440  Organic and low input food and drink

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Methods of food production and how to choose what you eat
Discussion about agricultural productivity and efficiency usually focuses on crop tonnage and acreage, labour input or numbers of employees (now usually very low).  Production figures per hectare are quite awe-inspiring compared with pre-war mixed organic farming.  Extensive arable monoculture and intensive stock-rearing, the norm over the last 40 years, are highly productive if viewed solely in the narrow terms of output and labour.  But questions are being increasingly asked about distortions and inequity fuelled by the Common Agricultural Policy and its blunt subsidies, unhelpful to small farmers who want to farm sustainably and retain healthy soil, crop variety and wildlife.  Small farms continue to go out of business across Europe, and the delicate microsystems within our soil do not support the diversity they once used to.  

If immediate labour use is not the main criterion, and other factors are taken into account, a rather different picture emerges.  Some are easily measurable in economic terms, and include -

There are also many other ecological, social and ethical aspects to take into account. These are less easily measured.  They include -

Mothers-to-be have been urged by experts to eat more organic food.  Several harmful toxins have been found in breast milk, but this natural form of feeding is far and away the best way to raise a healthy baby.  A number of surveys have found much higher nutrition in organic produce.

It would be naive to visualise a return to the Arcadian imagery of large groups of jolly, ruddy-faced yeomen resting from their labours with large jugs of ale and happy families of farmyard animals.  Nor is it reasonable to expect, in the short term, organic produce or free range eggs and meat costing the same as chemical or intensively farmed equivalents.  But there is now an exciting variety of choice, and with a little thought, the difference can be marginal, so nearly everyone can make ethical choices that will benefit both themselves and others.

Many question whether modern agriculture has ‘progressed’ too far; to take more interest in the origins and production methods of the food we eat; and to be active consumers supporting more wholesome forms of agriculture, locally produced where possible.  Although the vast majority do not want GM food, the big stores still allow it to creep into some items such as milk and dairy products, through cattle feed.  Certainly the only way to be sure you are avoiding pesticides or genetically modified ingredients is to buy organic!  At the same time you are doing your bit to address the problems listed above.  

Organic producers are likely to be more active in addressing environmental and ethical issues, and to use environment-friendly packaging.  By buying from them, and recommending their produce to others, you will be helping to encourage more organic production, and to reduce waste, pollution and energy use.  Organic dairy farming, for instance, uses 74% less energy than 'conventional' per unit of product ( www.defra.gov.uk ).

Nutrition and health
The increasing reliance on heavily marketed, all-year-round convenience food, over-processed, bursting with additives, often with no nutritional value - the combination of which may have adverse health effects - has got children out of the habit of eating fruit and vegetables.  Yet these are vital to maintain healthy brain function.  The level of obesity in children is rising and, in the words of the Chief Medical Officer, is a health time bomb that could explode.  Many children's (and adults') diets of processed food contain more fat (including hydrogenated or hardened fats which it is very difficult to 'exercise away'), sugar and salt than is recommended.  The Food Standards Agency (entry below) has initiated a national debate about children's diets: the five portions of fruit a day has been well promoted,  and thanks partly to a celebrity campaign, school meals in many areas are beginning to improve.  

This problem of poor diet is partly due to a sad lack of knowledge, among both young people and adults, of where food comes from.  This could be addressed in many ways, such as involvement in school and community food projects or allotments in order to learn about home grown food.  A holiday in the west country which includes a visit to The Eden Project, to see in a spectacular setting how both common and unusual foods grow, can be really stimulating to the imagination.   

Local food 
Our food supply chain is now largely owned by the big supermarkets, who would have us believe we cannot do without them.  The global impact of food miles is becoming well-known, and many people would like to buy locally produced food.  This reduces packaging, and supports local communities -  money spent in a local community is more likely to stay there, bringing social benefits - and you know where the food's come from and how it's produced!  It may also improve the local landscape's characteristics and sustainability.  

Supermarket fruit and vegetables suffer from lack of varieties and bland taste - they are produced for ease of transportation and long shelf-life: supermarkets do not consult those will eat the food when they demand uniformity of size and appearance. By eating seasonally and shopping locally, we will get fresh and more nutritious food, of better quality as it will not suffer from "travel sickness" after being stored, chilled and transported around the world.  Foods such as tea, coffee, sugar, and bananas can be bought as fair traded and/or organic goods.  

The good news is that with farmers markets, farm shops, other local independent shops, and organic vegetable delivery schemes, it is becoming increasingly easy to buy local. 

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Alphabetical list of organisations  

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Part One

A Lot of Organics
Tel 0118 3759375
Website www.alotoforganics.org.uk  Email contact@alotoforganics.co.uk 
Douglas House, 33 Douglas Road, Caversham, READING, Berks RG4 5BH

Organic search engine listing many examples nationwide of websites on: organic farms and sources of advice about organic farming; suppliers and manufacturers of organic food and drink; special diets; vegan and vegetarian.  Also: organic products for babies and children; organic clothes; gardening; gifts; health and beauty; household; pets and farm animals; toys.  (Updated Nov 2005)

Biffa Waste Services
Tel 01494 521221  Freephone 0800 307307  Backtrack scheme Fax 01494 463368
Coronation Road, Cressex Industrial Estate, HIGH WYCOMBE, Bucks HP12 3TZ

Major waste collection and handling company operating from many centres. Operating joint scheme with Elm Farm Research Centre to turn supermarket waste into compost suitable for organic farming.

Biodynamic Agricultural Association

Tel 0845 345 8474  Tel / Fax 01453 759501
Email office@biodynamic.org.uk  Website www.biodynamic.org.uk 
Painswick Inn, Stroud, Glos GL5 1QG

Approved body carrying out regular inspection of holdings to ensure compliance with EC Regulation applying to organic food, entitling products to carry the 'Demeter' environmental label.  Founded 1929 to promote biodynamic way of farming and gardening started by Rudolf Steiner in 1924, a non-chemical approach to the soil, environment and health, with nutrition a central theme.  Set up Biodynamic Seed Development Project as sustainable plant breeding programme involving farmers and gardeners to develop and maintain Demeter certified organic plant varieties, to supply growing organic seed market and increase public awareness.  Supports network organising seminars, workshops and conferences.  Newsletters available / downloadable on website.   Average subscription £30, but students and senior citizens £12.50.  (Updated Nov 2003)

British Nutrition Foundation

Tel 0207 404 6504  Fax 0207 404 6747
Email postbox@nutrition.org.uk  Website www.nutrition.org.uk  
52-54 High Holborn, London WC1V 6RQ

Charitable organisation, raising funds from food industry to improve information and education on diet, health, energy and nutrients in food (particularly plants), science and technology.  Developed food and nutrition programme for schools.  Promotes wellbeing through nutrition.  Works in partnership with research institutes, food industry, educators and government.  Influences all in the food chain, government, professions, and media.  Many publications, fact sheets and briefing papers; organises conferences.  (Updated Nov 2003)

Cambridge Foodbank 
Tel 01223 415341
Unit B, Rene Court, Coldham’s Road, CAMBRIDGE CB1 3EW
Email email@cambridgefoodbank.co.uk  Website  www.cambridgefoodbank.co.uk 
Contacts  Project Development Manager Sarah Rowse

Collects surplus groceries from the food industry that would otherwise be landfilled, redistributing them to over 35 voluntary and statutory sector agencies, working with wide range of disadvantaged people.  Addresses food surplus; landfill, waste and recycling; and social exclusion.  Collects from over 20 East Anglian manufacturing and retail donors.  Works with schools, community and church organisations to ensure additional food donations.  Manages a ‘Shop and Share Scheme’ supported by 5 of the major supermarket brands in Cambridge.  Over 50 tonnes of food due for landfill was redistributed in 2002.  With partners Aspire Cambridge, provides employment, training and support for people moving out of homelessness, and the ex-homeless.  On committee of CCORRN (Cambridgeshire Community Reuse and Recycling Network - see 130 Charity and community schemes or 200 Support services). 
Items supplied include: tinned foods; cereals;  tea, coffee, sugar; personal hygiene products; cleaning products.  Received award from Co-operative Society's Partnerships scheme.   (Updated Jan 2004)

Central Science Laboratory
Tel 01904 462000  Fax 01904 462111
Email science@csl.gov.uk  Website www.csl.gov.uk 
Sand Hutton, YORK YO4 1LZ

An executive agency of the UK Government Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs.  Specialises in sciences underpinning agriculture for sustainable crop production, environmental management and conservation, and food safety and quality. Provides scientific services including training, technical advice and support, and research and development to meet statutory and policy objectives on: food supply; safety; pesticide safety including residues in food; control of pests and diseases in crops and stored foods; wildlife management; impact of food production on the environment and the consumer.  (Updated Nov 2003)

City Farms 
see National Federation of City Farms and Community Gardens

Community Composting Network

Tel / Fax 0114 258 0483 or 0114 255 3720 
Email info@communitycompost.org  Website www.communitycompost.org 
67 Alexandra Road, SHEFFIELD S2 3EE
Contact  Nick McAllister (Co-ordinator)

Organisation promoting environmental, social and economic benefits of community composting to government and public, supporting good practice examples.  Provides support, advice, representation and information, including health and safety, throughout UK to not-for-profit, locally accountable community composters working on very diverse projects, and those considering setting up a scheme.  Organises conferences, training courses; provides quarterly newsletter, publications, guidebooks and library.  230 members.  Membership £20 for not-for-profit community groups; £100 for affiliate members including LAs and suppliers within industry.  Also offers consultancy service.  (Updated Nov 2004)

Compassion in World Farming
Tel 01730 264208  Fax 01730 260791
Email compassion@ciwf.co.uk  Website www.ciwf.co.uk 
Charles House, 5A Charles Street, PETERSFIELD, Hants GU32 3EH

Organisation campaigning to end factory farming; end genetic engineering and cloning of farm animals; end long distance transport of farm animals; and end antiobiotic growth promoters in farm animals (these are administered to humans only when necessary, but regularly to animals to increase growth rates - this both causes animals to suffer and reduces effectiveness of antibiotics in treating human illnesses). Promotes strict limits on journey times for animals transported in the EU, and for the recognition of animals as 'sentient beings'.  Much useful info on website.  (Updated Nov 2003)

Composting Association
Tel 0870 160 3270  Fax 0870 160 3280
Website www.compost.org.uk  Email membership@compost.org.uk
Avon House, Tithe Barn Road, WELLINGBOROUGH, Northants NN8 1DH
Contact   Tony Breton, Communications Manager

