200  Information and support services

This group of categories includes -

210  Assistance, advice and consultants
220  Testing and montoring
230  Education and training
240  Bins, containers and recycling aids
290  Miscellaneous support services

The organisations listed in this section provide sources of information and advice, including funding and good practice examples.  This should help most organisations deal competently with waste reduction, reuse and recycling issues at minimal expense.  Where investigations might take up valuable staff time, an independent source of advice may provide a more cost-effective means of producing beneficial change quickly.

This section also includes sources of advice on ethical finance and funding.

To give an example of the kind of work some organisations undertake, BiE's study The Emerging Relationship between Financial and Environmental Performance concludes by suggesting benefits to companies that adopt a positive environmental approach:  "There appears to be a link between environmental performance and financial performance.  High environmental scores are correlated with low stock price volatility... which in turn...  lowers the cost of capital - such a situation is particularly characteristic of established and well-managed companies."  

Alphabetical list of organisations

ADAS Consulting Limited

Tel 01865 842742 HQ, Oxford / 01480 52161 Cambridge Fax 01865 845055
Chequers Court, HUNTINGDON, Cambs PE18 6LT

Regional consultancy centre on food, farming, land and leisure.  Experience in recycling waste to land, waste management and minimisation, biological treatment including composting, energy from waste and environmental monitoring.  Comprehensive chemical and microbiological testing services in NAMAS accredited laboratories.  Applications include contaminated land, pesticide residues, water quality, identification of plants, pests and diseases, and plant pathology.  HQ is at Oxford Spires Business Park, Kidlington, Oxford OX5 1NZ.  

Bedfordshire Green Business Network
Tel 01582 522330 Fax 01582 702345
2 Railton Road, Woburn Industrial Estate, KEMPSTON, Beds MK42 7PN
Website www.envirolinkuk.org Email jmoloney@netcomuk.co.uk
Contacts: Miles Greenhalgh, Eleanor Morris, Jane Moloney

Environmental support group to business community.  Meetings several times a year, focusing on particular environmental themes.  Aims to demonstrate examples of and promote a culture of environmental good practice.  Innovation Centre at Business Link, Kimpton Road, Luton LU2 0LB (Tel as above).  Funded Luton Friends of the Earth to produce the first WasteBook for Bedfordshire.

Best Foot Forward Limited (BFF)  
Tel 01865 250818  Fax 01865 794586
Website www.bestfootforward.com
Email mail@bestfootforward.com
The Future Centre, 115 Magdalen Road, Oxford OX4 1RQ
Contact  Craig Simmons or Nicky Chambers, Founder Directors

Consultancy specialising in sustainability metrics, resource flow and ecological footprint analyses.  Helps regions, organisations and communities reduce their environment impact  through delivering a wide range of analytical tools and consulting services.  Has developed EcoIndex and Stepwise which calculate environment impact and sustainability of a product, organisation, process, lifestyle or region.  Detailed website with many interesting sub-sections, organised under main headings: Products and services, Sustainable accounting, Publications, About us (includes case studies), and Partners.  You can also sign up to email discussion groups on carbon reporting and ecological footprinting (services - cities and regions sub-section).  Has Queen's Award for Enterprise in Sustainable Development.  BFF's ecological footprint of the Isle of Wight was Overall Winner at Biffawards 2001, and Environmental Report 2002 won an ACCA UK Award for Best SME in Environmental Reporting.  See also Stepping Forward www.steppingforward.org.uk sustainability assessment for the entire South West of England (see sections 210 Assistance, Advice and Consultants, 220 or 230; and 400, 430, or 450 Energy Use and Climate Change).  Other publications include: Scotland's Footprint, Material Health (mass balance and ecological footprint of NHS) and City Limits (resource flow and ecological footprint of Greater London, Biffaward 2003 finalist in R&D category). 

Develops products and services for three main audiences:  businesses and organisations - assess performance, raise awareness of issues amongst staff and/or customers; cities and regions - measure and monitor performance of regions and communities; education/campaigns - public communication and awareness raising.  Undertakes projects in many other areas, happy to discuss requirements.  For more technical information see their Services and Accounting web sections.  Tools used - resource flow and mass balance accounting; greenhouse gas (carbon) reporting; ecological analyses. Applications include - corporate environment strategy and reporting; regional sustainability assessments and scenario development; lifestyle analysis eg transport, food, housing and purchasing choices; waste and energy management and policy development; strategic environmental assessments (SEA); product impact assessment; education and awareness raising.
Website designed by Lumpy Lemon, see section 210 Assistance, Advice and Consultants.   (Updated Nov 2005)

BiE - see Business in the Environment below

BioRegional Reclaimed

Tel 020 8404 0647  Fax 020 8404 4893
Email info@bioregional-reclaimed.com  Website www.bioregional-reclaimed.com 
17 Dunster Way, Helios Road, Hackbridge, Surrey SM4 7PE or
17 Dunster Way, BedZED, Wallington, Surrey SM6 7DA

