300  Recycled content products

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310 Green printers and designers
320 Recycled paper products
330 Recycled and natural clothes and textiles
340 Reclaimed plastic composite products
350 Furniture from reclaimed materials
390 Miscellaneous recycled products



Councils encouraged to buy recycled

Local authorities could take a big step towards meeting sustainability targets by simply switching to suppliers who provide recycled materials. The Waste & Resources Action Programme (WRAP) has published new guidance for councils to help promote more eco-friendly resource management. This will have a positive knock-on effect on suppliers.  


Recycling is a recent word but not a recent idea.  Building materials, scrap metal, waste paper, rags, bones and bottles have always found new uses because they were cheaper, more convenient and represented thrift.  But with the advent in the late 20th century of a throwaway society, planned obsolescence and disposable items, anathema to many people who realise that you cannot throw things away - it all goes somewhere - there has become an increasing realisation that the planet's resources are not infinite and attitudes must change.  

With new technology and new ideas, there are signs of mainstream markets emerging for products and materials with recycled content, which will at last enable recycling to happen on a useful scale.  Recycling must be planned or and built in at the design stage, before a product is marketed.  Businesses and local authorities can play a major role in expanding these markets by means of their purchasing policies.  There is a complete directory on 'Buy Recycled' called www.recycledproducts.org.uk now administered by WRAP (The Waste and Resources Action Programme), set up to create and develop markets for recycled materials and products - see below. 

For general information on the reason for the Buy Recycled campaign, see www.larac.org.uk/buy.htm 

Sections 310 to 390 (see top of page) will list an increasing range of products that once had entirely different uses: 

Alphabetical list of organisations

Allwag Promotions Ltd
Tel  01245 382600  Fax  01245 382611
Email sales@allwag.co.uk  Website
Wood House, 31 Woodham Drive, Hatfield Peverel, CHELMSFORD, Essex CM3 2RR

Wide collection of printed promotional products, office stationery and corporate clothing made from recycled, natural, sustainable and organic materials, available online.  Materials used include recycled circuit boards, computer printers, juice cartons, paper, plastics, tyres and vending cups.  Items available include: paper or organic cotton bags, clipboards, diaries, calendars (from juice cartons or circuit boards), folders with 20 clear pockets and report covers (from recycled plastic bottles), bottle openers, keyrings and rulers (from vending cups or juice cartons), desktop accessories, mousemats (from juice cartons or tyres), clocks (slate, circuit boards or FSC certified sustainable wood - see section 420), and gifts.   Practical tips on workplace recycling and environmental information - aims to prevent pollution and burden on landfill.  Promoting environmental awareness at forefront of all activities.  Monthly newsletter.  Operates from wooden country cabin.   (Updated Oct 2004)

Buy Recycled
and Recycled Products Guide
For general information on the reason for the Buy Recycled campaign, see www.larac.org.uk/buy.htm. The campaign was set up by the National Recycling Forum, a group of private companies and public organisations committed to increasing use of recycled content products and to promote the 'Buy Recycled' message.  The NRF was an independent thinktank for new ideas, exchanging information across sectors.  Assisted by LARAC (see section 160), it developed the
Recycled Products Guide www.recycledproducts.org.uk a database of products with recycled content.  Managed by Waste Watch until 2004, this directory is now administered by WRAP (see below).   Waste Watch operated the related National Waste Awareness Initiative, www.nwai.org.uk , to encourage positive change in attitudes and behaviour to producing and managing waste.   (Updated Aug 2004)

By Nature

Tel 0845 456 7689  Fax 0870 120 6991
Website www.bynature.co.uk  Email info@bynature,co.uk 
71 Avoca Road, Tooting, London SW17 8SL

Many recycled, organic and environment-friendly household items and gifts, including clothes for children and adults.  Also tips about a greener (more responsible) lifestyle - energy, transport, chemicals, holidays.  (Updated Nov 2005)

