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Real Nappy Week's 10th anniversary was 24-30 April 2006

Real Nappy Week helps parents to make an informed choice of nappies, showing how they can save money, save waste and benefit the environment.  The 2005 event was supported by over 80% of UK local authorities and almost 500 events in 65 counties.  The 2006 event improved on this and included international events.  The event is sponsored by WRAP (the Waste & Resources Action Programme) and co-ordinated by Women’s Environmental Network (WEN) working with the Real Nappy Campaign. 
More information at www.wen.org.uk 

Nappy clash left consumers confused  published 20 May 2005

A study comparing the environmental cost of reusable and disposable nappies was condemned as flawed by the Women's Environmental Network. 

The study commissioned by the Environment Agency evaluated the environmental impact of every stage in the life of both types of nappies and concluded there was very little difference overall.

Tricia Henton, director of environmental protection at the Environment Agency said: "This study was carried out to establish the true environmental impacts of using disposable and reusable nappies.  "Although there is no substantial difference between the environmental impacts of the systems studied, it does show where each system can be improved.

"We hope manufacturers of disposable nappies will use this study to improve the environmental performance of their products, particularly the quantities going to landfill.  Similarly, if parents using reusables want to improve their impact on the environment they will need to look more closely at how they launder nappies, for instance, can the nappies be washed in a bigger load at a lower temperature?  The type of nappy that parents buy is a matter of personal choice, but it is important that they can make an informed choice.

"Studies like this help to inform people about the impact that their actions have on the environment. Life cycle thinking plays an important role in informing the environmental debate."

The study looked at a number of factors including the energy and material used in the manufacture of the nappy, the frequency of changes required and how reusable nappies are washed.  But the Women's Environmental Network (WEN) condemned the study as 'seriously flawed' and claimed the EA had missed the point of its findings.

The network argues the findings can be interpreted in a different way, and shows cloth nappies have the same impact on climate change as disposables but create less waste.  "This lifecycle analysis is a wasted opportunity to put the long-standing debate about nappies and the environment to rest," said WEN's Ann Link. "It says what most other studies have: that both systems use similar amounts of energy but the disposable system uses more materials and puts more into landfill.

"It has missed the point of its own findings. Even in its current flawed state it shows that parents who use cloth nappies can save waste confident in the knowledge that washing them will cause no more global warming than disposable nappies.  The biggest impacts it identifies are all to do with energy production and use - fossil fuel use, global warming and acidification - yet if parents use 24 nappies and follow manufacturers' instructions to wash at 60 degrees centigrade using an A rated washing machine they will have approximately 24% less impact on global warming than the report says."

Elizabeth Hartigan, co-ordinator of WEN's real nappy project, added: "Using real nappies puts parents in control.  With a good washing routine parents can minimise the environmental impact of their babies' nappies, reduce waste and save themselves money."

by Sam Bond   Source: Edie newsroom

Advice from WRAP
(Phillip Ward, Resource Recovery Forum International Conference on Nappies, July 2005)

"We would encourage parents to consider real nappies because -
- they are cheaper
- they reduce waste
- the key environmental issues are known and those associated with usage can be addressed successfully.

None of the above appears to be true for disposable nappies."

Write to your MP!  
You can ask your MP if they will sign Early Day Motion (EDM) 155
(sponsored by Norman Baker) 
That this House notes with disappointment the Environment Agency's recent flawed Life Cycle Assessment on reusable and disposable nappies which incorrectly concludes that there is no environmental difference between the two products; observes that the report fails to acknowledge the current consumer characteristics and product data for reusable nappies and that the methodology and surveying used distorted the market share of reusables and excluded certain types of reusable nappies; regrets that the report fails to recognise the very substantial additional financial and environmental costs incurred through the continued disposal of nappies, which constitute 2.6 per cent. of all household waste that goes to landfill; believes that it is very unhelpful to send out the message that the disposal of one-trip products is somehow environmentally acceptable; and calls on the Government to develop effective strategies for promoting the continued uptake of re-usable nappies by new mothers.  For more about EDMs, see http://edmi.parliament.uk/EDMi/EDMList.aspx 

Nappy ever after

Half the rubbish generated by a family with one baby will be single-use, disposable nappies.
  Each baby uses over 5000, and each nappy thrown away that reaches landfill is probably still there, and will be for many years.  

Disposable nappies account for about 85 per cent of nappy changes in Britain, and provide a market currently worth about £370 million per year.  They may be convenient - especially for families when travelling, but their environmental impact is devastating.  

Local authorities pay more than £40 million per year for the disposal of throwaway nappies.  This averages £100 per baby.  This disposal cost is passed on to the UK taxpayer.  Yet five out of seven mothers (over 70%) who tested washable nappies for a Which? Magazine survey were so pleased with their nappies that they continued to use them after the test.  In any case, buying bulky packs from supermarkets with the main weekly shop by mothers struggling with prams and babies is not easy!  In the US most parents use cloth nappies and laundering services for their babies.

A major barrier to nappy laundering services is lack of awareness and the perception that washables are hard work, smelly and less hygienic. But they are, quite simply, better for baby!  (And not only for babies - rabbits and other animals are used to test the toxicity of the chemical gels used in many 'disposables'.)  Cotton does not trap unpleasant smells.  Cotton is breathable and cooler next to a baby's bottom than plastic and paper.  US studies indicate that babies wearing disposables get nappy rash 5 times more often than if they use professionally-laundered nappies.  And the cost of using a nappy service is comparable to using leading brand disposables.  Consider the cost to your children's future.

Another advantage is stuffable nappies, which have a (fleece) pocket into which you can put an absorbent soaking material of your choice.  This is saves money and waste if you've already accumulated terry nappies, boosters etc, or have old towels past their best which you could cut up to use as the soaker.  With the "stuffing" in place, you have an all-in-one nappy.  Without the stuffing, you have a swim-nappy where the fleece stops the outer sticking to baby without absorbing any moisture.   Poppers on the front may open to give extra room to grow.  (See eg Free Range Kids, see below.)

Waste reduction
Nine million soiled, disposable nappies, causing many millions of trees to be cut down, are used and 'thrown away' in the UK every day - 3 billion every year.  80 tonnes an hour.  But they don't disappear - they could take hundreds of years to decompose in a landfill site.  Disposables use up to five times more energy to produce than cotton nappies, including the washing process. The waste from washing is relatively benign compared to the waste from manufacturing and the decomposition of disposables.  Plastics involved in one use nappy manufacture come from petroleum by-products produced from crude oil - a non-renewable source.  Nappies should never be flushed down toilets, which causes blocked household drains and maintenance problems at sewage treatment plants.  

Cotton nappies can be used up to 200 times - 'disposable' nappies can only be used once.  Families can cut their waste dramatically by using real nappies.  Nappies could make up 50% of the waste from a household with only one baby!  The cost to each local authority of disposing of disposables is hundreds of thousands of pounds per year (eg Bristol City, £500,000), so nappy schemes now play a key role in local authority waste strategies.  Real Nappy Week, organised by WEN, takes place in April. 

Nappies can be reused on other children; they can be recycled in clothing banks; and projects listed below are likely to support local manufacturers and retailers, reducing 'nappy miles' - see for instance Ipswich Real Nappy Network.  There IS a choice - disposable nappies or real cotton nappies and wraps..  And safety pins are a thing of the past. Yet in many maternity units and nurseries, when it comes to nappies, parents are either denied or not offered that choice; it's a disposable nappy or a disposable nappy!

There is a way to reduce the use of nappies, or even cut them out altogether after only a few weeks.  It is called Elimination Communication, or Natural Infant Hygiene, and is about infant potty training. Converts say a nappyless baby is a happy baby, as well as being cleaner and greener.  See www.natural-wisdom.com and www.timl.com/ipt 

Health issues
Cotton production requires a lot of water and often uses large amounts of pesticides.  However, Organic cotton nappies mean no  synthetic perfumes or chemical emissions that might be breathed in or absorbed through the skin, so could reduce asthma-like symptoms, allergies or nappy rash, and offer good postural support.  Babies' skins are five times thinner than that of an adult, and it is estimated that we absorb 60% of what is put on our skin.  It is therefore vital that we choose benign skin care products as well as nappies and clothing.

There is concern that using disposable nappies could lead to male infertility.  A study by Wolfgang Sippell, Professor of Paediatrics at The University of Kiel, Germany, suggests that heat build up in nappies could slow down development of baby boys' testicles. Cells supporting sperm production develop in the first two years and this is dependent upon temperature. Testicles are external as they need to be cooler than the rest of the body.  Over the last 25 years sperm counts have fallen by up to 2 per cent per year. Other factors may be involved, but use of disposable nappies could  contribute.  Disposable nappies certainly trap the heat, especially in summer, and this could have long term effect on both sexes, apart from being most uncomfortable.

WEN - see below - is concerned about the chemical Tributyl Tin (TBT), known to disrupt sex hormones, included in some disposable nappy brands.  WEN wants TBT banned from nappies, and is asking the Government to sign up to a global ban.  Another chemical present in some brands of disposables is sodium polyacrylate, the superabsorber, removed from tampons in 1985 because it was linked to toxic shock syndrome.

