10  Organics

          This group of categories includes -

11  Green waste and composting
12  Food waste
13  Used vegetables and fats
14  Wood waste
15  Wood burning

From the WRAP website:
The process that a small minority of keen gardeners have benefited from for years is being transformed into a source of organic wealth for everyone, gardeners or not, as we wake up to the advantages it brings.  Composting organics waste is part of a growing revolution in the way we manage material that we no longer need.  Composting is a kind of organic 'after life'.  Biodegradable 'waste' can live again - it's a natural cycle - material can go round the cycle again and again, promoting new plant life.  What is amazing is that the raw materials are unwisely considered by many as worthless rubbish.  On the contrary, not only is composting a source of food for the things we plant, it is part of the solution to the problem of burying our waste in landfill sites."

Harmony and satisfaction will be more easily achieved if we all try to work with nature, not against it.  Unlike human activity, nature wastes nothing.  

Organics are natural substances derived from living organisms.  Those of vegetable origin pose no hazards to the environment in appropriate quantity and location if handled properly.  If no intermediate uses can be found, they are best returned to the land as plant nutrients and soil conditioners through biological decomposition.  Every garden should have a few logs, to provide wildlife habitat.  Uncontaminated woody materials have calorific value and can be burnt as fuel.  Treatment of animal matter could follow a similar principle, but health risks - in particular vectors and parasites - demand a different approach. 

Every tonne of biodegradable waste produces 
300-500 cubic metres of landfill gas 

source: Waste Treatment and Disposal - P T Williams 1998, pp 240

Listed below are major sources of information, and cross references to others.  Other organisations carrying out more specific activities appear under sections 11 to 15.  More specific information is given above the listings under each category. 


Carpets, if in good condition, may be donated to charity shops.  If not reusable, old carpets can be placed on top of your compost heap to keep the heat in.  Man-made fibres will not rot - but carpets made from cotton or wool will decompose and compost eventually.  Pieces of carpet can also be laid on garden plots to kill weeds by depriving them of sunlight.  

Biodiversity is good for business.  It provides water, energy, fuel, and raw materials.  It also takes and absorbs our waste and pollution.  By supporting biodiversity, business can give something back to help sustain, conserve, create and enhance wildlife habitats, and in doing so improve the living and working environment.  The biodiversity you support will provide a pleasant and positive working environment for your staff, and a positive environmental image in the media and your local community.  (From

Also see
Timber reclamation (23)
Land restoration
Conversion to energy
Responsible consumerism
Organic and low input food
Natural death

Alphabetical list of organisations


Website www.adas.co.uk
HQ:  Woodthorne, Wergs Road, WOLVERHAMPTON WV6 8TQ  Tel 01902 754190  Fax 01902 743602
Wildlife Unit:  Burghill Road, Westbury-on-Trym, BRISTOL, Avon BS10 6NQ  Tel 0117 9591982  Fax 0117 9591982
South-East locations include: 
Boxworth, CAMBRIDGE, Cambs CB3 8NN  Tel 01954 267666  Fax 01954 267659 
Room 705, Eastbury House, 30-34 Albert Embankment, LONDON SE1 7TL  Tel 0207 2381260  Fax 0207 2381269

Science-based information, advice and implementation services to Governments and organisations in environment, agriculture and rural sectors.  Specialises in policy formulation and implementation.  Operations divided between offices and farms (including research centres) in England, Scotland and Wales.  Over 725 staff cover more than 60 specialisms.  Over 20,000 clients include Government departments and agencies, corporations, utilities and small rural enterprises.  ‘BlueSky 35’ campaign to celebrate 35th anniversary - 35 predictions for 2005-2040, each accompanied by a synopsis available as an article, covering: Environmental policy & legislation, Waste management, Climate change – effects and mitigation, Renewable energy, Animal health & welfare, Sustainability, Food, Application of technology, Agriculture & rural policy.  (Updated August 2004)

A Lot of Organics
Tel 0118 3759375
Website www.alotoforganics.org.uk  Email contact@alotoforganics.co.uk 
Douglas House, 33 Douglas Road, Caversham, READING, Berks RG4 5BH

Organic search engine listing many examples nationwide of websites on: organic farms and sources of advice about organic farming; suppliers and manufacturers of organic food and drink; special diets; vegan and vegetarian.  Also: organic products for babies and children; organic clothes; gardening; gifts; health and beauty; household; pets and farm animals; toys.  (Updated Nov 2005)

Arboricultural Association
Tel 01794 368717  Fax 01794 368978 
Email  admin@trees.org.uk   Website  www.trees.org.uk 
Ampfield House, Ampfield, ROMSEY, Hants SO51 9PA 

Provides information on tree care for enthusiasts or professionals.  Aims to advance study of arboriculture; raise standards; foster interest through publications, exhibitions and stimulation of research or experiment; assist in training students; co-operate with bodies having similar aims.  Active for 40 years.  Free Directory of Approved Contractors who have knowledge of maintenance, planting, pruning, cable bracing, pest and disease control and felling of trees in difficult positions.  Lists consultants with knowledge of how tree care relates to construction, planning, architecture, tree protection on development sites, landscaping, forestry, and horticulture.  Newsletter and journal for members, several books and guides, and annual trade fair in June.  Runs various training courses.  Tree Council (see listing below) recommends the AA for advice on work on large trees.  (Updated May 2004)

