23  Timber reclamation

Timber is one of the most reusable of materials, yet is generally taken for granted.  It is estimated that the amount of wood in the waste stream may be up to 7 million tonnes per annum ( www.communitywoodrecycling.org.uk )  All over the country, skips full of reusable wood may be seen.  Much of this is, sadly, allowed to rot in landfill sites.  Most of the world's large trees from rainforests and temperate forests have now been felled.  Timber is widely undervalued, particularly the quality of old timbers, which are increasingly hard to obtain.  Such quality can be observed in the durability of roof timbers in our oldest pubs.

THE WASTEBOOK encourages our site visitors to buy from companies using and outlets selling reclaimed woods - also see section 350  Furniture and wood products from reclaimed materials.  Doing this rescues wood that has been harvested sometimes long ago - providing new use for beautiful mature timber - and takes no wood from existing woodlands.  It also rescues useful and often splendid timbers from being destroyed, or rendered useless in landfill sites that scar our countryside.  It may therefore be argued that this has environmental advantages over buying wood and wood products even from sustainably managed local (UK) woodlands.  This follows the government's hierarchy of action on waste, which is, in order of priority:  Reduce, Reuse or Repair, before Recycling.  Reclaimed timbers can be found in uses varying from household accessories and furniture, to residential and building restoration projects, and including business premises.

Panel board   
A wood-based product used in construction, furniture making and packaging.  There are three main types of panel board product: particleboards (such as chipboard), oriented strand board (OSB) and fibreboards (such as medium density fibreboard, MDF). There are concerns about chemicals used to bond or preserve most of these boards.

The panel board industry is the largest consumer of wood waste in the UK, recycling approximately 675,000 tonnes of post-consumer and post-industrial wood waste in 2001.  Greater volumes of wood waste may be used in panel board production as production and cleaning processes improve.

Particleboard is produced from up to 60 percent waste wood in the form of wood particles, such as wood flakes, woodchips, shavings and sawdust.

MDF products contain smaller volumes of wood waste due to technical limitations in the production process.  

Is new wood from managed British woodlands sustainable?  
Using reclaimed wood should be considered a higher priority - and the first option - compared to using wood taken from forests and woodland.  This follows the Government's hierarchy of action on waste, which places reducing waste before re-use and repair, before considering recycling which uses more resources and materials.  

If you do find yourself considering using new (virgin) wood from merchants or retail outlets, THE WASTEBOOK asks that you consider the following.  

Given widespread destruction of British woodlands in the last 40 years, some buyers, suppliers and makers of wood products have concerns that increases in native timber use should not continue this destruction.  Many of these companies will argue that their business encourages sustainable management of remaining UK woodland, by providing the woods with revenue, and because they are buying and providing outlets for locally produced timber.  Some appreciate the continual need to plant new and regenerate older woodlands, by planting, say, 10 new trees for every one processed.  This can be aided by companies sponsoring tree planting schemes through local conservation groups and trusts.  

THE WASTEBOOK always encourages use of reclaimed wood first.  But after asking if the wood is reclaimed, you can also look for these indications of best sustainable practice by companies, and when buying wood products:  Friends of the Earth’s (FoE) Good Wood Guide lists companies and products it respects for practices used.  You may also ask companies whether they follow FoE's Code of Conduct for the timber trade; and whether they are members of the Association for Environment Conscious Building (AECB).  

You can also ask directly whether the wood used in a product or by a company is of conservation grade, and whether it is from sustainably managed woodlands.  If a wood product or a company carries the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) symbol, this is a good indication of sustainable practice, supported by a consortium of organisations such as WWF (sections 200, 230) and FoE.  Other bodies relevant to the industry include the Woodland Trust and the British Woodworking Federation (BWF).

Reasons for cheerfully building from reclaimed timbers, parts 1, 2, and.....  
(from www.iobuild.co.uk/bespoke.htm) :

Ease of Construction  -  Timber frames can be speedily erected and made watertight, even in wet weather that would hinder construction of log-effect leisure buildings or traditional brick or block buildings.

Thermally Efficient  -  Wood is an effective insulating material even before additional insulating materials are added.  Timber-frame buildings are cheaper to heat and so reduce carbon emissions.

Conserves Energy  -  The energy used to manufacture timber frame buildings is low.  In contrast conventional building materials have an extremely high impact on the environment.  During construction of a concrete building, 75% of total energy expended is used in the manufacture of the building materials.  

Low Environmental Impact  -  Timber is environmentally friendly provided it comes from well-managed forests.  Unlike conventional materials, wood is a sustainable resource, as more managed European softwood is planted than cut down.

Durability and Longevity  -  Timber frames can last as long as any other type of building construction.  According to the Timber Frame Association there are Norwegian churches which are over 1,000 years old, and 200 year-old buildings in UK.  They were built from the same types of  wood employed today.

Low Maintenance  -  Cladding and roofing materials used for timber frame construction can be chosen for their very low maintenance requirements - saving resources, and labour time.

Flexibility Of Design  -  Timber frame is highly flexible and compatible with any type of cladding.  Timber frames can be used for all low-rise buildings, from garden offices to hotels.

Acoustic Performance  -  Timber frame walls provide good sound insulation (important when working in the garden).  "If all dwellings had sound insulation as good as that measured in the party walls of timber frame dwellings, the problem of noise from neighbours would be greatly reduced" (Building Research Establishment acoustics study).

The alphabetical
list below includes companies and community organisations who make productive use of wood of various types, giving it a second life.

Also see

Architectural salvage (24)
Furniture and household goods (82)
Litter and associated problems
Scrapstores (140)
Furniture and wood products from reclaimed materials (350)
Green building and decorating (430)


Free information poster:

The Tree Council (Tel 0207 407 9992, info@treecouncil.org.uk, listed below)
launched its
2004 Trees TLC Campaign in March 2004.  
This is a checklist of advice on - 
Tending: Loosening ties and checking stakes; and Clearing.

