61  Mineral oils, chemicals, solvents

Many of the companies in this section may offer a comprehensive service for the collection of a whole range of automotive wastes from vehicle workshops such as brake fluid, antifreeze, oil filters, tyres, batteries, etc.

Used lubricating oils
Five litres of oil is enough to form a film over a small lake, dramatically reducing the level of oxygen in the water and making it difficult for fish to breathe. It will also coat plants and animals that come into contact with it.  Oil contamination can make rivers unfit as sources of water supply.

Annual UK consumption of lubricating oils is about 800,000 tonnes, of which 50 per cent is lost during use through minor leaks, engines burning oil, and use as a fuel/oil mixture in two-stroke engines.  85 per cent of the residual waste is recovered, but significantly this does not include most of the domestic arisings from DIY oil changes.  Industrial oils (hydraulic fluids, cutting oils, coolants etc), unlike lubricating oils, do not usually become heavily contaminated and batches of known source and composition may be laundered relatively easily for re-use, with typical cost savings of about 40 per cent.  This may be carried out either by local contractors or in-house use of filtration and separation equipment.

For detailed advice on pollution prevention measures, contact your local office of the Environment Agency and ask to be sent the relevant Pollution Prevention Guidance Notes.

If a spill occurs  ring the Environment Agency hotline on 0800 80 70 60.  When employing a company for a clean-up, the Environment Agency and UKSpill operate an accreditation scheme for spill response contractors - so it is wise to enquire about accreditation.

Preventing pollution from oil

Large car parks
should drain via an oil interceptor, as they are often connected to the rain water drainage system which leads to a local watercourse.

Oil storage tanks should be sited on an impervious base and surrounded by an oil-tight bund wall.  The bunded area should be large enough to contain 110 per cent of the volume of the tank and all the pipes and gauges should be enclosed within it.  The vent pipe should be directed downwards into the bund.  There should be no drainage outlet in the wall.  Householders with oil-fired heating should regularly check their tank and pipes for leaks.

Petrol filling stations forecourts should drain via an oil separator.  Any contaminated wash water used to clean up oil spillages on the forecourt must be discharged to the foul sewer or collected for disposal off site.

Deliveries of oil should be supervised, to ensure storage tanks are not overfilled and that the oil is delivered into the right tank.  Fuel delivery areas should be surrounded by a raised kerb with drainage passing through a suitable oil separator.  All valves and gauges should be locked securely after a delivery.

Pipework underground can corrode and this poses a risk to underground water supplies.  Where possible, above ground pipelines should be used.  It is best to clearly mark all pipework to show the type of oil and where a pipe leads.

Disposal options for used oils
Public disposal facilities (mainly at civic amenity sites) can be located through the Environment Agency’s Oil Bank Line (0800 663366), or on www.oilbankline.org.uk.  Most recovered oil is now processed into low sulphur content fuel oil - a profitable activity with a range of companies providing collection services.  Many of them also take away the full range of ‘nasties’ produced by the automobile maintenance industry.  An alternative option - burning as a heating fuel for garages and workshops, continues on a small scale, controlled by local authority environmental health departments or by the Environment Agency (depending on the size of the appliance.)

This is a complex area; solvents can be used in a huge variety of ways.  Uses include industrial cleaning, de-watering, de-greasing, distillation, and as components of formulated products such as paints, adhesives and inks.  Many solvents are flammable and most are toxic, both in liquid form and as inhaled vapours (in sufficient concentration); most are also harmful to human skin.  As well as their potential for polluting groundwater and watercourses, many are highly volatile and their atmospheric release contributes to the greenhouse effect, and under suitable conditions, to the formation of photochemical smog.

Increasingly, responsible companies are substituting water-based products for solvents.  The Environmental Technology Best Practice Programme can advise on this, and also runs workshops on the topic.  Segregation of waste solvents is particularly important for maximising value and recovery potential, and for avoiding hazardous mixtures and potential pollution problems.  Vapours of the chlorinated group should be contained in appropriate handling systems if they cannot be avoided by product substitution.