Designing for Sustainability Research Group 
Tel 020 8547 7410  Fax 020 8547 7186
Email a.chick@kingston.ac.uk  Website www.kingston.ac.uk/sustainabledesign 
Faculty of Art, Design & Music, Kingston University, Knights Park, KINGSTON UPON THAMES, Surrey KT1 2QJ
Contact  Anne Chick, Reader in Sustainable Design

Formed 2001 as an umbrella vehicle for: cross-disciplinary sustainable design research; research partnerships across public and private sectors; promotion of researchers, activities and outcomes; researchers' support network; resources and services such as lectures and information tools.  Its host faculty is committed to support sustainability research of national and international importance.  Created www.inspirerecycle.org (see listing below).  Sees sustainable development as a direction (rather than destination): to continually improve the way we live to respect the reality of limits, whether imposed by nature, legislation or embraced voluntarily.  'Achieving sustainability requires fresh perspectives, creative minds, and  capacity to explore other points of view'; reflected in research and scholarly activities on website.  Recently completed and ongoing research projects include:  i) Learning and Teaching Designing for Sustainability, including Sustainable Design Curriculum Development and MA Sustainable Futures.  ii) Sustainable Property Solutions Programme Projects: Business Case for Sustainable Property, and Buildings - A New Life.  iii) Green Audit Architectural Research Programme: Green Shift Project.  iv) Sustainable Materials Programme: Recycling by Design Research Project (see below), and Rematerialise Project www.kingston.ac.uk/rematerialise.  Low ticket cost evening lecture series (and informal post-lecture drinks receptions), supported by Biffaward, Design Council, Design Research Society, Royal Society for encouragement of Arts, Manufactures & Commerce (RSA) and Waste & Resources Action Programme (WRAP - see below).   (Updated Aug 2004)

Don't throw it all away

Tel 0207 490 1555  Fax 0207 490 0881  Email info@foe.co.uk 
Website www.foe.co.uk/pubsinfo/pubscat/dont_throw_it_all_away.html  or www.foe.co.uk  
Friends of the Earth, 26-28 Underwood Street, LONDON N1 7JQ

FoE easy-to-read guide to waste reduction and recycling: where to recycle batteries, CDs, mobile phones, paint, and odds and ends.  How to deal with kitchen and garden waste, renovate a house using recycled, stylish materials, or start office paper recycling schemes.  Looks at what we buy and bin, the social and environmental problems from over-consuming and creating so much rubbish, and potential for re-use and recycling.  Illustrated, with inspiring stories from ordinary people, giving practical advice to cut consumption and waste; from recycling the stuff of everyday life to large home improvements.  Recommended by Good Housekeeping.  Printed on paper made from 100% post-consumer waste.  New second edition £6.50, order online or from FoE Publications Despatch, Tel 0207 490 1555.  Further info on FoE and/or waste issues: FoE Information Service freephone 0808 800 1111, email info@foe.co.uk.   (Updated Oct 2004)

Eco-Bed Ltd
Tel 01263 735545  Fax 01263 732303   Email sales@ecobed.co.uk  Website www.ecobed.co.uk
Oak Tree Farm, Marsham, Norwich NR10 5PJ 

