35  Office technical wastes including toner and inkjet cartridges  


Managers urged to make the office green   27 April 2005  from Energy Saving Trust

Office managers looking to make their workplace greener are being advised to draw up a comprehensive strategy, establishing sustainable practices in the workplace.  Busy managers are recommended to introduce simple steps such as assessing energy needs or ordering recycled paper.  Businesses committed to green policies could look at office energy consumption, purchasing, recycling waste, transport and how to encourage people to adopt green policies, the Guardian reports.

For advice on creating a green office plan and the opportunity to conduct an online audit, firms can visit the Friends of the Earth (Scotland) website at www.green-office.org.uk .  Nicola Baird, author of Save Cash and Save the Planet, recommends: "If you drive to work, try leaving your car at home one day a week and cycling, walking or catching the bus. Research has shown that regular cyclists have a fitness of someone ten years younger."

Firms can also produce their own energy by installing renewable energy technologies, such as ground source heat pumps, solar panels or mini-wind turbines.  The Carbon Trust estimates that 80 per cent of global warming is caused by carbon dioxide, so using renewable energy, such as solar or wind power can reduce carbon emissions.
Info Adfero 2005


General information

Through segregation of office waste the volume and cost of disposal can be reduced drastically, since there are commercial and voluntary collectors for most materials and some items, such as packaging and incoming envelopes, can be reused.  Paper and card provide the bulk.  Computer print and non-glossy white paper have commercial value, and many collectors will provide disposal certificates to satisfy confidentiality.  Cardboard, shredded paper, magazines, glue-bound publications, wrappers and envelopes are usually taken only as part of a 'package deal'.

Teabags can be composted and milk bottles (as opposed to cartons) reused.  Some organisations will provide recycling containers for vending machine cups and many more will collect drinks cans.  

Smith Anderson's Scottish paper mill is the first in the UK to recycle tetrapak cartons.  ACE states that 21% of cartons were recycled across Europe in 2000; this new mill may help the UK catch up.  However, they are not reusable, whereas glass bottles are.


To receive a batch of labels to send Tetrapaks to be recycled, phone 
Alliance for Beverage Cartons and the Environment (ACE - see section 51 Cardboard Boxes and Cartons) on 
020 8977 6116

Post room managers have an opportunity to generate beneficial publicity.  Most major charities will be pleased to receive used postage stamps (attached to paper) and raise funds through selling to the philatelic market.  Scrapstores (section 140) may have craft or educational uses for a wide variety of oddments such as document tubes, unwanted folders and binders, or old promotional items.

Refurbishment and office moves can generate extraordinary wastage of good materials.  Is it really necessary for everyone to have the same colour chair and a new desk after the office is redesigned?  If it is, the usable furniture being replaced may be useful to others.

Toner cartridges

90% of all office printing and copier cartridges can be reused or recycled. (World Land Trust, 2005).   Every year in the UK over two million non-biodegradable toner cartridges are thrown away.  Each weighs about 4lbs and is made mostly of plastic.  Many companies sell remanufactured or refillable cartridges.  Most types can be remanufactured after use: this means being dismantled and cleaned, worn parts replaced, and the drum recoated or replaced.  They are then tested, refilled with toner, then sold with a guarantee at perhaps half the price of a new one.  Some distributors claim these can give a better print quality and up to 20% more prints than the original cartridge.  For every 1% improvement in cartridge collections in the UK, hundreds of thousand litres of non-renewable fossil fuel (oil) will be saved, with a corresponding reduction in landfill.

Some 'new' cartridges you purchase may actually be recycled anyway.  Packaging will reveal statements such as:
HP cartridges:  "Made in Japan from the highest quality new and recycled materials"
Canon cartridges:  "Canon has implemented a cartridge recycling program. This cartridge may contain reconditioned parts and re-molded materials".

In manufacture, surplus ink is remilled and reused where possible. Nevertheless, a large amount goes to landfill, classified as a 'difficult waste'.  Businesses and charities listed collect, usually free, and may offer remanufactured or refillable cartridges. Types and makes collected vary widely, so we recommend that you know the specifications of your printer, and contact several organisations to find one which offers the most appropriate service for you. Checks can be made through the UK Cartridge Recycling Association.


Inkjet cartridges are prone to drying-out, becoming clogged and therefore worthless, so always
protect the print heads.  Further useful tips on inkjets, laser printers and compatible cartridges on Cartridge Care website (see below).


Some companies with coffee vending machines offer their employees a choice between having their own earthenware mugs (and washing them up themselves) or using plastic cups.

Computers were supposed to reduce paper use.  As a rule, send and store information electronically. 

Make sure that all employees in an office are aware of the cost of taking copies and that everyone routinely uses ‘print preview’ and ‘shrink to fit’ facilities.

When photocopying is needed, use both sides of the sheet, and encourage double sided copying as routine.

Make notes on single sided scrap paper.

Always power down computers, including screens, whenever possible, especially overnight.  This will save money, reduce CO2 emissions, and could also protect your stored information in case of a power surge.


Always ask for an assurance concerning the safety of second-hand equipment bought or donated.

Also see
Paper and office consumables (30)
Cans and foil (54)
Fluorescent tubes and bulbs (68)
Shop and office furnishings (86)
Computers, phones and electronic goods (87)
Auction houses (110)
Materials exchanges (waste exchanges) (120)
Charity and community schemes (130)
Scrapstores (140)
Recycling collections (private) (150)
Energy use and climate change (450)

Alphabetical list of organisations

Accutecc UK Ltd
Tel 01279 401404 / 01279 401306  Fax 01279 401409 / 01279 435397 / 01279 437638
Website www.accutecc.co.uk  Email enquiries@accutecc.co.uk
West Road, Templefields, HARLOW, Essex CM20 2AL

Specialist in recycling inkjet toner printer & fax cartridges, covering a wide range of products and manufacturers.  Minimum 10 collected within 3 working days - free collection service or choice of free return boxes.  Quote full address and number of boxes to be collected.  Amount can be paid or donated to a charity or school.  Open for calls Mon-Fri 9-5.  Part of Kores Nordic (GB) Ltd (see below), one of the major remanufacturers of printer cartridges in Europe.  Check if cartridges are recyclable via list on website.  (Updated May 2005)

ActionAid Recycling

Tel 0845 3100 200 (collections hotline) or 0117 304 2390   Fax 0117 304 2391
Website www.actionaidrecycling.org.uk  Email recycling@aarecycling.org.uk 
Unit 14 Kingsland Trading Estate, St Philips Road, BRISTOL BS2 0JZ

Recycling arm (started 1993) of ActionAid overseas development charity.  Gives at least 80% of profits to work with over 9 million of the poorest people in over 30 countries.  Free national collection, with storage boxes and freepost envelopes, of printer, photocopier and fax drums and cartridges, and unwanted mobile phones.  Also sells recycled or original cartridges - Tel 0117 304 2396 or sales@aarecyclin.org.uk .  Works with Arsenal Football Club, Buckingham Palace, 10 Downing Street, Comic Relief, businesses, universities and schools.  Website downloads include Recycling leaflet, Cartridge Guide, Mobile Phone Guide and poster, and Introductory Letter for partnership work.  Other free materials include ideas sheets, posters and fact sheets, also usable for promotion.  Cartridges received are checked for damage, sorted and sold to one of over 50 remanufacturing companies that clean and strip them.  All reusable parts help make new cartridges; remaining parts may be reused in other recycled content products.  Offers annual certificate showing how much money partners have raised; and waste management documents.  Over 10 years experience, millions collected.  Mobile phones:  collects all brands, working or not, with newer phones raising more funds.  Please remove sim cards before sending.  Free envelopes, or courier collection possible for over 20 phones.  Phones are sold for reuse; outlets include http://stores.ebay.co.uk/Actionaid-Recycling-Mobile-Phones .   Remaining phones are sold to a company that replaces faulty parts, or breaks items down into components for reuse and recycling.  "Most charities just lend their name to collection by separate companies" and only receive up to 30% of profits (see CAP Ventures research consultancy's white paper on cartridge collection).  ActionAid receives 80% or more of profits by collecting and organising reuse and recycling itself.  All funds help ensure access to healthcare, food, water, education and shelter.  Believes local communities, governments and international organisations working together bring real change to peoples' lives, overcoming  inequity, injustice and poverty.  Also works with Better food Company (see 440 Organic and low input food and drink).  For further environment information, ActionAid recommends Friends of the Earth www.foe.co.uk .   (Updated May 2005)

Any Junk?
0800 0431 007  /  020 8877 1155 
www.anyjunk.co.uk  Email enquiries@anyjunk.co.uk 
Unit A06, Riverside Business Park, Haldane Place, Wandsworth, LONDON SW18 4UQ

Junk clearance and rubbish removal for the home, office and garden, by " friendly, uniformed drivers in smart, shiny trucks".  Most of Greater London covered.  Old sofas to construction rubble.  Junk taken to recycling depot or given to charity if possible.  If your waste is all 'ready' at the same time, a useful alternative to skip hire.  One-off or regular clearances for offices.  Bookings within 2 hour 'windows'; team calls 15-30 min before arrival.  Payment on collection: rates per amount of junk collected and weight - rough quote on phone, exact quote on arrival - guide on website.  Office hours Mon to Fri 9 - 5; clearance hours Mon to Fri 8 - 5, Sat 9 - 1pm.  No hazardous materials such as paint, noxious chemicals, solvents, oil, petrol cans, gas bottles, tyres, asbestos, vehicle batteries, medical or biological waste
.  No house-to-house removals, but can take to a charity if agreed with charity in advance.  (Updated Oct 2005)

