46  Industrial plastic scrap

All thermoplastics (plastics which soften on heating), including composites containing fillers and fibre reinforcements, may be recycled by granulating or shredding into pellet or flake form for reuse.  However, quality degrades slightly and repeated use eventually results in a 'cooked' material.  Subject to product specification, best practice is the use of an appropriate mixture of reclaimed and virgin materials.  

There are now 100 plastics recyclers in the UK.  To distinguish the main different types of plastic, denoted by a number in a triangle, see Environmental labelling.

The UK produces 3 million tonnes of plastic waste each year — 
approximately 85% is landfilled, 8% incinerated and 7% recycled.
Source  www.recyclenowpartners.org.uk 

The British Plastics Federation advises that good design for recycling should allow for easy disassembly of a product into its component parts, and avoid the use of too many different types of plastic

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Plastic containers, packaging and film (56)
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Reclaimed plastic composite products (340)
Environmental labelling (420)

Alphabetical list of organisations

Associated Polymer Resources

Tel 02380 852929   Fax 02380 620222
Westfield House, Knowle Hill, Allbrook, EASTLEIGH, Hants SO5 4LZ
Contact  Ron Wilkinson

Collection and processing of PP, LLDPE, LDPE, MDPE, HDPE.  Supplies granulates.  (Updated Oct 2004)

Axion Recycling Ltd
Tel 0208 567 1425  Fax 0709 234 2188
Email info@axionrecycling.co.uk  Website www.axionrecycling.com 
79 Coldershaw Road, Ealing, LONDON W13 9DU

Company seeking supplies of mixed waste plastic.  Formed to develop and put into place technology solutions to recycling and waste management.  Working with Hampshire Natural Resources Trust to test methods of dismantling and recycling plastic components of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE). Extracting brominated fire retardants from waste polymers from WEEE.  Helping BPF (see below) to test a collection, sorting and processing plan to recycle post-consumer PVC from flooring, windows and guttering.  Conducting kerbside plastic collection and recycling trial.  Also in Bramhall, Greater Manchester.  (Updated Oct 2004)

Beacon Press

Tel 01825 768611  Fax 01825 768042
Website www.beaconpress.co.uk 
Brambleside, Bellbrook Park, UCKFIELD, East Sussex TN22 1PL

Environmental policy focuses on saving energy and water, and reducing chemicals, emissions and waste.  Experienced in use of recycled and chlorine free paper, with background knowledge and reputation for promoting environmental debate.  Runs CD recycling scheme.  First UK printing company to commercially adapt 'waterless' technology - avoiding isopropanol alcohol, one of the industry's major pollutants, and reducing water and paper waste.  Chemical-free film processing eliminates harmful fix and developer. Developing vegetable-based inks.  Environmental statement available.  Claims to be carbon neutral - that it plants enough trees to neutralise its total CO2 output.  Accredited to ISO14001 and EMAS.  Signatory to London ReMade, supporting use of recycled materials in manufacturing. Partner to Green Futures magazine.  (Updated May 2004)

Breckland Plastics Ltd

Tel 01842 810751
Mile End Works, London Road, BRANDON, Suffolk IP27 0NG

Recovery of polyethylene film and industrial scrap. End product is recompounded polyethylene pellets.

British Plastics Federation (BPF)
Tel 0207 457 5000 Fax 0207 457 5045  
Website www.bpf.co.uk  Email imcilwee@bpf.co.uk
6 Bath Place, Rivington Street, LONDON EC2A 3JE  
Contact Iain McIlwee, Business Services Manager

Trade association of UK plastics industry (80% of turnover).  Membership includes polymer producers, suppliers and processors, additive and machinery suppliers and manufacturers.  Advice and information on, and promotion of the plastics reclamation industry.  Website carries useful information on processes and applications, and an online directory of manufacturers and recyclers of plastics.   The Plastics and Rubber Advisory Service (09061 908070) is at the same address, offering expert advice on plastics use, material selection, process selection and design - lines open 10 - 1 and 2 - 4.30 on Tue, Thu and Fri, calls 1.50 a minute.  Q & A answer section on website.  (Updated Oct 2004)

British Polythene Industries plc
Tel 01642 672288  Fax 01642 664295 / 677599  
Email plaswoodsales@bpipoly.com  Website www.bpipoly.com/index3.html  
BPI Recycled Products, Yarm Road, STOCKTON-ON-TEES, County Durham TS18 3RD