Produces and markets b
iodegradable and dust free bedding from used and surplus cardboard - ‘a result of years of research, ideal for equestrian and agricultural industries.  Alternative to wood shavings, straw and paper’.  Collect and purchase palletised quantities of staple-free, lightly printed cardboard waste.  Cardboard used in manufacture may otherwise have been disposed of within landfill sites.  Claims contents flow out on opening a bale, that skipping and mucking-out are simple, clean, and odourless, cutting waste, time and costs.  Bio-degradable - after use, can be used as mulch, making a deterrent for weeds.  Can be incorporated into the ground like straw, yet breaks down in the ground quicker than shavings or straw.  Healthier for animals:  ‘Excellent absorption and insulation factors’.  Corrugations trap warm air, making a warm bed.  Proven successful with C.O.P.D. and other respiratory problems.  No removable print ink - unlike newspaper which can contribute to respiratory problems or infected cuts eg in horse's legs.  With correct handling will not create dust - dust is extracted several times during processing, and any left is completely removed before packaging.  Unpalatable to ‘even the greediest horse’.  Will not blow around since board pieces are denser than paper.  Can be used in a similar way to wood shavings but is easier to handle when bedding down and mucking out.  Unlike paper and shavings it doesn’t break down into dust with use.  Only corrugated cardboard is used, so the absorption and insulation factors are excellent.  Liquids (eg urine) run off quickly through bed to floor, and are absorbed slowly by the bottom layer leaving the top dry and odourless.  'Recent surveys show that one of the major concerns to the equestrian world is disposal of used bedding', suggesting biodegradability has welcome benefits.  Also supply big bale haylage, using perennial rye grasses mix – three bales banded onto a pallet, delivered using truck-mounted forklift for easy unload from own lorries.   (Updated Aug 2005)

Tel 01453 752 345 Fax 01453 752 345
Email sales@ecomania.co.uk  Website www.ecomania.co.uk 
32 High Street, STROUD, Gloucestershire GL5 1AJ 

Online green shop offering a wide range of interesting and innovative environmental products.  Categories  include:  baby, books, confectionery, garden, gifts, health & beauty, home, preparing for emergencies, recycled glass, stationery, wind-up products, accessories, clothing, cotton bottoms and other real or reusable nappies (see also Nappies section 63).  Quick site links include hot deals, best sellers, categories tree, advanced search, newsletter, price list, checkout, customer registration and A-Z products list.  Shop and website based in Stroud, 'established 2002, constantly striving to source environment friendly goods and gifts'.  
(Updated Sep 2004)

Tel 020 8547 7410  Fax 020 8547 7186  Email a.chick@kingston.ac.uk 
The Designing for Sustainability Research Group
Faculty of Art, Design & Music, Kingston University, Knights Park, KINGSTON UPON THAMES, Surrey KT1 2QJ
Contact  Anne Chick, Reader in Sustainable Design

Aims to show some of the ways in which small UK enterprises and not-for-profit organisations are using recycled materials to design and create interesting and vibrant products.  Includes design, manufacture and marketing.  Text, facts and figures give visitors an excellent introduction and idea of broader issues in recycling and industry, alongside an Introductory video.  You can explore triumphs and tribulations of Success Stories through words and pictures, but need broadband Internet access to use the extensive video clips library.  'This material is only the beginning; there are many ways of using recycled materials and you're only limited by your imagination.'  Gives a series of real-life case studies, in which founders of six small UK enterprises share experiences of developing and marketing products made from recycled materials.  'The enterprises differ widely in materials used, products made, and their markets.  Yet there are common factors in their success, the most prominent being market knowledge and product marketability.'  The purpose is to inspire and help others similarly.  All manufacture product ranges with high (up to 100%) recycled content.  Key lessons to be learnt are brought to life in interviews with founders.  Practical insights and useful resources.  For national and regional recycling policy makers, business support agencies, sustainable development and regeneration funding agencies, and anyone who's interested.  'Sponsors' linked websites give more information about research and other initiatives creating products from recycled materials.  Content developed by Anne Chick and Dr Paul Micklethwaite.  Supported by Bifaward and London Remade.  The site was launched at the Design Council, London, 30 March 2004.  A Recycling By Design Research Project (Phase II Part 1, objective 2.  See below).  Also see Designing for Sustainability Research Group above.  (Updated Aug 2004)


Inspired Recycling
Tel 020 7061 6369  Fax 020 7061 6391
Email info@inspiredrecycling.org  Website www.inspiredrecycling.co.uk 
Inspired Recycling c/o London Remade, 1 Quality Court, Chancery Lane, LONDON, WC2A 1HR 

