180  Waste management contractors

It is perhaps significant that one of the main trade associations, the National Association of Waste Disposal Contractors, should have felt the need to rename itself the Environmental Services Association. It reflects the radical development occurring throughout the industry from what were primarily skip hire and landfill site operators to contractors providing a wider, more sophisticated range of services. These include collection and sorting of recyclables, material reclamation, composting of organics and conversion to energy - as well as more mundane matters such as street sweeping and refuse collection.

This has not occurred casually or accidentally but results from the effects of the Environmental Protection Act and the changed role of local government from direct provision of services to one of buying-in through a system of competitive tendering.

Before hiring a contractor, check that they are registered to carry waste. If in doubt, ring your local office of the Environment Agency. Also, as skips are expensive, double check if any of the wastes can be avoided, or recycled, and if you can save money by hiring a smaller skip, by timing the hire of the skip more carefully, or by separating wastes (for which no landfill tax is payable) from the rest. See the section on Duty of Care (500), and remember that the responsibility for correct disposal and treatment rests with the person disposing of the waste.

If you have a long-term contract with a waste disposal contractor, check from time to time that you are not paying for half-empty skips to be taken away. The most cost effective system for most companies is to arrange for skips to be emptied only when they are full, to arrange for particular staff to be responsible for the area used for storage of wastes and for sensible packing of wastes to reduce voids.

If hiring a contractor to cover your recycling, see ‘What should you look for a in a company? Checklist for a reliable service’ (listed before Contents List)

Examine waste skips routinely to see how much product actually finds its way into the waste stream, and what kinds of materials are going off to the scrap merchants.

Contact the ETBPP or the Environment Agency for advice on waste minimisation. Consider making a flowchart of material and waste flows, so that you can see where materials come into your plant, where water and energy are used and where losses occur. Whilst such diagrams are often very complicated (and hard to put together) you may find that they reveal unnecessary losses which can save you money.

After carrying out a waste audit, you may wish to consider charging relevant departments for the costs of the wastes that they produce.

Alphabetical list of organisations

Ahern PF London Ltd

Tel 01708 723611  Fax 01708 749204
228 Crow Lane, ROMFORD, Essex RM13 9TW

Collection and disposal of dry wastes, asbestos, special and clinical wastes throughout Essex and East London, via network of six depots and landfill site at Rainham.  ESA member.

Alan Hadley Ltd
Tel 01635 587 300  Freephone 0800 521099  Fax 01635 876 535 
Website  www.skips.biz  www.muckaway.biz   Email  sales@hadleys.co.uk 
Fenton House, Unit 19, Colthrop Business Park, Colthrop Lane, THATCHAM, Berks RG19 4NB

Multi-disciplinary waste management company.  Aggregate delivery, disposal and skip hire.  Also specialises in sports ground materials.  Broken tarmac, concrete, hardcore, soil, and occasionally scalpings.   (Updated August 2004)

ASM Waste Services Ltd

Tel 01908 232325 / 01296 485642  Fax 01296 397304
5 Gatehouse Way, AYLESBURY, Bucks HP19 3DB

Aylesbury Secondary Metals.  Waste management company operating waste transfer station, and with planning permission for MRF.  Operates primarily in Bucks. Supplies static, portable compaction systems for high volume wastes.  Skip and container hire: 4 to 40 cu yards, including enclosed containers for secure disposal of asbestos and notifiable wastes.  Provides separate containers for cardboard recycling on request.  Scrap metal dealer.

Biffa Waste Services

Freephone 0800 307307  Tel 01494 521221 / 08000 858286  Fax 01494 463368
Website www.biffa.co.uk  Email recycling@biffa.co.uk  
Coronation Road, Cressex Industrial Estate, HIGH WYCOMBE, Bucks HP12 3TZ

