320  Recycled paper products

Can my printer print on recycled paper?
Yes, very well.  Many companies produce all their literature on recycled paper.

National Association of Paper Merchants

It is important to take an ecologically sustainable approach to our use of paper.  There is no functional reason to use chlorine-bleached virgin pulp for items such as toilet paper, tissues or kitchen roll.   Paper cannot be recycled more than 4 to 6 times because the fibres get damaged, lose their strength and get too short for paper-making.  Envelopes can make at least one more journey with the help of re-use labels available from Friends of the Earth and many charities.  Every tonne of paper recycled saves 17 trees and 7000 gallons of water (Which?Extra, Recycling,2002)  More information on paper recycling in sections 30 and 31.

We list some manufacturers, wholesale suppliers and information sources for suppliers of recycled paper products.  This listing is not exhaustive - most wholesalers can now supply recycled products at non-premium rates; recycled copier paper need not be inferior or more expensive.  Most board products have for many years included a high proportion of low grade recycled fibre, but have not advertised this fact.

We have not listed individual suppliers of recycled paper - they are now too numerous.  You are recommended to use the service provided by Epic whereby you register, give details of the kind of paper products you are looking for and they fax details of suitable products by return.  We also list some of the more unusual products which provide markets for mixed or contaminated low grade paper waste.

Animal Bedding

Producers like EcoBed argue cardboard can be used in a similar way to wood shavings but is easier to handle when bedding down and mucking out.  ‘Recent surveys show that one of the major concerns to the equestrian world is the disposal of the used bedding’.  Cardboard bedding is biodegradable and can be incorporated into the ground like straw, breaks down quicker than shavings or straw in the ground.  At a time when the price of used cardboard is very low, this is welcome news.  Cardboard is often refused by paper and card recyclers, or they may charge for handling it. 

THE WASTEBOOK therefore views promotion of new uses for used cardboard as important, to prevent this massively used and widely available resource being wasted, and taking up valuable space at landfill sites. 

EcoBed states:  There are several problems when using wood shavings, and because of the decline in the industry producing these, a shortage has occurred and prices have consequently increased.  Dust is a major problem when shavings are handled.  The price of straw has increased recently because of alternative uses.  Respiratory problems are often caused or aggravated by spores contained in straw.  Paper has been successfully used in the past, but tends to blow around and get soggy very quickly.  Cardboard doesn't as the pieces are denser than paper.  Cardboard is easy to obtain, but strict standards may have to be set on types of raw product purchased, to ensure uncontaminated cardboard is used in processing.  It doesn’t break down into dust in use.  When corrugated cardboard is used, absorption and insulation factors are excellent.  Liquids (eg urine) run off quickly through bed to floor, and are absorbed slowly by the bottom layer leaving the top dry and odourless.  


Some companies selling in UK source their paper from producers such as Asia Pulp and Paper who continue to destroy rainforest in Indonesia.  These include York & Ford (owned by Paper 4 Print); Communisis BBF, WL Coller and David John.  These are brands you may like to avoid: Caxton and Petersgate (WL Coller); Recycled cream (Communisis BBF).  Most APP paper is rebranded - to be sure of avoiding it, anyone buying virgin paper should choose 100% recycled FSC-certified brands (Source: Ethical Consumer).  Further information about Forest Stewardship Council certification in section 420.


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Alphabetical list of organisations

Brands Paper
Tel 01788 540000 Fax 01788 547148
Swift Valley, RUGBY, Warwicks CV21 1QN

Paper merchants with network of nine regional offices. Responsible for developing the 'ABCD' recycled paper classification system and 'EcoCheck' - the paper industry's first environmental assessment scheme for both standard and recycled ranges.

British Paper & Board Federation

Tel 01793 886086
Papermakers House, Rivenhall Road, Westlea, SWINDON, Wilts SN5 7BD

Provides information on manufacturers of recycled paper products.