We would advise caution with information from the Nappy Information Service, which represents the interests of disposable nappy producers such as Procter & Gamble and Kimberley Clark.

Women's Environmental Network's concerns
The case against has been led by the Women's Environmental Network (WEN), which advocates a return to re-usables.  Their main areas of concern are:

o waste generation  nearly 3,000 million disposable nappies are used per year, accounting for 3 to 4 per cent of household waste.  The majority are dustbin fillers, ending in landfill as an extremely unpleasant half million tonne mixture of faeces, germ ridden paper pulp and plastic, taking many years to degrade.  Viruses in discarded 'disposables' can survive for over 2 weeks, yet this human waste is treated in the same way as normal rubbish.  Ironically, similar products, used in hospitals for incontinent patients, require extremely expensive disposal as clinical waste.

o manufacture WEN reports that the main constituent is woodpulp, often produced from monoculture plantations, using large tracts of land which are intensively managed with pesticides and fertilisers.  Studies indicate that 3.5 times more energy is used in manufacturing disposables. This extra energy comes mainly from burning wood waste to power the pulping process; 2.3 times more water is used.  There is concern over the lack of UK government regulation on use of chemicals in nappies.

o health  Why put a baby's bottom in a synthetic chemical environment?  Disposable nappies are made of superabsorbent chemicals, paper pulp and plastics.  Real nappies are mostly made of natural fabrics.  For a reasonable cost, the best solution, free of pesticides and other synthetic chemicals, is organic cotton nappies and organic wool waterproof overpants.

Naturally the disposable nappy manufacturers have a different viewpoint.  They say that, at the use stage, disposables do not consume energy or detergent for washing and use only modest water quantities for rinsing.

£70 could in most cases buy all the nappies and waterproof covers you'll need for the whole of your baby's nappy wearing life.  The same amount of money would only buy a baby's first ten to twelve weeks of disposables.  Even taking into account the total cost of laundering nappies at home, the savings are considerable. 

Nappy washing and laundering services
A useful aid is the development of nappy washing services.  This follows North America where it is a major industry, with some businesses serving up to 10,000 customers and washing a million nappies each week.  These provide collection, delivery and laundering, under controlled conditions, of reusable cotton nappies for private homes, hospitals and day care nurseries.  Using a nappy service uses less energy than homewashing.  We list several below. For a full list and to find one in your area, see National Association of Nappy Services below.

Sanitary products
Our older sewerage systems are combined, taking foul sewage and rainwater, and were designed in an age when it was thought sensible that, when a storm occurred, the surplus water in the sewer could be diverted to rivers and streams instead of causing flooding of basements, or passing to an inundated treatment works.  Today, old, unsatisfactory storm water overflows frequently do not work properly and can divert sewer contents to the river even when there is not a storm.  This means that they divert many sanitary towels, tampons, condoms, etc. which have been flushed down the lavatory, to nearby riverbanks.  Flushing such items can also block drains, causing high bills for householders.  On the coast, millions of plastic backing strips and tampon applicators enter our seas via sewage outfalls, causing visible and non-visible pollution, as the plastics accumulate on the beach and seabed.

Sanitary products for women are available made from unbleached pulp and without plastic liners.  For all sanitary items, the best advice currently is to ‘Bag it and Bin it’ with normal household waste, as the sewerage systems cannot cope with products for which they were not originally designed.

Real Nappy Helpline  0845 850 0606  
Gives details of local cloth nappy contacts - whether they want to buy, wash at home, or use a laundry service. 

Nappy Finder service 
Allows parents to find all their local services including Local Authority incentive schemes simply by entering their postcode.

(Thanks to WEN, Real Nappy Association, National Association of Nappy Services, Natural Nappies Ltd, Cotton Bottoms and various other sources for the information above.)

Another toiletry item which causes problems is the cotton-wool bud.  If these are flushed away down the lavatory, the plastic sticks are so thin they pass through the screens at treatment plants and decorate beaches by the thousand.  If you use these, try to buy ones with wooden sticks, which will bio-degrade, and don't put them down the toilet - bag and bin them.

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Baby goods (84)
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Alphabetical list of organisations

Alami (Junior Joy)
Telephone Alami International for stockists 020 8533 7800 
Products by mail order from:  Nature Babies, 40 Unitt Road, Quorn, Leicestershire LE12 8B Tel 01509 621065, or Ecobabes Ltd or The Nappy Lady (see entries below)

Manufactures supersoft 100% cotton terry towelling nappies (from £13.99 Supreme to £22.99 Ultra Supreme Quality per dozen pack).  Modern pre-fold nappies from £7.99 to £12.99 in packs of 6, in small, regular and toddler size.  Velcro fastening breathable wraps at £6.99 per pack of 2 from newborn to extra large.  Also traditional muslin squares and biodegradable nappy liners.  Trial pack: 1 nappy + 1 muslin + 1 wrap and 10 liners from £9.99.  (Updated Apr 2003)

A Lot of Organics
Tel 0118 3759375
Website www.alotoforganics.org.uk  Email contact@alotoforganics.co.uk 
Douglas House, 33 Douglas Road, Caversham, READING, Berks RG4 5BH

Organic search engine listing many examples nationwide of websites on: organic farms and sources of advice about organic farming; suppliers and manufacturers of organic food and drink; special diets; vegan and vegetarian.  Also: organic products for babies and children; organic clothes; gardening; gifts; health and beauty; household; pets and farm animals; toys.  (Updated Nov 2005)

BabyKind Cloth Nappies
Tel 01286 882617
Website www.babykind.co.uk  Email  helen@babykind.co.uk 
Nant-y-Gwyddel, Nebo, GWYNEDD, North Wales LL54 6RY
Contact  Helen Burr

Family run mail order business selling washable cloth nappies, wraps, liners, wipes and wide variety of associated items including comfy, washable sanitary wear.  Money back trial kits available.  Offers independent advice and information on site or by personal contact, eg on nappy rash, feeding.  Site carries info on why reusables are the best option, not only for our environment, and not exposing babies unnecessarily to chemicals, but also on the far greater cost not only to the individual, but to taxpayers in purchase and treatment of 'disposable' products.  Also some useful links.   (Updated Aug 2004)

Bambino Mio
Tel: 01604 883777  Fax 01604 883666
Email: sales@bambino.co.uk  Website: www.bambino.co.uk
12 Staveley Way, BRIXWORTH, Northants NN6 9EU

Supplies pinless cotton nappies (pre-folds & shaped), a variety of Velcro closing waterproof nappy covers and accessories as used by nappy services world-wide.  Trial pack: 1 nappy and 1 nappy cover of your choice, £8.95.  Mail order.   (Updated Apr 2003)

Bodywise (UK) Ltd

Tel 01454 615500

Market 'Natracare' pure cotton sanitary towels with non-chlorine bleaches.  Available from most health stores.  A 'best buy' in Ethical Consumer magazine.  About to launch a range of organic cotton tampons.

Boots the Chemist

Tel 0115 9506111  Head Office (Nottingham)

Stockist of reusable nappies.  Branches throughout Britain.

Budget Bumps
Tel  0845 226 2673 (sales - local rate)   01427 617036 (enquiries) 
Mob 07940 915032 (9.30-3.30)  Fax 07050 651951
Email sales@budget-bumps.co.uk  or  suggestions@budget-bumps.co.uk  
9 The Rowans, Riplingham Fields, GAINSBOROUGH, Lincs DN21 1WH
Contact  Tracey Hand

Here you can buy and sell nearly new maternity clothes.   It is hard to find nice maternity clothes that fit -  you wear them for just a few weeks and they are still in good condition afterwards.  This family run site is a good place to sell them.  Website has useful info on choosing sizes.  Stock changes constantly so it is worth revisiting this site.  No hard copy mail order catalogue - mostly one-off items.  Aims to follow up enquiries within 12 hours and to despatch goods within 3 working days of credit card order or cleared cheque.   (Updated July 2004)

Tel 0208 905 5661
PO Box 2995, LONDON NW2 1DW

Nappies and accessories by mail order.

Cheeky Rascals (Galfies) 
Tel 01428 682488 (stockists or mail-order)  Fax 01428 682464
Email: sales@cheekyrascals.co.uk  
The Briars, Petworth Road, WITLEY, Surrey GU8 5Q

Neat, comfy 'quick-release' velcro fastening nappy system, easy to wash and dry.  High quality, 100% cotton, shaped nappies in sizes to fit growing baby.  Trial packs: 2 L or 3 S or M nappies + liners, 30 biodegradable liners + 1 pant S (3-8kg) £25.49;  M (6-12kg) £27.49;  L (9-18kg) £22.49. XS or XL.  Also stocks a collection of innovative and practical nursery products 'that our family discovered and found invaluable while living in France'.  Free catalogue.   (Updated Apr 2003)

Clinical Disposals Ltd
Tel 01376 326111 / 326882 Fax 01376 345584
6-8 East Street, BRAINTREE, Essex CM7 3JJ

Specialist in medical, clinical, feminine hygiene, hazardous and difficult waste collection and disposal, including unused drugs.  Salvage, reuse and recycling of items of medical waste wherever possible.  Will consider requests for medical aid.

