120  Materials (waste) exchanges 

A  materials exchange lists one organisation’s surplus resources, and makes them available for use by another, either for sale or free collection.  This may encompass a wide range of sometimes surprising materials, perhaps difficult wastes, that may not have recognised markets, brokers or dealers.  

An Exchange actively promotes reduction of waste, energy and pollution, and offers great potential for reducing use of virgin resources.  It stops useful materials going to landfill, while increasing profitability.  

Benefits to those who use the exchanges include reduced disposal costs, lower purchase costs, and a positive image by creating benefit to society as a whole through redistributing resources and materials to where they are most beneficial.

The term Materials Exchange is often used in preference to Waste Exchange - emphasising that the substances transferred do have value.  This may be a softer approach to those whose attitude is that they are not interested in ‘wastes’.  In general, only one material passes from one company to another - there is not an ‘exchange’, although money may change hands.  But a larger chain may open up for distribution or reuse of the material. Materials Exchanges have been described as dating services for wastes - they could also be seen as adoption services.

Materials Exchanges are well established in North America and on the continent; in Britain (where they were invented) it has taken some time for the idea to catch on.  But there are now several Exchanges in productive operation. 

In North America many waste exchanges actively seek out matches between waste producers and companies needing such materials.  They use a variety of different communication techniques - magazines, phone, internet, advertising, workshops, telephone marketing, etc.  Exchanges often provide further services: they may arrange visits by producers for re-use/recycling opportunities, or be linked to other state agencies, such as waste reduction teams, or university technical assistance centres.  Ideally, they create new partnerships that promote sustainable environmental and economic practice.

Many materials that become surplus to requirements can bring positive impacts to another organisation, and in many cases can really make a difference across the community.  Here are some examples from the Cambridgeshire Materials Exchange:

Several companies had an excess supply of wooden pallets.  Via the exchange, a manufacturer was contacted, and now the pallets are either reconditioned and go back into the supply chain, or are used to create garden furniture and other wooden products.

An organisation in Peterborough had 48 visitors' chairs, and were having trouble finding a suitable home for them.  The exchange enabled them to contact some local schools, and a local junior school is now the proud owner of a set of new classroom chairs - there were even enough spare for some to be put in the staff room.

An organisation in Cambridgeshire had 20,000 small coloured plastic bags as surplus stock, so contacted the exchange for help.  They were advised to contact Restore, an organisation which take donations of re-usable and recycled materials.  The bags will now  be reused as an art, craft and educational resource for the local community.  This saved: 1,400 metres squared of polythene going to landfill - equivalent to the height of 20 Eiffel Towers on top of each other!

On an industrial estate, two businesses worked together to solve a waste and packaging issue.  One business had waste paper; another business wanted to source a packaging material.  A link via the exchange was established: one business began shredding its waste paper, the other used it as a packaging material.  A useful material was kept out of landfill and was used as a secondary material free of charge.


A guide to exchanging waste by running a Give or Take Day

One person's rubbish is someone else's treasure! 
WEN's Guide to Running a Give or Take Day (Developed with the Forest Recycling Project) is designed for community groups, local authorities or businesses - sometimes groups of businesses get together to organise a Give or Take Day.  They are fun, easy to run and a great way to divert useful items away from landfill into the hands of people who can really use them. Think of a swap shop or jumble sale with no money changing hands.  People can bring along virtually any household items (in good condition) and take away others. At one event a lucky punter snapped up an entire kitchen!  

The Guide covers relevant legislation and pitfalls to avoid.  Maeve Murphy, WEN's Waste Prevention Officer, said: "In the UK we dump a shocking 414 million tonnes of waste in landfill every year - much of this is unnecessary packaging or perfectly good items that someone could use."  

The guide can be downloaded free from www.wen.org.uk or send £1 for a hard copy to WEN, PO Box 30626, London E1 1TZ.