Applied Film Industries Company plc (AFIC)
Tel 0870 333 2225  Fax 0870 366 2150  
Website www.afic.com  Email
sales@afic.com or info@afic.com or recycle@afic.com  
Unit D, Dalewood Road, Lymedale Business Park, Newcastle-under-Lyme, North Staffordshire ST5 9QZ
Contact Gareth Carlson or Carl Jackson

Remanufacture and resale of laser printer toner and inkjet cartridges. 
Award-winning own brand Image Masters range guaranteed to give same performance and quality as an original equipment manufacturers cartridge.  Nationwide distribution, generally by courier.  As much material as possible is reused.  Drums resold.  Waste toner powder can be returned to manufacturer for reprocessing, and may be used by local authorities in the repair of roads.  Core business since 1984 is media and consumables supplier, providing broad range of IT and office supplies.   (Updated May 2005)

Back to Black

Tel 0116 261 1817  Fax 0116 261 1841
Website www.back2black.co.uk  Email sales@back2black.co,uk  
55 Barkby Road, LEICESTER LE4 7HN

Postal service for re-inked printer and typewriter ribbons and remanufactured inkjet and laser printer cartridges.  (Updated May 2005)

Barnet Recycling

Tel 01328 822800  Fax 01328 822801
Email  Barnetsales@aol.com  
Unit 2, Little Snoring Airfield, Thursford Road, Little Snoring Airfield, nr FAKENHAM, Norfolk NR21 0LJ
Contact Terry Bridgman, MD or Tracy 

Nationwide collection and recycling of used laser, fax, photocopier and inkjet toner cartridges and all types of office waste products for transfer to remanufacture and reuse industry.   (Updated May 2005)

Biffa Waste Services
Tel 01494 521221  Freephone 0800 307 307  Fax 01494 463368
Coronation Road, Cressex , HIGH WYCOMBE, Bucks HP12 3TZ
E-Mail marketing@biffa.co.uk Website www.biffa.co.uk

Biffa's Backtrack service recovers and recycles difficult and special wastes, including laser toner and inkjet cartridges, fluorescent tubes, sodium lamps and confidential material.  

British Heart Foundation
see LaserXchange

British Institute for Brain Injured Children BIBIC)
Tel 01278 684060  Fax 01278 685573
Knowle Hall, BRIDGWATER, Somerset TA7 8PJ
Email info@bibic.org.uk  Website www.bibic.org.uk 

Charity operating laser toner cartridge and computer inkjet recycling collection scheme, via post or courier service.  Freepost labels and a list of cartridges required is provided.  These must be sent to a recycling company in Suffolk which remanufactures them, not to BIBIC's offices.  Inkjet pouches holding up to 6 cartridges available - ring for a recycling pack which includes pouches.  Will collect - minimum 20 laser cartridges or large quantity of inkjets.   (Updated May 2005)

British Red Cross
Tel 0207 235 5454  Fax 0207 245 6315
information@redcross.org.uk  Website www.redcross.org.uk 
9 Grosvenor Crescent, LONDON SW1X 7EJ

Used inkjet cartridges from HP & Lexmark printers welcomed for recycling.  For every inkjet cartridge returned, the British Red Cross receives 1, raising over 20,000 so far.  The vast majority are re-used or refilled.  Any that cannot be re-used, due to damage, electrical errors or some other fault, are recycled by being broken down, and the plastic is reused to make benches.  Freepost envelopes provided to return the inkjets - order by emailing freepost@redcross.org.uk or calling 01638 552082.  

Recycle your old phone!  Virgin Mobile has pledged to give 5 to the Red Cross for every mobile phone that is collected.  The best form of recycling is reuse: wherever possible the handsets will be refurbished and put back into circulation.  Mobile phones contain hazardous materials, which can cause serious environmental damage if disposed of incorrectly.  In the UK, 15 million handsets are replaced each year.  If you are a customer of any network, you can pick up a FREEPOST recycling envelope from Virgin Megastores or V.shop.   For recycling of clothes and household items by the Red Cross, see section 81, Textiles.  (Updated Aug 2005)

CKS Recycled Technology
Tel 01933 411416  Fax 01933 411417
Email  itremovals@cksgroup.co.uk   Website  www.cksgroup.co.uk
Phoenix Way, Crown Business Park, RUSHDEN, Northants NN10 6BS
Contact  Mike England, Mick Powell

Collector of IT and office equipment for resale after testing, safety checks and minor repairs.  Surplus materials  and components reused or recycled in partnership with companies like AWA Refining.  Collects countrywide; charge depends on product.  (Updated July 2005)

Canon (UK) Ltd

Tel 01737 220000  Fax 0208 669 8974 / 0208 773 2156  
Website www.canon.co.uk   Canon House, Manor Road, WALLINGTON, Surrey SM6 0AJ

Free recycling service for Canon laser printer toner cartridges.  Reply paid label supplied with new purchases for returning used cartridge for reconditioning.  Can also be recycled via local dealer or by saving them in designated recycle boxes for collection.  Joint recycling initiative with WWF (Worldwide Fund for Nature - see section 400), across four European countries.  Contribution made to WWF (for its global freshwater programme) for all empty Canon toner cartridges returned for recycling.  Company has processed 12 million cartridges in Europe and over 80 million cartridges worldwide, between 1992 and 2003, in its own recycling facilities.  Reconditions and remanufactures copiers, printers, printed circuit boards, fixing rollers and other parts in Germany, US and China.  Aims to develop products and manufacturing processes with minimised environmental impact - claims to be proactive on reducing use of resources and minimising production of waste.  Holds many ISO14001 environmental management certificates.  (Updated May 2005)

Cartridge Care / Big Rom
01873 859901 ( enquiries/advice) / 0800 08 0808 (organisation accounts) / 0800 252410 ( service and sales) / 01873 852663  Fax 01873 859128
Email sales@cartridgecare.co.uk   Website www.cartridgecare.co.uk or www.bigrom.co.uk 
The Cartridge Company, Surebasic Limited, Units 2-3 Castle Meadows Park, Abergavenny, Monmouthshire NP7 7RZ
Contact  Clare Hamer, Cartridge Care Division

Specialist supplier of remanufactured inkjet and laser printers and accessories, both OEM and top quality compatibles (including kits for chipped cartridges).  Remanufactured printers will print trouble free for 3-5 years; 7 years is likely.  Well made, reliable, proven technology.  Service parts low priced and readily available. Can be networked.  Large savings compared with buying new models.  Free collection and delivery by post of toner and inkjet printer cartridges.  Wide range of inkjet cartridges, remanufactured and new toner cartridges, and other computer imaging supplies via secure online store or by phone.  Cartridge and ink return sacks can be ordered via websiteUseful tips and info on website.  Also Smartmedia, Compact Flash, Sony Memory Sticks, disks, drives.  Cartridge Care is a trading name of Surebasic Ltd, family company with 90 employees.  (Updated May 2005)

The Cartridge Family
Tel 01258 880050 / 880034  Freephone orders 0800 980 9399  Fax 01258 881448
Email enquiry@thecartridgefamily.co.uk  Website www.thecartridgefamily.co.uk 
The Rural Business Centre, Winterborne Whitechurch, BLANDFORD FORUM, Dorset DT11 9AW

Sells original and compatible inkjet & laser cartridges for printers, fax (including film rolls), photocopiers.  Gives cash-back on some empties to councils, charities, colleges, corporates, government departments, groups, home users, schools, SMEs, SoHos and universities.  Pays for empty original branded (OEM), compatible, and some previously recycled (REM) inkjet and laser cartridges from printers, fax (cartridges only) and photocopiers.  Database with over 31,000 cartridges on file including latest printers and cartridges.  Prices paid for lasers and inkjets on website. Some local and regional collection points for empties - aims to miminise transport.  Ethical trader - banks with Triodos.   (Updated Nov 2005)

Cartridge Recycling Centre
Tel 0800 376 9335  Fax 0800 376 9336
Email info@officepointfivestar.com  Website www.officepointfivestar.com (general office supplies info)
99 Ealing Road , BRENTFORD, Middx TW8 0LQ
Contact  Mac Purcell (Director)

Collection and remanufacture of laser toner cartridges from businesses nationwide.  (Updated May 2005)

Cartridge World
Tel 0800 18 33 800 for nearest store
Website www.cartridgeworld.org  Email Richard@cartridgeworld.org
Head Office:  Unit A3, Hornbeam Square West, Hornbeam Park, HARROGATE, North Yorks HG2 8PA 
Contact  Richard Fox

Chain of over 200 franchised shops in UK, begun in Adelaide in 1988.  Specialises in refilling and remanufacturing customers' own inkjet and laser cartridges, re-using most parts.  Empty cartridge refilled while you wait.  Both inkjet and laser cartridges can be refilled / re-manufactured several times.  Also campaigns to recycle more 'dead' cartridges.  Promotes environmental messages such as: every recycled laser cartridge saves landfill sites 1.5kg of solid waste that could take up to 450 years to decompose; buying new uses up the Earth's resources and costs more.  Refill is 50-60% of price of new cartridge (which may not even be new), giving same performance.  Money-back guarantee to perform as well as original equipment.  Other worn parts can be replaced, and print heads cleaned ultrasonically.  When buying a new printer, old one may be taken in part exchange.  All waste items from stores sent back to franchise support centre for recycling.  Free 120 litre wheelie bins for users to collect empty cartridges: will pay for all cartridges that can be recycled.  For prices and to find local branch, go to www.cartridgeworld.org and use postcode search.  Head Office: Tel 01423 878520  Fax 01423 878521.   (Updated Mar 2004)  