Cloth to Skin
Tel 01768 862267
Website www.clothtoskin.co.uk  Email tara@clothtoskin.co.uk  
Speedwell, Skirsgill Lane, Eamont Bridge, PENRITH, Cumbria CA10 2B

Independent retailer of cloth and reusable nappies and items.  Welcomes enquiries or check website for:  advice;  size guides;  sale and 2nd hand nappies and products - both can much reduce cost;  trial scheme;  buy back promise;  price match;  'glossary' of nappy terms;  washing and other tips.  'Some have better 2nd hand value than others'.  'Shaped nappies can be more economical - as the wrap does not always need changing, you need less wraps'.  Try before you buy - try nappies first to help decide which suit your child.  Sells pocket nappies;  all in ones;  wraps, boosters, liners and inserts;  trainer pants;  accessories - wipes, bags, and nappi nippas instead of pins.  Nappy hire and possible laundry services to local customers - please contact to discuss requirements.  If you find their products cheaper elsewhere, they will match the price.  (Updated Aug 2005)

The Cloth Resource

One-woman website listing and advocating the use of modern re-usable cloth nappies and accessories over disposables.  Simple, accessible, wide-ranging, directory-style resource - relevant, up to date, impartial and informative.  Very useful info on how and where to buy and sell nappies for re-use.  Lists nappy manufacturers and brands, UK and international, with descriptions and prices for UK products; sellers in UK; nappies made by work-at-home mums;  nappy services and support; laundries, home laundering tips; nappy networks; sling sellers; types of nappy, wrap and accessories; menstrual products; and glossary.   Newsletter and special notices.  (Updated Aug 2005)

Tel 01225 309218
Website www.clothworks.co.uk  Email  info@clothworks.co.uk 

Designer and supplier of socially responsible clothing for women, children and babies.  At the heart of the business is an awareness of the environmental impact of all raw materials used, from growing the fibre to manufacturing and colouring the cloth.  Aimed at "women who love clothes and love the planet."  Children's clothing divided into age 0-6 months, 6-12months, 1-2years, 3-4years, 5-6years.  Also cot bedding.  Uses organic cotton, organic linen and organic hemp, aiming to combine good design with ethical manufacture.  Excellent info on website about the support and encouragement needed for organic farmers, and threats to environment from non-organic cotton production methods, including GM cotton production.  Orders by phone, cheque or credit card.  P&P £1.25 up to £25, £3.50 £25-60, free above £60.  Mail order catalogue available. (Updated Jan 2005)

Cotton Bottoms 
Tel 0870 777 8899  Fax 0870 777 8700
Website www.cottonbottoms.org.uk   Email sales@cottonbottoms.co.uk  
7-9 Water Lane Industrial Estate, Water Lane, STORRINGTON, West Sussex RH20 3DP

Offers parents choice of washing at home or using the organisation's nappy laundering service, available throughout the South.  Website's 'Easy on the Planet' section has some 'frightening facts' about disposables (each baby uses 6,500 single-use nappies, and every one thrown away still exists!)  Supplier of washable cotton nappies certified by Oeko-tex, a European textile label which tests for pesticide residues.  Supplies 'super absorbent' pre-folds from premature to toddler, shaped nappies and all-in-ones.  Outer wraps  with Velcro or snap closure in polyester, cotton or nylon, in wide range of fun print designs and colours.  Trial pack: a cotton wrap, a leaflet and money-off voucher £9.99.  Sizes S/M/L.  
(Updated Jan 2005)

Cotton Fresh Services
Freephone 0800 328 5249  Tel 01234 851717  
Email enquiries@cottonfresh.co.uk  Website www.cottonfresh.co.uk 
Unit 9, Singer Court, Singer Way, Woburn Road Industrial Estate, Kempston, BEDFORD MK42 7AW

Cotton nappy and washing service.  Supplier of various baby products eg baby wipes, trainer pants, wet nappy bags, swim nappies, lightweight lambskins.  100% cotton nappy, usable with a range of breathable, waterproof, leak-proof covers in various sizes for comfort and to reduce rashes and infection.  No complicated folding.  Delivered in appropriate numbers weekly to door, as far as Milton Keynes or Hitchin.  Freshly sterilised to hospitals' thermal disinfectant standard.  £8.75 inclusive, weekly.   (Updated Apr 2003)

Tel 01430 425257  Fax 01430 421931
Email enquiries@cuddlebabes.co.uk  Website www.cuddlebabes.co.uk 
22 The Stray, South Cave, HU15 2AL

Reusable (real or cloth) nappies and products.  Independent family company, not affiliated to any brands.  Website divided into online shop, and nappy information pages which visitors are advised to search especially if making a first real nappy purchase.  Free classified ads page to advertise used nappies for sale, or pick them up at reasonable prices - special offers tab onsite.  Shop includes: nappy covers, boosters, liners, accessories and trial packs; baby carriers, training pants, nursing bras, sanitary protection, and shampoos.  Info includes: personalised advice, consideration of your needs, types of nappy and covers, comparison charts, general and wool care, folding instructions, environmental issues and policy, costs, washing and drying, childcare & cloth, troubleshooting, contacts, nappy laundries, baby carrying, and Wahm nappies.  Printable catalogue (PDF) can be emailed  - helps visitors keep waste paper to a minimum - printable if absolutely necessary but advises you print just the pages you are interested in.  For personalised advice, complete questionnaire for detailed response from experienced nappy consultants.  'No one will try to sell you something you don't need, as it may be that you can adjust the way you use your existing nappies without buying anything new.'   (Updated Sep 2004)

CumfyBumfy Washable Nappies and EcoFriendly Menstrual Products
Tel 01908 660096
Website www.cumfybumfy.co.uk  Email  christine@cumfybumfy.co.uk 
Shenley Lodge, Milton Keynes MK5 7BA
Contact  Christine Cooper

Home-run business selling washable cloth nappies, trainer pants, wraps, swim nappies, products for older children, and accessories in Milton Keynes, Buckingham, South Northants and Beds.  Also sells eco-friendly menstrual products including pads, DivaCup and SeaSponge tampons.  Local demonstrations and gift vouchers available.  Independent advice via phone, email and website.  Trial packages with buy-back scheme to try products with confidence.  Works with local councils and health professionals to promote use of eco-friendly products.  (Updated May 2005)

Tel 01326 340956
Email info@cut4cloth.co.uk  Website www.cut4cloth.co.uk 
4 Fore Street, Constantine, FALMOUTH, Cornwall TR11 5AB
Contact  Lucy & Kurt

Childrens clothes designed to fit over cloth nappies.  All fairly traded, 100% organic cotton (certified by AGRECO, Germany www.agrecogmbh.de), handpicked in rural India, and using environmentally responsible dyes.  'Tailored to give cloth nappy babies more room to wriggle', as many clothes are designed to cover the smaller un-environmental disposable nappies.  Dyes are free from banned amines, AZO, AOX, formaldehyde, heavy metals and other harmful additives.  The manufacturers in India give importance to working conditions, wages and human rights; no employee under 18 years of age, and the company has a long-term agenda of support for a local tribal school.   (Updated Oct 2004)

Dinky Diapers
Tel 0117 986 6167
Contact  Claire Collins, Manager

Nappy laundering service for Bristol and Bath area since 1989, at Keynsham since 2001.  Four-week trial, with supplies, for £30, then weekly collection £7.95 (from an agreed place if you're out) and delivery - any combination of nappy types.  New customers called during first few weeks, eg about nappy size changes for newborn babies, and general advice. Secondhand wraps from £1 each.  Other items available such as Ecover products, liners and wipes.  Also supplies bleach-free pin-free disposable alternative in 5 sizes for holidays, nappy balm and sun cream.  Franchise opportunities.  (Updated Feb 2005)

Earthwise Baby Ltd
Tel 01908 585769  Email  info@teamlollipop.co.uk  Website  www.earthwisebaby.com/good.htm
PO Box 1708, MILTON KEYNES, Bucks MK17 8YA

Nappies and accessories by mail order - free catalogue.  Three reusable cotton nappies:  luxurious unbleached, fluffy white with rainbow trim, and terry.  One size only, system of snaps for adjustment from new born (6lbs+) to toilet training.  More than one child can use same set.  Made in England, £8.99 each.  Free reusable liner.  Use with waterproof outer wraps.  Full instructions on site, which offers free birth announcements and classifieds, and international parenting news.  (Updated Apr 2003)

Easy Peasy Nappies

Tel 01865 841359  
Email info@easypeasynappies.co.uk  Website www.easypeasynappies.co.uk