Encourages and supports design and development, in London boroughs, of innovative and imaginative products using recycled materials, and their market presence.  Offers tailored assistance for designers and entrepreneurs wanting to design and manufacture products from recycled materials.    Runs events, and workshops 'on issues most relevant to those who will be taking part in the programme.'  Aims to assist with accessing:  resources to enable modelling, prototyping and up-scaling to volume production; potential product research and development funding; patenting and intellectual property rights; additional funding for ideas; business support; networking & product showcasing; seminars and events.  Website has useful links page including signposts for funding.  Supported by European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and delivered by London Remade (see below) and West Focus .  (Updated Aug 2005)

London Remade Ltd
Tel 0207 665 1536  Email info@londonremade.com  Website www.londonremade.com
1 Quality Court, Chancery Lane, LONDON WC2A 1HR

REMADE is an acronym for REcycled MArket DEvelopment.  Partnership of business, London Boroughs, regional government, waste industry and not for profit sector.  Aims to "revolutionise the way the Capital manages its waste through a programme designed to develop and diversify markets for recycled materials."  Aims to stimulate demand for recycled products, and its website lists information about recycled products.  Offers brokerage service and environmental policy development support to organisations signing up to the Mayor's Green Procurement Code.  Focusing on organics, glass and paper.  Objectives: increase green procurement; divert 250,000 tonnes of waste from landfill; create 2000 jobs; generate £13m private sector investment.  Claims many successes already.  Helped fund London's first in-vessel Vertical Composting Unit, in Bromley; invested  £243,000 in Cleanaway organics site at Rainham, aiming to increase diversion of commercial and household gardening, landscaping, kitchen and food wastes by 100,000 tonnes, develop new markets for peat-free compost products, and to establish a training and visitor centre.  Piloting recycling schemes including mixed glass collection for flats and increasing recycling by ethnic minorities.  Working with Day Group at Charlton on glass reprocessing into low grade uses such as sharp sand and aggregate, and with Freeform Arts Trust, Hackney, who are developing tiles and blocks through fusing recycled glass.  Analysing paper waste streams before setting up an eco-industry area for paper.  Provides business support to small enterprises through loan fund.  In May 2002, with GLA, launched www.capitalwastefacts.com to help local authorities meet recycling targets. 
(Updated Feb 2005)

Natural Collection Catalogue

Tel 0870 331 3335 (queries) 0870 331 3333 (orders)  Fax 0870 331 3334
Website www.naturalcollection.com  Email sales@naturalcollection.com 
PO Box 135, SOUTHAMPTON, Hants SO14 0FQ

Mail order shopping to contribute to a sustainable future, including many products with recycled content.  Over 500 products chosen with the environment in mind, and helpful advice by phone.  Published by Green Dot Guides and supported by Friends of the Earth, The Vegetarian Society, World Development Movement etc.  Delivery free over £100.   (Updated Nov 2003)

Tel 01706 810518
Email info@reactivated.co.uk, orders@reactivated.co.uk 
Website www.reactivated.co.uk 
13 Lime Street, TODMORDEN, Lancs OL14 5JN

Online venue aiming to focus on reuse by selling anything, made by others or Reactivated, containing reclaimed materials.  Examples include toys made from metals, new telephones from old ones, stationary from OS maps or bags, handbags from tops and tins, credit card holders from PCBs.  Usually involves changing redundant products' use, with some manufacturing intervention, in contrast to recycling methods which change products into raw material before remanufacture.  Provides kits enabling people to build their own items, eg CD rack using customers' own worn audio cassettes.  E-newsletter with new products and offers.  Many products have complex components making reuse difficult - but examples show reuse is still possible, such as Art Deco lamps made from drums in duplicating machines.  Website has examples from around the world including: table lamp using worn bicycle gears, accommodation using train carriages and airliners, boats as storage sheds on Holy Island, and necklaces using early computer chips reflecting how complex technological components may carry beauty.  Claims design based partly on other products' features can be eye catching or provoking, and gives redundant products new life.  Telephone lines open Mon - Fri 9am-5pm.  Online form for any questions.  30 day 'no quibble' guarantee.  UK deliveries below £100 add £3.50.  Over £100, free delivery.  Outside UK, ring for cost.
  (Updated Feb 2004)

