59  Miscellaneous packaging materials

This section includes multi-material items for which recycling may be available.

Brighton's Magpie Recycling Co-op has become the first kerbside collector to add tetrapak drink cartons to its scheme.  These are sent to  a recycling plant which opened in Fife, Scotland In February 2004.  A typical two material carton consists of 90% paperboard and 10% polyethylene.  Long life milk or juice cartons contain around 75% paper, 21% polyethylene and 4% aluminium.  The paperboard can be recycled, but it is difficult to separate the aluminium so, although it is the most valuable part of the carton, it will be recycled with the polyethylene into plastic products. 

Europe now recycles 250,000 tons of cartons per year, around 25%.  The highest rates of carton recycling in 2001 were Germany 65%, Luxembourg 63%, Belgium 61% and Norway 50%, whilst the UK rate was estimated at 4%.  The new recycling plant is welcome, but transporting tetrapaks from the south coast all the way to Scotland is not exactly an effective way of dealing with these hard-to-recycle cartons: minimising their use would be far better.

Alphabetical list of organisations

Alliance for Beverage Cartons and the
Tel 0191 232 1985 / 0191 232 0225 Fax 0191 232 1986
St Mary's Centre, Oystershell Lane, NEWCASTLE UPON TYNE, Tyne & Wear NE4 5QS

Trade association of paperboard and beverage carton makers working to address related environmental issues and promoting development of recycling schemes. The Liquid Food Carton Manufacturers Association has similar objectives and shares the same address.

Data Disposal and Destruction

Tel 0208 556 5608 Freephone 0800 212527 Fax 0208 558 9230
Security Centre, Osier Way, Leyton, LONDON E10 5SB

On site or in house destruction and recycling of documents; computer disks; magnetic tapes and cartridges; microfilm/fiche; counterfeit and reject products; credit cards. Supplier of shredding machines and disintegrators.

Herbert & Sons Ltd

Tel 01440 711400 Fax 01440 710469
Rookwood Way, HAVERHILL, Suffolk CB9 8PD

Marketing agent for Norwegian company Tomra, which manufactures a range of 'Cash for Trash' reverse vending machines accepting cans, glass and plastic bottles. These may provide a useful aid to compliance with Producer Responsibility Obligations under the Packaging Waste Regulations.  Somerfield was the first to install them in the UK at their Chippenham supermarket.  The scheme rewards users with 'premier points' redeemable at Argos.  During the first 6 months, over 63,000 crushed cans, 25,000 glass bottles and 20,000 crushed plastic bottles were collected and shipped to processors.

Islington Waste Saver Ltd
Tel 0207 226 1248  Fax 0207 837 6308
Email wastesaver@dial.pipex.com 
4 Bromfield Street, LONDON N1 0QA
Contact  Christine Collister, Manager

Non-profit community group working since 1994, making small charge for domestic kerbside collection of cans, cardboard, foil, glass, paper, plastic bottles, and textiles.  Two paid staff and one volunteer.  Serves over 550 households.  (Updated Aug 2004)

Magpie Recycling Co-operative
Tel 01273 565643  Fax 01273 559924
Website www.magpie.coop  Email greenbox@magpie.coop
Unit B, Ashcourt, Hollingdean Lane, BRIGHTON, East Sussex BN1 7BB

First kerbside collector to add tetrapak drink cartons to its scheme (see introduction above).  Established 10 years, Magpie aims to run a sustainable business, and to "make it easier to be green".  40,000 residents and people working locally receive one of Magpie's services.   Provided first bring site for recyclables at Hanover Community Centre, then paper collection service for small businesses, colleges and the universities.  Magpie furniture recycling, set up in 1994, stops furniture going to landfill and provides affordable furniture to those on low incomes and benefit, or free to homeless people referred through the Council.  'Green Box' home kerbside collection, started in 1996, picks up from 5000 customers using electric vehicles.  It collects seven different materials: glass (clear, green and brown), paper, cardboard, plastic bottles, tins, metal foil and textiles.  All are sorted on board the vehicle.   Paper and cardboard are collected from over 300 customers including businesses, schools, colleges, both universities, Brighton & Hove Council and social services. Includes confidential waste shredding service.  Magpie Home Delivery began three years ago to create a market for products made from recycled materials to close the 'recycling gap'.  Became separate company, Real Food Direct, in May 2000, adding carefully sourced organic food and local products, and committed to providing a convenient, friendly and reliable way of shopping - see section on Organic and low input food.  (Updated Jan 2007)

Tetra Pak Ltd

Tel 01895 868000
1 Longwalk Road, Stockley Park, UXBRIDGE, Middx UB11 1DL

Produce 'Tectan', a colourful, water-resistant, durable chipboard from shredded beverage cartons. Applications include parquet floors, hi-fi boxes, office furniture and playground equipment. (Beverage cartons are made from 75-80% paperboard; 20% polyethylene; 4% aluminium foil.)

Universal Bags and Pallets
Tel 0151 520 0159
Yardley Road, Kirkby, LIVERPOOL L33 7SS

Industrial Estate Purchaser of quantities of clean reusable bulk bags.