16 The Phelps, Kidlington, Oxon OX15 1SP
Contact Caroline Whitfeld or Ali Berrill

Two mums have designed a small range of affordable, washable, versatile, breathable, comfortable nappies, available nationwide.  Committed to value for money and excellent, friendly service, with demonstrations and advice for people in Oxfordshire.  Bimble (£5.25) and Bumble (£5.95, larger/older babies) are fleece lined, with choice of fastenings and extras. (Updated Nov 2003)

Tel 01366 387851
Email nappies@eco-babes.co.uk  Website www.eco-babes.co.uk 
17 Paradise Road, Downham Market, Norfolk PE38 9HS

Importer of Popolini nappies and Popowraps, Pro-raps, Kissaluvs and organic cotton pre-folds.  Stocks most nappy systems, 5% discount to RNA members.   Eco-nappy kits for hire, Tel 01833 640400, eg kits for new-borns, trail kits, wrap and trainer pant kit.  These allow you to try out a range of real nappy systems before deciding which to buy.  Demo kits available for health professionals, councils, nappy activists.   Mail order, webshop, agents.  Wide selection of swim nappies, trainer pants and children’s incontinence pants.  Also organic clothes, toiletries and sanitary wear for mum and baby, and eco-friendly household products.  Call 01353 664941 for free catalogue.  (Updated Apr 2003)

Tel 01453 752 345 Fax 01453 752 345
Email sales@ecomania.co.uk  Website www.ecomania.co.uk 
32 High Street, STROUD, Gloucestershire GL5 1AJ 

Online green shop offering a wide range of interesting and innovative environmental products, including
cotton bottoms and other real and reusable nappies.  Categories  include:  baby, books, confectionery, garden, gifts, health & beauty, home, preparing for emergencies, recycled glass, stationery, wind-up products, accessories, clothing.  Quick site links include hot deals, best sellers, categories tree, advanced search, newsletter, price list, checkout, customer registration and A-Z products list.  Online arm of Ecotopia shop based in Stroud, 'established 2002, constantly striving to source environment friendly goods and gifts'.   See 410 Responsible consumerism for other similar services.   (Updated Sep 2004)

Website www.findit.co.uk/uk/baby.htm

Free UK classified advertising service.  Useful for sale and wanted list of baby clothes and equipment, also adult clothes section.  Many good secondhand bargains in wide variety of other categories, throughout UK.  Email confirmation of ads placed on site.  (Updated July 2004)

Free Range Kids 
Tel 01253 896290 (10am-6pm) 
Email info@freerangekids.co.uk  Website www.freerangekids.co.uk 
Garstang Road East, POULTON-LE-FYLDE, Lancs FY6 8HJ

One-stop-shop for real cloth nappies, slings and baby carriers from around the world, including organic fair-trade baby clothes and toys.  Aims to offer one place for all products needed for a baby, and high level personal service.  Family run business.  Products include:  all-in-ones (including one with matching hat); batik and other slings (including with UV barrier); hemp, pouch and all-in-one nappies; baby carriers including wraparounds and ergo back sacks; stay dry mattress pad; both childrens' and adults organic fair trade cotton trousers; accessories including liners, inserts, boosters, fasteners and wet nappy sack; The Mother and Juno magazines (see 640 Magazines and periodicals).  Explains that stuffable nappies have a fleece pocket which can take an absorbent material of your choice - saving money and waste if you've already accumulated terry nappies, boosters etc, or have old towels to cut up and use as the soaker.  With the "stuffing", you have a custom all-in-one nappy; without, you have a swim-nappy where the fleece stops the outer sticking to baby without absorbing moisture.  'You're only limited by your imagination and drawer contents!'  Items can be returned unused and unwashed in original packaging within 28 days for full refund (second class return postage refunded by credit voucher).  If a purchase anticipates a birth, you can state the expected due date and that will be considered the relevant date for returns purposes. Make contact first, in case it is unnecessary to be inconvenienced by sending an item back.  Orders can be cancelled for any reason within 24 hours.   (Updated Sep 2004)

Tel 01767 692922  Fax 01767 682694
3 Stockton End, Sunderland Road, SANDY, Beds SG19 1SB

Collection (from offices, schools etc) of feminine hygiene products through user-friendly 'Fempak' and 'Ladybin' sanitary disposal dispensers and containers.  'Ladybin' units are cleaned and replaced.  Contents of both systems are incinerated at Slough.

Ganmill Ltd

Tel 01278 423037
38-40 Market Street, BRIDGWATER, Somerset TA6 3EP

Markets 'Ecofem' reusable sanitary protection pads and other 'environmentally safe' products by mail order or credit card telephone order.

Get Real
Tel  01462 636188 (Herts) or 01933 411084 (Beds)
Email getrealnappies@yahoo.co.uk  Website www.getrealnappies.org  
90 Wymondley Road, HITCHIN, Herts SG4 9PX  

Campaign for real nappies in Herts and Beds.  Formerly 'Three Counties Real Nappy Network', established by two mothers.  Up to date information 'abreast of latest scientific and health studies', and practical advice and support.  Working with Real Nappy Association, WEN, National Association of Nappy Services, Beds County Council SQ Environment Trust, Waste Aware, Groundwork Herts, and Trac8.  Explains re-usables are easy to use - fasten with Velcro, wash at 60 degrees with no soaking; comfortable, breathable, fit well, do not leak, and help prevent nappy rash.  (Updated Nov 2003)

Tel 0870 777 0282 / 0800 085 6549  Fax 01273 488 221
Website www.gossypium.co.uk 
Abinger Place, LEWES, East Sussex BN7 2QA

Fairly traded organic cotton baby products.  Also men's, women's and children's wear, and home textiles.  Claims to be first company to develop fair trade cotton, from over 60 farmers.  Processing (as near as possible to crop), as well as route the clothes take, described, with photos, on website.  Also size chart, guarantee and returns policy, and privacy policy.  Sourced from India - all farms visited.  Cotton seeds also used for oil, food, cake, chocolate, cattle food.  Office open Mon-Fri 9-530.  Shop at 19 High Street, Lewes (01273 472211) open 930-5 Mon-Fri, 930-530 Sat, or send for free catalogue.  (Updated Dec 2004)

Green Baby 
Tel (orders) 0870 240 6894 / (advice) 0870 241 7661  Fax (orders) 0207 226 9244
Website www.greenbaby.co.uk  www.greenbabyco.com 
Email  customercare@greenbaby.co.uk 
(Shop) 345 Upper Street, Islington, London N1 0PD  
(Office) 2QR Leroy House, 436 Essex Rd, London, N1 3QP

Two shops offering wide variety of organic cotton clothing, washable nappies, liners, wipes, swimming pants, bedlinen, mattresses, towels, hygienic recyclable glass feeding bottles, gentle toiletries, chemical-free nursery furnishings and wooden toys from sustainable, well-managed forests, maternity wear, baby equipment and accessories via mail order and website.  Items include Green Baby 100% organic cotton, shaped or wraparound easy changing nappies, bodysuits, terry nightsuits etc, many types and colours.  Washable nappy trial packs available - advice in well-illustrated catalogue.   Imse Vimse, award-winning Swedish chemical-free cotton flannelette and organic cotton terry nappies.  'Complete collection of natural products for a baby’s needs'.  Nickel and chlorine avoided.  Ring for free catalogue.  Also shop at 5 Elgin Crescent, Notting Hill, London W11.  (Updated Feb 2005)

Green Choices

  Email info@greenchoices.org 
PO Box 31617, London SW2 4FF

Free, independent, not-for-profit web guide to greener living.  Like THE WASTEBOOK, it has no products to sell or promote, only ideas and information to help people make greener choices in their day-to-day lives.  The section of the website given above has helpful advice on nappies, baby  clothes, food, toys and other items.   (Updated May 2005)

Tel 01803 868001  Fax 01803 868002  
Website www.greenfibres.com  Email mail@greenfibres.com 
Freepost LON7805, Westbourne Unit P, TOTNES, Devon TQ9 5ZZ

Mail order supplier selling high quality, thoughtfully designed textile products made in ecologically and socially responsible ways for babies - clothes, nappies, changing sheets and other products.  Also clothes for adults and children, bedding, pillows, mattresses, towels, tablecloths, toys and crafts.  Supports environmentally responsible farming and production methods - materials include organic cotton and linen, demeter wool, untreated silk and hemp.  Also organic and non-allergenic, sustainably produced (info on website) cleaning products, skincare, perfumes and essential oils.  Shop at 99 High Street, Totnes.  Encourages limiting consumption.  (Updated Dec 2004)

Grembo Organics
Tel 01253 701518   Fax 01253 700523
Email info@theorganicgifthampercompany.co.uk  Website www.grembo.co.uk
Banks Farm Cottage, Staynall Lane, HAMBLETON, Lancs FY6 9DT
Contact  Suzanne Thompson

Supplier of range of organic cotton baby sleeping bags made in two layers to highest quality and safety.  They come in three thermal weights for different seasons so baby does not overheat.  No blankets required.  Interesting FAQ section on website.  Made in US.  (Updated Aug 2005)