Centre for Alternative Technology (CAT)
Tel 01654 705950  Fax 01654 702782  Mail order tel 01654 705959  Mail order fax 01654 705999  Shop 01654 705993
Website www.cat.org.uk  Email  (various - see website)

It is an enjoyable and educational experience to visit this seven-acre permanent exhibition of sustainable technology with residential community set in a  reclaimed slate quarry, now a wildlife haven.  Activities powered mainly by water, wind and sun.  Demonstrations of various composting systems.  Offers consultancy on practical renewable energy solutions.  Runs training courses such as renewable energy systems, self-build houses, organic growing and biological waste treatments including composting and reed bed sewerage systems.   Welcomes British and foreign stamps (still on the paper) - send to Barbara Wallace at CAT.  These are sorted then sold to dealers or collectors.  Money raised fund CAT’s environmental volunteer service.  New displays on Energy, Recycling, the Home and Work planned for 2005, and construction begins, open to the public, of new educational establishment, " the greenest building project in the UK".  Water-balanced cliff railway opens for the season on 14 March.  Demonstrations on 9 June 2005 of spinning and weaving techniques using recycled rags.  Produces many  informative newssheets, publications, and quarterly magazine Clean Slate, email cleanslate@cat.org.uk Visitor centre open every day. Gift shop near the entrance stocks many interesting goods and books - also mail order catalogue.  Cafe serves delicious organic and fair trade food on premises.  Runs membership organisation, ATA (Alternative Technology Association).  Subsidiary in Machynlleth: Quarry shop wholefoods 01654 702339 and cafe 01654 702624.   (Updated Dec 2004)

Chase Organics

Tel 01932 253666  Fax 01932 252707
Email richard.rixson@chaseorganics.org.uk  Website www.chaseorganics.org.uk  
Riverdene Business Park, Molesey Road, HERSHAM, Surrey, KT12 4RG

Operates Organic Gardening Catalogue in partnership with HDRA.  Mail order sale of organic seed, fruit and plants, fertiliser, compost, natural pest control, equipment, books and supplies for organic horticulture, composting and vermiculture.  Specialist in seaweed extracts.  (Updated July 2004) 

City Farms 
see National Federation of City Farms and Community Gardens

Community Composting Network

Tel / Fax 0114 258 0483 or 0114 255 3720 
Email info@communitycompost.org  Website www.communitycompost.org 
67 Alexandra Road, SHEFFIELD S2 3EE
Contact  Nick McAllister (Co-ordinator)

Organisation promoting environmental, social and economic benefits of community composting to government and public, supporting good practice examples.  Provides support, advice, representation and information, including health and safety, throughout UK to not-for-profit, locally accountable community composters working on very diverse projects, and those considering setting up a scheme.  Organises conferences, training courses; provides quarterly newsletter, publications, guidebooks and library.  230 members.  Membership £20 for not-for-profit community groups; £100 for affiliate members including LAs and suppliers within industry.  Also offers consultancy service.  (Updated Nov 2004)

Composting Association
Tel 0870 160 3270  Fax 0870 160 3280
Website www.compost.org.uk  Email membership@compost.org.uk
Avon House, Tithe Barn Road, WELLINGBOROUGH, Northants NN8 1DH
Contact   Tony Breton, Communications Manager

National not for profit membership body researching and promoting sustainable management / aerobic treatment of organic waste (a biodegradable resource containing micro-organisms) - otherwise known as composting.  This may be a way of treating pollutants before they are returned to the environment.  Encourages people to make and use soil- enriching composts.  Collects and spreads information for the trade, and works to set standards.  Provides a united voice in UK, promoting benefits of composting to government and public, but does not answer composting enquiries from non-members. Operates certification schemes for compost and compostable packaging.  700 members from all waste sectors, including large scale composters, local authorities, suppliers, users, academics, individuals and students.  Graduated membership fees.  Members get quarterly Composting News, discounted publications, free information service, use of library, access to directory and members' area on website, reductions for conferences / training workshops.  Visits by arrangement, no visitor parking.  Separate Scottish branch.  (Updated Nov 2004)

Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs
(DEFRA) Organic food and farming page
Tel 020 7238 5605  
Website  www.defra.gov.uk/farm/organic
Email  lidia.pirroni@defra.gsi.gov.uk
For DEFRA recycling and waste page see section 610.  (Updated Aug 2005)

Environment Agency

Tel 08708 506 506  Incident hotline 0800 807060  Floodline 0845 988 1188
Head Office Tel 01454 62440  Fax 01454 624409
Rio House, Waterside Drive, Aztec West, Almondsbury, BRISTOL BS12 4UD
Website www.environment-agency.gov.uk

Leading public and regulatory body with £800m budget, over half spent on flood defence.  Formed 1996 by amalgamating the National Rivers Authority, Her Majesty's Inspectorate of Pollution, the former local authority waste regulation authorities, and several smaller government units.  Aims to provide high quality environmental protection and improvement through prevention, education and rigorous enforcement where necessary.  Divided into regions: Anglian | Midlands | North East | North West | South West | Southern | Thames | Wales.  Contact these via website.  Thames Regional Office: Kings Meadow House, Kings Meadow Road, Reading RG1 8DQ, Tel 01734 535000, Fax 01734 500388.  Waste and recycling facts at  www.environment-agency.gov.uk/yourenv/eff/resources_waste/213982/203620/?lang=_e   Also information on: State of the environment; A better quality of life; A greener business world;  Better waters; Cleaner air for everyone; Climate change; Energy; Sustainable use of natural resources; Healthy soils; Reducing flood risk; Sustainability; Wildlife.   (Updated Feb 2005)

