390  Miscellaneous recycled products

A brief selection of unclassified recycled products is listed below.


Two guides to cut packaging and re-use waste
WEN's Packaging Action Kit is a step-by-step guide for individuals and
groups on how to tackle waste from a shopping trip.  From the simplest action, such as leaving bags and excess packaging at the checkout (and telling the assistant why), to how to challenge supermarkets to reduce waste and meet their legal obligations, it includes tips on how supermarkets work, community campaigning, and ideas for low-waste shopping.

One person's rubbish is someone else's treasure! 
WEN's Guide to Running a Give or Take Day (Developed with the Forest Recycling Project) is designed for community groups, local authorities or businesses - sometimes groups of businesses get together to organise a Give or Take Day.  They are fun, easy to run and a great way to divert useful items away from landfill into the hands of people who can really use them. Think of a swap shop or jumble sale with no money changing hands.  People can bring along virtually any household items (in good condition) and take away others. At one event a lucky punter snapped up an entire kitchen!  

The Guide covers relevant legislation and pitfalls to avoid.  Maeve Murphy, WEN's Waste Prevention Officer, said: "In the UK we dump a shocking 414 million tonnes of waste in landfill every year - much of this is unnecessary packaging or perfectly good items that someone could use."  

Both guides can be downloaded free from www.wen.org.uk or send 1 each for a hard copy to WEN, PO Box 30626, London E1 1TZ.


Alphabetical list of organisations

Acoustics Materials Technology Ltd

Tel 01794 884 917 Fax 01722 712200
Industrial Unit, Whitehouse Farm, EAST GRIMSTEAD, Wilts

Manufactures 'Living Wall' sound barriers, consisting of a recycled plastic frame filled with compost, and set with plants for absorbing traffic noise along busy roads.  Each one metre length uses up to one tonne of material produced from municipal green waste.

Allwag Promotions Ltd
Tel  01245 382600  Fax  01245 382611
Email  sales@allwag.co.uk  Website
Wood House, 31 Woodham Drive, Hatfield Peverel, CHELMSFORD, Essex CM3 2RR

Wide collection of printed promotional products, office stationery and corporate clothing made from recycled, natural, sustainable and organic materials, available online.  Materials used include recycled circuit boards, computer printers, juice cartons, paper, plastics, tyres and vending cups.  Items available include: paper or organic cotton bags, clipboards, diaries, calendars (from juice cartons or circuit boards), folders with 20 clear pockets and report covers (from recycled plastic bottles), bottle openers, keyrings and rulers (from vending cups or juice cartons), desktop accessories, mousemats (from juice cartons or tyres), clocks (slate, circuit boards or FSC certified sustainable wood - see section 420), and gifts.    Practical tips on workplace recycling and environmental information - aims to prevent pollution and burden on landfill.  Promoting environmental awareness at forefront of all activities.  Monthly newsletter.  Operates from wooden country cabin.   (Updated Aug 2004)

Business Seating (Renovations) Ltd

Tel 01189 566010 Fax 01734 500021
1 London Road, READING, Berks RG1 5BH

Large scale office furniture renovation.

By Nature

Tel 0845 456 7689  Fax 0870 120 6991
Website www.bynature.co.uk  Email info@bynature,co.uk 
71 Avoca Road, Tooting, London SW17 8SL

Many recycled, organic and environment-friendly household items and gifts, including clothes for children and adults.  Also tips about a greener (more responsible) lifestyle - energy, transport, chemicals, holidays.  (Updated Nov 2005)

Compak Systems

Tel 01427 616927 Fax 01427 810158
Britannia Works, GAINSBOROUGH, Lincs DN21 2EX

Manufactures unique small scale process plant producing panel board (chipboard/plywood replacement) from agriwaste materials - straw, bagasse etc.  Companies operating plants in India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Indonesia and USA, Australia and Philippines.

County Mulch
Tel 01449 721729  Fax 01449 722477
Email sales@countymulch,co.uk  Website www.countymulch.co.uk  
The Watering Farm, Creeting St Mary, Needham Market, IPSWICH, Suffolk IP6 8ND

Accepts pallets, crates, timber and manufacturing off-cuts, flooring, plywood, chipboard, other woods.  Does not accept telegraph poles, railway sleepers, painted or treated wood, cable drums.  Recycles this material into animal bedding, and bark-based playground, riding arenas and path surfacing.  Contract with Suffolk County Council collecting green waste, which is turned into horticultural mulches and compost marketed locally and throughout UK.  Website has useful, simple tips on home composting.  Recycled Specifiers Guide to recycled soil conditioners and mulches on request.  Established 1986.  (Updated Feb 2005)

