, Brushfield Street, Bishopsgate, LONDON E1 6EL

Largest London office paper recycling company, initiated in 1989 as part of Friends of the Earth.  Over 14 years, customers have saved the equivalent of 250,000 trees.  Recycles all types of office paper (white and colour should be separated - useful info / FAQ on website), and security shredding service (security sacks available).  Small charge for mixed and shredded paper.  Free collection of (minimum 10) laser printer & ink-jet toner cartridges (not photocopier toner bottles).  Minimum 6 sacks or 10 A4 photocopier boxes full of paper.  Glass, drinks cans & plastic bottles collected.  Surplus brochures & office clear-outs.  Free advice on office recycling - guide to bins and storage on website; cardboard or plastic recycling bins can be supplied.  Gives companies annual certificate detailing recycling achievements.  Membership fee subject to paper prices.  Annual donations to Friends of the Earth and other environmental good causes.  Newsletter has information on paper recycling and topical environmental issues.  (Updated May 2005)

Philip Tyler Ltd

Tel 01285 885330  Fax 01285 659774
Globe House, Love Lane, CIRENCESTER, Glos GL7 1YG

Recovers PE film, PE, PP (including film and monofilament), PVC, PS, ABS, PET.   Supplies granulate and recompounded pellets of these materials.

Plastics and Rubber Advisory Service
- see BPF

Polylina Ltd

Tel 0208 804 8141 Fax 0208 805 0059
Millmarsh Lane, Brimsdown, ENFIELD, Middx EN3 7PU

Recovers PE film.  All types but no heavy print.  Supplies PE binliners and refuse sacks.

Polymer Reprocessors Ltd  

Tel  0151 606 0456   Fax 0151 606 0427
Website www.polymer-reprocessors.co.uk 
Reeds Lane, Moreton, WIRRAL, Cheshire CH46 1DW 

A unique non-chemical process destroys CDs and CDRoms, providing an environment friendly security solution.  All material from CDs, CDRoms and packaging is reused or recycled (paper / polycarbonate / paint / lacquer / aluminium).  The cased CD material goes to the decollation centre where constituent parts - CD, plastic case, paper inserts - are separated.  The cases are granulated, producing a crystal polystyrene pellet which can be reused in new CD cases (providing CD manufacturers with environment-friendly process and dealing with surplus stock), and in artificial wood and insulating foam.  Paint, aluminium and data from the CD surface is removed for use in electric cable insulation.  The cleaned CD is then granulated and compounded into polycarbonate with many uses, eg burglar alarm boxes, street lighting lenses.  Prisoners are employed, gaining a skill / NVQ while helping to reduce environmental damage.  To eliminate royalty payments, manufacturers must provide auditable Certificates of Destruction.  The plant has expansion capacity to handle all anticipated volumes from Western Europe.   (Updated Oct 2003)

Polyprint Mailing Films
Tel 01603 721807  Fax 01603 721813
Email sales@polyprint.co.uk  Website www.polyprint.co.uk
Mackintosh Road, Rackheath Industrial Estate, RACKHEATH, Norwich NR13 6LJ

Supplier of polythene mailing products (clear or printed).  Seeks part-used industrial reels of LPDE film and clean plastic bags in large quantity - no labels, food contamination etc.  Printed material acceptable.  Accepts clean polythene wrappers and bags for recycling.  (Updated Feb 2004)

RECOUP (RECycling Of Used Plastics) Ltd

Tel 01733 390021  Fax 01733 390031
Email enquiry@recoup.org Website www.recoup.org
9 Metro Centre, Welbeck Way, Woodston, PETERBOROUGH, Cambs PE2 7WH
Contact  Andrew Simmons

Industry-funded charity promoting recycling of post-consumer plastic containers, film, packaging and other products
into non-food items.  Offers free phone, email and postal enquiry service, and free publications and factsheets; also videos and educational packs.  Website has information on buying and selling collected plastic bottles, material identification, a list of suppliers of  products made from recycled plastic, details of any plastic recycling schemes in your area, and a searchable database of plastic reprocessors.  Awarded £50,000 by WRAP (see Central Government section) to provide support and guidance to make kerbside collection of plastics easier.   (Updated Oct 2004)

Reprise Technologies Ltd

Tel 01744 850555  Fax 01744 850790
Bold Industrial Park, Neills Road, Bold, ST HELENS, Merseyside WA9 4TU

Plastic bottle recyclers with capacity for 160 million per year.  Purchase HDPE, PET and PVC bottles from local authorities, industry and bottle plants under long-term contracts.  Supply washed flake and micronised PVC powder.  Also provide recycling consultancy service including plant design.  Industrial materials of above types are also recycled.

Roydon Polythene

Tel 01706 646707  Fax 01706 643178
Unit D7, Fieldhouse Industrial Estate, Fieldhouse Lane, ROCHDALE, Lancs OL12 0AB

Recovers PE film.  Can accept some contamination.  Supplies recompounded pellets.