Good Gardeners Association

Tel 01452 750554  Fax 01452 750402
Website www.goodgardeners.org.uk  Email matthew@goodgardeners.org.uk 
4 Lisle Place, WOTTON UNDER EDGE, Glos GL12 7AZ 
Contact  Matthew Adams

Charity which aims to teach members how to work with nature, and to grow vegetables naturally without artificial fertilisers or pesticides.  Research shows disturbance and compaction of soil through modern practices, and  applying artificial chemicals, destroys bacteria, fungi and other small organisms vital to soil health.  This produces crops of such poor vitality that food no longer provides proper nourishment for the population; while fertile, live soil provides the basis for a healthy diet, protects from many modern diseases, and should be preserved for the sake of world ecology.  Promotes soil health via the 'no dig' method of horticulture, and direct marketing systems for natural food production.  Discounts on horticultural products, and books and gardening charts for sale.  Website has features on nutrients, water and other scientific research on nutrition and soil chemistry.  (Updated Feb 2005)

Green Gardener
Tel 01394 420087  Fax 01394 420064
Website www.greengardener.co.uk  Email jon@greengardener.co.uk
1 Whitmore Wood, RENDLESHAM, Suffolk IP12 2US 

Supplier, for kitchen waste, of a range of wormeries, worms for the garden, or "wormless wormery"; home composters, compost accelerators and wildlife products.  Specialist in ways to attract beneficial insects (bees, butterflies, ladybirds etc), bird food, and biological controls for garden pests. Garden equipment, ph meter, biodegradable pots.  Items only available via website, delivery 7-10 days.   (Updated Nov 2005)

HDRA  (Henry Doubleday Research Association)

Tel 0247 630 3517  Fax 0247 663 9229
Email enquiry@hdra.org.uk  Website www.hdra.org.uk 

Ryton Organic Gardens, COVENTRY, Warwickshire CV8 3LG

Europe's largest organisation (a charity with over 28,000 members) dedicated to researching, improving and promoting organic gardening, farming, food, and commercial organic growing, and offering practical advice.  Carries out scientific research into horticultural techniques that do not rely on chemicals, and regularly helps media, industry and statutory bodies.  The main organic research body in the UK, it mains a heritage seed library. Organic display gardens with food, gardening and gift shops selling a wide range of organic products at Ryton (Coventry), Yalding (Maidstone), and Audley End (Saffron Walden) attract thousands of visitors each year.  The heritage seed library saves hundreds of old and unusual vegetable varieties, also distributing them to members - anyone can join.  Produces, with Chase Organics, the Organic Gardening Catalogue.  Also runs the Organic Wine Club with Vinceremos Wines.  Runs workshops, potato and apple days, and organic food and wine fair.  Consultancy on large scale composting, organic and food wastes; leaf mould production; wood chipping; waste management; environmental impact assessment; organic product retailing; and organic garden design and landscaping.  Also runs international programme to promote organic practices benefiting small farmers.  Research does not involve animal experimentation.  (Updated Aug 2005)

LILI (Low Impact Living Initiative)
Tel / Fax 01296 714184  
Email lili@lowimpact.org  Website www.lowimpact.org
Redfield Community, Buckingham Road, WINSLOW, Bucks MK18 3LZ

Non-profit organisation committed to promoting practical and sustainable alternatives to various aspects of everyday life.   Aims to help people understand the damage of human impact on our planet - through the way we travel, work, consume, enjoy our leisure, provide food, energy and shelter, and dispose of our waste - and how they can change aspects of their lives to reduce their impact, save money, live in a healthier, more satisfying way and improve their quality of life.  Runs residential weekend courses (£150 waged, £100 unwaged) on topics such as recycling clothes and textiles, permaculture, hedge-laying, wind, solar and sustainable energy, self-build hot water, green woodworking, building with timber or strawbale, roofing, beekeeping, making biodiesel, low-impact smallholding, water and sewage, natural paints and lime, and herbal medicine.  Accommodation and food provided.  Course details and dates on website, or sign up for their email newsletter. £10 subscription brings bi-annual newsletter and discounts on courses.  Links with small manufacturers to sell green products.   Also produces 'What can you do?' information sheets, available on website, which may be printed and distributed; and a range of do-it-yourself manuals at £7.50.   - see section 13.  Has a marquee, demo solar hot water panel, and many display boards: will staff a stand at green fairs, and assist local authorities.  Delivers biodiesel for 89p, delivered in 1000-litre containers.  Either fill a can from a tap at the bottom, or use hand pump (can be supplied) to fill vehicle directly.  Or can deliver 20x25 litre containers on a pallet - these are collected on next delivery.  More at www.lowimpact.org/productsbiodiesel.htm and other info on biofuels and veg-oil motoring.  Worked with National Energy Foundation (section 450) on government project to install solar hot water systems in 50 homes.  (Updated Sep 2005)

London Remade Ltd
Tel 0207 665 1536  Email info@londonremade.com  Website www.londonremade.com
1 Quality Court, Chancery Lane, LONDON WC2A 1HR

