310  Green printers and designers

Printers regularly create wastes that can harm the environment.   Materials and processes used to produce graphic material have negative impacts on the natural environment.  Paper manufacture uses large amounts of plant fibre, energy and water, and causes pollution. Conventional printing ink is manufactured using petroleum - some ink pigments contain heavy metals.  Printing processes result in large amounts of waste paper, inks and solvents, and use energy, water and chemicals.

Film development, press runs and clean-up generate waste ink, used fixer, ink sludges and air emissions. Silver has a very high aquatic toxicity and accumulates in the body tissues of aquatic organisms - for companies dealing with silver and other photographic chemicals, see section 64, Photographic Waste Specialists). 

Furthermore, only a relatively small proportion of printers hold ready stocks of recycled paper, so that if a print run is urgent, the customer may be pressured into using non-recycled paper.

The printers listed below regularly use recycled paper (some exclusively) and many have a range of policies committing them to reduce pollution.  

We have also begun to include graphic designers who are trying to minimise the environmental impact of their work.

We are particularly delighted when we hear of local authority procurement officers, who have large budgets and influence, who are setting standards by sourcing more sustainable printing and design work. 

The most common additive to fountain solutions, isopropyl alcohol, is a volatile organic compound; these are highly evaporative compounds that can cause health problems such as lung irritation as well as harm to the environment.  Certain alternatives to alcohol, such as ethylene glycol, can also cause problems.  Neither substance should ever pass to surface water drains. We would encourage you to talk to your suppliers about alternatives, or if this is not suitable for your press, these ideas may help you to use less: check the pH of each solution batch for consistency and consider using a re-circulating chiller unit that keeps fountain solution clean and reduces evaporation.

Conventional lithographic inks contain pigments, solids (for body) and solvents. Some waste inks contain heavy metals.  Solvents commonly found in inks also make them special waste when discarded and contribute to air pollution by emitting volatile organic compounds.  Consider switching to a vegetable-oil based ink, and ask your supplier for coloured inks that contain very low heavy metals.  Always buy only as much ink as is needed and check your stock controls mean you use older inks first.

Consider the size of your product - will the size specified produce unnecessary waste when trimmed? Also consider covers - will a particular style of cover preclude future recycling of the article?

See Twig below. 

See Bovince, Footprint and Twig below.

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Alphabetical list of organisations

Abba Litho Sales Ltd (ALS)

Tel 0208 533 5100 Fax 0208 985 6347
Remus House, 35 Monier Road, Bow, LONDON E3 2PR

Has undertaken extensive environmental review and policy statement is available.  Printing for The Body Shop for many years, also Department of the Environment Transport and the Regions and Friends of the Earth, so most paper printed on is recycled and chlorine free, and all inks soya based.  The company uses and continues to develop environment friendly products, services, and methods of packaging and transportation, and encourages customers and suppliers to adopt a similar approach (for instance to use returnable packaging). All waste recycled if possible (eg paper, rags, litho plates, film, chemicals, effluent, ink tins).  Weekly independent environmental assessment. Has set itself further targets and is working towards ISO and EMAS standards.

Aldgate Press

Tel 0207 247 3015 Fax 0207 377 9526
Units 5-6, Gunthorpe Workshops, 3 Gunthorpe Street, LONDON E1 7RQ

Wide experience with recycled and chlorine free papers, and soya-based inks. Does work for environmental organisations.

Beacon Press

Tel 01825 768611 Fax 01825 768042
Website www.beaconpress.co.uk 
Brambleside, Bellbrook Park, UCKFIELD, East Sussex TN22 1PL

Environmental policy focuses on saving energy and water, and reducing chemicals, emissions and waste.  Experienced in use of recycled and chlorine free paper, with background knowledge and reputation for promoting environmental debate.  Runs CD recycling scheme - CDs are a valuable source of raw materials, and many collection boxes are now in schools, offices and charities.  These are taken to a specialist company where all discs and packaging are recycled.  They are made into CD cases, artificial wood, alarm boxes, lighting lenses, equipment cases and cardboard.  First UK printing company to commercially adapt 'waterless' technology - avoiding isopropanol alcohol, one of the industry's major pollutants, and reducing water and paper waste.  Chemical-free film processing eliminates harmful fix and developer.  Developing vegetable-based inks.  Environmental statement available.  Claims to be carbon neutral - that it plants enough trees to neutralise its total CO2 output.  Accredited to ISO14001 and EMAS.  Signatory to London ReMade, supporting use of recycled materials in manufacturing. Partner to Green Futures magazine.  (Updated May 2004)