Alphabetical list of organisations

Bedfordshire Waste Exchange
Tel 01799 524328  Fax 01799 528565
Email sgriggs@linden-consulting.co.uk  Website www.bedfordshire-waste-exchange.co.uk 
Linden Consulting Partnership, Linden House, East Street, SAFFRON WALDEN, Essex CB10 1LR
Contact  Sam Griggs, Project Co-ordinator

A project launched in 2001, funded under the landfill tax credit scheme, which aims to reduce the amount of waste going to landfill.  The Exchange aims to help businesses in Bedfordshire and Luton reduce expenditure on waste disposal by identifying other businesses who have a use for their waste materials, and to help them identify cheaper sources of raw materials.  Businesses interested in exchanging their waste with another business, or obtaining another business' waste to use as raw materials, complete a form, which is available on the website and in hard copy.  Matches are identified by the co-ordinator or businesses visiting the website.  Businesses receive a report with details of who is interested in their waste.  It is the responsibility of the businesses to arrange the exchange of waste.  The project is managed by Linden Consulting Partnership (which runs Waste Matchers, based in Staffordshire and The West Midlands), together with Bedfordshire and Luton Sustainable Business Partnership and Bedfordshire Green Business Network. (Updated Sep 2003)


Tel 01923
664200 / 664000  Fax 01923 664786
www.bre.co.uk  www.breweb.org.uk  
construction@bre.co.uk  enquiries@bre.co.uk 
BRE Centre for Waste and Recycling, Garston, WATFORD, Herts WD2 7JR
BRE, Garston, WATFORD, Herts WD25 9XX
Contact  Gilli Hobbs

BRE's Centre for Waste and Recycling is UK’s leading construction and fire research centre.  Initiated a materials information exchange for the construction industry: if you have a waste material looking for a market contact Rod Collins on collinsr@bre.co.uk or visit SalvoMIE Materials Information Exchange website www.salvomie.co.uk/index.html (listed below) - if you have a waste material looking for a market contact Rod Collins on collinsr@bre.co.uk The  scheme allows the construction industry to buy and sell used, secondhand and unused materials over the internet.  Information and links on Sustainable Construction.  The Centre provides advice on all aspects of the management of construction and demolition waste.  It is carrying out research into many waste issues, including use of recycled aggregate, best practice demolition and reducing construction waste.  Publishes report: Deconstruction and re-use of construction materials.

BRE construction includes concept and design, construction, timber, concrete, heritage buildings, in-service, end of life, and recycling.  Projects include: promoting recycled and secondary aggregates as performing sometimes better than primary aggregates in construction; Partners in Innovation Project investigating potential for greater use of the many and varied small volume waste materials; demonstrating use of non-ferrous industry wastes as aggregate in construction -  encouraging use in areas local to manufacturing sites producing them, to reduce need for landfill space and help local manufacturing - including a demonstration asphalt road containing ISF slag as aggregate at Britannia Zinc site, Avonmouth near Bristol; web-based information system to identify best ways to deal with waste materials, taking account of options available at a user's location; and WRAP funded BRE certification and approval scheme - wants recycled construction products to be submitted.  See also BREMAP (below), BREWEB and SmartWaste (all listed in 20 Construction and demolition wastes).  Typing specific waste areas or materials into BRE's online search will show projects under different headings (including latest ones under 'News').  (Updated August 2004)

Tel 01923 664427  Fax 01923 664786
Email  bremap@bre.co.uk   Website  www.bremap.co.uk  www.bremap.co.uk/bremap/search.jsp
Contact  Rachel Harrex; Michelle Sjogren Leong leongm@bre.co.uk (01923 664516)

Geographical information system, which together with SalvoMIE materials information exchange (see below) gives best practical options for UK sites and companies having to deal with waste.  Part of SmartWaste (www.smartwaste.co.uk - see 20 Construction and demolition wastes).  Provides locations of businesses involved in collection, storage, haulage, reuse, reclamation, recycling and disposal of construction and demolition wastes.  Encapsulates many existing databases and much industry literature detailing landfill sites, transfer stations, incinerators, recycling sites, reclamation companies, composting facilities and manufacturer take-back schemes.  Entering postcodes brings up an area map of waste services, available materials and products (updated daily).  Basic and advanced searches can be made.  Currently, around 9,000 companies able to perform some type of service to the industry are registered.  Companies can edit or add details using the online registration form or send an email.  Developed by BRE, funded by Biffaward landfill tax credits and Institution of Civil Engineers R&D Enabling Fund.  See also BRE (above) and BREWEB (20 Construction and demolition wastes).  (Updated August 2004)

Cambridgeshire Materials Exchange
Tel 01733 760 889   Fax 01733 760 884
Email  fiona.maddocks@peterborough.gov.uk  
Website  www.materials-exchange.org.uk, www.materials-exchange.co.uk 
Peterborough Environment City Trust, High Street, FLETTON, Peterborough PE2 8DT
Contact  Fiona Maddocks, Co-ordinator 