Largest recycler (over 30,000 tonnes a year post-use) and manufacturer of polythene, polyethylene (PE: LDPE, LLDPE, and HPDE) film, sacks and bags in Europe, from agricultural, industrial and retail wastes.  Products using 100% recycled polythene include damp proof course and membrane, bin-liners, clinical waste sacks / aprons, plastic pallets.  Street and garden furniture from 'Plaswood' (Tel 01387 247110, Fax 01387 247109), a replacement for wood, cardboard, metal and concrete (strong, no rot or cracking, water / weather resistant, maintenance-free).  Includes seats, benches, picnic tables, planters, bins, bollards, fencing, and marine / waterway products - see www.recycledproducts.bpipoly.com/index2.html .  Facilities to reprocess company's own production waste.  Collection scheme for sorted and baled material only.  Also developing use of private collectors.  Environmental policy statements on website, including waste minimisation.  EA/SEPA accredited.  Also at Dumfries, Heanor (Derbys), Redditch (Worcs), Gwent.   (Updated Apr 2005)

Centriforce Products Ltd

Tel 0151 207 8109  Fax 0151 298 1319
Website www.centriforce.com  Email sales@centriforce.co.uk
14-16 Derby Road, LIVERPOOL L20 8EE

Largest UK recycler of plastic scrap and waste into rigid end-use products.  Materials recycled: low, medium and high density polyethylene, polypropylene, high impact polystyrene.  Also takes in, as a waste material for recycling in partnership with others, PET, general purpose polystyrene, and other polymers.   Manufactures tough durable plastic composites in sheet, board or rolls from plastic waste, eg  Stokboard - black polythene, scuff-resistant embossed finish, suitable for animal pens, vehicle body linings etc;  Centriboard - smooth faced polyethylene and polypropylene in choice of colours;  Centalite - lightweight, robust 3-layer polypropylene sheet for reusable containers, often more effective than cardboard for transit;  Centritile - underground cable protection strip.  Also fencing, walkways, gates, path edging, animal housing, signage, traditional-style (but no maintenance) ecogates and trellis, bird hides, sport and leisure products, polypropylene wall-ceiling lining for catering establishments.  Worked with WRAP (section 300) on golf course items.  Outdoor products have lower whole-life cost than timber, while rot and algae-proof, splinter-free, hard to vandalise, UV- resistant, lightweight and easy to install.  (Updated April 2005)

Cotswold Plastics Reclamation

Tel 01285 770705  Fax 01285 770705
Kemble Industrial Estate, Kemble, CIRENCESTER, Glos GL7 6BQ

Purchases clean, sorted plastic waste (min 5 tonnes). Regrinds supplied. Specialises in styrene, nylon, high impact polystyrene, polypropylene, high and low density polyethylene (bottle grade).

Du Vergier Ltd

Tel 01992 462217 Fax 01992 450964
Essex Road, HODDESDON, Herts EN11 0DW

Producer of acrylic sheet from recovered granulated acrylic. Also supplies methyl methacrylate monomer.

ECAP Ltd (formerly ECA Plastics)
Tel / Fax 0208 123 7370  Mobile 07798 601 622
Website  www.ecaplastics.co.uk Email edwardclack@aol.com  
298 Trinity Road, London SW18 3RG
Contact: Edward Clack

Organises an expanding national collection scheme from London, Bristol and Leeds of large volumes of waste plastic packaging from retailers and warehouses, recovering and recycling  post-consumer polyethylene and polypropylene film packaging.  Will collect baled loads of over 5 tonnes. Labels are removed and materials sorted to single polymer at Thetford and Cambridge.  Also recycles moulded sandwich trays from supermarkets - mainly HIP (High Impact Polystyrene).  (Updated July 2004)

Tel 01842 763987 Fax 01842 762143
Unit 42, Roundham Industrial Estate, East Harling, NORWICH, Norfolk NR16 2QN

Recovers UPVC, mainly from window profile scrap. Supplies granulate.