EQ Waste Management
Tel 0870 560 2060 / 0990 602060  Fax 01727 867866
Email sales@eqwaste.com  Website www.eqwaste.com  (under construction)
Appspond Lane, Potters Crouch, St Albans, HERTS AL2 3NL

Collector and recycler of waste wood such as cable drums, pallets, crates, timber and manufacturing off-cuts, flooring, furniture, construction waste.  No telegraph poles, railway sleepers, painted or treated wood.  Also collects green waste, which is shredded as compost and mulch.  Produces animal bedding, recreational surfacing.  Bioremediation solutions and contracting.  Services local authority sites.  Contract screening and grinding.  (Updated Feb 2005)

Green Bottle Unit
Tel 0207 2493 394  Fax 0207 2498 499
Email  caroline@green-bottle.co.uk  katy@green-bottle.co.uk   Website  www.green-bottle.co.uk 
Hothouse, London Fields, 274 Richmond Road, LONDON E8 2QW
Contact  Caroline Elliott - events, exhibitions, glass offers, visits, general advice (Tel 0207 241 7475);
Katy Fattuhi - projects, technical information, estimates, detailed advice (Tel 0207 241 7482);
Jane Bell  Community liaison (Tel 0207 241 7479)

'The art of recycled glass.'  Manufactures 100% recycled, tested, high quality glass hand made products including tiles, bricks and paviours.  Combines art, science and technology.  Reduces need for further quarrying.  Many glass types used, including green, blue, clear, TV screens, test tubes, and car side windows.  Kiln fired with various finishes.  Durable.  Commissions include London canals (including with Free Form - regeneration, art and environment and host body at Hothouse - see 430 Green building and decorating), and Brighton seafront.  Can customise designs.  Uses include urban landscape features, public art, flooring, roofing, water and glass amalgamations, glass building units (maximising light), swimming pool surfaces, steps, and lit glass.  Practices and aims for reduced energy consumption and new, sustainable manufacturing techniques of use to others in industry.  Works with architects (including Foster & Partners on a recycled glass wall in Japan) and interior designers as well as their own designers, artists and crafts specialists.  Green Bottle Unit Community Programme offers visits to their production unit, and recycling seminars to schools and community groups.  Takes part in community events (such as Discover Hackney) and holds regular open sale days.  Detailed prices, ordering and technical data online.   (Updated July 2004)

Green Stationery Company
Tel 01225 480556  Fax 01225 481211
Email jay@greenstat.co.uk  Website www.greenstat.co.uk 
Studio One, 114 Walcot Street, BATH BA1 5BG

Supplies a wide range of recycled office papers, green stationery, storage boxes, letter trays, rulers, recycled scissors, recycled washroom supplies, recycled printer and copier cartridges, and recycled plastic bins, via web or mail order catalogue.  Recycles laser and inkjet cartridges.  FSC certified sustainably produced office furniture, green cleaning products, low energy bulbs, and fair trade / organic beverages.  Anti-radiation / anti-glare computer screen filters available.  Supplies over 2000 organisations, offering discounts and no premium charge for green items.  Established 12 years.  (Updated Feb 2004)

Jam Designs

Tel 0207 2785567
Top Floor, 1 Goods Way, Kings Cross, LONDON BB8 7BW

Design Studio / showroom of art furnishings crafted from industrial scrap.  Commissions undertaken.  Architectural design and creative consultancy available as well as product design, using industry waste or buy products.

Janbor Ltd
Tel 01279 777666  Fax 01279 777736
Barleycroft Works, Furneux Pelham, BUNTINGFORD, Herts SG9 0LL

Collects pallets by arrangement within 150 mile radius - skips supplied.  Also cable drums, crates, timber off-cuts, flooring, plywood, chipboard, furniture, construction waste, tree waste (not telegraph poles, railway sleepers).  produces animal bedding, recreational surfacing, mulches.  Open Mon-Fri 7am-7pm, Sat 7am-midday.   (Updated Feb 2005)

J James Ltd
Tel 01235 814565  Fax 01235 814706
Website www.jjamesltd.co.uk  Email jill.james@tiscali.co.uk 
12 Tweed Drive, DIDCOT, Oxfordshire OX11 7XH

Collects pallets, timber off-cuts (not telegraph poles, railway sleepers, painted or treated wood, cable drums).  Reconditions pallets.  Produces animal bedding, recreational surfacing, mulches, compost.  Open Mon-Fri 8am-4pm.  Established over 25 years.  (Updated Feb 2005)

Larner Recycling Ltd
Tel 01933 274 224 / 0208 804 1494  Fax 0208 804 1164
Email admin@larnerpallets.com  Website www.larnerpallets.com  
Bevan Close, Finedon Industrial Estate, WELLINGBOROUGH, Northants NN8 4BL