A free poster with more details is available 
via the website www.treecouncil.org.uk , or by post from 
Holborn Direct Mail, 2-6 Rothsay Street, London SE1 4UD, 
fax 020 7357 6065, or peter@holborndirectmail.co.uk 


Alphabetical list of organisations

Alan Aston Roofing Supplies
Tel 01865 883030  Fax 01865 882898 
Bell Lane, CASSINGTON, Oxon OX29 4DS 

Dealer in building materials and architectural salvage.  Sources and supplies timbers from mainly local demolitions and refurbishments; and wooden railway sleepers from various European sources.  New and secondhand clay tiles and slates; pitch in both new and secondhand, and flat roofing.  Fireplaces, flagstones, floorboards, doors, interior and exterior fittings, sanitary ware, garden ornaments and railings. 
(Updated May 2005)

Altham Hardwood Centre
Tel 01282 771618  Fax 01282 777932
Website www.oak-beams.co.uk  Email info@oak-beams.co.uk ,  sales@oak-beams.co.uk
Altham Corn Mill, Burnley Road, Altham, Accrington, Lancs BB5 5UP
Contact  Derek Goffin

Buys thinnings and less commercial wood trunks and branches from managed UK woodlands.  This includes for example Lake District, Shropshire, Welsh Marches, and Lincolnshire.  The centre was founded with the ethos to encourage growth of managed UK timber.  Will buy from woodlands managed to forestry commission standards.  Inspects trees while standing and tags them for future collection and for audit trail.  Wishes to obtain, and encourages all its wood suppliers to work towards, FSC certification.  Points out however that local / UK carefully managed timber has sustainable benefits even if not officially certified -; willing to take from any UK woodland, but promotes supplies which are as local to them as possible for environmental transport and cost reasons.  (Updated Feb 2005)

Architectural Salvage Index

Tel 01483 203221  Fax 01483 202911
Email ei@handr.co.uk  Website www.handr.co.uk 
Hutton and Rostron, Netley House, Gomshall, GUILDFORD, Surrey GU5 9QA

Maintains register of reusable building materials available throughout UK.  A nominal fee is charged.  (Updated July 2001)

Ashwell Recycled Timber Products Ltd
Tel 01375 892576 Fax 01375 892330
Email ashwelltimber@aol.com  Website www.ashwellrecycledtimber.co.uk 
Wick Place Farm, Brentwood Rd, Bulphan, Nr. UPMINSTER, Essex RM14 3TL

Timber and products (from their range or bespoke to specifications) made with reclaimed and recycled European or tropical hardwoods and softwoods.  For homes, or street, construction and landscaping eg roadside/roundabouts.  Uses wood from jetties, docks, lock gates, tree felling, demolitions and landfill sites - always looking for new sources.  Street furniture includes bollards, planters, benches, signage.  Some designs for pergolas, planters and decking are quite creative with several tiers.  Telegraph poles are used eg for colourful car park barriers.  Benches or stools can be set into steps and outdoor stairways.  Hardwood landscape building block system ('Woodlock', for eg planters, steps, retaining walls) - assembly in minutes to a prepared surface.  Sawn timber (including to customers specification) for all purposes.  Bridges, gates, fencing.  Can machine clients’ own timbers from tree felling, demolition, sea defenses etc.  Stocks about 16,000 cubic meters of reclaimed timber, including railway sleepers (treated and untreated), crossing timbers, tree trunks up to 1.5m diameter, large constructional timbers, greenheart piles.  Showroom for view.  Has been involved in major projects involving construction or re-construction; and in recycling for 50 years.  In the last 15 years has specialized in tropical hardwood reclamation and developing products to enable reuse.  Passionate about timber resue / recycling:  requests help of specifiers, designers and decision makers to help bring change in thinking about use of reclaimed hardwoods.  Can provide “Chain of Custody” from timber source to delivery and final product.  Has featured in publications and TV home design / garden programmes.  'Buying RCP (Recycled Content Product) reduces deforestation and climate change, retains locked-in carbon within the timber, helps save landfill space and the environment.'   (Updated Nov 2005)

Aston Pine
Tel 01367 243840  Fax 01367 242268
16-18 London Street, FARINGDON, Oxfordshire SN7 7AA

Antique doors and pine stripping business.  Will receive reusable wood as salvage.  Open: Wed to Sat or by appointment.  (Updated July 2001)

Bedford Timber

Tel 01234 272171
Cauldwell Walk, BEDFORD MK42 9DT

Reclaimed timber.

BioRegional Reclaimed
Tel 020 8404 0647  Fax 020 8404 4893
Email info@bioregional-reclaimed.com  Website www.bioregional-reclaimed.com 
17 Dunster Way, Helios Road, Hackbridge, Surrey SM4 7PE or
17 Dunster Way, BedZED, Wallington, Surrey SM6 7DA

'Reclaimed building materials made easy'.  Specialist in source and supply, to order, for construction.  Large quantities and wide range.  Advises on potential for using reclaimed, covering appropriate materials, availability, cost, quality, design and lead times, and "big hit" environmental savings options, saving clients landfill disposal costs.  Takes, and finds use for architectural salvage, scrap, demolition, and surplus:  timber, paving, stone, steel, interior fittings, doors, and many materials that would otherwise be chipped, recycled or landfilled.  Web covers ongoing business:  offers, listing current stock and urgent supply items; wants; supply, extraction; environmental impact reduction; materials consultancy; clients; practical links.  Reclaimed concrete railway sleepers can be used as foundations.  Offers more than scrap value for straight sections of structural steel.  Will extract and transport materials, including for clients moving materials for own use.  Quantified assessment of environmental impact reduction from reclaimed materials use.  Case studies, reports, articles (links from website); enquiries welcome.  'Use of reclaimed building materials in place of new is a most effective way for the construction industry to reduce environmental impact and become more sustainable' (see their Why Reclaim? web section).  Clear website has depth, hyperlinks include informative industry reports (Environmental Impact Reduction Using Reclaimed Building Products; Toolkit for Carbon Neutral Developments).  Has clients who positively choose reclaimed materials for environment reasons.  References from high profile clients available.  Developed at BioRegional Development Group sustainability specialists, BioReclaimed first built a supply chain system for large volumes of reclaimed materials on BedZED (see 430 Green Building and Decorating) project 2000, and is now an established independent trading subsidiary.  (Updated May 2005)

Bioregional Treestations  
Tel 0208 404 4891  
Email atolfts@onetel.net.uk  
Contact  Andrew Tolfts

The loss of natural forests around the world is a major environmental concern, yet our traditional woodlands lie neglected.  The London Tree Officers Association (LTOA)  (see below) estimate that London generates 54,000 m3 of tree surgery waste per annum of which 51% is dumped and 11% burnt.  Yet this wood is a renewable resource which can be put to good use.  There is potential to produce a range of wood products from sawn timber to energy.  If simple forestry practices are introduced in managing urban trees, both useful lifespan and value as timber can be increased, so contributing to local sustainability. 