Partnership of business, London Boroughs, regional government, waste industry and not for profit sector.  Aims to "revolutionise the way the Capital manages its waste through a programme designed to develop and diversify markets for recycled materials."  Aims to stimulate demand for recycled products, and its website lists information about recycled products.  Offers brokerage service and environmental policy development support to organisations signing up to the Mayor's Green Procurement Code.  Focusing on organics, glass and paper.  Objectives: increase green procurement; divert 250,000 tonnes of waste from landfill; create 2000 jobs; generate £13m private sector investment.  Claims many successes already.  Helped fund London's first in-vessel Vertical Composting Unit, in Bromley; invested  £243,000 in Cleanaway organics site at Rainham, aiming to increase diversion of commercial and household gardening, landscaping, kitchen and food wastes by 100,000 tonnes, develop new markets for peat-free compost products, and to establish a training and visitor centre.  Piloting recycling schemes including mixed glass collection for flats and increasing recycling by ethnic minorities.  Working with Day Group at Charlton on glass reprocessing into low grade uses such as sharp sand and aggregate, and with Freeform Arts Trust, Hackney, who are developing tiles and blocks through fusing recycled glass.  Analysing paper waste streams before setting up an eco-industry area for paper.  Provides business support to small enterprises through loan fund.  In May 2002, with GLA, launched www.capitalwastefacts.com to help local authorities meet recycling targets. 
(Updated Feb 2005)

National Federation of City Farms and Community Gardens

Tel 0117 923 1800  Fax 0117 923 1900
Website www.farmgarden.org.uk   
The Greenhouse, Hereford Street, Bedminster, BRISTOL BS3 4NA

Co-ordinating body for a network of 1000 UK community gardening and farming groups involving people in caring for their local environment.  City farms and community gardens are community-managed projects working with people, animals and plants.  They range from tiny wildlife gardens, fruit and vegetable plots on housing estates and polytunnels to large city farms.  They provide: fresh, organic food; creative, safe, high quality open spaces; green waste disposal and practical advice on composting; improved physical and mental health; approximately 2,500 training places for adults with learning disabilities; the equivalent of 500 full-time staff and15,000 volunteers; bring people together of different abilities, ages, and cultures; attract over 3 million visitors and regular users every year - around 50,000 visitors are school pupils.

Following the Dutch idea of therapeutic and educational benefits of close contact with livestock, the first was established in 1972 at a disused Kentish Town timber yard.  Most have involved local communities transforming derelict sites into stimulating places for children.  Some operate alongside allotment associations but each is different.  An education starter pack for schools is available: 'The Compost Box', for key stages 1-3.  

Some sites in SOUTH-EAST -
Ashford Community Farm, North School, Essella Road, Ashford, Kent TN24 8AL (01233 614 600)
Blackbird Leys City Farm, Dunnock Way, Blackburn, Leys, Oxford (0186 574 9885)
Down to Earth Environmental Education Centre, Millbrook Community School, Green Lane, Maybush, Southampton SO16 9RG (02380 522 706)
Felicia Park Urban Farm, Green Lane, Hardway, Gosport, Hants PO12 4JP (02392 502 593)
New Ark Adventure Playground & City Farm, Hill Close, Reeves Way,
Peterborough PE1 5LZ ( 01733 340 605)
Aston-Mansfield, Manor Road, Lambourne End, Abridge, Essex RM4 1NB (0208 500 3047)
Brooks Farm, Skeltons Lane Park, Walthamstow, London E10 (0208 539 4278)
Coram's Fields, 98 Guilford Street, London, WC1N 1DN (0207 837 6138)
Deen City Farm, 39 Windsor Avenue, Merton, London SW19 2RR (0208 543 5300)
Freightliners Farm, Paradise Park, Sheringham Rd, Islington, London N7 8PF (0207 609 0467)
Hackney City Farm, 1A Goldsmiths Row, Hackney, London, E2 8QA (0207 729 6381)
Hounslow Urban Farm, Faggs Road, Feltham, Middx TW14 0LZ (0208 751 0850)
Kentish Town City Farm, 1 Cressfield Close, Camden, London NW5 4BN (0207 916 5421)
Mansfield Outdoor Centre, Manor Rd, Lambourne End, Romford, Essex (0208 500 3047)
Mudchute Park & Farm, Pier Street, Isle of Dogs, London, E14 3HP (0207 515 5901)
Newham City Farm, Stansfeld Road, Beckton, Newham, London E6 5LT (0207 476 1170)

Spelthorne Farm Project, 6 Burrows Hill Close, Heathrow, Hounslow, Middx (01753 680 330)
Spitalfields City Farm, Weaver Street, London E1 5HJ (0207 247 8762)
Stepping Stones Farm, Stepney Way, Tower Hamlets, London E1 3DG (0207 790 8204)
Surrey Docks Farm, South Wharf, Rotherhithe Street, Southwark, London SE16 5EY (0207 237 6525)
Thameside Park City Farm, 40 Thames Road, Barking, Essex IG11 0HH (0208 594 8449)
Vauxhall City Farm, 24 St Oswald's Place (entrance Tyers Street), Lambeth, London SE11 5JE (0207 582 4204)
Wellgate Community Farm, Collier Row Road, Romford, Essex RM5 2BH (01708 747850)
(Updated Aug 2004)

Organic Food.co.uk
Website www.organicfood.co.uk 

Online organic lifestyle magazine with impressive staff list.  Interesting, up-to-date news section and news archive.  Ten top reasons to go organic.  Informed opinion on whether organic is better for you.  Thirteen 'superfoods'.  What's wrong with GM food?  Statistics of organic produce in UK by sector.  Directory of where to shop for organic food in your area.  Lists of herbs and herbal remedies.  Responses to many email questions.  Book list.  Inspiration and lifestyle information, advice and articles.  (Updated Aug 2005)