Tel 0208 527 0047  Fax 0208 527 0384
Email  sales@bovince.com  Website www.bovince.com 
Unit 9, Uplands Business Park, Blackhorse Lane, Walthamstow, LONDON E17 5QJ
Contact  Derek Hall, Works, quality and environmental manager

Specialist in large format screen process, point of sale and digital printing, eg multi-sheet posters.  Prints display matter for Croydon Tramlink and Stagecoach supertram.  Attention to environmental detail at all process stages.  Manages waste streams through ISO 14001 (EMAS Eco-Management and Audit Scheme), ISO 9001 and Investor in People.  Impacts measured and monitored via long term goals in the Nine Branches of the 'Bovince Tree of Sustainability' -
Branch 1  -  Waste:  Invest continually in ways to minimise and eliminate all forms of waste from processes.
Branch 2  -  Emissions:  Eliminate emissions from printing processes.
Branch 3  -  Effluent:   Eliminate trade effluent discharged to sewers and reuse it within processes.
Branch 4  -  Energy:   Minimise and reuse energy and continually upgrade with the most energy  efficient fittings; use renewable energy. 
Branch 5  -  Cyclic ways:   Use materials that reduce impact on the natural environment and develop cyclic processes that use renewable resources.
Branch 6  -  Transport:   Use the most efficient ways to transport products and people; use alternative technology vehicles.
Branch 7  -  People &  Learning:  Communicate and promote the culture of a learning organisation; use this culture to redesign processes and  develop safe sustainable systems.
Branch 8  -  Business and Society's needs:  Continually pursue and promote sustainable solutions with suppliers, customers, local residents and authorities, schools, universities and government.
Branch 9  -  Sustainable growth:   Continually grow the tree of sustainability, to develop our business - sustainable upgrading and redesigning, as it changes and matures.
Performance against these aspects, showing our strengths and weaknesses are available (on cd) in the
'Bovince - Changing the direction of print.  Sustainability and EMAS Report - 2002 & 2003'.  IEMA (Institute of Environmental Management & Assessment) verified.   (Updated Oct 2004)

Buckingham Colour Press
Tel 01280 824000  Fax 01280 822333
Website www.buckinghamcolour.com  Email info@buckinghamcolour.com 
1 Osier Way, Swan Business Park, BUCKINGHAM MK18 1TB

Longstanding environmental commitment as part of company's ethos - ISO14001 first accredited 1998, also FSC.  Many activities (eg energy and water saving, emissions, material selection) to reduce effects on the environment and promote better practice (eg recycled materials where possible).  Vegetable based inks and water-based solvents only.  Favours suppliers using environmentally responsible manufacturing.  Several environmental awards.  Various documents on website giving environmental information and  promoting good practice.  (Updated May 2006)

Calverts Design & Print Co-operative
Tel  020 7739 1474   Fax  020 7739 0881
Website www.calverts.coop   Email info@calverts.coop  
9/10 The Oval, LONDON E2 9DT 