TreeStations are sites (either urban or rural) to which local woodland and tree managers and owners can bring woody waste, rather than sending it to landfill.  The station develops new uses for wood, and converts it into useful products.  Managing local trees and woodlands sustainably provides environmental, social and economic benefits: it reduces the environmental impact of transporting timber, and benefits people working and living locally. 

In partnership with the London Borough of Croydon, BioRegional has set up a pilot TreeStation, with a small sawmill, setting an example by good management of trees through Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification and improving the environment for local people.  Woodlands are highly valued by local residents, and local people are involved in managing four woodlands, removing invasive species and bringing back young growth and a variety of light and shade, so primroses, bluebells and other plants and animals have returned.  Management of trees in parks and gardens has improved too.  Ecological monitoring, helped by BTCV (British trust for Conservation Volunteers) has reduced the amount of waste wood going into landfill.  This links with other examples of sustainable living such as the BedZED development (see sections on Green Building, Energy Use and Transport).  Some timber has been sold for pulp,  firewood or charcoal (Bioregional Charcoal Co Ltd); some wood products have been marketed locally.  Croydon is the only urban area in the world certified by FSC (see section on Environmental labelling) as a sustainably managed forest. 

Charcoal was made for 4 years from several hundred tonnes of timber, but production has stopped to avoid smoke nuisance.  Most of the wood from Croydon is to be used in a combined heat and power (CHP) plant at the recently built BedZED development.  Commissioned in February 2002, it requires 1000 tonnes of wood chip annually, closely matching the amount of wood produced in Croydon.   BioRegional is planning the first rural TreeStation in co-operation with Surrey Wildlife Trust and Surrey County Council, where there is a great range of woodland types, including a relatively large area of ancient and semi-natural broadleaved woodland.  Lessons learned will be shared through a website, site tours and seminars.  Also see entries in sections 31(paper and card), 430 (green  building), 450 (energy use) 460 (transport)  (Updated Nov 2002)

Branching Out

Tel 01353 863221  Fax 08714 335807
Email general@branching-out.uk.net  Web www.branching-out.uk.net 
27 Grange Lane, Littleport, ELY, Cambs CB6 1HW
Contact  Roy Knights - Manager

Charity training people with learning disabilities, aiming to help them find work.  Produces a range of garden furniture and outdoor equipment, sold to fund training and support for students in office skills, recycling, carpentry, horticulture, retail, and catering.  Supplies wooden planters and hanging baskets, also veg grown on own land.  Refurbishes donated computers (in good condition, up to 7 years old), sells some parts and systems, and provides technical support.  Donated clothing should be washed; soft furniture needs kite mark or safety labels.  Working electrical items accepted - these are safety tested.  No white goods.  Many second-hand items on sale in charity shop.  Charge for delivery collection - £2.50 for Littleport, £5 for Ely.  Community cafe, and many community activities.  Recycling team collects used aluminium cans, foil, mobile phones, ink and toner cartridges (not Epson).  Recycles Christmas trees.  (Updated Nov 2005) 

Tel 01923 664454  Fax 01923 664786
enquiries@bre.co.uk  Website www.bre.co.uk   
Centre for Waste and Recycling, Garston, WATFORD, Herts WD2 7JR  

BRE in conjunction with SALVO is carrying out a reclamation industry survey to establish the extent of the industry and future trends in supply and demand.  BRE recently launched a construction waste materials exchange scheme on the Internet - http://helios.bre.co.uk/waste.  See also entries for Centre for Sustainable Construction, BREEAM, and BRECSU, all in Green building and decorating section 430; and for Centre for Waste and Recycling, and SalvoMIE Materials Information Exchange website, both in Building materials reclamation section 22 (Salvo also in sections 24, 120).  

Brighton & Hove Wood Recycling Project
Tel 01273 570500  Fax 01273 570600
4 Inverness Road, BRIGHTON, East Sussex BN2 3JB (postal address only) 
Unit 32-36, Municipal Market, Circus Street, BRIGHTON, East Sussex BN2 9QF (site address only)
Email info@woodrecycling.org.uk  Web www.woodrecycling.org.uk 
Contact  Richie Simpson, Managing Director; Christian Bernard - Director  

Originator of National Community Wood Recycling Project ( see entry below) set up by Richard Mehmed, and
developer of the Recycled Wood Marque.   About 6,000 tonnes of wood a year is landfilled from the Brighton and Hove area alone.  Much is worth saving - the Woodstore is filled with tonnes of  reusable timber, most from the construction / demolition industry.  There is also wooden packaging waste and many non-returnable pallets. (see section 52).  Much household wood ends up at the local tip, or stays in garages and sheds for years.  As most "waste" timber is commercial, a charge can be made to take it away - at less than the cost of a skip, so there is a financial and environmental incentive to recycle.  Sponsored by 3 environmentally aware local building companies, a small truck was bought to collect from their building sites.  Timber was separated and stacked for collection.  The loads are sorted and as much as possible re-used, for instance as floorboards, skirting, shelves and craft materials.  Only 15% of the timber collected is returned to the waste stream.  Also collects from firms with packaging waste and pallets, and members of the public.  

A classification system was developed with the following grades:  
Grade 1   Timber good enough to sell back to the DIY / builders market.  Altough virtually anything will be useful to someone, grade 1 is wood at least 2 metres long, relatively sound, free from bad splits, nails and other contaminants.  Also sheet materials including ply, chipboard, hardboard and MDF over  1 metre square; doors in good condition; pieces of hardwood and anything "interesting".  Al though the wood might look dirty, it is suitable for many uses. 
Grade 2
Clean and sound, but too short or small to be easily sold for DIY.  Suitable to make wood products, from compost bins, bookshelves, art &craft items to high quality furniture.  Making and selling such items is a good way to raise cash and to get across the potential for using recycled wood.  The Recycled Wood Marque helps too, making it easier to identify recycled wood products. 
Grade 3
Around 80% of all wood waste, this grade is the biggest challenge - rotten fence posts, small offcuts, broken doors and everything that doesn't fit into the other two grades.  Much firewood is sold to local farmers with wood-fired boilers heating greenhouses;  lots is re-manufactured into chipboard.  A reasonably sustainable use for the large volume of this grade is as a fuel; one aim is to encourage installation of wood-fired heating / hot water systems in suitable buildings. With the need to reduce reliance on fossil fuels, wood could be widely used. 
(Updated Nov 2005) 

Bristol Wood Recycling Project

Tel 0117 972319
Website www.bwrp.org.uk  Email info@bwrp.org.uk 
13 Cattle Market Road, St Philips, BRISTOL BS1 6QW
Contact  Ben Moss, Project Director; Nicola Padden, Company Secretary 