The Oil Care Campaign - see below - was established by the Environment Agency, Household Hazardous Waste Forum, the petroleum industry, local authorities and retailers, to reduce oil pollution incidents through improved understanding of the causes and means of prevention.  Includes Freephone helpline 0800 663366.


Dispensing a flammable liquid from a metal barrel into a metal container using a metal funnel can cause static electricity build-up.  Check with your solvent collector and ensure that your drums of waste solvent are earthed or other steps are taken to prevent sparks.

If your staff wear respirators when working in spray booths, consider storing the respirators in plastic bags when not in use.  This will prevent the cartridges from absorbing the vapours present in the workshop and shortening their life spans.  Also reduce vapours in the work area and solvent loss by keeping all solvent containers closed when possible

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Alphabetical list of organisations

1st Industrial & Commercial Services Ltd
Tel 01634 711558  Fax 01634 712295
32 Engelfield Crescent, Cliffe Woods, ROCHESTER, Kent ME3 8HB

Oil tank cleaning and removal.


Tel 01299 270179  Fax 01299 271015
Website www.abzorboil.com  Email sales@abzorboil.com 
Robtec House, High Street, Cleobury Mortimer, Kidderminster, Worcestershire DY14 8DP
Contact Ralph Walker

BOSCA (now UKSpill) approved clean up service contractor.  Supplier of comprehensive range of products and services for dealing with oil spills on inland water-courses.  (Updated Jan 2006)

Alder and Allan Ltd

Tel 0208 504 8565
22/42 Livingstone Road, Stratford, LONDON E15 2LJ

Clean up service contractor.

Associated Fuels Ltd

Tel 01562 747700  Fax 01562 864202
Burgage Lodge, 184 Franche Road, KIDDERMINSTER, Worcs DY11 5AD

Tanker collection of waste oil and automotive workshop wastes.  Oil is processed for use as a fuel.  ORA member.


Tel 01473 830583
Progress Works, Old Ipswich Road, Claydon, IPSWICH IP6 0AG

BOSCA (now UKSpill) approved clean up service contractor.

BKP Environmental Services Ltd

Freephone 0800 376 5004 / Tel 01794 368889  Fax 01794 367799  Website www.bkpgroup.com  
Casbrook Park, Bunny Lane, Timsbury, ROMSEY, Hants SO51 0PG
Contact  John Kelly

Complete waste management service, including oils, chemical and hazardous waste, green waste, batteries, tyres, textiles, paper, plastics.  Analysis of wastes, packaging, laboratory clearance, waste treatment.  Road tankers available for all types of liquid.  Emergency clear ups.  Environmental consultancy, including waste minimisation.  Member of BOSCA (now UKSpill).  (Updated June 2004)

Brent Oil Contractors Ltd

Tel 0208 900 1541
Fourth Way, WEMBLEY, Middx HA9 0LH

Waste oil collection and tank cleaning.  ORA member.

British Oil Spill Control Association (BOSCA) 
see UKSpill

Caird Environmental Ltd
Tel 01708 869664  Fax 01708 867116
Special Waste Divisional Depot, Thameside House, Schoolfield Road, West Thurrock, GRAYS, Essex RM16 1HR

ESA member with special waste, landfill and industrial services divisions operating primarily in northern regions and Scotland, but with local depot specialising in hazardous waste disposal via tankers and drums.

Cardev International Ltd

Tel 01423 522911
Unit F, Ripon Way, HARROGATE, West Yorks HG1 2AU

Manufactures portable filtration equipment for removing contaminants and enabling reuse of hydraulic and fuel oils, cutting fluids and coolants.  Offer a mobile fluid cleaning service.

Castle Oils Ltd

Tel 01782 577422
Chemical Lane, STOKE ON TRENT, Staffs ST6 4PB

Waste oil and filter collection, for processing into heating fuels.  Toxic and non- toxic liquid waste disposal.