Consortium, The

Tel 01225 777333 / 0208 337 3333  Freefax 0800 373138
www.the consortium.co.uk/cweb
Freepost, Hammond Way, TROWBRIDGE, Wilts BA14 8YT

The Consortium for Purchasing and Distribution, established for 26 years, produces a trading catalogue supplying nationally to councils, universities, schools, playgroups, charities and other groups carrying out a public service. Products include stationery, office equipment, furniture, work and sportswear, leisure equipment, and vehicles. Includes several recycled items.

The Cutting Edge
Tel 01257 792025  Email sales@eco-craft.co.uk  Website www.eco-craft.co.uk  
Dept GP, Unit 14, CEC, Mill Lane, Coppull, LANCS PR7 5BW  

Crafts company sourcing from reputable green suppliers. Recycled papers, cards, envelopes, adhesives, craft knives and cutters, fabric paints and inks, rubber stamps, punches etc. Phone for catalogue. (Updated Feb 2002)

Eco-Bed Ltd
Tel 01263 735545  Fax 01263 732303   Email sales@ecobed.co.uk  Website www.ecobed.co.uk
Oak Tree Farm, Marsham, Norwich NR10 5PJ 

Produces and markets b
iodegradable and dust free bedding from used and surplus cardboard - ‘a result of years of research, ideal for equestrian and agricultural industries.  Alternative to wood shavings, straw and paper’.  Collect and purchase palletised quantities of staple-free, lightly printed cardboard waste.  Cardboard used in manufacture may otherwise have been disposed of within landfill sites.  Claims contents flow out on opening a bale, that skipping and mucking-out are simple, clean, and odourless, cutting waste, time and costs.  Bio-degradable - after use, can be used as mulch, making a deterrent for weeds.  Can be incorporated into the ground like straw, yet breaks down in the ground quicker than shavings or straw.  Healthier for animals:  ‘Excellent absorption and insulation factors’.  Corrugations trap warm air, making a warm bed.  Proven successful with C.O.P.D. and other respiratory problems.  No removable print ink - unlike newspaper which can contribute to respiratory problems or infected cuts eg in horse's legs.  With correct handling will not create dust - dust is extracted several times during processing, and any left is completely removed before packaging.  Unpalatable to ‘even the greediest horse’.  Will not blow around since board pieces are denser than paper.  

Can be used in a similar way to wood shavings but is easier to handle when bedding down and mucking out.  Unlike paper and shavings it doesn’t break down into dust with use.  Only corrugated cardboard is used, so the absorption and insulation factors are excellent.  Liquids (eg urine) run off quickly through bed to floor, and are absorbed slowly by the bottom layer leaving the top dry and odourless.  'Recent surveys show that one of the major concerns to the equestrian world is disposal of used bedding', suggesting biodegradability has welcome benefits.  Also supply big bale haylage, using perennial rye grasses mix – three bales banded onto a pallet, delivered using truck-mounted forklift for easy unload from own lorries.   (Updated Aug 2005)

ESPO Catalogues

Tel 0116 265 7905 Fax 0116 265 7909
ESPO, Leicester Road, Glenfield, LEICESTER LE3 8RT

Supplies trading catalogue for schools, colleges, local authorities or related institutions needing stationery, office equipment, hardware, energy, food and provisions, and highways and vehicles. Separate catalogue for furniture. Main areas covered are Leicestershire, Cambridgeshire, Lincolnshire, Norfolk and Warwickshire. Symbols in parts of the catalogue indicate products which are recycled, environment friendly, energy saving, or compliance with EU directives, and small panels give additional environmental information.

see M-Real

Excel Industries
Tel 01495 350655 Fax 01495 350146
13 Rassau Industrial Estate, EBBW VALE, Gwent NP3 3SD

Manufacture Warmcel thermal and acoustic insulation materials made to British BS5803 from 100% recycled newsprint. Used in all lofts and in timber-frame walls and installed by a national network of Approved Installers (contact Excel for local installers) Also available as DIY product for loft only. (Contact Energy Ways, Lordship Cottage etc.) for details of local stockists or mail order availability.

GLS Dudley Ltd

Tel 0208 805 8333 Fax 0208 344 4044
1 Mollison Avenue, ENFIELD, Middx EN3 7XQ

Specialist educational supplier producing catalogue including stationery, furniture, protective clothing, and office, photographic, audio visual, science, art and crafts, sports, catering, cleaning equipment etc. Includes some recycled paper and card.