Intruplas Ltd  

Tel 01924 492300  Fax 01924 492333 
Email info@intruplas.co.uk  Website www.intruplas.co.uk
Contact Shirley Wilkinson

Manufacturer of the Wayfarer range of durable, recycled plastic, weather-resistant outdoor furniture (black or brown) from reclaimed, blended plastics giving texture resembling wood.  Picnic tables, seats, benches, planters, vandal-resistant fencing, railing and waterside products.  Delivered fully assembled.  Makes porous groundblocks, used for cycle and access paths, using shredded rubber from scrap tyres blended with recycled plastics.  These are durable, quick and easy to lay, and virtually maintenance free.  Approved by Sustrans, the cycleway charity.  Working with companies to seek new uses for recycled materials. 
(Updated Apr 2005)

John Munroe (Acrylics) Ltd
Tel 0208 879 0556  Fax 0208 879 0557
Email john.munroe@acrylics.fsnet.co.uk
69 Weir Road Industrial Estate, Wimbledon, LONDON SW19 8UG

Collector and processor of polymer - rigid, acrylic, PS, HIPS, ABS, and PC.  (Updated Oct 2004)

Keymood UK
Tel 01989 566288   Fax 01989 566977
Website www.keymood.co.uk  Email recycle@keymood.co.uk 
Wolf Business Park, Alton Road, ROSS-ON-WYE, Herefordshire HR9 5NB

Accepts CDs, DVDs, vinyl, cassettes, VHS videos, computer equipment and mobile phones.  Reclaims electronic and electrical products including all IT equipment, redundant office equipment and domestic goods.  Turns your excess into cash.  Electronic assembly experts.  Takes pride in routinely exceeding guidelines on percentage of materials recycled, minimising landfill costs and providing clients with security.   Full certification and auditable reports on sensitive goods.  (Updated Nov 2005)

Klein E & Co

Tel 0207 987 1171 Fax 0207 538 0477
122-126 Westferry Road, Poplar, LONDON E14 8SG

Wholesaler and exporter of textile and plastic secondary raw materials and wastes. Purchases all types of post-consumer waste plastics for export trade.  Also trading as Rimic Ltd.

Linpac Recycling

Tel 01977 604080  Fax 01977 603355
Email sales@linpac-recycling.co.uk  Website www.linpac-recycling.co.uk 
Newton Lane, Allerton Bywater, CASTLEFORD, West Yorks WF10 2AL

Plant recycling post-consumer polystyrene products.  Capacity of 28,000 tones per year.  Processes fast food boxes, meat trays, egg cartons, yoghurt pots, vending cups, and a range of other polystyrene products.  Also a range of PE (polyethylene) and PP (polypropylene) goods, such as bottles, crates, sheets, caps, pipes and fibres.  Reclaims PP (including paint cans); HDPE bottles and crates; and rigid and foamed PS (polystyrene) from post-consumer containers for regrinding.  Specialises in post-use rigid materials - largest recycler of rigid plastics.  Supplies pellets and washed flake.  These are sold on, slightly cheaper than virgin materials.  Associated companies use reclaimed materials to manufacture a wide range of products including bins, crates, street furniture, composters, kerbside boxes, office accessories and vehicle components.  (Updated Nov 2005)

London Recycling 
Tel 020 7511 8000  Fax 020 7511 3785
Website www.london-recycling.com   Email  recycle@london.recycling.co.uk 
Beeby Road, Canning Town, London E16 1QJ

CD recycling is a new service from this organisation.  All types of CDs and their plastic cases, music CDs, writeable CDs and CD ROMs can be recycled.  Polycarbonate and aluminium content is extracted to use in making new components using hard plastics and metals.  Customers supplied with purpose-designed boxes from recycled cardboard for collecting CDs on-site, before collection by London Recycling - either fixed schedule or ad-hoc.  Also recycles paper and cardboard (flattened - cages or wheelie bins provided), confidential data, drink cans, glass, foil, toner cartridges for remanufacture (minimum 10), vending cups, batteries, fluorescent tubes, electronic items, pallets and wood.  Security sacks, bins, containers provided.  Collection mainly within M25 area.  Materials Recycling Facility: 4D North Crescent Cody Road London E16 4TG(Updated Nov 2005)

MDJ Light Bros Ltd
Tel 01327 71036  Fax 01327 871052
Unit 2, High March, DAVENTRY, Northants NN11

Scrap dealer - all types of clean commercial and industrial plastic sought, particularly PP, ABS, HDPE, LDPE, MDPE, PVC, styrene. (Updated Mar 2001)

Mentioncourt Ltd

Tel 01509 881223 Leics / 01602 846647 Fax 01602 846947
Units 6 & 7, Bunny Trading Estate, Gotham Lane, BUNNY, Notts NG11 6QJ

Recovers PE film,PE,PP, rigid and flexible PVC. Supplies extruded PE, PVC profiles, recompounded pellets and granules. Also at Unit 40, Wymeswold Aerodrome, Wymeswold Lane, Burton on the Wolds, Leics LE12 5TR.