National not for profit membership body researching and promoting sustainable management / aerobic treatment of organic waste (a biodegradable resource containing micro-organisms) - otherwise known as composting.  This may be a way of treating pollutants before they are returned to the environment.  Encourages people to make and use soil- enriching composts.  Collects and spreads information for the trade, and works to set standards.  Provides a united voice in UK, promoting benefits of composting to government and public, but does not answer composting enquiries from non-members. Operates certification schemes for compost and compostable packaging.  700 members from all waste sectors, including large scale composters, local authorities, suppliers, users, academics, individuals and students.  Graduated membership fees.  Members get quarterly Composting News, discounted publications, free information service, use of library, access to directory and members' area on website, reductions for conferences / training workshops.  Visits by arrangement, no visitor parking.  Separate Scottish branch.  (Updated Nov 2004)

Countryside Restoration Trust
Tel/Fax: 01223 262999
Website www.crtbarton.org.uk  Email info@crtbarton.org.uk 
Countryside Restoration Trust, Barton, Cambridge CB3 7AG

Begun in 1993 as a local charity but with national objectives.  Purchases farmland and woodland which has been over intensively farmed and where biodiversity is  under threat, and restore it through sympathetic farming practices, rehabilitating landscape and habitat for wildlife using traditional methods.  Dependent on public subscription, with over 5000 ‘Friends’, has raised over £1m, used to purchase more land at Lark Rise Farm.  The Trust owns land in Cambridgeshire, Herefordshire and West Yorkshire where arable and livestock farming and conservation methods are being applied to over 700 acres; this extends to over 40 acres of woodland and productive orchards.  Aims to establish network of Trust farms throughout the country as a focus of inspiration and education, providing a practical demonstration for farmers, decision makers and the public of a vision for the future of farming.  (Updated Aug 2005)

Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (DEFRA) Organic food and farming page
Tel 020 7238 5605  
Website  www.defra.gov.uk/farm/organic
Email  lidia.pirroni@defra.gsi.gov.uk
For DEFRA recycling and waste page see section 610.  (Updated Aug 2005)

Earth Balance

Tel 01670 821000  Fax 01670 621026
West Sleekburn Farm, Bomarsund, BEDLINGTON, Northumbria NE22 7AD

220 acre demonstration site for ecologically sensitive development with solar, wind, hydroelectric technology.  Illustrations, facilities and advice on use of recyclable / reusable / biodegradable material, and habitat creation / reclamation.  Visitor centre, souvenir shop, nature reserve.  Most of site is an organic farm with a horticultural training unit for people with learning difficulties.  Also on site is a 13,000 loaf/week capacity bakery whose ovens will be fired from a willow coppice; and brewery partially solar powered by photo-voltaic cells.  Apiary.  60kw wind turbine; 10kw water turbine with 3 acre storage lake and trout fishery; composting and reedbed treatment of sewage and waste water.  Also training and volunteer opportunities, meeting rooms, conference centre.  Open daily, free admission.  20 minutes from Newcastle.  Independent small businesses producing recycled textile products; and organic fruit and veg - North East Organic Growers workers co-op, with 12 acres, operating organic vegbox scheme - Tel 01670 821070, Email  NEOG@care4free.net  (Updated Feb 2005)

Eagle Vending 
see Fairtrade Vending

East Anglia Food Link
Tel 01508 536666
Website www.eafl.org.uk  Email info@eafl.org.uk 
The Street, Long Stratton, NORWICH, Norfolk NR15 2XQ
Contact  Tully Wakeman, Co-ordinator; Nick Saltmarsh, Project Manager

Independent non-profit making co-operative set up in 1997 by Farmers Link (see below).  Wide range of projects such as rural food, school and hospital meals, oil and climate, sustainability, local food, organics, food access and health, village shops, supply chains, farmers' markets, networking.  Works with partners across six counties  - Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Essex, Hertfordshire, Suffolk and Norfolk - and the unitary authorities  - Luton, Peterborough, Southend-on-Sea, and Thurrock.  Many publications include research, guidance, toolkits, educational materials and newsletters.  Events. Directory of local producers.  (Updated Aug 2005)

Eatwell  (
information from the government's Food Standards Agency)
Websites www.eatwell.gov.uk 
www.foodstandards.gov.uk *

Web information link from Food Standards Agency (see below) to help people understand food labelling.  Aimed at both consumers and caterers.  Sample label explained.  Explanation of terms and symbols, e-numbers.  Info on toxicity, additives and behaviour in children, allergy and intolerance.  *Info on plans for 'signpost’ or 'traffic light' labelling to help people make healthier choices.  Correctly states that food labels referring to recycling of containers are not very helpful.   (Updated May 2005)

The Eden Project
Tel  01726 811911   Fax  01726 811912
Website www.edenproject.com    
Bodelva, ST AUSTELL, Cornwall PL24 2SG

Pioneering educational charity project conceived by Tim Smit, who previously restored the Lost Gardens of Heligan, and whose vision has turned a disused clay pit into a global garden, opened in 2001.  A series of energy efficient 'biomes' - the world's largest conservatories (main heating source is the sun) made of large hexagonal plastic bubbles and light steel - house thousands of plants from tropical rainforest and temperate climates.  The 'third biome' is 30 acres outdoors of terraces supporting plants that will grow in the Cornish climate.  It is a beautiful place which teaches about the relationship between plants, people and places.  A symbol of how people can work with nature to feed themselves, repair damage, manage land and create a healthy environment.  Much attractive art based on nature.  Aiming to be 'waste neutral' by buying in a greater weight of products from recycled materials than the weight of materials it sends off to be recycled.  Items reused whenever possible. Waste recycling unit on site planned.  Recycling bins throughout site.  Environment friendly in many ways - supplies sourced locally if possible, reducing transport, energy and supporting local economies.  Water mainly recycled groundwater and rainwater.  Electricity from Cornish windfarms, LPG vehicles, green travel plans for staff and visitors.  Through bus/train tickets available.  Excellent for school trips - learn where much of the food you eat and other products, including clothes, in daily use come from.  Open every day except Christmas eve and Christmas day.  Experience it as part of a holiday, not a special trip, and get there early!  (Updated July 2004)

Elm Farm Research Centre

Tel 01488 658298  Fax 01488 658503
Email elmfarm@efrc.com  Website www.efrc.com 
Hamstead Marshall, NEWBURY, Berks RG20 0HR

Educational charity founded 1980, developing and promoting organic farming systems. Provides advisory service for organic farmers and those wishing to convert.  Works internationally with research bodies and universities. Produces articles for scientific papers, magazines, books, and its own journal, Bulletin.  Houses library of reference works on organic agriculture.  Based on 96ha working farm facilitating both commercial farming and community activities. Home of four independent small businesses building ecologically sound enterprises.  Runs technical farm walks, seminars, and organic food days.  Operates joint scheme with Biffa Waste Services to turn supermarket waste into compost suitable for organic farming, preventing landfill disposal - see GROWS below. (Updated Nov 2003)


Tel 0845 458 9525
Email mail@localfood.org.uk  Website www.localfood.org.uk/f3   
PO Box 1234, Bristol BS99 2PG

Foundation for local food initiatives.  Independent not for profit co-operative company providing consultancy, training and research (and created website) to increase awareness, uptake and provision of local food.  Profits reinvested to help develop local food.  Runs training days for producers, advisers and local projects.  Logo represents the contribution local food makes to the three major aspects of sustainability: invigorating local economies; sustaining diverse environments; and nourishing healthy communities.  Sustainable local food systems need to be nurtured from the bottom up- f3 works with local, central and regional government, health, development agencies and community-based organisations to build local capacity.  Useful library of papers and references on site.   (Updated Nov 2003)

Fairtrade Foundation
Tel  0207 405 5942  Fax 0207 405 5943
Website www.fairtrade.org.uk  Email  mail@fairtrade.org.uk 
Room 204, 16 Baldwin's Gardens,  LONDON EC1N 7RJ

International body 'cutting out the middleman' and buying direct from farmers, ensuring small suppliers get a fair price for their work, and also investing in the local community.  Many farmers or producers in the developing world may not otherwise receive enough to cover the costs of producing their crop or goods.  Sets international standards, administering the Fairtrade label.  360 Fairtrade certified producer groups in 40 countries.  18 countries license the Fairtrade mark.  Products available in supermarkets and many independent shops - supplier lists on website.  Has approved a Fairtrade drinks vending machine - see Eagle Vending above.  Quarterly Fair Comment newsletter; reports, education packs, catering directory, events, ethical funds.  Founding member of the Trade Justice movement.  Contact for the Fairtrade Labelling Board: Fairtrade Labelling Organisations International (FLO), Kaiser Friedrich Strasse 13, D 53113 Bonn, Germany (Tel +49 228 949 2311, Email info@fairtrade.net, Website www.fairtrade.net(Updated Aug 2005)

Fairtrade Vending
Telephone 0845 6120 690  Fax 0845 6120 691
Website www.fairtradevending.co.uk  Email info@fairtradevending.co.uk 
Unit 1, Henley Business Park, Trident Close, Medway City Estate, ROCHESTER, Kent ME2 4FR

Supplier of a range of hot drink machines offering 100% fair trade tea, coffee and hot chocolate, or healthy snacks.  Free or coin operated.  Helps businesses, colleges and universities and their visitors to put corporate social responsibility into practice and helps poorer producers improve their quality of life and the quality of their crops.  Ingredients produced in Peru, Costa Rica, Tanzania & Columbia without exploitative labour.  15 years' experience in vending industry.  Supplier to Co-op.  Range of machines in showroom, where drinks can be sampled.  Fair trade snacks and juices from Alter-vend, Tel 0870 787 8037, email nst@springfine.demon.co.uk   Machines produced by Eagle vending, Tel 01634 722999, Email  info@eaglevending.co.uk   (Updated Aug 2005)

Family Farmers' Association
Tel / Fax 01548 852794  
c/o Osborne Newton, Aveton Gifford, KINGSBRIDGE, Devon TQ7 4PE

Aims, through advocacy, research and supportive networking, to promote the values and benefits of family farms in the UK, which are in decline.   Membership open to individuals wishing to join the worldwide movement to save the family farm from control of the world's food supplies by multinationals.  Supports the principle of food sovereignty as the basis of every nation's agricultural economy - all nations should be able to grow as much of their own food as is practicable and desirable, and cheap imports should not be allowed to take the place of home grown produce.  Patrons include Jonathan Dimbleby.  (Updated Aug 2005)