Recycled Products Guide  
see WRAP below

The Recycling by Design Research Project 
Website www.recyclingbydesign.org.uk  
Designing for Sustainability Research Group
Faculty of Art, Design & Music, Kingston University, Knights Park, KINGSTON UPON THAMES, Surrey KT1 2QJ
Anne Chick, Project Director  a.chick@kingston.ac.uk  
Tel 0208 547 7410  Fax 0208 547 7069 
Paul Micklethwaite, Project Researcher  p.micklethwaite@kingston.ac.uk 
Tel 0208 547 8055  Fax 0208 547 7069 

Website covers news, resources, publications and papers, events and lecture series.  Since 2001 the Project has received over £300,000 in grant funding and in-kind support.  Objectives: 1. (i) investigate and understand design and business fields for specifying recycled materials and products;  (ii) develop durable products manufactured in UK from UK post-consumer waste.  2. Assist development and promotion of new UK markets for recycled materials, in partnership with business and not-for-profit sectors, and design, brand and waste management consultancies, organisations.  These are to be achieved through:  focused research; dissemination via reports, CD-ROMs, books, research papers, other publications and the media;  dissemination via the website of best available information on recycled products and materials, manufacturers and suppliers, and issues surrounding development, specification and use;  hosting conferences, seminars and 'DesignLab' sessions.   (Updated Aug 2004)

Remade Essex
Tel 01245 259351  Fax 01245 241500
Email melvin.caton@eepartnership.co.uk  Website www.remadeessex.org.uk
Alexandra House, 36a Church Street, Great Baddow, CHELMSFORD, Essex CM2 7HY
Contact  Melvin Caton

Non-profit body established to create new markets and secondary uses for recycled materials in Essex.  Aims to increase local reprocessing capacity to create nearly 70,000 tonnes of additional markets for recycled materials by 2005.  Will organise workshops on specific materials, set up trial projects, and campaign to promote the benefits of recycling to businesses and residents, while improving recycling infrastructure to make it easier to recycle.  Research will prioritise glass, wood, paper and card, organic waste, plastics, textiles, metals, and electrical and electronic goods.  Builders of social housing will increasingly use recycled newspaper instead of traditional glass fibre and mineral wool in loft insulation.  Green waste will be used as a peat alternative.  With a thriving recycling industry, businesses can dispose of their waste sustainably, and have the option to use secondary instead of raw materials.  In turn, recycling businesses will benefit from an expanded customer base.  Supported by local authorities, Government Office of the East, East of England Development Agency, Environment Agency and Essex Environment Trust.  (Updated July 2004)

ReMaDe Kent & Medway
Tel 01732 876617  Fax 01732 876611  
Email enquiries@remade-kentmedway.co.uk  Website www.remade-kentmedway.co.uk 
c/o Invicta Innovations, Horticulture Research International, EAST MALLING, Kent ME19 6BJ
Contact  Diana Lock, Programme Manager, diana.lock@remade-kentmedway.co.uk