The Materials Exchange is based on the principle that 'one persons waste is another person's raw material.'  It provides a free online matchmaking service for businesses and organisations to find users for their unwanted materials, or post requests for materials.  The project's aim is to keep useful resources out of landfill.  It enables materials to be passed on or sourced for little or no cost.  Reuse is encouraged, but if this is not possible, recycling opportunities will be investigated.  The Exchange is FREE to use but people are asked to register on the website to become members.  Available to all businesses, big or small, schools, charities and community groups.  It was set up in November 2002 to support members of the Peterborough Environment City Trust (PECT) Business and Environment Management Scheme (www.pect.net) in minimising environmental impacts.  The project was extended in April 2003 to the whole of Cambridgeshire.  Those who may benefit include businesses, community groups, schools, and social and environmental groups.  Funding originally came from Shanks First and Peterborough City Council; extension across the county was funded by Cambridgeshire County Council.  Also see Recap Swap and Sell below for domestic items.  (Updated May 2004)

Clearing House, The

Tel 01572 737708  Fax 01572 737708
PO Box 4, Oundle, PETERBOROUGH, Cambs PE8 5TG

The Clearing House helps charities to share information, especially about product donations.  Redundant goods are frequently offered to charities. A homeless charity, for example, may be offered 200 beds, but be unable to use them all at that time, and cannot afford expensive storage.  Some donations of surplus products, eg food, have a short shelf-life, presenting distribution problems.  Many companies grow weary of constant telephone calls and associated hassles, and may withdraw from the donation process altogether.  The Clearing House, supported by numerous charities upon which it relies, co-ordinates company giving and supervises the logistics of lorries collecting donations, monitoring delivery.  During its pilot year the Clearing House redistributed an estimated 300 tonnes of hygiene, food, material and medical products worth about £1.6 million.

Website www.communicycle.com  Email communicycle@communicycle.com 

New website to aid environmentally responsible re-use of items, launched May 2005.  Aims to connect people who want to pass on unwanted items with those who might find them useful, support communities, reduce waste of useable items going to landfill, encourage creative use of items. Bulletin boards.  Like Ebay, but everything is FREE.  Wanted ads welcome if something is offered in exchange.  Donations / sponsorship to Communicycle welcome.  Linked with Ethical Escape, for those who wish to travel lightly and encourage others to do so.  (Updated Aug 2005)

Crawley Wastexchange
Tel / Fax 01293 413084  Mobile (24 hours) 07836 795835 
Website  http://groups.msn.com/CRAWLEYWASTEEXCHANGE/homepage
Care of TPM Services Ltd,
39 Downland Drive, Southgate West, CRAWLEY, West Sussex RH11 8QZ 
Contact  Simon Hibberd, Managing Director TPM

A non-profit making scheme allowing barter/exchange/sale/donation of anyone's unwanted items.  Aims to 'show the real worth of things some call scrap!'  Domestic and industrial, including hoovers, dump trucks, cars, horse boxes, wood mulch, ladders, and even bicycle sheds and a vehicle wash. 
Received Crawley Green Business Award certificate of merit 2003.  Run by TPM Services Ltd, Tel / Fax as above, registered waste carrier and recycler, commercial and domestic, in Crawley and surrounding areas (see below and also sections 40 Metallics, plastic and rubber, 50 Packaging materials, 180 Waste management contractors, 23 Timber reclamation, and 52 Pallets and cases).  TPM is on Crawley Environmental Forum set up by Crawley Borough Council to encourage residential and industrial communities to live and work in more environmentally sustainable ways.  Links on TPM's website www.thepalletmanservices.com to these and many other initiatives.  Hopes to offer a woodwaste shredding facility local to Crawley/Gatwick.   TPM won Crawley Green Business Award 2002 for waste disposal service with emphasis on recycling.  (Updated Jan 2004)

Everything Education Limited
Tel 01865 734466  Fax 01865 883371
Email enquiries@everythingeducation.org  Website home www.everythingeducation.org 
Forward House, Oakfield Industrial Estate, EYNSHAM, Oxon OX29 4TT 

Resource for UK professionals, connecting education and businesses.  Features many free services for schools, including vacancy advertising, business surplus and SchoolQuote quotation request service.  (See 230 for other Education and training listings.)  Most valuable in terms of minimising waste, preserving resources and saving costs are its two following free services:

Everything Education's Swap Shop 
Allows schools to trade unwanted or surplus items with one another.  One section lists Items Offered and one lists Items Needed.  Includes anything from paper to computers and bicycle racks.  'So if you've got too many footballs but not enough goalposts, this is the place to post an offer or request.' 