Centaur Auctions
Tel 0208 803 9796  0208 807 7111  
Email  derekfisher@tiscali.co.uk 
Lea Valley Trading Estate, Harbet Road, Edmonton, LONDON N18

Specialist auctions of office and computer equipment, machinery and trade stock.  First Saturday each month, 10.00am.  (Updated May 2005)

The Centre 
see Earth Centre, Herts, below

Computers for Charities
Tel 01323 840641
Emailinfo@computersforcharities.org , c.f.c@btinternet.com
Website www.computersforcharities.co.uk 
Cemetery Lodge, Ersham Road, HAILSHAM, East Sussex BN27 3LJ
Contact  Simon Rooksby, Chairman  simon@computersforcharities.org

Mobile phones 'Dead or Alive': takes old mobile phones, chargers, accessories, printer inkjet and laser cartridges (eg for schools in Chernobyl, Romania and Albania).  'All equipment helps.'  Info, posters and collecting boxes available.  Also computer recycling and refurbishment, non-profit and campaign specialist (see section 87). Waste disposal environment policy: 95% of current IT waste recycled.   IT related consultancy and assistance (to NGOs, Aid agencies etc) in partnership with established organisations, including admin, radio / tv, learning centres, renewable energy sources, and IT training from basic skills to MSC eg www.examondemand.co.uk.  IT repair and refurbishment courses.  Recommends admin/software for Gift Aid.  Seeks sponsors for development of community computer recycling centres, for local solutions, employment, and to address growing computer waste problem.  Welcomes funding help/ advice.  Operates totally on voluntary support, including professionals from large companies and organisations. 
Began 1994 in a bungalow loft, viewing millions of computers sent to landfill, to redress wasteful practices and benefit good causes.  "500,000 has been saved by London Boroughs, but more can be achieved with better funding and resources to aid environment and further landfill cost savings." 
(Updated May 2004)

Corporate Mobile Recycling Limited
Tel 0207 404 6440  Fax 0207 404 4374
Email info@cmrecycling.co.uk  Websitewww.cmrecycling.co.uk  
3 Long Yard, Holborn, LONDON WC1N 3LS 
Contact  Olly Tagg, Marketing Director

Mobile phone and related equipment reuse and recycling for corporations, network operators, manufacturers, retailers, public service bodies and individuals. Offers raised revenues through sale and reuse, complying with legislation and the WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) Directive.  Estimates potential value of phones and equipment.  Price paid depends on type of phone and whether it works. 'Simple, comprehensive, managed solution for disposal of new, end-of-line, surplus, 14-day, upgraded, or used mobile phones, from free collection and evaluation of handsets to payment and safe disposal of any faulty hardware.  Fully audited paper trail.'  Website's Services Section gives details for companies, schools, charities, councils, hospitals, etc.  States they have processed over 30,000 used phones, raising tens of thousands of pounds, for Oxfam (see separate entries, with references to other sections, below, and Charity section 130).  Various environmental schemes encourage companies and individuals to be involved with a ‘Give Back’ scheme, designed to incorporate and surpass the WEEE Directive in line with their Environmental Management System. Prize scheme: for every 20,000 phones received from the public a 12,000 Daimler Chrysler Smart Car is given away. (Sending in one phone gives a 1:20,000 chance of winning, 10 phones a 1:2000 chance).  Many recycled phones are reused in developing countries, providing affordable communications where landline infrastructures do not exist.  Phones unable to be reused are broken down by each component and recycled, saving dangerous metals including cadmium, nickel and lithium from landfill, and precious metals including gold and copper for reuse.  Helps schools, councils, hospitals or corporates with fundraising efforts, and with donations of all or part of monies raised from reuse/recycling to any charity of choice.  Can provide each employee/pupil with a bag for redundant corporate or personal handsets, collected free.

Collection from thousands of sites.  Worldwide free courier collection.  Freepost service for employees operating remotely.  Each client has Freepost code for safely tracked collections and remuneration.  Larger volumes (20+) collected on  next day basis ('even if they are a bunch of bricks') from anywhere in UK or Mainland Europe.  All carriers have environmental certification allowing them to transport electrical goods.  Full environmental audit of all equipment, explained on website under Environment Policy.  Equipment logged and unique IMEI number recorded on database for tracking.  States only one other UK mobile recycling company publicly accounts for their policy in an environmental statement.  Claims to be one of only two UK mobile phone companies awarded ISO14001 and EMAS Environmental Accreditation. 
(Updated Feb 2004)

Earth Centre (The Centre)

Tel 01438 716873 / 01438 716478  Fax 01438 717535
Email planetwise@aol.com  Website www.catsurvivaltrust.org 
Codicote Road, WELWYN, Herts AL6 9TU

Charitable business - profits support various environmental projects.   Accepts or collects unwanted office furniture, computers (Pentium 2 or newer for re-use) and photocopier equipment, carpeting etc.  Please ring in advance for a visit.  (Updated July 2005)

Tel 023 8026 8177  Fax 023 8026 9133
Website www.ecotech-uk.com  Email info@ecotech-uk.com 
1 Augustus Way, CHANDLER'S FORD, Hants SO53 2BD

Remanufacturing toner cartridges since 1992.  New, compatible and remanufactured laser, fax and copier cartridges.  Cartridge cleaning station uses compressed air to clean rather than vacuuming.  All remanufactured cartridges look as good as originals.  Free next day delivery of laser printer / laser fax / copier toner cartridges.  (Updated Nov 2005)

Electroversal Ltd

Tel 01582 582023  Fax 01582 582087
Website www.electroversal.com  Email customerservice@electroversal.com or sales@electroversal.com 
Units 3-10, Ribocon Way, Toddington Road, LUTON, Beds LU4 9UR

Specialist in repair, service and remanufacture and recycling of electronic printed circuit boards, and complete office and telecommunications equipment, including PCs, copiers, faxes, printers, scanners, monitors, imaging, vending machines, medical equipment, leisure and mailing systems.  Large or small jobs.   Highly trained staff - established 1979.  Set up www.weee-recycle.com (01582 633946) for info on WEEE legislation.  Part of the Calyx group.  (Updated May 2005)

EMR (European Metal Recycling Ltd)
Tel 01925 715400  Fax 01925 713470 / 80
Email Ken.Norman@emrltd.com  Website www.emrltd.com  
Sirius House, Delta Crescent, Westbrook, WARRINGTON, Cheshire WA5 7NS 
Contact  Ken Norman  

UK's largest electrical goods recycler, handling over 300,000 tonnes of predominantly white goods, computers and cable annually.  Unparalleled logistics and investment, leader in shredding post-consumer durables, high-tech granulation and dense media separation of mixed materials for private and public sectors.  Recycles materials and/or components for white goods, other domestic appliances, brown goods, IT and office equipment. Also handles railway carriages, shipping, engineering contracts, military hardware, cable granulation, factory contracts and environmental consultancy (Mayer Environmental Ltd).  Collection countrywide, no minimum load, charge negotiable.  Depots UK wide; SE includes Brentford, Canning Town, Croydon, East Tilbury, Great Yarmouth, Kettering, Kingsbury, Newmarket, Northampton, Norwich, Park Royal, Plymouth, Rochester, Shoreham, Southampton, Swindon, Thames Wharf, Tilbury Dock, Tottenham, Wandsworth, Willesden, Woburn.
(Updated Oct 2004)

End-O-Line Services Ltd
Tel 01621 843535  Fax 01621 843534 
Email info@eols.co.uk   Website www.end-o-line.co.uk 
1-3 Baltic Wharf, Station Road, MALDON, Essex CM9 4LQ 
Contact   Amy Pass  amy.p@eols.co.uk

Recycles office and IT equipment, reselling after testing, safety checks and minor repairs, or without testing, repair or refurbishment.  Recycles materials and/or components.  Claims 90% of collected inventory returns to use in complete or component form.  Staff purchase and charitable donation schemes.  Collection countrywide, no minimum load; charge may be levied, dependent on load.  (Updated Oct 2004)

Envirecycle -
see Revolution

Environmental Storage Solutions
Tel 01933 222826  Fax 01933 273303
Email dclingo@ess22.freeserve.co.uk 
Unit 21, The Leyland Trading Estate, WELLINGBOROUGH, Northants NN8 1RT
Contact  David Clingo

Recycles white goods and equipment, refrigeration equipment, other domestic appliances, brown goods (TV, audio), office and IT equipment, recycling materials and/or components.  Specialist in granulation, cathode ray tube recycling, and precious metal refining.  Dismantling prior to recycling.  Collection countrywide, full loads only, charge dependent on product type.  (Updated Oct 2004)

Forest Recycling Project

Tel 0208 539 3856
Website www.frponline.org.uk  Email info@frponline.org.uk 
2C Bakers Avenue, Walthamstow, LONDON E17 9AW
Contact: Mark Webster or Charlotte Walker