Tel  01278 422060  
Website  www.hempresto.co.uk  Email  bex@hempresto.co.uk 
Lauriebeck, 9 Halyard Drive, BRIDGWATER, Somerset TA6 3SQ

Online shop created by 'mum on a mission' to reduce the unnecessary expense and massive environmental impact of single-use nappies.  All-natural fabric range developed through search for nappy related products she couldn’t find elsewhere, including nappies, boosters, changing mat, wipes, terries.  (Updated Aug 2004)

Ipswich Real Nappy Network

Tel  0870 246 1693 (BT National Rate)  
Website www.ipswichrealnappynetwork.org.uk  

Email info@suffolkrealnappynetwork.org.uk
21 Bramblewood, IPSWICH, Suffolk IP8 3RS
Contact  Emma Byrd, Co-ordinator

Voluntary, not-for-profit organisation 'getting to the bottom of waste' by promoting use of washable nappies in Ipswich and surrounding areas. Run by committee of parents offering independent, impartial advice.  Affiliated to RNA (Real Nappy Association).  Holds monthly 'Nappucino' meetings at St Pancras Church Hall, Tacket Street, 10:30 - 12:30, first Wed of the month.  Includes a popular secondhand nappy exchange, and a nappy library with many different types!  Committee members on hand to show people how to use all these.  Many people on low incomes attend - nappies can be bought from £1 each.  Also nappy loan / trial kits and information packs.  Over 130 parents converted to cloth over six months, cutting waste and saving the council £4550 in landfill tax.  60 members spreading the word.  Health visitors have noticed the large number of cloth-bottomed babies at clinics.  (Updated July 2004)

Kallo Group Ltd

Premier House, Madeira Road, WEST BYFLEET, Surrey KT14 6NF

Markets 'Privat' sanitary towels which are 'produced from managed forests, contain no dioxins and are non-chlorine bleached'.  A 'best buy' in Ethical Consumer magazine.  Company policy is 'to promote as many organic products as possible'.

The Keeper

Tel 01455 556878
Email keeper@goodfooddelivery.co.uk   Website www.goodfooddelivery.co.uk 
PO Box 616, BRISTOL BS99 5UN
Contact  Sue McGrath

A small soft natural rubber non-disposable cup with a lifespan of 'at least 10 years', offering an alternative to tampons and towels, worn internally to catch menstrual blood, and easily removable.  Available mail order. Originating in the US, it was designed, manufactured and marketed by women to reduce the wastage associated with disposable sanitary protection.  Environmental benefits considerable, as the waste from disposable sanitary products is greater than that from disposable nappies.  The average woman may use 12-15,000 items in her lifetime.  Hazards of toxic shock or dioxins eliminated.  A 'best buy' in Ethical Consumer magazine. More info on website. (Updated Nov 2003)

Tel 01986 798939
Website www.kittykins.co.uk    Email contact@kittykins.co.uk 
Southerly, Church Road, HEVENINGHAM, Suffolk IP190EA

Small family-run company offering mail order online supply of wide range of cloth nappies, wraps, liners, boosters, all-in-ones, terries, hemp clothing and associated products.  No disposables.  Stocks most leading brands.  Few organic products (non-organic cotton production harms environment and workers), but stocks Organic Babies lotion, shampoo etc.  The family baby has tested every product!  Email or phone for catalogue if required.  Free p&p within UK.  No quibble returns policy. Will not pass on names.  Nappy advice resource includes interactive questionnaire and links to local council incentives.  (Updated Jan 2005)

Tel (sales) 0870 120 2018  (customer services) 0870 607 0545  Fax 020 8961 1333 
Email info@thebabycatalogue.com  Website www.thebabycatalogue.com  
Perfectly Happy People Ltd, 31-33 Park Royal Road, London NW10 7LQ 

Supplier of reusable cloth nappies made in North America, in two styles: Ultra has pure cotton inner with waterproof outer in assorted prints.  Classic has hidden waterproof layer and totally cotton exterior, good for babies with Eczema.  Both have Velcro fasteners. Two sizes, infant 4-10 kg and toddler 10-20 kg.  Single infant Ultra £8.00, single toddler Ultra £9.50, single infant Classic £7.50, single toddler Classic £9.00.  100 page colour catalogue, RNA discount 10%.  (Updated Aug 2004)

Lisa's Nappy Laundry
Tel 01702 343 660
Website www.lisasnappylaundry.co.uk  Email  info@lisasnappylaundry.co.uk
253 Fairfax Drive, WESTCLIFF-ON-SEA, Essex SS0 9EP
Contact  Lisa Wood

Laundry service (to professional NHS standards) for Southend and SS postcode area of Essex.  £9 per week includes hire of nappy bin, bin liners, nappy liners deodorising discs, and freshly laundered nappies.  Also runs a ‘reduced service’ at only £6.50 per week - ideal for people who still wish to use disposables.  Reductions for parents with more than one child.  Further reduction with Essex County Council voucher.  Easy tips on folding, padding etc, and environmental info on website.  Award for environmental best practice.  (Updated Aug 2004)

Little Green Earthlets Ltd 
Tel 0845 072 4462  Fax 08701 624456  Website www.earthlets.co.uk  
Unit 17, Silveroaks Farm, WALDRON, East Sussex TN21 0RS 

UK distributor of Mother-ease nappies, all-in-one, liners, prefolds, breathable outer wraps, Velcro or popper, terries.  Also trainer and bedwetter pants, liners and accessories.  Nappy packages available. 10% discount RNA members (quote number).  Organic cotton bed-protector and blanket; wool and organic cotton mat.  Comprehensive mail order catalogue of ethical and educational products including Mother-ease nappies, wooden toys, natural toiletries, books, children's clothing, furniture and much more ' to rear  family naturally!'  Designed to cover pregnancy, birth and kids up to teens.  (Updated Feb 2005)

Lollipop Children's Products Ltd

Tel  01736 799512   Fax  01736 794886
Email  info@teamlollipop.co.uk   Website  www.teamlollipop.co.uk
Freepost SWB 40893, Bosigran Farm, Pendeen, PENZANCE, Cornwall TR20 8YX  
Contact  Liz Scambler, Founder

Mail order, and about 170 local agents, mostly parents, from Cornwall to Scotland - listed on website.  Wide range of real nappies and other products from several manufacturers.  Based at a converted barn on an organic National Trust farm near the Cornish cliffs.  Aiming to have an agent in every town so people can contact knowledgeable, caring sources.  Clear, colourful website has information and products including wooden toys, high chairs, environment friendly hygiene and menstrual products, all-terrain pushchairs, baby carriers, beach and swim items including waterproof nappies, shoes (wearable while swimming: protects against verukas, lightweight, quick drying, moulded sole preventing slipping on wet floors and tiles), seats, buoyancy aids and sunglasses for babies.  Organically grown cotton, wool and hemp cloth nappies and covers.  UK's first complete range of Soil Association certified pure cosmetics, skin care and herbal ointments.  Spiezia organic skin care for baby and parents.  Organic cotton and wool blankets, lambskins and slings.  Clothes and sleeping bags from organic materials.  Online ordering.  'We only supply… systems that will not scar our children's landscape.'  (The Times 16 11 02:) 'Fashionable, washable nappies… subtle tartans to brilliant pinks and oranges.  Lollipop is organising a scheme to make them affordable for low-income families, and trying to get them manufactured locally because their most popular lines come from abroad.'  
(Updated July 2004)

Modern Baby
Tel: 01992 505976 / 0800 093 1500  Fax: 01992 536473
Email sales@modernbaby.co.uk   Website www.modernbaby.co.uk 
Brooksby, 70 Tamworth Road, HERTFORD, Herts SG13 7DN

Supplies soft, stylish shaped or pre-fold nappies, plus choice of high-quality velcro-closing breathable covers in plain white or modern prints.   Sizes from newborn to toddler.  Trial packs: nappy + cover + 4 flushable liners. Shaped trial pack £11.99, pre-fold trial pack £8.50.   (Updated Aug 2004)

Moontime Alternatives
Tel 0208 516 4567

Supplier of washable cotton menstrual pads - leaflet and price list available.


Tel 01923 210210 Head Office (Watford)

Stockist of reusable nappies. Branches throughout Britain.

Nappy Exchange
- see Women's Environmental Network below

The Nappy Finder service 

Allows parents to find all their local services including Local Authority incentive schemes simply by entering their postcode.

Nappy Fresh
Tel 01482 229950

Claimed to be the world's first user friendly, responsible, biodegradable nappy sanitiser, made by the Bio-D company.  Hypoallergenic, enzyme free, no chlorine bleach.