Organic Food Federation

Tel 01760 720444  Fax 01760 720790
Website www.orgfoodfed.com  Email info@orgfoodfed.com 
31 Turbine Way, EcoTech Business Park, SWAFFHAM, Norfolk PE37 7XD

Approved body carrying out regular inspection of holdings to ensure compliance with EC regulation applying to organic food and processing, including imported produce.  Compliance entitles products to carry the 'Organic Food Federation Certified Organic' environmental label.  Also certifies aquaculture and non-food (personal care products, cosmetics - ensures only organically certified and wild plant materials are used).  Lobbies DEFRA, EU and other bodies to ensure standards are maintained.  Runs TOPP training course for organic farmers.  Useful FAQs and sectoral information on website.  Newsletter for members.  Established 1986.  Phones answered 9-5.30.  (Updated Aug 2005)

Organic Holidays
Tel  01943 870791  Fax 01943 871468
Email lindamoss@organicholidays.com
Tranfield House, Tranfield Gardens, GUISELEY, Leeds LS20 8PZ

Over 1000 places to stay in the UK and overseas.  Accommodation on organic farms and organic smallholdings (includes self-catering and catered), bed and breakfasts, guest houses and small hotels, where organic produce is used according to availability.  Each country has a map to click on for searches.  Text of all accommodation refers to organic certification. 
(Updated Feb 2004)

Organic Seeds
Tel 01227 731815  Fax 01227 730790
kokopelli@organicseedsonline.com  (include name and address for brochure) 
Website  www.organicseedsonline.com 
Association Kokopelli (Terre de Semences), Ripple Farm, Crundale, CANTERBURY, Kent CT4 7EB

Extensive range of over 1000 varieties of seeds available commercially, and a further 1500 to members, from an organisation passionate about the preservation of biodiversity and traditional varieties.  Range and organic purity unique.  Over 900 can be purchased online.  £1.70 per packet - £1.50 for members.  £5 for catalogue - cheques to Association Kokopelli: all the information you need to produce your own seeds for each species of vegetable plant.  Also produces comprehensive manual for producing vegetables and seeds in a family garden, £24; and selection of attractive posters, £12 each.  Set up in 1999.   (Updated Feb 2004)

Permaculture Association
Tel / Fax 0845 458 1805 (local rate) or 0113 2307461 (Leeds)
Email office@permaculture.org.uk  Website www.permaculture.org.uk 
BCM Permaculture Association, LONDON WC1N 3XX  (general post) or 
Permaculture Association, Hollybush Conservation Centre, Broad Lane, Kirkstall, LEEDS, West Yorks LS5 3BP (large parcels only).

Educational charity run by members, helping people use permaculture to improve quality of life and environment.  Supports  projects through information, training, networking, and research including on funding, using ethics and permaculture principles.  Based on ecological principles of natural systems, personal responsibility, limits to population and consumption, and fair shares.  Developed 1970s to challenge destructive agricultural methods, poisoning land, water and wildlife and causing serious soil erosion.  Inspires empowerment, cooperation and self-reliance - 'Earth care; People care; Fair share'.  Website offers info on courses, groups, projects, education; comprehensive news section; and email discussion.  Searchable subsections include Water; Design; Energy, technology and material use; Transport and Mobility; Money, Livelihoods and Alternatives; Homes, buildings and settlements; Natural Environment; Working with Plants and Animals; Looking after yourself and others; Education and learning; Governance and international agreements.  Phone national office Leeds, 10-2 Tue-Thu, answerphone other times.  Address is a forwarding company, avoiding problems with any future address changes.  Please send large parcels to Leeds address.   (Updated Jan 2005)

Pesticide Action Network
(formerly Pesticides Trust)
Tel 0207 274 8895  Fax 0207 274 9084
Website www.pan-uk.org  Email admin@pan-uk.org 
Eurolink Centre, 49 Effra Road, LONDON SW2 1BZ

Independent, non-profit body working nationally and internationally to eliminate the health and environmental hazards of pesticides, raise awareness, promote discussion, introduce effective regulations, and increase use of sustainable, ecological alternatives to chemical pest control in agriculture, urban areas, parks, gardens and homes.  Promotes healthy food, agriculture and an environment to meet food and public health needs without dependence on toxic chemicals, and without harm to food producers and agricultural workers.  Produces Pesticides News and Greenfly. (Updated Oct 2002)

Primary Organic Recycling Ltd
Tel 01702 216766  Fax 01702 216765
Stewards Yard, Wakering Road, Shoeburyness, Essex, SS3 9TR

Transfer station receiving garden waste and green materials on a toll basis from landscaping contractors and local authorities (Southend on Sea and Rochford districts) for chipping, shredding and windrow composting into saleable products which are sold locally, in bulk or bagged. The company, also trading as 'The Tree Fella Ltd' is also a hire contractor for portable shredding and screening plant.

Real Seed Catalogue 

Royal Botanical Gardens

Tel 0208 332 5000 /5622  Fax 0208 332 5197
Kew, RICHMOND, Surrey TW9 3AB

National centre. Practical research on recycling green waste.