Cawley Waste Disposal Services

Tel 01582 492694
57 Wingate Road, LUTON, Beds LU4 8PP

General waste contractor.  Specialist disposal service for toxics, chemicals, solvents, oils and medicines.  24 hour emergency callout.  Depots also at Stevenage, Milton Keynes and Bedford.

Chemical Manufacturing and Refining Ltd

Tel 01797 223936 Rye / 0191 565 3827  Fax 01797 226724 / 0191 5680030
Hendon Dock, SUNDERLAND, Tyne & Wear SR1 2ES

Collection, recovery or disposal of solvents and contaminated mixtures from chemical and pharmaceutical companies throughout Europe.  Refining and treatment of liquid wastes and by-products by specialist distillation processes.  Also at Rye Harbour Road, Rye, East Sussex TN31 7TE.  CRA member.

Chemical Recoveries Ltd

Tel 01179 820303  Fax 01179 820301 
Email sales@chemrec.co.uk   Website www.chemrec.co.uk  
Contact Nick Roads, Managing Director

Specialist in recovery and recycling of hazardous liquid wastes, contaminated solvents, oils and water.  Supplies industrial cleaning solvents to paint users.  Main user is the paint and ink industry for disposal of solvent based wastes.  Also treats water contaminated with oil, diesel, petrol and other hydrocarbons.  Water effluent treatment plant allows treatment of other contaminated water-based wastes.  Waste oils include engine oil, marine slops, hydraulic oils, oil spills, interceptors and industrial oils.  Any mineral oil mixture can be converted into a fuel oil.  Recovered fuel oil supplied to the road coatings industry.  Waste paint, ink, adhesive and solvent-based organic wastes and distillation residues blended into energy rich fuel to provide the high temperatures needed to make cement in kilns.   Site at Avonmouth, Bristol open 24 hours.  Website lists wide range and amounts of materials collected in last 4 years, and destinations of outward wastes and materials.  (Updated June 2004)


Tel 01670 713411  Fax 01670 590235
Brassington Industrial Estate, CRAMLINGTON, Northumberland NE23 8AD

Disposal and reprocessing of chlorinated and fluorocarbon solvents.  Also manufacture a full range of environmentally responsible cleaning products for industry, marketed under the brand name Citrikleen, which provides an aqueous alternative to chlorinated solvents.  CRA member.

Cleanaway Ltd
Tel 0151 537 3377  Fax 0151 355 3656
Chemical Waste Office, Bridges Road, Ellesmere Port, South Wirral, CHESHIRE L65 4EQ

National collection, treatment, recycling and disposal of automotive liquid and solid wastes.  'Ecoservice' provides specialist handling of waste such as electronic equipment, fluorescent tubes, hydraulic fluids, mercury, paint, non-clinical pharmaceuticals, photographic and port wastes.

Clean Group Ltd

Tel 01730 825080  Fax 01730 825090
Fflowers Bucke, South Harting, PETERSFIELD GU31 5QB

BOSCA (now UKSpill) approved clean up contractor.

Cleansing Service Group Ltd

Tel 01489 782232  Fax 01489 789821
Website www.csgwasteman.co.uk Grange Road, Botley, SOUTHAMPTON, Hampshire SO30 2GD
Contact  Mrs B Court, Contracts Co-ordinator

Collects, cleans up, treats and disposes of liquid, chemical, contaminated waters, dry landfill or sewage wastes legally and cost effectively.  Recycles a variety of wastes, in particular bio-products.  Sites throughout UK; 200 vehicles.  Established 1934.  BOSCA (now UKSpill) approved contractor.  Affiliate company CSG Lanstar is a specialist recycling company for acids, solvents and other chemicals.  Treatment includes: neutralisation, oxidation, reduction and flocculation.  (Updated June 2004) 