The Nappy Lady
Tel: 01622 739034 
Email info@thenappylady.co.uk 
Website www.thenappylady.co.uk
16 Hill Brow, Bearsted, Maidstone, Kent ME14 4AW

Specialises in free detailed advice, but also sells products.  Website puts comprehensive helpful advice first, as the initial cost of non-disposable nappy products and systems is quite high (though disposables are more expensive overall) and there are many different products.  Plenty of advice on-site, but free personal contact offered (via on-site printable forms, email, or phone, no-obligation).  Sections include: practical information, practical nappy tips, tailored advice with optional questionnaire, advice query form and specific nappy query.  Advice on ordering, and personal payment planning/spreading.  Nappy laundering section may be particularly useful, as this seems a difficult area.  Says 'consider cloth nappies for environmental, chemical or financial reasons but use them because you prefer themModern reusable nappies are nothing like the terries you might be imagining.'  (Updated Apr 2003)

Nappy Line - see Real Nappy Association below

Nappy Nation Ltd

Tel: 07790 256523
Email: sales@nappy-nation.com
  Website: www.nappy-nation.com 
33 Bockhampton Road, KINGSTON,
Surrey KT2 5JU

Creator of the No-Fold Terry, a shaped nappy that folds out for faster drying; available in Aplix, snap or pinnable closure.  Size 1 up to 6-9 months, Size 2 up to Potty training.  Design (patent pending, made in UK) allows for secure boosting and easier line drying.  Other products include the Snap Extender, deluxe booster (fleece topped) and  the No-Fold All-in-One.  Trial pack: 2 No-Fold Terry, 1 deluxe Booster and a pull on pant £15.  In five sizes - £7.50 each. When ordering, please state baby's weight and age (or due date).  (Updated Apr 2003)

Nappy Net

Tel 0207 937 4099
52 Earls Court Road, LONDON W8 6EE

Cotton nappy laundering, collection and delivery service for parents, childminders, nurseries and hospitals - West London area.

Nappy Tales

Tel 01235 811344 / 01235 812747
Website  www.nappytales.freeserve.co.uk  Email  gina@nappytales.freeserve.co.uk
Unit 1, Hall Farm, South Moreton, DIDCOT, Oxon OX11 9AH

Cotton nappy laundering at Nappy Tales' own laundry.  Discounted rate for first three months, to encourage parents to try the service.  Provides supply of nappies and deodorised bin to store used nappies prior to collection.  Collection and delivery service for parents, childminders, nurseries and hospitals - Oxfordshire, South Bucks and Berkshire.  Local authorities  promote and subsidise Nappy Tales and real nappy manufacturers in partnership with hospitals.  Information packs supplied to new mothers, and nappies for new parents to try.  Nappies washed and disinfected to thermal disinfection standards as Health Service Guidelines (HSAG(95)18).  Sample nappy sent quarterly to a laboratory to test for hygiene standards.  (Updated Aug 2004)

Nappy Wise

Tel 01926 422646

Nappy laundering collection and delivery service covering Warwickshire and Banbury area.

National Association of Nappy Services (NANS)

Tel 0121 693 4949  
www.changeanappy.co.uk  Email info@changeanappy.co.uk 
50 Cedar Road, NORTHAMPTON, Northants NN1 4RW

Voluntary, non-profit organisation established early 1990s to co-ordinate work by nappy laundering services - lists on website.  Sets out industry's operating standards and guidelines, protecting the public by ensuring only approved laundry procedures and strict NHS regulations are followed.  Promotes cotton nappies to increase awareness of environment and health problems associated with disposables.  Provides information and advice on reusable nappies, nappy laundering, collection and delivery services for parents, childminders, nurseries and hospitals.  Members offer local delivery and collection of freshly laundered cotton nappies.  Also suitable for adult incontinence.  (Updated Aug 2004)

National Bag It & Bin It Campaign

52 Broadwick Street, LONDON W1V 1FF

Partnership of water companies, manufacturers of disposable personal products, government agencies and other organisations endeavouring to raise public awareness of the problems associated with using the toilet as a wet dustbin by flushing 'away' personal products. Information leaflet available free of charge.

Bodywise (UK) Ltd, 14 Lower Court Road, Almondsbury, BRISTOL BS32 4DX

Supplier of 'formfitting' washable cotton nappies, designed to grow with the baby.

Natural Child
Tel 01242 620988   Fax 01242 620988
Website www.naturalchild.co.uk/nappies.html   Email  info@naturalchild.co.uk 

Natural Family Health, Lower Stanley Farm, Gretton, CHELTENHAM, Glos GL54 5HQ

Wide range of natural products by mail order.  Own brand and other toiletries mostly organic and fairly traded - sources given.  Some organic clothing, nappies, liners, blankets and bed protectors, toothpaste, shampoo; some hemp products.  Also well-sourced pregnancy and labour items and advice, baby slings, health products, oils, remedies,   Each product carefully chosen and ingredients checked.  Full ingredient list provided, so you can tell at a glance if suitable.  Only deals with ethical companies.  Recycled packaging wherever possible.  Postage £1.50 up to £15, £3 for £15-40, free over £40.  Privacy - no details passed on (reduces junk mail).  Useful advice as well as products on excellent website.  Old nappies can be sent to charity "Blythswood Care", M. Smith, Timbukthree, New Tolsta, Isle of Lewis, HS2 0NN, which go for use by poor people in Moldova.  Excellent and useful links page.  (Updated Apr 2005)

Natural Collection Catalogue  

Tel  0870 331 3335 (queries)  0870 331 3333 (orders)   Fax 0870 331 3334  
Website www.naturalcollection.com  Email sales@naturalcollection.com  
PO Box 135, SOUTHAMPTON, Hants SO14 0FQ  

Mail order shopping to contribute to a sustainable future, including many products with recycled content.  Over 500 products chosen with the environment in mind, and helpful advice by phone.  Includes flushable and biodegradable personal products; also organic clothing for adults and children.  Published by Green Dot Guides and supported by Friends of the Earth, The Vegetarian Society, World Development Movement etc.  Delivery free over £100.   (Updated Jan 2005)

Naturally for Baby
Tel / Fax 0141 773 3241
8 Finlarig Street, South Rogerfield, GLASGOW G34 0AD

Mail order supply of goods such as reusable nappies, natural fibre clothing, toiletries, toys and books. Personal and friendly family-run ethical business. A5 SAE for catalogue.  (Updated Jan 2005)

Natural Nappies Ltd
Tel  01376 563787
Website www.naturalnappies.co.uk   Email  babies@naturalnappies.co.uk 
30 West Street, COGGLESHALL, Essex CO6 1NS

Supplier of cotton prefold nappies (various sizes, up to £1.54), polyester waterproof wraps (£7), booster pads (£8.99 pack of 6), one way liners (100, £2). Post extra.  £8 weekly nappy laundry service based at Coggeshall for Essex, Suffolk and Cambs - bin provided - start-up pack £35.  Website shows simple folding tips and gives environmental facts.  Member of National Association of Nappy Services.  Formed 2001 by a group of environment-conscious friends.  (Updated Aug 2004)

The Natural Nursery

Tel 0845 890 1665 
Email info@naturalnursery.co.uk  Website www.naturalnursery.co.uk 
185 North Street, Southville, BRISTOL BS3 1JQ
Contact  Arabella Greatorex

Supplies wide range of organic and fairly traded baby and pregnancy products, including real nappies, clothes cut for cloth bottomed babies, shoes, toiletries, wooden toys and more.  Range of fair trade, organic t-shirts and tops appliquéd with characters.  Information on why families should switch to real nappies and the benefits of buying organic and fair-trade products, and full details about their suppliers.  Special offers page updated several times a day.  (New customers could receive a 10% discount off their first order, by quoting voucher number 112222000 when checking out - contact to confirm whether this still applies.)  Accepts on-line orders  using WorldPay's secure server to process credit cards.  
(Updated Aug 2005)

Naturally Nappies
Tel  0845 1664 716 (local rate) or 0870 745 6641 (BT Nat rate number)
Email nappy@naturallynappies.com ,  order@naturallynappies.com
Website www.naturallynappies.com
17 French Road, CATTERICK GARRISON, North Yorks DL9 3AL
Contact  Vicky

Mail order and agent network.  Free brochure available, by download or post.  Babylife one-size nappy, Happy Nappy, Disana Organic nappy range, Disana wool and microfibre covers, Terry boosters, Popolini's, and large range of UK-made nappies.  Adjustable wraps, slings, liners, soft breast pads, sanitary wear, sensitive products to heal and prevent rashes, and sleeping bags.  Changing accessories include soft mats, meshes, buckets, cremes and shampoos.  Free independent advice and information.  Try before you buy scheme, and special offers.  5% discount on first order for RNA and TAMBA members, and HM Forces.  Standard delivery free (mainland UK, 3-5 days) for orders over £75 for most items.  Postage for orders under £75 is £2.50 (sample nappy or wrap 60p postage).  Will exchange or refund unsuitable items.   (Updated Feb 2005)

Nature Botts
Tel / Fax  0845 226 2186
Website www.naturebotts.co.uk  Email info@naturebotts.co.uk 
1a Kingsbury Lane, RINGWOOD, Hants BH24 1EL
Contact  Jess Hyde