Green Stationery Company

Tel 01225 480556  Fax 01225 481211
Email jay@greenstat.co.uk  Website www.greenstat.co.uk 
Studio One, 114 Walcot Street, BATH BA1 5BG

Supplies a wide range of recycled office papers, green stationery, storage boxes, letter trays, rulers, recycled scissors, recycled washroom supplies, recycled printer and copier cartridges, and recycled plastic bins, via web or mail order catalogue.  Recycles laser and inkjet cartridges.  FSC certified sustainably produced office furniture, green cleaning products, low energy bulbs, and fair trade / organic beverages.  Anti-radiation / anti-glare computer screen filters available.  Supplies over 2000 organisations, offering discounts and no premium charge for green items.  Established 12 years.  (Updated Feb 2004)

Hammett Associates
Tel / Fax 01676 533832
Email info@sustainabledesign.co.uk 
Website www.sustainabledesign.co.uk
Gate Farm, Fen End, Kenilworth CV8 1NW UK
Contact  Steve and Susan Hammett

Design consultancy offering a sustainable approach to communications decisions.  In addition to studio based creative design and illustration they offer nearly 20 years experience printing on recycled paper, environmental impact analysis of materials and processes, optimised use of materials, waste reduction and efficiency savings, and sustainable project development.  Tailored training in design related fields, with special focus on needs of non-specialist staff, including website design and maintenance, design for legibility and communication, information gathering and presentation, and sustainable design.  Visual and presentation design; web design, rescue and tuition; custom print and promotional products; business and professional stationary.  Website's design gallery shows examples of work including websites.  Studio has latest computer facilities, while a more traditional workshop prints business, personal, and custom-printed / promotional recycled products, including craft based letterpress printing.  Sister company Recycled Paper Supplies (see below) supplies recycled paper and stationary products mail order.  Free advice on this, graphic design and print requirements.  Very useful information and explanations about trees and environment, what recycled paper is, industry and recycled content certifications for paper materials, how to match paper and envelope sizes, paper and printing history, and faq's on paper quality, bleaching, economics - energy use and prices, and printing inks.  Small business - argues small scale processes are flexible and minimise waste, enquiries and orders receive personal attention.  Member of ethical junction (www.ethical-junction.org).  As a family, claims to produce as much of their own food as possible in an holistic, organic system where all waste is re-used.  Tries to apply this philosophy throughout home and work - 'for us, our grandchildren and the future of the planet.'  (Updated Feb 2004) 

Hemcore Limited
Tel 01279 504466  Fax 01279 755395
Website www.hemcore.co.uk  Email info@hemcore.com 
Latchmore Bank, Little Hallingbury, BISHOPS STORTFORD, Herts CM22 7PJ

Company with the first UK licence to grow and process hemp.  No agrochemicals are used in growing the crop, which grows quickly, giving the highest fibre yield of any crop, and has excellent biodegradable properties. Fibres are strong, but can be softened for comfort, and take dyes easily, and the fibres' hollow core allows fabric to breathe.  Every part of the plant is used - the core for horse bedding (its high absorbency is particularly suitable) and construction material - and the fibre for textiles (furnishing and clothing) and papers - it can be used for high grade writing paper.  It is also used in the auto and insulation industries.  3000 hectares of industrial hemp (virtually zero drug content) is now grown by British farmers under contract to Hemcore.   (Updated June 2004)

HMSO Register of Recycled Paper & Paper Products

Tel 0207 873 9090 Fax 0207 873 8200
The Stationery Office, PO Box 276, LONDON SW8 5DT

The Stationery Office is the largest commercial buyer of paper in the UK. This register, produced when it was still called HMSO, is concerned with the environmental impact of products, and the importance of recycled content. It uses a widely accepted point awarding system according to type and percentage of waste used, with maximum score of 100 representing 100% post consumer waste fibre content. Mill waste (virgin fibre trimmings etc) scores 50. The Register, last published July 1995, lists products with their ranking. Price £7.50 from most booksellers, or by mail order post free from the above address.