'Reclaimed building materials made easy'.  Advises on potential for using reclaimed, covering appropriate materials, availability, cost, quality, design and lead times, and "big hit" environmental savings options, saving clients landfill disposal costs.  Quantified assessment of environmental impact reduction from reclaimed materials use.  Case studies, reports, articles (links from website); enquiries welcome.  Specialist in source and supply, to order, for construction.  Large quantities and wide range.  Takes, and finds use for architectural salvage, scrap, demolition, and surplus:  steel, timber, paving, stone, interior fittings, doors, and many materials that would otherwise be chipped, recycled or landfilled.  ' Use of reclaimed building materials in place of new is a most effective way for the construction industry to reduce environmental impact and become more sustainable' (see their Why Reclaim? web section).  Web covers ongoing business:  offers, listing current stock and urgent supply items; wants; supply, extraction; environmental impact reduction; materials consultancy; clients; practical links.  Reclaimed concrete railway sleepers can be used as foundations.  Offers more than scrap value for straight sections of structural steel.  Will extract and transport materials, including for clients moving materials for own use.  Clear website has depth, hyperlinks include informative industry reports (Environmental Impact Reduction Using Reclaimed Building Products including Ecopoints BRE ( see 430 Green Building) Environment Profiling; Toolkit for Carbon Neutral Developments).  Has clients who positively choose reclaimed materials for environment reasons.  References from high profile clients available.  Developed at BioRegional Development Group sustainability specialists, BioReclaimed first built a supply chain system for large volumes of reclaimed materials on BedZED (see 430 Green Building and Decorating) project 2000, and is now an established independent trading subsidiary.  (Updated May 2005)

Tel 01923 664427  Fax 01923 664786
Email  bremap@bre.co.uk   Website  www.bremap.co.uk  www.bremap.co.uk/bremap/search.jsp
Contact  Rachel Harrex, or Michelle Sjogren Leong leongm@bre.co.uk (01923 664516)

Geographical information system, which together with SalvoMIE materials information exchange (see below) gives best practical options for UK sites and companies having to deal with waste.  Part of SmartWaste (www.smartwaste.co.uk - see below).  Provides locations of businesses involved in collection, storage, haulage, reuse, reclamation, recycling and disposal of construction and demolition wastes.  Encapsulates many existing databases and much industry literature detailing landfill sites, transfer stations, incinerators, recycling sites, reclamation companies, composting facilities and manufacturer take-back schemes.  Entering postcodes brings up an area map of waste services, available materials and products (updated daily).  Basic and advanced searches can be made.  Currently, around 9,000 companies able to perform some type of service to the industry are registered.  Companies can edit or add details using the online registration form or send an email.  Developed by BRE, funded by Biffaward landfill tax credits and Institution of Civil Engineers R&D Enabling Fund.   (Updated August 2004)

Tel 01923 664454  Fax 01923 664398
Website  www.breweb.org.uk   Email  breweb@bre.co.uk
Contact  Rachel Charleston

BRE's Waste & Environmental Body facilitates ongoing environmental improvement in waste and construction industries through landfill tax sponsorship and/or collaborative partnerships in (high-profile) demonstration and research projects.  Currently projects seeking sponsorship include: furniture resource centre building materials re-use project; high grade aggregate from oil well drilling cuttings; removing barriers to the use of by-products from steel manufacturing in construction.  See also SmartWaste below.  (Updated August 2004)

Brighton Resource Centre
Tel 01273 606160  Fax 01273 673663  
Email info@resourcecentre.org.uk  Website www.resourcecentre.org.uk
Prior House  6 Tilbury Place  BRIGHTON  BN2 0GY
Contact  Kate Chapman 

Charity serving voluntary and community groups in Brighton and Hove area.  Used by around 700 groups annually, from playgroups to environmental campaigns, residents associations to arts organisations.  Open Tue-Fri 9-4.  Reference library, information sheets, advice and training on running community groups, based on groups' needs (committees, constitution, funding, fundraising etc).  Comprehensive website  includes 'Beachcomber' database, providing a pool of information that groups in Brighton and Hove, East and West Sussex have found useful.  So far over 250 types of resource are listed to help groups, with organisation and events, from trestle tables for jumble sales and insurance for play schemes, to projectors for training courses and bouncy castles for street parties.  Also arts and crafts materials.  Website has catalogue of equipment for hire, including computers, copying, scanning and printing equipment, useful for publicity materials.  Additional services available to local groups run by and for people living in areas of social housing, minority ethnic communities or disabled people, their families and carers.  These include free one-to-one advice and training in computer skills, keeping accounts, and other needs.  (Updated May 2003)  

Business in the Environment (BiE) 

Tel  0207 566 8703 / 6628  Fax 0207 7253 1877
Email bie@bitc.org.uk  Website www.bitc.org.uk/environment , www.bitc.org.uk/programmes/programme_directory/business_in_the_environment/index.html 
137 Shepherdess Walk, LONDON N1 7RQ 
Contact  Daianna Rincones  daianna.rincones@bitc.org.uk  

Organisation claiming to inspire companies to make sustainable development essential to business.  Business-led environmental programme for Business in the Community (BITC) (see section 290 Miscellaneous support services), set up in 1989 at the request of The Prince of Wales.  For a myriad of case studies representing BiE members activities across varied environmental fields, go to: www.bitc.org.uk/programmes/programme_directory/business_in_the_environment/bie_case_studies.html  Companies can 'learn practical ways to minimise environmental risks through BiE’s Action Programmes on resource productivity, climate change, and biodiversity - three key areas identified as performance gaps by the BiE Index of Corporate Environmental Engagement.'  Key supporting partners are Waste & Resources Action Programme (WRAP), Carbon Trust, Earthwatch and English Nature.  Among BiE's other publications are the Corporate Responsibility Index, and 'The Emerging Relationship between Financial & Environmental performance' (see editorial at the top of this section).  Companies have the option of completing the Environmental Engagement Index only (as 85 did in the first year), or completing the overall Corporate Responsibility Index, in which case they are reported in both.  At a more basic level of sustainability, staff can apply for a loan to purchase a bike.  Offers staff interest-free travel loans (paying 20% towards it for staff earning under £20,000).  (Updated Mar 2004)