Co-operative founded 1977, specialising in design, state-of-the-art colour printing, design consultancy, websites, digital reprographics.  Prints exhibition materials, publications, information packs, magazines, newsletters, posters, flyers and trade print.  Pioneer in use of recycled paper; encourages clients to use it.  Where virgin fibre paper is required, an environmentally friendly paper is specified, made from chlorine free pulp, from renewable plantations.  Monitors and records spending on recycled content products and materials.  Believes environmental performance is key to sustainability and future success.  Film developer contains highly toxic silver crystals, so invested in computer-to-plate technology dispensing with film entirely.  Purchased 5-colour Heidelberg press in 2002, influenced strongly by its potential to improve environmental performance. Automatic plate changing, registration and colour calibration reduced waste dramatically.  Reverse osmosis unit minimises water use, IPA emissions, and noise pollution, improves print quality and increases press speed.  Solvent use is only 5% of Environmental Protection Act limit.  Output of VOCs (volatile organic compounds) cut by converting to vegetable from mineral oil based inks. Testing vegetable-based cleaning agents. Waste ink transported and broken down to non-hazardous liquid by (environment friendly) biodigestion.  Ink tins and plates taken for use as fuel or crushed, melted down and re-used as pure aluminium.  Plastic containers taken for shredding and bulked in 20 tonne loads to make products such as drainpipes.  Awarded Green Mark level 1 (of 3 stages) in 2003, for working environment policy, management commitment, nominating environmental champion, raising environmental awareness and meeting key environmental legislation.  Green Mark developed by London Environment Centre, partnered with Business Link for London, with European Regional Development funding.  Signatory to Level B1 of Mayor's Green Procurement Code, administered by London Remade for Greater London Authority to reduce London's landfill waste. This commits Calverts to monitoring and improving inputs and outputs of recycled and recyclable products.  More environmental information from Arthur Stitt on 020 7739 1474 or arthur@calverts.coop.  Democratically managed - members receive equal pay.  Inner City 100 award winner for track record as a progressive company.  Environmental savings: London Remade audit shows that in buying recycled paper over one year, Calverts diverted 55,000 kg of waste from landfill, and saved 832 trees, 229047kwh of electricity, 1,736090 gallons of water, 138 barrels of oil, and 1596kg of air pollutants.  (Updated Jan 2005)

Crown Litho
Tel 01483 567595  Fax 01483 533863
Website www.crownlitho.co.uk  Email info@crownlitho.co.uk 
2 Walnut Tree Park, Walnut Tree Close, GUILDFORD, Surrey GU1 4TR
Contact  Ian Spicer

Reduces waste, packaging (including pallet disposal), energy consumption, and pollution, and strives to improve environmental performance.  Recycles 42 tonnes of paper a year.  Purchased new technology reducing waste and air discharges, saving 1000 litres of chemicals and plastic containers and and 38 rolls of plastic film, plus transport movements and CO2.  Eliminated need for water discharge consent.  Communicates this policy to all contacts.  ISO14001 accredited. Established 1976, now 9 employees.  (Updated May 2006)

Tel 01273 201361  Fax 0709 2395380  Mob 0778 6365999
Email info@ecographic.co.uk or clare@ecographic.co.uk  Website www.ecographic.co.uk 
Brighton Media Centre, Suite 103, 15-17 Middle Street, BRIGHTON, East Sussex BN1 1AL

Graphic design and production with minimal ecological impact.  Through detailed research into materials and new technology, specialises in meeting design needs of environmentally concerned businesses and organisations.   Sustainable approach in choice of format, materials and production.  Service includes brochures, exhibition displays, flyers, leaflets, magazines, stationery, visual identities and websites.  Relationships with printing companies to provide high quality environmentally-sound print at rates competitive with conventional printing.  Examples on website include work for WWF - see section 400.   (Updated Dec 2004)

Footprint Workers Co-operative
Tel 0113 262 4408
Email footprint@footprinters.co.uk   Website www.footprinters.co.uk
40 Sholebroke Avenue, LEEDS, West Yorks LS7 3HB

Co-operative set up in July 2000 to provide printing services to high ethical and environmental standards.  Standard printing paper white, unbleached 100% recycled post-consumer waste, but also promotes hemp paper - a bit more expensive but easier to print on and looks good.  Materials from most ethical sources available, balancing ethical record of companies against local sources.  If specialised stock required, will seek recycled source or suitable alternative for customer.  Guided by Ethical Consumer Research Association (section 410) and Corporate Watch.  Where forced to compromise, concerns are raised with the company involved, as pressure for change. Wherever possible, Footprint will repair, reuse and recycle rather than purchase a new product.  Will supply recycled papers to local people at cost price, below normal retail price.  Discounts to other workers co-operatives and groups with ethical aims.  Volunteer labour welcome.   Aims to use soya based inks but unable to find supplier who can ensure it is not from Genetically Modified soya.  All organic products from non-GM sources. Seeks cleaning and developing chemicals with biodegradable surfactants, no phosphates or other destructive impacts on ecosystems.  Will not print on glossy paper as china clay may be used in its production.  Welcomes information on environmentally friendly printing products and about high % post-consumer waste recycled paper or 'green' inks.  Other environmentally beneficial practices -
* Using waste paper to get the ink balance right rather than clean paper
* Using lemon juice rather than etch on chrome roller
* Using a pump and water butt to recycle water for washing down plates after developing
* Recycling all waste paper
* Tending not to wash down the press after replacing a light colour with a dark colour (customer permitting)
* Selecting chemicals with environmental claims (though not yet researched to compare with standard products)
* Recycling all aluminum plates