Tel 0208 520 3847 / 0208 520 4576 Fax 0208 521 0806
49-51 Gainsford Road, Walthamstow, LONDON E17 6QB

Collection and recycling of all types of automotive industry waste if practical, particularly used oil, filters, and plastic waste from various sources.

PPR Wipag Ltd
Tel 01304 219555  Fax 01304 219666  Mobile 07787 117008
Email jon@wipag.fsnet.co.uk   Website www.pprwipag.com or www.wipag.com/main-e.htm 
Automotive Plastics Recycling, Winchelsea Works, Winchelsea Road, DOVER, Kent CT17 9SS
Contact  Jonathan Weston, General Manager

Collector of polymers for reprocessing.  Rigid: PP, ABS, PC, SAN.  Flexible: PVC, TPO, TPU, car bumpers from end-of-life vehicles from dealers associated with specific manufacturers.  Recycles both industrial production waste and reject material.  (Updated Oct 2004)

Packaging and Industrial Films Association (PIFA)
Tel 0115 942 2445 Fax 0115 942 2650
2 Mayfair Court, North Gate, NOTTINGHAM NG7 7GR

Provides advice and information and data on plastics recycling and recovery. Produces reports, policy statements on waste management and the environment.

Philip Tyler Ltd

Tel 01285 885330 Fax 01285 659774
Globe House, Love Lane, CIRENCESTER, Glos GL7 1YG

Recovers PE film, PE, PP (including film and monofilament), PVC, PS, ABS, PET. Supplies granulate and recompounded pellets of these materials.

Plastics and Rubber Advisory Service
- see BPF

Plastics Reclamation Ltd

Tel 01744 810001  Fax 01744 810626
Email ches@prlonline.co.uk  
Contact  Chesney Orme, Chairman

Manufactures highway, outdoor and street furniture, signage, and landscaping and waterways products, for local authorities, industry and private sector.  Products 90% post-consumer waste.  Epoch products are from 100% recycled plastic packaging waste (LDPE, HDPE, PP).  'Knotwood' products made from HDPE and reclaimed wood composite.  Offers commission-moulding services.  Summary: www.inspirerecycle.org/case/plastic/cut1.htm  (Updated Apr 2005)

Polymer Reprocessors Ltd  

Tel  0151 606 0456   Fax 0151 606 0427
Website www.polymer-reprocessors.co.uk 
Reeds Lane, Moreton, WIRRAL, Cheshire CH46 1DW 

A unique non-chemical process provides destruction of CDs, DVDs and CDRoms, providing an environment friendly solution and offering security. All material from CDs, CDRoms and packaging is reused or recycled (paper / polycarbonate / paint / lacquer / aluminium). The cased CD material goes to the decollation centre where constituent parts - CD, plastic case, paper inserts - are separated.  The cases are granulated, producing a crystal polystyrene pellet which can be reused in new CD cases (providing CD manufacturers with an environment-friendly process and dealing with surplus stock), and in artificial wood and insulating foam.  Paint, aluminium and data from the CD surface is removed for use in electric cable insulation. The cleaned CD is then granulated and compounded into polycarbonate with many uses, eg burglar alarm boxes, street lighting lenses.  Prisoners are employed, gaining a skill / NVQ while helping to reduce environmental damage. To eliminate royalty payments, manufacturers must provide auditable Certificates of Destruction. The plant has expansion capacity to handle all anticipated volumes from Western Europe.  (Updated Oct 2003)

Polyprint Mailing Films
Tel 01603 721807  Fax 01603 721813
Email jneville@polyprint.co.uk  Website www.polyprint.co.uk
Mackintosh Road, Rackheath Industrial Estate, RACKHEATH, Norwich NR13 6LJ

Supplier of polythene mailing products (clear or printed).  Seeks part-used industrial reels of LPDE film and clean plastic bags in large quantity - no labels, food contamination etc.  Printed material acceptable. (Updated Mar 2001)

PS Reprocessing Services

Tel 0208 572 3031 Fax 0208 840 3566
46 Gresham Road, HOUNSLOW, Middx TW3 4BU

Recovers PS and polycarbonate. Minimum quantity half tonne. Supplies granulates.