Eco-friendly baby and mother products delivered. Includes Moltex Oko compostable, unbleached, disposables (cheapest supplier); Tushies wipes; Earth Friendly baby skincare range; organic cotton wool (cotton grown in Tanzania); Natracare feminine hygiene range (no chlorine/dioxins);  own brand degradable nappy sacks.  Free nappy samples.  Orders by phone or online.  Price list on website - postage £4.25, but free delivery on orders over £65.  48 hour service.  Also FAQ info.  Set up in 2001 to avoid brands that aggravated eczema and soreness.  (Updated Aug 2005)

Nifty Nappies

Tel 01420 549659
Website www.niftynappies.co.uk  Email enquiries@niftynappies.co.uk 
62 Anstey Road, ALTON, Hants GU34 2RF

Cotton nappy laundering supply (velcro - no pins), collection and weekly delivery service covering North and East Hants, West Surrey and Berkshire borders.  Nappies can be washed and used many times, reducing waste and pollution and saving energy.  Nappies for one baby £8.25 a week.  Inclusive hire service, wraps, liners and bin £9.75.  Stocks related items such as changing mats, bed and play mats, swim nappies.  Friendly service. (Updated Aug 2004)

NP Services / Freshaway

Tel 01767 691922 Fax 01767 682694
3 Stockton End, Sunderland Road, SANDY, Beds SG19 1SB

Collection (from offices, schools etc) of feminine hygiene products through user-friendly 'Fempak' and 'Ladybin' sanitary disposal dispensers and containers.  'Ladybin' units are cleaned and replaced.  Contents of both systems are incinerated at Slough.

Number One For Nappies

Tel  01992 713665
271 Holdbrook Court, Holdbrook South, WALTHAM CROSS, Herts EN8 7SL
Website  www.numberonefornappies.co.uk  Email  sales@numberonefornappies.co.uk

Weekly cotton nappy washing collection and delivery service - £34 for 4 weeks.  Laundered to Dept of Health guidelines - member of National Association of Nappy Services.  Provides nappies, wraps, inner liners (rolls of 100, £2) and bin (returnable).  Delivers pre-agreed number of nappies to suit need, including shaped no-fold nappies for newborn babies, thick ones and boosters for nighttime, trial sizes for toddlers, and terries.  Snug-fit wraps (6 different sizes, £7 each) shaped like disposables.  Folding demonstrated.  Supported by many local authorities.  (Updated Aug 2004)

Plush Pants Cloth Nappies UK
Tel 01865 408040
Website  www.plushpants.co.uk   Email enquiries@plushpants.co.uk 
40 Westfield Road, Long Wittenham, ABINGDON, Oxford OX14 4RF
Contact  Christine McRitchie 

Offers hire of real nappy range, including organic and unbleached, to try out at home, before committing to purchase. After trial period, hire cost is offset against nappy purchase - so effectively nappy hire is free.  Fleece, wool, cotton or polyester wraps.  All machine washable range includes Totsbots, Popolino, Nature Babies and Mother-ease.  Website has info and advice pages, including choosing nappies, nappy trial, nappy rash, washing, saving money, breastfeeding, childcare, environmental and health issues.  (Updated Aug 2004)

RagBags Cloth Nappies
Tel 0115 841 0169
Website www.ragbags.co.uk  Email sales@ragbags.co.uk
45 Anstey Rise, Sneinton, Nottingham NG3 2BY
Contact  Lisa Cleverley

Online retail store selling many varieties of 'real' (cloth) nappies, including Cotton Bottoms (no residues, gels or animal testing), nappy inserts and bioliners, wraps, re-usable wipes, swim nappies, eco-friendly sanitary protection (sanpro), Mooncup (alternative to tampons, made in UK, 90 day trial) and Medela breastfeeding products.  Trial nappy before purchase.   Supports natural products, and promotes council money-back schemes on nappies.  Size guide on website.  Some reduced factory seconds.  (Updated Jan 2005)

Real Nappy Association
Tel 0208 299 4519  Nappy Line 01983 401959  
Email contact@realnappy.com  Website
PO Box 3704, LONDON SE26 4RX

Central source of information and advice on all nappy related issues, and adult incontinence, for the media, health professionals, local authorities and individuals.  Website has lots of useful info and tips (such as adding a little vinegar to the final wash to keep nappies soft!)  Nappy buying guide and supplier list on website.  Nappy Line, 01983 401 959, staffed 9-12 Mon and Wed (or answering machine for same-day response) gives local cloth nappy outlets, local laundry services or mail order.  (Currently over 1200 retail and 275 local nappy sellers.) Membership network and 'real nappy hotline' provides practical support and tips to parents and carers, including advice on adult incontinence and contact with others nearby.  Annual subscription (£7 minimum) includes a quarterly newsletter and discounts on 'real' , ie washable, nappies.  The variety of real nappies available is greater than ever before.  As well as traditional terry squares and woollen overpants, options include quick release Velcro closings, two-piece systems, wraparounds, and 'all-in-ones'.  Special packs are also available for health professionals for parentcraft classes wishing to promote washables as a significant waste reduction measure.  Large SAE with 2 stamps for FREE parents' information pack.  Works closely with Women's Environmental Network (see below), which runs Real Nappy Week and the Nappy Exchange.  (Updated Nov 2003)

Real Nappy Helpline  0845 850 0606 
gives details of local cloth nappy contacts - whether they want to buy, wash at home, or use a laundry service. 

Real Nappy Week
- see news at top and Women's Environmental Network below

Sam I Am
Tel 0208 995 9204 / 01522 778 9326
Email  natalie@nappies.net
  Website  www.nappies.net 
4 Sharon Road, Chiswick, LONDON W4 4PD

Supplies organic cotton nappies wherever possible.  Brushed cotton flannelette nappies with quick release Velcro fastening.  Comfort, convenience and secure fit.  Two sizes suffice from birth to 35lbs.  'Great nappies to pass on to the next baby.'  Trial pack (S or L): 1 nappy / waterproof pant & four liners £9.95;  XS and XL packs also available.  10% Discount to RNA members with orders over £10.   Over 50 UK consultants selling since 1995.  Large range of items for babies - free brochure.  See Snazzy Pants below.  (Updated Aug 2004)

Schmidt Natural Clothing
Tel 0845 3450498  Fax 01825 714676
Email glenn@naturalclothing.co.uk  Website www.naturalclothing.co.uk 
Corbiere, Nursery Lane, Nutley, East Sussex TN22 3NS 
Contact  Glenn Kositzki-Metzner

Mail order sale of garments and accessories made in an ecologically and socially responsible way for babies, children and adults (undergarments only for adults). Materials include organic cotton and wool, and natural silk.  Many garments suitable for sensitive skin, including sleep suit for eczema.  Full range of organic baby clothing, organic bedding and lambskins, including natural woolover pantsNappy range includes soft organic wrap-around cotton for absorbency, comfort and health; microfibre wraps and quick release fitted cotton nappies; raw silk liners promoting healing of nappy rash; get outfitted for £3.15 per week, trial packs from £8.20, six month starter pack £99.  Other items include bedding, soft toys, underwear, socks, tights, slippers, nightwear, and seasonal outer wear.  Free catalogue.  Free six month credit plan for any items.    (Updated Jan 2005)

Website www.smilechild.co.uk  Email customerservices@smilechild.co.uk
Freephone 0800 1956 982 (including orders)   Tel/Fax 01579 383050
Unit 3, Callington Business Park, Tinners Way, Moss Side Industrial Est, CALLINGTON, Cornwall PL17 7SH

Mail order and online supplies including cloth nappies, liners and accessories, wipes and creams, clearance items and extras.  Fairtrade and organic including clothes for children and adults, and playmats.  Other items include toy sack made of jute which is 100% biodegradable, non-toxic and recyclable like paper and cotton;  also strong, heat and fire resistant, and a natural fibre preventing soil erosion, saving seed and nurturing new vegetation.  Tiny Toes gift certificate - 2 trees planted and maintained in a specially designated UK wood.  Organic gardening kits and accessories.  Online magazine for parents and children with sections and items including education, home working, natural birth, and Radio 4 interview.  Sells Juno magazine (see 640 Magazines and periodicals) and New Consumer UK fair trade magazine (see 410 Responsible Consumerism).  Low-allergen latex bottle teats with anti-colic ventilation valve.  Cosmetics and toddler accessories.  Discussion area and suppliers' info including fair trade and organic.  Ethical Junction member.  Order by phone or fax, 24hrs, 365 days a year (credit/debit cards).  
(Updated Oct 2004)

Snazzy Pants
Tel  01522 778440
Website www.snazzypants.co.uk  Email info@snazzypants.co.uk 
Besthorpe Road, NORTH SCARLE, Lincs LN6 9EZ

Independent family-run online cloth nappy shop, post free.  Wide product range including several in organic cotton, and many accessories.  Owners of Sam-I-Am nappy, and manufacturer of Snuggle Naps.  Sample cloth nappy kits.  Council vouchers accepted.  Free advice by phone, fax or email.   (Updated Aug 2004)