Business Link
Tel 0845 600 9006  
Website www.businesslink.gov.org 

Government-run website and national helpline giving practical business information and advice - the number above will connect you directly to your nearest Business Link (these are listed on website).  Local support network across England, managed by business people for business people, particularly small businesses.  Gives impartial business advice and information - eg employing people, health, safety, premises, financial savings (eg energy, waste), trade, regulations, best practice - and a range of services, training, grants and publications to help small firms and those trying to start up new businesses.  Registering with the website brings access to more information.  (Updated Aug 2005)

Carbon Trust
Tel 0800 585794
Website  www.thecarbontrust.co.uk 

Independent company funded by Government.  Aims to help the UK move to a low carbon economy by helping business and public sector reduce carbon emissions and capture commercial opportunities of low carbon technologies.  Government target is to reduce carbon emissions by 60% and create a low carbon economy by 2050.  This requires a step change in energy efficiency, carbon management, and development and greater use of low carbon technologies such as renewables and hydrogen.  Aims to deliver best practice programmes (eg energy saving), to business and public sector, inform and influence behaviour, build skills and resources, and inform policy makers.  Publications and briefings on website.  Will help businesses understand the impact of climate change on their organisation, and create their own action plan.  Offers energy surveys.  Top tips for savings on energy and waste at www.thecarbontrust.co.uk/energy/pages/page_31.asp  (Updated May 2005)

CCORRN (Cambridgeshire Community Reuse and Recycling Network)
Tel 01954 260909  Fax 01954 260866 
Website www.ccorrn.org.uk  Email misskaybarnes@ntlworld.com
PO Box 890, Willingham, CAMBRIDGE, Cambs CB4 5ZF
Contact  Kay Barnes, Community Recycling Network Organiser

Develops community reuse and recycling schemes across Cambridgeshire and Peterborough.  Non-profit partnership between community, public and private sectors.  Aims to: share knowledge, skills and best practice;  help projects access funds for long-term security;  build and strengthen partnerships;  provide easy access to information with various media;  work on joint projects;  raise awareness of reuse and recycling opportunities;  and avoid service provision overlaps.  Offers community sector:  staff time;  funding/fund-raising help;  group meetings;  training opportunities;  trips, events;  useful information, contacts;  network of local groups;  ideas exchange opportunities.  Over 60 members, but keen for more - membership free, available online.  Members include:  Cambridge Foodbank;  Schumacher Society;  Compass (Peterborough) Ltd (see 87 Computers, 140 Scrapstores (Restore), and 44 Electrical and electronic scrap);  Cambridge Chamber of Commerce;  and Environment Agency.  Recent CCORRN funding recipients:  OWL (Opportunities Without Limits) wood recycling;  Ferry Project for community composting, can recycling and bicycle repair;  Cambridge SOFA (see 82 Furniture and household goods);  Papworth Trust and Papworth Library recycling facilities;  and reusable nappies projects.  Initially co-ordinated by Anglia Polytechnic University's WasteWISE Champion, Lewis Herbert, CCORRN is a partnership between the University and Cambridgeshire County Council.  Started early 2003 supported by DEFRA Recycling Challenge Fund, and Enventure environmental body administering Landfill Tax Credits for waste operator Donarbon.   (Updated Nov 2004)

Community Recycling Network

Tel 0117 942 0142  Fax
0117 9080225
Trelawney House, Surrey Street, BRISTOL BS2 8PS
info@crn.org.uk Website www.crn.org.uk

Umbrella membership organisation for UK community- based recycling and waste management organisations and businesses, set up by Friends of the Earth in 1990.  Promotes community-based sustainable waste management as a practical and effective way of tackling UK's growing waste problem.  Annual conference.  Advice, information and training and research.   Produces The Waste Paper newsletter.  Related activities: Network Recycling www.networkrecycling.co.uk and NORI (National Office Recycling Initiative), set up to help members develop existing office waste collections.  (Updated Feb 2005)

Tel 0207 703 5222   Fax 0207 252 7766
Website www.crispej.org.uk  Email
7-9 Brandon Street, Southwark, LONDON SE17 1NA
Contact  Richard Anderson, Director;  Armin Bobsien

Not-for-profit organisation established 1993.  Works in partnership with Southwark Council and others to promote waste minimisation, recycling in South-East London, including green waste recycling and composting.  Provides support to local businesses, schools, higher education and community and voluntary organisations.  Seeking to establish Southwark ARC (Appliance Reuse / Recycling Centre) to establish collection, reuse and recycling of electronic and electrical waste, including CRT monitors, TVs and mobile phones, and to promote recycling/refurbishment activities and sustainable development to businesses, local authorities and beneficiary groups.  See also OFFER (Office furniture recycling), Section 86.  (Updated Feb 2005)

Ecology Building Society

Tel 01535 650770  Fax 01535 650780 
Email info@ecology.co.uk  Website www.ecology.co.uk 
7 Belton Road, Silsden, KEIGHLEY, West Yorks BD20 0EE

Moved to new headquarters, purpose built to ecological principles (and a library open to the public, specialising in green issues) on 10 Nov 2003.  Specialist mutual building society formed in 1981, dedicated to improving the environment by promoting sustainable housing and genuinely sustainable communities.  Unique and radical policy of mortgage lending only for: energy efficient housing; ecological renovation; derelict and dilapidated property (preserving existing buildings); small scale, ecological or community-based enterprises; low-impact lifestyles focused on self-sufficiency and the most ecological use of land.  Assets small in comparison with most other building societies, but it is growing rapidly.  Has strong commitment to maintaining its independence and mutuality of membership.  Affinity scheme with Phone Co-op (section 34).   (Updated July 2004)