Tel 020 7352 7928
Email info@farm.org.uk  Website www.farm.org.uk 
PO Box 26094, LONDON SW10 0XZ

Membership organisation campaigning for a viable future for independent and family farms, rural communities and the countryside.  Researches and lobbies to build public understanding of real causes and solutions in the crisis in farming and the environment; to challenge government and industry policy and practice; and create a platform for farmers, consumers and rural communities to campaign jointly, innovatively and effectively.  Wants farming that: feeds the UK, sustains rural communities and culture, enriches our countryside and wildlife, offers opportunities for new entrants, and brings a sustainable ethic back to countryside management.  Has produced a Farm Bill challenging the Government to set out a long term vision for farming and food production.  Believes independent and family farms provide the strongest model for UK farming, serving long-term interests, and that their steady decline damages rural economies, food quality and security, wildlife habitats, and the shape of the countryside.  Believes farm closures are caused by a series of inter-related factors including: steady take-over of food production and distribution by large agribusiness and conglomerates; failure of government to stand up for long-term interests; and lack of public awareness of the scale or implications of the farming crisis.  Believes farming is more than just another industry, and that agriculture – not agribusiness – offers the most viable long-term future for food production and the environment.  Website contains news, views and action libraries covering a range of issues, and comprehensive contacts, categories and links. farm was set up after the foot and mouth epidemic of 2001 by farmers and campaigners sharing a common analysis of the causes and solutions. It is run democratically by working farmers, backed by a professional team.  Introductory Membership £35 a year.  Non-farmers encouraged to join as Supporters (non-farmer supporters urgently needed who care about food, rural communities, environment and countryside).  For £20 a year or more, supporters receive regular updates and chances to get actively involved.  Farmer members include Zac Goldsmith, also Editor of The Ecologist magazine (see sections 400 and 640).  Staff includes Robin Maynard, farm's National Co-ordinator, campaigner on countryside and agriculture issues for 14 years, at Friends of the Earth and as reporter for BBC Radio 4’s Farming Today.  (Updated Jan 2004)

(National Farmers' and Retail Markets Association)
Tel  0845 45 88 420 (local rate)
Website www.farmshopping.com  Email  justask_@_farma.org.uk 
The Greenhouse, PO Box 575, SOUTHAMPTON, Hants SO15 7BZ
Contact  Rita Exner or Gareth Jones, Tel 0845 230 2150

In 2004, the FRA (Farm Retail Association) and the NAFM (National Association of Farmers' Markets) merged to form the leading organisation of its kind in the world, representing farmers selling direct to the public.  FARMA upholds the principles of both founding organisations, and promotes the growing interest in buying locally.  Includes farm shops, pick your own, farmers’ markets, box schemes, home delivery and internet sales.  People want to know more about how their food is produced, and selling locally informs and builds confidence in farming.  Retail farms provide job opportunities in the rural community and thus help them to thrive.  Farm shops are local hubs for many small producers.  Farms often deal with up to 200 local suppliers, helping to retain employment in these businesses too.  Funded by subscription and supported by the Countryside Agency.  'Find a farm' map by county on website showing farms selling produce direct.  Quotes a Friends of the Earth report (Nov 2002) showing that most supermarkets, greengrocers and market stalls sold only three types of British apple, typically chosen for storage and ability to travel well.  Farma website links to Brogdale National Fruit Collection - see below.  (Updated Aug 2005)

Farm & Food Society

Tel 0208 455 0634
4 Willifield Way, Golders Green, LONDON NW11 7XT

Charitable organisation promoting more wholesome forms of farming, combining traditional methods with thoughtful use of technology in harmony with the environment.

Farmers' Link

Tel 01953 889100  Fax 01953 889222
Website www.farmerslink.org.uk 
Email flink@gn.apc.org
49a High Street, Watton, THETFORD,  IP25 6AB

Helps farmers to develop economically viable, environmentally and socially sustainable farming systems in East Anglia (and UK more generally), and to find a voice to influence policies for sustainability.  Food is a basic necessity, but farming is in crisis, as producers receive less and less of the price paid for produce.  In 1997, set up East Anglia Food Link (see above).  Stimulates debate on the social and environmental implications of food production & distribution, to examine the changes needed in agricultural policies and practices to reflect the common interests of farmers and rural communities, and share survival strategies.  Focuses on soil, water conservation, energy use, biodiversity.  Arranges exchange visits to like-minded farming communities in EU and other continents to increase understanding.  (Updated Aug 2005)

Farming & Wildlife Advisory Group (FWAG)
Tel 01203 696699  Fax 01203 696760
National Agricultural Centre, Stoneleigh, Kenilworth, WARWICKS CV8 2RX

National charity providing farmers, landowners and others with opportunities for environmental gain through cost-effective, quality solutions. Provides farm conservation advisers to work with county groups, and visit farms by invitation to advise on how to adopt more environment-friendly systems (eg reduce pesticides) and integrate business needs with wildlife conservation.

Farm Shop & Pick Your Own
Association Ltd
Tel 0207 331 7381 / 0207 235 5077
22 Long Acre, LONDON WC2E 9LY

Trade association of about 250 individuals and 17 organisations concerned with improving quality of produce and customer service, and increasing direct sales of fresh farm produce.

Food Commission

Tel 0207 837 2250  Fax 0207 837 1141  
Email foodcomm@compuserve.com  Website www.foodcomm.org.uk
94 White Lion Street, LONDON N1 9PF

Independent, not-for-profit watchdog campaigning for safer, healthier food for 20 years.  Provides information, advice, research and education about food policy, additives and sustainable production in the interests of improving public health.  Publishes 'The Food Magazine' quarterly, which covers issues such as nutrition, diet, health, food production, distribution, catering, cooking, consumption, additives, food miles or marketing food to children.  First watchdog to investigate risks of genetically modified food, and believes GM plants and animals pose long-term risks to environment, animal welfare and possibly human health.   Produces informative wallcharts about children's food and misleading labelling.  (Updated Dec 2004)

Food Ethics Council                                           
Tel 01273 766654  Fax 01273 766653
Website www.foodethicscouncil.org  Email ann@foodethicscouncil.org 
39-41 Surrey Street, BRIGHTON, East Sussex BN1 3PB

Charity reporting on ethical issues in food and agriculture.  Independent of government and industry and not affiliated to any political party or religious organisation.  Develops tools to help make ethical thinking standard practice in policy, business and everyday life.  Working towards a food system that is fair, humane, secure and sustainable, and shows compassion to farm animals.  Up to 20 members at any time, including scientists, philosophers, farmers and consumer advocates, who  bring together a broad range of knowledge and experience of food and agriculture.  Organises workshops, seminars.  Various reports downloadable free from website.  Established 1998.  (Updated May 2005)

Food Standards Agency

Tel 0207 276 8000  Emergencies only 0207 270 8960  
Website www.foodstandards.gov.uk 
Aviation House, 125 Kingsway, London WC2B 6NH

Independent food safety watchdog set up by Act of Parliament in 2000 to protect the public's health and consumer interests in relation to food.  Major areas are enforcement, labelling, healthier and safer eating, and science.  Separate offices for Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.  Website gives A to Z of FSA work areas, with contact details for each.  If you can't see the one you need, call the switchboard.  Between 2001 and 2006, key aims are to: reduce foodborne illness by 20% by improving food safety right through the food chain; help people eat more healthily; promote honest and informative labelling to help consumers; promote best practice in the food industry; improve enforcement of food law; earn people's trust by action.  Eat Smart, Play Smart teaching resource and lesson plans to help children understand the need for healthy diets and how to choose a good balance.  Five-week 'Get Cooking' toolkit to teach young people, broadly between the ages of 14 and 25, some basic cooking skills in a community setting, aiming to give them a sense of achievement, increased confidence to cook, and an enjoyable experience.  Info on GM content in foods.  Link to www.eatwell.gov.uk (section 420) to help people understand food labelling.  (Updated May 2005)

Good Gardeners Association

Tel 01452 750554  Fax 01452 750402
Website www.goodgardeners.org.uk  Email matthew@goodgardeners.org.uk 
4 Lisle Place, WOTTON UNDER EDGE, Glos GL12 7AZ 
Contact  Matthew Adams

Charity which aims to teach members how to work with nature, and to grow vegetables naturally without artificial fertilisers or pesticides.  Research shows disturbance and compaction of soil through modern practices, and  applying artificial chemicals, destroys bacteria, fungi and other small organisms vital to soil health.  This produces crops of such poor vitality that food no longer provides proper nourishment for the population; while fertile, live soil provides the basis for a healthy diet, protects from many modern diseases, and should be preserved for the sake of world ecology.  Promotes soil health via the 'no dig' method of horticulture, and direct marketing systems for natural food production.  Discounts on horticultural products, and books and gardening charts for sale.  Website has features on nutrients, water and other scientific research on nutrition and soil chemistry.  (Updated Feb 2005)

Green Choices
Website www.greenchoices.org/food.html  Email info@greenchoices.org 
PO Box 31617, London SW2 4FF

Free, independent, not-for-profit web guide to greener living.  Like THE WASTEBOOK, it has no products to sell or promote, only ideas and information to help people make greener choices in their day-to-day lives.  The section of the website given above has advice on reducing the environmental and social impact of food use and food waste; there is much more on other web pages.  (Updated May 2005)

GROWS (Green Recycling of Organic Waste from Supermarkets)
Tel  01488 657658  Fax 01488 658503
Email ora@efrc.com  Website www.growscompost.co.uk 
GROWS Project Manager, Organic Resource Agency Ltd, Elm Farm Research Centre, Hamstead Marshall, nr NEWBURY, Berks RG20 0HR

The UK grocery industry faces a 375,000 tonne a year organic waste problem.  In this project, waste fruit, vegetables and flowers are sorted in 30 Waitrose and Sainsbury stores across southern England, then taken by Biffa to Sheepdrove Organic Farm, Lambourn, Berks, for composting. This high-nutrient compost is spread on the land to grow crops to supply supermarkets. The project is managed by the Organic Resource Agency, administered by Elm Farm Research Centre, and funded by Biffaward using landfill tax credits, with third party contributions from the two supermarkets and Sheepdrove. Compost systems being evaluated are open windrows (long piles), covered windrows, and a containerised system.  Quality of the waste and compost is monitored, and commercial viability as an alternative to landfill. Results will appear on website.  The aim is to develop a 'zero-waste' disposal system for biodegradable waste. (Updated Mar 2001)

Guild of Conservation Food Producers

Tel 01203 696990  Fax 01203 696900
c/o NAC, Stoneleigh Park, KENILWORTH, Warwicks CV8 2LG

Trade association of about 250 individuals and 24 firms involved in food production using a limited range of inputs, leaving little or no artificial chemical residues in soil or crop. Processors are not allowed to use food additives or chemicals in packaging.