Community Re>Paint 

Tel 0113 243 8777 Fax 0113 234 4222
Email mail@swap-web.co.uk  mark@swap-web.co.uk  Website www.communityrepaint.org.uk  
SWAP, 74 Kirkgate, LEEDS, West Yorks LS2 7DJ
Contact  Mark Gregory, Community Re>Paint Co-ordinator, 0113 200 3951

Of 410 million litres of paint sold each year in the UK ( trade and domestic), 80 million litres (enough to fill 50 Olympic-sized swimming pools) are stored, hoarded in garages or wasted.  Paint can also come from traders, painters and decorators and retail.  When thrown "away", it has until recently been disposed of in landfill.  Community Re>Paint provides a practical solution to this waste stream that is environmentally and socially beneficial.  It is a national network of schemes which diverts one of the most common types of Hazardous Household Waste - unwanted paint - from the waste stream, sorts and redistributes it free for re-use by community groups, charities, and people on low incomes.  About 70 local paint schemes operate around the UK - case studies on website.   Householders can donate surplus paint at drop- off points (usually a walk-in skip) such as a DIY store, civic amenity site, facilities at council or parish offices, kerbside collection, or direct delivery to the scheme's base.  Community Re>Paint schemes are usually run by voluntary groups but with active support from local authorities, DIY retailers and waste management companies.  SWAP offers a 3000 capital grant, promotional material and advice and support on set up and operation.  Main needs are collection site, portakabin or shipping container, and staff, time and finances to keep the scheme going.  The initiative has provided technical advice, training, promotional assistance and some capital grant funding to start local collection schemes.  Website has details of local schemes.  Examples (WasteBook section 82) are ECT and Newbury Community Furniture Project.  Community Re>Paint won Best Minimisation Project at Biffaward Awards 2000.  Unacceptable materials: Paint thinners, brush cleaners, stripper, varnishes and wood stains, preservatives and treatments, car and industrial paint, aerosol and spray paint, paint not in its original container.  Usable paint: emulsion, gloss, eggshell, satin, silk, undercoat, primer, floor, masonry and exterior paint, plus end-of-line paint from retailers.  The national network was begun in 1992, and is co-ordinated by, Save Waste And Prosper, an organisation specialising in sustainable resource management, waste minimisation and recycling.   (Updated Aug 2005)

CPW Services

Tel 01483 235240
1 Hill Brow Close, Wood Street Village, GUILDFORD GU3 3DE

BOSCA (now UKSpill) approved clean up contractor.

Croda Solvents Ltd

Tel 01977 677161 Fax 01977 671115
Weeland Road, KNOTTINGLEY, West Yorks WF11 8DZ

Recovery of waste solvents from paint, ink, resin and packaging. Plant recycles streams which have previously been difficult to recover. CRA member.

Dewco Environmental Ltd

Tel 01371 875411 Fax 01371 876200
Unit 12, Oak Industrial Park, Chelmsford Road, GREAT DUNMOW, Essex CM6 1XN

BOSCA (now UKSpill) accredited clean up contractor.

Distillex Ltd

Tel 01772 454129 Fax 01772 622258
Unit 117/120 Clydesdale Place, Moss Side Industrial Estate, LEYLAND, Lancs PR5 3QS

Solvent recovery specialist. CRA member.

Dow Chemical Company Ltd

Tel 0208 848 8688 Fax 0208 848 5400
Stockley Park, UXBRIDGE, Middx UB11 1BE

Solvent recovery. CRA member.

Duston Oils Ltd

Tel 01604 753397 Fax 01604 759360
70-80 Port Road, New Duston, NORTHAMPTON NN5 6NL

Collection and recycling of chlorinated solvents, waste oil and filters. Hazardous waste disposal. ORA member.