Soil Association
Tel 0117 929 0661  Fax 0117 925 2504 
Email info@soilassociation.org  
Website www.soilassociation.org   
Bristol House, 40-56 Victoria St, Bristol, BRISTOL BS1 6BY

UK's leading campaigning membership charity and certification body, established over 50 years, for organic growers, campaigning to increase organic food and farming.  Develops and provides practical and sustainable solutions combining food production, environmental protection and human health.  In common with many EC approved bodies, monitors standards of members through annual inspection of holdings to ensure non-use of artificial fertilisers, herbicides or pesticides, or genetic modification.  Those complying are entitled to use the 'Soil Association Organic Standard' environmental label.  The UK Organic Ethical Trade Symbol shows that organic standards have been met, farmers and others in the supply chain have received a fair price, workers are fairly treated and farms are involved in community schemes such as recycling, composting or profit-sharing.  Publishes an annual directory of farm shops and box distribution schemes, and magazine 'Living Earth'.  Also acts as accreditation body for Forestry Stewardship Council (see separate entry), and awards its own Soil Association Woodmark - a sustainable management certificate.  Planning The Millenium Farm Network - 100 organic farms across the UK, open to all.  The address is shared with The British Organic Farmers Association, Tel 0117 929 9666, joint publisher of the magazine 'New Farmer & Grower'(Updated Aug 2005)

Stanmer Organics 
Website  www.stanmerorganics.org.uk   Email  info@stanmerorganics.org.uk 
Stanmer Park (near University of Sussex), near BRIGHTON, East Sussex (maps on site)

Consortium of 15 groups working with aspects of sustainable living, across 17 acres in Stanmer Park.  Integrated plan is committed to environmental protection and improvement, creating practical, aesthetic space and natural beauty.  Skills and resources offered include how food grows and is produced, healthy eating, recycling, wildlife protection, habitat and wildlife corridor creation, permaculture, sustainable housing, artwork in organic materials including stone sculpture.  Activities include: land reclamation, growing native trees and orchards, hedges from local seed, wildflowers for conservation planting in school grounds, private and public gardens, food production for local sale, culinary and medicinal herbs, educational training, workshops and visits.  Aims to provide inspiring school curriculum activities, alternative technology, earth kilns for traditional firing techniques, greenwaste management, green woodworking, therapeutic spaces, play areas, orchards and ponds.  An expanding resource used by volunteers from universities, local people, allotment societies, and others including Brighton Permaculture Trust.  Details: www.stanmerorganics.org.uk/GROUPS/GroupMain.htm.  Some non-profit, others include local vegetable box schemes (approx 80 boxes per week), and market stall selling produce.  Herbs supply 20 restaurants and cafes.  Trees and plants improve school grounds, planted with BTCV and other schemes.  Responsible for design, installation and maintenance of Brighton Earthship Gardens (see Earthships above).  (Updated July 2004)

Tamar Organics
Tel 01822 834887  Fax 01822 834284
Website www.tamarorganics.co.uk   Email sales@tamarorganics.co.uk 
Tavistock Woodlands Estate, Gulworthy, TAVISTOCK, Devon PL19 8DE

Supplier and grower of seeds and garden products, and grower of organic herbs, wide variety of vegetables, soft fruit and plants, fruit trees, and sundries including biological and organic pest control, composting and wormeries - one is FSC certified (Forestry Stewardship council, see section 420), fertilisers and soil conditioners, tools, and charcoal from FSC certified British woods. Online catalogue.  UK orders over £18 post-free.  Garden centre open Mon-Fri 9-430, Sat 10-3, closed bank holidays.  (Updated Aug 2005)

TEG Environmental plc

Tel 0207 290 2623
Crescent House, Sandy Lane, LEYLAND PR5 1EB

Manufactures compact, high capacity commercial composting plants to handle organic materials such as sewage sludge, pharmaceutical and chemical industry wastes. Systems are based on interlinked mesh sided 'silo cages', each holding 35 cubic metres of material which may be loaded and unloaded in a continuous flow. Waste volumes are reduced by about 50%; throughput time is 8-21 days. The company also manufactures a transportable 'twin cage' version suitable for small businesses producing monthly waste streams of 6-36 cu m. Similar in size to a box skip, it needs little space compared with traditional windrow systems; it is also claimed to have relatively low capital and operational costs.

Tree Advice Trust
Tel 01420 22022 (administration)   Fax 01420 220000 
Helpline 09065 161147, premium call rate at £1.50 per minute
Email  admin@treehelp.info   Website  www.treehelp.info 
Alice Holt Lodge, Wrecclesham, FARNHAM, Surrey GU10 4LH
Contact  Derek Patch, Director (tree establishment, research & education);  Barbara Hayden, Administration. 
(To contact specific staff members, type their name instead of ‘admin’, e.g. "Derek@treehelp.info")

Independent charity whose aims are to research and disseminate practical information and guidance on cultivation, maintenance and care of trees.  Responsible for work by the Arboricultural Advisory and Information Service (AAIS), located at Forest Research Station near Farnham, Surrey, which has been giving independent, impartial advice to the public and the arboricultural profession for over 20 years.  The Trust's services include consultancy, education and training, literature, tree condition diagnosis, advice and helpline.  Publications include arboricultural research, tree species lists, practice notes and tree damage alerts - including Arboricultural Advice and Information Notes (AAIN) and AAIS publications.  Specialist consultants covering different topics - contact details (including other staff) given onsite.  Mails to over 1200 addresses where tree management is practiced.  Receives commissions to send out advertisements for jobs (also listed on website), books, journals, materials and equipment.  (Updated July 2004)

Tree Council
Tel  0207 407 9992   Fax  0207 407 9908
Email  info@treecouncil.org.ukhedgetreesmatter@treecouncil.org.uk  
Website  www.treecouncil.org.uk 
71 Newcomen Street, LONDON SE1 1YT 
Contact  Kevin Hand, Campaigns Director 