HDRA  (Henry Doubleday Research Association)

Tel 0247 630 3517  Fax 0247 663 9229
Email enquiry@hdra.org.uk  Website www.hdra.org.uk 

Ryton Organic Gardens, COVENTRY, Warwickshire CV8 3LG

Europe's largest organisation (a charity with over 28,000 members) dedicated to researching, improving and promoting organic gardening, farming, food, and commercial organic growing, and offering practical advice.  Carries out scientific research into horticultural techniques that do not rely on chemicals, and regularly helps media, industry and statutory bodies.  The main organic research body in the UK, it mains a heritage seed library. Organic display gardens with food, gardening and gift shops selling a wide range of organic products at Ryton (Coventry), Yalding (Maidstone), and Audley End (Saffron Walden) attract thousands of visitors each year.  The heritage seed library saves hundreds of old and unusual vegetable varieties, also distributing them to members - anyone can join.  Produces, with Chase Organics, the Organic Gardening Catalogue.  Also runs the Organic Wine Club with Vinceremos Wines.  Runs workshops, potato and apple days, and organic food and wine fair.  Consultancy on large scale composting, organic and food wastes; leaf mould production; wood chipping; waste management; environmental impact assessment; organic product retailing; and organic garden design and landscaping.  Also runs international programme to promote organic practices benefiting small farmers.  Research does not involve animal experimentation.  (Updated Aug 2005)

LEAF (Linking Environment and Farming)
Tel 01203 696969  Fax 01203 696900
National Agricultural Centre, STONELEIGH, Warwicks CV8 2LZ

Promotional agency for integrated farm management, aiming to show that high quality food can be produced economically with minimal use of fertiliser and other chemicals, and without leading to environmental degradation or health risks. At the same time energy, water and other resources are conserved, and wildlife habitats are improved. There are a number of demonstration farms in the area covered by this directory. Visits must be arranged through head office.

LILI (Low Impact Living Initiative)

Tel / Fax 01296 714184  
Email lili@lowimpact.org  Website www.lowimpact.org
Redfield Community, Buckingham Road, WINSLOW, Bucks MK18 3LZ

Non-profit organisation committed to promoting practical ways to live more harmoniously with the environment.  Aims to help people understand the damage of human impact on our planet - through the way we travel, work, consume, enjoy our leisure, provide food, energy and shelter, and dispose of our waste - and how they can change aspects of their lives to reduce their impact, save money, live in a healthier, more satisfying way and improve their quality of life.  Runs residential weekend courses (£150 waged, £100 unwaged) on topics such as recycling clothes and textiles, permaculture, hedge-laying, wind, solar and sustainable energy, self-build hot water, green woodworking, building with timber or strawbale, roofing, beekeeping, making biodiesel, low-impact smallholding, water and sewage, natural paints and lime, and herbal medicine.  Accommodation and food provided.  Course details and dates on website, or sign up for their email newsletter. £10 subscription brings bi-annual newsletter and discounts on courses.  Links with small manufacturers to sell green products.   Also produces 'What can you do?' information sheets, available on website, which may be printed and distributed; and a range of do-it-yourself manuals at £7.50.  Now sells and delivers biodiesel - see section 13.  Has a marquee, demo solar hot water panel, and many display boards: will staff a stand at green fairs, and assist local authorities.  Worked with National Energy Foundation on government project to install solar hot water systems in 50 homes.   (Updated Sep 2005)

Local Food News

Tel 0845 458 9525
Email mail@localfood.org.uk  Website www.localfood.org.uk 
PO Box 1234, Bristol BS99 2PG

Provides portal for local food sector, to help with networking, stimulate and inspire.   Local Food News is a fascinating monthly digest of media articles and information.  Archive since April 2002 on website.  Hosts FLAIR - Food and Local Agriculture Information Resource, a partnership project led by f3 (see separate entry), to analyse the scale, scope and benefits of the local food sector in the UK, to help create a national database, and to enable the development of a national food links network.  Useful list of contacts and links on website.  Organises conferences and training workshops.  (Updated Nov 2003)

Local Food Works

Tel 0117 914 2424  
Email lfw@localfoodworks.org  Website www.localfoodworks.org  
Soil Association, Bristol House, 40-56 Victoria Street, BRISTOL BS1 6BY

Partnership project between Soil Association and Countryside Agency to foster sustainable local food economies.  Website is a 'one-stop' info service, a central source covering all aspects of local food, with links to networks and organisations involved in local food.  Produces newsletters, briefings, events, case studies and library.  (Updated Nov 2003)

Make Trade Fair
Tel (Oxfam) 0870 333 2700
Website www.maketradefair.com  

An international campaign against injustices of the world trade system and to support the world's poorest farmers.  It calls on governments, institutions, and multinational companies to change the rules so that trade can become part of the solution to poverty, not part of the problem.  Major petition on website.  Oxfam is the lead campaign body, supported by development NGOs, trade unions, student organisations, ethical and fair trade organisations, environmental organisations, human rights groups and celebrities such as REM and Coldplay's Chris Martin.  Website offers a toolkit to take action, including help with letters to Tesco, to George Bush about World Trade Organisation cotton policy, to the four big coffee companies, and to other decision makers about food subsidies to rich countries bringing poverty and inequity.  (Updated Aug 2005)

National Federation of City Farms and Community Gardens

Tel 0117 923 1800  Fax 0117 923 1900
Website www.farmgarden.org.uk   
The Greenhouse, Hereford Street, Bedminster, BRISTOL BS3 4NA

Co-ordinating body for a network of 1000 UK community gardening and farming groups involving people in caring for their local environment.  City farms and community gardens are community-managed projects working with people, animals and plants.  They range from tiny wildlife gardens, fruit and vegetable plots on housing estates and polytunnels to large city farms. They provide: fresh, organic food; creative, safe, high quality open spaces; green waste disposal and practical advice on composting; improved physical and mental health; approximately 2,500 training places for adults with learning disabilities; the equivalent of 500 full-time staff and15,000 volunteers; bring people together of different abilities, ages, and cultures; attract over 3 million visitors and regular users every year - around 50,000 visitors are school pupils.

Following the Dutch idea of therapeutic and educational benefits of close contact with livestock, the first was established in 1972 at a disused Kentish Town timber yard.  Most have involved local communities transforming derelict sites into stimulating places for children.  Some operate alongside allotment associations but each is different.  An education starter pack for schools is available: 'The Compost Box', for key stages 1-3.  

Some sites in SOUTH-EAST -
Ashford Community Farm, North School, Essella Road, Ashford, Kent TN24 8AL (01233 614 600)
Blackbird Leys City Farm, Dunnock Way, Blackburn, Leys, Oxford (0186 574 9885)
Down to Earth Environmental Education Centre, Millbrook Community School, Green Lane, Maybush, Southampton SO16 9RG (02380 522 706)
Felicia Park Urban Farm, Green Lane, Hardway, Gosport, Hants PO12 4JP (02392 502 593)
New Ark Adventure Playground & City Farm, Hill Close, Reeves Way,
Peterborough PE1 5LZ ( 01733 340 605)
Aston-Mansfield, Manor Road, Lambourne End, Abridge, Essex RM4 1NB (0208 500 3047)
Brooks Farm, Skeltons Lane Park, Walthamstow, London E10 (0208 539 4278)
Coram's Fields, 98 Guilford Street, London, WC1N 1DN (0207 837 6138)
Deen City Farm, 39 Windsor Avenue, Merton, London SW19 2RR (0208 543 5300)
Freightliners Farm, Paradise Park, Sheringham Rd, Islington, London N7 8PF (0207 609 0467)
Hackney City Farm, 1A Goldsmiths Row, Hackney, London, E2 8QA (0207 729 6381)
Hounslow Urban Farm, Faggs Road, Feltham, Middx TW14 0LZ (0208 751 0850)
Kentish Town City Farm, 1 Cressfield Close, Camden, London NW5 4BN (0207 916 5421)
Mansfield Outdoor Centre, Manor Rd, Lambourne End, Romford, Essex (0208 500 3047)
Mudchute Park & Farm, Pier Street, Isle of Dogs, London, E14 3HP (0207 515 5901)
Newham City Farm, Stansfeld Road, Beckton, Newham, London E6 5LT (0207 476 1170)

Spelthorne Farm Project, 6 Burrows Hill Close, Heathrow, Hounslow, Middx (01753 680 330)
Spitalfields City Farm, Weaver Street, London E1 5HJ (0207 247 8762)
Stepping Stones Farm, Stepney Way, Tower Hamlets, London E1 3DG (0207 790 8204)
Surrey Docks Farm, South Wharf, Rotherhithe Street, Southwark, London SE16 5EY (0207 237 6525)
Thameside Park City Farm, 40 Thames Road, Barking, Essex IG11 0HH (0208 594 8449)
Vauxhall City Farm, 24 St Oswald's Place (entrance Tyers Street), Lambeth, London SE11 5JE (0207 582 4204)
Wellgate Community Farm, Collier Row Road, Romford, Essex RM5 2BH (01708 747850)

(Updated Aug 2004)

National Food Alliance

Tel 0207 837 1228  Fax 0207 628 9329  E-mail
94 White Lion Street, LONDON N1 9PF

Represents national public interest organisations, including voluntary, professional, health, consumer and environmental bodies, working at international, national, regional and community level. To enable the people of the UK to fulfil their potential through food policies and practices that enhance public health, improve the working and living environment and enrich society.

Organic Directory

Tel 01803 863260  Fax 01803 863843
Green Books, Foxhole, Dartington, TOTNES, Devon TQ9 6EB

Guide to buying natural foods, edited by Clive Litchfield. Paperback £8.95 post free. Names, addresses and phone numbers, listed by county and town in Great Britain, of - Retailers, producers, wholesalers and manufacturers; suppliers of organic gardening materials; restaurants and accommodation specialising in organic food. Also details of labelling schemes, box schemes, farm shops, education etc.

Organic Farmers & Growers Ltd

Tel 01353 722398
Church House, 50 High Street, Soham, ELY, Cambs CB7 5HF

Approved body carrying out regular inspection of holdings to ensure compliance with EC regulation applying to organic food. Compliance entitles producers to carry the 'Organic Farmers & Growers' environmental label.