Tel 01858 469001  Fax 01858 469002
Website www.edelchemie.com  Email  mail.uk@edelchemie.com 
Holland House, Valley Way, Welland Industrial Estate, MARKET HARBOROUGH, Leics LE16 7PS

Nationwide collection and processing of precious and non-ferrous metals and hazardous waste, particularly from photographic and printing industry wastes, including film processing solutions, film and paper; residues from on-site recovery operations; medical x-ray film; aluminium lithoplates.  Website lists waste types handled, some basic admin procedures, and directions/map.  Chemical photo waste may qualify for free collection.  Assists clients to reduce and segregate waste, maximise recycling and achieve most environmentally safe disposal.  Aims to minimise use of primary raw materials and avoid producing new waste products.   In-house treatment where appropriate, eg detoxification of cyanide-bearing plating chemicals, and partnerships with third parties.  Treatment may include mineralisation by pyrolysis, vitrification and chemical flue gas cleaning to cut emissions.  Collections and quotations can be arranged online.  Also operates in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg.  (Updated Jan 2006)

Edge Enviro Services 

Tel 01843 852216  Fax 01843 852827
Email contact@edge-enviro.com  Website www.edge-enviro.com 
The Cellars, Meeting Street, RAMSGATE, Kent CT11 9RT
Contact  Gareth Evans, Office Manager

Tank on site for receiving used cooking oils from small organisations and restaurants, at a cost of 2 per drum.  This is collected by a tanker service for recycling.  Core business: remediating oil spills, mainly on private land in Kent.  Uses recycled absorbent material.  Offers training courses on spill remediation, including ports and harbours; also basic health and safety.  (Updated Feb 2004)

Environment Agency Oil Bank Line
Tel 0800 663366 / 0118 953410  Fax 0118 953 5419
Email phil.chatfield@environment-agency.gov.uk  Website www.environment-agency.gov.uk 

The Environment Agency is the UK's environmental regulator - see also other EA entries.  The Oil Bank Line, which gives information about the caller's nearest waste oil bank, and the Oil Care Campaign, contribute to preventing pollution by giving guidance to companies and individuals on safe disposal of oil for recycling.  Small amounts spilled can devastate watercourses and wildlife.  Information is available about pollution at work, at home and on boats. (Updated Feb 2001) 

Environment Agency - North East Area Independent Business Unit
Tel 01920 468021 Fax 01920 462689
Broadmeads Pumping Station, Hertford Road, WARE, Herts SG12 9LH

BOSCA (now UKSpill) approved clean up contractor.

Environment Agency - South East Area Independent Business Unit
Tel 01932 765396 Fax 01932 779640
Riverside Works, Fordbridge Road, SUNBURY-ON-THAMES, Middlesex, TW16 6AP

BOSCA (now UKSpill) approved clean up contractor.

Environmental Services Inc MacDermott's (1950)
Tel 0208 500 1600 Fax 0208 500 5858
5 The Bowls, Vicarage Lane, CHIGWELL, Essex IG7 6NB

Waste oil collection, tank cleaning and oil spillage clearance. Garage and factory waste cleared.

Frogson Waste Oils Ltd

Tel 0114 270 1551 Fax 0114 275 2708
20-25 Douglas Road, Parkwood Springs, SHEFFIELD, South Yorks S3 9SA

Purchaser of used transformer oils, synthetic transformer fluid, and other oils such as hydraulic, turbine, gear and gas oils. Oil transfer service.

Gainsford Drums
Tel 0208 520 4576 / 0208 520 3847  Fax 0208 521 0806
51 Gainsford Road, Walthamstow, LONDON E17 6QB
Contact  Gary Linard, Managing Director

Supplies, reconditions and recycles drums, tanks and industrial packaging .   (Updated June 2004)

Hazchem Waste Disposal
Tel  07000 429243  0870 7542 9243  01252 524300  Fax 01252 327214
Website  www.chemical-waste.co.uk   Email  sales@chemical-waste.co.uk 
18a Government Road Industrial Park ALDERSHOT, Hants GU11 2DX 
Contact  Norman Kemp, proprietor