ECORRN (Essex Community Reuse and Recycling Network)
Tel 0774 853 6153 (Lewis) or 07841 346 672 (Katarina)
Website www.ecorrn.org.uk  Email l.herbert@apu.ac.uk or kat@mccats.plus.com 
Contact  Lewis Herbert, Network Secretary or Katarina McCartney, Network Researcher
Projects Unit, Sawyers Building, Anglia Polytechnic University, Bishop Hall Lane, CHELMSFORD CM1 1SQ

Supports 29 community organisations who derive all or part of their income and activity from diverting waste for re-use and/or recycling, including 13 active furniture re-use/redistribution projects; and over 200 charity shops, run by over 40 different charities.  Aims to expand the capacity of the community sector.  Runs directory of Essex community organisations offering services such as: Repairing and sending tools and bicycles to third world countries; Repairing and selling second hand furniture and electrical equipment including computers, washing machines, TVs, tables, chairs, cabinets etc cheaply or free to local people on benefits or in difficult situations; Selling textiles / footwear, books, toys, CDs etc from charity shops, jumble and car boot sales to raise money for various causes; Re-using leftover pots of paint; Redistributing arts and craft materials to schools, youth groups etc.  Many of these organisations also provide training to disadvantaged people.  Produced Choose2Reuse merchandise to raise awareness.  Plans roadshows to exhibit reuse options to the public.  (Updated May 2005)

EcoTech Centre 
Tel 01760 726736   Fax 01760 726763
Email  jmckenna@ecotech.org.uk   Website  www.ecotech.org.uk  
Turbine Way, SWAFFHAM, Norfolk PE37 7HT
Contact  Jo McKenna, Conference, Marketing & Events Manager

The Centre offers training in sustainable business practices, through two publicly-funded business support projects - helping companies identify and carry out cost-saving opportunities and improvements in environmental performance.  Business Link for Norfolk and Eco-Innovations Ltd are based in the building, along with publicly-funded business support project.  Event booking in the UK's largest timber framed building with choice of conference rooms or in extensive grounds.  240 metre squared exhibition floor and 100 seat lecture theatre/cinema with AV support.  Further information on business at the Centre from Anne Willimott, Conference & Events Manager, Tel 01760 726 733, Fax 01760 726 763, Email
anne@ecotech.org.uk.   The Centre is an educational charity which aims to stimulate and inform people about the need for sustainable development.  Visitor centre in large timber-framed building, organic gardens, biomass power station and one of the largest wind turbines in the world, with guided trips to the top (300 steps).  Turbine tours 10-4 in summer, 1pm winter (booking advised, 01760 726 100).  School visits; exhibition and conference centre. 
(Updated Aug 2005)

Employers Organisation for Local Government  see Local Government Management Board

Environment Agency Oil Bank Line
Tel 0800 663366 / 0118 953410  Fax 0118 953 5419
Email phil.chatfield@environment-agency.gov.uk  Website www.environment-agency.gov.uk 

The Environment Agency is the UK's environmental regulator - see also other EA entries.  The Oil Bank Line, which gives information about the caller's nearest waste oil bank, and the Oil Care Campaign, contribute to preventing pollution by giving guidance to companies and individuals on safe disposal of oil for recycling.  Small amounts spilled can devastate watercourses and wildlife.  Information is available about pollution at work, at home and on boats.  (Updated Feb 2001)

Envirolink UK
Tel 08707 353535  Fax 01582 705088
Information service, The Business Centre, Kimpton Road, LUTON, Beds LU2 0LB
Website http://www.envirolinkuk.org Email info@envirolinkuk.org

Advice to business on areas such as environmental management systems, alternative energy sources, energy efficiency, pollution, transport, packaging, waste management, and water conservation. Encourages environmental thinking because: stringent UK/EU legislation now exists; good environmental practice opens up business opportunities; a responsibility to employees and the local community is increasingly recognised; economic sustainability and environmental issues are strongly linked.  Envirolink's partnership-based service provides a helpline for information and quick response to questions; detailed advice and assistance; free or subsidised consultancy from experienced advisers.


Tel 0116 222 0222  Fax 0116 255 2343  Email info@environ.co.uk
Parkfield, Western Park, Hinkley Road, LEICESTER LE3 6HX

Charity consultancy based in Leicester, employing over 30 professional staff, undertaking work throughout the UK to promote sustainable development.  Also has overseas projects.  Works in partnerships with communities, local authorities, schools and businesses to develop community based practical projects, providing opportunities for volunteers and trainees.  Provides information and advice to improve the environment, and a range of consultancy services.  Projects include Leicester's Eco House/Energy Advice Centre; the Green Account recycling scheme (drinks cans, textiles, foil, paper and cartridges are accepted as deposits) through which over 1000 groups and families raise money; Blaby District Council's reusable domestic paint collection scheme; a waste minimisation programme for B&Q; best practice guidance and research for businesses - range of factsheets available.  Also operates local computer collection scheme.

Environmental Law Foundation
Tel 0207 404 1030  Fax 0207 404 1032
Tel 0207 831 7662 (Advice & referral service)
Email info@elf-net.org   Website http://www.greenchannel.com/elf 
Suite 309, 16 Baldwins Gardens, Hatton Square, LONDON EC1N 7RJ

Leading environmental charity providing a voice for communities and individuals trying to prevent damage to the environment or to health (often from pollution or development) by linking them to legal and technical expertise.  Initially this is free. Provides information, advice, and outreach services, and referrals may be given to pro bono (no win no fee) legal services. Organises education and training; runs seminars and skills workshops and creates networks to enable the community to influence the decision making process; debates legal reform; produces publications on environmental law. (Updated Nov 2000)

Environmental Technology Best Practice Programme
Freephone 0800 585794  Fax 01235 463804

Government initiative promoting the use of better environmental practices that reduce costs for industry and commerce, in particular waste minimisation. It provides general and targeted technical information; workshops and seminars; guidance on any environmental query, including legislation and technology, with up to two hours free confidential advice; and if appropriate half a day's advice from a visiting environmental counsellor, with a confidential, practical follow-up report.