Not-for-profit community business established 1989, work ing in London Borough of Waltham Forest and surrounding areas.  Offices: Collects office paper and confidential waste for recycling; also redundant computers ReUse-IT@FRP , toner cartridges, cans, foil and plastic cups.  Promotes good practice, and offers environmental audits, in offices and service industries.   Sells recycled goods such as paper, office stationery and fair trade tea and coffee.  Forest Collects is a free collection, mainly for elderly and disabled people, of household items.  Free collection (from FRP premises Tue -Fri 10 to 4) and redistribution of unwanted paint, under Community Re>Paint scheme.  Large stock of donated files, folders, envelopes, paper and other office items free to those who need them. Organises 'Give and Take days' offering free exchange of furniture and household goods - see Give and Take, WasteBook section 120:  www.giveortake.org .  5 paid employees, about 20 volunteers.  (Updated Aug 2005)

Global Office Supplies / Holloway Office Furniture
Tel 0207 607 9177
253 Holloway Road LONDON N7 8HG

Buys and sells secondhand office furniture and supplies.  Also sells new.  (Updated May 2005)

Greencare Ltd

Tel 08700 502050 Fax 01453 502060
Email sales@greencare.co.uk  Website www.greencare.co.uk 
Greencare House, SHARPNESS, Glos GL13 9UD

Free collection of all office technical waste, including all types of printer and photocopier cartridge, ribbon and cassette. Weekly or monthly as required by network of franchisees who provide free collection containers. Remanufacture of laser, fax and inkjet cartridges.  Where reuse is not possible, plastic (eg ribbons) is supplied to granulators for recycling. Sale of reconditioned supplies. Freephone number for sales and collections only 0800 502050.  Collects fluorescent tubes, sodium lamps, batteries (NiCad, Ni, MH, lithium and mercuric oxide) for Mercury Recycling, and aluminium and steel drink cans, computers and printer fusers.  (Updated Feb 2001)

Green Choices
Website www.greenchoices.org/office.html  Email info@greenchoices.org 
PO Box 31617, London SW2 4FF

Free, independent, not-for-profit web guide to greener living.  Like THE WASTEBOOK, it has no products to sell or promote, only ideas and information to help people make greener choices in their day-to-day lives.  The section of the website given above has general advice on action to reduce, reuse and recycle waste, and other ways to cut an office's impact on the environment while saving money.  There is more on other web pages.  (Updated May 2005)

Greener World Ltd

Tel 0208 571 0100 Fax 0208 843 0500
Suite 001, Charles House, Bridge Road, SOUTHALL, Middx UB2 4BD
Email enquiries@greenerworld.com  Website www.greenerworld.com 

Collects many types of recyclable materials, including waste paper, electrical equipment, confidential waste, and fluorescent tubes and bulbs from offices and service sector industries.  Collects glass bottles, cans, plastic cups, office paper, newspaper and magazines, cardboard and used cooking oil from offices, hotels and restaurants.  Over 600 businesses and 800 households served throughout Greater London.  Will provide environmental audit, carry out thorough review of a company's wastes, and help carry out policy, which will cut both waste and costs.  Dedicated to recycling - will provide recycled products to close the recycling loop, and promotional material to inform customers of your recycling policy.  Can collect up to twice daily if required.  Range of bags and containers available.  Established 1991.  (Updated May 2005)

GreenMan Resources Ltd
Tel 01372 748550  Fax 01372 748540
Email paul@greenmanresources.co.uk 
Longmead Business Centre, Felstead Road, EPSOM, Surrey KT19 9UP

Purchases empty laser printer and inkjet cartridges for remanufacture.  Free collection service from trade and corporate bodies throughout UK (min 12 cartridges) and much of Europe.

Green Stationery Company

Tel 01225 480556  Fax 01225 481211
Email jay@greenstat.co.uk  Website www.greenstat.co.uk 
Studio One, 114 Walcot Street, BATH BA1 5BG

Supplies a wide range of recycled office papers, green stationery, storage boxes, letter trays, rulers, recycled scissors, recycled washroom supplies, recycled printer and copier cartridges, and recycled plastic bins, via web or mail order catalogue.  Recycles laser and inkjet cartridges.  FSC certified sustainably produced office furniture, green cleaning products, low energy bulbs, and fair trade / organic beverages.  Anti-radiation / anti-glare computer screen filters available.  Supplies over 2000 organisations, offering discounts and no premium charge for green items.  Established 12 years.  (Updated Feb 2004)

Harris R W

Tel 01908 542647
Unit 3, Mount Pleasant Farm, Moor End Road, Yardley Gobion, TOWCESTER, Northants NN12 7UF

Sale and purchase of used office equipment and furniture.

Hart R W Ltd

Tel 0208 520 3151
742 Forest Road, Walthamstow, LONDON E17 3HR

Sale and purchase of used office equipment.

Tel / Fax 0208 427 8887
4 Lowick Road, HARROW, Middx HA1 1UW 
Email inkasharrow@hotmail.com
Contact Tim Harris

Free collection within 25 miles of laser toner and inkjet cartridges and printer ribbons.  Ribbons are re-inked, and cartridges are remanufactured, rebuilt and refilled.  Also factory at Epsom.  (Updated May 2005)

InKind Direct
Tel 0207 860 5927 / 0207 860 5930  Fax 0207 860 5920
Email info@inkinddirect.org  Website www.inkinddirect.org
19 Milk Street, London EC2V 8AN
Contact  Tasha Procter, Charities partnership administrator

Charity distributing surplus goods from industry to voluntary organisations throughout UK and abroad.  The mainly new goods are surplus because they are samples, seconds, ends of lines, slow moving items or have faulty packaging.  (However, used computers are refurbished, equipped with operating systems and resold ready to go with 30 day warranty.)  Goods are valuable and useful, but would otherwise go to waste because companies don't have the time or the contacts to make better use of them.   However, they are just the kinds of things needed by people served by charities, not-for-profit organisations or social businesses, including educational items, toys, toiletries, tools, trainers; household appliances and cleaning products; clothes, shoes, sportswear; bedding and linen.  Office supplies and equipment worth over 43 million have been donated by hundreds of companies, and thousands of charities have benefited.  To donate, download faxback form from website.  Voluntary organisations pay an annual registration fee, and receive a monthly catalogue of available goods.  So, instead of occupying storage space or worse, going to landfill, these items go to a huge range of deserving causes.  Range of fees based on charities' incomes - but thanks to funding from charitable trusts and foundations, many groups are subsidised either by geographical location or charity focus.  Open until 6.30 Thursdays.  Operating since 1997.  Retail Donation Initiative (RDI) is another way retailers can donate goods - each branch of a national retailer is matched with a local charity which arranges regular pick-ups of customer returns, ends-of-lines and items with slight defects. Allows stores to build a relationship with a charity from their community - contact robert@inkinddirect.org Tel 0207 860 5971.   (Updated May 2005)

International Technology Products (UK) Ltd
Tel 0118 943 8001  Fax 0118 943 9001
Email info@itp-group.com  Website www.itp-empties.com 
Unit1, Stadium Way, Tilehurst, READING, Berks RG30 6BX

Claims to be Europe's largest dealer in empty laser toner and inkjet, photocopier and fax cartridges - 200 types, many printer manufacturers.  List of 75 most wanted ones on site.  Deals with those who want to donate cartridges to charity, or to buy and sell them.   Specialises in bulk deals.  Majority of cartridges collected go to companies for remanufacture.  Rejects are stripped down and sent for specific component recycling.   Also offers free collection of redundant computer equipment.  Most can be refurbished and sold on, enabling a donation of equipment or money to be made to a variety of causes.  Leading UK supplier of new and second user computer hardware and printers.  For IT services visit www.itp-hardware.com  or email hardware@itp-group.com  to help and support the local community.  (Updated May 2005)

K2 Supplies
Tel 01372 723723  Fax 01372 743743
Email empties@k2supplies.com  Website www.k2supplies.com 
Unit 14, Nonsuch industrial estate, Kiln Lane, Epsom, SURREY KT17 1DY  Contact: Paul Freshwater

Collection (free throughout UK, minimum 15 units), processing and sale of used inkjet and toner cartridges for recycling.  (Must not be previously remanufactured.)  Over one million processed each year.  All are sorted, inspected, approved or rejected.  Pallets of empties collected from Europe.  Warehouse in Hants.  Charity donations arranged. Good mission statement - see website.  (Updated Feb 2002)

Kores, Nordic (GB) Ltd

Tel 01279 454455  (sales 01279 639976)  Fax 01279 639099
Website www.kores.co.uk  Email sales@kores,co,uk 
West Road, Templefields, HARLOW, Essex CM20 2AL

Part of The Turbon Group, who claim to be the world’s largest remanufacturer of printer cartridges.  Remanufactures  laser, inkjet and PC copier cartridges for sale through distributors and dealers, usually with credit for returned units.  Factory ISO certified.  In UK recycles through Accutecc (UK) Ltd (see above), part of the group.  Kores has been established in UK for over 80 years.  (Updated May 2005) 

Kyocera Electronics (UK) Ltd

Tel 01189 311500 Fax 01734 311108
8 Beacontree Plaza, Gillette Way, READING, Berks, RG2 0BP

Manufacture 'Ecosys' page printers - a more environment-friendly system able to use 100% recycled paper, and without printer cartridges. It claims to provide good quality results at about a third the cost of most competitive products.