Small scale collection from London, Home Counties and Midlands of all chemical and hazardous wastes (eg refrigerants, oils) for disposal.  Wastes recycled wherever possible.  Website lists 'special wastes' the company is licensed to handle.  Free advice on appropriate disposal; analysis of unknown waste; drums provided, and laboratory smalls packing service.  Also recycles lamps including fluorescent tubes through associated company The Lamp Recycling Company (see section 68).  (Updated June 2004)

Hales Waste Control

Tel 01992 627441 Fax 01992 635127
Delamare Road, Cheshunt, WALTHAM CROSS, Herts EN8 9SJ

General waste management services. 41 sites, mainly in Midlands and south east regions including London and northern home counties (11). Collection and disposal of most classes of solid and liquid waste; tanker services; landfill operation. Containers for all requirements. ESA member.

Highspeed Lubricants Ltd

Tel 01535 611103 Fax 01535 611546
Parkway House, Worth Way, KEIGHLEY, West Yorks BD21 5LD

Sale of speciality lubricants, fuel additives, cleaning compounds, grease cartridges etc. Also operate small scale collection of waste oil, filters and used agrochemical packaging on modest annual fee basis.

Hunting Secon Ltd
Tel 01992 471146
The Lodge, Essex Road, HODDESDON, Herts
Contact Mrs Carr

Operates waste oil collection line. Takes any waste engine oil, charging for quantities less than 100 gallons. 100-200 gallons taken free; payment for more than 200 gallons. Also collects separately derv, antifreeze, used car filters, batteries, brake fluid.

ICI Chlorchem

Tel 01928 514444 / 0800 262221 Fax 01928 513890
PO Box 14, The Heath, RUNCORN, Cheshire WA7 4QG

Solvent recovery. CRA member.

LRM Oil Pollution Control

Tel 01449 722914
20 Foxglove Avenue, Needham Market, IPSWICH, Suffolk IP6 8JJ

Inland oil spillage clean-up specialist.

Malary Oils

Tel 01954 250638 Fax 01954 251969
Brookfield Business Centre, Twentypence Road, COTTENHAM, Cambridge CB4 8PS

Collection of used oil and all types of automotive workshop waste. Also provide degreasing service and equipment hire. ORA member.

Morton Industries Ltd

Tel 01684 594007 Fax 01684 594007
Brookend House, Welland, MALVERN, Worcs WR13 6LN

Market a small compressed air operated oil filter crusher for wall mounting in vehicle workshops. Applies nearly 25 tonnes crushing load, removing 96% of oil and enabling flattened filters to be sold as clean scrap.

Nationwide Recycling Environmental Services
Tel 01925 767666 Fax 01925 762999
Beech House, Hob Hey Lane, Culcheth, WARRINGTON, Cheshire WA3 4NJ

Complete waste management service, primarily for the motor trade. Provided through national network of licensed contractors covering all waste streams.

Oi Kos Storage

Tel 01268 682206
Hole Haven Wharf, Haven Road, CANVEY ISLAND, Essex SS8 0NR

Solvent recovery.

Oil Care Campaign

Tel 01734 535000  Freephone 0800 663366  Fax 01734 502974
Websites www.oilbankline.org.uk   www.environment-agency.gov.uk 
The Environment Agency, Kings Meadow House, Kings Meadow Road, READING, Berks RG1 1BQ

Joint initiative established 1995 by the Environment Agency, the petroleum industry, local authorities and retailers, to reduce oil pollution incidents through improved understanding of the causes and means of prevention.  Now managed by EA and Household Hazardous Waste Forum.  A key target is the 'DIY motorist' - people who service their own vehicle, and may be ignorant of a disposal route for oil, or the serious impact - an oil change is enough to form a film over a four-acre lake.  Advice, information and promotional material on website or by post:  a major part of the campaign is to promote much wider use of oil banks for disposal of used lubricating oil, through the Oil Bank Line, freephone 0800 663366.  This provides callers with details of location, based on postcodes, and opening times of their nearest oil recycling banks.  Key to the campaign is the Oil Care Code - Don't pour used oil down the drain - Take it to an oil bank.  Call 0800 663366 to find the location.  Don't mix used oil with other materials such as solvents and paint.  Also to improve the infrastructure for collecting used oil from the public.  Oil banks are often at civic amenity sites, garage repair workshops, petrol forecourts, supermarket car parks.  Oil is sent for recycling, and commonly used as fuel for smelting, stone drying, brickworks, coking and steam generation.  2.5% of all used oil is re-refined.  (Updated Aug 2004)