Tel helpline 0800 585794
Website www.envirowise.gov.uk  Email helpline@envirowise.gov.uk 

Government programme to minimise waste.  Offers free, independent advice, information to help small and medium size businesses on practical ways to minimise waste, introduce sustainability into the workplace, convert turnover into profit, and ensure compliance with environmental legislation.  Covers wide range including water and energy saving measures, cleaner design and technology.  Many case studies.  Published over 70 best practice guides (including Getting Started).  In the last year alone, saved British businesses more than £100 million.  Publications free to those registering on website.  Environment and Energy helpline offers: two hours of free consulting over the phone on a specific problem; FastTrack on-site waste reviews - free half-day site visits for SMEs (small to medium enterprises, below 250 employees) to solve operational issues; one day visit for free on-site assessment of operations for recommendations on waste management; identifying appropriate Envirowise products and sources of help; free on-site energy efficiency advice.  Runs seminars and workshops.  Provides map of Waste Minimisation Clubs - for local or regional companies to meet regularly and share best practice in reducing waste.  Formally known as the Environment Technology Best Practice Programme.  (Updated Apr 2005)  

Ethical Careers Service
Tel 01865 245678
Email ethicalcareers@peopleandplanet.org  Website www.ethicalcareers.org 
Ethical Careers Service, People & Planet, 51 Union Street, OXFORD OX4 1JP

Unique service giving advice on finding a socially and environmentally responsible career.  Subscribers (£15) receive email info on paid jobs not advertised anywhere else, 3 copies of Your Future magazine, including help with CVs and interviews, 1000 links to resources, courses, training, internships, agencies, employers, and setting up an ethical company.  (Updated Nov 2003)

Ethical Investment Co-operative
Tel 0845 458 3127 (local rate)
Email info@ethicalmoney.org  Website www.ethicalmoney.org 
4 Hall Close, LEEDS, West Yorks LS16 7JQ

Award winning independent financial adviser offering impartial advice nationally on ethical and socially responsible investment, retirement, insurance, tax and mortgages.  This avoids investing in businesses whose activities or behaviour you disagree with, and allows investment in businesses working for a healthier future, such as renewable energy, organic farming, healthcare and education. Clients include individuals, charities, trade unions, small businesses and NGOs.  (Updated Nov 2003)

Ethical Investors Group

Tel 01242 539848  Fax 01242 539851
Email info@ethicalinvestors.co.uk  Website www.ethicalinvestors.co.uk 
Montpellier House, 47 Rodney Road, CHELTENHAM, Glos GL50 1HX
Contact  Lee Coates

Provides independent advice exclusively on ethical and socially responsible investments, pensions, savings and insurance to individuals, charities, groups and companies who share a concern for the future of society and the environment.  Distributes at least 50% of profits to charities and campaigning groups.  Aims to radically increase public awareness of links between the financial sector and environmental & social issues.  Also offices in Plymouth.  (Updated Nov 2003) 

Tel 020 7352 7928
Email info@farm.org.uk  Website www.farm.org.uk 
PO Box 26094, LONDON SW10 0XZ

Membership organisation campaigning for a viable future for independent and family farms, rural communities and the countryside.  Researches and lobbies to build public understanding of real causes and solutions in the crisis in farming and the environment; to challenge government and industry policy and practice; and create a platform for farmers, consumers and rural communities to campaign jointly, innovatively and effectively.  Wants farming that: feeds the UK, sustains rural communities and culture, enriches our countryside and wildlife, offers opportunities for new entrants, and brings a sustainable ethic back to countryside management.  Has produced a Farm Bill challenging the Government to set out a long term vision for farming and food production.  Believes independent and family farms provide the strongest model for UK farming, serving long-term interests, and that their steady decline damages rural economies, food quality and security, wildlife habitats, and the shape of the countryside.  Believes farm closures are caused by a series of inter-related factors including: steady take-over of food production and distribution by large agribusiness and conglomerates; failure of government to stand up for long-term interests; and lack of public awareness of the scale or implications of the farming crisis.  Believes farming is more than just another industry, and that agriculture – not agribusiness – offers the most viable long-term future for food production and the environment.  Website contains news, views and action libraries covering a range of issues, and comprehensive contacts, categories and links. farm was set up after the foot and mouth epidemic of 2001 by farmers and campaigners sharing a common analysis of the causes and solutions. It is run democratically by working farmers, backed by a professional team.  Introductory Membership £35 a year.  Non-farmers encouraged to join as Supporters (non-farmer supporters urgently needed who care about food, rural communities, environment and countryside).  For £20 a year or more, supporters receive regular updates and chances to get actively involved.  Farmer members include Zac Goldsmith, also Editor of The Ecologist magazine (see sections 400 and 640).  Staff includes Robin Maynard, farm's National Co-ordinator, campaigner on countryside and agriculture issues for 14 years, at Friends of the Earth and as reporter for BBC Radio 4’s Farming Today.  (Updated Jan 2004)

Futerra Sustainability Communications Ltd
Tel 0207 733 6363 
Email info@futerra.org  Website www.futerracom.org  
Suite S9, Shakespeare Business Centre, 245a Coldharbour Lane, LONDON SW9 8RR