Everything Education's Surplus for Schools
Allows schools to snap up items kindly offered by local firms.  Categories include Information and computer technology (PCs, networking, monitors, printers, software etc..);  Furniture (including lockers, filing cabinets...);  Electrical (faxes, telephones, photocopiers...);  Office supplies & stationery; Media (books, manuals, videos, CDs, DVDs...);  and Miscellaneous ('everything else!'  For example: racking, offcuts, interviewing skills workshops, abrasive paper and cloth, varnishes and coloured lacquers).  
(Updated August 2004)

The Freebay

Set up to create a portal for people to offer items FREE that they no longer use or need to others who visit the site.  This helps items that would otherwise gather dust or end up in landfill to be reused or recycled and put to use by others.  You can upload an image of the item you wish to pass on if you have one.  People contact you to negotiate a time and possibly a place where they could collect the item(s).  You can also request an item.  Instructions and rules on website.  (Updated Oct 2005)


Worldwide grassroots movement of over 2,300 (since only 2003) local groups of people giving and receiving things free in their own towns.  Provides individuals and non-profits an electronic forum to "recycle" unwanted items.  Free Membership.  Over 40 UK groups.  Website visitors sign up by finding their nearest community exchange group (click on the region on the right):  an automatic e-mail is generated which, when sent, signs you up for your local group and sends you a response with instructions on how it works.  Or go directly to your local group website by clicking on your community's link on the left.  When you want to find a new home for something - whether a chair, fax machine, piano, or old door - simply send an e-mail offering it to members of your group.  If you're looking to acquire something, respond to a member's offer.  After that, it's up to the giver to decide who receives the gift and set up a pickup time.  Non-profit organizations also benefit;  post the item or items you want to give away and local organizations can help you get it to someone in need.  If you can't find a group near you and may consider starting one, click on "Start a Group".  Open to all communities and individuals.  Groups are run by local volunteer moderators who facilitate – ‘grassroots’.  Website sections:  FAQ;  start a group;  instructional video (fun!);  sponsors;  and ‘Newswire’ with hundreds of articles and archives under many sub-headings on everything from national and local news (eg Miami Herald) to recycling tips and links  - like Herman the (composting) Worm!   Freecycle now has 2,343 communities and 926,155 members (Feb 2005).  Started May 2003 to promote waste reduction in downtown Tucson, Arizona, USA, and to save desert landscape from being taken over by landfills.  Only one main rule:  everything posted must be free, legal, and appropriate for all ages.   (Updated Feb 2005)

Give or Take
Forest Recycling Project  Tel 0208 539 3856
Website www.frponline.org.uk  Email info@frponline.org.uk 
2c Bakers Avenue, Walthamstow, LONDON E17 9AW

Like Ebay but FREE !   Give away unwanted items, take things you need, and place an ad for something you're looking for, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  Give or Take Days are events which have been run in North-East London since 1999 by Forest Recycling Project (section 130), a not-for-profit community business working in London Borough of Waltham Forest, who collect unwanted items, take them to a central location, and then give them away!  Large stock of donated files, folders, envelopes, paper and other office items free to those who need them.  But as they can only run between 6 and 8 of these a year, they recently set up the website.  Categories include: auto parts, bathroom, bedroom, books / mags, carpets / rugs, clothing, computers, electrical items, garden, kitchen, living/dining room, musical instruments, office equipment, sports equipment, tools, toys and 'other' !  How to use the scheme is on FAQ page.  Website also lists future Give or Take days.  (Updated Aug 2005)

Materials Information Exchange  see SalvoMIE

Montana Material Exchange
Website www.montana.edu/mme  Email cmorrison@montana.edu
Contact  Cali Morrison