Funds tree planting to a level assessed to cover the amount of carbon dioxide generated by all electric and petrol driven energy used.  Renewable energy used.  Transport required will be matched with tree planting.  Where possible, goods delivered by cycle trailer or public transport.  3 part time members (all are directors) each work about 15 hours a week.  All trained workers at same rate of pay.  2 printing presses.  Work includes booklets, newssheets, fliers, posters, record and CD sleeves.  Small print runs or up to 50 000.  Based at Cornerstone Resource Centre, Chapeltown. 
(Updated Jan 2005)

Formation Print and Design

Tel 0207 490 8779 Fax 0207 490 0323
8 Smokehouse Yard, 44/46 St John Street, LONDON EC1M 4DT

Ethical print and project managers and graphic designers, encouraging people to look at the least environmentally damaging methods of production, even to question the whole purpose of a project.  (Updated Jan 2005)

Greenhouse Print

Tel 01702 461388 Fax 01702 469730
4 Farriers Way, SOUTHEND-ON-SEA, Essex SS2 5RY

Wide experience with recycled and chlorine-free papers, hemp, and soya-based inks.  Does work for environmental organisations and pressure groups.


Tel 0207 252 1941 Fax 0207 252 1806
Unit 12, Cannon Wharf Business Centre, 35 Evelyn Street, Deptford, LONDON SE8 5RT

Environmentally conscious printer with experience of use of recycled and chlorine free papers.  Much of their work is for the charity sector.

Heronsgate Ltd
Tel 01268 288637  Fax 01268 285093
Website www.heronsgateprint.com  Email martin@heronsgateprint.com 
Units 18-20, Heronsgate Trading Estate, Paycocke Road, BASILDON, Essex SS14 3EU

Environment conscious in paper and processes. Helps clients to reduce waste by only printing what they need when they actually need it, thus creating 'virtual warehousing'.  Recent environment initiatives include only printing using vegetable inks.  Digital and litho.  Provides "solutions, not just print" eg procurement and efficiency.  Established 1992, ISO14001 accredited.  Sales office: Prince Consort House, 109-111 Farringdon Road, London EC1R 3BW, Tel 01268 288637.  (Updated May 2006)

Jamm Print & Production

Tel 0207 231 9440 Fax 0207 232 0812 E-mail
18-19 Crimscott Street, LONDON SE1 5TE

Actively encourages use of recycled paper where appropriate, and gives general advice on environmental concerns. 60% of work on recycled stock. Uses soya based ink where appropriate.

Kent Art Printers (KAP)
Tel 01634 844644  Fax 01634 842114 
Email info@kap.co.uk  Website www.kap.co.uk 
Caxton House, Hopewell Drive, CHATHAM, Kent ME5 7NP
Contact  Paul Anderson

Has used alcohol-free production for over ten years, reducing health impact of solvents on visitors and its 45 employees (as well as purchase costs).  This is particularly appropriate as the site is over an aquifer.  Uses vegetable based inks for most work, to avoid petroleum sources.  Customer-friendly proofs on recycled stock. One of the few companies to clean and store plates for reprints (reduces resources - most throw them away and re-image if necessary).  Spectrophotometric colour control on presses uses colour analysis software to adjust 'ink keys', reducing waste (and time).  Uses Aqueous 'Anilox' protective coating - avoids oils, and more easily recycled than laminates.  Reduces office waste, eg recycles junk faxes into note pads, donates used IT equipment to local charities.  Family-run offset litho business using five presses, printing brochures, periodicals, company reports and multilingual publications.  Winner, Environmental Innovation Award for Kent Business.  (Updated Sep 2003)

Limetree Offset
Tel  01268 571411  Fax 01268 571488
Email  studio@limetreeoffset.co.uk 
Unit 6, Pilot Close, Fulmar Way, WICKFORD, Essex SS11 8YW

Family owned and run small business working for national and local government, the pharmaceutical industry and charities.  Zero alcohol and vegetable based inks for two years with approx one third of  jobs produced on recycled materials.  ISO 14001 Jan 2006 and FSC Chain of Custody Feb 2006. 
(Updated May 2006)

