93 Land restoration

We include organisations which can assist with improvements or provide examples of good practice.

Biodiversity is good for business.  It provides water, energy, fuel, and raw materials.  It also takes and absorbs our waste and pollution.  By supporting biodiversity, business can give something back to help sustain, conserve, create and enhance wildlife habitats, and in doing so improve the living and working environment.  The biodiversity you support will provide a pleasant and positive working environment for your staff, and a positive environmental image in the media and your local community.  (From www.egeneration.co.uk)

Alphabetical list of organisations

Construction Industry Research and Information Association (CIRIA)
Tel 0207 549 3300  Fax 0207 253 0523
Website www.ciria.org   Email enquiries@ciria.org
Classic House, 174-180 Old Street, LONDON EC1V 9BP

Broker of construction research and innovation.  Various publications relating to construction on contaminated land including:  safe working practices; remedial treatments; containment barriers, liners and cover systems; safe disposal of dredged material.  Runs annual Contaminated Land conference in July; and publishes contaminated land training pack.  With BRE and BSRIA, oversees the Construction Industry Environment Forum, providing information exchange on environmental issues affecting the industry.  Developing Green Guide for professional tradespeople and small businesses to reduce the building industry's environmental impact.  CIRIA aims to improve performance of all in construction - runs workshops and seminars; literature encourages best practice.   (Updated July 2004)

Earth Centre, The  Closed in Autumn 2004 

Tel 01709 513933 / 01709 770566  Fax 01709 512010  
Website / Email  discontinued   
Denaby Main, Kilners Bridge, Doncaster Road, CONISBROUGH, South Yorks DN12 4EA

Doncaster Council would not accept the financial responsibilities of taking over this site, to which the Millenium Commission www.millennium.gov.uk directed 36m.  Its future is unclear.  The Trans Pennine Trail is still accessible at the site.  This is a description of the project as it used to be:
Project aiming to become a centre of understanding of sustainable development in everyday life.  Set in 400 acres of parkland, created with a mosaic of wildlife sites, it promotes action for a sustainable future. Opened to public in 1999 following 7 years of research and planning.  Built with recycled materials, it demonstrates an integrated waste strategy, with land remediation, roads and paths of recycled material, reuse of organic matter, reed beds and wind and solar power, its solar canopy forming the largest array of photovoltaic cells in Britain and meeting 30% of the development's energy needs, with 10% of output going to the regional grid.  Visitors asked to sort waste for reuse and recycling; all garden waste composted; gardens and cafe promote organic growing.  Shop sells goods made from recycled paper, old tyres, waste plastic milk cartons, vending cups and plastic bottles, reused leather, recycled glass, recycled wood and old circuit boards; or products using renewable or reduced energy in manufacture, fairly traded, or from sustainable sources.  Welcome hall shaped like a tsunami.  Described as the largest single educational establishment built since the Victorian museums of South Kensington. 
(Updated Feb 2005)

The Eden Project
Tel  01726 811911   Fax  01726 811912
Website www.edenproject.com  
Bodelva, ST AUSTELL, Cornwall PL24 2SG

Pioneering educational charity project conceived by Tim Smit, who previously restored the Lost Gardens of Heligan, and whose vision has turned a disused clay pit into a global garden, opened in 2001.  A series of energy efficient 'biomes' - the world's largest conservatories (main heating source is the sun) made of large hexagonal plastic bubbles and light steel - house thousands of plants from tropical rainforest and temperate climates.  The 'third biome' is 30 acres outdoors of terraces supporting plants that will grow in the Cornish climate.  It is a beautiful place which teaches about the relationship between plants, people and places.  A symbol of how people can work with nature to feed themselves, repair damage, manage land and create a healthy environment.  Much attractive art based on nature.  Aiming to be 'waste neutral' by buying in a greater weight of products from recycled materials than the weight of materials it sends off to be recycled.  Items reused whenever possible. Waste recycling unit on site planned.  Recycling bins throughout site.  Environment friendly in many ways - supplies sourced locally if possible, reducing transport, energy and supporting local economies.  Water mainly recycled groundwater and rainwater.  Electricity from Cornish windfarms, LPG vehicles, green travel plans for staff and visitors.  Through bus/train tickets available.  Excellent for school trips - learn where much of the food you eat and other products, including clothes, in daily use come from.  Open every day except Christmas eve and Christmas day.  Experience it as part of a holiday, not a special trip, and get there early!  (Updated July 2004)

Earthline Ltd

Tel 01672 841389 Fax 01672 841353
The Old Lime Works, Ogbourne St George, MARLBOROUGH, Wilts SN8 1SU

Manages eight landfill sites in Bucks, Oxon, Hants and Wilts. Land restoration. Waste collection, mainly from building sites. Reuses and recycles material wherever possible, screening for rubbish. Supplier of aggregates, topsoil and crushed concrete. Bucks site: Warren Farm, Chalfont Lane, Maple Cross; Oxon: Shipton on Cherwell Quarry, Kidlington (Tel 01869 331595).

English Partnerships

Tel 0207 976 7070
16-18 Old Queen Street, LONDON SW1H 9HP

English Partnerships is a government sponsored body. Its task is to regenerate derelict, vacant and under-used land and buildings throughout England. Its aim is to deliver regeneration, economic development, job creation and environmental improvement and to obtain best value for money for the taxpayer, maximise private sector investment and make the best use of our physical and human assets.

Healthy Building Centre

Tel 01923 664507 Fax 01923 664010
Building Research Establishment, Bucknalls Lane, Garston, WATFORD, Herts WD2 7JR

Specialist consultancy which includes problems of construction on contaminated soil and landfills, such as protection from ground gas seepage; prevention of subterranean fires; contamination resistance of constructional materials, containment systems; load bearing capacity of filled sites.

Home/Industrial Landscapes

Tel 0118 981 4753
Hillbury, Inhurst Lane, Balighurst, BASINGSTOKE, Herts RG26 5JS

Demolition contractor. Purchaser of derelict property for site redevelopment.

Middlemarch Environmental

Tel 01203 531154 Fax 01203 531156
Deer Park Business Centre, Stoneleigh Deer Park, Stareton, KENILWORTH, Warwickshire CV8 2LY

Ecological surveys and monitoring management plans and design; practical landscaping and habitat creation.