Founded 1974 with Dept of Environment support; independent charity since 1978.  Committed to making trees matter to everyone; more trees, of the right kind, in the right place; better care for trees of all ages; inspiring effective action for trees.  Aims to: improve town and country environments through planting and conserving trees and woods; spread knowledge about trees and management; act as forum for organisations, to identify problems and aid co-operation.  With its 7500 Tree Wardens and 150 member organisations - including councils - it launched a countrywide Hedge Tree Campaign.  Organises National Tree Week (late November); Walk in the Woods (May) encouraging enjoyment of trees and woods; and the Heritage Tree Record and campaign.  Tree Wardens need not be expert, only enthusiasts: one-day training courses are run with local authorities, Community Forests, and BTCV (British Trust for Conservation Volunteers), on surveying woodland and non-woodland trees, summer and winter tree identification, planting and aftercare, woodland ecology and management, seed collection and tree law.  Wardens are supported by their parish council or community group, which in turn look to the local authority for help.  Publishes The Good Seed Guide (pocket sized, £3.50): covers identifying, collecting, how to germinate and sow, plant out trees and maximise survival; Tree News (good web section), from Dennis Direct, PO Box 2505, Alcester, B50 4JU, Tel 01789 490215,  julian_dennis@dennis.co.uk , Customer Tel 01454 642424; 50 Great British Trees £8.99 inc p&p; and detailed leaflet on planting.  Tree Council grants include Community Trees and Trees for Schools. 

Surveys show losses of up to 93% in urban tree plantings.  Professionals accept only 30% of planted trees survive for over 5 years.  Following the Tree Council's simple 'TLC: Trees Love Care' advice for young trees (Tending; Loosening ties and checking stakes; Clearing grass and weeds - see website) for the first 3-5 years will help more trees survive the crucial early years.  For detailed advice contact garden centres, nurseries, or Tree Advice Trust ( Alice Holt Lodge, Wrecclesham, Farnham, Surrey GU10 4LH, Tree Helpline 0897 161147 calls £1.50/minute).  For work on large trees contact the Arboricultural Association.
   (Updated May 2004) 

Trees for Cities

Tel  0207 587 1320   Fax  0207 793 9042 
Email  info@treesforcities.org   Website  www.treesforcities.org  
Prince Consort Lodge, Kennington Park Place, LONDON SE11 4AS
Contact  Graham Simmonds, Chief Executive 0207 820 4424 or 
Sharon Johnson, Development Manager 0207 820 4421

Independent charity supporting city-wide tree planting, training, landscaping and greening initiatives in urban areas, including those of greatest need.  Aims to stimulate a greening renaissance in cities around the world.  Runs Capital Woodlands Project - partners include GLA, Forestry Commission, and several London Boroughs.  Research and information published recently includes: Tree Facts, City Tree Data, Carbon Policy (and tree science), and Tree Manifesto for London.  Works with companies and organisations wishing to use tree planting as part of their carbon management programme.  Its “Carbon Code” is underpinned by two guiding principles which it expects any organisation it works with to sign up to. 1: trees are only part of the solution. 2: tree planting to offset carbon must be additional.  Active worldwide in: London and Manchester (England), Addis Ababa (Ethiopia), Bucharest, (Romania), and Madrid (Spain).  Partners might be NGOs, city councils, or volunteer associations.  Support and advice on: planting street trees, creating community parks and woodland, community and education activities, job training, social enterprise, fundraising, project development, and marketing.  Sponsors include businesses, trusts, government agencies, patrons and celebrities.  See 400 Social, 10 Organics, 14 Wood waste and 23 Timber reclamation for related organisations and information.  (Updated July 2004)

Real Seed Catalogue
Tel 01239 821107
Website www.vidaverde.co.uk  or  www.realseeds.co.uk    Email  info@realseeds.co.uk 
14 Southdown Avenue, LEWES, East Sussex BN7 1EL 

Real Seed Catalogue is 'Ethical Best Buy' in Ethical Consumer Magazine.  Family-run project offering 'best vegetable varieties for the home gardener' - also grains and flowers.  All hand grown, carefully chosen, and can be saved for future years.  No hybrids or genetically modified seed.  Delivery within 2 weeks.  Welcomes feedback on success of plants, stories, recipes and suggestions for new varieties.  Paper catalogues can be printed from website or posted free: email catalogue@realseeds.co.uk , or ring and leave name, address and postcode.  (Updated Jan 2005)

Waste Watch 

Tel 020 7 549 0300  Fax 0207 549 0301  
56-64 Leonard Street, LONDON EC2A 4JX
Email info@wastewatch.org.uk  Website www.wastewatch.org.uk

National co-ordinating body providing training and advice for existing and potential community groups interested in waste prevention, reduction, reuse and recycling.  Works with local and national government, promoting environmental benefits of waste minimisation on society and the economy.  Aims for positive change in attitudes and behaviour to producing and managing waste.  Runs seminars and conferences, and produces regular newsletters and information sheets.  Developed KAT (Kerbside Analysis Tool) to help councils assess the cost and practicality of different kerbside collection options, including recycling on estates.  Wasteline is a service answering questions on all aspects of waste.  Waste Watch's London network of Waste Alert Clubs help both to save businesses money and reduce waste.  The website
www.wasteonline.org.uk is a useful source of information on the waste industry.  The website www.recycledproducts.org.uk includes a database of products with recycled content - formerly compiled and maintained by Waste Watch, and originally called Buy Recycled, it is now run by WRAP (below).  Has own Communications Consultancy which reduces actual waste (Tel 020 7549 0328, kathryn@wastewatch.org.uk).  (Updated Sep 2005)

Wilkie Recycling Systems Ltd

Tel 0118 981 6330 / 6588  Fax 0118 981 9532
2A Mercury House, Calleva Industrial Park, Aldermaston, READING, Berks RG7 4QW

Supplies organic waste composting equipment and advice on establishing operations.  Shredders for waste recycling.