Recyplast Ltd

Tel 01702 551414 Fax 01702 551717
107 London Road, HADLEIGH, Essex SS7 2QL
E-mail: chris@recyplast.co.uk

Recovers polyethylene, polypropylene, polystyrene, polycarbonate, polylphenylene oxide, ABS and nylon, and supplies recompounded pellets of all these internationally.

Reprise Ltd

Tel 01744 850555 Fax 01744 850790
Bold Industrial Park, Neills Road, Bold, HELENS, Merseyside, WA9 4TU

Plastic bottle recycler (mostly post-consumer) with capacity for 160 million ST per year. Industrial materials of same grade also recycled. Purchases HDPE, PET and PVC bottles from local authorities, industry and bottle plants under long-term contracts. Supplies washed flake and micronised PVC powder. Also provides recycling consultancy service including plant design.

Severnside Waste Paper
Tel 0208 803 4194 / 4196  Fax 0208 807 8841
29 Stacey Avenue, Montagu Road Ind Est, Edmonton, LONDON N18 3PP
Email enquire@recyclesevernsd.demon.co.uk Website www.severnside.com   

Subsidiary of major paper mill, St Regis Paper Company (see separate entry).  Collection nationwide of industrial plastic film in quantity, as well as all grades of paper and cardboard, subject to minimum economic quantity, and confidential waste disposal service.  Also at Mill Lane, Taplow, Maidenhead, Berks SL6 0AF, Tel 01628 639741, Fax 01628 771432;  Croydon, Surrey;  Ashford, Kent; and Gosport, Hants.  Head Office: The Pines, Heol-y-Forlan, Whitchurch, Cardiff CF14 1AX, Tel 02920 615871, Fax 02920 611199. (Updated Jan 2001)


Tel 01480 861144 Fax 01480 861177
Ouse Road,, Bicton Industrial Park, KIMBOLTON, Huntingdon PE18 0EY

Recovers all plastic materials including polyethylene film and engineering materials. Supplies compounds, granulate and baled materials.

Simmons, S G (Reclamation) Ltd

Tel 0208 845 6699 Fax 0208 845 6699
42 Bridgewater Road, RUISLIP, Middlesex, HA4 0EB
E-mail: stephen.moss@lineone.net

Collection and recycling of all thermoplastics, and waste paper.  (Updated Feb 2001)

Smith & Company (Bedford) Ltd

Tel 01234 272572 Fax 01234 271891
Cauldwell Walk, BEDFORD MK42 9DT

Metals and plastics recycling for industry and local traders. Integrated waste management and disposal solutions at customer's premises, from high value metals to hazardous liquid wastes. Plastic is granulated.

Tripenta Ltd
Tel 01386 858398 Fax 01386 858743
Willersley Industrial Estate, BROADWAY, Worcs WR12 7PR

Recovers PE, PP, PS, ABS, and engineering plastic in economic quantities. Supplies recompounded pellets and clean granulate.

Tusarora Ltd

Tel 01604 752355 Fax 01604 759024
Cornhill Close, Lodge Farm Industrial Estate, NORTHAMPTON NN5 7UB

Recovers clean EPS, foamed PE and PP. Supply EPS and foamed PE and PP products.

W O Plastics (Putney) Ltd

Tel 0208 874 9391 Fax 0208 874 4351
Unit 7-8, Osiers Estate, Enterprise Way, Putney, LONDON SW18 1JE

Recovery of low density polyethylene, polypropylene, polystyrene, PTFE, ABS, acetal, polyphenylene oxide, polycarbonate, sintered scrap and unsintered tape scrap. Supplies recompounded pellets and offers a colouring service.

Young J & A (Leicester) Ltd

Tel 01572 770060 Fax 01572 770051
Brook House, Hambleton Road, Egleton, OAKHAM, Leics LE15 8AE

Recovers clean PE and PP film. Any quantity considered. Supplies recompounded film and moulding quality pellets.


Tel 01993 776346 Fax 01993 776233
Zedcor Business Park, Bridge Street, WITNEY, Oxon OX8 6LJ

Recovers clean, uncontaminated PE film in tonnage quantities only. Manufactures film for packaging and agriculture, damp-proof membranes for the construction industry and detection tapes for underground cables and pipelines.