Sai-Pac (UK) Ltd 
Tel 0208 553 4050  Fax 0208 553 5151  
Email info@saipac.com  Website www.biosacks.comwww.saipac.com
Poly House, 88 Park Road, ILFORD, Essex IG1 1SF

Supplies finished polythene bags, sacks and carriers - including biodegradable sacks for organic waste - for packaging, household and industrial use.  100% biodegradable, compostable, cornstarch- based (Din Certco and UK Compost Association approved) sacks for separating and composting green garden waste and 'fermentable household and commercial waste'.  Made of blended fully biodegradable materials, utilising 'MATER-BI' technology.  No risk of any trace elements or toxic residue remaining on composting site.  Reducing process time and costs, material biodegrades and disappears naturally over 30-40 days, producing quality compost and clean site.  Sacks range from 6.5 to 240 litres, including 'pre-printed' sacks to encourage pilot schemes and compatibility trials. Over 2 years experience with bio- degradable sacks.  Involvement in successful pilot schemes, and repetitive use in increasing volumes, following further 2 years European experience with associate company.  Supplies local authorities, waste management companies as well as compost sites.  Can cover set up, implementation and participation; regular meetings/seminars where recycling managers keep in contact; and visits to facilities.  Website advises how easy it is to start a scheme, in line with waste strategy.  Clients include grocery, department stores, advertising, leisure and entertainment.   (Updated Oct 2004)

Save A Cup Recycling Company Ltd

Tel 01494 510167  Fax 01494 510168
Email hq@save-a-cup.co.uk, saveacup@btclick.com 
Website www.save-a-cup.co.uk 
Suite 2 Bridge House, Bridge Street, HIGH WYCOMBE, Bucks HP11 2EL
Contact  Mrs Pauline McDougall

Not-for-profit company providing free regular collection, for recycling, of the millions of thin or hard walled polystyrene vending cups used in the UK.  Minimum quantity specified.  Can provide  purpose-designed collection bins, sacks (both made from recycled cups) and flaking machines.  Waste cups processed into clean flake or pellets for recycling into non-food-contact  products - also available from Save-A-Cup - such as cup holders/trays, desktop accessories, pens (including ones which don't roll away), pencils, rulers, ice scrapers, coasters, key fobs, business cards and card holders, and collection bins.  Most products customised, and in multiples of 10.  Website advises on placing bins so people use them, and collection arrangements.  Free posters and waterproof decals for collection bins.  The high impact polystyrene recyclate can be used to make a huge variety of plastic components and products, usually at less cost than virgin material.  Organisations can reduce landfill tax and waste management payments by saving cups for collection, demonstrate compliance with Packaging Waste Regulations; BS and ISO environmental standards; Duty of Care Regulations; and gain access to Packaging Recycling Notes (PRNs) for back-door waste.  Waste Transfer Notes detailing cup usage issued.  Companies with Environment Agency registration for Packaging Waste Regulations can buy PRNs from Save A Cup at discount for tonnage recycled - this income supports free collection, as does maximising amounts collected each time to lessen environmental and journey costs.  Save A Cup was established by vending, foodservice and plastics industries, to increase cups collected in line with Government Targets for recycling packaging waste.  Has developed a 0.01p environment charge on all new vending cups, with approval from cup manufacturers and Office of Fair Trading, supporting the cost of running and expanding the service.   (Updated Oct 2004)

Tel 01480 861144  Fax 01480 861177
Ouse Road, Bicton Industrial Park, KIMBOLTON, Huntingdon PE18 0EY

Recovers all plastic materials including polyethylene film and engineering materials.  Supplies compounds, granulate and baled materials.

Smile Plastics Ltd

Tel 01743 850267  Fax 01743 851067
Website www.smile-plastics.co.uk  Email cjw@smile-plastics.co.uk or smileplas@aol.com 
Mansion House, Ford, SHREWSBURY, Shrops SY5 9LZ
Contact  Colin Williamson or Sue

Company providing new solutions for re-use and recovery of plastic wastes, specialising in recycling to secondary products.  Sources and develops ideas and markets for recycled materials, concentrating on transforming plastics waste into multicoloured 'jazz' sheets of high-impact polystyrene (free sample available).  Plastic bottles are sorted into 3 colours, flaked, washed, and compressed.  Has launched products, all 100% recycled, made of crushed CDs, plastic water bottles, coffee cups, coathangers, banknotes, and scrap from its own factory.  Images on website.  In 2003  introduced recycled Mobile Phones and Wellies.  In 2004 launched 'soft and squishy' range of tactile sheets into which they embed people's memorabilia.   (Updated Jan 2005)

Valuplast Ltd

Tel 0207 457 5031  Fax 0207 457 5038
6 Bath Place, Rivington Street, LONDON EC2A 3JE

Non-profit making Materials Organisation (MO) for plastics industry.  Centre for expertise, guidance and help on plastic waste management, recovery and recycling - with particular interest in plastic packaging waste.