Laser Ink

Tel 01727 841167  0800 028 3982  Fax 01727 845436
Website www.laserink.co.uk   Email sales@laserink.co.uk 
Unit L, Houndswood Gate, Harper Lane, RADLETT, Herts WD7 7HU

Hewlett Packard laser printers repaired.  Sells second user refurbished HP printers cheaply - many models, 3-month warranty. Also DIY fuser and maintenance kits - free advice.  (Updated May 2005)

Laser Life
Tel freephone 0800 028 2773  Fax 0208 964 4445
15 Tennis Street, LONDON SE1YD  
Website www.laserlife.co.uk  Email sales@laserlife.co.uk

Supplier of new and remanufactured laser cartridges; new and refilled ink jet cartridges; new and second hand laser printers.  Also computer hardware and peripherals.  Specialist in printer maintenance.  New and used printers and spare parts kept in stock.  No subcontracting.  A maintenance contract ensures as many visits as necessary to fix the problem, all parts free of charge, preventative service cleans, and replacement printers if there is a problem.  Division of IT supplier Vitesse plc.  (Updated May 2005)

Laser Services
Tel 0115 967 3445  Fax 0115 967 3899
Website www.laserservices.co.uk  Email sales@laserservices.co.uk 
Unit 2, Woodview Business, Lockwood Close
Contact  Harvey Beeston

Recycling of toner and inkjet cartridges, and laser printers. Supplier of compatible low cost quality cartridges and inks.  Compatibles for most major suppliers listed on site.  Fast delivery & service.  Delivers locally or courier nationally.  Free empty cartridge collection service; orders over 50 delivered free.  Reduced printing cost, not performance.  Established 15 years.  (May 2005)

Tel 01873 852663 / 859901  Customer Services Helpline 0345 023648  Fax 01873 859128  
Email customerservices@laserxchange.co.uk, oxfam@laserxchange.co.uk  
Website www.laserxchange.co.uk/Chargox.htm, www.laserxchange.co.uk/Chargox.htm 
Surebasic Limited, Units 2-3 Castle Meadows Park, ABERGAVENNY, Monmouthshire NP7 7RZ
Contact  Sally Thomas, Remanufacturer Sales;  Keith Moss, OEM & Distributor Sales, or Louise Grady louise@laserxchange.co.uk   

Computer printer cartridge remanufacturer providing laser toner and inkjet cartridges to OEM's, distributors and dealers in UK and Europe.  Makes over 200 different cartridges, drums and developers  (claims this is the widest range in the UK, covering 95% of the UK printer base).  Donated over 150,000 to charities in 2000 through collection programs.  Email or call to register your company and cartridges will be collected free. Recycles for Oxfam (see reuse and recycling entries, and links to other sections); and British Heart Foundation www.bhf.org.uk  - Reuse envelopes for inkjet cartridges in BHF shops.  LaserXchange will recycle every suitable cartridge sent in and donate 1 for each inkjet and 2.50 for each laser cartridge to BHF.  (This does not include Epson cartridges.)  Customers can choose to donate value of used cartridge to one of the charity partners or receive a credit against future orders.  Encourages co-ordinated collections from and between schools, organisations and local businesses.  95% of orders shipped the same day.  Private label or neutral on the product - will build to clients' requirements.  

Laser Cartridges  -  accepts a minimum of 10 provided they are returned with all used components or parts originally supplied, in original packaging and boxes.  Asks boxes to be taped firmly together with brown packing tape, address and reference number on each package (for 27 cartridges make up 3 packages e.g. 2 of 10 and 1 of 7 etc).  A package must not exceed: length 1.50m, length plus girth 3.00m, maximum weight 30.00kgs.  Phone quoting reference number, how many packages, total number of cartridges, where they are to be collected from and when.  If sending a mix of inkjets and laser cartridges mention the breakdown to allow calculation of total weight.  Collection (usually following day) free of charge by a national carrier.  

Inkjet Cartridges - remanufactures a range of Canon, Hewlett Packard and IBM compatible cartridges; plans to introduce others.   Encourages people to look at website's wanted lists.  Supplies small (8 x 8 x 3 ins) collection box to hold 10-30 cartridges, with Freepost label.  Supplies boxes for people to leave at suitable collection points.  Replacement boxes can be automatically be sent on receipt of a full one.  Small quantities can be returned just using Freepost label.  Do not send Epson, Olivetti or inkjets that do not have a print head as they are not recyclable.  Purchases all Hewlett Packard, Canon Bubblejet (BC01//BC02/BC03) and IBM 4076 (and compatible) cartridges. 

Many small personal copiers and plain paper fax machines also use laser and inkjet cartridges which the company works with. 
Can supply A4 flyers with Freepost labels, which can be sent out with new cartridges.  Claims that if a client's customer has a problem LaserXchange's back-up service will try to remedy it, even if its the printer, not the cartridge, including solving problems "on-site".  Full insurance warranty against any damage to any printer caused by a faulty cartridge (yet no claims to date, they state).  All cartridges individually serial numbered for traceability and feedback for quality and improvement.  Claims R&D department brings out at least one new product a month.  Points out that all original products are dollar priced and subject to exchange rate fluctuations - not so for a UK based product (no original cartridges are made in the UK).  Bank Giro Transfer/BACS Payments can be made directly into bank accounts of those selling cartridges to LaserXchange, with remittance advice to follow. 
(Updated Jan 2005)

The Laundry
Tel 020 8404 6330
Website www.thelaundry.biz   email recycle@thelaundry.biz 

Recycling collection for small businesses in Central London - area and streets shown on website.  Cheap and easy: no minimum amount;  all types of paper in the same blue sack; no annual charge or collection fee - just cost of sacks (75p each+ VAT - just under 50 per roll of 50) or stickers for each bundle of cardboard (75p + VAT: order 10, 20 or 50.)  Bins for paper 10 + VAT. Prices include delivery.  Website has tips on making office recycling work.  Paper collected gets turned into new office paper called Evolve.  It's bright white and guaranteed for use in office machinery.  Available from many stockists, but as a customer of The Laundry, you can get a huge discount from Osman Stationers, 143 Wardour Street, Tel 0207 437 0862.  Laundry website mildly amusing.  Works with Maxitech (section 87) to recycle redundant computers.  (Updated May 2005)

Link 2000
Tel 01256 353648
2 Gershwin Road, BASINGSTOKE, Hants RG22 4HH

A non-charity community service set up in 1991, 'The Link' is run by one volunteer co-ordinator and secretary.  Provides 'brokerage' service, distributing working office equipment such as stationery, computers, faxes, and answering machines, free to voluntary organisations.  Small items can be collected locally.  (Updated Feb 2001)  

Little Red Book Co
Freephone 0800 521375 Tel 01442 260015 Fax 01442 253193
16 Frogmore Road, HEMEL HEMPSTEAD, Herts HP3 9RW

Remanufacturer of laser toner and inkjet cartridges and supplier of computer consumables. Free collection, no minimum order. Part of Supplies Team, Bradford.

Local Paper for London
Tel 0208 773 2376  Advice line 0208 404 4884 (office hours)
Website www.bioregional.com
BedZED Centre, 24 Helios Road, Wallington, SURREY SM6 7BZ 
Contact  John Milroy, Sue Riddlestone

Sustainable local office paper cycle for London and the South East, set up and run by Bioregional: collect used paper; send it for recycling; complete the loop by buying it back as locally produced high quality, competitively priced, recycled paper and card.  Improves environmental performance, saves money and supports local enterprise.  Paper collection is free or low cost.  Provides details of local paper collectors and paper stockists and prices, labels, office posters, simple tips, tools and advice on video to help set up an office recycling scheme, encourage everyone in the office to join in, and reduce paper consumption.  Regular email newsletters.  Over 250 organisations (businesses, charities, schools, local authorities) joined since launch in Nov 1999.  Also exploring use of hemp to provide new fibre.  Also see entries in sections 14, 15, 350, 430, 450, 460.   (Updated Nov 2002)

Lombard Environmental Services Ltd

Tel 01344 412465 Fax 01344 412470
Email lombard@mcmail.com  Website www.lombard.uk.com 
Unit 13, Longshot Lane, BRACKNELL, Berks RG12 1RL
Contact: Joe Robinson

Confidential data destruction. All paper recycled.  Also offer service of eradicating computer hard disks before donating to charities.  (Updated Feb 2001)

London Recycling Ltd

Tel 0207 511 8000  Fax 0207 511 3785
Unit 4D, North Crescent, Cody Road, Canning Town, LONDON E16 4TG
Website www.london-recycling.com   Email  recycle@london.recycling.co.uk 

Confidential data destruction - paper and non-paper products, cardboard (flattened - cages or wheelie bins provided).  Security sacks, bins, containers provided.  Collection and purchase of drink cans, glass, foil, segregated grades of waste paper, toner cartridges for remanufacture (minimum 10), fluorescent tubes, vending cups, CDs, pallets.  Collection mainly within M25 area.  (Updated Aug 2005)

Luton Inkjet Supplies
Tel 01582 738784  Fax 01582 432098
30 Little Meadow, Woodside, Luton, BEDS LU1 4LP

Remanufactures inkjet cartridges and refill kits, and laser printer cartridges, which are electronically tested. Will collect and exchange used toner cartridges for discount.