Major waste collection and handling company for commercial, domestic and industrial wastes.  Committed to promotion of waste reduction, reuse and increasing recycling.   Handles about 10% of UK's waste.  Operates over 140 sites, including landfills in most regions, and tries to manage them to conserve and enhance biodiversity.  Has developed treatment processes for organic and inorganic aqueous waste, clinical wastes, on-site treatment technologies, emergency spillage clean up services, sewer surveying, water jetting, industrial services, and drainage system support services. Backtrack nationwide collection service for small quantities of hazardous wastes such as fluorescent tubes (recycled in Manchester by Mercury Recycling), sodium lamps, asbestos, aerosols, lead acid batteries, oil and fuel filters, contaminated rags, antifreeze, brake fluids.  Environmental audits and recommendations.  Waste streams collected for recycling include: oil, organic and garden waste, batteries, fluorescent lamps, toner cartridges, electrical equipment, paint, special and chemical waste, cans, glass, plastics, textiles, paper and card.  Diverted over 600,000 tonnes of waste from landfill for recycling in 2000.   Joint operator of national Bottleback glass recycling scheme, collecting around a third of a million tons of glass each year.  Kerbside scheme at Newbury, Berks, reclaims 6500 tonnes a year of recyclables, sorted on vehicle.  National cardboard recycling scheme from collection centres in England and Wales.  Container sizes and collection schedules to suit all types of customer, including small users prepared to separate cardboard from general waste; provides typical disposal cost savings of about 20%.  Several publications.  Has a respected landfill tax credit scheme, Biffaward.  Hazpack and Backtrack services for packaged waste. Runs Biffpack, a leading waste packaging compliance scheme.   (Updated Oct 2004)

BKP Environmental Services Ltd

Freephone 0800 376 5004 / Tel 01794 368889  Fax 01794 367799  Website www.bkpgroup.com  
Casbrook Park, Bunny Lane, Timsbury, ROMSEY, Hants SO51 0PG
Contact  John Kelly

Complete waste management service, including oils, chemical and hazardous waste, green waste, batteries, tyres, textiles, paper, plastics.  Analysis of wastes, packaging, laboratory clearance, waste treatment.  Road tankers available for all types of liquid.  Emergency clear ups.  Environmental consultancy, including waste minimisation.  Member of British Oil Spill Control Association.  (Updated June 2004)

Cawley Waste Disposal Services

Tel 01582 492694
57 Wingate Road, LUTON, Beds LU4 8PP

General waste contractor.  Specialist disposal service for toxics, chemicals, solvents, oils and medicines.  24 hour emergency callout.  Depots also at Stevenage, Milton Keynes and Bedford.

Chiltern Wastaway -
see Dunstable Waste Group 

Cleanaway Ltd
Tel 01277 234567  Fax 01277 230067
Web www.cleanaway.co.uk
UK Head Office, The Drive, Warley, BRENTWOOD, Essex  CM13 3BE
Contact  Gale Urso / Ann Houghton

Integrated company with over 60 UK sites.  Operates three landfills in Essex and transfer stations for domestic and chemical waste.  Bulk composting at Pitsea landfill near Basildon includes green waste collected from Essex CC civic amenity sites.  Activities include collection, treatment, recycling and disposal of difficult liquid and solid waste, and paper and confidential waste.  'Ecoservice' provides specialist waste handling, recycling and treatment services.  ESA member.

Cory Environmental Ltd

Tel 0207 379 9090  Fax 0207 379 8053
25 Wellington Street, LONDON WC2E 7DA

Collection and landfill disposal of household and solid commercial and trade wastes; municipal refuse collection; development of waste minimisation and waste to energy incineration technology.  Sites mainly in south of England including Essex.  ESA member.

Earthline Ltd

Tel 01672 841389  Fax 01672 841353
The Old Lime Works, Ogbourne St George, MARLBOROUGH, Wilts SN8 1SU

Manages eight landfill sites in Bucks, Oxon, Hants and Wilts. Land restoration.  Waste collection, mainly from building sites.  Reuses and recycles material wherever possible, screening for rubbish.  Supplier of aggregate, topsoil and crushed concrete.  Bucks site: Warren Farm, Chalfont Lane, Maple Cross; Oxon: Shipton on Cherwell Quarry, Kidlington (Tel 01869 331595).