Established by Kent County Council, Medway Council, Business Link Kent, The Brett Environment Trust and Kent Sustainable Business Partnership to create new markets and secondary uses for recycled materials.  Encourages businesses and local authorities to use recycled materials to minimise costs and use of virgin materials, turning "rubbish" into resources and profit.  Website provides information and tools,  industry facts and local projects.  Sections on:  i) Materials: plastic, paper, glass, organic, electrical, other;  ii) Services: business, support, green procurement, local waste recyclers/reprocessors;  and iii) Information: legislation, case studies, briefing papers.  Runs feasibility studies, trial schemes, helps with finance for projects focused on reducing waste, and spreads best environmental practice in recycling and sustainability.  Methods: a) help businesses identify and exploit opportunities from re-use of materials;  b) develop new markets for secondary materials, c) increase investment in reprocessing capacity and recycling infrastructure,  d) promote best practice, maximise local recycling rates and boost demand for products with high recycled content,  e) gain benefits by diverting resources from landfill back into local industry, and  f) expand the environmental technologies sector.
   (Updated Jan 2004)

Second Nature / Thermafleece 
Tel 01768 486285  Fax 01768 486825
Website www.secondnatureuk.com  Email info@secondnatureuk.com 
Soulands Gate, Soulby, Dacre, PENRITH, Cumbria CA11 0JF 

Manufacturer and supplier of Thermafleece sheep's wool loft, wall or floor insulation, for either newbuild or refurbishment.  "Safe to use, safe to live with, kind to the planet, totally efficient and will outlive you."  Cool in summer, warm in winter.  Uses only 14% of the embodied energy used to make glass fibre insulation, paying back its manufacturing energy cost seven times faster.   Fibre adapts to shape of rafters, joists and studs to provide a permanently tight fit.  Not an irritant or a health hazard.  Already has higher fire resistance than cellulose and cellular plastic insulants; it does not burn but rather melts away and extinguishes itself - but treated with a natural fire-proofing agent.  Technical specification on website - technical sales office helpline 0870 2406715.  Blend of wool from 4 breeds of hill farmed sheep. At the end of its useful life, product can be recycled for other environmentally friendly applications.  Case studies on site: used in Creekside Education Centre, Deptford; Ullswater farmhouse, WWF Scotland HQ.  (Updated Nov 2005)

Tel 0845 456 4540  Fax 0870 112 6339  
Website www.via3office.com  Email info@via3office.com
483 Green Lanes, Palmers Green, London N13 4BS

One-stop shop for everything needed to manage your office - wide range from stationery to office cleaning products, eg electrical equipment, janitorial supplies, organic and fair trade food and drink, and plumbed-in office water systems.  Collection and recycling service for all office wastes, including plastics, mixed office paper and used printer cartridges.  Also assistance to produce less of it in the first place.  Everything sold is designed and sourced to reduce social and environmental impact and to promote ecological sustainability and social justice.  Supplies are chosen from companies who are concerned about their impact on environment and society, and who provide fair pay and working conditions for staff.   (Updated Nov 2005)

Wastepack UK Ltd

Tel 01279 721721 Fax 01279 725754 E-mail
Pishiobury House, Pishiobury Drive, SAWBRIDGEWORTH, Herts CM21 0AF

Scheme supported by parent company Wastelink, which has UK-wide membership - a facility management company for the waste industry linking contractors and stores see separate entry). Wastepack operates on the principle of market growth rather than raising a levy, like Valpak, to subsidise recycling. Is actively developing new products made from recycled packaging waste, such as a non-slip plastic path or road, and sea wall or river defence systems.  This way recyclers can be approached as clients rather than as sellers of waste material. It is hoped that obligated companies may be able to purchase goods made from recycled materials to avoid paying a levy in order to subsidise recycling.  Offers local authorities long term price guarantees, allowing for a profit to be made on collection costs, and purchase of capital equipment, in return for partnership to create markets for recycled materials, through purchasing policy and other methods.