Tel  01923 266003    Fax 01923 264631
www.m-d-recycle.co.uk  Email Stalbans@m-d-recycle.co.uk 
Merrydown, Commonwood, Herts WD4 9BA

 David Lewsey

Licensed collector and recycler of boxed WEEE (waste electrical and electronic equipment) and hazardous electrical waste.  Dismantles old equipment such as computers, monitors, peripherals, printers (all types), scanners, TVs, video recorders, hi-fi, microwave ovens, telephones, small electrical appliances, garden equipment, electronic toys, office equipment (eg photocopiers, shredders, binders, laminators) back to separate components, sorted according to material  (eg metals, glass, plastics).  No refurbishment or re-use.  Tracking at every stage of process.  Hazardous materials such as lead removed for recycling by specialist contractors (see sections 43, 60).  Skips of circuit boards, wire etc taken to specialist refineries where raw materials are reclaimed for use in new equipment such as power tools, vacuum cleaners, fuseboxes, fax machines, modems.  Fixed cost charges - see website.  Consultancy on new hazardous waste regulations.  Franchises and training.  Head Office: Unit 1-3 Newland Trade Park, Kirkheaton, Huddersfield, West Yorks HD5 0JS, Tel 0800 197 8857, info@m-d-recycle.co.uk   (Updated Dec 2005)

Tel 0870 199 5010
Website www.maxitech.biz  Email  info@maxitech.biz 
Unit A10, The Chocolate Factory, 5 Clarendon Road, Hornsey, LONDON N22 6XJ

Not-for-profit company providing reuse and recycling of electrical and electronic equipment to companies and organisations throughout UK.   Collects, refurbishes, and finds buyers.  Data removed and secure from retrieval.  No harmful components sent to landfill, and no harmful waste sent overseas for dumping.   Chance to maximise return for reusable equipment: typically can recover 5% of initial cost of redundant IT equipment.  Can be tested and given to charity, or can purchase surplus equipment and donate proceeds to charity.  Can assist in inventory: counting, labeling, bar-coding and recording equipment to be disposed of.   Ensures recycling is performed by authorised specialists to comply with WEEE and ROHS directives and assist with Corporate Social Responsibility.  With partner organisations, creates secondary products from otherwise harmful electrical and electronic components and finding new methods to reclaim useful materials from e-waste.  Same day asset disposal services.  Collects loose equipment from anywhere in London, and palletised equipment from anywhere on UK mainland.  Trains and develops youths from socially-disadvantaged backgrounds through work placement schemes.  Environment Agency Licensed waste carrier, supported by London ReMade.  Works with The Laundry (section 31) to recycle paper.  (Updated May 2005)

Milton Keynes Council of Voluntary Organisations
Tel 01908 661623 Fax 01908 200979
Email general@mkcvo.freeserve.co.uk 
Acorn House, 351 Midsummer Boulevard, MILTON KEYNES, Bucks MK9 3HP

Accepts donations of goods and services from businesses for distribution to voluntary groups, mainly unwanted office furniture and equipment.  Maintains a warehouse for storage, and provides various services, information and advice. (Updated Feb 2001) 

Tel 0800 132063  Fax 01449 736883
Pie Hatch Farm, Buxhall, STOWMARKET, Suffolk IP14 3DZ

Remanufacture and supply of recycled cartridges nationwide; old ones collected.


Oxford 01865 391667 Fax 01865 791935 / Reading Tel 01189 576088
272 Abingdon Road, OXFORD OX1 4TA

Sale and purchase of new and used office furniture and equipment. Also at 21 Caversham Road, Reading.

New Leaf Recycling Ltd
Tel 0208 944 6866  Fax 0208 944 9644
Email mail@newleaf-uk.com  Website www.newleaf-uk.com  
Office 4, 88 Bushey Road, Raynes Park, LONDON SW20 0JH

Recycling service for most types of redundant IT and electronic equipment (such as computers, monitors, printers, telephone equipment, photocopiers) aiming to find an environmentally friendly alternative to dumping the equipment in a landfill site.  If possible, equipment is passed on for reuse by local community groups.  If not, it can be dismantled for spares or recycling.  Purchases most laser printer and inkjet cartridges suitable for remanufacture (minimum ten, free collection).  No photocopier bottles, printer ribbons or previously recycled cartridges.  Sells new or remanufactured (35% cheaper) laser and inkjet cartridges with new drums, from an ISO registered manufacturer.  Min order 50 + VAT, free delivery over 100.   Core business is office paper recycling - any type, any quantity, from a few bags to large warehouse clear-outs; also confidential waste disposal (sacks with security tags, certificates of secure disposal).    Tough white re-usable sacks 67 cm by 100 cm supplied free.   Recycling bins (green cardboard, 70cm tall x 38cm wide), sack stands (8.95 + VAT), and wheeled containers available (these hold up to 20 full sacks, and can be rented per year).   Free paper collection from south-west London within M25.   (Updated May 2005)

Office Green Ltd
Tel 0800 833 480 (Collection/orders) / 0208 539 0990 (Admin/Accounts) Fax 0208 539 3380  Website www.officegreen.co.uk and www.tonerflow.co.uk/default.htm 
Orchard House, Estate Way, Church Road, LONDON E10 7JN

Waste management and collection division of EXY group.  Laser cartridge and inkjet collection (minimum 10), for payment, free computer discs and laser cartridges, or donation to NSPCC or a chosen charity. Collection box provided on request.  Also payment for unwanted mobile phones.  (Updated Nov 2003)

Office Requirements

Tel 01908 615555
Unit 1, Newport Road, Moulsoe, MILTON KEYNES, Bucks MK16 0HS

Sale and purchase of new and used office equipment.

Cartridge Recycling
LASERXCHANGE  (see separate entry above) 
Tel 01873 859901  Fax 01873 859128
Email oxfam@laserxchange.co.uk  Website www.laserxchange.co.uk/Chargox.htm
Surebasic Limited, Units 2-3 Castle Meadows Park, ABERGAVENNY, Monmouthshire NP7 7RZ
(Oxfam Head Office:  Tel  General enquiries 0870 333 2700  Reception 01865 311311  Fax 01865 321410 / 313770   Email oxfam@oxfam.org.uk, campaigning@oxfam.org.uk, education@oxfam.org.uk, companies@oxfam.org.uk  Website www.oxfam.org.uk, www.oxfam.org.uk/coolplanet.  Oxfam House, 274 Banbury Road, OXFORD, Oxon OX2 7DZ)

Oxfam raised over 36,000 through cartridge recycling in 2002.  For each suitable laser cartridge received, LaserXchange will donate 2.50 to Oxfam, and 1 for each suitable inkjet cartridge.  Recycling cartridges helps reduce the massive waste caused by production and disposal of non-renewable plastics and metals.  

To join the scheme check your cartridges are on the LaserXchange list:  
Call LaserXchange on 01873 859901 and tell them you want to recycle for Oxfam.  
Toner cartridges:
  Collect a minimum of six, packed in their original boxes; call LaserXchange to arrange free courier collection.  
Inkjet cartridges:  LaserXchange will send a Freepost inkjet cartridge collection box or bag for posting when full.  Smaller quantities can be sent by attaching LaserXchange's Freepost label.  Epson inkjet cartridges cannot be recycled. 

No cartridges are made in the UK, so each cartridge recycled saves non renewable plastics and metals, whilst creating jobs and saving imports into the UK, as well as supporting Oxfam's work around the world.  10 toner cartridges could pay for a Vietnamese child to go to primary school for a year.  

Oxfam head office main entry, see Charity section 130.  Oxfam's many other reuse and recycling activities for donation and low price resale:  see Oxfam Mobile Phone Recycling below.  (Updated Feb 2004)  

Oxfam Computer Equipment Recycling
Tel  01865 313484  General enquiries 0870 333 2700  Reception 01865 311311  
Fax 01865 321410 / 313770
Email oxfam@oxfam.org.uk, companies@oxfam.org.uk, campaigning@oxfam.org.uk, education@oxfam.org.uk, webteam@oxfam.org.uk  
Website www.oxfam.org.uk, www.oxfam.org.uk/coolplanet
Oxfam House, 274 Banbury Road, OXFORD, Oxon OX2 7DZ
Contact  Michael Taylor, Corporate Account Manager, mitaylor@oxfam.org.uk, Tel 01865 313484

Companies and organisations can help support Oxfam, eliminate electrical waste and cut waste bills by donating unwanted computer equipment.  When replacing computer equipment, organisations may be able to help by donating the equipment replaced, including in full or part: keyboards and monitors; computers with minimum specifications: Pentium 2, 233MHz Processor, 32mb RAM memory, 1GB Hard disk; CD-ROM and modems, preferable but not essential.  These are minimum specifications Oxfam can recycle, as equipment needs to be able to run at least Windows 98.  Oxfam offers comprehensive data removal, and in many instances collects from donor organisations.  With electronic equipment being one of the fastest growing waste streams, and increasing legislation to combat this, passing on unwanted computer equipment provides a practical, cost-cutting, environmentally-friendly solution while benefiting a good cause.  Oxfam periodically offers ranges of refurbished computers for sale.  A variety of specifications are available.  All come internet-ready, with a pre-installed operating system, and 3-month back-to-base warranty.
For further details on how to donate or buy, contact Michael Taylor, as above.