Buys and sells new and secondhand pallets.  Pays up to 2.50 per pallet, and sells new and refurbished pallets from 1.00.  Types shown and described on website. Quantities from 50 to 500.  Collects pallets, crates, timber off-cuts, flooring, plywood, cable drums.  Recycles packaging waste with on-site shredders.  When it  a pallet is past refurbishing, the wood is made into kindling, wood moult and pulp, used by local authorities in parks, schools and playgrounds.  Produces animal bedding, recreational surfacing and compost.  Open weekdays 7am-5pm, Sat 7am-1pm. Second depot in Enfield - both sites have tips for waste wood. (Updated Feb 2005)

Marshall Tree Services Partnership
Tel / Fax 01480 810431 
Woodhatch Farm, Thrapston Road, Ellington, HUNTINGDON, Cambs PE28 0AE 

Collects pallets, crates, timber off-cuts, flooring, plywood, furniture, construction waste (not telegraph poles, railway sleepers, painted or treated wood), 25 mile radius.  Produces animal bedding, recreational surfacing, mulches, compost.  Open Mon-Sat 8am-4pm, Sun 1230-4.30.   (Updated Feb 2005)

Natural Collection Catalogue

Tel 0870 331 3335 (queries) 0870 331 3333 (orders)  Fax 0870 331 3334
Website www.naturalcollection.com  Email sales@naturalcollection.com 
PO Box 135, SOUTHAMPTON, Hants SO14 0FQ

Mail order shopping to contribute to a sustainable future, including many products with recycled content.  Over 500 products chosen with the environment in mind, and helpful advice by phone.  Published by Green Dot Guides and supported by Friends of the Earth, The Vegetarian Society, World Development Movement etc.  Delivery free over 100.   (Updated Nov 2003)

Northern Cullet Ltd
Tel 01226 246541  Fax 01226 207615
Email sales@northerncullet.com  Website www.decogem.com 
Pontefract Road, BARNSLEY, South Yorks S71 1HJ

Supplier of glass grains, 100% recycled glass - soda lime (no silica).  Products include Decogem glass gravel, in a choice of colours (from garden centres in many southern counties - see website); abrasive papers; anti-slip and decorative floors; mosque domes and wall rendering; grit for blasting and cleaning; decorative and protective glazes. (Updated Mar 2001)

Pallet Display Systems Ltd
Tel 01494 448380  Fax 01494 462725
Email sales@palletlegs.com  Website www.palletlegs.com 
PO Box 311, MARLOW, Bucks SL7 3DZ

Offers a range of products which allow pallets which might otherwise be wasted to be reused or recycled for new uses such as benches and displays.

Porous Pipe Ltd

Tel 01282 871778
Standroy Mill, Cottontree Close,
Colne, Lancs, BB8 7BW

Manufactures a porous pipe from tyre crumb, for controlled soil irrigation.

Tel 01706 810518
Email info@reactivated.co.uk, orders@reactivated.co.uk 
Website www.reactivated.co.uk 
13 Lime Street, TODMORDEN, Lancs OL14 5JN

Online venue focussing on 'Reuse' to sell anything, made by others or Reactivated, containing reclaimed materials.  Includes toys made from metals, new telephones from old ones, stationary from OS maps or bags, handbags from tops and tins, credit card holders from PCBs.  Usually involves changing redundant products' use, with some manufacturing intervention, but contrasting recycling methods which change products into raw material before remanufacture.  Provides kits enabling people to build their own items, eg CD rack using customers' own worn audio cassettes.  E-newsletter with new products and offers.  Many modern products have complex components making reuse difficult - but examples of reuse include Art Deco lamps from drums in duplicating machines.  Website has examples from around the world including: table lamp using worn bicycle gears, accommodation using train carriages and airliners, boats as storage sheds on Holy Island, and necklaces using early computer chips reflecting how complex technological components may carry beauty.  Claims design based partly on other products' features can be eye catching or provoking, and give redundant products new life.  Telephone lines open Mon - Fri 9am-5pm.  Online form for any questions.  30 day 'no quibble' guarantee.  UK deliveries below 100 add 3.50.  Over 100, free delivery.  Outside UK, ring for cost.
  (Updated Feb 2004)

Remarkable (Pencils) Ltd
Tel  0 1905 769 999  Fax  0 1905 769 300
Website www.remarkable.co.uk  Email info@remarkable.co.uk 
The Remarkable Factory, Midland Road, WORCESTER, WR5 1DS

Designs and produces good quality, well designed items that are enjoyable to own, from recycled materials, to generate a positive interest in recycling and environmental issues.  Pencils, stationery and desktop items from car tyres, polystyrene and polypropylene packaging, paper, newspapers and cardboard, plastic cups, and FSC wood (Forest Stewardship Council certified - see section 420).  Products can be personalised.  Excellent environmental policy, including encouraging environmental awareness and promotion of waste minimisation activities.  Website shows how to make a recycled pencil.  Good FAQ.  (Updated Aug 2005)

