220  Testing and monitoring

Waste legislation has led to the development of an enormous range of new measurement and control instruments.  Many consultancies have the associated engineering expertise for selecting and applying the most appropriate techniques and interpreting or monitoring test results.

Analysis for Industry
- see
Dr Diana Simpson below

Anglian Water Services Ltd

Tel 01480 325710  Fax 01480 325705 
Website www.anglianwater.co.uk  Email acaney@anglianwater.co.uk 
Central Laboratory, Hinchingbrooke Business Park, Kingfisher Way, HUNTINGDON, Camb PE29 6FL
Contact  Dr Chris Gilfoyle, Logistics Manager

Subsidiary of Anglian Water plc.  Microbiological and chemical analysis of all types of water, soil, and solid materials samples, with capability for detecting very low levels of contaminants including pesticides and trace metals.  Bacteriological analysis including legionella and plate counts (TVCs); cryptosporidium; biological including pollution incidents, reservoirs, water towers, and random customer tap samples; clean water (taste, odour, conductivity);  waste water (effluent, pollution); trace organics including ground water, pesticides, herbicides; soils, and sludges.  Fast track and emergency work, where appropriate to the situation.  UKAS accredited methods.  (Updated May 2005)

Associated Laboratory Services Ltd -
see Scientific Analysis Laboratories

Best Foot Forward Limited (BFF)  
Tel 01865 250818  Fax 01865 794586
Website www.bestfootforward.com
Email mail@bestfootforward.com
The Future Centre, 115 Magdalen Road, Oxford OX4 1RQ
Contact  Craig Simmons or Nicky Chambers, Founder Directors

Consultancy specialising in sustainability metrics, resource flow and ecological footprint analyses.  Helps regions, organisations and communities reduce their environment impact  through delivering a wide range of analytical tools and consulting services.  Has developed EcoIndex and Stepwise which calculate environment impact and sustainability of a product, organisation, process, lifestyle or region.  Detailed website with many interesting sub-sections, organised under main headings: Products and services, Sustainable accounting, Publications, About us (includes case studies), and Partners.  You can also sign up to email discussion groups on carbon reporting and ecological footprinting (services - cities and regions sub-section).  Has Queen's Award for Enterprise in Sustainable Development.  BFF's ecological footprint of the Isle of Wight was Overall Winner at Biffawards 2001, and Environmental Report 2002 won an ACCA UK Award for Best SME in Environmental Reporting.  See also Stepping Forward www.steppingforward.org.uk sustainability assessment for the entire South West of England (see below or sections 210 Assistance, Advice and Consultants, 220 or 230; and 400, 430, or 450 Energy Use and Climate Change).  Other publications include: Scotland's Footprint, Material Health (mass balance and ecological footprint of NHS) and City Limits (resource flow and ecological footprint of Greater London, Biffaward 2003 finalist in R&D category). 

Develops products and services for three main audiences:  businesses and organisations - assess performance, raise awareness of issues amongst staff and/or customers; cities and regions - measure and monitor performance of regions and communities; education/campaigns - public communication and awareness raising.  Undertakes projects in many other areas, happy to discuss requirements.  For more technical information see their Services and Accounting web sections.  Tools used - resource flow and mass balance accounting; greenhouse gas (carbon) reporting; ecological analyses. Applications include - corporate environment strategy and reporting; regional sustainability assessments and scenario development; lifestyle analysis eg transport, food, housing and purchasing choices; waste and energy management and policy development; strategic environmental assessments (SEA); product impact assessment; education and awareness raising. 
Website designed by Lumpy Lemon, see section 210 Assistance, Advice and Consultants.   (Updated Nov 2005)

BioRegional Reclaimed

Tel 020 8404 0647  Fax 020 8404 4893
Email info@bioregional-reclaimed.com  Website www.bioregional-reclaimed.com 
17 Dunster Way, Helios Road, Hackbridge, Surrey SM4 7PE or
17 Dunster Way, BedZED, Wallington, Surrey SM6 7DA

'Reclaimed building materials made easy'.  Quantified assessment of environmental impact reduction from using reclaimed materials.  Case studies, reports, articles (links from website).  Advice on potential for using reclaimed, covering appropriate materials, availability, cost, quality, design and lead times, and "big hit" environmental savings options, saving clients landfill disposal costs.  Enquiries welcome.  Specialist source and supply, to order, for construction.  Large quantities, wide range.  'Use of reclaimed building materials in place of new is a most effective way for the construction industry to reduce environmental impact and become more sustainable' (see Why Reclaim? section on website).  Takes, and finds uses for, architectural salvage, scrap, demolition, and surplus:  steel, timber, paving, stone, interior fittings, doors, and many materials that would otherwise be chipped, recycled or landfilled.  Web covers ongoing business:  offers, listing current stock and urgent supply items; wants; supply, extraction; environmental impact reduction; materials consultancy; clients; practical links.  Reclaimed concrete railway sleepers can be used as foundations.  Offers more than scrap value for straight sections of structural steel.  Will extract and transport materials, including for clients' own use.  Clear website: links include informative industry reports (Environmental Impact Reduction Using Reclaimed Building Products; Toolkit for Carbon Neutral Developments).  Has clients who positively choose reclaimed materials for environment reasons.  References from high profile clients available.  Developed at BioRegional Development Group sustainability specialists, BioReclaimed first built a supply chain system for large volumes of reclaimed materials on BedZED (see 430 Green Building and Decorating) project 2000, and is now an established independent trading subsidiary.  (Updated May 2005)