Oxfam head office main entry, see Charity section 130.  Oxfam's many other reuse and recycling activities for donation and low price resale:  see Oxfam Mobile Phone Recycling below.  (Updated Feb 2004)  

Oxfam Mobile Phone Recycling 'Bring Bring Scheme'
Tel   Mobile 'phone courier hotline 0870 752 0999  General enquiries 0870 333 2700  Reception 01865 311311   Fax 01865 321410 / 313770
Email oxfam@oxfam.org.uk, campaigning@oxfam.org.uk, education@oxfam.org.uk, companies@oxfam.org.uk  
Website www.oxfam.org.uk, www.oxfam.org.uk/coolplanet
Oxfam Bring Bring Scheme, Freepost LON16281, London WC1N 3BR
Head office: Oxfam House, 274 Banbury Road, OXFORD, Oxon OX2 7DZ

Oxfam turns unwanted mobiles and accessories into money to support development work worldwide.  Each working handset is worth about 5 to Oxfam, some more (a Nokia 3310 could provide a mosquito net to protect a child from malaria).  Phones can be taken to any Oxfam shop.  Or, if donating fewer than 10 phones, you can send them to Oxfam's Bring Bring Freepost address above; if more than 10, call 0870 752 0999 to arrange a courier.  Asks that SIM cards be removed before sending.  Free downloadable pack with everything needed to organise a phone collection in an office or school - 'posters and top tips make it simple'.  See www.oxfam.org.uk/coolplanet/kidsweb/bringbring/collect.htm . 

Reuse and recycling occurs in partnership with Corporate Mobile Recycling Limited, Tel 0207 404 6440, info@cmrecycling.co.uk, www.cmrecycling.co.uk (see separate entry above), who warn 'estimates state there are 50 million mobiles in circulation, with 10-15 million people expected to replace their handsets this year'.  CMR has
'processed over 30,000 used phones raising tens of thousands of pounds for Oxfam'.  

Many phones are reused in developing countries, providing affordable communications where landline infrastructures do not exist.  Phones not able to be reused are broken down by each component and recycled.  They contain dangerous metals including cadmium, nickel and lithium, and precious metals including gold and copper.  Recycling saves dangerous metals from landfill, and precious metals for reuse.

'Old mobiles can have a new life, full of meaning and purpose.'  

Oxfam head office main entry, see
Charity section 130.

Oxfam's other activities for donation and low price resale:  
600 public donation 'banks' for textiles and 1000 for books, collected via local warehouses. 
Wastesaver sorting and reuse facility (Huddersfield, sends worldwide) for unsold clothes.
  Bridal clothing and accessories departments in some Oxfam shops.  (See Textiles, section 81). 
Bookshops, and book departments, including rare and collectables, also via online marketplace www.abebooks.co.uk
(see Books and publications, section 33). 
Music shops and departments (see section 33, or Miscellaneous unwanted goods 89). 
Furniture (domestic/office) shops and departments (see Furniture and household goods, section 82). 
OXBOXX scheme for people moving home and removal companies, run by Oxfam with the British Association of Removers (BAR).  

Cartridge Recycling
: Toner cartridges: free collection for a minimum of six, in original boxes, call LaserXchange Tel 01873 859901.  Inkjet cartridges: LaserXchange will send a Freepost collection box or bag for posting, or Freepost labels for smaller amounts.  (See Oxfam and LaserXchange entries above)
Computer equipment: contact Michael Taylor, mitaylor@oxfam.org.uk, Tel 01865 313484 (see entry directly above).  
Stamp and Coin Unit handles sales of donated collectables (see Books section 33, or Miscellaneous unwanted goods, section 89).  
Companies contact companies@oxfam.org.uk for information on projects, fundraising, partnerships  
Collection - offered by some shops, eg furniture - phone your local shop to ask.
Valuables - if you have something valuable to donate, please let Oxfam know. 
 (Updated Feb 2004)

Paper Round

Tel 020 7620 3131  Fax 020 7247 8777
Website www.paper-round.co.uk 
Room 428, The London Fruit & Wool Exchange, Brushfield Street, Bishopsgate, LONDON E1 6EL

Largest London office paper recycling company, initiated in 1989 as part of Friends of the Earth.  Its recycling customers over 14 years have saved the equivalent of 250,000 trees.  Non-profit organisation Recycle all types of office paper (white and colour should be separated - useful info on website), and security shredding service (security sacks available).  Small charge for mixed and shredded paper.  Free collection of (minimum 10) laser printer & ink-jet toner cartridges (not photocopier toner bottles).  Minimum 6 sacks or 10 A4 photocopier boxes full of paper.  Glass, drinks cans & plastic bottles collected.  Surplus brochures & office clear-outs.  Free advice on office recycling - guide to bins and storage on website; cardboard or plastic recycling bins can be supplied.  Membership fee subject to paper prices.  Annual donations to Friends of the Earth and other environmental good causes. Newsletter has information on paper recycling and topical environmental issues.  (Updated May 2005)

Tel 0208 980 2233/5580  Fax 0208 980 2399
Unit 2, Bow Triangle Business Centre
, Eleanor Street, LONDON E3 4NP

Employee-owned merchant, established 1983.  Deals exclusively in recycled papers and boards, and office stationery products, and carries a wide variety, including remanufactured toner cartridges and inkjet supplies.  Collects used cartridges from Greater London area.  Strong links with merchants and mills keeps Paperback abreast of development of new recycled products.  Supplies 55% recycled fax paper.  Also Paperback Direct Environmental Office Supplies to trade and to individuals by mail order, nationwide delivery. For free catalogue, ring 0208 980 5580.  Offers full range of support services: its products have enabled thousands of offices to convert to environmental alternatives with no sacrifice to quality or cost.  (Updated Feb 2001)

Pennant Shop Equipment

Tel 01582 576422  Fax 01582 581792
Email pennant-pbm-ltd@btconnect.com 
8 Locarno Avenue, LUTON, Beds LU4 9EJ

Shopfitting contractor.  Purchaser of used equipment, particularly shelving, counter fittings, cash registers.  (Updated Nov 2005)

Platt Office Equipment

Tel 0208 886 9632
65 Minchenden Crescent, Southgate, LONDON N14

New and secondhand dealer of office machines, equipment and furniture. Clearance and purchase of redundant office contents.

Printer Cartridge Recycling (PCR) scheme
Tel / Fax 0191 420 8457  Mob 0794 114 3851
Email admin@cartridge-recycling.org.uk  Website www.cartridge-recycling.org.uk 
North East Charities Fund, 20 Stanhope Road, SOUTH SHIELDS, Tyne & Wear NE33 4BU
Contact: Mark McNichol

Set up in 1998 to reduce waste, the PCR scheme solely supports UK children's charities. Free collections bins can be provided for store, home or office.  Freepost envelopes or freepost address can be provided for inkjet or bubblejet cartridges, and freepost boxes for larger quantities (10 or more).  Boxes are usually collected next day by a courier - the charity is not charged for these collections.   All cartridges go direct to Rethink Recycling.  Only brand of cartridge not accepted are Epson inkjet.  Website lists what the charities receive from each cartridge.  Remanufactured, compatible and original cartridges (please specify) available from sales@cartridge-recycling.org.uk also stating printer type. Also use same system to collect redundant mobile phones for recycling. (Updated Feb 2001)    

Pulp Faction Recycling
Tel 0208 374 0184
Email pulpsimon@blueyonder.co.uk  Website www.pulpfaction.com
19 Christchurch Road,
Crouch End,  LONDON N8 9QL
Contact Simon Aldridge 

Collection of white office paper, regularly or when required - annual fee
50. Six bags supplied - only two thirds full please due to weight.  Toner,
ink and bubblejet cartridges collected for recycling at no extra charge.
(Cannot collect remanufactured cartridges or toner bottles.) Three tier
charging scale depending on service, including coloured paper, cardboard,
glass, cans or plastics - more info on website.  Security shredding service,
minimum charge 40. Sell Evolve recycled paper, 20 for 5 ream box; A3 also
available. Recycled cardboard office paper containers 10 each, or various
plastic bins. 
(Updated Aug 2002)


Tel 01604 870437
6 Elm Way, HACKLETON, Northants NN7 2BT

Laser printer cartridge remanufacture.

Tel 01635 876 900  Fax 01635 876 906
Email info@reclaim-it.com  Website www.reclaim-it.com  
Colthrop Lane, THATCHAM, Berkshire RG19 4NP 

Free collection of empty laser toner and inkjet cartridges, and mobile phones.  Wide range collected - most have a recycling value.  Helps companies, charities such as Age Concern Oxford (who also collect used stamps), schools, hospitals, youth groups and other good causes to generate funds and help protect the environment.  Collection boxes or cartridge carriers provided to store empty cartridges and mobile phones.  These provide a focal point for fundraising projects, are suitable for charity shops, and encourage donations.  Free reply paid envelopes (personalised if required) for 5 inkjet cartridges and / or mobile phones. Free dispenser boxes can be provided to display the envelopes on reception desks and in charity shops.  Dispenser box designed to carry a label of your own design.  Free leaflet for enclosing in newsletters and magazines, with organisation’s details overprinted to maximize impact.  Personalised poster available to advertise the recycling scheme.  (Updated Nov 2005)


Tel 0208 508 3220 / 0208 508 5600
Unit B3, Loughton Seedbed Centre, Langston Road, LOUGHTON, Essex IG10 3TQ

Laser, fax and inkjet printer cartridge recycling. Free collection and purchase of empty cartridges.