Lithosphere Print Production

Tel 020 7686 6111  Fax 020 7686 6222
www.lithosphere.co.uk  Email info@lithosphere.co.uk
82-90 Queensland Road, Holloway, LONDON N7 7AS

Independent environmentalist print manager, organiser and troubleshooter, keeping abreast of technical change.  Specialises in taking on other people's problems, advising on specification, materials, cost, timing, quality, jargon, avoiding cowboys, and delivering environmentally sound printing.  Encourages and advises on environment-friendly materials and processes, ethical issues, toxic materials, wasteful processes.  Website lists products dealt with, processes, and glossary.  Maintains possibly unique database based on physical inspections of paper suppliers, printers, repro and finishing companies for optimum results.  (Updated Jan 2005)

Tel 01923 470000 Fax 01923 470001
Hille Business Centre, 132 St Albans Road, WATFORD, Herts WD2 4AE

Printer awarded BS7750 environmental standard in 1995, and registered to EMAS.  Environmental statement covers issues surrounding paper, energy, waste, emissions etc.  Works with customers and suppliers to improve environmental performance. Also awarded ISO14001.

Oxford GreenPrint
Tel 0845 345 1398 
Email mail@oxfordgreenprint.com  Website www.oxfordgreenprint.com 
125 Magdalen Road, Oxford OX4 1RQ

Green design, publishing and printing.  The whole business is powered by green energy, and prints only on recycled paper and card.  Sells a wide range of home and office recycled stationery products.  Open Tuesday-Friday 10am-3pm.  Also see Oxfordshire Green Pages (section 630 Specialist Directories).    (Updated Feb 2006)


Tel 01424 434181 E-mail
201 Spotland Road, ROCHDALE, Lancs OL12 7AF

Printer doing work for many charities.  Refuses to print material that is racist, sexist, anti-union or pro-violence.  Committed to the use of recycled papers, and to minimising the impact of its activities on the environment.  Efficient and thoughtful transport system.

Royle Print
Tel 020 8688 2300  Fax 020 8253 0300
Website www.royle-print.co.uk  Email reception@royle-print.co.uk 
Royle House, 110 Beddington Lane, CROYDON, Surrey CR0 4TD

Sheet fed litho printer, part of Fulmar Group.  ISO 14001 and working towards FSC accreditation.  Proactive advice to clients on environmental issues in paper and printing.  Royle book of recycled papers published 2004.  On site reprocessing of 60% of chemicals used in printing.  Bio inks exclusively. Trialing alcohol free printing.  Documents recycling of all waste materials.  Minimises electricity used.  (Updated May 2006)

Saxon Recycling

Tel 01223 839966  Fax  01223 839998  Email info@saxonrecycling.co.uk  Website www.saxonrecycling.co.uk  
Lion Works, Station Road, WHITTLESFORD, Cambs CB2 4NL

Chemical waste collection service for all types of photographic and printing and some healthcare wastes.  Payment for fixing solutions, negative film, aluminium plates, silver.  Also collect plastics (eg HDPE), developer, blanket wash, ink, ink tins etc for recycling or disposal.  Free labelled collection containers supplied.  Recycling is core to the business, so resources managed to reduce waste, save energy, promote recycling and understanding amongst employees and customers, to avoid environmental damage.  Offers environmental audits, and can install automated bulk collection systems. Runs ink recovery and separation plant. Collects by lorry across the country.  (Updated Oct 2003)

Second Time Around

Tel 0208 994 6477 Fax 0208 995 3675
10 Barley Mow Passage, Chiswick, LONDON W4 4PH

Environmentally aware designer and printer.  Experience with recycled materials and environmental issues.  Only uses recycled paper.  Inks with soya content used where possible.  Supplies recycled stationery.

Signal Press

Tel 0207 407 2276 Fax 0207 378 1320
137 Great Suffolk Street, LONDON SE1 1PP

Environmentally aware designer and printer.  Experience with recycled materials and environmental issues.  Inks with soya content used where possible. Supplies recycled stationery.