WRAP (Waste and Resources Action Programme)
Helpline freephone 0808 100 2040  Switchboard Tel 01295 819900  Fax 01295 819911 / 819917
Email  helpline@wrap.org.uk   Website  www.wrap.org.uk
The Old Academy, 21 Horse Fair, BANBURY, Oxon OX16 0AH

Not-for-profit body in the private sector, set up to remove barriers to sustainable waste minimisation (promotes home composting, retail and real nappies), re-use and recycling.  Works / liaises with community, public, private, and recycling and secondary materials sectors.  Seeks innovators and partners to accelerate resource efficiency, and create and develop stable, efficient markets for recycled materials and products.  Recycled Products Guide www.recycledproducts.org.uk is an easily searchable directory of over 3200 recycled products, from watering cans to clothing and waste bins to fences; runs forums, and info on recycled materials and related websites at http://www.recycledproducts.org.uk/buy-recycled/links.asp#top .  Facilitates tenders and grants in many areas.   Working on glass, plastics, wood, paper, organics, aggregates, and other materials.  ROTATE (Recycling and Organics Technical Advisory Team) supports and advises local authorities on separate collection of dry recyclables and organic wastes; 'hands on' support customised to councils' needs;  Organics composted products information service.  eQuip Residual Value Guarantee (RVG) scheme helps recycling companies secure finance by guaranteeing future residual value of machinery, set up with a panel of banks and leasing companies who lease to the recycling sector.  Materials Pricing Report (produced by ICIS-LOR for WRAP) has up-to-date info on market prices of recyclables, to assist buying, and where to sell, recyclable materials.  AggRegain Service (section 21), uses Aggregates Levy funds for research / action to reduce demand for primary materials by encouraging aggregate reuse and recycling.  Recycle Now consumer awareness campaign launched 2004 (section 200).  Useful website has links to these schemes, and materials, business & finance, and procurement sections.  Supported by funding from DEFRA, the DTI and the devolved administrations of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland (see WasteBook entries under Central Government).  (Updated Feb 2005)


Tel 01233 813298 / 813303   Fax 01233 813303
Email info@wyecycle.org 
Website www.wyecycle.netwww.wyecycle.org  
The Green House, Unit 2a, Briar Close Industrial Estate, Bramble Lane, WYE, Kent TN25 5HB
Contact  Richard Boden

Community non-profit business.  Works on issues surrounding waste and food, to create employment and protect environments in villages of Wye with Hinxhill and Brook.  One of the longest running kerbside collections of organics in UK, begun 1990.  Collects organic kitchen and garden material weekly, and supplies the compost from this back to residents.  Works with concept of Zero Waste.  Aims at reduction of waste as best option (following UK government's stated hierarchy for action on waste).  Has reduced average household waste going to landfill to less than 260kg/yr ' by working closely within our community and with organisations and networks to find local solutions to reduce and reuse discarded materials, combined with recycling and composting'.  Projects include:  plastic bottles refilled with cleaning products at local shop;  vegetable box delivery with local organic farm;  fortnightly Wye Farmers Market;  monthly SWAP day for books, toys, bric’a’ brac and kitchenware;  furniture and electrical shop and, responding ahead of present and future waste legislation, collections for batteries (both domestic and vehicular), light bulbs and electrical equipment.  Looking to reduce their environmental footprint, runs all vehicles on Biodiesel from waste cooking oil; and equips offices only with reused PCs and furniture.  Helps community groups starting similar projects, and campaigns for sustainable waste management at local and national levels.  Website sponsored by SITA Environmental Trust UK Landfill Tax credits, and Kent County Council War on Waste Initiative.

Operates via ' 7 golden rules' re the organic fraction:
1. Treat kitchen and garden organic material as two separate waste streams, from collection to processing to use of the end product.
2. Collect all kitchen organic material; meat, dairy produce etc, as well as peelings and tea bags.
3. Collect kitchen organic material weekly.
4. Do not provide wheeled bins for garden organic material; use sacks.
5. Do not collect garden organic material free of charge.
6. Ban garden organic material from the residual waste stream.
7. Do not collect the residual waste stream weekly.

Many other materials are collected for re-use and recycling, including paper, cans, paint and cookers.  

A step-by-step guide to their community composting operation is available, based on 15 years experience with households and businesses' kitchen and garden waste.  The guide to replicating WyeCycle's process is followed by in-depth advice on the various legislative challenges and how to beat them; fully illustrated with colour photos.  (Send cheque for £12 - £1 per sale goes to Oxfam.)

A major supermarket labels its carrier bags '100% degradable', but they are made from normal, oil-based plastic with a chemical added to break the polythene down into smaller oil-based particles.  This will have environmental impact.  100% bio-degradable bags made from gm-free maize starch, are available at cost to Community Compost Network members through WyeCycle.  These bags break down in the compost heap into CO2 and water, and comply with European standard EN13432 for biodegradable materials.   (Updated Feb 2005)