Promotes sustainable development.  Works with FTSE 100 companies, tiny local businesses, government departments, schoolchildren, the UN, filmmakers, accountants and charities.  Team has wide experience.  Combines professionalism with approachability.  Will discuss ideas ‘whether a tender for work you know you want done, or something you have no money or plan for.’  Training on sustainable development or corporate responsibility, ‘not another boring seminar or unread leaflet'; explains processes to range of audiences to promote understanding without just ‘throwing technical jargon at them’.  Interesting website regularly updated with activities, projects, partnerships, and links.  Contributed to short film 'Tackling Climate Change' on Number 10 website, part of the UK Prime Minister's G8 summit focus www.number-10.gov.uk/output/Page7757.asp .  A co-owned company since September 2003, makes decisions collectively.  (Updated Aug 2005)

Global Action Plan UK

Tel 0207 405 5633  Fax 0207 831 6244  E-mail all@gapuk.demon.co.uk
8 Fulwood Place, Gray's Inn, LONDON WC1V 6HG

Independent charity established in 1993, operating in 11 countries, supported by the EC, and in the UK by government, local authorities, companies, charitable trusts and WWF. Promotes environmental change, in particular waste, energy and reduction in water use, by encouraging individuals to take effective practical action in their homes, workplaces and communities. Runs 'Action at Work' schemes focusing on five modules: Waste Reduction, Energy Use, Transport Policies, Water Consumption, and Purchasing. Each operates for ten months, and organisations can choose one or more modules, to run concurrently or sequentially. The experience brings improved environmental performance and cost savings, and harness the enthusiasm of employees from a range of levels to work creatively together for positive change.

I&DEA (Improvement & Development Agency) 
see Local Government Management Board

Local Government Management Board

Tel 0207 296 6600  
Fax 0207 296 6750 (Employers Organisation for Local Government
Fax 0207 296 6666 (I&DEA)
Website www.lgmb.gov.uk  Email eo-comms@lg-employers.gov.uk  or info@idea.gov.uk
Layden House, 76-86 Turnmill Street, LONDON EC1M 5LG

National management and training body advising local authorities throughout Britain.  Now split into the Employers Organisation for Local Government www.lg-employers.gov.uk  set up to help councils achieve high standards of people management and development to ensure continuous improvement of services; and I&DEA (Improvement & Development Agency) www.idea.gov.uk  set up in 1999 to provide practical solutions and support public services in self-sustaining improvement from within local government.  These bodies, in partnership with the Local Government Association (see section 200),  continue the work of LGMB, which produced many publications, including the key work Environmental Practice in Local Government, and organised training courses, conferences and seminars.  It played a leading role in the Agenda 21 process, begun at the Rio Earth Summit in 1992, publishing guidance, consulting to develop indicators for progress, networking and co-ordinating information.  It helped to set up and advise working groups to help local authorities involve and empower the community in decision making and practical projects, often in areas such as waste management and energy.  Set up Local Agenda 21 Case Study Project in partnership with local authority associations, Community Development Foundation, Environment Council, WWF, United Nations Association and DOETR.   Many case studies available.  (Updated June 2004)

London Remade Ltd
Tel 0207 665 1536  Email info@londonremade.com  Website www.londonremade.com
1 Quality Court, Chancery Lane, LONDON WC2A 1HR

Partnership of business, London Boroughs, regional government, waste industry and not for profit sector.  Aims to "revolutionise the way the Capital manages its waste through a programme designed to develop and diversify markets for recycled materials."  Aims to stimulate demand for recycled products, and its website lists information about recycled products.  Offers brokerage service and environmental policy development support to organisations signing up to the Mayor's Green Procurement Code.  Focusing on organics, glass and paper.  Objectives: increase green procurement; divert 250,000 tonnes of waste from landfill; create 2000 jobs; generate £13m private sector investment.  Claims many successes already.  Helped fund London's first in-vessel Vertical Composting Unit, in Bromley; invested  £243,000 in Cleanaway organics site at Rainham, aiming to increase diversion of commercial and household gardening, landscaping, kitchen and food wastes by 100,000 tonnes, develop new markets for peat-free compost products, and to establish a training and visitor centre.  Piloting recycling schemes including mixed glass collection for flats and increasing recycling by ethnic minorities.  Working with Day Group at Charlton on glass reprocessing into low grade uses such as sharp sand and aggregate, and with Freeform Arts Trust, Hackney, who are developing tiles and blocks through fusing recycled glass.  Analysing paper waste streams before setting up an eco-industry area for paper.  Provides business support to small enterprises through loan fund.  In May 2002, with GLA, launched www.capitalwastefacts.com to help local authorities meet recycling targets. 
(Updated Feb 2005)

National Industrial Symbiosis Programme (NISP)
Tel 0121 766 4560  Fax 0121 772 1802
Website www.nisp.org.uk  Email enquiries@nisp.org.uk 
Unit F4, The Arch, 48-52 Floodgate Street, BIRMINGHAM B5 5SL

A business-led initiative helping to connect businesses from different sectors to improve resource efficiency and cut waste, saving costs.  Between Apr and Sep 2005, in one region, has helped deliver: £27m cost savings to industry; 25 new businesses; diverted 78,000 tonnes from landfill, 200,000 tonnes CO2 reduction; £2m capital investment in reprocessing/recycling; saved 173 jobs.  Resources can be raw materials, by-products, people, skills, logistics, transport, waste, energy, and water.  Symbiosis: "the coming together of dissimilar organisms in a mutually beneficial relationship" - building networks is how nature works.   Aims over 3 years to ensure: at least 100,000 tonnes of waste is diverted from landfill in each region each year;  CO2 emissions are reduced by 600,000 tonnes a year; £40m of private investment is brought into waste projects; industry saves £10m a year through improved waste and resource management; 300 jobs are created and 300 secured.   Seeks councils to act as trailblazers to work in partnerships with business to reduce, reuse, remanufacture and recycle waste and develop Materials Resource Strategies for environmentally and economically beneficial resource management - this includes procurement of recycled and sustainably produced products, and linking up waste producers with planners and procurers.  Help and training offered in identifying and taking forward opportunities.  Case studies on website.  Funded through DEFRA's BREW (Business Resource Efficiency and Waste) programme, and working across various government agencies and departments.  Operates in 9 UK regions including Wales.  London launch was 27 Sep 2005 - contact Pallab Chatterjee, NISP London Region Co-ordinator, c/o WSP Environmental, Buchanan House, 24-30 Holborn, London EC1N 2HS, Tel 020 7314 5145, Email london@nisp.org.uk   Separate programme for Scotland (SISP).  (Updated Oct 2005)