Sussed Design
Tel: 01273 275302
Website www.susseddesign.com  Email simon@susseddesign.com 
Studio 106, 1st Floor, 106 Coleridge Street, HOVE, East Sussex BN3 5AA
Contact  Simon Parkin
Design (not print) service, formed to raise the profile of sustainable businesses and organisations by providing ethical clients with creative, professional, approachable graphic design service in touch with their needs.  Knowledge of ethical market can produce design that communicates effectively with the client's audience.  Operates on sustainability principles because short-term gain should not lead to long-term damage.  Ethical policy is to:  provide design only for ethical businesses, ie those promoting human rights, animal welfare, the environment, health or education;  reduce, re-use and recycle resources,  including printer paper, reusing envelopes and sending emails rather than post; not produce design promoting an unethical or immoral organisation, ie those knowingly harming or endangering people, animals or the environment; promote sustainability by example, sharing topical issues via website and email newsletter, Sussed News; use 'green' service providers, including environmentally sound printers (lists most printers in this section and credits The WasteBook); maintain honest and open working relationship with client.  Publishes tip-sheets to help plan websites. 
(Updated Mar 2005)


Tel 0207 277 5162 Fax 0207 277 5963
2 Hatcham Road, LONDON SE15 1TW

Aims to be the most environmentally aware printer in the UK.  Has pushed the boundaries of what can be printed on recycled paper, by being willing to subsidise its use, and won several awards for this, persuading blue chip companies that it is fine for their needs, and that they have a social responsibility to use it.  Clients include WWF, FoE and Greenpeace.  Over 60% of the work is on recycled paper.  Has also developed a rigorous and effective waste control system.  Paper and ink (which is part-soya based) are considered precious, and 50% less film and 40% less chemicals are used than 5 years ago.  Remaining paper waste is graded for recycling, low grades being converted to plasterboard.  Research into further conservation methods ongoing.

Website www.twig.uk.com  Email info@twig.uk.com 

Until now, THE WASTEBOOK has for years been the only source of green (environmentally accredited) printers who promote use of recycled paper, reducing what goes to landfill; recycling; and reducing pollution.  We have helped many people buying paper and print, and designers, to make better informed, more environment-friendly choices.  Now Twig has taken this further and provided a nationwide list of those reducing environmental impact, with a matrix listing accreditations and capacity (colours, sizes).  The site also lists recycled (see WASTEBOOK section 320) and FSC certified papers; encourages use of home grown paper; and promotes better design (avoid bleeds, reducing ink and leaving clean trimmings for recycling; avoid laminate, varnish, glue, solid dark colours, and metallic or fluorescent colours; use cellulose film where window envelopes are needed; design for updating) Case study on grading and sourcing of paper, and many other good practice tips.  Note that 'sustainable forestry' should mean much more than trees being replanted after 'harvesting'.  And ancient forests, which support the greatest biodiversity, should be sacrosanct!  Links to FoE and Greenpeace.  Lists FSC's 10 principles of forest stewardship - more info on FSC in  WASTEBOOK section 420 .  (Updated May 2006)

UK Cartridge Recycling Association 

Tel 01706 525050  Fax 01706 647440
Email info@ukcra.com  Website www.ukcra.com 
11a Memorial Road, Walkden, MANCHESTER M28 3AQ

Trade association of printer cartridge recyclers. Aims through its members to promote and provide high quality, cost-effective recycled products that are environment-friendly alternatives to imported toner cartridges.  Members who display the UKCRA rosette must abide by agreed codes of practice, including standards of remanufacture, labelling and packaging, general business practice, warranties, and accepting UKCRA mediation in any disputes with customers.  Campaigns against products designed not to be recycled or repaired, as this adds to the already overloaded waste stream. Website provides useful buyers' guide.  Also see Section 35, Office wastes & toner cartridges.  (Updated Nov 2000)

Waltham Litho
Tel 020 8504 1035  Fax 020 8504 9365 
Website www.waltham-litho.co.uk  Email matthew.drew@waltham-litho.co.uk 6-7 Raven Road, South Woodford, LONDON E18 1HB

Family run sheet-fed litho printer.  Working towards FSC chain of custody.  Uses water-based coating, reducing chemicals and hazardous waste.  Full waste stream analysis reducing landfill waste.  Availability to clients of vegetable based inks.  Close relationships with paper merchants to improve options for clients.  Proactively promote good practice with clients, suppliers and staff.  ISO 14001.  (Updated May 2006)