Oil Recycling Association (ORA)
Tel / Fax 0161 439 7589   Email  ORA@cwcom.net
74 Ack Lane East, Bramhall, STOCKPORT SK7 2BH
Contact  Paul Ramsden

Trade association involved in the recovery, recycling and reuse of waste oils.  (Updated June 2004)

OSS Group Ltd
Tel 0870 240 1055 / 0151 477 1434   Fax 0151 549 1444
Email  sales@ossgroupltd.com    Website  www.ossgroupltd.com 
Stockpit Road, Knowsley Industrial Park, KNOWSLEY, Merseyside L33 7TQ

Specialist waste management company collecting, recycling and disposing of all types and volumes of waste or redundant fuel and oil from over 17000 sites.  Collects nationally, with fleet of 120 vehicles and network of sites and depots throughout UK.  Environmental help and advice, and safe storage.  Sampling service where waste and origins unknown.  Processing controlled to ensure consistent supply of recycled fuel oil products, offering a sensible, economical alternative to traditional virgin fuels oils - these are used extensively in industries such as power generation and road construction.  Seeks to manage the waste of others with minimal environmental impact, and to progressively reduce impacts.  ISO4001 certification for all processing sites, transfer stations and waste management services, including oil collection.  The OSS Group was formed when 3 sister companies, Waste Oils Ltd, Action Smart Ltd and FitzOil Ltd merged, and the group acquired market leader Greenway Orcol plc.  (Updated June 2004)

Pollution Control Ltd

Tel 01206 299600 Fax 01206 298165
Putticks Lane, East Bergholt, COLCHESTER, Essex CO7 6XU

Bio remediation and waste consultant.

Response Environmental Services Ltd
Tel 0800 731 5305 / 01709 816104 Fax 01709 816112
Abbeyfield House, Blyth Road, MALTBY, South Yorks S66 8HX
Email response@netcomuk.co.uk

24 hour oil spill response service with fleet of vehicles at depots throughout UK.  Can also provide training, risk surveys, emergency clean-up kits and bioremediation specialists.

Safety-Kleen UK Ltd
Tel 0208 490 9084 Fax 0208 490 3859
390 London Road, ISLEWORTH, Middx TW7 5AN
E-mail skuk@safety-kleen.com

Management of liquid and solid wastes, including paint from body shops, garages etc. Recycling network for drums and oil filters. Reuses, recycles and distils solvents used for parts washers. 19 waste transfer stations nationwide. CRA member. Head Office Todwick Road Ind Est, Bookers Way, Dinnington, Sheffield S31 7SH, Tel 01909 564666 Fax 01909 569759. Bedford branch 01234 341292.

Tel 01543 452121 Fax 01543 452343
Group Headquarters, Lindon Road, Brownhills, WALSALL, West Mids WS8 7BB

Integrated chemical waste identification, collection, recycling and disposal, operating from 13 service centres, feeding 11 treatment facilities. Oil reclamation for use as fuel oil. ESA and ORA member. Consultancy on minimising or eliminating waste at source. Specialist activities include high pressure water jetting, tank and drain cleaning and chemical decontamination. Operates 24 hour national chemical emergency incident response.

Tel 0208 520 4756
49-51 Gainsford Road, Walthamstow, LONDON E17 6QB

Arranges for garages to dispose of spent oil and filters. Also handles batteries, antifreeze, brake fluids, oil spill granules, body panels, plastic bumpers, exhausts, tyres and cellulose thinners.