Spirit Of Nature Ltd
Tel 0870 725 9885  Fax 0870 725 9886
www.spiritofnature.co.uk  Email
Unit 7, Hannah Way, Gordleton Industrial Park, LYMINGTON, Hants SO41 8JD 
(Registered Office 8 New Road, Linslade, LEIGHTON BUZZARD, Beds LU7 7LX)
Contact  Liz and Spirit Of Nature team

Supplier of many natural and environment friendly products.  Wide range of 600 items including adult and baby clothing from organically grown raw materials, natural bodycare, and eco-household products.  Safe, non-toxic arts & crafts.  Baby furniture, cribs, cots and high chairs, sleepwear.  Dental care, massage brushes, combs, bath accessories, nail care and oils.  Nursing bras, breast pads, bedding, baby bathwraps, bibs and bottle brushes.  Unusual items include natural pest control range.  Useful information (see list at top of sitemap) on for example the dangers of chemicals in products, including Toxic Shock Syndrome, and why dioxin is harmful in the body.  Free delivery on orders over £75 for most UK destinations.  Tries to keep transport costs low, promoting inner-European trade, and uses own photos, catalogue and website design to minimise prices.  Secure on-line credit card ordering; customers can also opt to enter orders online and then fax credit card details or send cheque.  100% satisfaction or money back.  £1 discount for internet orders over £5.  Privacy and returns policy.  (Updated Apr 2005)

Three Counties Nappy Service
Tel 01582 650636  
Email info@threecountiesnappies.co.uk  Website www.threecountiesnappies.co.uk 
14 Arrow Close, LUTON, Beds LU3 3LR
Contact  Jan Lock

Cotton nappy and washing service.  Supplier of various baby products .  100% cotton nappy, usable with a range of breathable, waterproof, leak-proof covers in various sizes for comfort and to reduce rashes and infection.  Easy to use, re-usable wraps and liners.  No pins, no complicated folding.  Delivered in appropriate numbers weekly to door, covering Mid and South Beds, Herts, and Bucks.  Sterilised to hospitals' thermal disinfectant standard.  Deodorized nappy bin with biodegradable liner provided, so you don't even have to be at home.  £8.00 inclusive, weekly.  Website has some fascinating facts, tips and potty training hints.  A not for profit project from CRAG (Community Recycling Action Group) - see section 130.    (Updated Mar 2005)

Time2Change Real Nappies & Accessories
Tel 01324 888810
Website www.time2changeuk.co.uk 
106 Wallace Street, Falkirk, Scotland FK2 7DX
Contact  Alex Hughes

Range of washable cloth nappies including Tots Bots, Ella's House, Junior Joy, Wonderoos.  Prefolds, shaped nappies, wraps, liners, wipes, nappy bags.  Accessories include a range of clothing, handmade fleece items and washable sanitary products.  Useful articles on website.  (Updated May 2005)

Tree Hugger Mums 
Website  www.treehuggermums.co.uk/shop
Email  editor@treehuggermums.co.uk
TreeHuggerMums Ltd, PO Box 91, NEWPORT, Shrops TF10 8WY

THM online shop has range of fair trade, 100% organic cotton clothes specially cut to fit over cloth-nappied bottoms.  Also wraps, terry squares, muslins and baby carrying slings.  Useful Beginners' guide to cloth nappies.  Info on parenting decisions, pregnancy, breastfeeding etc.  Shop has Mooncup, an environment-friendly alternative to tampons, and eco-menstrual hemp fleece pads.  (Updated Aug 2004)

Twinkle Twinkle 
Tel / Fax  and  Nappy Line  0118 934 2120      
  nappyhelp@twinkleontheweb.co.uk   miranda@twinkleontheweb.co.uk  Website www.twinkleontheweb.co.uk
Beggars Hill Road, Lands End, TWYFORD, Berks RG10 0UB

Independent advice on choosing the right nappy system.  Introduced washable cloth nappy products to UK, such as Kissaluvs, Stacinator, Fuzzi Bunz and fleece liner.  Sells most brands available in UK, including organic, prefolds and terries.  One-stop service: can try two or three different makes or combinations, trial packs, first orders post free, as are orders to RG postcodes, and all orders over £50.  Website includes 'New Products' with wide list including nappies, wraps, toiletries, sling designs; 'Nappy Natter' forums / email lists for questions or chat; events in Thames Valley area including 'Nappy Auctions' buy and sell, from lightly-used to home-sown creations.  Can find washable cloth nappy system or product combination to suit need.  Also baby care products, tea tree oils, slings, menstrual wear and other good quality accessories.  Nappies tested, including by customers, with combinations of wraps.  Email queries answered, however basic - whether or not product was bought from them, or whether they stock it.  24 hour Nappy Advice Helpline, normal call rate (sometimes answer machine - will reply quickly).  Secure on-line and mail order, major debit and credit cards, free catalogue. 
(Updated July 2004)

UK Parents Cloth Nappy Forum
Tel 0870 0332 319  
Website www.ukparents.co.uk   Email fiona@ukparents.co.uk
Full address www.ukparents.co.uk/forumsasp/MessageIndex.asp?page=2&ForumID=51 
Contact  Fiona McKenzie or Susan Lee

Immensely popular UK based washable cloth nappy discussion board; ask a question there, and it will probably be answered.  The wide range of topics include: cloth nappies, eco-friendly parenting and eco-friendly menstrual products.  Site includes fast moving buy and sell section - a good place to sell nappies as well as buy.  Categories include: nappies; slings and carriers; aftersales; clothes (kids and adults); gifts for Easter, Birthdays and Christmas; maternity wear; general; wants and freebies.  Also a Swaps board (private, not commercial).  Rules of use and guidance provided.  Occasional postings are made by the UKParents administration team, on behalf of researchers approved by the editor for helping members via the forums; but the team does not intervene in any disputes about sales or swaps.  (Updated Feb 2005)

Women's Environmental Network

Tel 0207 481 9004  Fax 0207 481 9144
Email  nappies@wen.org.uk or waste@wen.org.uk or info@wen.org.uk 
4 Pinchin Street, London E1 1TZ

Leading campaigner on 'real nappies' and personal products.  Initiated Waste Minimisation Act.  Reports and advice enabling councils to work with hospitals and real nappy companies and nappy services to reduce the 3 to 4% of household waste from disposable nappies.  Organises Real Nappy Week in April, backed by over half UK local authorities, and promotes Nappy Line (01983 401959) for 'snappy local nappy buying'.   Runs the 2nd hand Nappy Exchange, co-ordinating buyers and sellers / donators of cloth nappies in good condition.  (To buy, ring 0207 481 9004, 10am-2pm on Thu or Fri.)  Expertise on preventing other wastes and on alternatives to wasteful products.  Other campaigns encompass health, local food, and sanitary protection.  Supports ‘bag it and bin it’ campaigning and provides information on suppliers of modern non-disposable alternatives to disposable sanitary towels and tampons.  Through the 'Continence Project', researching amount of waste created by disposable continence products and how it can be avoided.  WEN has members, affiliates, and active local groups.  Enquiries via website or large SAE.  (See also section 400  Social, ecological and lifestyle aspects of waste; and Real Nappy Association above.)   (Updated Aug 2004)

WRAP (Waste and Resources Action Programme)
Freephone 0808 100 2040  Tel 01295 819906 / 819936   Fax 01295 819911 / 819917
Email  helpline@wrap.org.uk   Website  www.wrap.org.uk
The Old Academy, 21 Horse Fair, BANBURY, Oxon OX16 0AH

Not-for-profit body in the private sector, set up to remove barriers to sustainable waste minimisation (promotes home composting, retail and real nappies), re-use and recycling.  Works / liaises with community, public, private, and recycling and secondary materials sectors.  Seeks innovators and partners to accelerate resource efficiency, and create and develop stable, efficient markets for recycled materials and products.  Recycled Products Guide www.recycledproducts.org.uk is an easily searchable directory of over 3200 recycled products, from watering cans to clothing and waste bins to fences; runs forums, and info on recycled materials and related websites at http://www.recycledproducts.org.uk/buy-recycled/links.asp#top .  Facilitates tenders and grants in many areas.   Working on glass, plastics, wood, paper, organics, aggregates, and other materials.  ROTATE (Recycling and Organics Technical Advisory Team) supports and advises local authorities on separate collection of dry recyclables and organic wastes; 'hands on' support customised to councils' needs;  Organics composted products information service.  eQuip Residual Value Guarantee (RVG) scheme helps recycling companies secure finance by guaranteeing future residual value of machinery, set up with a panel of banks and leasing companies who lease to the recycling sector.  Materials Pricing Report (produced by ICIS-LOR for WRAP) has up-to-date info on market prices of recyclables, to assist buying, and where to sell, recyclable materials.  AggRegain Service (section 21), uses Aggregates Levy funds for research / action to reduce demand for primary materials by encouraging aggregate reuse and recycling.  Recycle Now consumer awareness campaign launched 2004 (section 200).  Useful website has links to these schemes, and materials, business & finance, and procurement sections.  Supported by funding from DEFRA, the DTI and the devolved administrations of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland (see WasteBook entries under Central Government).  (Updated Feb 2005)