Cross Environmental Services Ltd
Tel 0208 579 9836 Fax 0208 840 7170
43 Milton Road, Hanwell, LONDON W7 1LQ

Water tank refurbishment and replacement; sampling and analysis; supply of water treatment chemicals; chemical descaling.

Dr Diana Simpson (previously Analysis For Industry)
Tel / Fax  01206 570315 
Email  d.simpson@uku.co.uk
Sandown House, 8 St. Clare Road, Colchester, Essex, CO3 3SZ

Civil and criminal forensic science, in the fields of plastics, pharmaceuticals (including controlled drugs) and food.  Preparation of Reports for Court, and Expert Witness evidence.  Reports in connection with Health and Safety at Work Act, and Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) regulations.  Light microscopy.
 (Updated May 2005)

Enviresponse Laboratories Ltd
Tel 0208 840 2200 Fax 0208 567 7778

Contaminated land and geotechnical investigations, asbestos and air pollution monitoring.

ETI Group Ltd

Tel 01242 233330 Fax 01242 242353
Unit 9, Alstone Lane Industrial Estate,

Fast, economical sampling and analysis of sites with suspected oil or solvent contamination to five metre depths, using a 'Mini-well' probe to collect gas, soil and liquid samples without unnecessary ground disturbance. Instant analysis is provided by portable VOC monitor, or gas chromatography equipment. The technique is particularly suitable for restricted areas and sensitive sites, and is safe to use on garage forecourts.


Tel 01926 431007 Fax 01926 431008
Station House, Old Warwick Road, LEAMINGTON SPA, Warwicks CV31 3NR

Sampling and in situ hydrocarbon detection by fluorescence techniques.

Institute of Freshwater Ecology

Tel 01929 462314 Fax 01929 462180
River Laboratory, East Stoke, WAREHAM, Dorset, BH20 6BB

Part of the National Environment Research Council, a government-funded body responsible for research, surveys, monitoring and training in all the environment sciences. The Institute carries out testing and monitoring to identify aquatic creatures and analyse their environment - the results act as a pollution indicator.

LGC (Teddington) Ltd

Tel 0208 943 2767
Queens Road, TEDDINGTON, Middx TW11 0LY

(Laboratory of the Government Chemist). Multi-disciplinary analytical consultants and project management services including contaminated land investigation and remediation monitoring; emergency analytical and advisory services; solid waste and water effluent sample analysis. Expertise in chemical analysis of contaminants (including metals, organics, inorganics, asbestos, and microbiological).

London Analytical Laboratories

Tel 0208 534 6222 Fax 0208 221 0874
1 Sugar House Lane, Stratford, LONDON E15 2QN

Sampling, in situ and laboratory testing and analysis of water, soil, rock, aggregates, concrete, asphalt, asbestos and other materials.

National Physical Laboratory

Tel 0208 977 3222 Fax 0208 943 6755
Queens Road, TEDDINGTON, Middx TW11 0LY

Air quality, workplace exposure and source emission investigations. Measurements by remote monitoring techniques and air quality surveys using mobile facilities.

Public Health Laboratory Services

Tel 0208 200 1295 Fax 0208 200 8130
61 Colindale Avenue, Colindale, LONDON NW9 5DF

Comprehensive service for food and water microbiology and water chemistry. Network of accredited laboratories throughout England and Wales.

Rechem Environmental Research Ltd

Tel 01703 883515 Fax 01703 897282
Charleston Road, Hardley, HYTHE, Hants SO45 3NX

Shanks & McEwan subsidiary. NAMAS accredited sample analysis for dioxins and furans. Other analytical services including toxic organic micropollutants such as PAHs, PCBs, pesticides and other Red List compounds, VOCs etc. Subcontractor for Environment Agency metals industry monitoring.

Seres (UK) Ltd

Tel 01334 762211 Fax 01334 761255
178 Dukes Ride, CROWTHORNE, Berks RG45 6DS

Online monitoring of air, water and effluents.