Self funded not-for-profit social enterprise, re-investing profit in the project, more jobs, training, better equipment, and more waste saved from landfill. Dependent on help from volunteers.  Collects wood waste from many sources including building sites, schools, houses, industrial units and shops.  Takes all waste wood including pallets (whole or broken), off-cuts, MDF, and chipboard.  Benefits of the service include - reduced disposal costs; valuable resources saved; less waste to landfill; Certificate of Recycling and use of accredited 'Recycling Wood' logo.  Sells low cost recycled timber to the public at the Wood Shop. Huge range that is constantly changing: timber suitable for building, DIY, hobbies, art, craft, home and garden.  Aims to be always cheaper than other timber vendors.  Can cut wood to size and sand.  Also sells goods made by work placement volunteers and, during winter, bags of recycled timber kindling for fires at home. Visit and browse at leisure, but call before to check someone is in.  Open Mon - Fri 9-5, Sat 9.30 to 1.30.  Part of growing network under National Community Wood Recycling Project (NCWRP), which awards the 'Recycling Wood' logo to clients using the network for their wood 'waste'.  (Updated Nov 2005)

Bromley Community Wood Recycling
Tel 0208 659 9992  Fax 0208 659 5258  Mob 07947 340 180  
Email  bromleywoodrecycling@hotmail.co.uk 
Oakfield Centre, Oakfield Road, Penge, LONDON SE20 8QA
Contact  Terry Cottle, Supervisor

Charity working for Shaw Trust at Oakfield Day Centre, a base for social firms - part of a 5-year rolling contract.  Collects from businesses (eg building sites) and individuals, minimum charge £70 - half the price of a skip.  Uses high cage transit, 6 cu yds - takes up to 12 yds.  Main sources two thirds builders, one third joiners.  Sells reclaimed timber in shop such as skirting, floorboards, joists, dismantled staircases and banisters, beading, sheeted wood, wooden items from house clearances.  Hard and soft wood, firewood and kindling.  Big area, with wood lathe.  Self-employed carpenter makes garden furniture: tables, benches, hand-crafted wood, bird boxes etc, associated with gardening project on same premises.  Hoping to restore household furniture.  Open 9-4 Mon-Fri 9-12 Sat.   (Updated Nov 2005)

Browns Timber Yard
Tel 01379 677368  Fax 677870
Plantation Yard, Aslacton, NORWICH, Norfolk NR15 2EW

New and reclaimed timber merchant.  Specialist in fencing materials.  Interest in and networks with other businesses and sources dealing in reclaimed timber.  Recycles materials for example for packaging, wherever possible.   (Updated June 2005) 

Carwarden Brick Co. Ltd

Tel 01889 574066  Fax 01889 575695
Email sales@carwardenreclaim.co.uk  Website www.cawardenreclaim.co.uk 
Carwarden Springs Farm, Blithbury Road, RUGELEY, Staffs WS15 3HL

Founded 1985, specialist supplier of reclaimed and period building products to architects, builders, craftsmen, designers and public.  Website displays showroom examples from Georgian/Victorian marble to art deco cast inserts; flagstones (internal and external use), garden features, fireplaces, radiators, doors, flooring, timber and beams, paving stones, roofing tiles and bricks.  Over 1 million reclaimed bricks and 500 doors in stock.  On-site joiners can hand-make to specifications, including doors from 100-year-old reclaimed pine.  Offers brick matching service covering quantity/quality, visits to clients’ properties and reclaim assistance.  Large stocks of "specials" including stretcher plinths, bullnose, cants, squints and corballing.  Can load onto client's vehicles or deliver to site.  Large transport vehicles with cranes; will off-load to suit client.  Open Mon-Fri 8-5, Sat 8- 4, Sun 10-4.  Salvo member.   (Updated Feb 2005)

Castle Reclaim

Tel 01787 278669
Chilton Street, Clare, SUDBURY, Suffolk CO10 8QS

Dealer in reclaimed building materials, including timber flooring.  Doors also made to specification from reclaimed timber.

Eco Tree Care & Conservation
Tel 01920 420142  Mobile 07989 116238
Email info@ecotreecare.co.uk  Website www.ecotreecare.co.uk 
WARE, Herts

Sustainable woodland management and tree surgery around Herts, Hertfordshire, and Essex.  Pioneers, trying to ensure final use and destination of wood is always sustainable.  Excellent website.  Advice, contacts and details for woodland management, specialist tree care, surgeons and portable sawmilling (detailing pricing, principles, and quotes), eco tree care and conservation, woodland creation, native hedge planting;  buying, selling, and owning woodland;  products (logs, chainsaw carving, rustic woodland furniture, hurdles, timber), forestry, philosophy and tree work principles, jobs and careers in these fields, and the Woodland Trust, Britain's woodland charity.  Resource and links page includes a very wide range of useful businesses and organisations, plus wood for sale notices.  Jobs in Tree Surgery page includes colleges and trainers offering education in arboriculture, NPTC certificates, tree surgery, woodland management et al.   (Updated Apr 2005)

Environmental Reclamation

Tel 01442 843710  Mob 07774 757200
Mile Barn Farm, Hemel Hempstead Road, Dagnall, BERKHAMSTED, Herts HP4 1QR

Dealer - all types of reclaimed building materials. Specialist timber dealer - oak, pine and outsize beams; strip and block and antique wood flooring.  Also demolition.  (Updated July 2001)

IBS Reclaim
Tel 01844 239400  Fax 01844 239404
Thame Road, OAKLEY, Bucks HP18 9QQ

Reclaimed materials including bricks, tiles, slates, old pine and furniture.  Open:  Mon-Fri 7.30 to 5;  Sat 8 to 1;  Sun 10 to 2.  (Updated July 2001)

Kerrys Pine
Tel 01449 781153
Kerrys Farm Lane, Cow Green, Bacton, STOWMARKET, Suffolk IP14 4HL

Specialist merchant in reclaimed timber and building materials, including pine and pitch pine for furniture and flooring.  (Updated July 2001)

Tel 0207 394 2100  Fax 0207 394 2136
Email info@lassco.co.uk  Website www.lassco.co.uk  
St Michaels, Mark Street, LONDON EC2A 4ER