The National Community Wood Recycling Project (NCWRP)
Tel 01273 465666  Fax 01273 465616
Email info@communitywoodrecycling.org.uk  
Website www.communitywoodrecycling.org.uk  
Premier House, Shoreham Airport, West Sussex BN43 5FF
Contact  Melaine Hickford, Communications Manager;  Richard Mehmed, Project Director 

Not-for-profit environmental group set up in February 2003 (at Brighton & Hove Wood Recycling Project) to provide encouragement, help and practical advice to individuals or groups interested in setting up and developing community - focused wood recycling.  Helps and monitors a network of wood recycling projects across UK dealing in waste timber from construction and other users.  Wood is collected mainly from building site demolition, joinery, packaging and domestic waste, sorted into grades, then sold to the public via 'wood shops' or converted into wood products, firewood, woodchips for fuel, mulches or animal bedding.  Aims to see 20 more UK wood recycling projects (typically not-for-profit social enterprises) set up by 2007, saving thousands of tonnes of wood from landfill, creating sustainable jobs, training and volunteering opportunities, and aiding local waste minimisation strategies.  To encourage use of recycled timber, has developed the "Recycled Wood Marque", making it easier to identify recycled wood products.  They hope it will be adopted nationally and internationally.  People choosing products with the marque will encourage use of recycled materials.  More info on website.  (Updated Nov 2005)

Naturesave Policies Ltd
Tel 01803 864390 Fax 01803 864441
Email mail@naturesave.co.uk  Website www.naturesave.co.uk
Freepost (SWB30837) TOTNES, Devon TQ9 5ZZ

Insurance intermediary which seeks to use the insurance industry to promote sustainable development. Helps businesses adopt more environmentally aware trading practices through free environmental performance review. Free advice on environment and waste-related matters is included in products and services. Company also sells household and travel insurance of which 10% of all premiums goes to specific environmental and conservation projects.

Website  www.recyclenowpartners.org.uk 
Email  rotate@wrap.org.uk 

esource for individuals and organisations including local authorities, community groups and retailers involved in promoting waste awareness to the general public.  Artwork, photo library, communications toolkit, advice and guidance.  Case studies and recycling statistics for 2003 on site.  Recycling and Organics Technical Advisory Team (ROTATE) is a technical advisory service for English local authorities, providing support and advice on separate collection of dry recyclables and organic wastes.  Contact: Alison Day, ROTATE Co-ordinator, WRAP, The Old Academy, 21 Horse Fair, Banbury, OX16 0AH, Tel 01295 819661, Fax 01295 819911.  The campaign builds on previous national and regional waste awareness and recycling initiatives, such as Rethink Rubbish.   (Updated Feb 2005)

ReMaDe Kent & Medway
Tel 01732 876617  Fax 01732 876611  
Email enquiries@remade-kentmedway.co.uk  Website www.remade-kentmedway.co.uk 
c/o Invicta Innovations, Horticulture Research International, EAST MALLING, Kent ME19 6BJ
Contact  Diana Lock, Programme Manager, diana.lock@remade-kentmedway.co.uk

Established by Kent County Council, Medway Council, Business Link Kent, The Brett Environment Trust and Kent Sustainable Business Partnership to create new markets and secondary uses for recycled materials.  Encourages businesses and local authorities to use recycled materials to minimise costs and use of virgin materials, turning "rubbish" into resources and profit.  Website provides information and tools,  industry facts and local projects.  Sections on:  i) Materials: plastic, paper, glass, organic, electrical, other;  ii) Services: business, support, green procurement, local waste recyclers/reprocessors;  and iii) Information: legislation, case studies, briefing papers.  Runs feasibility studies, trial schemes, helps with finance for projects focused on reducing waste, and spreads best environmental practice in recycling and sustainability.  Methods: a) help businesses identify and exploit opportunities from re-use of materials;  b) develop new markets for secondary materials, c) increase investment in reprocessing capacity and recycling infrastructure,  d) promote best practice, maximise local recycling rates and boost demand for products with high recycled content,  e) gain benefits by diverting resources from landfill back into local industry, and  f) expand the environmental technologies sector.
   (Updated Jan 2004)

Save Waste And Prosper (SWAP)
Tel 0113 243 8777 Fax 0113 234 4222
74 Kirkgate, LEEDS, West Yorks LS2 7DJ
Email  swap@geo2.poptel.org.uk  or  mail@swap-web.co.uk  Website  www.wasteweb.com/swap/

Independent company and consultancy, working to achieve environmental improvement, advising all sectors on practical and sustainable waste management, with emphasis on redesigning processes to introduce source separation, and on working with supply chains.  Broad range of clients.  Also experienced in recycling and minimising household waste, working with NGOs, and communicating issues to public.  Produced recycling guide and worked with local and national government.  Also see section 200.  Manages Community Re>Paint scheme, see section 130 .  Developed WasteWeb, section 290.  (Updated Nov 2002)