Dunstable Waste Group Ltd trading as Firbank Chiltern 
Tel 01582 475500 / 476600 / 866640  Fax 01582 664117 / 476990 / 605964
Email sales@dwg.uk.com  Website www.dwg.uk.com 
French's Avenue, Transfer Station, DUNSTABLE, Beds LU6 1BH
Blackburn Road, HOUGHTON REGIS, Beds LU5 5TQ

Waste management, disposal, skip, grab, container and transport hire contractor.  Screened soil, topsoil, inert muck and clean hardcore collection and sales.  Shreds and recycles pallets for wood chipping mulch.  Agents for Alcan aluminium cans.  Collects many other materials for recycling by various processing businesses:  steel cans (goes to AMG Peterborough), office paper, cardboard, card, timber and plastics - many materials are baled for recycling at plants and mills.  All other metals catered for in any format such as copper, steel, iron and brass - by partnership with many processors a bespoke service can be tailored for savings on Landfill Tax.  Collection of special wastes including toxic chemicals, solvents, oils, medicines, aerosols and liquids according to Special Waste Amendment Regulations 1996.   Cleansing of service forecourts and drainage.  Receives asbestos for holding prior to transportation for disposal.  Formed by merger of Firbank Recycling Ltd and Chiltern Waste Ltd.   (Updated August 2004)

Grundon S (Ewelme) Ltd

Tel 01491 839212  Fax 01491 832272
Goulds Grove, Ewelme, WALLINGFORD, Oxon OX10 6PJ

Integrated company also trading as S Grundon (Waste) Ltd at Colnbrook, Berks.  Six sites, mainly in Oxfordshire and Berks.  Collection and disposal of all all classes of dry wastes and liquids by tanker or drum; clinical waste collection and incineration; landfill site and MRF operation.  ESA member.  Collect fluorescent tubes to be recycled in Manchester by Mercury Recycling Ltd.

Hales Waste Control

Tel 01992 627441 Fax 01992 635127
Delamare Road, Cheshunt, WALTHAM CROSS, Herts EN8 9SJ

General waste management services.  41 sites, mainly in Midlands and south east regions including London and northern home counties (11).  Collection and disposal of most classes of solid and liquid waste; tanker services; landfill operation.  Containers for all requirements.  ESA member.

Onyx Environmental Group plc
Tel 0208 983 1000  Fax 0208 983 0100  24 hour hotline 0800 626274
E-Mail info@onyxgroup.co.uk Website www.onyxgroup.co.uk   
Onyx House, 401 Mile End Road, LONDON E3 4PB  

Integrated waste management company owned by French company Vivendi.  40 sites throughout Britain including St Albans (2), Colchester and Gerrards Cross, Bucks.  Collection, disposal and treatment of all types of solid and liquid waste including asbestos, PCBs, sewage sludge, special wastes and tyres.  Operates landfills; oil and solvent recovery and aqueous organic waste treatment plants; high pressure jetting; drain, sewage and tank cleaning; chemical decontamination; hazardous and clinical waste incineration or treatment (one of two major companies promoting incineration in the UK); tyre crumbing; 24 hour emergency service for chemical explosion or spillage; land decontamination and reclamation.  ESA member.   (Updated Mar 2002)

Redland Aggregates Ltd

Tel 01530 242151  Fax 01530 244279
Bradgate House, Groby, LEICESTER LE6 0FA

Sand and gravel quarrying company operating subsequent landfilling.  14 sites including Essex (3), Herts (2), Bucks (1). ESA member.

Tel 01543 452121  Fax 01543 452343
Group Headquarters, Lindon Road, Brownhills, WALSALL, West Mids WS8 7BB

Integrated chemical waste identification, collection, recycling and disposal, operating from 13 service centres, feeding 11 treatment facilities.  Oil reclamation for use as fuel oil.  ESA and ORA member.  Consultancy on minimising or eliminating waste at source.  Specialist activities include high pressure water jetting, tank and drain cleaning and chemical decontamination.  Operates 24 hour national chemical emergency incident response.

Shanks Group plc
Freephone 0800 0282877  Tel 01908 650650  Fax 01908 650699
Website www.shanks.co.uk  Email info@shanks.co.uk or customerservices@shanks.co.uk
Head Office, Dunedin House, Mount Farm, Auckland Park, MILTON KEYNES MK1 1BU