London Architectural Salvage Supply Company.  Major dealer - all classes of salvage.  Ever changing selection of ornament, reclaimed features and decorative items both antique and replica.  Website hosts 5 architectural salvage companies each with a separate linked website:  1) St Michael's architectural antiques (fireplaces, panelled rooms, stained glass, chandeliers...);  2) New and reclaimed flooring and timber (parquet, strip, boards, panels...);  3) RBK Radiators, Bathrooms and Kitchens (reclaimed radiators, baths, basins, accessories, nautical ware...);  4) Warehouse architectural salvage (including vast interior and exterior door collection from Georgian to Art deco);  and 5) House and Garden (including authentic replicas).  Stocks include chimneypieces in marble, wood and stone; garden furniture, statuary and fountains.  Also deals in joinery, masonry, ecclesiastical vestments, interior and exterior lighting; and their nauticalia ranges from pond yachts to portholes.   (Updated Nov 2004)

Leaside Wood Recycling Project
Tel 0207 515 5444  Mob 07867 885115  Fax 0709 228 1743    
Website www.lwrp.org.uk
Email lwrp@ukideas.com
Bromley-by-Bow Centre, St Leonards Street, Bow, London E3 3BT (Storage yard at Lochnagar St E14)
Contact  Danny O'Sullivan, manager 

Not for profit organisation set up in Oct 2001 to rescue and reuse some of the vast amount of local timber that would otherwise be landfilled or burnt.  Aims to
"make a difference" through a self-funding business based on reclaiming wood, offering training & employment opportunities for local people, and funding community projects with any surplus.  Good rates offered to business and domestic customers for re-use, rather than disposal, of their wood waste give considerable savings over skip hire or landfill.  In Leaside (Tower Hamlets) area of East London, it is estimated that 20,000 tonnes of timber is wasted annually.  Much good & medium quality timber is reclaimed and can be re-used in building or crafts, available at LWRP shop.  Makes useful items such as worktops, wardrobes, windows, tables, cabin beds, floors, garden seats, planters, gazebos and pergolas.  Some timber collected is beautiful hardwood from trees cut down before 1900, and can be used to design and create unique objects or installations at reasonable prices for home & garden.  Researching ways to use lower grade wood (eg composting & sawdust compacting for fuel). Project has opportunities to progress, on the doorstep of development spilling out from the City and Docklands. 
(Updated Nov 2005)

London Tree Officers Association
Tel 0207 974 4124  Mob 07771 976238
3rd Floor, Crowndale House, 218 Eversholt Street, LONDON NW1 1BD

Working to develop timber stations, or wood recycling centres.  Estimates that London generates 54,000 m3 of tree surgery waste per annum of which 51% is dumped and 11% burnt - yet this wood is a renewable resource which can be put to good use (for more on this see Bioregional Treestations, above).  (Updated Apr 2004)

Mark Taylor Design 

Tel 01628 486707  Fax 01628 486707
Email info@marktaylordesign.co.uk  
Website www.marktaylordesign.co.uk  
Quarry Bank, Quarry Wood, MARLOW, Bucks SL7 1RF

Design and manufacture of bespoke furniture, kitchens, doors, bookcases, beds, settles and other items from reclaimed wood including flooring.  Sourcing service.  FoE Good Wood Guide entry 2000-01.  (Updated Feb 2005)

Marlows Reclaimed
Tel 01702 510000  Fax 01702 511111
Email essexfireplaces@aol.com  Website www.essexfireplaces.com 
586 Rayleigh Road, Eastwood, LEIGH ON SEA, Essex SS9 5HU
Contact  Graham Marlow, MD

Deals in reclaimed materials (see also sections 24 Architectural Salvage or 22 Building Materials Reclamation), and provides them for sister company Marlow The Feature Building Company (section 430 Green Building and Decorating).  Reclamation yard has 100,000 bricks always in stock, and architectural antiques of all descriptions - indoor, outdoor, garden ornament and statuary - including York flagstones and London cobbles.  Oak flooring and joinery made and supplied from both sustainable (managed) forests, and old reclaimed timbers.  Makes flooring, windows and other wood features in collaboration with a bespoke designer.  Stocks chimney pots of all descriptions, for use as chimneys, ornaments or planters.  Willing to talk through ideas for any projects - for example, rebuilt a 1970s house-front using minimum 100 yr old materials giving a different appearance.  Can build, rebuild or remodel houses, buildings or gardens from reclaimed and architectural materials.  Builds all types of brick fireplaces, from tiny hole-in-the-wall to walk-in Inglenooks - all from reclaimed materials including timber mantles.  Another sister company also operates from the same site:  Essex Fireplaces (see section 15 Wood Burning) sells and installs wood and multi-fuel burning stoves.  Chimney stacks built - newbuild, rebuild, and stainless steel twin lined.  Chimney sweeping service also.  'Given time, anything in the world could be sourced.'   (Updated Aug 2005)

Minchinhampton Architectural Salvage Company
Tel 01285 760886  Fax 01285 760838  
Email masco@catbrain.com  Website www.catbrain.com 
Cirencester Road, Aston Down, Chalford, STROUD, Glos GL6 8PE
Contact  Jemma Colborne

Dealer in reclaimed materials, including antique and architectural details, timber framed buildings, floor and roof tiles, stone walling, wood and stone flooring, chimneypieces,  structural timbers, brick, garden ornaments and statuary, fountains and pavilions, metalwork and gates.   Design and build services from craftsmen trained in traditional design and restoration.  Nationwide dismantling service.  Proprietor Reclamation Services Ltd, originally based in Catbrain Quarry, Painswick.  (Updated Apr 2003)

The National Community Wood Recycling Project (NCWRP)
Tel 01273 465666  Fax 01273 465616
Email info@communitywoodrecycling.org.uk  
Website www.communitywoodrecycling.org.uk  
Premier House, Shoreham Airport, West Sussex BN43 5FF
Contact  Melaine Hickford, Communications Manager;  Richard Mehmed, Project Director 

Not-for-profit environmental group set up in February 2003 (at Brighton & Hove Wood Recycling Project - see above) to provide encouragement, help and practical advice to individuals or groups interested in setting up and developing community - focused wood recycling.  Helps and monitors a network of wood recycling projects across UK dealing in waste timber from construction and other users.  Wood is collected mainly from building site demolition, joinery, packaging and domestic waste, sorted into grades, then sold to the public via 'wood shops' or converted into wood products, firewood, woodchips for fuel, mulches or animal bedding.  Aims to see 20 more UK wood recycling projects (typically not-for-profit social enterprises) set up by 2007, saving thousands of tonnes of wood from landfill, creating sustainable jobs, training and volunteering opportunities, and aiding local waste minimisation strategies.  To encourage use of recycled timber, has developed the "Recycled Wood Marque", making it easier to identify recycled wood products.  They hope it will be adopted nationally and internationally.  People choosing products with the marque will encourage use of recycled materials.  More info on website.  (Updated Nov 2005)