Waste Watch 

Tel 020 7549 0300  Fax 0207 549 0301  
56-64 Leonard Street, LONDON EC2A 4JX
Email info@wastewatch.org.uk  Website www.wastewatch.org.uk

National co-ordinating body providing training and advice for existing and potential community groups interested in waste prevention, reduction, reuse and recycling.  Works with local and national government, promoting environmental benefits of waste minimisation on society and the economy.  Aims for positive change in attitudes and behaviour to producing and managing waste.  Runs seminars and conferences, and produces regular newsletters and information sheets.  Developed KAT (Kerbside Analysis Tool) to help councils assess the cost and practicality of different kerbside collection options, including recycling on estates.  Wasteline is a service answering questions on all aspects of waste.  Waste Watch's London network of Waste Alert Clubs help both to save businesses money and reduce waste.  The website
www.wasteonline.org.uk is a useful source of information on the waste industry.  The website www.recycledproducts.org.uk includes a database of products with recycled content - formerly compiled and maintained by Waste Watch, and originally called Buy Recycled, it is now run by WRAP (below).  Has own Communications Consultancy which reduces actual waste (Tel 020 7549 0328, kathryn@wastewatch.org.uk).  (Updated Sep 2005)

WRAP (Waste and Resources Action Programme)
Helpline freephone 0808 100 2040  Switchboard Tel 01295 819900   Fax 01295 819911 / 819917
Email  helpline@wrap.org.uk   Website  www.wrap.org.uk
The Old Academy, 21 Horse Fair, BANBURY, Oxon OX16 0AH

Not-for-profit body in the private sector, set up to remove barriers to sustainable waste minimisation, re-use and recycling.  Works and liaises with community, public, private, and recycling and secondary materials sectors.  Seeks innovators and partners to accelerate resource efficiency, and create and develop stable, efficient markets for recycled materials and products.  Facilitates tenders and grants in many areas.  Promotes home composting, more sustainable retail and real nappies.  Also works on paper, wood, glass, plastics, organics, aggregates and other initiatives.  Recycled Products Guide www.recycledproducts.org.uk is an easily searchable directory of over 3200 recycled products, from watering cans to clothing and waste bins to fences (see section 300 Recycled content materials).  Runs forums, and information about recycled materials and related websites at www.recycledproducts.org.uk/buy-recycled/links.asp#topOrganics is a composted products information service.  ROTATE (Recycling and Organics Technical Advisory Team) supports and advises local authorities on separate collection of dry recyclables and organic wastes; 'hands on' support customised to councils' and authorities' needs.  eQuip Residual Value Guarantee (RVG) scheme helps recycling companies secure finance by guaranteeing future residual value of machinery, set up with a panel of banks and companies who lease to the recycling sector.  Materials Pricing Report (produced by ICIS-LOR for WRAP) has up-to-date info on market prices of recyclables, to assist in buying, and where to sell, recyclable materials.  AggRegain Service (see section 21 Soil and aggregates), uses Aggregates Levy funds for research / action to reduce demand for primary materials by encouraging aggregate reuse and recycling.  Recycle Now consumer awareness campaign launched 2004 (section 200 Support services).  Useful website has links to these schemes; and has Materials, Business & finance, and Procurement sections.  Supported by funds from DEFRA, DTI and the devolved administrations of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland (see WasteBook entries under 600 Central Government).  (Updated Feb 2005)

Your Tomorrow
Tel 08450 560045
Website www.yourtomorrow.co.uk  email brian@yourtomorrow.co.uk 
Woodfield Cedars, DROITWICH, Worcs WR9 OLJ

Website selling ethical gifts, including environmentally produced and recycled products made from material such as printed circuit boards, glass.  Aims to contribute to a fairer, more equitable, and ethical society for the future.   Has tried to find a range of presents that meet one or more of the following criteria:  local trade to reduce transport and help the environment;  uses natural products;  produced in developing countries by communities with ethical employment practices such as providing education to employees;  fair trade;  recycled products.  Uses recycled packaging wherever possible.  Articles on website: What you can do in the office; what you can do at home; toxics in the bathroom.  Register to receive regular newsletter, take part in discussions, and be entitled to special discounts and offers.  (Updated Nov 2005)