Website www.organicfood.co.uk 

Online organic lifestyle magazine with impressive staff list.  Interesting, up-to-date news section and news archive.  Ten top reasons to go organic.  Informed opinion on whether organic is better for you.  Thirteen 'superfoods'.  What's wrong with GM food?  Statistics of organic produce in UK by sector.  Directory of where to shop for organic food in your area.  Lists of herbs and herbal remedies.  Responses to many email questions.  Book list.  Inspiration and lifestyle information, advice and articles.  (Updated Aug 2005)

Organic Food Federation

Tel 01760 720444  Fax 01760 720790
Website www.orgfoodfed.com  Email info@orgfoodfed.com 
31 Turbine Way, EcoTech Business Park, SWAFFHAM, Norfolk PE37 7XD

Approved body carrying out regular inspection of holdings to ensure compliance with EC regulation applying to organic food and processing, including imported produce.  Compliance entitles products to carry the 'Organic Food Federation Certified Organic' environmental label.  Also certifies aquaculture and non-food (personal care products, cosmetics - ensures only organically certified and wild plant materials are used).  Lobbies DEFRA, EU and other bodies to ensure standards are maintained.  Runs TOPP training course for organic farmers.  Useful FAQs and sectoral information on website.  Newsletter for members.  Established 1986.  Phones answered 9-5.30.  (Updated Aug 2005)

Organic Resource Agency Ltd

Tel 01684 585423  Fax 01684 585422
Email ora@o-r-a.co.uk  Website www.o-r-a.co.uk
Malvern Hills Science Park, Geraldine Road, MALVERN, Hereford & Worcester WR14 3SZ

Consultancy, engineering and research group established 1996, specialising in sustainable waste management.  Engineering, construction and management of composting facilities, bio-mechanical waste treatment systems, waste auditing, and integrated waste management systems focusing on minimisation, reuse, composting and/or anaerobic digestion, recycling of dry materials, biomechanical treatment of residual waste, recovery of energy from materials for which no markets can be found, and disposal of inert waste to landfill.  Learnt from European partners who have achieved 80% recovery rates.  Working on the GROWS project.  (Updated Nov 2003)

Organic Saver Account
Tel 0117 973 9339  Fax 0117 973 9303  Freephone 0500 008720
Email mail@triodos.co.uk  Website www.triodos.co.uk  
Triodos Bank, Brunel House, 11 The Promenade, CLIFTON, Bristol BS8 3NN

Launched 1997 by The Soil Association and Triodos bank, this account, established to invest money in organic farming, earns interest and can be used like any bank savings account.  Triodos policy is to lend only to projects and enterprises which create social and environmental value, such as renewable energy, sociable housing, fair trade, and microcredit organisations in developing countries.

Permaculture Association

Tel / Fax 0845 458 1805 (local rate) or 0113 2307461 (Leeds)
Email office@permaculture.org.uk  Website www.permaculture.org.uk 
BCM Permaculture Association, LONDON WC1N 3XX  (general post) or 
Permaculture Association, Hollybush Conservation Centre, Broad Lane, Kirkstall, LEEDS, West Yorks LS5 3BP (large parcels only).

Educational charity run by members, helping people use permaculture to improve quality of life and environment.  Supports  projects through information, training, networking, and research including on funding, using ethics and permaculture principles.  Based on ecological principles of natural systems, personal responsibility, limits to population and consumption, and fair shares.  Developed 1970s to challenge destructive agricultural methods, poisoning land, water and wildlife and causing serious soil erosion.  Inspires empowerment, cooperation and self-reliance - 'Earth care; People care; Fair share'.  Website offers info on courses, groups, projects, education; comprehensive news section; and email discussion.  Searchable subsections include Water; Design; Energy, technology and material use; Transport and Mobility; Money, Livelihoods and Alternatives; Homes, buildings and settlements; Natural Environment; Working with Plants and Animals; Looking after yourself and others; Education and learning; Governance and international agreements.  Phone national office Leeds, 10-2 Tue-Thu, answerphone other times.  Address is a forwarding company, avoiding problems with any future address changes.  Please send large parcels to Leeds address.   (Updated Jan 2005)

Pesticide Action Network (PAN UK)
(formerly Pesticides Trust)
Tel 0207 274 8895  Fax 0207 274 9084
Email admin@pan-uk.org  Website www.pan-uk.org  
Eurolink Centre, 49 Effra Road, LONDON SW2 1BZ

PAN UK is the UK branch of a network of over 600 non-government organisations in over 60 countries.  Independent, non-profit body working to eliminate the health and environmental hazards of pesticides, raise awareness, promote discussion, introduce effective regulations, and increase use of sustainable, ecological alternatives to chemical pest control in agriculture, urban areas, parks, gardens and homes.  Promotes healthy food, agriculture and an environment to meet food and public health needs without dependence on toxic chemicals, and without harm to food producers and agricultural workers.  Produces Pesticides News and Greenfly.  (Updated May 2004)

Plants For A Future 

Telephone 01208 872 963 / 01208 873 554
Email webmaster@pfaf.org  Website www.pfaf.org 
1 Lerryn View, Lerryn, Lostwithiel,  CORNWALL PL22 0QJ 
Contact  Rich Morris

Charity with the main aim of researching and promoting ecologically sustainable, high diversity horticulture. With minimal input of resources and energy, creates a harmonious eco-system and causes least possible damage to the environment whilst achieving high productivity. Provides information on edible and otherwise useful plants suitable for growing outdoors in a temperate climate. One major project has been construction of a database of useful plants, containing over 7000 species, with extensive details on edible, medicinal and other uses of plants, and information on their cultivation and habitats. Over 1,500 species grown on land at The Field in Cornwall, a base since 1989, and venue for various educational activities.  A second site is the Research and Demonstration Centre of ecologically sustainable vegan, organic, horticulture, showing plants can provide people with the great majority of their needs.  It is also a resource centre for rare plants, particularly those with edible, medicinal or other uses.   At Blagdon Cross, Ashwater, Beauworthy, Devon EX21 5DF, Tel 0845 458 4719.  Offers advice on edible plants, and has details on plants for medicines, oils, fibres, dyes, soaps and a wide range of other uses.  (Updated Nov 2002)

Reclaim the Streets

Tel 0207 281 4621  Email
PO Box 9656, LONDON N4 4JY

Provides a free email service highlighting developments in genetic engineering, particularly of food.

Rural Futures

Email ruralfutures@onetel.net.uk  Website www.ruralfutures.org  
PO Box 26, Knighton LD8 2WB

Countryside initiative for debate on the future of rural Britain.  Coalition of nine national organisations including Friends of the Earth, Soil Association, National Trust, RSPB, T he Small and Family Farms Alliance and Young Farmers.  Should Britain remain a seriously capable food-producing nation? What's the future for organic farming? Should the environment be at the heart of the countryside? Reports and debating forum online. (Updated Nov 2003)

SAFE Alliance 
see Sustain

Soil Association
Tel 0117 929 0661  Fax 0117 925 2504  
Website www.soilassociation.org
Bristol House, 40-56 Victoria St, Bristol, BRISTOL BS1 6BY

UK's leading campaigning membership charity and certification body, established over 50 years, for organic growers, campaigning to increase organic food and farming.  Develops and provides practical and sustainable solutions combining food production, environmental protection and human health.  In common with many EC approved bodies, monitors standards of members through annual inspection of holdings to ensure non-use of artificial fertilisers, herbicides or pesticides, or genetic modification.  Those complying are entitled to use the 'Soil Association Organic Standard' environmental label.  The UK Organic Ethical Trade Symbol shows that organic standards have been met, farmers and others in the supply chain have received a fair price, workers are fairly treated and farms are involved in community schemes such as recycling, composting or profit-sharing.  Publishes an annual directory of farm shops and box distribution schemes, and magazine 'Living Earth'.  Also acts as accreditation body for Forestry Stewardship Council (see separate entry), and awards its own Soil Association Woodmark - a sustainable management certificate.  Planning The Millenium Farm Network - 100 organic farms across the UK, open to all.  The address is shared with The British Organic Farmers Association, Tel 0117 929 9666, joint publisher of the magazine 'New Farmer & Grower'(Updated Aug 2005)

Tel 0207 837 1228  Fax 0207 837 1141
Email sustain@sustainweb.org  Website www.sustainweb.org 
94 White Lion Street, Islington, London N1 9PF

Independent alliance for better food and farming.   Charity and limited company formed in 1999 by merging the National Food Alliance and SAFE (Sustainable Agriculture, Food and Environment).  Promotes food and agricultural practices that enhance health and welfare of people and animals, improve the working and living environment, enrich society and culture, and promote equity.  Represents over 100 national public interest organisations working at international, national, regional and local level.  Publishes quarterly magazine, Digest.  (Updated Nov 2003)

Vegan Society
Tel 0845 458 8244  (local rate) / 01424 427393  Fax 01424 717064
Website www.vegansociety.com
Donald Watson House, 7 Battle Road, St LEONARDS-ON-SEA, East Sussex TN37 7AA

Organisation promoting sustainable methods of food production because of animal welfare, third world poverty, climate change, pollution, deforestation, land degradation and species extinction. Members welcome who may not be vegans but care about the future of people, animals and the environment and sympathise with the view that the interests of all three are best served by adopting a vegan lifestyle. Many interesting articles and scientific briefings on website.  (Updated Nov 2003)

Vegetarian Society
Tel 0161 925 2000  Fax 0161 926 9182  Email info@vesoc.org  Website www.vegsoc.org 
Parkdale, Dunham Road, ALTRINCHAM, Cheshire WA14 4QG

Educational charity 'working towards a future where vegetarianism is accepted as the norm'.  Keeps the issue in the news, gives talks.  Works with food industry to improve provision.  Demonstrates vegetarian cooking, and offers advice on nutritional issues. Network of local groups and info centres.  Publishes Vegetarian magazine.  (Updated Nov 2003)

(Worldwide Opportunities On Organic Farms) 
Tel / Fax  01273 476 286   
Email hello@wwoof.org 
Website www.wwoof.org.uk  
PO Box 2675 (19 Bradford Road), LEWES, East Sussex BN7 1RB

A scheme providing working breaks, on a choice of about 150 participating farms in Britain.  A bed, wholesome food, practical experience and the possibility of interesting, congenial company are given in return for work on organic farms and smallholdings.  The idea, conceived by a London secretary in 1971, operates via a bi-monthly newsletter to a British membership of about 2000.  Similar schemes operate in Southern Europe and a number of overseas countries.  Also aims to form links and foster understanding between city and rural dwellers, and to facilitate inter-cultural understanding  between people of different nationalities.  (Used to be called Willing Workers On Organic Farms.)  (Updated June 2003)


Tel 01233 813298 / 813303  Fax 01233 813303
Email info@wyecycle.org  Web www.wyecycle.org
14 Scotton Street, Wye, ASHFORD, Kent TN25 5BZ
Contact  Richard Boden

Community non-profit business working on issues surrounding waste and food, to create employment and protect the environment in the village of Wye.  One of the longest running kerbside collections of organics in the UK, begun in 1990.  Organic kitchen and garden material is collected weekly, composted, and supplied back to residents.  Operates via ' 7 golden rules' re the organic fraction:
1. Treat kitchen and garden organic material as two separate waste streams, from collection to processing to use of the end product.
2. Collect all kitchen organic material; meat, dairy produce etc, as well as peelings and tea bags.
3. Collect kitchen organic material weekly.
4. Do not provide wheeled bins for garden organic material; use sacks.
5. Do not collect garden organic material free of charge.
6. Ban garden organic material from the residual waste stream.
7. Do not collect the residual waste stream weekly.