Website encouraging users to "Find it, give it away, buy it, sell it, or trade it", to provide reuse opportunities, prevent waste and reduce environmental impacts.  Gives example of old desks, pallets, leftover construction materials, or surplus cleaning chemicals.  Maintained by Montana State University Extension Service, Pollution Prevention Program in partnership with Montana Chamber of Commerce.  A free service connecting businesses, government agencies and other organisations.  Overseas activities are rarely included on THEWASTEBOOK, except in the case of an example of good practice not common in the UK.  But use of MME is free, it encourages listings from other states and other countries, its goal is to reduce waste, and there is much useful info, including environmental benefits of exchanges, a good 'how to use', and links to other materials exchanges.  Tel 406-994-6813; Fax 406-994-5417; Address: MSU Extension Service, Housing & Environmental Health Program, 111 Taylor Hall, PO Box 173580, Bozeman, MT 59717-3580.  (Updated Nov 2005)

National Industrial Symbiosis Programme (NISP)
Tel 0121 766 4560  Fax 0121 772 1802
Website www.nisp.org.uk  Email enquiries@nisp.org.uk 
Unit F4, The Arch, 48-52 Floodgate Street, BIRMINGHAM B5 5SL

A business-led initiative helping to connect businesses from different sectors to improve resource efficiency and cut waste, saving costs.  Between Apr and Sep 2005, in one region, has helped deliver: £27m cost savings to industry; 25 new businesses; diverted 78,000 tonnes from landfill, 200,000 tonnes CO2 reduction; £2m capital investment in reprocessing/recycling; saved 173 jobs.  Resources can be raw materials, by-products, people, skills, logistics, transport, waste, energy, and water.  Symbiosis: "the coming together of dissimilar organisms in a mutually beneficial relationship" - building networks is how nature works.   Aims over 3 years to ensure: at least 100,000 tonnes of waste is diverted from landfill in each region each year;  CO2 emissions are reduced by 600,000 tonnes a year; £40m of private investment is brought into waste projects; industry saves £10m a year through improved waste and resource management; 300 jobs are created and 300 secured.   Seeks councils to act as trailblazers to work in partnerships with business to reduce, reuse, remanufacture and recycle waste and develop Materials Resource Strategies for environmentally and economically beneficial resource management - this includes procurement of recycled and sustainably produced products, and linking up waste producers with planners and procurers.  Help and training offered in identifying and taking forward opportunities.  Case studies on website.  Funded through DEFRA's BREW (Business Resource Efficiency and Waste) programme, and working across various government agencies and departments.  Operates in 9 UK regions including Wales.  London launch was 27 Sep 2005 - contact Pallab Chatterjee, NISP London Region Co-ordinator, c/o WSP Environmental, Buchanan House, 24-30 Holborn, London EC1N 2HS, Tel 020 7314 5145, Email london@nisp.org.uk   Separate programme for Scotland (SISP).  (Updated Oct 2005)

The National Community Wood Recycling Project (NCWRP)
Tel 01273 465666  Fax 01273 465616
Email info@communitywoodrecycling.org.uk  
Website www.communitywoodrecycling.org.uk  
Premier House, Shoreham Airport, West Sussex BN43 5FF
Contact  Melaine Hickford, Communications Manager;  Richard Mehmed, Project Director 

Not-for-profit environmental group set up in February 2003 (at Brighton & Hove Wood Recycling Project) to provide encouragement, help and practical advice to individuals or groups interested in setting up and developing community - focused wood recycling.  Helps and monitors a network (materials and expertise can be swapped between these) of wood recycling projects across UK dealing in waste timber from construction and other users.  Wood is collected mainly from building site demolition, joinery, packaging and domestic waste, sorted into grades, then sold to the public via 'wood shops' or converted into wood products, firewood, woodchips for fuel, mulches or animal bedding.  Aims to see 20 more UK wood recycling projects (typically not-for-profit social enterprises) set up by 2007, saving thousands of tonnes of wood from landfill, creating sustainable jobs, training and volunteering opportunities, and aiding local waste minimisation strategies.  To encourage use of recycled timber, has developed the "Recycled Wood Marque", making it easier to identify recycled wood products.  They hope it will be adopted nationally and internationally.  People choosing products with the marque will encourage use of recycled materials.  More info on website.  (Updated Nov 2005)

Waste Network Resource Directory

Tel 01604 237274  Email aanderson@northamptonshire.gov.uk
Website www.northamptonshirewastenetwork.org  
Northamptonshire County Council, PO Box 163, County Hall, Northampton NN1 1AX
Contact  Alison Anderson, NWN Project Manager