Horton Kirby Paper Mills Ltd
Tel 01322 863244  Fax 01322 864286
South Darenth, DARTFORD, Kent DA4 9AU 
Email charles.trollope@hortonkirby.co.uk Website www.hortonkirby.co.uk Contact Charles Trollope (MD)

Manufactures woodchip wallpaper by laminating selected wood chips between a strong base paper and a fine top sheet, to produce a quality, affordable and durable textured wall covering. This is made of 100% recycled post consumer waste paper and carefully screened shavings from timber saw mills, and meets the stringent criteria imposed in Germany to gain the Blue Angel award for environmentally safe products. (Updated Nov 2002)

Keltonstone Recycling Ltd
Tel 01582 572431  Fax 01582 572441
www.keltonstone.co.uk  Email davidsmith@keltonstone.co.uk 
673-675 Dunstable Road, Luton LU4 0DS 

Makes dust-free bedding - about 4-5000  20k bales a month - for racehorses.  Collects office paper for recycling without charge.  Also provides confidential shredding, and computer media destruction - tapes, disks, PCs.  (updated Apr 2002)

Tel 01628 411611  Fax 01628 411891
Website www.m-real.com  Email info.uk@m-real.com 
New Thames Mill, Kemsley, SITTINGBOURNE, Kent ME10 2SG 
Contact  Jude Fanner, Marketing Executive  judith.fanner@m-real.com

Manufacturer of Evolve high quality papers made from 100% office waste in two types - Office, ideal for everyday office use; and Business (extra white and smooth).  Evolve paper is guaranteed for laser copying, laser printing, fax machines and monochrome inkjet printing.  ISO 14001 (environment management) accredited mill.  London sales office 101 Wigmore Street, London W1U 1QU.  Also in Maidenhead, Berks and Sale, Cheshire.  Head office in Finland.  (Updated Nov 2005)

National Association of Paper Merchants (NAPM)
Tel 0115 841 2129
Website www.napm.org.uk 

Accredited trade association for paper and board wholesalers since 1920.  Represents the majority of companies (over 30) in UK.  Information service to members - organises debate, training courses, collates statistics.  Monitors and seeks to influence legislation.  Centre for enquirers seeking paper or board suppliers. Promotes the NAPM recycled paper mark for qualifying recycled papers, accredited to over 160 British brands.  Its use indicates the product contains a minimum 75% of paper and board waste fibre, no part of which should contain mill produced waste.  (Updated Aug 2005)

Omni-Pac UK Ltd
Tel 01493 855381 Fax 01493 858464
South Denes, GREAT YARMOUTH, Norfolk NR30 3QU

Manufacturer of moulded fibre egg trays and boxes from waste newspaper. Collection and purchase scheme for minimum quantities of three tonnes.

Paper Publications Ltd

Tel 01923 261555
Church House, Church Lane, KINGS LANGLEY, Herts WD4 8JP

Publishes monthly Paper Focus Magazine for buyers and specifiers of paper and board.


Tel 0208 980 2233/5580 Fax 0208 980 2399
Unit 2, Bow Triangle Business Centre
, Eleanor Street, LONDON E3 4NP

Employee-owned merchant, established 1983. Deals exclusively in recycled papers and boards, and office stationery products, and carries a wide variety, including remanufactured toner cartridges and inkjet supplies. Collects used cartridges from Greater London area. Strong links with merchants and mills keeps Paperback abreast of development of new recycled products.  Supplies 55% recycled fax paper.  Also Paperback Direct Environmental Office Supplies to trade and to individuals by mail order, nationwide delivery. For free catalogue, ring 0208 980 5580.  Offers full range of support services: its products have enabled thousands of offices to convert to environmental alternatives with no sacrifice to quality or cost. (Updated Feb 2001)


Tel 01977 650990 Fax 01257 249903
Email jobooth@papeterie.co.uk  Website www.papeterie.co.uk 
49 Market Street, CHORLEY, Lancs PR7 2SW

Supplies handmade papers from fairly traded sources in the far east.  Environmentally sound alternatives to stationery, avoiding virgin materials. All products eco-friendly and "design-led". (Updated Jan 2001)

Pettex Limited

Tel 0208 501 1033
62-70 Fowler Road, Hainault Industrial Estate, Hainault, ILFORD, Essex IG5 3UT

Manufacturer of pet bedding. Waste paper is used for bedding for various types of small animal; wood offcuts and shavings from the building and timber trade are used for mice, rats, rabbits, and large bales for horses.