Many other materials collected for re-use and recycling, including paper, cans, paint and cookers.  The group also organises a twice weekly farmers market, and a vegbox delivery scheme in partnership with a local farm.  Plastic bottles refilled with cleaning products at a village shop.  WyeCycle supports community groups starting similar projects, and campaigns for sustainable waste management at local and national level.   (Updated Feb 2004)

Part Two

Abel & Cole
Tel 0207 737 3648
Email organics@abel-cole.co.uk  Website www.abel-cole.co.uk 
8-15 MGI Estate, Milkwood Road, London SE24 0JF

Organic home delivery service for London and parts of the south-east.  Fruit, veg, bread, meats, fish, milk, cheese and yoghurt.  Also UK-wide service for a smaller range of products.  Comprehensive website including recipes.  Seek to minimise food  miles and packaging.  Boxes reused; runs 4 LPG vehicles; increasing renewable electricity sources. Tel lines open 9-7 Mon-Thu, 9-6 Fri.  (Updated Nov 2003)

Ashlyns Organic Farm
Tel / Fax 01992 525146  
Email info@ashlyns.co.uk  Website www.ashlyns.co.uk
Ashlyns Lane, Bobbingworth, ONGAR, Essex CM5 0MD

Organic vegetable farm with shop and box delivery scheme.  Box scheme orders, Tel 01277 890188.  School and youth group visits.  Hampers and wine cases.  Farm shop is at Epping Road, North Weald, Epping, Essex CM16 6RZ.  (Updated Nov 2003)

The Better Food Company
Tel 0117 935 1725  /  941 4504
Website www.betterfood.co.uk ,  www.walledgarden.co.uk   Email admin@betterfood.co.uk 
Organic supermarket and wholesale:  The Bristol Proving House, Sevier Street, St Werburghs, BRISTOL BS2 9QS
Organic growing, supply and garden shop:  The Barley Wood Walled Garden and Cafe, Long Lane, WRINGTON, North Somerset BS40 5SA - Tel 01934 863 713
Contact  Phil Haughton (as above, or mobile 07967 396 894) 

Dedicated to creation of a sustainable food chain.  Campaigning and educational, keeping customers when similar businesses lost out to big supermarkets.  Email bulletins, website updates and newsletters to inspire, inform (some articles highlighting issues before mainstream media reports).  Regular tastings, ‘food days', supplier visits to the shop; music and other events.  Fundamentally local:  shop and wholesale is in an inner city area, challenging notions of organic food as elitist.  Prices higher than for commercially farmed goods, but often beat supermarkets’ fresh produce prices, making organic accessible to low incomes.  Grows foods, and also buys from local suppliers, small farmers and producers (not conglomerates), fuelling local economy, and to nurture the heart of community.  Applies same ethos to how they bank, buy insurance or repair vehicles.  Website sections include best deals and new products, links to interesting initiatives (eg How to Change the World for a Fiver www.wearewhatwedo.org), and notice board for customers’ and businesses’ messages.  Mixed fruit and veg boxes £10 - mostly garden produce.  Dairy and meat to order.  Reasonably priced baby and other specialist foods.  Walled garden shop: organic fruit and vegetables, plants and groceries.  Café has home made breakfasts, lunches, soups, salads, hot, cold, and tea time cakes.  Volunteers welcomed to help in Garden (dates from 1901) – call Phil Haughton.  Shop open: Mon-Wed 9am-6pm, Thur and Fri 9am-7pm, Sat 9am-5pm.  Walled Garden: Mon-Sun 10am–4.30pm.  Works with and sells for The Natural Paint Store (part of Natural gb - see section 430 Green building and decorating) - full range of beautiful paints and decorating products with lower emissions for healthier living www.natural.gb.com .  Works with ActionAid Recycling (see 35 Office wastes including toner cartridges, or 400 Social) reducing waste and poverty – donated empty printer cartridges and unwanted mobile phones raise funds for development programmes in over 30 poor countries.  Receives them in Bristol shop in ActionAid Recycling collection bin (except Epson inkjet cartridges which are not recyclable).  More info: www.actionaidrecycling.org.uk .  Looking to develop partnerships with Children’s Scrapstore (see 140  Scrapstores); organic butcher; bakery; delicatessen; café bar; and Centre for Creative Play, at the Proving House as a local and regional Ethical Trading Centre.  ‘Bfc's Understatement: Better Food is part of a chain, a link in passage of seed to plate - woven with love, respect and spirit.  Without this, it would just be words.’   (Updated Nov 2004)

Big Barn

Tel 01234 871005  
Email ant@bigbarn.co.uk  Website www.bigbarn.co.uk 
Big Barn Ltd, College Farm, GREAT BARFORD, Beds MK44 3JJ

Web directory for those who want to know what they're buying, where it comes from, and how it's produced. Visitors can buy direct from any of 5000 independent food producers.  Access to information on goods and services so they can: buy local and get friendly, personal service; pay less for better quality; find specialists who deliver throughout the UK; find producers who ignore supermarket buyers and prioritise flavour and quality over shelf-life; find info on nutrition, recipes and plant growing.  Website gives info about healthy food, lists what's in season, and has many recipes.  A postcode search brings up amazing maps showing local producers and suppliers (including organic), bakery, farm shops, farmers markets, restaurants, etc.  (Updated Nov 2003)

Brogdale Horticultural Trust
Tel 01795 535286 / 01795 535462  Fax 01795 531710
Website www.brogdale.org  Email info@brogdale.org 
Brogdale Road, FAVERSHAM, Kent ME13 8XZ

Home to the National Fruit Collections, the largest collection of varieties of fruit trees in the world.  Over 2,300 different varieties of apple, 550 of pear, 350 of plum, 220 of cherry, 320 varieties of bush fruits, and smaller collections of nuts & vines are grown here in 150 acres of beautiful orchards.  This ‘living’ collection of temperate fruit varieties is of international renown and is one of the treasures of England for its scientific, horticultural and historic importance because they conserve genetic diversity.  Open throughout the year, selling hundreds of varieties: containerised trees in stock all year round.  Trees available bare-rooted to plant Dec to Mar. Lists on website.  Soil analysis and advice on trees and orchards.  Events and courses.  Orders or reservations by phoning plant centre on 01795 591491 or by email to plantcentre@btconnect.com .  Open Winter 10 to 4.30, Summer 10 to 5, 7 days a week (Closed Christmas & New Year).  Guided walks £4 adults, £3.50 concessions. £3 children, group discounts.  Gift shop (free access) includes fruit in season, juices, jams and chutneys, country wines & ciders. Spacious tea rooms for snacks and lunches.  (Updated Aug 2005)

Bumblebee Natural Foods  
Tel 0207 607 1936  
Email info@bumblebee.co.uk  Website www.bumblebee.co.uk  
30 Brecknock Road, Islington, London N7 0DD  
Contact  Gillian Haslop  

Large independent retailer of vegetarian, organic and fair trade foods.  Delivery service - stock grouped into 14 categories on website.  Runs veg/fruit box (bag) scheme for North London  - Tel 0207 485 5198, or email box-scheme@bumblebee.co.uk .  Three shops close together.  Established 1980, so knowledgeable, and committed to environment-friendly and fair traded produce.  Aims to provide one-stop grocery and household shopping for those who care about what they consume and the environment. Open Mon-Sat 9-6.30, Thu to 7.30. Established 1980.  (Updated Nov 2003)

Chase Organics

Tel 01932 253666  Fax 01932 252707
Email richard.rixson@chaseorganics.org.uk  Website www.chaseorganics.org.uk  
Riverdene Business Park, Molesey Road, HERSHAM, Surrey, KT12 4RG

Operates Organic Gardening Catalogue in partnership with HDRA.  Mail order sale of organic seed, fruit and plants, fertiliser, compost, natural pest control, equipment, books and supplies for organic horticulture, composting and vermiculture.  Specialist in seaweed extracts.  (Updated July 2004)

Cross Lanes Fruit Farm

Tel 0118 9723167  Fax 0118 9723167  
Email apples@crosslanesfruitfarm.co.uk  Website www.crosslanesfruitfarm.co.uk
Mapledurham, READING, Berks RG4 7UW

Grower of over 60 varieties of apples, plums and pears.  List on website, with note of when ready.  Also farm shop produce.  Four miles from Reading.  Attends 10 farmers markets.  Open Day on National Apple Day in second week of October, with exhibitions, tours and tasting.  Not organic.  (Updated Nov 2003)

Doves Farm Foods Ltd
Tel 01488 684880  Fax 01488 685235
Email mail@dovesfarm.co.uk  Website www.dovesfarm.co.uk 
Salisbury Road, HUNGERFORD, Berks RG17 0RF

Producer of additive-free organic foods, including cereals, grains, seeds, cornflakes, flour milling and homebaking, including Spelt flour, from an ancient wheat variety, and products for those on special diets.  All products vegetarian, many vegan, with no hydrogenated fats.  All 122ha licensed by the Soil Association (organic farming EC control system) and inspected at each stage of production.  Crop rotation practised and wildlife habitats provided.  Mail order available. Cartons made in UK from recycled papers whenever possible.  No use of virgin pulp or bleach. Waste minimised, and no discharge into watercourses. Established 1978.  Useful info and recipes on website. (Updated Nov 2003)