Online service for companies to advertise excess materials, by-products or reusable waste streams for exchange or sale.  The aim is for companies to reduce their waste management expenses and avoid wasting or discarding useful resources.  Materials wanted or available in the resource directory listed under the following categories: Computer/electrical, construction, furniture, glass, metals, packaging, paper and card, textiles, wood, other.  To create an advert or view details of companies advertising you must join the exchange by registering.  It is free to join and registration is a quick simple process.  Member companies are given an ID number, allowing them to sign in and access the site to create adverts.  The Northamptonshire Waste Network partners are: Northamptonshire County Council, University College Northampton, Business Link Northampton, Shanks First Fund.  New partners are welcome to join: this requires an organisation to commit resources and play an active role in developing the network.  (Updated Nov 2003)

Plant Parts Ltd

Tel 01473 827145  Fax 01473 824438
Website www.plant-parts.com 
Crockatt Road, Hadleigh, IPSWICH, Suffolk IP7 6RD

Used, after-market, surplus and used  parts location and marketing service for construction plant and machinery.  Specialises in Komatsu and Nissan.  Database of 2000 companies worldwide that will help get new, remanufactured or used parts.  (Updated Nov 2003)

Recap Swap and Sell
Website http://swapandsell.recap.co.uk/

Swap & Sell is a FREE online domestic exchange service operating over Cambridgeshire and Peterborough, where you can find details about unwanted or surplus items, and view requests for wanted goods.  No telephone, but linked to Cambridgeshire Materials exchange (see above).  Its main aim is to help you to get rid of your unwanted items or help you to find goods that others no longer need, at minimal cost - some items free.  Categories include books and magazines, clothing and textiles, computing, electrical, furniture, garden, home, music, TV and video, sport and leisure, baby, toys, photography, and wanted.  (Updated Nov 2003)

Recycling World
Website http://tecweb.com.recycle/yearbk.htm  Email recycle@tecweb.com
Tel 01527 404550  Fax 01527 404644
Hilltop, off Church Road, Webheath, REDDITCH, Worcs B97 5PQ

Magazine published by The Scrap Market Ltd.  Runs waste information exchange in the magazine and on website.  Also publishes Recycling World Annual Handbook, with 5 colour coded sections, giving comprehensive classified UK scrap trade listings on Associations; Legislation; Specifications/Testing; Equipment Buyers; Merchants Directory. Includes metal, glass and textile merchants; vehicle dismantlers; plastics processors; oil/chemical recovery; asbestos removal; local authority recycling officers.  272pp, price £40 inc p & p.

Resource Xchange
Website www.resourceXchange.org.uk
Email wwbn@wastewatch.org.uk 

Web exchange launched in summer 2003, operated by Waste Watch Business Network, a not-for-profit membership organisation set up to help businesses and organisations find simple and practical ways to reduce waste.  Items such as equipment and furniture welcome, but materials do not have to be 'business items'.  Materials can be sourced free; a new home can be found for redundant items; and time and cost can be saved on purchase and/or disposal.  Search available by resource, by London borough, or both.  Members get: helpline; up to 23 hours of free consultation, newsletter with case studies, useful tips and advice on legisaltion; seminars; recycling and purchasing discounts; and opportunity for their company to be promoted as an example of good practice.  Funded by several London boroughs, corporate sponsors and public funds. For details about Waste Watch, see www.wastewatch.org.uk  or WasteBook section 200, Information & Support Services.  (Updated Sep 2003)

SalvoMIE (Materials Information Exchange)
Website www.SalvoMIE.co.uk 

Free materials information exchange, which together with BREMAP geographical information system for waste related UK businesses (see above) gives best practical options for any UK site or company having to deal with waste materials.  Provides an advertising and trading ground for available materials - from large quantities of scrap demolition timber and recycled aggregates, to smaller quantities of new bricks and plasterboard off-cuts left over from building projects, or shrubs and topsoil from landscaping.  Specialises in construction and landscaping.  Browse by county for materials.  You can post low value waste materials, offered or wanted, by construction industry and landscape professionals for re-use or recycling.  (Members of the public can use www.salvo.co.uk .)  Originally funded by Department of Environment Transport and Regions, now managed by Salvo.  Started by BRE 1999 funded by DETR, and relaunched in October 2003 by the Salvo partnership, part funded by Biffa and ICE.  See also BRE (above), BREWEB and SmartWaste (all listed in 20 Construction and demolition wastes).   (Updated August 2004)