Natural Wood Floor Co Ltd
Tel 0208 871 9771  Fax 0208 877 0273  Website www.naturalwoodfloor.co.uk 
20 Smugglers Way, Wandsworth, LONDON SW18 1EQ

Major dealer in high quality reclaimed and sustainable source (FSC) timber, including sale of kitchen work surfaces and exterior decking from sustainable timber.  Can supply information on timber's origin and country (eg oak beams from old railway carriages, floorboards re-sawn from salvaged beams, Burmese or Rhodesian teak).  Some is supplied to overseas markets.  (Updated July 2001)

English Reclaim Ltd   
Tel 01525 406662  Fax 01525 406663  
2B Conquest Mill, Station Road, AMPTHILL, Beds MK45 2RE

Dealer in traditional building materials for house and garden, including bricks, tiles, slates, timber, wood flooring, doors, fireplaces, cast iron, chimney pots, stone sinks, crazy paving, flagstones and railway sleepers. Open Mon-Fri 9-5 and Sat 9-3.  (Updated Nov 2000)

Old Time Timber

Tel 01787 277390  Fax 01787 278669  
Email sales@oldtimetimber.com  Website www.oldtimetimber.com 
Chilton Street, Clare, SUDBURY, Suffolk CO10 8QS

Manufacturer of doors, door panelling, windows, flooring and timber mouldings from old and new timber.  (Updated July 2001)

Oxford Architectural Antiques
Telephone 01367 242268  Fax 01367 242268
Website www.oxfordarchitectural.co.uk  Email michael@oxfordarchitectural.co.uk 
16-18 London St, Faringdon, Oxon SN7 7AA

Aims to save and reuse as many items of architectural heritage as possible.  Carries fireplaces, doors, sanitary ware, garden furniture and ornaments, windows, cast iron radiators, pine, reproduction ironware.  Stocks 300-400 doors from all periods.  Flooring: stone and wood - oak, elm, pine.  Co-owns shop with Aston Pine.  (Updated Nov 2005)

Oxford Wood Recycling
Tel / Fax 01865 247290   
Website www.oxfordwoodrecycling.org.uk  Email info@oxfordwoodrecycling.org.uk
28 Alexandra Rd, Oxford OX2 0DB 
Contact  Helen Porter, Managing Director  Richard Snow, Director/Company Secretary

Aims to reclaim, reuse and recycle wood and timber waste in Oxfordshire, reducing "waste" wood sent to landfill.  Offers professional and competitive wood and timber waste collection service to businesses and organisations in the Oxford region.  Collects up to 14 cu yd of wood at a time, or 1 tonne weight – about 50-70 pallets, depending on size.  Long lengths of timber are cut on site to carry them safely.  Collection fee typically lower than the cost of a skip.  Sorts and processes the waste wood collected - wood shop will open soon to provide a range of timber and wood materials at affordable prices.  Not for profit enterprise: profits will be used to create more jobs and volunteering opportunities, more products, and develop the business and skills in partnership with other social enterprises.  Trading from 3 October 2005.  Part of the National Community Wood Recycling Project - see below.  (Updated Nov 2005)

Paul Daly Design Studio
Tel 0207 613 4855  Fax 0207 613 5848
Email studio@pauldaly.com  Website www.pauldaly.com 
11 Hoxton Square, LONDON N1 6NU

Interior designers using reclaimed timber in flooring and wall cladding where possible. Uses timber companies that recycle their wood.  (Updated July 2001)

Tel 01327 705310  Fax 01327 06831
Website www.ransfords.com  Email enquiries@ransfords.com 
Drayton Way, Drayton Fields, DAVENTRY, Northants NN11 5XW

Dealer in new and reclaimed and conserved building, roofing (all types) and landscaping materials.  Flooring - flagstones, paving, quarry tiles, slate and reclaimed pine and oak floorboards.  Timber - sleepers, oak beams and doors.  Chimneypots, fireplaces, stoves, staircases (including spiral). Wide collection of bricks, stone and edgings.   (Updated Nov 2005)


Tel 0208 558 2811
Email info@reclaimed.uk.com  Website www.reclaimed.uk.com 
Railway Arches 299-301, Montague Road, Leytonstone, LONDON E11 3EX
Contact  Paul Durrant

Reclaimed timber specialists / suppliers and architectural salvage company.   Victorian wood, oak, pine and other timbers are reclaimed, reused or recycled into solid floor floorboards and other wood products.  Joinery timber; milled and re-milled timber; architectural, reclaimed and remade internal and external doors and windows, bespoke wooden furniture, wooden designed mirrors, recycled building material and lumber.  Also handles PVC reclaimed windows.  Demolition projects, demolition material, architectural material, salvaged wood, and salvaged architectural products.  Shop premises displays a range of high specification pieces assembled from reclaimed timber, architectural salvage, period pieces, bookcases, all furniture, including chests in many sizes finished in any of the stains from their range.  This is an addition to years of experience making one off pieces, as collaborations between their in house design team and customers' requirements.  Website has sub-sections on environmental policy and sourcing of materials, including how they work with London demolition companies as a way of turning up fabulous timbers and other items for architectural salvage (see our introductory editorial in 24 Architectural Salvage for further information on links with demolition).  Stocks also come from varied sources including houses, pubs, public buildings, churches, and include rare and antique moldings, brackets, columns; wainscoting, baseboard; tubs, sinks, faucets; and unusual items.  'Wood can be sanded, planed or cut to size here, to reveal its beauty, with richness and depth of colour and texture that only comes with age.'  Small business, established 15 years.   (Updated Sep 2005)

Reclaimed Building Supply

Tel 01883 623333  Fax 01883 620333
Website www.reclaimbuildingsupply.com/index.htm  Email 
11 Ashwood, Warlingham, Surrey CR6 9HT

Demolition engineers and suppliers of reclaimed building materials and architectural salvage.  Promotes mutually beneficial links between companies in these industries.  Aims to find a home for and sell on reclaimed materials for reuse, rather than paying to have them disposed of or wasted in landfill sites.  Website has very useful searchable (by UK map or county region) database of small to large companies involved with building supply materials, including reclaim, reuse and recycling.  Aims to develop and use website to provide i) materials for sale; and ii) a comprehensive listing of companies who sell reclaimed building materials, to make it easier for anyone wishing to use reclaimed and recycled materials to locate exactly what they require.  'Many materials can be reclaimed for re-use without further processing, which lessens environmental impact and possibly brings cost savings.  Some materials can be re-used on the same site; failing that, there are other outlets for many building materials.'   (Updated Nov 2005)