Second Nature
Tel 01768 486285  Fax 01768 486825
Website www.secondnatureuk.com  Email info@secondnatureuk.com 
Soulands Gate, Soulby, Dacre, PENRITH, Cumbria CA11 0JF 

Manufacturer and supplier of Thermafleece sheep's wool loft, wall or floor insulation, for either newbuild or refurbishment.  "Safe to use, safe to live with, kind to the planet, totally efficient and will outlive you."  Cool in summer, warm in winter.  Uses only 14% of the embodied energy used to make glass fibre insulation, paying back its manufacturing energy cost seven times faster.   Fibre adapts to shape of rafters, joists and studs to provide a permanently tight fit.  Not an irritant or a health hazard.  Already has higher fire resistance than cellulose and cellular plastic insulants; it does not burn but rather melts away and extinguishes itself - but treated with a natural fire-proofing agent.  Technical specification on website - technical sales office helpline 0870 2406715.  Blend of wool from 4 breeds of hill farmed sheep. At the end of its useful life, product can be recycled for other environmentally friendly applications.  Case studies on site: used in Creekside Education Centre, Deptford; Ullswater farmhouse, WWF Scotland HQ.  (Updated Nov 2005)

Smile Plastics Ltd
Tel 01743 850267  Fax 01743 851067
Website www.smile-plastics.co.uk  Email cjw@smile-plastics.co.uk or smileplas@aol.com 
Mansion House, Ford, SHREWSBURY, Shrops SY5 9LZ
Contact  Colin Williamson or Sue

Company providing new solutions for re-use and recovery of plastic wastes, specialising in recycling to secondary products.  Sources and develops ideas and markets for recycled materials, concentrating on transforming plastics waste into multicoloured 'jazz' sheets of high-impact polystyrene (free sample available).  Plastic bottles are sorted into 3 colours, flaked, washed, and compressed.  Has launched products, all 100% recycled, made of crushed CDs, plastic water bottles, coffee cups, coathangers, banknotes, and scrap from its own factory.  Images on website.  In 2003  introduced recycled Mobile Phones and Wellies.  In 2004 launched ' soft and squishy' range of tactile sheets into which they embed people's memorabilia.  (Updated Jan 2005)

Specialised Sports Products

Tel 01303 812129 Fax 01303 802129
Evegate Barn, Smeeth, ASHFORD, Kent TN25 6SX

Droptec gas and water drainage sheeting.  Made from recycled closed cell polyethylene foam in a thermic process using no glues or additives.  Tested over a period of 10 years, this product has many advantages in the markets of landfill/waste tip capping and civil engineering, including bridge abutments and underground car parks, and the construction of green roofs.

- see Second Nature

Tel / Fax 0114 230 3686
58 Storthwood Court, SHEFFIELD S10 3HP
Contact: Keith McNeill

Provider of mobile and static vitrification plants for the treatment and conversion of industrial waste into glass end products.  These are used as a filter medium to collect leachate from landfill sites, or used as hardcore for roads.

Tel 0845 456 4540  Fax 0870 112 6339  
Website www.via3office.com  Email info@via3office.com
483 Green Lanes, Palmers Green, London N13 4BS

One-stop shop for everything needed to manage your office - wide range from stationery to office cleaning products, eg electrical equipment, janitorial supplies, organic and fair trade food and drink, and plumbed-in office water systems.  Collection and recycling service for all office wastes, including plastics, mixed office paper and used printer cartridges.  Also assistance to produce less of it in the first place.  Everything sold is designed and sourced to reduce social and environmental impact and to promote ecological sustainability and social justice.  Supplies are chosen from companies who are concerned about their impact on environment and society, and who provide fair pay and working conditions for staff.   (Updated Nov 2005)

Your Tomorrow
Tel 08450 560045
Website www.yourtomorrow.co.uk  email brian@yourtomorrow.co.uk 
Woodfield Cedars, DROITWICH, Worcs WR9 OLJ

Website selling ethical gifts, including environmentally produced and recycled products made from material such as printed circuit boards, glass.  Aims to contribute to a fairer, more equitable, and ethical society for the future.   Has tried to find a range of presents that meet one or more of the following criteria:  local trade to reduce transport and help the environment;  uses natural products;  produced in developing countries by communities with ethical employment practices such as providing education to employees;  fair trade;  recycled products.  Uses recycled packaging wherever possible.  Articles on website: What you can do in the office; what you can do at home; toxics in the bathroom.  Register to receive regular newsletter, take part in discussions, and be entitled to special discounts and offers.  (Updated Nov 2005)