Surplus for Schools
- see Everything Education above

Swap and Sell
Website http://swapandsell.recap.co.uk

Simple, slick exchange site for literally anything, from a greenhouse to a £3000 mobile disco (was £6000) or a £100 PC.  For domestic or business.  Search by town or postcode.  Loadable images, feedback questionnaire, and short on-line registration form for sellers/donators.  Linked to RECAP, see 160 Local government services.  
(Updated Nov 2004)

Swap Shop
- see Everything Education above

TPM Services  
Tel / Fax 01293 413084  Mobile (24 hours) 07836 795835 
enquiries@thepalletmanservices.com  Website www.thepalletmanservices.com
39 Downland Drive, Southgate West, CRAWLEY, West Sussex RH11 8QZ 
Contact  Simon Hibberd, Managing Director 

Runs Crawley Waste Exchange (domestic and industrial, listed above), a non-profit making free-to-use scheme encouraging re-use of materials by allowing barter/exchange/sale/donation of anyone's unwanted items, no matter how small, including vacuum cleaners, dump trucks, cars, horse boxes, wood mulch, ladders and even bicycle sheds, http://groups.msn.com/CRAWLEYWASTEEXCHANGE/homepagemailto:wastexchange@aol.com  (Tel / Fax as above).  Aims to 'show the real worth of things some call scrap!'  TPM always has broken pallets and pallet wood that can be used for fencing, woodworking projects and kindling.  Most pallets are made from softwoods, but some are made from hardwoods, even mahogany!   Also - see WasteBook section 40 - a registered waste carrier and recycler, commercial and domestic, in Crawley and surrounding areas, claiming to have 'in 4 months saved over 45 tonnes of wood packaging from landfill, equal to 3000 office desks'.   TPM is on Crawley Borough Council's Environmental Forum, which encourages residents and industry to live and work in more environmentally sustainable ways.  Links on website to this and many other initiatives.
  Won Crawley Green Business Award 2002 for waste disposal service with emphasis on recycling.  (Updated Sep 2005)

Tel 1580  925211  Fax 353 (0) 1633 5562  
Email info@wastechange.com Website www.wastechange.com

Free commercial waste exchange.  Enables European trade and industry to locate cost-effective re-use, recycling, waste management and waste exchange solutions for all categories of commercial waste and by-products previously destined for landfill or incineration.  Listed for 90 days.  Company details kept confidential.  Asks for case studies on use of waste for publication in European trade journals.  (Updated Sep 2003)

Waste Exchange Bureau
Freephone 01800 26227  Fax 01846 674116 
Industrial Science Centre, 17 Antrim Road, LISBURN, Northern Ireland BT28 3AL

Non-profit making agency covering Northern Ireland and, where appropriate for special materials, other parts of the UK.  Regular bulletin includes all types of wastes.  No charge at present for use of services.

Waste Exchange Services Ltd
Tel 01642 606055  Fax 01642 603726
Unit 8, Douglas Close, Preston Farm Industrial Estate, STOCKTON-ON-TEES, Cleveland TS18 3SB

National agency for commercial wastes.  Free registration and publication in catalogue of available wastes with fee payable only if user is introduced.  A 'wastes wanted' list is also published.  Used bags of silica gel purchased for reactivating.

Website www.wastetraders.com 
Email info@wastetraders.com

Online 'global' waste exchange, a trading service connecting waste producers with other waste consumers - promoting the use of one business's waste for another's raw material.  Wide variety of waste, from masonry to sand, polystyrene to packaging, timber to steel.  Employs expertise in environmental and waste management to help organisations reduce environmental and cost impacts of their processes and improve profitability.  To advertise waste available or wanted, you register as a member and are given a number to access the 'members only' section of the site.  Wastetraders is wholly owned by E-volvenet Ltd, a company that exists to promote new technologies and sustainable development - website www.e-volve.org.uk
(Updated Nov 2003)

Waste Web
Website www.wasteweb.com

Web site set up for the waste industry as a centre for information and exchange of views.  Developed in association with SWAP Recycling.  Links include Global Recycling Network, a US materials exchange site.