Reclamation Services Ltd
Tel 01285 760886  Fax 01285 760838  
Email info@catbrain.com  Website www.catbrain.com 
Cirencester Road, Aston Down, Chalford, STROUD, Glos GL6 8PE

Proprietor of Minchinhampton Architectural Salvage Company. Dealer in reclaimed materials, including antique and architectural details, timber framed buildings, floor and roof tiles, stone walling, wood and stone flooring, chimneypieces,  structural timbers, brick, garden ornaments and statuary, fountains and pavilions, metalwork and gates.  Design and build services from craftsmen trained in traditional design and restoration.  Nationwide dismantling service.  Originally based in Catbrain Quarry, Painswick.  (Updated July 2001)

Rekindled Wood
Tel 01722 326894 
Email rklwood@btopenworld.com 
Boswell's Yard, Ford, SALISBURY, Wilts SP4 6DJ
Contact  Michael New

Furniture repair and restoration, and timber reclamation.  Furniture and household items made from recycled hardwood, eg chopping boards, sideboards, dressers; also bird tables, bird boxes and pet coffins.  Minimal energy used in production.  (Updated Apr 2003)

Rich Dunhill

Tel 01844 343089
Woodway Cottage, Loosely Row, AYLESBURY, Bucks HP27 0GW

Woodworker for 30 years. Will use reclaimed wood. Kitchens, Bathrooms, Architectural joinery. Workshop and site-based.

Robinsons Reclaim Yard
Tel 01923 661885
Colne Way, WATFORD, Herts WD2 4WZ

Reclaimed timber, bricks, paving slabs, fireplaces. Open Mon - Fri 7.30 to 5.30; Sat 9 to 2.

Rooksby P B Ltd

Tel 01442 875991  Fax 01442 875992
Station Road, BERKHAMSTED, Herts HP4 2EZ

Timber and builders merchant - new and reclaimed materials.


Tel 01890 820333
18 Ford Village, BERWICK UPON TWEED, Northumberland TD15 2QG

Publisher of Salvo Directory, listing reclamation yards for building/construction materials, and architectural salvage dealers.  Price £120 (whole of Britain) or Salvo pack £5.75.  Also publish Salvo Magazine, annual subscription £50, 25 issues per year, containing current news on restoration of old buildings, conservation issues, auctions, exhibitions, items for sale and wanted.

Sellick M

Tel 01582 842888  Fax 01582 842999
Red Cow Farm, Watling Street, MARKYATE, Herts LU6 3QT

Dealer in used railway sleepers.  (Updated July 2001)

Solopark plc
Tel 01223 834663  Fax 01223 834780
Website www.solopark.co.uk  E-mail info@solopark.co.uk
Old Railway Station, Station Road, Pampisford, CAMBRIDGE CB2 4HB

Major dealer in all classes of architectural and demolition salvage and reclaimed building materials.  Bricks, clay, roof tiles, paving, period architectural and garden antiques, timber products, doors and beams from reclaimed oak, oak and elm flooring, reclaimed softwood timber, railway sleepers, period pine furniture and reproductions.  Dismantling, reclamation and demolition contractor.  Items sorted, cleaned, graded, and sometimes restored.  Well organised - families welcome.   Open Mon - Thu 8 - 5; Fri, Sat 8 - 4, Sun 10 - 2.  (Updated Nov 2005)

TimberBuild Network 
Tel 01580 779552  Fax 01580 779547 
Email info@timberbuild.org.uk  Website www.timberbuild.org.uk 
Woodland Enterprise Centre, FLIMWELL, East Sussex TN5 7PR

Network of timber growers, suppliers, architects, engineers, academics, research bodies, builders and developers, covering all parts of the timber production and wood use chain.  Promotes sustainable use of locally-grown timber in construction, developing access to local suppliers for timber users and specifiers.  Works on basis that: most timber used in construction is imported; using locally-grown hardwoods reduces pressure on endangered tropical species; managed woodland producing timber is of greater benefit to local wildlife; local economies benefit, gaining jobs and income; working and profitable woodland will remain as woodland. 
(Updated Oct 2004)

Touchwood Enterprises
Tel 0117 974 6240
Website www.touchwoodenterprises.co.uk

Works with wood to help conserve woodland, and raise awareness of sustainable local forestry and ways to keep environmental impact to a minimum.  Committed to increasing the links between communities and their local woodlands.  Has mobile traditional crafts set-up including sawmill that can be taken to outside or inside locations.  Runs woodland workshops for children or adults, builds variety of wooden house and garden furniture and other items such as benches, shelters and playground structures.  Has developed large and small products using waste wood produced as by-product of forest management - contemporary designs shown in product catalogue.  Uses locally sourced timber from Forest of Avon within 50 miles of Bristol base.  New people, new ideas welcome - runs bulletin board.  Established 2002.  (Updated Dec 2005)

TPM Services  
Tel / Fax 01293 413084  Mobile (24 hours) 07836 795835 
enquiries@thepalletmanservices.com  Website www.thepalletmanservices.com
39 Downland Drive, Southgate West, CRAWLEY, West Sussex RH11 8QZ 
Contact  Simon Hibberd, Managing Director 

Registered waste carrier and recycler, commercial and domestic, in Crawley and surrounding areas.  Fleet of drop sided vehicles for any type of waste removal and recycling, 'no job too small or big.'   Claims to have 'in 4 months saved over 45 tonnes of wood packaging from landfill, equal to 3000 office desks'.  Aims to be cheaper than other services, and offer friendly, helpful advice.  Industrial services include 'special' or 'hazardous' waste, and arrangements with the Environment Agency.  Commercial customers are asked to separate waste by type (metal, wood, plastic etc).  Commercial and domestic fridges and freezers incur an extra charge due to the expense of safe disposal of CFCs.   TPM always has broken pallets and pallet wood that can be used for fencing, woodworking projects and kindling.  Most pallets are made from softwoods, but some are made from hardwoods, even mahogany!  Runs Crawley Waste Exchange (domestic and industrial), a non-profit making scheme allowing barter/exchange/sale/donation of anyone's unwanted items including vacuum cleaners, dump trucks, cars, horse boxes, wood mulch, ladders and even bicycle sheds, http://groups.msn.com/CRAWLEYWASTEEXCHANGE/homepagemailto:wastexchange@aol.com Tel / Fax as above - see WasteBook section 120 Materials (waste) exchanges.  Aims to 'show the real worth of things some call scrap!'    TPM is on Crawley Borough Council's Environmental Forum, which encourages residents and industry to live and work in more environmentally sustainable ways.  Links on website to this and many other initiatives.
  Hopes to offer a woodwaste shredding facility local to Crawley/Gatwick.  Won Crawley Green Business Award 2002 for waste disposal service with emphasis on recycling.  See also sections 40, 50, 52, 120, 180.  (Updated Sep 2005)