Shanks & McEwan (SWS) Ltd
Tel 01908 650650 Fax 01908 650699
Head Office, Dunedin House, Mount Farm, Auckland Park, MILTON KEYNES MK1 1BH
Email info@shanks-recycling.co.uk

Major waste management group operating nationwide. Disposal of special and difficult waste, and high temperature incineration of hazardous organic chemicals (via associated company Rechem International) Other activities include collection, road and rail haulage, disposal of domestic, commercial and industrial wastes, operation of major landfill gas waste to energy schemes, recycling and composting. Expertise and facilities for all categories including liquids and contaminated wastes, via landfill and transfer stations. ESA member.

Sharpe Recycle Oil Ltd

Tel 0208 892 0502 Fax 0208 892 8193
Arlington Works, Arlington Road, TWICKENHAM, Middx TW1 2BB

Collection, purchase and recycling of all types of used hydrocarbon oils. Disused oil tank removal. ORA member.

Southern Refining Services Ltd

Tel 01488 72898 Fax 01488 72762
Membury Airfield, Lambourn Woodlands, HUNGERFORD, Berks RG14 7TJ

Oil and solvent recovery.

Spur Petroleum Services

Tel 01992 762391 Fax 01992 788154
Oil Terminal, Bryanstone Road, WALTHAM CROSS, Herts EN8 7PJ

Distillates waste oil collection.

Tankerwaste (Kent) Ltd

Tel 01634 717231 / 01634 252190
Kingsnorth Industrial Estate, Hoo, ROCHESTER, Kent ME3 9ND

Oil recovery. ORA member.

Thames Global Ltd

Tel 01634 254464
Unit 139, Kingsnorth Industrial Estate, Hoo, ROCHESTER, Kent ME3 9ND

Oil recovery.

Tel 0 2380 828913 / 0 7793 649643  Fax 0 2380 211644
Website www.ukspill.org  Email info@ukspill.org 
21-22 Britannia Chambers, Town Quay, SOUTHAMPTON, Hants SO14 2AQ

Offers help in the event of oil spills.  New trade association, replacing BOSCA as national body representing commercial and related interests of UK oil spill industry.  Has a role on Hazardous Waste Forum, National Contingency Plan, and raising standards through Responder Accreditation Scheme.  Members (listed online) committed to providing high quality services, technology, and prevention, preparedness, response and restoration of oil spills.  Members include leading manufacturers, providers, response and consultancy.  Information, meetings, seminars.  Exhibition, Spill 06, at Excel, 21-23 Mar 06.  (Updated Jan 2006)

UK Waste Management Ltd

Tel 01494 449 944 Fax 01494 537 779
Gate House, Castle Estate, Head Office, Turnpike Road, HIGH WYCOMBE, Bucks HP12 3NR

Fully integrated group. 62 sites throughout UK including four in London and northern home counties. Collection / disposal / treatment of all classes of solid and liquid wastes; operation of landfills, treatment plants, civic amenity sites; MRFs; contaminated land remediation; chemicals collection; special events servicing; industrial cleansing including high pressure jetting and tank cleaning; composting; waste auditing and minimisation consultancy. ESA member.

Waste Oils Ltd
Tel 0151 549 1434 Fax 0151 549 1444
Drawell House, Stockpit Road, Knowsley Ind Park, KNOWSLEY L33 7TQ

Oil collection and recycling. ORA member.

Waste Oil Services Ltd
Tel 01482 879666 Fax 01482 879676
Ann Watson Street, Stoneferry, Hull HU7 0BL

Oil collection and recycling. ORA member.

Western Solvents Ltd

Tel 01373 825600
Brook Lane, WESTBURY, Wilts BA13 4EN

Solvent recovery including flammable and chlorinated streams. Transfer station for all types of special waste including acids, alkalis, cyanides, pesticides, laboratory chemicals, resins and paints.