Website  www.smartwaste.co.uk
Tel 01923 664000  Fax 01923 664786  (BRE general contact)
BRE websites  www.bre.co.uk  www.breweb.org.uk  
BRE email  construction@bre.co.uk  enquiries@bre.co.uk 
BRE, Garston, Watford WD25 9XX
Contacts  Amanda Conroy (01923 664471), Rachel Harrex (01923 664427), Michelle Sjogren Leong (01923 664516)

Comprises: a) SmartStart easy to use waste benchmarking and minimisation tool for whole companies - a first step towards waste reduction on site. b) SMARTAudit auditing tool to measure waste source, types, quantity, cause and cost of waste - empowers companies to understand in detail on site waste generating processes and to implement and monitor waste management and minimisation plans. c) SmartStartLG monitoring and target setting tool for local government, contractors and managers.  d) BREMAP (see separate listing above) geographical information system for identifying best waste options.  (Updated August 2004)

Triodos Bank 
Tel 0117 973 9339  Fax 0117 973 9303 
Email mail@triodos.co.uk  Website www.triodos.co.uk 
Brunel House, 11 The Promenade, Clifton, BRISTOL BS8 3NN 

Bank enabling money to work for positive social, environmental and cultural change.  Comprehensive range of services for businesses, charities and groups and various savings accounts for individuals.  Has thousands of customers, shareholders, depositors and investors.  Only lends money to organisations and businesses pursuing positive environmental and cultural goals, and responsible business for social renewal.  Established 1980 in The Netherlands, it also has offices in Belgium, and an International Development Investment Unit financing fair trade and microcredit in developing countries.  Social, ethical and financial perspectives jointly inspire the name Triodos, ‘tri hodos’, meaning ‘threefold way’.  Principles and international independence are guaranteed through a share-holding trust protecting the bank's philosophical aims.  Seeks substance to ethical and social banking within clear objectives, and to make a fair profit.  Charities or businesses working with disadvantaged groups can benefit from competitive loans through the Community Investment Tax Relief Scheme, Tel 0800 328 2181 (£3 million was raised in two weeks by the Community Investor Account, which has closed, fully subscribed.)  Clear, comprehensive website includes FAQs, simple downloads of Annual Accounts and The Complaints Procedure, and you can request brochures and prospectuses.  Subscribes to and provides copies of the UK's Banking and Business Banking Codes.  (Updated Jan 2004)

Waste Watch 

Tel 020 7 549 0300  Fax 0207 549 0301  
56-64 Leonard Street, LONDON EC2A 4JX
Email info@wastewatch.org.uk  Website www.wastewatch.org.uk

National co-ordinating body providing training and advice for existing and potential community groups interested in waste prevention, reduction, reuse and recycling.  Works with local and national government, promoting environmental benefits of waste minimisation on society and the economy.  Aims for positive change in attitudes and behaviour to producing and managing waste.  Runs seminars and conferences, and produces regular newsletters and information sheets.  Developed KAT (Kerbside Analysis Tool) to help councils assess the cost and practicality of different kerbside collection options, including recycling on estates.  Wasteline is a service answering questions on all aspects of waste.  Waste Watch's London network of Waste Alert Clubs help both to save businesses money and reduce waste.  The website
www.wasteonline.org.uk is a useful source of information on the waste industry.  The website www.recycledproducts.org.uk includes a database of products with recycled content - formerly compiled and maintained by Waste Watch, and originally called Buy Recycled, it is now run by WRAP (below).  Has own Communications Consultancy which reduces actual waste (Tel 020 7549 0328, kathryn@wastewatch.org.uk).  (Updated Sep 2005)

WRAP (Waste and Resources Action Programme)
Helpline freephone 0808 100 2040  Switchboard Tel 01295 819900  Fax 01295 819911 / 819917
Email  helpline@wrap.org.uk   Website  www.wrap.org.uk
The Old Academy, 21 Horse Fair, BANBURY, Oxon OX16 0AH

Not-for-profit body in the private sector, set up to remove barriers to sustainable waste minimisation (promotes home composting, retail and real nappies), re-use and recycling.  Works / liaises with community, public, private, and recycling and secondary materials sectors.  Seeks innovators and partners to accelerate resource efficiency, and create and develop stable, efficient markets for recycled materials and products.  Recycled Products Guide www.recycledproducts.org.uk is an easily searchable directory of over 3200 recycled products, from watering cans to clothing and waste bins to fences; runs forums, and info on recycled materials and related websites at http://www.recycledproducts.org.uk/buy-recycled/links.asp#top .  Facilitates tenders and grants in many areas.   Working on glass, plastics, wood, paper, organics, aggregates, and other materials.  ROTATE (Recycling and Organics Technical Advisory Team) supports and advises local authorities on separate collection of dry recyclables and organic wastes; 'hands on' support customised to councils' needs;  Organics composted products information service.  eQuip Residual Value Guarantee (RVG) scheme helps recycling companies secure finance by guaranteeing future residual value of machinery, set up with a panel of banks and leasing companies who lease to the recycling sector.  Materials Pricing Report (produced by ICIS-LOR for WRAP) has up-to-date info on market prices of recyclables, to assist buying, and where to sell, recyclable materials.  AggRegain Service (section 21), uses Aggregates Levy funds for research / action to reduce demand for primary materials by encouraging aggregate reuse and recycling.  Recycle Now consumer awareness campaign launched 2004 (section 200).  Useful website has links to these schemes, and materials, business & finance, and procurement sections.  Supported by funding from DEFRA, the DTI and the devolved administrations of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland (see WasteBook entries under Central Government).  (Updated Feb 2005)