The Tree Council
Tel 0207 407 9992  Fax 0207 407 9908
Email info@treecouncil.org.ukhedgetreesmatter@treecouncil.org.uk  
Website www.treecouncil.org.uk 
71 Newcomen Street, LONDON SE1 1YT 
Contact  Kevin Hand, Campaigns Director 

Founded 1974 with Dept of Environment support; independent charity since 1978.  Committed to making trees matter to everyone; more trees, of the right kind, in the right place; better care for trees of all ages; inspiring effective action for trees.  Aims to: improve town and country environments through planting and conserving trees and woods; spread knowledge about trees and management; act as forum for organisations, to identify problems and aid co-operation.  With its 7500 Tree Wardens and 150 member organisations - including councils - it launched a countrywide Hedge Tree Campaign.  Organises National Tree Week (late November); Walk in the Woods (May) encouraging enjoyment of trees and woods; and the Heritage Tree Record and campaign.  Tree Wardens need not be expert, only enthusiasts: one-day training courses are run with local authorities, Community Forests, and BTCV (British Trust for Conservation Volunteers), on surveying woodland and non-woodland trees, summer and winter tree identification, planting and aftercare, woodland ecology and management, seed collection and tree law.  Wardens are supported by their parish council or community group, which in turn look to the local authority for help.  Publishes The Good Seed Guide (pocket sized, £3.50): covers identifying, collecting, how to germinate and sow, plant out trees and maximise survival; Tree News (good web section), from Dennis Direct, PO Box 2505, Alcester, B50 4JU, Tel 01789 490215,  julian_dennis@dennis.co.uk , Customer Tel 01454 642424; 50 Great British Trees £8.99 inc p&p; and detailed leaflet on planting.  Tree Council grants include Community Trees and Trees for Schools. 

Surveys show losses of up to 93% in urban tree plantings.  Professionals accept only 30% of planted trees survive for over 5 years.  Following the Tree Council's simple 'TLC: Trees Love Care' advice for young trees (Tending; Loosening ties and checking stakes; Clearing grass and weeds - see website) for the first 3-5 years will help more trees survive the crucial early years.  For detailed advice contact garden centres, nurseries, or Tree Advice Trust (Alice Holt Lodge, Wrecclesham, Farnham, Surrey GU10 4LH, Tree Helpline 0897 161147 calls £1.50/minute).  For work on large trees contact the Arboricultural Association (see section 10 Organics ).
  (Updated May 2004) 

Treesave Reclamation Ltd
Tel 01787 227 272  Fax 01787 229190
Website www.buresreclamation.co.uk
Email treesaverec@aol.com , enquiries@buresreclamation.co.uk
The Barn, Fysh House Farm, Cuckoo Hill, BURES, Suffolk, CO8 5LD

Dealers of reclaimed build materials, specialising in reclaimed wooden floors, architectural salvage and antiques.  Checks age and style of property before advising.  Wide and varied stock:  cast iron (railings, radiators…), over 300 reclaimed doors (de-furnitured in racks for easier browsing), period beams, metal and stone, windows, bricks, slates and chimneys.  Furniture from period dates to 20th century.  Wall panelling, fires and surrounds, skirting, achitrave, mouldings; old pine boards, hardwood strip, parquet flooring.  Stock changes daily.  Will look out for requested items.  Refuses to sell new wooden floors as it contradicts reclamation.  Enquiries also taken online.  Open Mon-Fri 8.30-5, Sat 9-1.   (Updated Feb 2005)

Victorian Wood Works
Tel 0208 534 1000  Fax 0208 534 2000
Email sales@victorianwoodworks.co.uk  Website www.victorianwoodworks.co.uk 
54 River Road, Creekmouth, BARKING, Essex IG11 0DW

Manufacture, supply and installation of reclaimed, antique and new hardwood flooring.  Large stocks, very wide range; also beams.  Floor renovation.  Business and domestic clients, conservation and heritage.  Over 15 years experience.  Open Mon-Fri 9-5, Sat 10-12.  (Updated Nov 2005)

Wells Reclamation
Tel 01749 677087
Coxley, WELLS, Somerset BA5 1RQ

Dealer in doors, roofs, floors, bricks, slate, flagstones, floorboards & tiles, fireplaces.  Antique and country furniture also reclaimed oak, elm and pine.

West 7 Reclamation

Tel 0208 567 6696
4 Trumpers Way, Hanwell, LONDON W7 2QA

Sale and purchase of all types of second hand building materials, especially old pine timber, doors and floor boards, structural steels, and architectural antiques.  (Updated July 2001)

Whitely C L

Tel 01296 427518
76 Mandeville Road, AYLESBURY, Bucks

Reclaimed beams, cladding, panelling, mouldings, doors, staircases, windows, mouldings.  Supply and installation.  FoE 1996 Good Wood Guide entry.

The Wight Green Centre
Tel 01983 532121  Fax 01983 520230
Email wightgreencentre@btconnect.com  Website under construction
117 Lower St James St, Newport, ISLE OF WIGHT PO30 5HE

Signposting organisation for local environmental and recycling projects, offering information and advice.  Runs The Woodshed community project in partnership with the Prison Service: inmates from the local prison learn new skills by making all sorts of products - like toy boxes, benches and shelves - from "waste" wood.  Products are sold to raise cash for the project.  Some wood will be given free to other hard-pressed local groups and charities.  For more info contact Lois Prior on 01983 532889.  Also runs Ecobiz project (funded by European Social Fund), offering free environmental consultation for businesses and other organisations.  Centre open 9am-5pm Mon-Sat.  (Updated May 2004)

Wratting Reclaim & Demolition Services
Tel 01440 702882
Elysium, Haverhill Road, Little Wratting, HAVERHILL, Suffolk CB9 7UD

Sale and purchase all types of good quality secondhand building and roofing materials including architectural salvage, soft and hardwoods.