Major waste management group which developed from landfills at London Brick Company workings in Beds and North Bucks, and now operates nationwide.  Main activities: collection, transport, recycling, reprocessing, composting, transfer and disposal by incineration or landfill of domestic, commercial and industrial wastes.  Disposal of difficult and contaminated wastes, incineration of hazardous organic chemicals.  Operates MRF (Materials Recycling Facility) transfer stations.  Major transporter of waste by rail and road. Operates local recycling banks.  Construction waste (aggregate) is screened for reuse.  Fuels blended from waste, and solvents recovered from solvent wastes. Recycled newspaper shredded for animal beddingSold landfill and landfill gas waste to energy assets in June 2004 to Terra Firma, owners of Waste Recycling Group.  Building two high-tech Mechanical Biological Treatment (MBT) "bio-MRFs" waste plants at Havering to manage some of East London's annual 500,000 tonnes of waste.  Plans 4 EcoDeco "Bio-MRF" plants at Newton Longville, Milton Keynes.  Statements on environmental policy and corporate social responsibility on website.  Sites in northern England, Scotland, Belgium and Netherlands. Those in south-east include -
Group Office  
Astor House, Station Road, Bourne End, Bucks SL8 5YP 
Tel 01628 524523
Elstow Transfer Station / Recycling / Education Centre 
Wilstead Road, Elstow, Bedford, Beds MK42 9YU  Tel 01234 327029 Fax 01234 354997  sarah.molloy@shanks.co.uk)  
Stewartby Treatment Plant
Green Lane, Stewartby, Beds MK43 9LY  Tel 01234 768520
Aylesbury Transfer Station 
Corrib Industrial Park, Griffin Lane, Aylesbury, Bucks HP19 8BP  Tel 01296 485642
Fawley Office / Incineration  
Charleston Road, Hardley, Southampton, Hants SO45 3ZA  Tel 02380 883500

Boughton Quarry
Brampton Lane, Boughton, Northants NN6 8AA  Tel 01604 821958
Hitchin Transfer Station

Burymead Road, Hitchin, Herts SG5 1RT  Tel 01462 441160
Shanks East London Divisional Office   
Rainham House, 2nd Floor, New Road, Rainham, Essex RM13 8RA  Tel 01708 527120
Website www.shanks.co.uk/eastlondon  (Several sites in Essex)

(Updated Oct 2004)

TPM Services  
Tel / Fax 01293 413084  Mobile (24 hours) 07836 795835 
enquiries@thepalletmanservices.com  Website www.thepalletmanservices.com
39 Downland Drive, Southgate West, CRAWLEY, West Sussex RH11 8QZ 
Contact  Simon Hibberd, Managing Director 

Registered waste carrier and recycler, commercial and domestic, in Crawley and surrounding areas.  Fleet of drop sided vehicles for any type of waste removal and recycling, 'no job too small or big.'   Claims to have 'in 4 months saved over 45 tonnes of wood packaging from landfill, equal to 3000 office desks'.  Aims to be cheaper than other services, and offer friendly, helpful advice.  Industrial services include 'special' or 'hazardous' waste, and arrangements with the Environment Agency.  Commercial customers are asked to separate waste by type (metal, wood, plastic etc).  Commercial and domestic fridges and freezers incur an extra charge due to the expense of safe disposal of CFCs.   TPM always has broken pallets and pallet wood that can be used for fencing, woodworking projects and kindling.  Most pallets are made from softwoods, but some are made from hardwoods, even mahogany!  Runs Crawley Waste Exchange (domestic and industrial), a non-profit making scheme allowing barter/exchange/sale/donation of anyone's unwanted items including vacuum cleaners, dump trucks, cars, horse boxes, wood mulch, ladders and even bicycle sheds, http://groups.msn.com/CRAWLEYWASTEEXCHANGE/homepage, mailto:wastexchange@aol.com  Tel / Fax as above - see WasteBook section 120 Materials (waste) exchanges.  Aims to 'show the real worth of things some call scrap!'    TPM is on Crawley Borough Council's Environmental Forum, which encourages residents and industry to live and work in more environmentally sustainable ways.  Links on website to this and many other initiatives.
  Hopes to offer a woodwaste shredding facility local to Crawley/Gatwick.  Won Crawley Green Business Award 2002 for waste disposal service with emphasis on recycling.  See also sections 23, 40, 50, 52, 120.  (Updated Sep 2005)

UK Waste Management Ltd

Tel 01494 449 944 Fax 01494 537 779
Gate House, Castle Estate, Head Office, Turnpike Road, HIGH WYCOMBE, Bucks HP12 3NR

Fully integrated group.  62 sites throughout UK including four in London and northern home counties.  Collection / disposal / treatment of all classes of solid and liquid wastes; operation of landfills, treatment plants, civic amenity sites; MRFs; contaminated land remediation; chemicals collection; special events servicing; industrial cleansing including high pressure jetting and tank cleaning; composting; waste auditing and minimisation consultancy.  ESA member.