Dr Diana Simpson (previously Analysis For Industry) - see under D, above

Scientific Analysis Laboratories
Tel 01376 328646  Fax 01376 552923
Website http://limsgate.saiman.co.uk  Email dsmith@saiman.co.uk
3 Crittall Drive, Springwood, BRAINTREE, Essex CM7 2RT
Contact  Dave Smith, Lab Manager

Independent laboratory specialising in accredited analytical services for environmental, safety, chemical, petrochemical and manufacturing sectors of industry.  Trouble shooting, solving problems, prompt response, guaranteed confidentiality.  Air, Water, Land, Food, Occupational hygiene and Radiological services.  Testing of liquid and atmospheric effluents.  Analysis and monitoring: contaminated and derelict land; water, effluents, wastes; asbestos identification and building materials analysis; food and feedstuffs (also specialist food lab in Cambridge, contact Shane Swann, Lab Manager 01954 260002).  Laboratories equipped with wide range of facilities, accredited by UKAS and Mcerts.  (Updated May 2005)

Severn Trent Water
Tel 0800 169 4987
Email solutions@stwater.co.uk  Website www.stwater.co.uk 

Range of water and environmental products and services throughout UK, including in national partnerships.  Care of water quality standards; protection of on-site water and waste water assets; assistance with reduced costs or compliance with latest environmental legislation affecting clients' industry.  Utility data services helping legislative compliance including Climate Change Levy - emissions such as CO2, S02 and NOx and their impact - and trigger alarms for abnormal conditions.  Multi-site or aggregated, with time/day/month split as necessary. Performance monitoring, cost and use controls, and other utility use monitoring.  'Waste Guardian' control package from waste minimisation and legislative compliance, to resources, emmisions and costs. On-site Advisor / consultancy: flow monitoring and measurement to water audits, leakage detection, telemetry, site area analysis, waste minimisation and ISO 14001 accreditation.  'Water Guardian' on-site water quality audit and accreditation, covering broad spectrum, site by site to company-wide.  'Network Guardian' covering storage, supply, leak detection and pipe renewal.  Website has Environment information, tips, advice and projects page.  (Updated May 2005)

SJM Site Investigators

Tel 01442 230850 Fax 01442 235655
Hayles, Pancake Lane, Leverstock Green, HEMEL HEMPSTEAD, Herts HP2 4NJ

Landfill gas and leachate testing, and contaminated land sampling.

Stepping Forward 
Tel 01865 250818 
Website www.steppingforward.org.uk  Email
c/o Best Foot Forward, The Future Centre, 115 Magdalen Road, OXFORD OX4 1RQ
General enquiries - Claire Stentiford at Best Foot Forward: 

Project encompassing resource flow analysis, ecological footprint analysis and sustainability assessment of the entire South West England region.  Different research responsibilities were allocated between Best Foot Forward (see above), and Energy for Sustainable Development (ESD) www.esd.co.uk (or also see our section 450 Energy Use and Climate Change for similar organisations).  For further information and technical details on certain components covered in the report, you can contact the relevant researchers from their website's Contact section. 

The website is the primary publication medium for the project's series of reports.  Two of the six reports have been printed, but all six are available online.  Visitors can browse through the reports page-by-page online, or download PDF versions.  The website presents a huge amount of technical information in many pages (130+), with clear layout and simple navigation.  Results are presented in a series of separate reports, each providing detail on a different aspect of the project.  The Summary Report draws together key findings from the whole project.  Seven main themes or components, each discussed in terms of consumption, ecological footprint and associated CO2 emissions, with any other significant issues. Scenarios for some components examine effects of changes such as new technology, potential future consumption and implementation of current government targets of reduction.  They take current national and regional targets and best practice into consideration.  Components are:  Energy, Materials, products and waste, Food, Transport, Water, Land use, Emissions to air.  Presented results give an overview of project findings. Individual reports give in-depth analysis and methodology descriptions.  Website designed by Lumpy Lemon, see section 210 Assistance, Advice and Consultants.  Project funded by Biffaward, South West Regional Development Agency and South West England Environment Trust.   (Updated Nov 2005)

Strata Contracts

Tel 01494 778712 Fax 01494 778925
53 Broad Street, CHESHAM, Bucks HP5 3DX

Site investigation, auger boring, window sampling, dynamic probing, methane monitoring.

Telluric Ltd

Tel 01222 766716 Fax 01222 766945
5 Chiltern Close, Cardiff Industrial Park, CARDIFF, South Glamorgan CF4 5DL

Polluted land and groundwater remediation contractors. Capabilities include in situ bioremediation and vacuum extraction, environmental research and development laboratories.

Water Quality Centre

Tel 0208 509 5415 Fax 0208 509 5410
Mill Harbour Laboratories, Great Eastern Enterprises, 3 Mill Harbour, LONDON E14 9XP

Subsidiary of Thames Water plc. Effluent, soil and water analysis, monitoring and consultancy for public authorities and major industrial and comercial clients. Also at Spencer House Laboratory, Manor Farm Road, Reading RG2 0JN.

Zellweger Analytics Ltd
Tel 01279 871252 Fax 01279 870377
Parsonage Road, Takeley, BISHOPS STORTFORD, Herts CM22 6PU

Markets device for on-site testing of groundwater, surface water and leachate quality - measures temperature, pH, conductivity, ammonium, chloride.