East Anglian Organic Grower Co-operative (Eostre Organics)
Tel 01953 789639  Fax 01953 789000
Website www.eostreorganics.co.uk  Email nick.saltmarsh@eostreorganics.co.uk or dot.bane@eostreorganics.co.uk 
Walnut Tree Farm, 45 Bunwell Street, nr ATTLEBOROUGH, Norfolk NR16 1NA
Contact  Nick Saltmarsh (Information) or Dot Bane (Project and Development Manager)

Award winning co-operative of organic food growers selling to social groups, independent retailers, box scheme operators, caterers and restaurants.  Markets in Suffolk, Norfolk and Cambridgeshire listed on website; also stall on Spitalfields Sunday organic market, 8.30-5pm.   'Local food initiative of the year' in Soil Association Organic Awards 2003, won through the simple philosophy of creating and sustaining a 'fair, ecological and cooperative food system' to get good food to people.  Favours local and seasonal produce, but also needs to source products from Europe.  Working with East Anglia Food Link (01953 889 200, eafl.org.uk) to provide schools in the area with local organic fruit and vegetables.  Also provides food for the staff canteen at the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital.   To contact your local food link, to see if something like this can be set up in your area, go to localfoodworks.org.  Supplies fruit and veg to Stibbington Centre for Environmental Education, near Peterborough (Great North Road, Stibbington, Peterborough, 01780 782386, www.cees.co.uk ) and works with them in hosting residential courses for children and teachers, to help people learn more about where their food comes from and exactly how it is produced.  Site links some box schemes in Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambs, Essex and London.  (Updated Dec 2004)

Essential Trading Co-operative Ltd
Tel  0117 958 3550 / Sales 0845 458 0201  Fax 0 117 958 3551
Unit 3, Lodge Causeway Trading Estate, Fishponds, BRISTOL BS16 3JB
Website www.essential-trading.coop  Email contact-us@essential-trading.coop 

Workers' co-operative (about 100 staff) actively committed to ethical trading and preserving local biodiversity.  Wholesaler to the trade.  Cash & carry open 9-5.30: over 6000 product lines.  No artificial flavours, colour or sweeteners in any products.  Wide range of organic and fair traded choices.  Supplies 100% vegetarian and also vegan produce.  Many products, including Essential own brand, listed on website, which also carries principles of organic agriculture and processing; of trading ethics; and of co-ops.  Links page shows organic labelling schemes.  Supplies 40 retailers, including Richmond and Chiswick in London area; Lymington, Hants; and Oxford.  Ring for nearest supplier.  (Updated Dec 2004)

Everybody Organic
Tel 01707 651243  Fax 01707 652235
Website www.everybodyorganic.com  Email enquiries@everybodyorganic.com 
6 Hill Rise, POTTERS BAR, Herts EN6 2RR

Delivers all-organic produce to homes in London area weekly.  Boxes: veg; fruit; salad; 'Baby & You' - fruit and veg for blending;  mixed veg & fruit - various sizes/prices.  Box prices on website.  Orders online or by phone. Weekly newsletter with recipe, plus quarterly 'Positive News.'  Minimal packaging - leave box for driver next week.  Also wholesale.  Link to Soil Association, organic certification body.  (Updated Aug 2004)

Fieldfare Organic & Natural Ltd
Tel 0845 601 3240
Email office@fieldfare-organics.com  Website www.fieldfare-organics.com
The Barns, Nash Lee Lane, WENDOVER, Bucks HP22 6BG
Contact  Sandie

Long established farm shop providing home organic produce delivery services for London and South East, covering London, Herts, some of Bucks, Beds and Middlesex, and Milton Keynes.  Range of 2000 organic products delivered weekly, from fruit and vegetables to bread, milk, rice and pasta.  Also meat and fish, wines, and special diets catered for.  Friendly service.  Minimum order £15.00 based on mainly fruit and vegetables – orders with no fruit and vegetables, minimum £35.00.  £2.00 delivery charge unless you share delivery with a friend, with whom you can share delivery costs.  Instructions and news page on website.
(Updated Nov 2003)

Fresh Food Co

Tel 0208 969 0351  Fax 0208 964 8050
Freepost Fresh Food,
326 Portobello Road, LONDON W10 5RU

National home delivery service of fresh organic fruit and vegetables.

Goodness Direct

Tel 0871 871 6611
Email info@goodnessdirect.co.uk  Website www.goodnessdirect.co.uk 
South March, DAVENTRY, Northants NN11 4PH

Internet retailer of over 2000 health products and items for special dietary need.  Over 450 organic products.  Delivery within 24 hours by mail order if ordered by 11am.  Biodegradable or recyclable packaging used wherever possible.  Frozen food packed in polystyrene as no alternative has been found - suggestions welcome!  (Updated Nov 2003)

Graig  Farm Organics
Tel 01597 851655  Fax 01597 851991
Website www.graigfarm.co.uk  Email defaultweb@graigfarm.co.uk 

Award-winning organic food and non-food supplier.  Food includes baby food, dairy, bread, groceries, vegetables and fruit, soups and salads, alcoholic drinks, and gluten-free range.  Non-food includes skin care, woollens and books.  Meat traceable to farm and breed.  Producer group of over 200 organic farms in Wales and the English borders.  Fair trade supported.  On-line ordering.  Free delivery over £45 in UK mainland.  Extensive, informative website.  B&B at organic farms.  (Updated Feb 2005)

Green and Organic Ltd
Tel 0871 425 2405
Email info@greenandorganic.co.uk  Website www.greenandorganic.co.uk 
Charwell House, Wilsom Road, ALTON, Hants GU34 2PP
Contact  Tara Tilley

Award winning company selling organic and allergy-reducing products.  Runs e-newsletter.  (Updated Nov 2003)

Growing Communities

Tel 0207 502 7588
Email grow.communities@openworld.com  Website www.growingcommunities.org 
The Old Firestation, 61 Leswin Road, Hackney, London N16 7NX

Fruit and veg local organic delivery scheme at £8.50 or £5 a week.  Organic and biodynamic farmers' market in Stoke Newington, north London, every Saturday.  (Updated Dec 2004)   btinternet.com/~grow.communities/farmers-market.htm)

HDRA Organic Wine Club

Tel 0113 257 7545
261 Upper Town Street, LEEDS, West Yorks LS13 3JT

Extensive international range of organic wine, juice, beer and cider by mail order in partnership with Vinceremos.  All HDRA profits from the club go towards research work (see HDRA).

Jordan W (Cereals) Ltd

Tel 01767 318222 Fax 01767 600695
Holme Mills, BIGGLESWADE, Beds SG18 9JY

Produces 'Conservation Grade' cereals grown to standards set by the Guild of Conservation Grade Producers, which do not permit the farmer to use any chemicals which can leave a damaging residue in the crop or the soil. Cardboard cartons 80% recycled and 20% from 'carefully managed coniferous forests'.

Kilndown Community Shop

Tel 01892 890916  Email kilndowncommunityshop@yahoo.co.uk 
St Michaels, Kilndown, CRANBROOK, Kent TN17 2RZ
Contact  S A Finnis

Co-op run by volunteer villagers in support of local producers and small village hall where shop is held from 10 to 12 each Saturday morning, selling organic produce.  Fairtrade foods a priority.  (Updated Nov 2003)

LILI (Low Impact Living Initiative)

Tel/Fax 01296 714184  Email lili@lowimpact.org  Website www.lowimpact.org
Redfield Community, Buckingham Road, Winslow, Bucks MK18 3LZ

Organisation committed to promoting ways to live more harmoniously with the environment.  Aims to help people understand the damage of human impact on our planet, and how individuals can change aspects of their lives to lower their impact, while saving money and improving their quality of life.  Runs residential weekend courses (£150 waged, £100 unwaged) on topics such as permaculture, hedge-laying, wind and solar energy, beekeeping, making biodiesel, strawbale building, and natural paints.  Accommodation and food provided.  Course details and dates on website, or you can sign up for their email newsletter.  Working with National Energy Foundation on government-funded project to install solar hot water systems in 50 homes.  Also produces information sheets and manuals.  (Updated April 2002)

Local Food Web

Email sales@localfoodweb.co.uk  Website www.localfoodweb.co.uk 

Aims to offer a comprehensive free directory of outlets providing good locally produced food. Includes farm shops, speciality food retailers, farmers' markets and village stores. Search by area; mail order; or use the forum to ask fellow visitors for their recommendations.  Also lists books on food and drink.  (Updated Nov 2003)

Luddesdown Oranic Farms Ltd

Tel 01474 815044
Email organic@luddesdown.u-net.com  Website www.luddesdownorganicfarms.co.uk  
Court Lodge, Luddesdown, GRAVESEND, Kent DA13 0XE
Contact  Jill Minister

Farm shop and weekly home delivery of seasonal organic vegetable ands fruit boxes in 3 different sizes.  Also home-bred organic beef and chicken.  (Updated Nov 2003)

Lyburn Farmhouse Cheesemakers

Tel 01794 390451
Website www.lyburnfarm.co.uk 
Lyburn Farm, Landford, SALISBURY, Hants SP5 2DN
Contact  Mike Smales

Cheese producer from the farm's herd of Friesian cows.  Semi-hard 'continental style' cheese in six different flavours.  Also grows organic vegetables.  (Updated Jan 2005)

Mill Farm Organic
Tel 01420 22331
Email sdbeef@millfarm99.fsnet.co.uk  Website www.millfarmorganic.com 
Mill Farm, Isington, nr ALTON, Hants GU34 4PN
Contact  Sara-Jane Mayhew

Organic farm shop from family farm registered to Soil Association standards on banks of River Wey.  Pedigree organic beef and lamb, and wide variety of fare from other local and organic producers.  Open Thurs-Sat until 5pm.  (Updated Nov 2003)

Organic Choice
Tel 01787 478471  Fax 01787 478457
Email info@organicchoice.net  Website www.organicchoice.net 
60 High St, HALSTEAD, Essex CO9 2JG
Contact  Nathalie Coleby

Shop selling all-organic fruit and veg, delicatessen, dairy and groceries.  Delivery and mail order within 2-3 days to Essex.   Free delivery, minimum order £15.  (Updated Nov 2003)

The Organic Delivery Co
Tel 0207 739 8181
Email info@organicdelivery.co.uk  Website www.organicdelivery.co.uk 
70 Rivington Street, LONDON EC2A 3AY 