Recyclers of Great Britain
Tel 0161 487 4288
PO Box 41 , ECCLES, Manchester M30 0RT

Trade association. List of members available, who must have reached the association's standards for toner cartridge recycling.

Red Cross 
see British Red Cross

Revolution Recycling
(trading name of Envirecycle)
Tel 0870 127 02936
Website www.revolutionrecycling.co.uk  Email info@revolutionrecycling.co.uk 
16A Tudor Road, Crystal Palace, LONDON SE19 2UH
Contact Kristian Keates

Recycling collection of mixed paper and all types of office waste from small and medium size offices, on a set day, weekly or fortnightly.  Other materials collected: glass, tin / aluminium cans, laser toner cartridges, cardboard, plastics, furniture, fluorescent tubes.
No minimum amount.  Operating within central London for 4 years.  Low charges, and free paper collection for offices using Evolve 80g recycled office paper supplied at low prices by Revolution - closing the recycling loop (minimum order 1 box 5x500).  Evolve ( chlorine free) is the only recycled paper made in England (collected from London and South East, reprocessed in Kent).  Making one tonne of recycled paper saves 15 trees, uses 64% less energy, 50% less water and creates 74% less pollution compared to paper made from virgin materials.  Supplies wide range of recycling containers, colour coded.  Material taken to a depot, shredded, baled and transported to mills for recycling. 
Shredding is part of the process - increased security without expensive 'confidential destruction.'  Registered waste carrier - waste transfer notes provided.  (Updated May 2005)

Ribbon Revival

Tel 01908 227266 Fax 01908 22767
6 Heathfield, Stacey Bushes, MILTON KEYNES, Bucks MK12 6HP

Local unit of national network remanufacturing used office and computer printing consumables for laser inkjet and ribbon printers with savings of 30% - 70% against new.

Save A Cup Recycling Company Ltd
Tel 01494 510167  Fax 01494 510168
Email hq@save-a-cup.co.uk, saveacup@btclick.com 
Website www.save-a-cup.co.uk 
Suite 2 Bridge House, Bridge Street, HIGH WYCOMBE, Bucks HP11 2EL

Not-for-profit company providing free regular collection, for recycling, of the millions of thin or hard walled polystyrene vending cups used in the UK.  Minimum quantity specified.  Can provide  purpose-designed collection bins, sacks (both made from recycled cups) and flaking machines.  Waste cups are processed into clean flake or pellets for remanufacture into non-food-contact  products - also available from Save-A-Cup - such as cup holders/trays, desktop accessories, pens (including ones which don't roll away), pencils, rulers, ice scrapers, coasters, key fobs, business cards and card holders, and collection bins themselves.  Most products available customised, and in multiples of 10.  Website includes advice on placing bins (so people use them), and on collection arrangements.  Free posters and waterproof decals for collection bins.  The high impact polystyrene recyclate can be used to make a huge variety of plastic components and products, usually at less cost than virgin polymer material.  Organisations can reduce Land-Fill Tax and waste management payments by saving cups for collection, demonstrate compliance with Packaging Waste Regulations; BS and ISO environmental standards; Duty of Care Regulations; and gain access to Packaging Recycling Notes (PRNs) for back-door waste.  Waste Transfer Notes detailing cup usage  issued in line with legislation.  Companies with Environment Agency registration for Packaging Waste Regulations can purchase PRNs from Save A Cup at a discount for tonnage recycled - all income from PRN sales supports free collection, as does maximising amounts collected each time to lessen environmental and journey costs.  Save A Cup was established by vending, foodservice and plastics industries, to increase amounts of cups collected in line with Government Targets for recycling packaging waste.  Has established 0.01p environment charge on all new vending cups, with approval from cup manufacturers and Office of Fair Trading, to support cost of running and expanding the service.  (Updated Feb 2004)

Tel 0207 619 7239 / 7234  Fax 0207 619 7380
Website www.scope.org.uk  
Library and Information Unit, 6 Market Road, LONDON N7 9PW
Write to:
PO Box 833, Milton Keynes MK12 5NY
Donations: Scope Supporter Services (Dept 2521), Freepost LON 8654, LONDON N7 9BR

Charity working with people suffering from cerebral palsy and other disabilities.  Phone recycling scheme, in conjunction with ShP Solutions (see below).   Unwanted phones (plus chargers, batteries and hardware) can be left at a Scope shop - if you have a lot, ring call 020 7619 7105 for a collection or post two or more to Scope Phone Recycling, Justin Thompson, ShP Solutions, Freepost Lancaster.  'Toner Donor' free office recycling and collection scheme for all inkjet and laser cartridges (boxes provided) - information pack from 020 7 619 7239.  If you have over 20 items of IT equipment, call 01757 708 180 to arrange for collection and quote 'Scope'.  A charge will be made for collection and Scope will receive a percentage of that collection charge.  For more on recycling toner cartridges or computers and electronic equipment: 020 7 619 7234 (Linda Liviani).   (Updated Jan 2005)

Shred-Safe Ltd

Tel 01480 880088 Fax 01480 880044
Unit 219, Whitehall Farm,  Croxton, ST NEOTS, Cambs PE19 4SS

Confidential on site paper shredding and recycling. Safe disposal of computer disks, microfiche, tapes etc.

Supplies Team
Tel 01274 741111 Fax 01274 393495
66-70 Vicar Lane, BRADFORD, West Yorks BD1 5AG
Email info@supplies-team.co.uk

Free collection of laser or inkjet cartridges nationwide. Donation of £1 per cartridge to a charity. Recycling, remanufacture and resale through Little Red Book, Hemel Hempstead (part of same organisation), Tel 01442 260015.

TDS Safeguard

Tel 0208 203 5127 Fax 0208 203 6232
59 Finchley Lane, LONDON NW4 1BJ

Confidential data destruction. Purchaser of waste paper and laser toner cartridges. Also security shredding.

Teleprint Supplies Ltd
Tel 01753 582100  Fax 01753 580218
Email recycledtoners@hotmail.com 
37a New Road, Langley, SLOUGH, Berks SL3 8JJ

Laser printer and fax cartridge remanufacturer supplying both trade and end users.  UKCRA member.  All cartridges hand built and tested, with combination of image drum and toner giving graphic quality comparable with original product at more cost-effective price. (Updated Feb 2001)

Tonerflow Ltd

Tel 0870 443 5353  Fax 0870 443 4959
Email sales@tonerflow.co.uk  Website www.tonerflow.co.uk
Montrose House, 412-416 Eastern Avenue, ILFORD, Essex IG2 6NQ

Direct sales and service division of  the EXY group, remanufacturer of ISO9002 accredited printer consumables including toner cartridges.  'One stop solution' including free waste management service.  Cartridge collection by EXY partners Office Green.  Stationery catalogue can be ordered online.  (Updated Nov 2003)  

UK Cartridge Recycling Association

Tel 01706 525050  Fax 01706 647440
Email info@ukcra.com  Website www.ukcra.com 
11a Memorial Road, Walkden, MANCHESTER M28 3AQ

Trade association of printer cartridge recyclers. Aims through its members to promote and provide high quality, cost-effective recycled products that are environment-friendly alternatives to imported toner cartridges. Members who display the UKCRA rosette must abide by agreed codes of practice, including standards of remanufacture, labelling and packaging, general business practice, warranties, and accepting UKCRA mediation in any disputes with customers. Campaigns against products designed not to be recycled or repaired, as this adds to the already overloaded waste stream. Website provides useful buyers' guide.   (Updated Nov 2000)

Tel 0845 456 4540  Fax 0870 112 6339  
Website www.via3office.com  Email info@via3office.com
483 Green Lanes, Palmers Green, London N13 4BS

One-stop shop for everything needed to manage your office - wide range from stationery to office cleaning products, eg electrical equipment, janitorial supplies, organic and fair trade food and drink, and plumbed-in office water systems.  Collection and recycling service for all office wastes, including plastics, mixed office paper and used printer cartridges.  Also assistance to produce less of it in the first place.  Everything sold is designed and sourced to reduce social and environmental impact and to promote ecological sustainability and social justice.  Supplies are chosen from companies who are concerned about their impact on environment and society, and who provide fair pay and working conditions for staff.   (Updated Nov 2005)

Woodford Office Furniture

Tel 0208 532 9986 Woodford / 0208 986 7138 Hackney
90A Cassland Road, Hackney, LONDON E9 7AN

Sale and purchase of used office equipment. Also at 10 High Road, South Woodford, London E18 2QL.

Worktwice Marketing Ltd
Tel 01453 521 300 Fax 01453 521 330
The Pin Mill, New Street, Charfield, WOTTON UNDER EDGE, South Glos GL12 8ES

Nationwide collection for donated toner and inkjet cartridges.  Before collection, profits can be requested to go to Macmillan Cancer Fund, St Peter's Hospice or a charity of the donor's choice. (Updated Feb 2001)

WWF-UK (Worldwide Fund for Nature)
Freephone 0800 316 9999
OCP Ltd, 134B North Lane, Aldershot, Hants GU12 4QN

Free nationwide collection of laser toner, inkjet, fax or copier cartridges (minimum 10) for remanufacture and resale as Panda brand products, raising money for Panda appeal. Where remanufacture is not possible, cartridges are sold on for recycling. Other Panda brand office products include photocopy paper, notebooks and storage boxes. Also see section 400.