Recycled Paper Supplies
Tel / Fax 01676 533832
Website www.recycled-paper.co.uk, http://rps.gn.apc.org  
Email contact@recycled-paper.co.uk, enquiry@recycled-paper.co.uk  
Gate Farm, Fen End, KENILWORTH, Warwicks, CV8 1NW 
Contact  Steve & Susie Hammett

Comprehensive range of recycled paper, stationery and office related products - jiffy bags, gift wrap, tissue paper, string, cd sleeves, art craft and card makers materials, pens, pencils and accessories (rulers, sharpeners), and folders - at reasonable prices, from recycled materials, with detailed information about waste content and uses.  Inexpensive samples and sample packs of most products, also suitable as gifts.  Simple online ordering and full alphabetical site index.  Very useful information and explanations about trees and environment, what recycled paper is, industry and recycled content certifications, how to match paper and envelope sizes, paper and printing history, and faq's on paper quality, bleaching, economics - energy use and prices, and printing inks.  Use their own 1-5 star environmental rating which, like HMSO, uses a 'scoring' system, but gives a higher score to category D waste, the largest and most easily reclaimed potential source of recycled fibre.  Also graphic design and print business (Hammett Associates, see above).  Studio has latest computers, while a more traditional workshop prints business, personal, custom-printed and promotional recycled products, including craft based letterpress printing.  Small business - argues small scale processes are flexible and minimise waste, enquirers receive personal attention.  Member of ethical junction www.ethical-junction.org .  As a family, claims to produce as much of their own food as possible in an holistic, organic system where all waste is re-used.  Tries to apply this philosophy throughout home and work - 'for us, our grandchildren and the future of the planet.'   (Updated Feb 2004)

Reisswolf (South East) Ltd
Tel 01435 866378 / 01323 410479
8 Dale Court, 30 Silverdale Road, EASTBOURNE, East Sussex BN20 7EU
Contact  Nicholas Barham

Manufacturer and supplier of animal bedding from 100% recycled post-consumer paper.  (Updated Nov 2005)

Remarkable (Pencils) Ltd
Tel  0 1905 769 999  Fax  0 1905 769 300
Website www.remarkable.co.uk  Email info@remarkable.co.uk 
The Remarkable Factory, Midland Road, WORCESTER, WR5 1DS

Designs and produces good quality, well designed items that are enjoyable to own, from recycled materials, to generate a positive interest in recycling and environmental issues.  Pencils, stationery and desktop items from car tyres, polystyrene and polypropylene packaging, paper, newspapers and cardboard, plastic cups, and FSC wood (Forest Stewardship Council certified - see section 420).  Products can be personalised.  Excellent environmental policy, including encouraging environmental awareness and promotion of waste minimisation activities.  Website shows how to make a recycled pencil.  Good FAQ.  (Updated Aug 2005)

Tomlinson Emery International Ltd

Tel 01706 642411
Milnrow, ROCHDALE, Lancs OL16 3NR

Supplier of machinery for manufacture of moulded paper fibre products.

Treecycle Recycled Paper
Tel (406) 626-0200  fax (406) 626-0193 
Website www.treecycle.com  Email treecycle@blackfoot.net  
21555 Conifer Drive, Huson, MT 59846| 

US company (Montana) promoting use of recycled paper and stationery with high post-consumer content; hemp and flax paper; biodegradable sugarcane food plates and bowls, wrap, boxes, rolls; recycled toilet paper, paper towels, napkins, dispenser towels and tissues.  Helping businesses, government organisations and public identify the best recycled paper available, by establishing a uniform ranking system;  providing paper manufacturers with incentives to offer papers with high post-consumer content.  Supplier of, and information about, recycled paper.  Also environment-friendly cleaning and baby products.  (Updated Oct 2005)