Organic food delivered in London, day or evening.  Fruit and veg box scheme plus wide range of organic food and drink, and household products.  Order online or by phone, before 5pm on working day before.   Free delivery on orders over £13.95.  Smaller amounts, delivery £2.95.  (Updated Nov 2003)

Organic Health
Tel 01223 870101 
Website www.organichealth.biz 
87 Church Road, HAUXTON, Cambs CB2 5HS
Contact  Jackie Garfit

Award winning shop offering wide range (3000 lines) of organic, biodynamic and special diet foods, sourced locally where possible.  Mail order offered via website, free deliveries over £30.  Location A10 south of Cambridge, in a barn beside lake.  Open Tue-Sat 9-5, and to 6.30 Thu.  Fresh deliveries arrive in shop Thu.  (Updated Nov 2003)

Organic Milk Suppliers Co-operative (OMSCo)

Tel 01934 750244  Fax 01934 750080
Email enquiries@omsco.co.uk  Website www.omsco.co.uk 
Court Farm, Loxton, AXBRIDGE, Somerset BS26 2XG

Co-operative with about 350 members, run by farmers for farmers, bringing benefit to public (particularly children) and wildlife by practices such as avoiding GM cattle feed and antibiotics, synthetic fertilisers and pesticide sprayed pastures.  Healthy soil created by various means including crop rotation.  Aims to help create a long-term, sustainable organic dairy market in the UK through partnership and co-operation.  Profit-sharing and price and volume agreements with major processors and retailers are already having a positive impact by bringing stability and ensuring fairer prices for organic milk. Much useful info on website.  Many members run activities, workshops and educational programmes, or offer B&Bs and self-catering holidays in beautiful countryside.   (Updated Nov 2003)

Organics Direct
merged with Simply Organics - see entry below

Organic Seeds
Tel 01227 731815  Fax 01227 730790
kokopelli@organicseedsonline.com  (include name and address for brochure) 
Website www.organicseedsonline.com 

Association Kokopelli (Terre de Semences), Ripple Farm, Crundale, CANTERBURY, Kent CT4 7EB

Extensive range of over 1000 varieties of seeds available commercially, and a further 1500 to members, from an organisation passionate about the preservation of biodiversity and traditional varieties.  Range and organic purity unique.  Over 900 can be purchased online.  £1.70 per packet - £1.50 for members.  £5 for catalogue - cheques to Association Kokopelli: all the information you need to produce your own seeds for each species of vegetable plant.  Also produces comprehensive manual for producing vegetables and seeds in a family garden, £24; and selection of attractive posters, £12 each.  Set up in 1999.  (Updated Feb 2004)

Out of this World
Tel 0191 213 5377  Fax 0191 213 5378
Website www.ootw.co.uk  Email info@ootw.co.uk  
Head Office, 106 High Street, Gosforth, NEWCASTLE UPON TYNE, Tyne & Wear NE3 1HB

Founding body of the Creative Consumer Co-operative, begun in 1995, with 16,000 members, who own three shops - at Newcastle, Nottingham and Leeds - selling goods which are organic, additive-free, fairly traded, environment-friendly and locally produced wherever possible to support local businesses and reduce food miles.  Supports farmers converting to organic production within 50 miles of the three shops.  Gluten-free and special diet range for people with allergies.  Products chosen with a minimal environmental impact on the earth, from sustainably managed resources, to be energy efficient, recyclable and durable.  Many non-food items such as  recycled paper products, washing and cleaning products, bodycare and cosmetics (not animal-tested), crafts and ceramics.  Members pay £12.50 a year, buy at least 5 shares for £5, and receive newsletter 3 times a year, food magazine supplement and other benefits such as deals with other ethical organisations.  In store 'Worldly Wise' public access database explains product selection in terms of origin, ingredients, method of production, impact on human and environmental resources.  Works in association with the New Consumer Charitable Trust, which undertakes research on food and ethical shopping, and plans to develop Worldly Wise for use in schools and colleges, for students to explore issues around sustainable consumerism.  (Updated Aug 2005)

Real Food Direct Ltd
Tel 01273 621222  Fax 01273 626226
Email info@realfood-direct.com  Website www.magpiehomedelivery.co.uk   
Unit 4, Level 3 New England House, New England Street, BRIGHTON, East Sussex BN1 4GH

Begun three years ago as Magpie Home Delivery, became a separate company May 2000, adding carefully sourced organic food and local products.  Committed to providing friendly, convenient and reliable way of shopping.  Order by 5pm Tuesday for delivery same week.  Thu or Fri 4-6 or 6-9pm, Sat 9-11am or 11-1pm. Minimum order £15.  £2 delivery charge for orders under £50.  Returnable deposit of £1 for delivery box and 50p for refillable bottles. Can order online.  Magpie also runs home 'Green Box' kerbside recycling collection, office and school paper collection, and furniture recycling.  See Charity section.  (Updated Oct 2002)

Real Seed Catalogue 

Redbournbury Mill
Tel / Fax  01582 792874
Email redbrymill@aol.com  Website www.redbournmill.co.uk
Redbournbury Lane, Redbourn Road, ST ALBANS, Herts AL3 6RS
Contact  Justin James

Restored 18th century watermill (Grade II listed building) and museum, amid 15th century buildings, in an unspoilt area beside the River Ver, producing range of award-winning organic flours using millstones.  Flours and bread available at St Albans and Hatfield farmers markets and local shops.  Local delivery possible.  Open Sundays for afternoon teas 2.30-5pm, plus 1030-5 on bank holidays and open days, listed on attractive website.  Open for group or school visits by arrangement.  Illustrated talks available either at the mill or elsewhere.  Walks and cycle route.  (Updated Nov 2003)

River Nene Organic Vegetables
Tel 0845 078 6868
Website www.rivernene.co.uk  Email boxsceme@rivernene.co.uk 
Stanley's Farm, Sutton, PETERBOROUGH, Cambs PE7 3TW

Regional organic fruit and vegetable box weekly home delivery, to homes across Midlands and Eastern counties.  80% from eastern counties growers.  Contents vary with season, but always balanced.  Also organic fruit juice, eggs, milk, and more exotic items on request.  Packed in Yaxley the day before delivery.  Varied box prices to cater for need.  All ingredients listed on website from lunchtime Friday of week before delivery.  Booklet describes 60 vegetables grown on the farm, managed organically since 2000.  Expertise shared with a group of local farmers committed to protecting wildlife and countryside.  Newsletter has info on organic production, recipes and nutritional ideas.  New recipe added to archive every week.  Farm walks and vegetable picks arranged.  (Updated May 2005)

Simply Organic Food Company Ltd

Tel 0870 760 6001 / 01604 791911  Orders 0845 1000 444  Fax 01604 718049
Email orders@simplyorganic.net  Website www.simplyorganic.net
Horsley Road, Kingsthorpe Hollow, Northampton NN2 6LJ

Full range of organic fruit, veg, food, drink and non-food produce including homebaking, clothes, books, homecare, infant and wellbeing products.  Telephone ordering service 11-8 Mon-Thu, 11-6 Fri, 10-2 Sat; or 24 hours via fax or online.  Delivery Wed-Sat, 36 hours notice.  Minimum order £45, delivery charge £5.50.  Catalogue available.  Website has info on organic farming, the environment, health and animal welfare. 
(Updated May 2004)

Tamar Organics
Tel 01822 834887  Fax 01822 834284
Website www.tamarorganics.co.uk   Email sales@tamarorganics.co.uk 
Tavistock Woodlands Estate, Gulworthy, TAVISTOCK, Devon PL19 8DE

Supplier and grower of seeds and garden products, and grower of organic herbs, wide variety of vegetables, soft fruit and plants, fruit trees, and sundries including biological and organic pest control, composting and wormeries - one is FSC certified (Forestry Stewardship council, see section 420), fertilisers and soil conditioners, tools, and charcoal from FSC certified British woods. Online catalogue.  UK orders over £18 post-free.  Garden centre open Mon-Fri 9-430, Sat 10-3, closed bank holidays.  (Updated Aug 2005)

Teddington Cheese

Tel 0208 977 6868
Email cheese@teddingtoncheese.co.uk  Website www.teddingtoncheese.co.uk 
42 Station Road, Teddington, London TW11 9AA
Contact  Neil Chapman

Cheese shop specialising in organic produce - over 130 British, Irish and European cheeses.  Worldwide delivery.  Also sells wine, port, cheese biscuits, chutneys, apple juices, ciders, plus hampers, cheeseboards, knives, fondues.  (Updated Nov 2003)

Tolhurst Organic Produce
Tel 01189 843428  Email tolhurstorganic@yahoo.co.uk
2 West Lodge, Hardwick, Whitchurch on Thames, READING, Berks RG8 7RA

Long established organic veg and fruit box / bag scheme, all from Tolhurst farm - meets Vegan Organic Network standards.  Delivers to Reading and Oxford.  (Updated Nov 2003)

Real Seed Catalogue
Tel 01239 821107
Website www.vidaverde.co.uk  or  www.realseeds.co.uk    Email  info@realseeds.co.uk 
14 Southdown Avenue, LEWES, East Sussex BN7 1EL 

Real Seed Catalogue is 'Ethical Best Buy' in Ethical Consumer Magazine.  Family-run project offering 'best vegetable varieties for the home gardener' - also grains and flowers.  All hand grown, carefully chosen, and can be saved for future years.  No hybrids or genetically modified seed.  Delivery within 2 weeks.  Welcomes feedback on success of plants, stories, recipes and suggestions for new varieties.  Paper catalogues can be printed from website or posted free: email catalogue@realseeds.co.uk , or ring and leave name, address and postcode.  (Updated Jan 2005)


Tel 0800 652 2060 / 0113 244 0002   Fax 0113 288 4566
Website www.vinceremos.co.uk  Email
74 Kirkgate, LEEDS, West Yorks LS2 7DJ

Mail order supplies of organic wines, fruit wines, fortified wines, spirits, Rocks fruit squashes, juices, cordials, beers and ciders.  Most organic wines and beers suitable for vegetarians and vegans.  All wine bottles have cork unless specified.  Online ordering, or catalogue available.  Established 1985.  Organic Wine Specialist of the Year 2005, in Which? Wine Guide.  (Updated Nov 2005)

Vintage Roots

Tel 01734 401222 Fax 01734 404814
Freepost, READING, Berks RG10 8ZU

Organic wine specialist.  Also beers, ciders, spirits, chocolate liqueurs and gifts.